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The Voice Top 9 Performance Recap: The Front-Runner Takes a Tumble

Thou shalt not take the name of thy diva Beyoncé in vain.

On tonight’s Top 9 performance episode of The Voice, however, Christina Aguilera righteously name-checked Ms. Knowles — calling on the “Formation” singer to perform a duet with her protégé Bryan Bautista after his fantastic performance of “1 + 1.”

Smart move, really, promoting a #BryanAndBeyonce hashtag. After all, the ridiculously handsome crooner had his best week just as his teammate, season-long front-runner Alisan Porter, self-immolated in the blazing heat of an overbaked performance of Aerosmith’s “Cryin’.”

I guess you could say Xtina was given lemons, and she made lemonade.

I know, I know… that’s a controversial take on the Chosen One… but if the coaches aren’t willing to call out excruciating excess, somebody has to! On that note, let me offer my letter grades for this week’s performances:

Paxton Ingram — Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” — Grade: C- | Nothing quite says “I’m ready for you to go home” like a coach selecting/okaying the reality singing competition Molotov cocktail that is Whitney Houston’s cheesy ’80s track. It’s painfully rooted in its era, but also vocally challenging, and poor Paxton’s limp arrangement and flat vocals reenforced those points as brutally as Xtina’s supposedly positive critique: “You took me back to my first-grade talent show!” Uff da. Who says you can’t find Simon Cowell-level insults on The Voice?!

Mary Sarah — Maren Morris’ “My Church” — Grade: C+ | Has any Voice contestant in the history of Carson Daly’s zeal ever gotten the background vocal support that props up Mary Sarah’s vocals? Sometimes, those unseen women are working so hard, I feel like producer Mark Burnett should include a “featuring X, Y and Z” credit when Mary’s voting information appears on the screen. As usual, the Nashville vet’s upper register was bell clear, but her lower notes gave way like a wet cardboard box carrying a dozen hard-copy books. Even worse, Mary’s slightly sluggish approach prevented the Gospel-esque chorus from truly soaring, giving the impression her church doesn’t really have the most exciting musical component.

Nick Hagelin — Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” — Grade: C+ | This was one of Nick’s less out-of-tune efforts, but just as you can’t bet on a Shetland Pony in the Kentucky Derby, nor can this handsome but middling vocalist continue to be held up as a potential winner of a competition known as The Voice.

Hannah Huston — Jessie Ware’s “Say You Love Me” — Grade: B+ | Oh, how I wish The Voice was a 26- or 52-week affair. Because, honestly, what an incredible artist Hannah might turn out to be if she had the benefit of a long and arduous boot camp to work through her nerves, her off-putting facial tics, and her occasional struggles with dynamics. Still, while the opening third of “Say You Love Me” was plagued with a few bunk notes, there was a gorgeous vulnerability in Hannah’s upper register — and a stunning depth of feeling in the final chorus that superseded the handful of strident notes that held her back from topping the night.

Shalyah Fearing — Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” — Grade: B- | Let’s keep it extra real: There’s no way Shalyah is going to win Season 10 — not with immature technique that finds her overshooting and undershooting notes like buckshot aimed into the fog. (Kudos to Xtina for braving a potential backlash to point it out.) Still, when Shalyah dropped to her knees and unleashed some next-level holleration on the final chorus, I forgot about her technical difficulties and surrendered to the intent with which she was delivering the lyric. Nope, there’s no way Shalyah is going to win Season 10, but I’m happy to keep her around ’til the bloodbath of semifinal eliminations.

Laith Al-Saadi — Bob Seeger’s “We’ve Got Tonight” — Grade: A- | Here’s the thing about Laith. If he wants to win the whole enchilada, he needs to move past his excellent blues-bar covers and aim for something more unexpected, something that confirms he’s an artist with vision and bravado. That said, “We’ve Got Tonight” gave him a heretofore unseen moment of vulnerability, his clipped and crumbled notes contributing to his tale of a broken man seeking temporary solace in the arms of a woman. We’ve seen slow and steady win the Voice race before — think Jermaine Paul and Craig Wayne Boyd — but I’d like to see Adam push Laith to go big or go home. (Ugh, did I just type “go big or go home”? It’s official: I’m the worst. #YOLO)

Adam Wakefield — Linda Ronstadt’s “Love Has No Pride” — Grade: A- | This won’t go down among The Voice’s all-time greatest hits — and it won’t qualify as Adam’s high point of Season 10. But sometimes, when a gorgeous pop-blues scorcher is delivered cleanly and powerfully and within the lines of intonation, you have to just doff your hat and give it your hearty applause. (Oh, Xtina, I wouldn’t have given it a standing O, either, but damn, I’m not trying to get America to vote for my three remaining artists, either!)

Alisan Porter — Aerosmith’s “Cryin'” — Grade: C+ | If Alisan had been a contestant on Season 7 of American Idol, I’m sure Randy Jackson would’ve accused her of being able to “sing the phone book.” After all, her voice is enormous, audacious and frequently glorious. That said, she’s not infallible, and when the opening verse of “Cryin'” began to stretch her tone to its uppermost strident point, I felt my teeth gritting in anticipation of the shriek-fest to come. Maybe the judges really heard themselves some rocker-gal abandon, but when Alisan hit that extended note leading into the key change, then went for one more refrain, I had flashes of Xtina’s pre-ordained victory/end of the “Girl Coach Curse” drifting away. One bad week can’t stop a Chosen One edit — ask Cassadee Pope! — but here’s hoping Alisan watches her performance back Tuesday morning and learns the limits of her instrument.

Bryan Bautista — Beyoncé’s “1 + 1” — Grade: A- | Oh, heck yeah! The Bryan Bautista who slayed “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” in the Battle Rounds — but who’s been relegated to mid-pack player the last few weeks — returned this week with a scorchingly hot, deeply felt Beyoncé cover that should have him looking for more female artists to cover rather than fretting over the risk of such a move. As Adam noted, dude’s got magic in his upper register — not to mention an easy stage presence that never makes you feel like you’re watching a nervous contestant desperate for votes. Season 10’s been in desperate need of a surging underdog — and it looks like he just arrived on the scene!

What did you think of The Voice Top 9 performance night? Who were your faves? Who’s at risk? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. OhMy says:

    I pretty much agree with Michael — I might quibble with a few grades here and there.

    Once again though, I think they need better song choices.

    • JM1 says:

      I am as tired of this season as Xtina’s boobs are of hanging out of her dresses.

    • davmon says:

      Slezak did good. I had the same 3 at A level. I had Hannah & Shalyah at B+ and Alisan at B. So I Shal & Ali a notch or two higher.

    • Smokey says:

      Agree – the song choices were mostly sub-par tonight. I did enjoy Adam and Laith’s songs, just mildly ok with Hannah’s………………. Mary Sarah’s was logical I guess but not special………………… Bryan is smooth but could have picked a better song as he’s beginning to sound the same all the time.

