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Vampire Diaries Boss Dissects Caroline's Latest Klaus Mention

Like a handsome, brooding elephant in the room, Klaus Mikaelson received a special shout-out on Friday’s Vampire Diaries — but how much should we read into what was said, exactly?

In case you need a refresher, the moment occurred while Caroline was reading Stefan the riot act for abandoning her three years prior: “Meanwhile, I was so desperate I called Klaus for help — who’s nowhere to be found, by the way.” She was, of course, referring to her visit to New Orleans during The Vampire Diaries‘ crossover with The Originals earlier this year.

“It’s definitely a hint,” though not necessarily a romantic one, executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “This year, as we’ve crossed over, we’ve acknowledged [The Vampire Diaries and The Originals‘] shared universe. As we know from The Originals, there’s a prophecy predicting the demise of the Mikaelson family, so it was a nice little tease for viewers of that show to ask themselves, “Wait, what the hell happened to Klaus?”

If you were hoping for more, fear not. Plec acknowledges it’s entirely possible that The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will have more connectivity as they head into their eighth and fourth seasons, respectively.

“It’s a rare luxury to have two shows in a shared universe that you could do that,” Plec says. “So to not do it feels like we’re missing a really fun creative opportunity, a way to celebrate both shows. But it’s not like anyone over at the network is calling us and being like, ‘You need two crossovers this year.’ I think it’d be fun to keep finding small, organic ways to do it. Like when we had Matt Donovan show up on The Originals — that wasn’t for ratings, it just made logical sense that if the Originals were in Mystic Falls, they’d have a run-in with Deputy Donovan. I’d love to keep doing stuff like that. It’s fun, and it’s easier to accomplish than a massive two-show crossover.”

TVD fans, did you appreciate the Klaus mention? What are your hopes for Friday’s season finale? We’ll have more scoop as the week progresses, but for now, drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Gilded Lady says:

    So Caroline goes looking for Klaus next year?

    • Paulshoe says:


      • Hallie says:

        I am guessing this is all the setup to bring Candise to the originals once TVD ends after next season (with kat Paul and Ian leaving I pretty sure this is it). The show has not wanted to talk about Klaroline for three years and now seems like they have something to say once a week so you do the math

    • Ary says:

      Yess we need Caroline in Nola

    • KC says:

      I’m LMAO @ Julie Plec! Fan baiting at it’s finest. I love that they are getting desperate.

      • Shaun says:

        Fanbaiting and fan service. Which is also what led to Camille’s death😭. Up until that episode, klaus and Camille were one of the endgames the show was building towards. But the writers didn’t have the guts to stick with it.

        • Lex says:

          I’m so sick of this ‘fanservice’ argument, tbh. Klamille was a trainwreck and all about Klaus’ wants and needs and miserable to watch. Could I not argue that going with it would have been fanservice, given how few people actually dug it? Frankly, I think it had zero shot of ever being Klaus’ endgame given how unpopular it was. There’s a reason why they only actually committed to it with her death imminent.

        • Bree says:

          It not they didn’t have the guts lol but if klamille was as popular as Klaroline then they would have kept her but no one cared or liked her which is why they got rid of her and suddenly everything is about Klaroline. Was that where they were going probably but fans didn’t want it so they tuned out u want to call it fan serves fine but Klaroline is only a factor because nothing else compared to it

        • DrSHClaire says:

          If you really like to put it that way, even if klaroline story is a fanservice by producers because the fans actually loves that ship, and so? Klaroline got it and klamille doesn’t even have it, Cami’s gone already, for good. Producers know about their jobs too, they do choose which one’s better for them.

      • Mack says:

        Agree KC! It’s going to be quite the entertainment to see what lengths they will go to for people to watch. Can’t wait to hear what she has planned for s8, it should be very interesting! hahahahah

        • Mich says:

          I can see it now, Plec is planning the Delena wedding even if Nina doesn’t come back. Just pictured it, Damon walking down the aisle with the coffin shackled to his leg with rain kisses and twin flames shooting out from behind them. Then for the grand finale while standing in a gazebo a spark from the twin flames hits it and consumes them. How fitting since they had a love that consumed them. Ahh I just can’t wait.

          • Elena says:

            Why is it so important to destroy Elena just because Nina left? Writers found nice solution that works for both: Delena and Stelena fans – no one knows what will happen to Salvatores when Elena wakes up so fans can imagine their story to be as they wish.

          • Connie says:

            It looks like Mich just thought of his/her ending for tvd and I for one LOVE it!! LMAO

          • Brittany says:

            Mich, your comment is seriously funny & clever. I love it. LMAO!!!

