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Once Upon a Time's Sean Maguire 'Shocked' by Robin Hood Twist, Shares Secrets Behind 'Missing' Scenes

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time, as the clash with Hades came to a fiery head in Storybrooke, one hero was not left standing.

Because when the former Underworld overlord (played by Greg Germann) went to “end” Regina (Lana Parrilla) using the mighty Olympus Crystal, Robin Hood jumped in front of his love to save her life, driving an arrow into his own existence in the process.

Here, Sean Maguire shares his surprise at the deadly twist, reflects on his two season run as the Prince of Thieves and shares insight on a pair of scenes that didn’t make it to air.

TVLINE | We broached the topic of your rumored exit at February’s 100th-episode party, and obviously you couldn’t say anything. But I assume you knew back then on the red carpet?
Yes, I did, yeah.

TVLINE | What was that conversation like, to learn that Robin would not survive the season?
I was a little shocked, to be honest. I didn’t expect that, because given what the writers had written, the fans and I sort of believed there was a different path for Robin. But I have always said that my job as an actor is to serve the writing above all else. [Series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis] obviously have a plan for their show, and this was part of it. Obviously I was disappointed to say goodbye to my castmates because we bonded in a way that doesn’t happen very often on a TV show, but I was really disappointed for the fans. I think the majority of them believed that Robin and Regina were supposed to end up together, that there would be hope and a happy ending. But it appears the story is taking a different turn.

TVLINE | Did Lana have a particular reaction to the news?
She was upset, and surprised, and shocked…. We have a great relationship and a great partnership, and we have good chemistry. It’s always sad, the end of a job, LANA PARRILLA, SEAN MAGUIREbut I remember finishing on [the ITV drama] Scott & Bailey and saying goodbye to the cast thinking, “I’m sad to be leaving this one,” but then I ended up on Once Upon a Time. It will be interesting to see what adventures are next.

TVLINE | Did you get any assurance up front that you’d ultimately have a heroic death, or is that something you discovered later on?
We discussed the way in which he was going to die, and Adam and Eddy’s reasoning for it. As I said, my job is to serve what they write down. This is not a show where the actors collaborate on the writing process; it’s very much the design of what Adam and Eddy want.

TVLINE | But playing a hero, you obviously wanted him to go out doing something brave…
Of course, yes. It’s nice that he got to go out in a way that he was throughout the series, as kind of a hero.

TVLINE | Now, does a person attend their own funeral? Were you just off camera as they laid Robin to rest, making sure that enough tears were shed?
No. [Laughs] Actually on the day they were filming that, I was filming in the afternoon my last scenes with Lana, in the tunnel, where I say, “You’re my future.” It was a nice [funeral] turnout, though! There were a lot of things in the episode that ended up on the cutting room floor, I guess due to time. We had some really nice material of me with my sonSEAN MAGUIRE, RAPHAEL ALEJANDRO [Roland, played by Raphael Alejandro], and saying goodbye to Little John…. I was a little disappointed that the episode we shot wasn’t the one that I saw last night. But again, that’s television and there was a lot of story to tell.

TVLINE | What do you mean by his “goodbye” to Little John, if Robin died on the spot…?
Actually, that’s not correct — it was me coming back [from the Underworld] and seeing Little John. He had been looking after Roland, so it was more of a reunion than a “goodbye.” But again, because Jason Burkart (Little John) is a lovely actor, and I love Raphael Alejandro…. It would have been nice to have those scenes seen by the audience.

TVLINE | And what was the nature of the Roland moment?
It was just sweet. “Papa!” and hugging and kissing and him asking about his sister….

TVLINE | Right, he now has a little a sister to hang with!
Yeah! [Sadly] And now they’re orphans. I hope somebody’s going to look after them now that Mom and Dad are dead.