    • scott says:


    • Voice Fan says:

      I thought this was a stellar night. My favorite performance tonight was Laith Al Saadi playing the piano and singing, Bob Seeger’s “We’ve got Tonight.” He just made me swoon. It showed a softer side of him. Adam Wakefield and Mary Sarah tied for my second favorite performances. I’m so glad to see my four favorites, Adam, Mary Sarah and Laith and Hannah Houston in the top four of the I-Tunes. I hope they will be the four in the finale. I loved Blake and Gwen’s love song which they wrote together, “Go Ahead and Break my Heart.” It has a wonderful beat and will be his 25th number one hit in a row. I wondered how Blake, who sings and writes country ballads, would write with and sing a song with Gwen, a hip hop artist. I was afraid she’d ruin the song but she showed she really can sing. I am not surprised that Blake, Adam and Mary Sarah were 2, 3 and 4 on the country I-Tunes chart before the show ended on the West Coast. Laith’s “The Thrill is Gone” which he sang last week is still number one on the Blues I-tunes chart and another single by Laith is number 2 above Etta James and BB King so Laith has a lot of fans who are buying his I-Tunes and they will take him into the finale and he may even win the Voice.

      • Janie says:

        lol, Gwen isn’t a hip-hop artist.. Pop, maybe, but not hip-hop. And Blake sings a lot of uptempo country…he doesn’t just write/sing ballads.

      • Julie says:

        Of course you would say that, the night sucked, if this was idol you would call it “the worst night ever,” but of course you are only saying that to throw shade at Idol. I see right through you.

      • Lyn says:

        That duet by Blake and Gwen was scarily reminiscent of Blake and Miranda’s rendition of “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” on a show called Duets years ago. He even mouthed the words that Gwen was singing just as he did Miranda’s back then. Kind of creeped me out. Watch it on youtube.

        • Lizzie says:

          Biggest difference is that “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” sounded really, really good when they performed together.

    • tvlover44 says:

      *correction needed* – wasn’t adam’s song by *bonnie raitt* – not linda ronstadt?

      • Randy Treece says:

        Actually, it was written by someone else and Linda and Bonnie both sang it in the early 1970s.

      • Annie says:

        There is a correction needed but not on that, since both Linda and Bonnie have sung it. However, it is Bob Seger, not Seeger (maybe Michael was thinking of Pete Seeger??)

        • Angie'sPersonalTroll says:

          Maybe that lack of knowledge explains why Slezak doesn’t get how cheesy it is to cover that, or really any Seger song? I think doing Whitney Houston’s song was a much better choice, so maybe it has to do with background? Dude needs to judge these people on their performances and stop bringing his biases into the mix. Bryan Bautista’s looks did little for me, for example, but I did think he did a solid job last night. It’s called ‘The Voice,’ not “Whose Facial Tics Annoy?”

        • I grew up on Bob Seger’s music on the radio (I’m from Detroit) and I still misspell it “Seeger”, I’m afraid.

      • Lilly says:

        Ronstadt did it too, just a few years after Raitt. Both in the 70’s. I prefer Ronstadt myself.

        • I’ve never heard the Bonnie Raitt version, but if Adam’s version was true to it, then I agree that Linda Ronstadt’s version is definitely my choice, too. I found Adam’s phrasing a bit rushed and his tone a bit bland at times, but as he moved through the song it continued to get better. And he’s been working on his enunciation, did you notice?

          • Sharon, I so identify that song with Bonnie’s heartbreaking version that it’s hard for me not to think of her when I hear anyone else (except Linda) sing it.

  2. analythinker says:

    I’m just gonna sit back with a popcorn here.

    • davmon says:

      Had my popcorn the first hour. Laith & Adam & Bryan held even with last week. Hannah was a tad down from last week; Alisan was down a lot. Shalyah came back up to solid member of the Top Six.

      • davmon, NO. Allison and Shalyah sang the best of all 9!!!!!! People who don’t know how to sing should NOT be commenting!

        • Sarah says:

          You don’t need to be able to sing to be able to judge whether a song is sung well… since when is what your ears are capable of hearing affected by your ability to sing???

        • Lizzie says:

          Shalyah was mostly painful to listen to this week, and oddly stilted in the planned stage movement. When she hit the stage on her knees, I just hit the mute button after hearing a second or two of that painful mess. When Adam has to pull out the “she works so hard and is so hard on herself” card, he knows it wasn’t good enough. Allisan oversang to the point of irritation to me – after that stunning performance last week, I was hoping we might hear more sound quality from her instead of the full-blast effort that Christina prefers from her contestants.

  3. Kimmy Moores says:

    I doubt she took a tumble voting wise. Her ish is jumping the charts atm.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      She had to rock out this week. People would have called her boring. Next week she needs THE BEST CHOICE!!! How about Crazy by patsy cline

  4. Gailer says:

    The highlight for me tonight was Gwen and Blake’s love affair!

    • JM1 says:

      Lordy, tried to watch that but couldn’t get through it. That was a fast-forward for me!

    • scott says:

      Surprisingly it was a kinda catchy tune.

    • davmon says:

      The Blake-Gwen duet was quite good. But the cutaway to Xtina had me imagine her thoughts: 1) That skinny bitch can’t replace me! 2) How did she ever have a music career with that tiny vocal range—oh that Marilyn schtick! 3) I can’t believe she is trying to show as much as me, when she’s got those anthills—not after I paid good money for these! 4) Isn’t she a grownup with children? How can she keep looking at Cowboy like a sick puppy?

  5. Leah says:

    Can’t wait to hear from Alison’s PR team insisting she wasn’t shrieking. That was shrieking people! That was horrible!!

    • Kaba says:

      It’s funny watching this incessant, stupid argument.
      The sooner both parties acknowledge that Alisan is fully capable of reigning hell vocally (this week) as she is capable of phoning it in (last week), the better.
      Tiresome bickering ‘she’s a shrieker!’ & ‘no she’s not a shrieker!’
      Makes me question the intelligence of some people.
      Of course that was shrieking. The irrational thing to do (on both ends)
      Would be for a fan to deny her shrieking this week and for a hater to insist she was doing so last.

      • Leah says:

        Oh please – she was SHRIEKING. You may like to hear shrieking instead of singing but that was shrieking. I don’t get why some people are pretending she wasn’t. Ear doctor dear – look into it!

        • Kaba says:

          Leah, you clearly do not read.
          6th line down clearly says ‘Of course that was shrieking.’

        • JM1 says:

          We are not pretending she doesn’t shriek sometimes. We are saying that we are tired of hearing about it from you. It gets old.

        • Zerb says:

          Eye doctor dear-Look into it! Kaba said she was shrieking. You’re too busy complaining to see what was actually written.

        • Lizzie says:

          It didn’t sound like shrieking to me, but it was oversung almost throughout. Alisan is clearly talented, she has some great perception and performance quality, and part of the time it goes past quality in the sound. I more wonder if her time has come and gone, unless she wants to bring that type of performance that she did last night. She is reminding me of other contestants that Christina has pushed past where they should go, and we had to listen to it. Alisan is a gifted woman, but I don’t know if she might have done better with someone other than Christina, who would have focused more on her having a quality vocal each week. Alisan is capable of that.

      • joy says:

        We are all entitled to our opinion and to me it was worse than someone running their fingers over a chalkboard. My dog ran from the room then ran back trying to cover his ears. I’m not joking at all about that.

      • Laurie says:

        Spot-on. I don’t know how anyone can hear her stunning versions of Blue Bayou or last week’s Let Him Fly and use the term “shriek” or not use it after tonight’s performance. Shalyah was singing bold, passionately & unrestrained, but she wasn’t shrieking. Alisan was very off tonight-off-key, off everything. She is my favorite and she has so many great qualities in her voice but this simply was a horrible song choice for her-not a horrible song. I can see why she thought changing it up would be good, but I think she should’ve taken notice of where she has scored best on Itunes and stayed in that lane, the stripped, country, bluesy pop/soul songs like Blue Bayou & Let Him Fly. I actually do think she will tumble on Itunes this week, but the good thing about that is it will make her go back to what she does best. Let’s hope.

