Post Mortems
The Good Wife Finale

Good Wife EPs Reveal Alternate Alicia-Jason Ending, Insist Final Scene Was 'Supposed to be Unsettling'

Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King admit they contemplated tying Alicia’s seven-year journey up in a neat little Jason-adorned bow. Ultimately, however, they erred on the side of ambiguity and discomfort, and the result was the ugly Diane-Alicia altercation that closed out Sunday’s series finale (a conclusion that earned an average “D” grade from TVLine readers).

“The ending is supposed to be unsettling,” the pair wrote in an open letter to the show’s fans. “But we don’t think characters need to avoid tragedy to be embraced. We were tempted to have Alicia chase after a man in the end — stop him from getting on a train or an airplane at the last minute, hold him, kiss him. We like those endings. But there was something false about it here. It isn’t who Alicia is. In the end, the story of Alicia isn’t about who she’ll be with; it’s about who she’ll be.

The Kings went on to echo their previous defense of the infamous slap, insisting that over the course of the series Alicia had become “more desensitized” to the impact of her actions. “She was becoming more and more like her husband,” the added, “and, ultimately, Diane was the collateral damage. That we found interesting. Over seven years could you completely remake your character? Could a victim become a victimizer?

“On one level this is empowering,” they continued. “It allowed Alicia to control her fate. But it also changed her. Ironically, at the exact moment she found the power to leave Peter, she realized she had become Peter. And that’s tragic. Yes, Alicia’s story contains tragedy.”

To read the complete open letter, head over to In the meantime, re-watch the infamous final scene below, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Do you feel any differently about the ending after a good night’s sleep?

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  1. KeithH says:

    Underwhelmed. There should have been more closure.

  2. ABG says:

    You know the finale was bad when you have to defend it and explain it over and over.

    • suzi says:


    • JoMarch says:

      I don’t believe they’re defending it; I believe they’re analyzing it. I think it’s great to have their input for what they were thinking. I think the ending was great. Too often people need to have everything tied up in a bow so they don’t have to think. Consider your own life and that of the people you know. Is it all happy endings? I doubt it… Leaving the ending ambiguous gives people who like happy endings to imagine all kinds of good stuff for Alicia – make up your own ending; she’s a fictional character after all.

    • David4 says:

      I completely agree. You don’t do your job as a story teller and a writer if you need to explain what happens outside the episode. The episode should speak for itself. It’s OK to wonder what’s next, but it’s another thing to need to explain what happened in the last episode.

    • Sally Seusse says:


  3. Judi says:

    Up until this ending, The Good Wife was one of my favorite shows. This ending reminded me of the final scene of The Sopranos. Yes, it will be talked about, but not in a good way. (Best finales ever: Six Feet Under and M.A.S.H.)

    • I compare it to The Sopranos, too!

    • SAM says:

      “M.A.S.H” is in my #2 stop but my all-time favorite series finale is “Newhart”. :-)

    • KeithH says:

      “(Best finales ever: Six Feet Under and M.A.S.H.)”

      The ‘Newhart’ ending where he woke up with Emily from the first Newhart show is better IMO…

      • David Graf says:

        They really missed the chance for a great ending. Alicia Florrick wakes up in bed and says “Wow! What a crazy dream” and turns to her side and there’s Clooney who was her husband in the finale of ER. Startled, she jumps out of bed and runs into the bathroom where there’s Will getting out of the shower. Really freaked out now, she runs out and sees Peter and Jason fighting each other over her. Running back to the bedroom, Newhart and Suzanne Pleshette are in the bed and he tells her “We had a much better ending than your show”.

      • Marci says:

        I loved all three of them.

    • Purple Rain says:

      I was thinking about the Sopranos ending too. After all this time it seems reasonable to want to see if Alicia and Jason got together. I don’t think that was too much for a loyal fan to ask.

    • Roxanne Newton says:


  4. Mark says:

    As a ardent fan of the series, this is MY opinion:

    From the first episode, we’ve watched as Alicia’s life was constantly challenged and often brutalized by the realities of her decision to maintain her facade of being the good wife after Peter’s initial downfall.