          • Molly Alexis says:


  2. Glad to hear about the reconnection of TVD & TO. I really hope we’ll have more (klaroline) crossovers in the upcoming seasons. And fingers crossed they’ll continue the Caroline in NOLA storyline :) #HoweverLongItTakes

  3. tyanna cooper says:

    Just waiting for Steroline to run their course and end up as friends -which they are better as. Yes they love each other now and are a pretty decent couple. But their love for one anotuer is not as strong as it can be with her snd Klaus. Stefan was always a better friend for her. He respected her wishes, put her first and understood her better in a friendship capacity. Klaus does all that for her and more. Even with a child and danger at every turn in his life. You know he still loves her and cares very much for her. And she does too. She wouldnt have mentioned him or showed concern if she didnt care for him and love him in some way.

    Klaus loves Caroline and she loves him too. They may not be in love each other, but they will be. He is her last love- her true love. However long it takes.

    • PinkSkay says:

      It aint happening lmao, do you watch TVD? Steroline is endgame

      • KC says:

        How do you think Steroline is endgame? If anyone “watches” the show it’s clear the “endgame” is going to be the brothers.

        • Stacey says:

          I agree with you. Defan is definitely endgame. Stefan and Alaric need to let Caroline go.

        • Lex says:

          I have always kind of suspected that the show would end with the brothers human. Stefan begged Damon to turn into a vampire so he wouldn’t be alone and I think it would parallel nicely if they turned back together.

          • Elena says:

            I love Damon better as a vampire. But as for endgame, it’s definitely not Steroline – this pairing is neither here nor there. Defan is a very good guess. And maybe Elena wakes up in the last episode or smth like that

    • I agree with much of what you are saying Tyanna. I do think that Steroline make much better friends–to the point that for me, their relationship is almost incestuous. I think they truly do love each other but Klaroline has the potential for that type of passion that people only hope to find. Their previous interactions have always had that edge to them that could have gone either way. I loved when they were walking and drinking champagne at one of the parties at the Lockwood house and Klaus just seemed so happy and for a minute (and throughout those earlier episodes) I think Caroline saw some of the more human side of Klaus–who I love btw.

  4. gaby says:

    Now The Klaroline fans are gonna think that it’s about them! -.- they are so stressful!

    • Aided says:

      Of course it’s about us. Anything that has to do with Caroline and Klaus has to do with the Klaroline fandom

  5. Francisca Herrera says:

    I still hope for klaroline!! 😘 and we want klaroline 💕💕💕

  6. marydspain says:

    My hopes for the TVD finale? Definitely the Steroline reunion!

  7. Kate says:


  8. Rt says:

    Steroline is rising

  9. BIGBOOTY says:


  10. Jess says:

    Honestly, I’m glad to hear this. Both shows share a history that I’ve been waiting for them to explore more. And as much as Klaroline annoyed me when it was happening, the phone call earlier this year reminded me that these two characters definitely have amazing chemistry and I’d like to see them circle back to that relationship and explore it a little more.

  11. SassyAF28 says:

    Oh dear they’re still milking klaroline that crackship is dead to the max

    • LL says:

      It’s not a crackship. It’s a canon ship.

      • SassyAF28 says:

        what made it canon? that fanservice hook up in the woods? lol

        • Lex says:

          Um, what exactly is your definition of canon? It’s canon that Klaus intends to be Caroline’s last. It’s canon that Caroline saw the good in him, and felt a connection. It’s also canon that she went to him when she needed help. And hey, at least they did hook up. Klaus is clearly only sexually attracted to blondes when they’re from MF.

    • Stacey says:

      It’s definitely a canon ship. JoMo couldn’t stop talking about Klaroline and Candice at his forum yesterday in Brazil. The fans were going crazy with joy!

      • Elena says:

        Yes I watched it too:) JoMo sure moved on from Klamille quickly. If pairing doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter how many seasons you spend pushing them. Same with Steroline

  12. Kelly says:

    People need to let go of their Caroline/Klaus hopes…it is not happening! Move on!

    • LL says:

      Why do people need to give up on what they want?

    • Lex says:

      No thank you! Why would I give up on something I enjoy at the say so of a random internet stranger? Do you really think a Klaroline article, following the new series low last week is a coincedental?

      • Stacey says:

        The Steroline episode last week yielded the lowest numbers of the season, so maybe you should let go of your fandom. Support who you want but don’t diss other people’s preferences.