        • danin says:

          Isn’t that funny. I thought Shalyah was awful tonight & this was the best rock song Alison has sung.

          • danin says:

            And in all fairness,I think she’s best on ballads because she has picked Bayou,River,Let Him Fly..3 terribly beautiful songs. She has great ballad taste.

      • Simpler says:

        One person’s shriek is another person’s glory note. That is human beings, many of whom suffer from one of the worst personality flaws: the need to be right.

        • kmajor2013 says:

          I so agree with Simpler. I love, love, love Adam Lambert (from American Idol) to this day, but when he was on AI people had a lot of the same thoughts about Adam as people do about Alisan. A lot of people called him a shrieker, but I heard a great voice!! I don’t particularly care for Alisan (more because of her never ending sob story), but I understand why some people think she shrieks and some don’t. If she has half the career of Adam Lambert does now, she will be very lucky.

        • Kbella says:

          Thank you. I hate it when comment boards get all cluttered up with people just bickering back and forth when we all know neither one is going to change their mind. Everyone has different tastes. And that’s ok.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Ok Leah we get, u don’t like ALISAN. I get that your stating your opinion, BUT it’s another to continuously bash ALISAN for every performance. U ever hated her performance last week, and she sang NOT AS LOUD. Just stop hating on her and move on

      • 100 percent in agreement. I think Bryan had his best night, and Laith was just meh for me.

      • Leah says:

        And you like her splitting shrieking. We get it. Pointing out the fact that she is shrieking and also pointing out the absurdity of people saying she isn’t IS NOT BASHING. It is pointing out a clear fact. She is a terrible singer. Go ahead and pretend she isn’t. Listening to you people is quite entertaining.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          Well u don’t have to be so rude. All I was saying is that if you call that screaming, then I would die to scream like that. She’s not terrible if people praise her and say that she could win this. Have u seen her earlier stuff. She’s more than just a belter, she is an artist. She can give you all kinds of variations to her voice.

        • Katie Killjoy says:

          If we’re pointing out facts we ought to skip right to the fact that you’re a flat out blithering idiot for insisting the woman is a terrible singer.
          No other way about that, if you’re insisting on being a capital Queen B then you’ll be regarded as one.
          Particularly when spouting nonsense.
          Vocally overwrought? Yes. Terrible singer? Absolutely not.

        • kevstar says:

          She’s just looking for some attention. It must be horrible to be associated with someone like Leah. She ( if it is indeed a female) is probably just a miserable human being. Maybe it is Ann Coultier trolling on these boards.

        • Jonah says:

          Leah you need serious psychological counseling. What the f is wrong with you? Get off your f-ing couch and go find another website to wield your toxic, hate-filled ranting. Talk about shrieking. You’re the f-ing biggest shrieker anyone has ever seen. Alison actually has talent. You? Nothing. Nada. Be gone, toxic Leah. You’re an embarrassment.

        • TeamXtina says:

          Leah, sweetheart, you are so pathetic.

          • usvoter3 says:

            Is she not entitled to her views? Are people allowed to comment over and over about how Alison should be the winner in their minds but no one is allowed to have different views? How is commenting over and over about Alisan’s talent different from someone commenting about screeching?

        • SarahS says:

          Jill Moy…that’s it. I’d blocked the name from my mind but still recognized the bitterness.

    • scott says:

      And you finally got one right. Don’t know if I’ll call it shrieking but it was definitely off in many ways

  6. Angie_Overrated says:

    Interesting. I’ve really liked Laith every week, but I thought this was his worst performance, not his best. He was off pitch, dead in the voice, and it felt like a song he was singing at a funeral as opposed to something joyous or heartfelt.

    • analythinker says:

      Song choices, song choices…

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Indeed. That song did him no favors.
        It’s interesting that Slezak loved it. I went back and listened again to see if maybe I missed something, but I think I liked it even less the second time. I’d honestly have to say Nick outsang Laith tonight.

        • A.R. Vega says:

          Nick out singing Laith? Wow. Your credibility just crashed like Bill Clinton saying he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Damn, that’s too bad, because my sole purpose in life is impressing you. lol

        • akillesheel says:

          Taking the guitar out of his hands is the wrong move, but I still liked him (though not as much as previous performances).

      • Smokey says:

        Speaking of song choices,as the coaches encourage them to venture-out into other types and styles and soft-side to more up-beat hype a few get nailed with a mass drop in support because of it. …………………………….

        we all know that Nick is near to getting the next bus pass home, after bottom 2 and barely saved last week, …………. Paxton’s song did him no favors, plus he performed first, is lagging in early i-tunes downloads against the pack,……….

        .so there could be the bottom 2……………….. While Alison continues to be the favorite to easily win, has the most over-all i-tunes sales I believe ;;;, even Adam Levine has said he expects her to win………………..she might have lost a couple laps of her 10 lap lead in the race, after her song choice tonight….still leading by a lot but some other cars in the race are picking-up speed.

    • davmon says:

      Laith was near perfect. Nice to hear a Seger ballad—and done so well….Although his keyboard play was too simple

    • Kbella says:

      Laith is one of my favorites as well but I agree that last night was his weakest performance to date. I still voted for him because he has been consistently great and shouldn’t get bounced because of one off night.

      • I think that’s an interesting thing – do people vote based on single performances or body of work? I suspect it goes back and forth for many of us and I wonder how many people are actually being entirely objective (myself included.)

  7. AS says:

    Well for 2 weeks running the show has put me to sleep…i guess that means I don’t find the song choices or performances all that thrilling or maybe as was the case of American Idol…the thrill is gone. That said I did hear Adam’s brutal killing of “Love Has No Pride” Bonnie Raitt Michael Slezak All those flames and no feeling. My only vote is for Hannah.

    • Smokey says:

      I find that blocking-out all coaches comments after the performances,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,skipping all the made-up honey, sugar, sweet butter and syrup comments, oh, when you make your album, oh-oh –(which rarely happens)………… ………… helps in keeping the show entertaining. ….. one can mute the tv, read or do something else for long time in-between,,,,,,, no comments, no commercials, just performances.

      • Ani says:

        Yes, yes, yes, to everything you said, Smokey!

      • Kbella says:

        That’s why I DVR it and watch the recorded show so I can pause during all the drivel. I missed Christina’s comment to Paxton about him reminding her of her first grade show, though. I’ll have to rewatch that later!

  8. Davey says:

    Liked Hannah but she isn’t as good as Jeffery Austin singing Say You Love Me.

    • Gailer says:

      I was thinking of Jeffery Austin too

    • davmon says:

      Hannah’s song had many lovely parts. Midway, oversang a couple notes. Some wonderful tender phrasing. Like Slezak I gave her B+.

    • Jelly says:

      I love Hannah, but nothing compares to the Jessie Ware original version of that song. I often wonder how the original artists feel when the lesser version by a Voice contestant tops them on the chart. Case in point Mary Serah (who irks me every single week because she seems all calculation and limited heart) and Marin Morris’s My Church. The coaches webt so far as to say it seemed like “her” song. Ugh. All the contestant is doing is aping the original. Has gotta suck.

  9. Davey says:

    Say what you will Emily and Owen would have given us more inspired song choices

    • Exactly. I know that The Voice and AI are totally different entities but it seems odd that a show populated by so many music industry veterans (the contestants, the coaches) comes off as so incredibly karaoke; while AI, which had some very inexperienced and green contestants, emphasized “artistry” and flipping arrangements.

