Legends of Tomorrow Snart Dies

Legends of Tomorrow Star Is Down But Not Entirely Out After Shocking Twist

The following contains a major spoiler from this Thursday’s Legends of Tomorrow.

You have not seen the last of the Legends of Tomorrow character who made the ultimate sacrifice this Thursday in the name of a greater good.

Because though Leonard Snart allowed himself to be killed in an explosion that was needed to free Rip’s team from the Time Masters’ control, Wentworth Miller has transitioned to a groundbreaking series regular contract across all of the Greg Berlanti/Warner Bros. TV-produced DC Comics series, our sister site Deadline reports.

Because Miller from the get-go only signed a short-term deal with Legends, “We always knew that he wouldn’t be a permanent member of The Waverider,” Berlanti told Deadline. “[But] he will have a very active role on the show” in Season 2. And because Snart perished “out of time” at the Vanishing Point, he is able to recur on The Flash, if not other superhero shows under Berlanti’s purview.

Did any of the above make complete sense to you? Will you miss Snart’s snark on the Waverider?

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  1. Bwhit says:

    Um yes… He made the show tick in my opinion. As long as he’s back more than the other guest stars in these shows, I guess it might work. I’m sad and no I don’t get what it means lol.

  2. Liz says:

    The cw shows are really starting to anger me. Either my favorite character dies, or they make an incredibly out of character decision. Like seriously, what is up with the writers!

  3. Jason says:

    Cold, Sara and Mick are my favorite characters so this blows. Though given the flexibility of this universe, I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of Snart in the future. I just hope his hero arc doesn’t get wiped away by this.

  4. Michelle L Simmons says:

    Happy for Wentworth Miller, but I prefer Captain Cold being a regular on Legends.

    • ? says:

      So honestly, Captain Cold not being available to Flash really hurts that show. He’s pretty much Flash’s most important, main adversary. He’s not as big a threat or as evil as Zoom / Reverse Flash, but there’s a lot more stories to be told around the dynamic between him and Flash. So if he’s off Legends right now, it’s probably because they want him for Flash next season, and I can only feel that’s a good thing. I’d bet anything Legends is going into space next year to deal with Thanagar (where the Hawkman/Hawkgirl technology comes from that’s responsible for Kendra and Carter accidentally being reincarnated through the centuries), and they’ll probably retool the cast a bit some more with that in mind. I mean Captain Cold in space isn’t the best use of Captain Cold. My big wish is for them to send Sara back to Arrow (the show could really use her) and cast someone as the alien Hawkman (comics are complicated!) as a do-over for the terrible casting of Carter, and add Vixen to Legends!

    • Mar says:

      Omg yes, thank you

    • Mar says:

      Please, please bring back captain cold next season.

    • Mary Handley says:

      I Agree.

  5. GraceM says:

    Too bad. He was my favourite character in the show and even in The Flash.

  6. JC1 says:

    Yes, I’ll miss him. And I’m not sure I understand what it means about next season, but whatever. I know it’s silly but I just lost a lot of my enthusiasm for the show. I was always watching for Sara and I’ll (probably) keep watching for Sara, but…..yeah. :(

    • The Team Roster on LoT will change from season to season. Not everyone is leaving. we just don’t know who.

      • JC1 says:

        Well, the problem is, he was one of only three in the cast I really cared about, the other two being Sara and Mick. I like Jax, Stein, Ray, and Rip, but wouldn’t care if we lost them, and the sooner Kendra and Carter are off the show, the better.

        • Sarah says:

          Snart was the best character – the show is weaker without him. I like Sara and stein, ok with mick, jax and rip when their characters are handled right, I’m perfectly happy with happy go lucky nerd-Ray but can’t stand lovesick puppy Ray. The sooner Kendra is gone the better.

          • Mary Handley says:

            Right On…..the live drama is getting out of hand. That kind of stuff took the fun out of Arrow. Doesn’t need to happen here.

        • Ash says:

          I feel like this is actually 95% of fandom’s feelings too.

        • Patrick says:

          Kendra and Carter were the worst. Get rid of them, even with a reduced presence by Snart, and the show improves DRAMATICALLY. I like Ray as much as I like any of them, but Snart and Sara were really coming into their own. Seriously though, how good is Caity Lotz? She improves, as an actress, by leaps and bounds.

          • JC1 says:

            Oh yeah. I’m still crossing my fingers that the Hawks are gone after next week’s episode. They and Savage have been the biggest thing dragging this show down all season long,

        • Ashley says:

          I feel mostly the same, except I’d like to see Rip go with the Hawk people. I can’t believe they got rid of one of the three really good characters on the show.

