Galavant Cancelled at ABC

“Season 2 Finale” was apparently Galavant‘s swan song: ABC has taken the “happy” out of the fairy-tale musical’s happy ending and cancelled it.

Although critics loved the two-year-old series’ self-referential humor and dazzlingly diverse soundtrack of witty-as-hell Alan Menken/Glenn Slater tunes, the ratings could have used an assist from a fairy godmother. Or at least a little shot of D’DEW. Not even guest appearances by celebs ranging from Ricky Gervais to John Stamos could turn the numbers around.

And, while the show represented a big, admirable gamble on the part of the Alphabet network — and its two-for-one episodes served as a bridge between half-seasons of Once Upon a Time — its grim fate was probably sealed when its champion, Paul Lee, stepped down as entertainment president this February. As early as March, leading man Joshua Sasse had already booked a new gig, starring in The CW’s No Tomorrow pilot.

So, are you mad enough to sic Tad Cooper on the powers that be? Or are you satisfied with the way Galavant and Isabella’s story concluded? Hit the comments!

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  1. TJ says:

    Great show. Season 2 was awesome. Ended on a high note.

    • Sur says:

      Awesome indeed! I’m happy to have enjoyed the 2 seasons of Galavant…and will buy it as soon as it’s available. I just wish there was a 3rd season of wild and crazy and song-filled antics.

  2. Not a surprise but wow I was right about that ABC bloodbath back when they hired the new president.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it’s NOT possible
    HE will come back
    and he will rule the land

  4. CactusRose says:

    I’m surprised that show ever even made it to the schedule. It was obnoxious and stupid.

  5. Kris says:

    What’s going on at ABC? So many good programs cancelled.

    • ABG says:

      Ratings, my dear. All of the canceled shows consistently stayed below the 1.0 demo, which is really bad.

  6. Ralph says:

    Can we PLEASE get the series on DVD now????

  7. Lola says:

    You’re KILLING me Abc! The Family, Nashville, Agent Carter, Most Wanted and now this?! For what? comedies about dogs and oversized mothers? If it weren’t for Agents of SHIELD they’d have cancelled everything I watched on their channel.

  8. Gloria Seales says:

    I’ve just canceled ABC. Why didn’t another network pick up Nashville? All of my friends loved Nashville. Big mistake ABC!!

  9. Lysh says:

    Not really surprised because of the way it ended, but I was still hoping. It was the perfect show for OUAT’s winter hiatus. Alan Menken needs his EGOT.

  10. Harmony says:

    Aw, I’m really gonna miss Galavant. I love this show’s ridiculous humor, sharp writing, and snappy songs. Now we’ll never get to know what happened to Madalena :(

  11. P-train says:

    So, in the five minutes between my comment on the Muppets cancellation and here, I looked at Wikipedia to see what shows were still left on the bubble, and saw that Galavant was one of the only ones left, so that pretty much sealed its fate. Shucks. While I cry uncontrollably, I will throw up a prediction that the next ABC cancellation will be Last Man Standing, as it’s the only show left. ABC, expect Tad Cooper to show up at your offices soon. That is all.

  12. This cancellation upsets me most of all.

  13. mooshki says:

    I’m sad, but still so glad we got a 2nd season!

  14. Goldenvibefan says:

    Awh, bummer, kinda figured it would happen, but it sucks to see it go :(

  15. night61 says:

    it did end on a high note, is there any chance that a streaming service saves galavant or any of the others one lost today

  16. lrdslvrhnd says:

    Now THIS makes me sad. So very, very sad.

  17. Jason says:

    I am sad. But, at the same time, the Season 2 Finale gave me closure. I would have loved more adventures from the crazy cast of characters, but I’m also more than happy with what were given.

    So long, Galavant. And thanks for all the fish.
    (Oops. Wrong reference.)

  18. T H says:

    Sigh. At least it was more wrapped up than last season. Why is everything unique and different cancelled?

  19. Chris Garcia says:

    hahaha D’Dew…i forgot how funny that was lol

  20. Spence says:

    Wow ABC is really doing it today! Luckily none of my shows, but I feel for all the fans of the shows getting cancelled today.

  21. Lauren says:

    Gosh this was such a fun little show. I thought it was perfect in its midseason role. I’m not surprised but I will miss it.

  22. BenM says:

    Holy smokes. ABC brought the reaper hard today. Seems like almost everything got canceled. TVLine’s front page reads like obit section right now.

    As for Galavant specifically: The show was awesome, but almost no one watched it. I love it, but was surprised it got a season 2. The writing was on the all for this one. Maybe it’ll get cult like status and we’ll get a season 3 on our 16k virtual hologram matrix devices in like 20 years.

    • Yoda says:

      It survived to the second season because it was profitable due to the tax credits it was provided from the UK government. That is also the only reason it was made as 2 half hour shows when it was alway intended to be aired in an hour time slot. They did exactly what they had to do to get their tax credits.

      Unfortunately it is not going to be picked up by anyone else because the ratings were dismal and no one would dare take a chance on it… even though the rating for it sucked in large part because it was given a time slot that was hopeless, too many special events and sport events to compete with meant it was never going to get a lot of viewers.