  10. dlraetz says:

    Alison had my ears bleeding, and not in a good way. Yikes

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      She’ll be fine, but yeah she needs a GREAT song next week. Mayb crazy by patsy cline

    • davmon says:

      Alisan tried to bring life to IMO a mediocre Aerosmith song. In her low register, she brought more nuance than S Tyler. Upper reg? some was good some less so. Xtina’s looooooong note was a waste. Overall, it seemed a patchwork of good & bad impulses—in song choice, vocal phrasing & staging.

      • A+ for accuracy, davmom. Personally, I always find her entertaining and totally committed, which is more than I can say for some other contestants; and tbh I don’t see why this perf ranks such low marks from Slezak when he gave high scores to Stay With Me the week before. I get it, he LOVES that song but that perf was a hot buttered mess (and I say that as an Alisan fan). Her performance here was messy in some ways but it was actually much more appropriate to this song. It is what it is. I think this entire season has been pretty karaoke, not much in the way of flipping arrangements or creativity and I’m not sure who to blame for that. (I would have loved to see Alisan totally flip that song and explore it as a bluesy, country-tinged ballad.)

  11. David says:

    When I heard Alisan Porter was singing “Cryin”, I was thinking the Roy Orbison song and was thrilled. Then I saw it was the Aerosmith song. She’s killing herself with the scream fest songs.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Roy Orbison would have been gorgeous. She’ll be fine, but yeah she need a GREAT song next week. Maybe glitter in the air or crazy by patsy cline

    • teamfrog says:

      Juliet Simms has her beat on that song.

    • JM1 says:

      I groaned as soon as I heard the song choice. UGH.

    • David says:

      For the record, I love Alisan but I really haven’t been a fan of the song choices lately other then last week. I fell in love with her in the early rounds but I find myself enjoying Laith and Adam more now.

    • I just had the same reaction! I thought the Roy Orbison song was an inspired choice (enough time has passed since kd lang sang it as a memorial to Orbison on that awards show, right?) – and then when I started listening – oh no. Please no. (And I love Curly Sue but that is just an awful song IMO. Now if she had really flipped it and turned it into a country-ish ballad, really explored and caressed the lyrics, it could have been great.)

      It’s frustrating because I was watching a video today of Alisan singing backup/support on her friend Scarlett Cherry’s song “Angel” (which Alisan co-wrote) and the harmonies are stunning; Alisan is soft and restrained and controlled. She can do it. I wish xtina or whomever would stop encouraging the bombast because I haven’t heard that on Alisan’s work outside of the show.

      • Great insight, Janice.

        • Thanks; forcing myself to go outside of the Voice’s clips I actually get an idea of what these folks can do, but this tv show is not highlighting anyone to their best advantage. (or only one person per episode gets a great song and arrangement and everyone else is left to muddle along until the following week.) It’s amazing that a show centered around music industry professionals is so uncreative.

      • Kbella says:

        I agree and would say the same about Adam coaching Shalyah.

        • Knell – YES! Shalyah is to The Voice what Sonika was to S15 of Idol, except that Shalyah has a more powerful instrument IMO. She has the makings of an incredible vocalist with some seasoning, the right songs, etc. “Change is Gonna Come” was – stodgy, fusty, old-fashioned (as were most of the night’s arrangements), she wasn’t connecting to the material or at least it wasn’t showing on her face. The song deserved better and so did Shalyah. Give her something young and fun and fresh to rip into, to really let out her energy and shine. Give her Sia, Rhianna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga or even a contemporary male artist. Take away the orchestra background and the matronly costumes. Because it’s obvious the girl can SANG.

          I just don’t get why she’s being treated as if she were a 30-something year old diva a la 1965 or 1995. The knee-drop didn’t impress me as much as it did Michael tbh. Loved the skirt, though.

      • Alisan also sang back-up to Scarlett Cherry’s song “Sleep Until You Dream” … BTW .. Alisan & Adam Lambert are godparents of Scarlett’s little boy born on Adam’s birthday .. they have all been BF for many many years & they are all terrifically talented .. IMO!! I think Alisan should sing one of the songs that she co-wrote … she has the ability to sing like a nightingale when she pulls it back … Cryin’ was a bombastic song choice & Alisan gave it everything she had .. showing both sides of her artistry … she shouldn’t be counted out because her song choice didn’t please the masses!! Alisan has an incredible voice/range & can sing all genres as evidenced on the show!! She is still my choice to win this season!! #TeamAlisan #LAMBERT Outlaw

        • Theresa I think I saw on a tweet or a video clip Alisan say they might let the contestants do an original song at some point? That might have been on the video she did with her dad a few weeks back, I honestly don’t recall. I personally think that would be a cool thing to do – some American Idol singers had great moments with originals (Mackenzie’s Roses, Jena Irene’s “Unbreakable”, etc.)

  12. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Tonight was fine, just not like last week. Despite it being her “worst performance” I still enjoyed ALISAN and I think that she had to rock out sometime. I just don’t think it was the right song choice. Maybe shake it off acapella? Otherwise I also enjoyed Hannah, shaylah, Laith, and Bryan. Who could be in the bottom 2, nick and Paxton/shaylah

    • davmon says:

      Nick & Paxton were bottom. But not Shalyah; she was ahead of Mary & Alisan tonight.

    • davmon says:

      Paxton’s “great” vocal arrangement & phrasing was a major downgrade (& breath control was erratic). Whereas Whitney soared past the insipid lyric, Paxton muddled along exposing it.

    • davmon says:

      Nick sounded like Justin Bieber. His falsetto riffs were flat. Heck, much of song was flat side of pitch. Projected an emotional incoherence because dance moves, gestures, riffs, vocal shifts seemed “thought” rather than felt—I think I’ll do falsetto now, I think I’ll do a dance move, I think I’ll do

  13. Alisan can belt (not shriek) and she can take it down. She’s versatile. I think she, Adam W, and Bryan had the best nights.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      THANK U!!! Finally someone who has knowledge and does not bash anyone.

      • Leah says:

        Oh honey, enjoying listening to someone shriek equals having knowledge to you?? Oh you poor thing.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          Well then don’t comment. Let us enjoy our interests and you focus on your own opinion. Don’t criticize us for liking something that you don’t.

          • usvoter3 says:

            Please don’t criticize her for having a different view on a singer. She has a right to discuss her opinion on the show and singers, too.

        • Jonah says:

          Move on, toxic Leah.

      • Lizzie says:

        I didn’t enjoy listening to Alison sing last night. I am also oddly offended by the “working mom” overbonding thing that she and Christina are celebrating together, because how much time do their kids actually get from them?

        Agree that Bryan and Adam did very well last night – Adam’s performance was lit up by something extra in the quality and creating a moment aspect.

    • davmon says:

      Absurd…the amount of coverage of Alisan on here. And Mary runs 2nd….Makes no sense when both had mediocre nights. Why not discuss how good Laith, Adam, Bryan or Hannah were? Or how much Shalyah stepped it up to be #5 ahead of Ali & MS ?

      • I really, really enjoyed Bryan’s performance last night. He looked happy and confident, he sang with terrific control, his voice had those warm tones we loved at the start of the season. Really nice way to end the show.