        • Rosanne says:

          “the sooner Kendra and Carter are off the show, the better”

          Really. Neither one can act their way out of a wet paper bag, and he’s got an odd neanderthal look about him.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        Id bring in Constantine. A Little of the Dark arts on the show would bring a lot to the Show and certainly contrast with the overt reliance on tech,

        • Kathy says:

          I watch the CW shows just to escape the dark reality off today’s life in the already troubled world. Please no more dark in the show. The show is perfect now only I do want Snart to come back. Its my 1 hour escape to fantasy and actually having a “Hero”.

    • Bwhit says:

      If they do it right, say he will do 4-5 episodes of legends and they space it out (that’s what I hope) and it’s a 16 episode season again, it may still work for me. I know Patrick Adams is coming in for a few episodes next season so if they kind of did a split with them I would be alright with that (but I guess that’s contingent to what he does on The Flash). I also am trying to stay grateful that us PB fans are getting more Michael Scofield. I assume Wentworth and Dominic will be exhausted by the end of the summer so I get that he may not have wanted to jump right back into filming.

  7. ABG says:

    Stop killing people CW. Please.

    I’m actually afraid this will apply to the Jane the Virgin finale as well.

  8. Goldenvibefan says:

    glad to see he’s not permanently gone, just off of legends for the rest of the season (one episode).

  9. gm says:

    I……….am not dealing with this well. As much as I’ve come to love nearly all these characters, I came to the table for Snart.

  10. Amanda says:

    Snart was the main reason I tuned in. He called it early on; they were all just pawns. I hope that he comes back often just to tweak Barry’s nose and maybe CaptainCanary can still happen.

  11. Ash says:

    I’m so upset right now.

  12. Bozo says:

    He is/was the best part of the show.

  13. Lysh says:

    I’m shocked. I thought this would be like a Barry Allen thing except get sucked into the timeline instead of the speed force and he’d have to find a way back. I’m glad he’s not completely gone, but the way Wentworth was sort of was over-the-top with that snakelike voice in every scene was one of my favorite things about this show and I’ll miss him.

  14. stacy030 says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a show make such an idiotic decision. I literally only watched Legends for him. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

    I’m not going to watch waiting for him to show up sometimes.

    • Johanna says:

      It’s nos just you. I started watching only for him and Sara. They were the show but now that it’s just her I don’t think i’ll Jeep watching. Great eay yo kill a show.

    • Gail says:

      Its was the actor’s choice to sign only for a short time. The producers had to write Captain Cold out of the show. Be grateful he will appear in a few episodes next season.

    • artfury says:

      Either they kill off my most favorite character or they make the stupidest decisions that gets you almost crying… Even though it’s a movie…bring back SNART!!! He might be gay buh I’m totally rooting for him and Sarah in the movie….the movie seems kinda off without him and Rip…where the bananas is Rip too??

  15. Jakob says:

    I understand the actor not wanting a long term contract, but not keeping him in every episode is going to seriously hurt the show. He, Mick and Sara are what make the show work in the first place. Jax and Martin don’t do much, and this triangle of Kendra, Carter and Ray is completely unnecessary and frankly boring.

  16. Joey Padron says:

    Sad about Snart’s death in episode. Good news Wentworth will be back on the show in season 2 for some episodes. He’s one of my favorites on the show.

  17. Paige says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I love his character, especially how he has evolved over the season. I always assumed that any death would include Savage, Kendra, and/or Carter — or happily all 3. Not Snart! I hope that his short-term role on Legends does not have anything to do with Prison Break because that would mean that Dominic Purcell most likely would be going too. Next to Snart, Mick Rory has become my favorite character. I want to see more of him. But Snart went out with a bang! And now the new direction of the show is clear. Not just to kill Savage but to stop him from changing history. Should be interesting. Even if we’re still stuck with Kendra and Carter.

  18. Kevin Garren says:

    so, since he died at the Vanishing Point, he just goes back to 2016 like nothing happened? I don’t understand lol

    • Bwhit says:

      Which is probably what will happen. What I hope is, he shows up in the last 5 minutes in the finale before they all leave again and makes a very Leonard remark about him being there to clean up their mess when they need him, but for now he’s going to hang in Central City :)

  19. kate says:

    He and Sara are the best characters on the show. I really worry.

  20. Mickster says:

    Snart was/is a good character. Ability to divide, unite, conquer in any situation he is placed in. Refreshing honesty with cunning unpredictability.

  21. Michelle says:

    Snart and miick and Sarah are reasons I started watching the show…to bad time to find a new show. Peace.

  22. Luke says:

    I’m afraid that he’ll only appear in flashbacks/ in the past in season 2 which means he’ll be the same from before Legends;
    I really hope they don’t whipe his hero arc, basically this whole season for him;

  23. Michelle says:

    Leonard Snart is/was my favorite character! Even with some of the iffy writing, I kept tuning in just for him. Then he and Sara. I think I’ll be significantly less invested going forward.

  24. Bhuvana says:

    yes !!! to be precise Wentworth Miller will be truly missed , it is like spice missing from the Legends of tomorrow, when he is around, there is confidence we want him back.

