Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Owen's Taking a 'Huge Step'

If you were looking for something a little lighter from Grey’s Anatomy in the wake of Calzona’s heartbreaking courtroom showdown last week, Thursday’s episode (8/7c, ABC) might be just the ticket. As Kevin McKidd told TVLine recently, his alter ego, Owen, and Amelia are now enjoying a post-reunion honeymoon period. And it’s about to get even more romantic.

In “At Last,” “Owen decides he’s going to take a huge step,” the actor reveals. And, since that huge step involves his newly recommitted girlfriend, naturally, that “kind of leads them into a conversation about, ‘What is the future for us?'”

What do they decide? Neither McKidd nor we wanna give it away. (The show would have our heads.) But he does describe the hour for Owen and Amelia as “really beautiful and romantic” and this scene in particular as “a really fun thing to have played.” He adds that the lovers “are in a better place than they have been in a long time.” So it’s probably a pretty safe to say that at least the on-again/off-again couple aren’t breaking up again.

What do you think Owen’s big decision is? Or, rather, what do you hope it is? Hit the comments!

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  1. Kate says:

    My absolute least favorite pairing on the show. They only put them together because there was no other guy available for Amelia. I don’t think they work well at all and I don’t know why they had to ruin Amelia’s happy ending on Private Practice to get her to Seattle only so she can fight with Meredith nonstop. She herself has become one of my least favorite characters since she joined Grey’s. And I guess Owen will propose to her since the promo said “two proposals, one hook up”. Only that they have finally exited that on/off stage and are only getting to know each other better. If they get married now it will be rushed and fast and they’ll be the next couple to get divorced. And while this is a drama show, their drama is kind of really annoying as both are such intense characters that I feel like they don’t balance each other out well.

    • Mari says:

      But Cristina!!!!!

    • Riley says:

      I totally agree with you about Amelia and I loved her happy ending with James on Private Practice. He understood and got her better than Owen. I wish that they had brought James over to Grey’s as well when they brought Amelia. If Owen and Amelia are one of the proposals this sucks for Jolex fans who have been waiting an entire season for some Jolex storyline but who once again got pushed to the sidelines. Hopefully Jolex will be the 2nd proposal.

    • Emily says:

      Couldn’t say it better myself.

    • Jenks says:

      Amen. My reaction to this article is a giant “meh.”

    • Alichat says:

      I agree. My least favorite pairing as well. I just don’t feel it. I’d have preferred they paired him with someone who doesn’t court, bathe, shower, sleep, and wallow in the drama.

    • tahimar says:

      Mine is Jolex least favorite pair, but “Omelia” comes a close second. We know Grey’s doesn’t know happy, specially for couples. Enjoy the honeymoon while it last!

    • Pam Scherer says:

      I agree with you 100%

    • Kyn says:

      I feel like they should have had James come after her or something. And brought other people from Private practice over to greys xD

  2. Dee says:

    Owen and Amelia are getting married.

  3. K says:

    Well considering where the Grey’s cast was filming on location for the finale, I can only guess…..

  4. Wordsmith says:

    Think he’s finally moving out of the trailer? That thing is such an iconic piece of the show – they’d need somebody new to move in.

  5. Jordan says:

    Well I for one think Owen and Amelia are the cutest couple on the show right now. They are fresh, nice and right for each other

    • A fan of TV says:

      I always wondered where that thing was parked after Derek’s dream home was built. On Derek’s land still? What about after the dram home got sold?

    • Whatevah says:

      I’ll take them over Japril any day of the week. And Owen’s not so bad when he’s not pouting and having temper tantrums.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I agree. I completely prefer Owen and Amelia to Jackson and April. I wonder if this is an indication there are ultimately 2 types of Grey’s fans…

  6. Courtney says:

    My favorite pairing on the show. Owen and Amelia are perfect for each other. They understand each other. They make each other want to be better. Both Owen and Amelia aren’t perfect if they screw things up they are going to screw things up together. I totally am predicting that they are going to get engaged.

  7. Nikki says:

    I thought Amelia and Nathan had great chemistry. I was hoping they’d give that a try and pair Owen with Meredith.

    • msstargate says:

      Ugh…not Meredith! That would be too we ride with him being Christina’s ex.

    • A fan of TV says:

      No way Meredith would date Cristina’s ex husband though, especially considering how Owen & Cristina could hardly let each other go despite her moving to Switzerland post-divorce.