      • Russ says:

        Hate to rain on the Shalyah parade, but only Nick and Paxton finished below her on Itunes. If Paxton gets a major voting push from team Blake fans. The bottom two very well could be Shalyah and Nick. If that is the case I will #voicesave her. But will be interesting to see what the rest of America will do.

  14. Kimmy Moores says:

    Despite the bombast from Alisan tonight.
    I avidly maintain this type of performance on a male contestant would not be received so negatively.
    Male bombast is hailed and reveled whereas female rocker vocalists and belters are regarded as shriekers/screamers/screechers/etc.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Exactly. If Jordan did it or Barrett did it, they would be praised as “risk takers” and “bad ass” but when a female does it they are critize doing for “not being tough” or “you can’t sing rock” that’s what annoys me so much

      • OhMy says:

        Hmm, I think you’ll need to give an actual example of that.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          What I’m saying is that if a male singer rocked out and he didn’t nail it at his best, he will get praised.

        • Male examples just off the top of my head (both reality show -verse and “real life”) : Adam Lambert (one of Alisan’s best friends ironically), Caleb Johnson, Steve Tyler, David Lee Roth; metal, grunge – quite a lot of rock music since the ’80’s has depended on male singers “screaming”.

          • OhMy says:

            Well, not sure they get praised when/if they lose control. Adam was criticized a lot for over singing. Caleb isn’t really worth a mention — I don’t think I can even remember what he sounded like.
            I think people love who they love and dislike who they dislike. Male or female.

          • SoozinCA says:

            I was thinking that many of the comments on Alisan were ironically recalling what some said about Adam Lambert on Idol. There were those who maintained he was a screamer, while others (especially some with extensive vocal training) were hugely impressed by his vocal gymnastics. In the 7 years since that show he has learned when to pull it in and when to let it soar, but I think on a show like this contestants are encouraged to swing for the fences as much as possible, sometimes they hit a home run and sometimes they strike out. I don’t think Alisan struck out tonight but it was not a home run. I wasn’t crazy about it when Adam sang the same song on Idol either, one of his less impressive performances, the song itself almost requires screaming/shrieking. I agree with those who say the Roy Orbison “Crying” would have been a much better song choice for her.

          • Lizzie says:

            Why would Caleb’s name be in a list of big rockers? Just as an example of unpleasant screaming?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      That genre of music tends to be screamy. I personally didn’t love Alisan’s performance, but as far as the genre goes, I thought she did reasonably well. I wasn’t as down on her performance as everyone else seems to be. I think this was more a function of song choice.
      As far as the gender issue goes, I suspect you’re probably right, but I’m struggling to think of an example of male screaming on this show getting applauded.

      • Kimmy Moores says:

        My sentiments exactly. The genre of the song essentially calls for such a vocal approach; so of course I felt she did it justice in relation to that standard.
        As for the gender thing…it’s more of a gut feeling and just watching the things women get slandered for in comparison to men. I’m certain I’m right, it’s just a shame that I can’t determine a good example. I just can’t think of one cause I usually don’t pay the most attention to full blown rock vocalists on either shows.

      • Angie I don’t know this show well enough to give an example but as I mentioned upthread, the names that come to mind in terms of male “screamers”: Adam Lambert, Caleb Johnson (on AI), Steve Tyler, David Lee Roth…and a lot of goth, grunge, metal and punk singers whose names I don’t know. Entire subgenres of rock music depend on it. Danny Goeke was praised by the judges for doing it.

      • Smokey says:

        I think the biggest threat to Alison winning at this point, is Adam Wakefield…………………………………….

        I really like Laith’s songs, guitar playing, etc,………but he is a big long-shot, ., he is doing very well with music sales and his from his exposure on the show, but I doubt that those good accomplishments will translate into a chance of winning the show……………………………………….

        Hannah is improving and could be a dangerous woman if she wanted to, but doesn’t have –the eye of the tiger–, to turn it on, pick some smokin’ hot music and really perform it , and go for the win. I wish she would, but she’ll probably just do tame ballads till the end-song/……………………………………………………………

        I like Shalyah, she is young and has lots of room to develop. She won’t take the crown this season though……………………………………….

        Mary Sarah is a wild card, she’ll need perfect song choices though, and for Alison to make a couple more not-so-great ones,,,,to be a threat to win.

        Bryan is gaining some, should outlast Nick – Paxton

        Is it true that after this week, next week there are 4 eliminations in one night??

    • scott says:

      It depends on the bombast. (see Juliet Simms.) There’s a right way and a wrong way

    • davmon says:

      Kimmy, your point about men being more accepted when screaming or screeching, probably depends on individual talent as well as tendencies (in singer and listener). By far the best “full voice” I have heard in decades was the young female, Koryn Hawthorne, late in Season 8 with “Make It Rain” and “Mary Don’t You Weep”. Laith did a nice version of the former this season, but not as “full on” nor as emotional connected as hers.….In music generally, Janis Joplin & Joe Cocker were best at singing soulfully at full tilt; every time out, they seemed to be wrecking their vocal chords for your personal benefit. Few people could repeatedly max out like that and have vocal control; which they masterfully did. The resilient Melissa Etheridge has probably been best of this ilk in recent decades. Less psychically frightening and even more soulful were Aretha and Gladys, who ranged magnificently with their controlled yet majestic mastery of the black-church-choir solo….Then there were there were the hard rock singers, mostly male, who could soar among the squalling electric cacophony. There was Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, Ozzie Osborne of Black Sabbath, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin & many to follow. Only a few women went this route, such as Joan Jett or Annie Wilson of Heart; the hardcore music & lifestyle made this unappealing to most women….I am not sure why a mom with kids & a druggy past would mine for gold nuggets in this music Yukon, unless feeling stifled & yearning to break back to heady days of narcissistic hedonism & reckless abandon. After floundering on Janis’ “Cry Baby” in the Lives, tonight, Alisan attempted to channel Annie on a pedestrian Aerosmith ditty. Given that Steven did little of merit with this one, I fail to grasp this as a song choice for a path to succeed. She predictably did well on the lower parts, but her quest for upper-note histrionics was scattershot, while overmatched by the music and bewilderingly staged. Reminds me of Xtina’s last best chance, the talented Kimberly Nicole, who was bumped from the Top 6 by teammate India, after one too many histrionic excesses in a row. Xtina either pushes or indulges these melodramatic meltdowns. Maybe it secretly feeds her ego that none of her soul/rock ladies can match her note-hitting and dynamic range; but it makes for loser coaching.

      • Russ says:

        Besides her bad coaching choices, there is also the Team Xtina factor that cost her artist votes. She is a Diva and acts like a Diva. She likes all the attention on her. Before this season aired it was reported that she was causing trouble behind the scenes because she was jealous of all the attention Blake and Gwen were getting. It was no surprise at all that she looked so nasty during their duet. I would guess that her look last night was an attempt to out do Gwen.

      • davmon again with the A++ analysis – you comments about Janis, Joe Cocker, Aretha etc etc should be required reading. (When I was growing up my ex-stepfather complained that Janis Joplin “just screamed”; it wasn’t until I started really listening to her myself and watching the videos of her live on YouTube that I realized how mistaken that was. She exercised incredible precious and control. There are right ways and wrong ways to do it.)

      • Forgot to add, I’ve begun to wonder about xtina’s motivation re: her ego and was coming to the same conclusion. (She most likely isn’t even aware of it, I’d guess.)