    In the seven years we’ve known Alicia on screen, she’s been emotionally hit by so many heartbreaking circumstances, such as Will’s dismal of her from his personal and professional life (the desk scene) and eventually his senseless murder – the loss of the firm she began with Cary – the loss of the State’s Attorney position – that she eventually stopped feeling much of anything akin to empathy or respect for her friends and allies and it ultimately took the force of Diane’s blow across her face to cause Alicia to finally understand how the damage her sometimes strategically necessary, but often self-indulgent choices had caused both to herself and to the others involved in her life.

    In the end, It seemed almost a matter-of-fact for Alicia to callously dismiss Diane’s probable humiliation over the public outing of Kurt’s “affair” and simply pursue her goals. Actually, we should have seen it coming, especially, since Alicia had spent much of the last three episodes of the series mocking that kind of hurt in her interactions with the attorney in charge of Peter’s prosecution.

    Being that I believe the “slap” forced Alicia to inwardly acknowledge the damage she had done, I think Alicia left the scene – after bracing herself and adjusting her suit accordingly – to pursue a new life for herself and to perhaps – mend a few “fences” along the way.

    • stacey says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The Alicia character is not a “ride off into the sunset” character. While the ending was uncomfortable, it was more honest than Jason “saving” her.

    • fuelgrannie says:

      succinct and cogent analysis: love your take, thank you!

    • Perfectly stated. It was a smart ending to a smart show, which some watched “on the surface” while others delved into it more. Thus I can understand why so many fans feel let down. Ultimately though, Alicia Florrick’s evolution is not something we are required to LIKE but we can certainly appreciate her journey.

    • The writers were right to end it this way. Any other ending would not have been true to the main character’s evolution. Your post is totally accurate.

    • Eric says:

      That sums it up nicely. I think fans would have reacted better if perhaps the final episode started with the press conference and slap after the events of the trial (ideally if there could have been one more episode). That way, the finale episode would start the same exact way as the pilot, and then the remaining 40 minutes could just be a quick glimpse as to what would happen next for Alicia. But what is good about the actual ending is that we can all use our imagination to think about that.

    • maggieb says:

      I agree completely….I had started to get to the point where I really wasn’t liking Alecia that much anymore. The way she treated Cary, and then ultimately, Diane…I wasn’t really rooting for her happy ending by the time I watched this last episode.

    • Sandra Dix says:

      “after bracing herself and adjusting her suit accordingly –” I don’t think that was I am going to change but just getting on with life kind of moment…like what’s next…

    • Margie says:

      Excellent explanation Mark. I’m glad this didn’t get wrapped up with a tidy bow. I expect the unexpected from The Good Wife. I’m happy the creators ended it they wanted to…it’s their show after all. They created the characters, they lived with them for 7 years, and this is how they saw the end. So glad no sharks were jumped,

    • barbara says:

      A realistic ending I thought considering her life of trials and tribulations. An excellent series, it was compulsive viewing for me. Situations were topical and current and revealed the working of the US law system.
      The ending left the door open for a spin off.

  5. Mary says:

    Ironic the writers are trying to justify a lousy ending. Maybe the way they portray it didn’t come across the screen like they wanted. I didn’t see Alicia as a victimizer, I saw her as a Women who couldn’t make a decision on what she wanted which in itself was irritating. Oh well.

  6. Jackie says:

    I liked it. :/

  7. Courtney says:

    The slap was powerful. Not my perfect ending, but it’s fine. I am more upset with the little to no resolution with all the other characters. What happens to Cary? Are Kurt and Diane going to get a divorce? How could they have him be a cheater? Where did Jason go?

    I am ok with Alicia ending up single. I wish she would have chosen that though…this is just depressing. She wants to be with Will, but he pushes her to be with Jason but then he’s gone. So Alicia is just left alone? Why couldn’t she choose to be by herself then. I really, really liked Jason/Alicia but I also didn’t enjoy the back and forth in the last couple episodes and/or Lucca telling Jaosn how he should feel.

    Also, I adored the Will scenes and the best scenes of the night were the revolving door of Peter/Jason/Will and Will/Alicia’s goodbye, but I did not like the lazy writing of Will telling Alicia how she feels. Why couldn’t the scene just focus on her letting/loving Will?