TVLINE | What will you miss most about your Once experience? I suspect you touched on this earlier, regarding the friendships formed.
Without a doubt. Two things, really: I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness and support and dedication of the fans, and I tried to match that by going out around the world and meeting them at conventions. But my friendships with Colin [O’Donoghue, Hook], obviously, and Bobby [Carlyle, Rumplestiltskin]…. It’s very, very tough to not see SEAN MAGUIRE, COLIN O'DONOGHUEmy best pal [Colin] every day. That’s probably the hardest thing to walk away from. But we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives, I’m very confident about that. We just don’t get to be a block away from each other and see each other every day.

TVLINE | Plus as you noted, as an actor from a genre-TV show, you always have conventions as a means to revisit this time of your life.
It’s a great way to see my fellow castmates. And my wife and I, my family, we love traveling. We’re going to Brazil this year, we’re going to Paris, we just went to London and Chicago…. With television you don’t get to meet the audience, you just put it out there. But the fans have been so good to me, seeing them and answering their questions has been a lovely, positive experience, so I will continue to do that.

TVLINE | Playing Robin Hood, did you learn anything about archery?
A few little bits. [Laughs] I wouldn’t say that I’m a professional or anything, but I know a lot more now than I did three years ago, that’s for sure!

TVLINE | And if Adam and Eddy ever want you back for a flashback and you’re available, is that something you’d be open to?
I don’t know…. I’ve been asked to go back to shows that I’ve been on before and I’ve never done it, because I tend to feel that once I’ve played a character, I’ve done that. But you never know. I never say never, but at the moment I’m looking forward to a new challenge and a new chapter. We’ll see!

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  1. A fan of TV says:

    None of the deaths really stuck on this show, so I feel like despite this article we haven’t seen the last of him. Honestly, the ‘ships are among the few things this show has left going for it, despite the cash cow nature of it all/cross promoting for Disney stuff. If he’s gone for good that’s probably not in the show’s best interest.

    • Captain Cold says:

      I want to see the deleted scenes, they are definitely canon and they’ll be in the DVD.

      But tbh, if they had to kill anyone I’d have chosen him, he’s the one main character that didn’t add anything, he was just there to give Regina her happyness. I understand fans are sad and angry but deaths happen all the time in TV and life.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I’m neither sad nor angry. At most I’m perplexed by more and more of the show’s creative choices. Silly me assuming that living happily ever after was end-game for all characters. Of course Regina can have a different happy ever after, I just assumed after all the Zelena/Baby Hook crap that the writers were getting back on track. I’ve been wrong before, though, so I’m just stating my feelings and don’t really have a great investment in the show anymore, anyway. I just keep being reminded why I shouldn’t keep trying to love the show like I did in s1-2.

    • ArJones says:

      He is gone, in the sense he died that wiped out his existence. And why would you do this interview in the first place lol

      • A fan of TV says:

        Deflection/misdirection is a logical reason, IMO…makes his possible resurrection more of a surprise. I get that a hero has to die in the battle with Hades or no one legitimately trusts how high the stakes are, but that doesn’t mean in a show built around magic and endless possibilities that dead is dead forever. If Hood is dead forever then fine, I just think the writers keep going in circles.

        • ArJones says:

          I would get that IF the actor and character was actually doing anything on-screen but he wasnt, and not just that. He really is not a good actor. That was missing.

          • Matt says:

            He is actually a very good actor based on some of his other work but I don’t think the show ever really figured out what to do with him and most of the dialogue he was given was awful.

        • Seems like they didn’t have a choice. If they wanted to kill Hades, they had to create a motive for Zelena, the only person close enough, to do it. This seems like the only way, because he’d never have touched the baby.

    • Shelley says:

      Well, there are SOME deaths that stick, even if we did see some of the characters again in flashbacks or this Underworld arc. There’s Graham, Cora, Neal, Ingrid, Pan, Cruella, Merlin, The Apprentice, Hades apparently, plus plenty of one-episode characters and lots who died in flashbacks. The way they made Hades say clearly that the crystal obliterated people completely, that they didn’t go to the Underworld, it seems like this is another one that’s going to stick, unfortunately.

