Supernatural Season 11 Spoilers

Supernatural Preview: Will God Join Forces With the Winchesters?

After years of unanswered prayers, Supernatural‘s Dean and Sam are finally in the presence of God — and all it took was yelling at the sky, “You dick!”

But, considering that the Almighty looks like their pal, Chuck Shurley, aka the prophet behind the Supernatural book series, the Winchesters will need some convincing of the writer’s true identity in Wednesday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c).

Here, TVLine speaks with the Big Guy’s portrayer, Rob Benedict, about Chuck’s struggle to earn the brothers’ trust, make amends to the angels and defeat his bad seed sister, Amara. Plus: What exactly is Chuck writing that had Metatron so teary?

TVLINE | Fans have speculated that Chuck is God since the Season 5 finale. Had you suspected since then as well?
Supernatural Spoilers ChuckRight after the Season 5 finale, [creator] Eric Kripke called and revealed to me that Chuck was God. I was like, “Oh, wow!” He was like, “But don’t get your hopes up, because it’s hard to bring that back.” You can’t just be like, “Hey, guys, remember me [from] last season? Now I’m God.” So it just didn’t make sense for several seasons to bring me back because of that idea. But it’s interesting. He said to me, “Just let the fans think whatever they want to think and have their own opinions of what Chuck is.” But slowly, it was a seed that got planted, and that’s what people — most people, at least — interpreted it as. So now in Season 11, there’s a really good reason for him to be back because of The Darkness.

TVLINE | Last week, Chuck seemed resigned to telling his story and letting the world end. But then he decided to help Sam and Dean. What was the turning point for him?
There’s an argument to [be made] that he brought Metatron there, and he came to that bar because he was thinking about coming back into the story and confronting The Darkness. For sure, there is a point when Metatron is talking about how humanity is so great, and they’re better than me and all those things. That does have an impact on Chuck. It feeds into what he’s actually writing, which we find out more about in this week’s episode, what the end of his book is revealing. He makes up his mind somewhere around there that he’s coming back into the story.

Supernatural SpoilersTVLINE | Unlike the fans, Dean and Sam have been in the dark about Chuck’s identity. So how do they react to finding out he is God?
We have to have a little sit-down, because I’ve got a lot of explaining to do. My whole thing is going to be, first of all, convincing them that I am God and not just Chuck being weird. The other part of it is just getting them on board with me and what our job is going to be, what the obstacle ahead of us is.

TVLINE | Over the past couple seasons, Sam has actually prayed to God. He’s had a lot of faith in him. Once he comes face to face with Chuck, do they have to hash out their issues?
Definitely, that’s where Sam is coming from, and Dean is coming from a different place. Obviously, you don’t have enough time to get into all of it, but there are scenes where we try to set things straight, and I try to explain where I’ve been and why.

TVLINE | Now that Chuck has made himself known to Dean and Sam, what role will he play in their fight against Amara and their quest to get Castiel back?
We all have the same goal — we want to try to stop her. We have different reasons for why, but ultimately, what we have to do is be on the same team and trust each other. First on my plate as God is to get them to trust me, because I need them to be my boots on the ground, and we need to work together again. But I feel like there’s always been a lot of love there between Chuck and the boys, and that’s definitely highlighted in this next episode.

Supernatural SpoilersTVLINE | Has Chuck’s take on Amara and what she’s doing changed since last week’s episode?
Yeah, it continues to evolve. The audience finds out a little bit more [about] where he’s coming from. There’s definitely a brother/sister relationship at play, and the fact that they’re, basically, two sides of the same coin… That’s the human side of what’s going on, this whole idea of every time he created a world, she destroyed it.

TVLINE | She broke all his toys.
Yeah, she broke all his toys. She kicked over his sandcastle. [Laughs] So that becomes a little clearer, what that dynamic is really about.

TVLINE | God also abandoned the angels. Should he and Castiel be reunited, what kind of interaction can we expect between them?
That’s going to be a complicated one, because right now, Lucifer is possessing Castiel. God has a lot of people doubting him because he’s been gone, and he’s let a lot of people down. There’s definitely some conversations that need to be had, and we’re going to see some of that come into play very soon.

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  1. Annie says:

    Still surprised they actually went there – but they did it boldly, and with confidence, and I’m totally on board to see how this plays out (though I confess I was really hoping God would turn out to be Daddy W., if for no other reason than to see JDM without a baseball bat in his hands on my TV).

  2. Emily says:

    After last week’s episode I went back and watched all of the episodes with Chuck in them and spent the whole time laughing because that weird, alcoholic, nervous dork was GOD!

  3. maermae says:

    “But I feel like there’s always been a lot of love there between Chuck and the boys, and that’s definitely highlighted in this next episode.”

    Chuck a.k.a. God let Sam rot for years in Hell being tortured being by Lucifer. I hope the brothers don’t forget every single time they have asked God for help and received none.

    Chuck doesn’t really exist and never did so this whole “lot of love” thing is kinda bogus.

    I’m still not on board with the idea that Chuck is God. God needs to be this bigger than EVERYTHING entity and the writers are leveled him down to the Winchesters who literally wears Chuck Taylor shoes and hoodies.

    • Ari says:

      I like that God is this relatable ball of neurotic behavior though. I’m ok with an imperfect god.

    • Taco Bell says:

      @maermae The whole theme of Supernatural is to humanize big ideas. Lucifer is just a guy, the king of hell is just a guy. Archangels, demons, creepy bumpy things are all mostly in human shape. We have this preconceived notion that God should be massive, but he’s less of a Michelangelo painting and more of a Joan Osborne song.

      • AnnieM says:

        Well said. Which also brings to mind the question – WHEN will they use that song? It’s so perfect, and the rights to it can’t be that expensive; it wasn’t a massively big hit song.