    I just wanted special moments between the characters we’re never going to see interact again. Cary/Alicia is a big missing one. Where was David Lee? Why did the ending focus so much on Peter’s case (and I say this as a Peter fan!). It just left so much open and I wanted an ending to this incredible, amazing series.

    • I agree with you completely Courtney. Well said.

    • Stacey says:

      Cary was teaching at the university. I assume he would continue doing it unless the Florick case and acknowledgement that they probably didn’t do the best by that case (Locke) might lure him back to the court room. He didn’t look like he missed it. I think the parting we got last week where things were left more wary between Cary and Alicia. Time and who Alicia has become has hurt their friendship. The question if she knew how much she was becoming Peter, would she go about trying to rectifiy any hurt ties with Diane and Cary. Or would she go the route that Eli and Peter were laying out. Because she would divorce Peter and was no longer the “Good Wife” staying by her man, go back into politics. This time to higher office. I think it was obvious despite what the show was saying unless they couldn’t get Josh Charles to come back for the finale. Will was always meant to be Alicia’s end. Jason became the substitute and Alicia had to say good bye to “What if things had worked out”. And is finding thje right route for her now. The last seven years has turned Alicia into someone she didn’t used to be. And the question can she stand who she is NOW. Or does she like that she is more powerful now, and doesn’t care who she has to run over to get her mission accomplished. Of course she was trying to win her husband’s case. So Diane was just collateral damage, unfortunate but any lawyer would do the same. Heck Diane would have done it and did it last week. She was just pissed that it messed with her marriage. And the way Kurt was behaving, it made me question if he actually was having a affair and Diane was realizing. Why did he suddenly want to sell his business and settle with his wife. Mayb the affair broke off?

      • – The fact that we got around 5 minutes worth of screentime for Cary in the finale isn’t enough for me. Yes, we can assume he’s enjoying teaching or that he may go back into law to do the right thing, but the point is – we don’t know and I don’t like that. And it’s sad to see where Cary/Alicia ended up.
        – Also, I understand why Alicia did what she did. She was saving Peter and ultimately herself and her daughter. They didn’t want to be trapped either. I think she did what was right and it sucks that Diane was the collateral damage…however, I think Alicia needed to understand that her decisions have consequences because she hardly ever sees them.

        • Stacey says:

          I wonder if the lack of Cary was due to the actor’s availability. He was shooting whatever his role on the Gilmore Girls revival the last few months, which accounts for why his role suddenly shrunk even more and Cary quit so suddenly. And did sporatic cameo’s. Also I think they were showing all season Cary was getting delusioned with the law and especially the firm. It probably started when he went to prison. And Kalinda left. The twists and turns wore him out. And he was burned out. He hated what life became. While Alicia was the other coin. Revealing in the ethical power struggle her life became, and didn’t even really see it until the slap. Although her talk with ghost Will allowed some of it to air. But to save Peter especially so that Grace would not defer a year and be stuck at home, she was fighting and using all the power she had. While Cary got fed up with it, and wanted to have a quieter life for now. And went into teaching. And it made him and Alicia fray like they did the first season once they fired Cary and kept Alicia. It showed how much they were different.

    • Blue Panther says:

      Yes, the whole Cary/Alicia dynamic just fizzled out. They had an important story arc as rivals, partners, etc. and their wrap-up was very muted. And yes, David Lee was always a hoot…

  8. Jason says:

    I can’t even think of the last tv series that had a good final episode. why do creators just not know what the fans want?

    • suzi says:

      It seems very often the creators don’t care what we want it’s what they want. To a certain degree I understand that…I can’t understand a purposely unsettling ending,..too many unanswered questions. These creators find theselves justifying a lot, the whole situation with Kalinda for example, and it left a bad taste in my mouth regarding what was at one time one of my favorite shows

    • Bonnie W says:

      Justified had the perfect series finale.

      • Alex says:

        Mad men finale made me smile for days.
        This one, only when Will was onscreen. How a great match he was for Alicia, instead of toy-boy Jason. She said it: he is a boy, We never saw them being a couple outside of bed, the relationship was only a reaction of Alicia knowing what Will said in that voicemail.

    • Helen says:

      Awful final episode…. Bad writing.Having so many commercial breaks did not help either.