  23. Ron says:

    ABC is killing me today! This one hurts. But I expected it, so, while it hurts, I’m able to control my tears. I’m happy there was just a season two, that both seasons were great, and that the show went out on a high note. Also, wasn’t there a story here on TVLine a while back that Joshua Sasse would only return for like one episode or something if there had been a season three? If that was going to be the case, I’m actually kinda glad the show was cancelled.

  24. CK says:

    5/12/2016 – The ABC Bloodbath.

  25. Marilyn Hay says:

    I loved this show and hope they’ll soon come out with a complete series set of dvds. I hoped a third season would be possible but I know the numbers were shaky. I don’t think the show was well publicized and it was, admittedly, a very different kind of series, more stylish and a whole lot more witty than most programming these days. Well done to cast and crew – you did great work and I’m pretty sure this series will be remembered for years to come.

  26. VJ says:

    That makes me so sad. :( such an entertaining, fun, light-hearted, well-written show. I loved the meta jokes and the music. I’ll rewatch it this weekend and hold hope that one day, they’ll release DVDs.

  27. Again, ABC, you make me very unhappy. First, you destroyed Castle with terrible plotlines, then you cancel Agent Carter and now Galavant. I have no other reason to watch your network.

  28. dragons3 says:

    RATS!! I really like this show! It’s different, well-done and has some very talented actors/actresses. I’d love to see another network pick it up.

  29. Cheryl LaMaster says:

    So going to miss it! Was a refreshing change from crime and doom. At least it had sort of an ending. But I wanted to see the dragon grow up!

  30. Lena says:

    Can we all just send plush dragons to ABC? In all seriousness, I’ll really miss this show. I knew it didn’t have much of a chance given that its style and humor are about as niche as it gets, but I really was holding out hope. What a bloodbath at ABC today!

    • Yoda says:

      If you are upset don’t waste money sending plush dragon, send letters to advertisers on ABC and tell them that unless ABC brings back Galavant you will not buy their products unless they stop advertising on ABC. That is your only hope to bring it back a boycott of any product advertise on ABC.

  31. ? says:

    Expected, but it really hurts.

  32. Don’t give up! Message Hulu, Netflix to pick it up! Go to Twitter, follow Karen David and get more info on how to keep Galavant alive. Also.. Menken is strongly hinting at a stage version, which would be awesome.

  33. Stanislava says:

    It really hurts…I’ll miss this show so much :(

  34. Mark says:

    Of all today’s cancellations, this is the one that disappoints me the most. I always found this show clever and fun. Not too surprised given the ratings.

    Thanks for a great two year run.

  35. retsim says:

    One of the best shows ever for humour ,songs and general good fun. And they keep Dr Ken one of the unfunny est shows ever. Scumbags.

  36. Bobby says:

    I really liked that show. Funny and some great songs and performances.

  37. Teri Hampton says:

    Witty Humorous INTELLIGENT Truly Entertaining TV loses out again. How dare you cancel Galavant? Yet another tree is relegated to the museum in favor of a parking lot. Sad. Frustrating.
    I am becoming weary with the simple minded choices the “masses” and the television industry are making. My thumb is remote-control calloused searching for something (anything?) to watch. I consistently find myself spending more viewing time on the “throwback” channels absorbing (ie) Andy Griffith and SG-1, or renting a movie.

  38. Emily says:

    So sad to see Galavant go. I thought it was hilarious. Best show I have watched in years.

  39. Chris says:

    Augh!!!!!! No more Tad Cooper? What is a world (or TV network) without a pet dragon.

  40. Shauna says:

    Dwarf or Giant, both will die tonight. There must be a way I can make things right. Please, please, please, somebody pick up this hilarious show!

  41. DL says:

    Loved that it was a musical. I wish they would have more of them. I really missed that upbeat musicals of the 50’s and 60’s. That being said, at times I found the story line extremely corny but it was starting to get really interesting at the end of season 2. I was looking forward to another season as it looked like the character development of the king was growing into person of strength and awareness. I will miss the series.

  42. So upsetting but not surprising. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but in the age of everyone unplugging it would be beneficial if they released it on Amazon Prime or Netflix. My husband and I adored this show!

  43. Carol Adams says:

    We loved the show and are very disappointed it’s been cancelled.

  44. chadsell94 says:

    I’m devastated, but thankful for the way season two ended. I think I’m most upset that I won’t have any more wonderfully catchy and witty Menken/Slater tunes to sing in the car.

    However, I WILL petition to bring this back if that is a thing. Because I’m all about more Galavant, and especially more Tad Cooper.

  45. Sherry says:

    I am so upset to hear about this, there are so few programs that are family oriented on network tv that I may stop watching altogether. With all of the program’s, movies, etc. that people have a choice to watch, three or four million is a good number to have viewing per week..these television executives need to find out what us, the viewers would like to see…networks are dying, they need to listen up.

  46. Susan House says:

    There’s a reason ABC stands for Already Been Canceled…….maybe a decent cable network will pick up Galavant.

  47. A big loss here…not many shows that families can enjoy together anymore. Maybe one day it can morph back in another form…these song writers are amazing.

  48. Renie says:

    Galavant was an original entertaining show. nothing else like it.very sad to see it go

  49. Astrolabe says:

    The ABC knocked me down, Princess. They took the legs right from under me. T_T

    I was really hoping to see Gal and Isabella get bored in their seaside cottage and return to kick some ass again. Well, at least the show had a decent finale and didn’t end on a freakin cliffhanger :)