  25. Nick says:

    It just feels like none of the stakes are really all that high on any of these shows since the characters always come back in one form or another. Arrow, flash and now LOT.

  26. Jen says:

    So bummed. For me, Leonard, Mick and Sara carry this show. I enjoy a few of the others and the relationships between them, but it just doesn’t feel like it will be the same without Snart.

  27. Lilly77 says:

    This sucks. He was my favourite, and I loved him with Mick. Much less reason to watch this show now.

  28. Stacey says:

    I watch for Snart and Sara. As long as he’ll be back, I’ll be sated.

  29. Bill Snart says:

    Bummer, I just perfected my Snart impersonation.

  30. Diamond Perkins says:

    Um yes so what you saying is that there’s a possibility that he will come back to the show?

  31. Darren Dean says:

    Um… I had a whole different theory about this whole thing and this may be random, but… Could Snart be the Man in the Iron Mask on Flash???

    • Pat says:

      Oh my gosh Darren, great call. Other than you, who else would have thought of that, not me that is for sure. This is one of the best theories that I have read in a long time.

    • Bwhit says:

      Dude…. That would be awesome, from your lips to the writer’s ears, I love it.

  32. Carolyn says:

    Yes I will very much miss Mr. Miller. I was so happy to see him & Mr. Purcell working together again since the ending of Prison Break. Also happy the DC Comics turned both them into heroes and in the world of time travel & rebirth I’m looking forward to seeing him come back.

  33. jerrired says:

    Okay…I know it says he’s not gone for good, but Snart was the main reason I kept watching. So now I’m really out now.

  34. Luis says:

    I knew when he signed on to the “Prison Break” revival that he was likely only short-timing it on “LOT.” Thanks to the sci-fi BS of time travel, we will still get to enjoy some of those classic line readings of his from time to time (time to time, get it?)

  35. Nellie says:

    Captain Cold was pretty much the only reason to watch this show. Legends would be so much better if it was literally just Cold, Heatwave and Canary traveling around and getting into bar fights.

    It’s like the show runners are completely out of touch with the audience. I mean, the Vandal Savage stuff is awful. I watched in spite of that storyline and am only still here because of the promise that it will be all over after this season. The Hawks are terrible. Rip Hunter is annoyingly incompetent.

    I wanted to love this show. But I guess I’ll have to settle for just seeing Cold pop up on The Flash.

  36. Ella says:

    This crappy show just got crappier. I feel like the writers have completely lost the plot and the only thing left untouched is The Flash.

  37. Dominique says:

    this is terrible. snart was one of the better characters. they should’ve done more to keep him.

  38. decdragon says:

    YES I WILL MISS HIM I AM SOOOO SAD ABOUT THIS… I’m glad he’ll show up on other shows but I really wanted him and Sara to have more then one freaking kiss. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😀

  39. Karen says:

    I’m obviously in the minority but the less Snart there is the better. His stupid over exaggerated delivery style was just plain annoying. He was the one I liked the least (apart from the Hawks of course).

  40. Anna says:

    Snart was my favorite of the characters. I am glad he will be around in some way but the show won’t be the same without him in every episode. I am curious to see how they bring him back for those episodes he will be in. I wonder if it will be something like with Barry’s speed force thing only getting him out won’t be as easy.

  41. jazzi92 says:

    well, anyone else thinking –> EARTH-2 counterpart ? -.-‘
    btw: Sara/Snart > Kendra/Ray (WAY BETTER !!)

  42. I cried when he made that sacrifice. I loved Snart.

  43. 134sc says:

    Whatever, glad he’s not gone, but how does that explanation make sense? Hopefully it’s explained somehow

  44. Betsy says:

    This better work, because Snart was my favorite character on Legends I was totally devastated last night when I saw the explosin !!

  45. Dj says:

    Can someone tell me why Snart didnt freeze Mick hand and arm to the thing and break it where the hand would hold it in down.

  46. Dj says:

    Snart and Sarah were the two best characters on the show. Yeah he will be missed. I wish the hawks were killed off because they are awful.

  47. dman6015 says:

    He also needs to prep for the Prison Break reboot.

  48. Denise Kershner says:

    I am reeeally PISSED , yeah i know it’s only a tv show & i will still like it ( but not necessarily luv it ) because it deals with time travel ,,, but Wentworth Miller was my favorite on Legends of Tomorrow ! & my daughter just took me to Build A Bear for mother’s day where i got a Captain America bear i named Wentworth , ok i’m an adult , sort of ha ha . Anywho , i am definitely a fan of his n truly believe the show will not be of the same caliber without him in it .

  49. denise kershner says:

    I meant without him in it regularly

  50. Chance says:

    I really loved the Snart/Mick/Sara dynamic. They were great together. So him leaving makes me sad.