    • Anne says:

      I was really pleased with the finale for Downton Abbey. Sure they tied everything up in a nice now and everyone got a happy ending….but that’s okay. They didn’t try and make some large statement or be poetic. It was a nice show that gave a nice ending to its nice characters. It stayed true to what it was.
      Unlike the Good Wife

    • Brenda Smith says:

      The Mentalist had a great finale.

    • Tony says:

      They’ve known enough to keep you hooked for seven years – you have to respect their vision, as it’s their vision not ours.

  9. So after viewers investing seven years of their time in Alicia’s journey we all get slapped in the face. Thanks showrunners for wasting our time.

  10. Molly says:

    WTF, this is how it ends? Why? I don’t get it. And these post mortem explanations are not helping, at least not for me.

  11. brockcheek says:

    I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it yet. Honestly, it didn’t feel like a series finale to me. I initially didn’t care for it last night, but after watching the Kings explain it I like it a little more.

    I like that it didn’t wrap anything up too tidy. Downton Abbey did that this year and it felt false and forced. For me, this was closer to Mad Men, which was touted as just a snapshot into these people’s lives that will continue to go on after the show was over. But even with that, Mad Men still brought so much to a head. This finale feels like there was still more story to tell and the team ended it here because they were all ready to move onto other projects.

  12. It didn’t wrap things up in a bow, but the ending did make sense. It made sense for the story of Alicia, for her evolution.

    I think because it’s not real, we like when television ends its stories neatly with a sense of completion and finality. But The Good Wife mirrors real life. There isn’t always closure.

  13. Chris says:

    I think the ending was too forced. They brought Kurt back just so they could set this up. Diane then suddenly gets vey passionate about their relationship, then she asks him to compromise his integrity, then she regrets it so much she won’t attack his testimony, then she blames Alicia. None of this was believable. They forced the story. I didn’t feel sorry for Kurt or Diane. Diane has screwed Cary over way too many times for her to have the high moral ground. Has Alicia gotten tougher? Sure, but fighting hard to keep her children’s father out of jail isn’t something I can be mad at her for.

    • Stacey says:

      True. Diane is ready the compromise her marriage when she wants to it. But fights it when someone else does it. What Alicia was doing was justified. Nasty, but justified in the interest of her client. Seven years of her legal training taught her that. I agree the end could have been cleaner in execution. But I believe the actor playing Cary was doing on the Gilmore Girls revival which had been filming the last months of The Good Wife… which is why he got so few scenes. And they had him quit when there were several episodes to go… So probably why we didn’t see much of Cary in the end.

  14. HerbF says:

    After 7 years as a faithful viewer, I was disappointed with the finale. I do say bravo to an exceptional cast, but I would have liked more concrete closure rather than scratching my head wondering what the hell.

  15. Karen Padecky says:

    Well..the writers were happy..that’s all that matters right? Because I sure wasn’t. ..I feel cheated..So DISAPPOINTED. .

  16. Woodmeister says:

    So it ends like a typical episode of any run of the mill soap opera… one ends up happy. Except Alicia’ s mother but only because she continually dipping into the happy juice.

  17. Brenda C. says:

    Stopped watching GW about half way through the series. Hated the Alicia character. Never could make a decision and too robotic. Watched the last several episodes. Same thing. Final episode, horrible.

  18. Jeri says:

    Very bad, just as JM/Alicia has become in the end. Hope JM is happy with the what she has done to her career by destroying a good show for her vanity. She has also made it harder for all women producers.

  19. Jason says:

    The problem with TGW finale is similar to HIMYM ending – the creators had a set ending in mind years prior to the end were DETERMINED to use their ending, even though the journey of their characters over the years moved away from the moment where those pre-determined endings would make sense anymore. It’s a case of being too stubborn to realize that their endings no longer fit their series.