  13. KA says:

    Its all just desperation. Klaroline have exactly zero reasons to interact and Caroline was never into him romantically anyway. This pushing of the couple is plain disrespectful. I hate how the women always give into the bad guy trope(looking for a miniscule shred of humanity). I loved that caroline wasnt interested in him & it stayed that way. KC was inorganic to begin with and was only done to make people gain sympathy for Klaus. Whether she ends up with Stefan or not, idk (i liked her with Tyler too) but KC ending up together always was ridiculous & remains so. Also, Im pretty sure Klaus wont have an endgame & the show will end with him dying.

    • kayla says:

      ‘Caroline was never into him romantically’ lmao she had a sex marathon with him because she was forced to,obviously. get some arguments boo

      • KA says:

        lol sex marathon.. she had sex with him ONCE & since when does sexual attraction equal romantic interest? she had an attraction, acted on it & took it out of her system. We’ve never seen anything more from Caroline’s side till now.

        • Lex says:

          No, they explored Caroline’s reactions to it post 5×11. I thought her standing up for herself, refusing to let her so-called friends make her feel guilty for her choice was great. Klaus remains the only person who challenged Caroline, something she sorely needs after two seasons of character assasination.

        • marie says:

          “since when does sexual attraction equal romantic interest?” Ehhh, since forever? You really need better arguments. Or to reread what you write before you press Post.

          • Gul says:

            Umm wrong. Romantic interest may imply sexual attraction but sexual attraction absolutely does have not imply romantic interest, wyd?
            and Caroline literally said that whatever she envisions for her future, none of it involves Klaus, right before sleeping with him. Seriously, where are you all seeing these so called ‘feelings’ Caroline has for him?

          • Elena says:

            Caroline is the person who aims to make good choices and Stefan sounded like a better boyfriend material. But as turned out he’s only that to Elena. So now she’s left to constantly question if Stefan’s feelings for her as deep as he says. While Klaus who seemed like a bad choice at that time, gave her freedom, respected her choice to try build a life for herself and then years later saved Stefan, risking his family safety for her. Klaroline relationship shouldn’t work better than Steroline but they do.

    • Jess says:

      Wait, what? I think all of these ships are terrible, but let’s not pretend that her relationship with Stefan isn’t also patently ridiculous. He has treated her like hot garbage this season. Why on earth is any one of these pairings any better than the other?

      • KA says:

        I agree Stefan did ridiculously stupid things this season & i wouldnt begrudge Caroline dumping him but he is by farrr MUCH better than Klaus ever was. Stefan did misguided things which he thought were right at the time but Klaus treated her & her friends like crap, made her suffer for hours (twice) before swooping in ‘playing the hero’ . She absolutely shudnt have to get over that kind of treatment. There is nothing anyone can say that will make me think that Klaus is in any way better for her than Stefan.

        • noshipisperfect says:

          The problem is Julie has romanticized terror and woman loosing their agency for guys. All her ships are toxic and she hasn’t made a move to change that. Look at DE that’s the most toxic of all but here we are.

        • Lex says:

          The context is different for me. Caroline and Klaus were adversaries when he did those things, he was the villian. And the narrative never excused them, nor did Caroline (unlike Klaus’ awful treatment of love interests on TO). Post “Friends, then?” Klaus was shown to be pretty damn reliable – from saving her prom dress to showing up to help at graduation and letting Tyler go, to leaving Katherine be when Caroline wanted him to. Stefan was supposedly Caroline’s friend, and she literally killed to save him at the end of S5 and he consistently treated her like crap ever since, even as a love interest. He shows zero respect for her choices and that’s why I can’t ship them.

      • noshipisperfect says:

        This! Does anyone remember how this show even started? Two brothers shared a girl! Elena was passed from one BROTHER to another. LOL All of the sibling relationships, friendships, and romantic ships are terrible on this show, None are better than the other. Except maybe Stelena in the beginning but even that had flaws so this misconception of ‘better’ than is ridiculous.

  14. Ashley says:

    Klaroline has potential to just be friends, they are my BROTP. I was waiting for Steroline since season 4, they are endgame

    • Mack says:

      As someone else pointed out before how do you think SC is endgame? They have been the weakest link this whole season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Julie turns them back as friends which she should and this is from a non KC fan. Caroline needs to be single, she’s never been without a LI this entire show.