  8. A fan of TV says:

    I personally love Owen and Amelia, separately and together. Hoping for a proposal!!

  9. Larc says:

    The best “huge step” I can think of for Owen would be out the door. Permanently. And he can take Amelia with him.

  10. AGMERCURIO says:

    There will never be a couple more magic merder. As much as they pretend that Amelia and Owe will now “really beautiful and romantic” is not true. Never Show couples may interpret better than Ellen and Patrick romantic scenes, although the dialogue / text were the same, there would be a big difference. No one can transmit love and romanticism, better than Ellen and Patrick and no history of more romantic than Meredith and Derek love.

    Sure Owen can make plans with Amelia while Derek left the series savagely; Shonda Rhimes thus managed to break the most important couple of the series of fiction. I wonder why? By the way the series of Shonda Rhimes suffer, have fewer viewers, but she is her stories and continues ignoring the followers of her series. Maybe someday the only spectators of the series will be the cast members and directors of ABC to congratulate each other, on their series work well.

  11. acurat says:

    Does not mean much – Shonda Rhines is nothing but consistent. She will break up by the end of next season – guaranteed. Name one relationshp that lasted more than two seasons besides Derek and Grey – I don’t think there is one.

  12. Sara says:

    Tvline please something interesting and exciting.

    Owen and Amelia are one of the worst couples ever on the show. Crappy characters/crappy couple.

  13. Kim says:

    This is the most lazy “so what?” pairing ont he show. I wish Kevin McKidd had a better actress to work with. They should bring back Teddy at this point it would make more sense. Amelia such a selfish self destructive character that screams every five minutes. Owen should find a mature woman who is there for him and doesnt run off when it gets tough.

  14. Gail Mulder says:

    I am so surprised by all the negativity here! I don’tt know anyone who doesn’t love Owen and Amelia. They have fantastic chemistry, are so well suited and I can’t decided if they or April and Jackson are my favourite pairings over the past 12 years. I never “loved” Meredith and Derek…to me they were just Ok. I find Owen and Amelia have much more depth and are equals. I’m rooting for them and April and Jackson. I’m not really sure that Alex has met his match yet and I don’t think Riggs and Maggie are a match…but who know???

    • Martina says:

      I don’t know many people who DO love Owen and Amelia… They are not good for each other, and their whole relationship always felt forced and out of place. I wish they would break up for good already and never date again. They just paired them because there was no other guy available at the time Amelia came in. They have no chemistry together.

    • Jstar says:

      Agree with you.. I find Owen and Amelia amazing as a couple. Also I really like April and Jackson.
      I hope we get Merideth and Riggs together. I feel they will be amazing together. I don’t want Maggie n Riggs.

  15. Ella says:

    Absolutely no interest in or love for this pairing. Mostly because I don’t like either character but together they’re even worse!

  16. Pam Scherer says:

    Amelia is evil…..please get rid of her!

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, pleasee! She’s the worst. So bitchy, annoying,, there’s really nothing that I like about her.

  17. Jessica says:

    It’s really sad that Grey’s used to have these amazing couples, full of chemistry with great stories.. and now there’s couples like Jo/Alex and Owen/Amelia who are plain boring and forced.

  18. BrookeBS says:

    I don’t really like Owen with anyone. I don’t really like his character. He’s so aggressive with his kisses. Amelia is kinda bugging me too. I don’t think they’re good together but whatever. Looks like they are getting married. Maybe it’ll calm him down.

  19. DB says:

    I can’t stand Owen. He is so intense and always stressed out. Even the way he kisses is intense like he is heading off to war. Nothing fun about the guy.

  20. Tammy Graham says:

    I don’t like Owen I don’t want him and Amelia together I don’t think they fit.but I do wish you would put Arizona and Callie back together.

  21. Janed says:

    So much has been left out of the story line it blows my mind. Especially with Arizona and Callie, no mention of the 15 million left to Sophia by Mark?? In a custody battle, seriously? I don’t like Owen anymore, he was fine with Cristina, but Amelia is so not like her. I don’t care for her character either, too whiny.

  22. TinLV says:

    My least favorite characters on the show are hooking up.. maybe getting married.. Yawn. Owen hasn’ t been likable since Christina left.. his obsession with his ex-brother-in-lawn and all that anger and angst is just annoying. And I didn’t like Amelia all that much on Private Practice.. I like her even less on Grey’s..