    • Stacey says:

      Things might have changed if they couldn’t get Josh Charles to come back. I disagree that this isn’t appropriate to the journey. Yes, I like when things wrap up with a big bow and complete closure. But this has always been about Alicia. Starting over again, but electing to stay by her man but creating more freedom over time. And eventually the youngest kid is off the college. And she is a true empty nester. Could she handle it. Already battling through Will’s death. She started become what she didn’t like in her husband. Willing to run over anyone to get what she wanted. While it was justified as a lawyer. But as a person, her ethics had turned questionable and she really has to now get up and figure out what she wants. We just won’t see the next chapter as Alicia is no longer the “Good Wife” staying by her man. But on her own. With Jason, or on her own!
      I do think they changed how it would have ended if Josh hadn’t left the show and took Will out of the equation. Will would have been Alicia’s ending. So something else had to be. Things changed despite what they say that they kept true to what the show was… I wonder if this was also developed when it was questionable whether the show was ending? Would they need to leave loose ends for the show to continue? And then they decided to keep it.

      • Scott says:

        But the slap wasn’t necessary

        • Stacey says:

          True. But they wanted to close out the show how they began it with a slap. Both which was probably deserved. Peter for sure. Diane was a little more questionable. As she can be hurt for being a wife to see her husband blindsided on stand, but she was doing it last week and now she’s outraged to see someone else do it. For the sake of both of their client. She hadn’t been fired yet. She was still Peter’s lawyers. All means are supposed to be taken. But the slap was supposed to maybe wake up Alicia who she was becoming, and leave ambiguious whether that is the person she wanted to be, or would she try to mend fences and go another way… I can see what Juliana was saying. It was hard to get into the true meaning of the final season when they were acting it because it was shot first due to actor’s schedules… So it felt sorta out of pace. But left the meaning that Alicia was dusting herself up, and would be walking into some future of her own choosing now that she was divorcing Peter.

          • Scott says:

            But that’s what Jason is saying – that the slap was out of place. They (the Kings) wanted to bookend the show that way. In their minds, that was significant. But the story didn’t bring it there. So, as creators, they should have been astute enough to let the work go towards an ending where A is independent, walking away and that would have been satisfying enough. It’s basically what Michael S. is saying in his review of it as well, right?

    • Sandy says:

      When I taught writing, one of the hardest steps for students was to edit something they had decided they wanted, olhad worked hard on, or had grown to love. Yet, often a change was imperative. That’s what the Kings weren’t able to do. They should’ve scrapped their preconceived ending and acknowledged it was no longer going to work. The series showed what good writers the Kings are; they could’ve done something spectacular.

  20. BK says:

    Was I the only person super distracted by the fact that Alicia’s wedding/engagement rings jumped hands? In the closeup they are on her right hand but later after Diane slaps her they are back on her left!

    • Carolyn says:

      Yes. I noticed that too.

    • David Rowan says:

      I figured it out!

      I never watch the show except for this episode, which I watched to sit by my wife. I am a video editor, so the ‘ring on the wrong hand’ thing was like an airhorn to me. I went back and forth on the clip repeatedly. You see them walking into the press room with her on the left, but when it cuts to the next shot (wide and above them) she is suddenly on the right. Which makes it clear that a shot was flipped right-to-left.

      But why? It had to be deliberate, those things don’t happen by accident. When I compared it to the first episode I realized what happened.

      The hand holding shot, where they walk in front of the camera in the original episode, has them walking from right to left past the camera. This made the man the focal point of the shot (he walks closer to the camera).

      For the final episode they would have wanted to emphasize the woman so they had her walk closer to the camera. In order to do this they would have had to make them walk right-to-left in front of the camera. I believe this is how they must have filmed it.

      Once they edited the whole thing together they must have realized the direction (l-r) didn’t match the direction in the first episode(r-l). The simple fix was to flip the shot. then the direction would match. So they had the hand clasp with the ring, and the direction just like the pilot episode.

      This created a massive content error, in the fact that her wedding ring was on the wrong hand. It also created a continuity error, because the couple enters the press room with her on the left, but inside the room she is now on the right.

  21. Erin B says:

    I am confused by this: “We were tempted to have Alicia chase after a man in the end…” She did chase after a man! Literally! She was in the hallway looking for Jason after he left & didn’t return her voicemail. Whether or not she ended up with him, she was most certainly chasing him. I appreciate the character evolution they were going for, but this would have been better as a season finale or maybe the second-to-last episode with another one to wrap up more things.

  22. Larc says:

    Sounds as if the Kings are trying to defend a huge mess. Whatever they intended, the finale fell flat on its face, IMO.