    • Bee says:

      I guarantee that if God walked in the door right now for you in any human form, you’d be disappointed or wouldn’t believe it. It’s important to remember that Chuck is merely a meat suit, meant to make it easier for humans, which Metatron is now, and the boys are, to handle seeing, because huamans can’t handle their corporeal form without their eyes being burned out and their ears bleeding and such. I think they’ve hit home on the very point that we all have placed such lofty expectations on what we personally feel God should be, but none of us have ever really thought about that vision not actually being true. On any given day, there are thousands of people claiming to be God, so to me at least, it makes sense that this guy could be the guy next to you at the bar, or at a softball game, or taking out the trash and when you see him, as the boys will, imagine the anger and frustration that the person they’ve been praying to and asking help for and needing a release from hell, is “Chuck.” Like, this dude? He’s going to have to explain that and get them to even believe and then explain why he has or hasn’t helped them through their trials.

      • Kat says:

        Let’s not forget that supposedly god made humans “in his image”, so I really don’t have a problem relating to Chuck (Rob) as god, I mean why not?

  4. edyn says:

    I always knew Chuck was God. How else is he able to write books that come true?Metatron writes the word of God, the Asian kid was a prophet and read the tablets. There are many prophets, but there is only one at a time. In one of the books they read, Chuck wrote about how Sam and Dean were talking to him as they were actually talking to him while Chuck sat behind the desk. As for the relationship with God and the Winchesters, I cannot blame Dean for having a few choice words for God. They save the world many times and God leaves. Chuck is saying bad things about the human race, but yet the Winchesters always been to help. They did let Amara out of the box, but they never knew what was in the box. God is blaming everyone, except himself leaving.

    • Annie Sisk says:

      How else? Prophet. As was originally stated by Castiel. Which also fit the disappearance into light bit. Still, this works so far. They’ve earned a little goodwill on the strength of this season’s episodes. I’ll go along for the ride.

      • wgsecretary says:

        Chuck was the first prophet on Supernatural. But, there were later others who had no ability to disappear like Chuck did. Kevin certainly didn’t. After Kevin there was that time when Crowley was capturing people meant to be prophets and none of them disappeared as he was torturing them. This was always the main thing that made me think Chuck was God. Plus, since there was only supposed to be one prophet at a time, Chuck came up when it was discovered that Kevin was a prophet. Dean (I think) asked what happened to Chuck and Castiel said that it wasn’t known. I always felt like since the angels didn’t know what became of Chuck, who had an archangel attached to him, it was further evidence that he wasn’t really a prophet. But, I think it was the way in which he cleaned up and disappeared in the season five finale that made most people think he was God. That wasn’t really something it seemed a prophet, who should have been a human, would be able to do. But, I agree that this season has been great so far. I can’t wait to see where this goes!

        • Annie says:

          … but not all prophets in the Bible went up in a beam of light either. Just because one does and others don’t doesn’t mean anything, really. Anyhoo, this debate is moot. Chuck’s God, and I’m on board – this season is so much better than any in recent memory.

          • wgsecretary says:

            True. I was just referencing that in the Supernatural universe, which isn’t necessarily sticking strictly to the bible in their biblical storylines, prophets are humans and have never disappeared like Chuck did. Though, he wasn’t in a beam of light. I’m on board too. This is one of the more exciting plot twists in a while.

  5. Still my favourite show on TV, warts and all. I’m hoping for a big-bang finale that gives us some payoff on Dean’s connection to The Darkness. And maybe for him to give God a punch in the face for all he’s let them go through.

  6. Pat says:

    I still cannot believe that we have God being revealed to us already and he is I the form of Chuck. My mind is still blown away by this.

  7. Arthur says:

    “There’s definitely some conversations that need to be had, and we’re going to see some of that come into play very soon.”

    I am REALLY looking forward to a conversation between Chuck and Cas. After all, the angels (even the angels who are basically human at this point :) ) have just as many daddy issues as the Winchesters. Probably why they all get along so well. #CasIsFamily

  8. Lauren says:

    All I ever wanted as a Cas fan was some sort of resolution to Cas’s long search for his MIA father, and especially want Cas to ask where were you when I begged you for guidance, a sign, anything, before I opened Purgatory. Did you want me to show the other angels the meaning of free will? And ultimately, are you proud of me and my journey?

    Sounds like I won’t get any of that because the culmination of Cas’s central storyline since he came to the show will play out without him in it. I can’t believe Lucifer won’t be gone from him when Cas finally meets God as God and not as Chuck. Poor decisions! I’ve never been more disappointed in the show.

    • C Morgan says:

      Supernatural, is NOT about Cas, he is just a add on to take away screen time from the boys, so honestly, who cares about him? dont like, quit watching, thanks bye!

  9. Nikki says:

    Yayyyy! Some #SPN love! Great interview. Can’t wait for it tonight!

  10. Jay says:

    I could have sworn chuck was there when the archangel sent dean in the future to see himself and a gypsy like castiel

  11. Ben Anderson says:

    Wednesday’s episode had to be one of my favorites. I can’t wait until next week and to watch how all this plays out.

  12. Ben Anderson says:

    While I watched this week episode after Chuck (God) talked to the Winchesters. Dean went to meet Amara in the woods and Sam and Megatron(Booger) help Lucifer escape with Gods help. Did anyone think about the possibility of Sam ever having to cage Dean because of the darkness in him? Just like God had to do with his sister Amara. I can’t picture Sam ever being able to do that to Dean. But it makes you think just how many different ways this show can play out.

  13. AnnieM says:

    Does anyone else agree with me that Chuck/God deciding to take a ‘hands off’ role in recent centuries makes sense? Otherwise, what’s the point of giving us free will?