  15. Val says:

    Caroline actually sounded disgusted when she mentioned Klaus lmao. Sorry but she will never pick him over Stefan, yall need to quit your delusion

    • Brigid says:

      I thought she sounded disgusted too. There didn’t seem to be any concern in her voice. People are blinded by ships:)

      • Lex says:

        Um, isn’t it just as possible that the ‘disgust’ is SC shipper blindness? There’s literally no reason for Carolline to feel that way. Canonically their last interaction was that phonecall – where Klaus helped her out with the babies when she was overwhenlmed and then saved Stefan for her. ‘Worry’ makes WAY more sense than disgust.

  16. Angie says:

    Thanks Andy for this interview! We really appreciate it! And we loved the Klaroline mention!I really hope we will see more Klaroline scenes next season!we need Klaroline back :)

  17. Izka says:

    About what even potential are we talking about when it comes to
    Klaroline? Like seriously… He was suvh a stalker, she almost died twice because of this freak, i seriously dont understand. For me caroline can stake him and i would throw a party, zero potential and no future.

  18. Leah says:


  19. Arrow says:

    I just want Steroline june wedding, i geniuely want them to be happy. I want them to travel the world together like i said they deserve happiness.

  20. Fanservice? says:

    Caroline said that she was DESPERATE to call klaus, it was a shade , i was laughing so hard. About what are we even talking about, im disgusted.

  21. Nour says:

    we want a Klaroline reunion

  22. Ary says:

    Thanks for this article! We love Klaroline!and we will wait for them however long it takes ❤

  23. MaryAnn says:

    You know why Klaroline is the best couple ever? Because no matter what Caroline knows that she can always count on Klaus..she knows that he will always support and care about her!they need to be together ❤

  24. Sharon says:

    It would be awesome if Caroline crossed over to go look for Klaus.

    Klaroline are end game!

  25. Mel says:


  26. alistaircrane says:

    It will be hard to cross over now, as the two shows take place in different times. Unless The Originals jumps 3 years ahead next season.

    • Lex says:

      I think it’s pretty likely that it will. That this season will end with The Mikaelsons going down and that next season will pick up with them being awakened.

      • Stacey says:

        I agree, especially with Julie talking about wanting to do crossovers, they’ll have to be in the same time frame.

    • Gilded Lady says:

      Considering how the crossover said Klaus hasn’t been seen in 3 years, a time jump is basically required at this point.

  27. claire says:

    Klaroline will rise remember this comment ❤

  28. Beth says:

    Thank you for this article!! I have hopes for Klaroline and I always will!!

  29. Bwhit says:

    I like The Originals more so it just frustrated me more than anything and not because of shipping. I know something horribly bad is going to happen to Klaus, does he deserve it? Yeah… But as a fan of the show and him, the teasing on TVD about it just doesn’t work for me. Her mentioning it again just made me focus on what happened to the Mikaelsons and how and I really didn’t pay attention to the rest of their conversation, but like I said, I’m more invested in The Originals.

  30. Beth says:

    Thank you for following up on this, Andy. I am waiting for Klaroline, however long it takes. My hopes for the season finale: Caroline choosing herself. I really want strong, independent Caroline to conquer and rule the world!

  31. Christina says:

    I miss Klaroline !!!!

  32. LL says:

    It was fan baiting, using the popularity of KC, but I hope it means they’re saving something for the future. I appreciate that 3 years in Julie agrees that the shows are in the same universe, but I wish we saw more of it.

  33. "A" says:

    This reads as if Caroline ( possibly with Stefan, Bonnie, and/or Josie & Lizzie ) will be heading to New Orleans ( Bayna Bruz is chasing them after all ) in season four.

  34. Thereasa says:

    I will wait for Klaroline however long it takes

  35. Val M. says:

    Yes we did appreciate the mention, baby steps for Klaroline endgame

  36. Katia says:

    Klaroline till the end ❤

  37. Rachael says:

    they killed Camille to make a stupid fan service .. I was so innocent to believe in the integrity of this show

  38. Ray says:

    I like The Originals better than The Vampire Diaries, especially when Rebekah is around. The crossovers are fun but make me miss the days when they were together. The 2 seasons before the show split were the most entertaining with them riding the fence of enemies and allies.

  39. eriberry89 says:

    Thanks for this article! I love reading anti shippers be salty in the comments! We won’t be giving up anytime soon and articles like this keep Klaroline in everyone’s mind.

  40. Stacey says:

    Yes, I loved the Klaus mention. Klaroline in S8 please!