  23. JDV says:

    Alicia leaving Peter as her hand slipped away would have been great…had it not been to chase after another man. The alternative here is not different, in that either way, we see Alicia not wanting to be alone in her apartment and going after a man. It would have been better had she realized Jason wasn’t right for her, and then still left Peter. As it was, it made years of what seemed like growth to independence seem meaningless. Shame on the Kings for such an outdated mode of thinking.

  24. Mr. L says:

    I think that the kings were great at building tension and they never realized that fans were waiting for that tension to be releassed. (Via Alicia finding a peaceful/definitive place.) If they didnt want to end the show with a satisfying but possibly unoriginal or unfitting ending they should have ended the show with Alicia letting go of Peters hand at the press conference. This wouldve shown Alicias growth as a character and being back at a press conference is also showing her come full circle. The slap was a gimmick just like The Sopranos cut to black. I dont have a problem with the slap. I have a problem that they were vague after that. Ending on some backstage hallway lights is lame. Is Alicia going back in the room to help Peter? To start running for governor for Eli? To go look for Jason? To go quit her firm with Diane? If its designed for our own open interpretation and to be vague then why did this show get so specific in some portions as to showcase inner dream sequences and fantasies of its heroine? It was a B+ episode, that couldve been better. Showrunners need to be more in tune with what kind of show they are making. Who their audience is, etc. I agree with other commentors that if the kings have to explain it in various interviews, it wasnt good writing.

  25. tvetc says:

    unsettling and unsatisfying are different things..
    the show can have an unsettling finale but at the same time satisfying. the series finale was just bad even how many times the writers tries to defend and explain it.

    • Sandy says:

      The Kings are doing damage control. If they wanted to “bookend” the series with a slap, they needed to make it logical. For them to suggest Alicia has become Peter and is now getting her due with a slap from Diane Is absurd. Since, initially, Alicia the humiliated wife slaps Peter the cheating husband, the parallel the Kings created is Diane the humiliated wife slaps Alicia the cheating husband. What a faulty construct.

  26. Jann King says:

    The finale and season 6 and 7 lack authenticity. Everything became plot devices that changed midstream thereby there was no emotional engagement. The scenes between Alicia and Will were the most authentic and yet it reflected an Alicia of seasons past and not the Alicia of the last few seasons so there was a real disconnect. At the end Alicia was not a good person with integrity anymore which makes it real hard in this show because there was no longer a protagonist. So while I accept the ending, it’s not like you were pulling for anyone anymore at then end.

  27. I loved the finale and I think it stayed true to the evolution of Alicia Florrick. This finale gets an A+ from me, simply because it did not pander to the Hollywood cliches that we are so accustomed to. It was often uncomfortable to watch the development of Alicia’s character but it never was boring. She is a flawed human (aren’t we all?) who, in trying to find her voice, discovers said voice might not be one she likes but she has to live with it. Fine with me.

    • MC says:

      It was a very good finale. Will encouraged Alicia to chase after Jason, but only because he thought she would be lonely. I think she was very conflicted about doing it, but some people (even strong people) choose imperfect relationships to avoid loneliness. It happens every day in the real world. The slap may have brought Alicia back to her senses, in more ways than one. She certainly doesn’t want to be like Peter and maybe she realizes that her independence is more important than settling into a relationship. Alicia certainly did confront the reality (in this episode) that Will was the love of her life and that she is not over him (even though he is gone).

  28. Morisot says:

    I had read quite a few “suggested” endings in the weeks leading up to the finale, with mentions of needing closure for Alicia, Peter, the children, Diane, Kurt, Cary, Will, Kalinda, David Lee, Eli, Jason, Robin/Robyn. I watched the finale with extremely low expectations…and was shocked. It was GREAT ! This was the PERFECT way for the Good Wife to end.

  29. Patricia Tedesco says:

    It was very disappointing to end the show that way….

  30. JPA says:

    What?!! Very disappointing.

  31. Orchida says:

    That was one of the worst endings for a series as good as the Good Wife was. A total let down. Two thumbs down.