      • MC says:

        davmon- Your last sentence is right on the money. I have had that impression of Xtina since the first time I watched The Voice. I have never been under her spell because my musical heroes are mostly from the previous century. I would much rather listen to classic Melissa Etheridge, for example, than anything from Xtina. Kimberly was one of the best in the history of this show imo and I loved her epic, theatrical performances. I think she was doomed by some poor song choices (I’m not sure who chose them) during her last week on the show.

  15. Janet Kofoed says:

    This was probably my least favorite Alisan performance. Almost abrasive. I would dearly love to see her take it down several notches and do something more subtle and emotional. She definitely has it in her. Someone above suggested Glitter in the Air– that would be perfect for her.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      YASSS!!! Or crazy by patsy cline!!! She’ll be fine this week, but next week is ver crucial

      • David says:

        “Crazy” by Patsy Cline would be a great song. Hopefully it won’t be “Crazy” by Aerosmith.

  16. tom says:

    Once again Michael only gives Mary Sarah an average pass for a country song. He must really HATE country music. I used to be a fan of his, but now I am rapidly losing my patience with him. Country rules.

    • Kaba says:

      Get your head out your…you know.
      She was garbage.

      • tom says:

        Mary is ruling iTunes right now with MY CHURCH. I expect it to be top ten the way it is going. She is not garbage. So get your head out of your ***.

        • Kaba says:

          In a world where Jake Worthington can prosper to 2nd place off a series of terrible performances propelling to the top 10; are you really surprised an abominable performance can chart so well?
          The answer is no, bud.

          • tom says:

            Ah, you’re showing your true colors. You must hate country also.

          • Kaba says:

            More of a general indifference to be exact.
            Let me aid your unfortunate psychoanalysis by adding that I felt pretty confident about Mary Sarah reigning as Blakes best female country singer by the end of this season.
            Thoroughly incorrect, she’s flopped beyond repair.

          • Collin says:

            Plain and simple. You just don’t understand country music. Why bother commenting on it if you don’t like it? By the way… The way it’s charting on iTunes, many people disagree with you.

          • Kbella says:

            This goes back to my previous comment about different tastes. I really don’t like country music in general, but I try to keep an open mind when watching these shows. I loved her in the Battle Rounds singing Louisiana Woman or whatever it’s called. But I’ve been disappointed in her since then. Last night, for me, was her best since the Battles.

            See kids? That’s how you respectfully disagree with someone.

      • Lizzie says:

        I enjoyed Mary Sarah’s performance.

    • JM1 says:

      Sorry, it’s nothing against country music. Ever notice that, while they all get the backup singers, only Mary Sarah has them SING THE WHOLE SONG along with her? They are there to keep her on pitch and enhance her voice. The other singers use the backups to play off of, not as a crutch. My hubby heard her from the other room and said, “Ouch, that hurts.”

      • tom says:

        Well, I feel the same way about Laith. He hurts my ears something terrible. I try to fast forward through him if I can. He needs to have gone home weeks ago.

      • Timmah says:

        I didn’t like the backup singers with Mary Sarah for a different reason. She’s got a gorgeous voice and they just kept us from really hearing it. Death spot plus not a good song choice means she’s probably the one going home this week.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I think you and I are the only two who like Mary Sarah’s voice. Whatevs.

          • danin says:

            Not totally true,Angie. That special part of Mary’s voice is delicious, she just doesn’t have any bass? She always loses the lower part of her voice. I think she would do best w/her “guitar” and a few other instruments. More intimate venues would server her better or a quieter band?And really the Jesus thing is a turn off..other kids in the mix are Christians but they’re not blabbing about it.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yes, Danin, there’s a part of her voice that falls into the groove and it’s such an appealing sound. It’s not a big sound, but it’s a pretty sound.

          • Lizzie says:

            I like her, too. Although nothing has been as good as her audition song – her take on “Where the Boys Are” was so good, I am going to go listen to it again right now.

        • Voice Fan says:

          Mary Sarah is at the top of the Voice and Country I-Tunes charts. She is going to the finale along with Laith and Adam.

          • Timmah says:

            If I had to make a prediction, it’ll be Adam, Alisan and Laith in the finale. Mary Sarah is a longshot to replace any of them.

      • Freer says:

        Mary Serah needed to go home long ago. She keeps singing the Christian songs sp that markwt keeps her propped up.

    • Smokey says:

      i-tunes at this moment, appears
      #22 —Adam….
      #23 —- Mary Sarah
      #24 — Laith
      #33 — Hannah
      #41 — Bryan
      #49 — Alison
      #58 — Shalyah
      #132 — Paxton
      #182 — Nick

    • Melanie M says:

      Tom, I love country but that was not a great (or even good) performance by Mary Sarah. She doesn’t have the necessary grit for that song. Better than her last couple of weeks but I don’t think her voice compares favorably with most of Blake’s previous female country singers

      • tom says:

        Well, I will take a Mary Sarah, first rate, second rate, or third rate over Laith, Paxton, and Shaylah. No matter how talented and great some may think them to be.

      • JM1 says:

        It’s mean but, for my own personal amusement, I wish they’d go back to letting Xtina review Mary Sarah. From just calling her Mary, to commenting only on her outfit and not her singing, and ending each time with a tepid “solid job” or “nice job”, Xtina’s shade was magnificent.

    • davmon says:

      My Church was a nice lyric. But Mary Sarah was erratic. Occasional fades. Frequent sharps. Vapid runs. The song’s idea needed jaunty good fun, but this staged liveliness fell flat.

  17. kevstar says:

    Speaking of Beyonce, Mary Sarah should do the Dixie Chicks version of her Daddy Dearest. Blake, make it happen.

    • tom says:

      Please no Beyonce for Mary Sarah no matter What version. She should stick to old school traditional country. I would suggest something of Patsy Cline’s, or Connie Smith’s ONCE A DAY.

      • kevstar says:

        Yes. Continue to bore us with dull country songs. Will probably be in the finals due to singing with a twang. Country fans are SO easily impressed. Oh, well.

        • tom says:

          They are not dull. They are classics, and have stood the test of time. Learn to appreciate something more than rock or hip hop or dance music.

          • kevstar says:

            No, dear. Adam sings country, and he is terrific. Try again.

          • tom says:

            No, Adam does not sing straight country. He sings more of a blues/country rock hybrid. Please learn the difference. Mary tends to traditional classic country. IE: Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette. There is a vast difference. Learn what it is.

          • Angie'sPersonalTroll says:

            Most of the songs she’s done have been terrifically dull. She’s got talent, and it’s a shame to see her using it in the vapid wasteland that is most modern country music. Easy money, I guess.

  18. dj says:

    I liked Bryan the best this week. And how nice for him to deliver his best performance on the night he’s given the coveted pimp spot. His performance was the only one I found captivating. Some of the others were good, but I found my attention wandering. I thought Blake + Gwen was a hot mess.

  19. TeamXtina says:

    I desperately hope that this is Paxton’s last week. He was by far the worst this week (even Gwen sung better and that’s saying something) and should’ve gone home weeks ago after that horrid rendition of Hands To Myself. Actually, he should’ve gone home the prior week because Blake never should have selected him over Joe; tragic decision.

    • Maddie says:

      I have to disagree with you. His performance this week may not have been his best (and no, he’s not a favorite of mine nor did I vote for him) but Nick can’t even break into the Top 100 on iTunes. To me, that’s saying something!