  41. lou says:

    Yes I can’t wait for more Klaroline moments next season, they are so endgame ;)

  42. Dani says:

    The most incompetent group of writers on any show. Don’t poke the bear if you don’t plan to capitalize on it. Julie Plec is the most delusional person on tv and still even with Twitter feedback sent directly to her doesn’t seem to understand why her ratings continue to drop for both shows

  43. kristine says:

    I did appreciate the Klaus mention, but I expected a lot more follow through from that storyline than just that casual reference. It was such a cruel tease to have Caroline finally go to NOLA only to have her never actually interact with Klaus. Considering how much he has helped her in the past (saving her from the witches at her graduation, saving Stefan’s life at her request, etc.), you would think she would at least try to look for him and find out what happened to him. I realize she is not in love with him, but at least as a friend it’s about time she helped him for a change. From a storyline perspective this was a colossal disappointment.

  44. Bob Wood says:

    Caroline goes looking for Klaus but its 3 years into the future at that point when we so this, so in season 4 of the originals they will have to at some point jump 3 years ans explain what happen to Klaus and the originals. The other thing is that Julie Plec acts like it so hard to do cross -overs who is she fooling? Come on The Flash and Arrow do it all the time, so if they can do it so easily why does Julie act as if its so hard.

  45. liame says:

    Hey Bonnie, what up girl?

  46. Pam says:

    What I find amazing is that Klaroline has been mentioned more and more. For a ship that people continue to tell fans to give up on, they sure give a lot of fan service to them. I ship them, and the fact that Jomo ships them too makes my day. I am hoping that they will be endgame. Because obviously they still have the power to get fans on board. TO for the last three years made no reference to this ship and pretty much made it non-existing, and they still can’t get pass it. So no matter others say, Klaroline still has peoples attention.

  47. Eric says:

    You people can say whatever, the acting in the Originals is suburb and I will continue to watch it based on the fact that the Joseph Morgan and the rest of the cast absolutely kill it every week. TVD definitely took a back seat but honestly a little crossover keeps things interesting. I’m not really involved with the romantic aspect and don’t really care who ends up with who. I care about the storyline (like most people should) and if you guys haven’t noticed, both shows continue to impress with their innovative and creative storylines every week. Some people can dispute this, but really TVD has been on for literally seven years and they continue to do a good job despite Nina Dobrev leaving and The Originals storyline is insanely interesting. So relax people, enjoy the shows while you can before they ultimately come to an end.

  48. Kami says:

    I don’t understand Julie Plec. Why does she act like doing a crossover between the two shoes with more than one or two freaking characters ACTUALLY crossing over is harder than climbing Mt. Everest? It can’t be that hard – Arrow and The Flash do it like every two episodes and it usually makes sense! Why, until this season, was it like TVD & TO were not even connected at all?! Like we don’t know the Originals BECAUSE they’re from TVD. Ridiculous. JP can make a proper crossover. “It’s easier than a massive two show crossover” – TVD & TO writers just seem lazy to me. The Flash had a Supergirl crossover that was better than the TVD & TO crossover and that was on a completely different channel. Think about it JP and put in some work. Don’t disappoint fans because of the “work”. It can be done and it’s your JOB. What is the problem? Get it together. To have Caroline talk to Klaus and give us all of the feels, to NOLA and he’s not even there… Are you kidding?!?! The fact that Damon and Bonnie and the OGs of TVD weren’t there? Absoulutely asinine. Just had to say that – rant over.

  49. zed says:

    I don’t read much into anything JP says. Now It’s like a situation from Aesop’s fable ‘the boy who cried wolf”.
    Klaroline is one relationship written well and showed great character development for both Caroline and Klaus, with all the ups and downs but was cut off cos Klaus left (to have his own show).That’s my opinion. They are canon. The phone call recently showed how much mystical connection (mystical meaning here love-longing!!) they have. It would be great if Klaroline could be! But, since they are still in their separate shows, I think they plotline involving them will be used to boost ratings at one point or the other.
    Both shows have missed momentum with certaing pairings who would have made shows interesting, like Bamon for example.
    Also, the Originals should have stayed in TVD and they could have fought different villains together. They had once upon a time a strong hold of different fandoms, who they have alienated along the course of last three years.

  50. Liza says:

    Since both shows have been suffering declining ratings, it is in their best interest to play off each other as much as possible. TVD should end next year and Caroline should move to TO. As far as what happens to Klaus, I don’t think Marcel will kill any of the original family, but I think with his new superpower he will make them all leave NOLA and that will explain the 3 year time jump. As far as endgame, I think Caroline and Klaus would be a terrific pairing. He is the only one who can handle her personality. Stefan and Caroline work best as friends and I still think he has feelings for Elena