      I’m not a huge Regina fan, but I liked Robin a lot and I feel so horrible for his kids! Even more so now that it seems clear from this interview that it wasn’t a matter of Sean wanting to leave.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I don’t know, with magic the possibility is always there to invent a rule to bring ANYone back. If he’s dead dead it’s fine, sort of. Just an absolute waste of building up years and years of Regina’s true love story, and that’s frustrating because it’s like the entire arc didn’t really matter, except now she’s presumably got more adopted kids to care for.

    • tvjunkie says:

      There were a lot of still dead people in the underworld that have now moved on one way or another. They never came back to life, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about because you couldn’t be more wrong.

  2. GraceM says:

    I wish they hadn’t killed him off. He was a good guy and he made Regina a better person.

    • ArJones says:

      But he himself was doing nothing.

      • ? says:

        Yeah, there wasn’t anything to write for him, really. At least no exciting story that wouldn’t have been better if they gave it to David or Hook instead. Trying to write interesting stories for three male characters playing very similar roles on the show without repeating yourself is tricky. Already they’re struggling with what to do with David somewhat since they’ve run through the full gamut of possible drama with him and Snow. Still, I’m glad to hear Sean Maguire didn’t quit in a huff for lack of prominence and screentime, though I’d have understood it in this case.

  3. Bwhit says:

    I really wish they would have included that Roland scene… Poor little guy! I’m going to miss Robin:(

    • skyebright8 says:

      Agree I was wondering where Roland and Neal were during the funeral given Baby Robin and Henry were there. I think Roland was seen in the background but given its his father’s funeral they did rather ignore him.

  4. mshornsby says:

    My one dissatisfaction with the episode was the fast pace – the events of this episode could easily have been spread out over two and then we might have been able to see the stuff with Roland. RIP Robin.

    • Dina says:

      I agree. I liked the episode, but Hades used the crystal about a minute after he explained what it was. Everything went very quickly, probably too quickly.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      YES! Pacing was a problem for all of 5B. They wasted so many episodes on superfluous characters (Gaston, Liam, Ruby/Dorothy, etc.) and didn’t give the main arc enough attention. Where was Hades’ magic crystal a month ago? Why didn’t they look for the missing pages earlier? (at least when Hook realized he was stuck the episode before) Why were the heroes more concerned with helping people move on than helping themselves get home? There was so much potential with the Underworld storyline but it was largely unsatisfying.

  5. twin63 says:

    What they did to his character is a real shame. And on top of that even his death was completely rushed, made little sense and they cut out more of what little scenes he had too? Wow. Really disappointed in OUAT this season anyway, but the way they treated Robin Hood really takes the crown. Wishing Sean Maguire all the best for his future; maybe it’ll turn as well for him as it did for Michael Raymond James that he was treated so poorly and then written out by this show.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this interview. It was refreshing to hear his thoughts on everything. I will no longer be watching this show, not because they killed Robin, but how he was treated the rest of the season. As a fan of the character, it was painful to see him reduced to being the butt of rape jokes, or window dressing. I have never felt so betrayed and brokenhearted over a tv show. Glad there are people that can still find hope, or entertainment in this show. I just am no longer one of those people.

  7. ArJones says:

    Sad ending i guess. But i wasnt attached… But really i didnt the point of Robin when he wasnt on show much and i mean by episodes, and nothing to see. Acting was lacking very much.

  8. M says:

    Three seasons, Matt–Sean’s Robin was intro’d in S3. Thank you and Sean both for the interview. Robin’s fate was one of the saddest and most unfair I’ve ever seen on TV–his soul obliterated, never to be reunited with either of his children or either of his True Loves. The show has indeed taken a turn very far away from hope.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I know when he first aired. But he wasn’t on with any regularity until Season 3.5.