  20. danin says:

    No. Alison sounded fine on my TV.Just saying. Hannah’s my girl but Bryan had the song of the night. Hannah sang real pretty but I’m still waiting for her to have a killer moment like she did w/Unaware.WHY can’t she or Pharrell or whoever comes up w/songs find her another one like that? I just don’t get it! I also don’t get WHY none calls Adam on the same thing people rag on Hannah about. He also doesn’t and probably even less than Hannah, show much emotion or body!? I thought he’s lucky he has that tone in his voice cause he,Laith& Mary S.’s songs went nowhere special tonight. And giving Shalyah an A on her song…no way. Her inexperience vocally showed through tonight.

    • Fritata says:

      Agree about Hannah and I also wish Adam would take that hat off for once. It always casts a shadow on his eyes.

  21. scott says:

    One things for sure, Alisan is no Juliet Simms. That was actually rather painful. I’m pretty sure she won’t sniff the top 10 in iTunes this week. Tonight, Hannah, Laith, and Adam were the cream of the crop. In jeopardy, to me are Nick, Paxton, and possibly Shalyah. I would say Mary Sarah but Blake/country vote will save her.

    • danin says:

      Juliet Sims just got married.

    • Maddie says:

      I have to say it was nice to see someone else who wasn’t a fan of Alisan’s tonight. I thought she screamed and screeched quite a bit of her performance. I also agree with you about Hannah, Adam and Laith being some of the best tonight and that Blake and the country vote will save Mary Sarah.

      • Lurker says:

        Hey Maddie, know what you mean. Right on. I like Alison as a person and loved her Blue Bayou audition, but wouldn’t listen to her song tonight again, not ever. Not even for a cold Budweiser. That was like something out of an old rock-horror B movie.

  22. Melanie M says:

    I think Michael’s grade for Alisan was a little harsh but she was no better than possibly fifth-best tonight. Adam, Laith, Bryan, and Hannah far surpassed her

  23. JM says:

    Wow. Guess I watched a different show. Besides Paxton and Nick, I thought everyone else sang very well. But I will say that compared to last week, Shalyah, Mary Sarah and Bryan improved, while Hannah, Alison, Laith and Adam dipped. Nick and Paxton were the worst by far, however. And if I had to pick: Bryan was the best–let’s hope he stays there, because when he’s good, he is mighty-fine good.

    • JM says:

      By the way, I still think Hannah should sing ‘River’ by Bishop. She would kill it and definitely make the finals.

      • OhMy says:

        Great song — not sure I cane hear her doing it, but . . .

      • danin says:

        I didn’t know this song but just had a partial listen,JM. I think you are right! And for ballads I think she would kill on J.Timberlake’s Another Song & Inconsolable by Jonatha Brooke.

  24. kevstar says:

    We might finally see the end of Nick. The falsetto tonight was cringeworthy.

  25. Jessica Shen says:

    Just realized in the top 4 (the poll that people voted for) there is one person from each team. (Bryan; Christina, Hannah; Pharrell, Adam; Blake, and Laith; Adam) I like that so one team won’t have 3 in the top 4 while 2 will have 0.

  26. Lena says:

    At the start of Allison’s performance I felt a sharp pain in my ear and had to lower the volume. But damn did it get good toward the middle! Hannah is my favorite as a human being… and very special tone. But I wanted a more interesting song from her. I want her in top 3. Bryan, I don’t know boring… but I’m not into guys. His appeal is alien to me. Adam… He is hands down amazing. Winner will be Adam or Allison.

  27. Ida says:

    From Mike to Owen, all of my favourites are pretty much gone.

  28. David7118 says:

    Call me a conspiracy theorist but bottom two will be Alisan and Nick with Nick going home and a BIG deal made of voting to keep your favorite in the competition. I see it as a way of the producers trying to give Alisan a push before the finale.

    • Lurker says:

      Alison has had more favorable spots in the singing rotation than most, since the show started. They will favor some in certain ways, But she will not be bottom 2, I don’t think. Another way to help accomplish what you say, is if they announce her as the very last, or close to it, of the saved — to make it appear she is in danger.

      • I’m still surprised that one week that Mackenzie and La’Porsha were supposedly the bottom 2 vote getters. It may have been manufactured to get votes but something similar could happen here. (when was the last time a woman won the voice btw?)

    • Angie'sPersonalTroll says:

      Um, they know their viewers are dumb, but they don’t think they’re complete morons..

  29. Cindy says:

    Mary Sarah C+?? Are you deaf?? She rocked that song!!

  30. Maddie says:

    I have to disagree with two grades – Shalyah’s performance, to me, was better than a B- and Nick’s was far worse than a C+. The best performers for me tonight were Laith, Hannah, Adam, Bryan and Shalyah.

  31. suem48 says:

    Thank you for calling out Alisan! She has over-sung every song since Blue Bayou (which is the only song of hers I’ve liked). Shalyah also over sings. She started out well tonight, but then ramped it up to ridiculous and totally lost me. Hannah has the best female voice on the show this season and people seem to ignore her. I love how she actually has dynamics in her singing rather than screaming nearly the whole song. I loved this side of Laith and enjoyed Adam (who may be my favorite overall). I mych prefer Maren Morris’ version of “My Church” – her lower range on this song is much richer than Mary Sarah’s; in fact I’ve felt that Mary Sarah hasn’t been as good as the original on nearly every song she’s sung – I don’t think she has the range she needs for the songs she picks.

    • danin says:

      Yes on the Hannah observations. I have loved Alisan’s ballad choices,Bayou,River was even better,she didn’t get into the shrieking at the high end as she did w/Bayou and Let Him Fly. All beautiful,beautiful songs getting to the heart.

    • davmon says:

      Exactly my feelings about these three ladies: Hannah has the best female voice and has been most consistent because Pharrell has helped her finesse the high parts where both she and Alisan are thin & strain….Alisan gets all the hype and press (Look at this thread tonight, when she had another off night.); yet she has not turned in two really good outings in a row–unlike Laith, Adam, Hannah, & Bryan….Mary has only had two really good outings all season; she had a good song this time but did not bring it to life.

  32. NO WAY!!! Allison (curly sue) was BAD ASS tonight and EVERY night, she’s FLAWLESS!!!! Get that crap outta your ears so you can HEAR and write the TRUTH!!! :) <3

  33. Collin says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a so called front runner, in any competition show, fail so miserably. Alisan was terrible tonight. At least for her standards. Based on tonight alone I would put her in the bottom 2. But she’s so much better than Nick, Paxton or Shaylah so I think she should move on. If she tanks again next week though, she should be gone since 4 leave next week. I doubt she will though. I will say I’m not the biggest fan of Alisan so I may be a little biased. But she was awful tonight! I’ve constantly wondered why she was a clear cut front runner for so many, especially production, coaches and people like Slezak. IMO the talent pool is excellent this year. Adam, Laith, Hannah and Alisan have all been solid during the lives. After tonight, Mary Sarah and Bryan could be added to the mix. After tonight I would say Alisan proved me right! If anything I think Alisan fell behind Adam and Hannah tonight.

    Tonight my ranks would be:
    Mary Sarah
    All deserve B+ to A letter grades

  34. Shaunna says:

    Michael you’re as wrong about Alisan as you were about her spirit brother Adam Lambert back in AI season 8. Like Terry McDermott tweeted, she sang the s*it out of that song.