  32. Luis says:

    I bailed on TGW in the middle of the sixth season; based on the recaps I have read here, I am satisfied with my choice. I thought the State;s Attorney campaign story line last season was woefully misbegotten, ruining Alicia’s character for me and taking the main focus away from the courtroom and Alicia’s interactions with her partners, which were the heart of the series. Once that was ruined for me, I couldn’t find my way back. I will treasure the five great seasons of TGW the Kings gave us; they compare with the best of “The West Wing,” my favorite TV series of all time. I am sad they couldn’t arrive at a conclusion that was worthy of the first five seasons.

  33. Nadine says:

    It was all a dream

  34. kathy bossley says:

    after all the viewers have been through…really,,,,,is it too much to ask that the viewers see Alicia happy, truly happy,,,,,,im just a sap for stuff like that I guess…….

  35. nadinereeves says:

    I thought bringing back Wil/Will was an excellent move; however, the ending was more than boring.

  36. KKayamo says:

    I watch this show to see what these wonderful characters do with their lives, not guess what they will do. To have an ending so unsettled is not a worthy of a show that had so many great plot lines and that could resolve difficult situations very creatively. The writers couldn’t do that for the final show?

  37. Jared says:

    Anybody who has followed The Good Wife and Alicia’s story throughout the past 7 seasons couldn’t have expected a happy ending right?!?..I don’t get the hate for the finale. I feel like it ended true to the character even if it wasn’t the most satisfying. My biggest complaint is what the writers did(or didn’t do with Carys character). To me, he was way too essential of a character to just have a meaningless/pointless ending. Other than that, I loved the finale.

    • Morisot says:

      I thought they said a lot about Cary in the few minutes out of their final 40. He’s teaching. He’s not spiteful. He extended himself to find out the facts/truth.

  38. NJ Thirnton says:

    NO! I still hated it!

  39. JAB says:

    Slept on it & no I don’t feel any differently. Why couldn’t Alicia finish w/ a happy ending? WE all got slapped in the face…

  40. MJ says:

    I really couldn’t stand Alicia by the end of this series. I wanted to slap her too, so maybe this wasn’t such a bad ending after all. lol

  41. dman6015 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, even the slap in the face. She deserved it after throwing her business partner under the bus. Life is always unsettled, without nice packaging and a pretty bow on top. I think I would have puked if she turned the corner of that hallway and found Jason. Too sugary sweet. Instead, she turned around and got what she deserved.

  42. Cyn Cromarty says:

    Simply said….stupidest ending…EVER!!!!

  43. Anne says:

    Almost as bad as the Seinfeld finale. I wanted a happier ending. Alicia suffered enough. Good to see Will again though.

  44. Sue Hundt says:

    I hated it, and have watched series from the beginning. Wasn’t sure when Kurt had the affair (an important point), didn’t get that Alicia had become as ruthless as her husband, way too vague on resolution with Jason. This wasn’t a Sopranos quality ending.

  45. I mean….if it have ended a few seconds before with alicia running towards Jason and Peter calling her it would have been a millions time better, not perfect, but almost…I think there’s something here, like Baranski wanting to be there on the last scene…

  46. Renee Robinson says:

    I think Alicia had enough tragic in her life. Why couldn’t she get the man why couldn’t she end up with what she wanted in the end for once? Yes she has become Harden over the years but who wouldn’t have with all she been thru. That slap is what could of exactly set her back on her path of being GOOD again!!! But she should of gotten the man….

  47. Katherine Lee says:

    Sorry. After so many great episodes – I have watched faithfully for 7 years, what a weak and disappointing finale. The sappy Will flashbacks? Ugh. Alicia deserved a better end.

  48. LT says:

    I slept on it…I get it. I’m OK with it now. Time to move on…

  49. Elizabeth says:

    I was sad about the finale and no it wasn’t what I was expecting or even what I wanted in the finale. But at the same time I understand that not every ending is going to be happy. I think people are upset that Alicia didn’t end up as a person we could cheer for. She deserved a slap and I think that is what really disappoints viewers. Writers can write a storyline anyway they want to. We shouldn’t be angry just because an ending didn’t end as a fairytale.

    I really believe that the scenes with Will highlighted the difference in what she once was and what she became in the end.

  50. Ron Lombardi says:

    I hated the ending. The lead up was ok, but slap was just silly. Everyone in her life was gone. Everything she went through to end up like that. No friends, no job, no husband, no boyfriend. Son is in France, Daughter at college.