  35. Angel says:

    I normally hate it when someone tries to cover Steven Tyler, and Alisan may have sounded a bit harsh at times, but she was singing Aerosmith, Steven sometimes shreks his notes too. I give her props for putting her own twist on the song, she switched some things up on it and even if it wasn’t her best performance, she still killed it in my opinion. Aerosmith is not that easy to take on, I think they are one of the harder artists to try and duplicate. Mostly because Steven’s vocal range, shrieking or not, is crazy. Bryan did a great job but I have to say Leith was my favorite of the night, he has a nice classic rock blues sound you don’t hear that often anymore.

  36. davmon says:

    Given how little comment the top three artists are getting, I submit these remarks: Adam W may be the best male wide-ranging singer/performer Blake has ever had. He might win this! Except that Laith and Bryan are just as good & consistent. Laith is the most talented performer–altho maybe keyboard was a pass, needs to get back to guitar; his vocals were rich with feeling. Bryan may have the overall top vocal talent; but IMO America won’t to send him deep if 85% of the song is in his head voice like tonight—no matter how good.

    • Davmon, I agree with some of what you say. Laith is the most talented performer and tonight Bryan was the top singer but until tonight I really wasn’t into Bryan. This was the first time, I felt he was authentic.

      • Polarvortex says:

        I could never be into Bryan because Christina picked him over my favourite Ryan! But I won’t be surprised if he sneaks into the finale!

  37. Bridge says:

    I’ve never liked Cryin and have no idea why Alisan or anyone thought it was a good idea. Sure she probably didn’t want to come back this week with another quiet performance like last weeks treasure, but there is a world of songs between those two extremes that she would kill in the best possible sense. The reality dance of showing what kind of artist you’ll be and providing enough variation so voting people don’t get bored is tough. Agree with Michael that I hope she watches that playback and reigns it in – cause if she does she’ll be unbeatable. If she doesn’t then anything could happen.

  38. gracelessk says:

    Hannah’s iTunes recording is gorgeous!

    • Lurker says:

      True, Hannah sounds like she belongs right there with the girls we hear on current hit radio today, as far as voice. She has a good full voice with some depth and doesn’t have to scream to make a vocal sweep. .

  39. Lois ZB says:

    How could you be so wrong about Alisan’s performance? Why would you say such things, so patently untrue. Maybe you don’t like the song, maybe you’ve personally had enough of flawless, but don’t use your soapbox to twisted ends. I don’t know what other people did on this show, because I find the show boring and only watch Alisan’s performances. I make a point of that, ever since I happened to see her sing Blue Bayou. She was terrific, as usual. Boo, Michael.

  40. Steven Raye says:

    bryan bautista was not in tune at parts of the song, other than good looks, he’s not that good. nick I think is just getting sympathy votes I’m sorry to say. Hannah was way better than any of the females. but the night belonged to adam and laith…let’s see tomorrow

  41. Dawn says:

    Allison needs to stop “shrieking” and start singing ! Week after week that’s all we hear! Boring!!

  42. Michael says:

    I always debate, do you reward someone for really pushing themselves with a difficult song and missing something along the way like a few notes or a missed run (Shalyah, Hannah), or do you reward someone who sings a relatively simple song and doesn’t take chances (Adam, Laith)? Really, We’ve Got Tonight is a pretty simple song to sing. He did a terrific job, but it’s a much easier song – no crazy intervals and he didn’t change one note of it – than A Change Is Gonna Come or Say You Love Me or even Cryin’. And Adam dropped off every last word of every line. Is that acceptable at this stage of the competition? I don’t know, but I would like to have folks discuss these things. Nick simply needs to go home. Wow. He’s seems like such a super nice guy, I’m almost embarrassed for him (and that doesn’t even include his weird shirt-thing). Bryan rocked it. Good for him! I’d like all of the people to sing without instruments next week – wouldn’t it be great if The Voice focused on the voices? OK. I’m done ranting. I’m going to get another cup of coffee – decaf, this time.

    • davmon says:

      My fave post of the night! You provoke a rethink! Similar to Slezak, I had Laith, Adam, & Bryan at A-; and Hannah & Shalyah at B+. If I accept your point, I should move the two ladies up to A-; yes, those were more challenging songs. As you say, Laith’s song was simple—hard to err. Adam WAS fading last word EVERY line. The songs of Bryan. Hannah, & Shalyah were more complex. Bryan & Hannah both just had a a couple of pitchy high notes. And Shalyah just had a couple of squawks….So an A- to all 5!…hmmm, a capella might expose a lot of off notes–as well as nerves.

    • Michael, I think your question deserves a post and a thread all of it’s own.

      For my part it’s a hard question to answer because there’s so many variables, not the least of which is body of work. That’s another question – do we reward someone based on body of work or individual performances (outside of sing-offs for an instant save)?

      And I try not to let other performances of a given song bias me in the moment but I know it happens. I loved Bryan’s performance but I don’t know the original so I had no baggage about that song. I’m not a fan of Aerosmith or Cryin’ but I thought Alisan did what she had to do and rocked it out. (I would have preferred that she had really flipped it but no one else was doing a really rock song – would another ballad have stood out?)

      Whereas I love Bonnie Raitt’s version of Love Has No Pride so Adam’s version came up flat to me and Laith’s We’ve Got Tonight was a bit meh for me as well. I just thought they were both good but not great or particularly memorable.

  43. John Baldino says:

    Hard to critique that critique, it was on the money!!

  44. What an amazing rendition by BRYAN!!!!!..He has it all…. What was up with Blake and Gwen though???? It seemed so fake. Why bring Tabloid news to the VOICE??????

  45. Ginger says:

    Alisan’s song was a mess. Bryan and Laith were my favorites tonight.

  46. Lily Anna says:

    I wish Alison was on another team…..Christina is a screamer and she wants that from everyone who has pipes….Alison is best in a more controlled voice. She is the best of the season but Christina is going to ruin her.

  47. TAP says:

    I am so sick of seeing Christina’s boobs! She did look like Elvira, someone tell her its not Halloween yet! The talent of the singers is fabulous! Please enough of Christina’s boobs though. Week after week is just getting to be too much!!!

  48. Lily Anna says:

    Must also comment on Christina’s appearance both on stage and in rehearsal…..OMGSH…..why even wear a top…..just let it all hang out…..that should sell some records!!! LOL

  49. 4 Elyse says:

    The night for me was ok. Alisan has a great voice, but that wasn’t a good song choice for her. Her performance was cliche, overdone, and felt schizophrenic at times. It’s true that the rock genre tends to have a lot of shrieking/screaming, but someone like Steven Tyler can pull it off because he has so much natural rasp, but Alisan’s high register is too clean so most of the song just ended up sounding shrill and not pleasing to the ear. Adam has one of my favorite voices on the show and he did great but he’s holding something back, something emotional, that keeps me from really feeling what he’s trying to convey. Bryan voice was top notch tonight. Not his fault, but that Beyoncé song has the most pedestrian lyrics, I couldn’t help but laugh at him singing some of those awful lyrics “1+1 is 2… Me and you”… (Wonder how many writers and producers it took to come up with that one. Lol). When I first heard the song Laith was going to sing I rolled my eyes and prepared to hate it, but his performance was really good. He really toned down the growling and, even though the vocals weren’t technically perfect, he got me with emotion (and I’ll take that any day over a soulless performance with perfect technique). Mary Sarah confuses me. When her voice is in its sweet spot it’s so beautiful, but it all falls apart in her mid/ lower registers. The rest were ok, but those four should definitely be safe IMO

  50. Yo says:

    I thought for sure Brain would have a problem with Beyonce’s song. Very difficult to do some of hers. But he was impressive. I’m a fan.