    • ? says:

      Hades said “no underworld, no moving on, one minute you exist, the next, you don’t.” You can take that as you like, but I interpreted it as “no underworld, no (need to be) moving on.” Meaning you go right to the end that you can’t come back from. Whatever’s on the other side of “moving on,” it seems pretty clear to me you don’t exist as “yourself” the way we think of ourselves as existing anymore. I forget what Neal said exactly when he appeared to Emma but it seemed like he had become part of something he couldn’t be separate from anymore, and that it was pretty wonderful. So I choose to believe Robin went straight there. I don’t believe this OUAT universe punishes heroes so absolutely for making heroic sacrifices, and I don’t believe Hades knows everything about what happens after the Underworld. Who says he gets to decide what happens to Robin? He died himself, therefore he isn’t any kind of final power on the subject. Silly magic crystal or not, there’s surely other “magic” out there that trumps it.

  9. Kat says:

    I feel like Sean was trying to walk a fine line of staying professional but also throwing some shade at A&E, which personally I enjoyed. What a weird decision. I always struggled with his romance with Regina because the decision to tell us they were meant to be before they’d even met left no room for things to evolve organically. But that’s the story they gave us, and this death just feel pointless. I’m sure it’ll cause drama in the finale and after that will barely mean a thing, because that’s the kind of lasting consequences this show does.

    • ArJones says:

      It was weird. Like wasnt he partying with them and gang for the 100th episode in March. And now this lol

  10. Casey says:

    Well Outlaw Queen was the only reason I was hanging on to watch this show. Now that Robin is gone, I’m done. It made me mad that all of the crappy Hades stuff was to bring Hook back and Regina is the one who loses her true love. So Yes Emma it was your fault that Robin died. Plus, Hook should be gone too.

    • Kat says:

      I think this was a stupid writing decision but I’m getting real sick of the Emma blame. She did not ask anyone to come with her. She told everyone multiple times to go home. Regina and Robin were adults. They chose to involve themselves with the Underworld to begin with. They chose to stay in the Underworld after it became clear it was going to be more dangerous than they’d assumed. Regina was the one who encouraged Zelena to help Hades which allowed him out of the Underworld. They chose to go confront a god with literally no plan. That’s on them, not Emma. Actually, it’s on the writers and the fact that they haven’t been able to write a resolution to an arc without liberal application of the Idiot Ball for several seasons now. So I would also accept blaming A&E and their slapdash plotting and inconsistent characterizations which has negatively affected every single character at one point or another. But it is absolutely in no way Emma’s fault.

      • Brigid says:

        People saying it’s Emma’s fault just goes back to this whole generation of blaming others for your own decisions. Everyone over 18 is responsible for their own actions. If no one holds a gun to your head and forces you to do something then it’s your fault. Emma wanted to save Hook. She didn’t ask anyone to come with her, they did it themselves and everything that happens after that is on them….EVERYTHING! Blaming Emma for the characters actions is so immature!

    • ArJones says:

      How about not blaming Emma. And also the emphasis and story was always Hook coming back… we just didnt know how and when. I am glad he is in his own way and by Zeus. So really no matter who died like Robin, Arthur and even Hades. Hook was always going to be back.

      Also this blame game – Is like some Evil Queen Season 1 logic… lets blame Snow the child, instead of her mother who was overall the person. Hades wanted to kill Regina all along

    • Stephanie O'Neill says:

      I agree with you and it isn’t fair that Robin has been denied an afterlife too.

  11. I wasn’t a hardcore Outlaw Queen shipper but this was just wrong. I wish this was still Once Upon a Time and not Once Upon a Hook

  12. Dominique says:

    it seem sean is really disappointed, and a little bitter.
    and he should be. what they’ve done to his character, how little time was spend on his death and aftermath, was ridiculous. i don’t understand the point of the whole underworld s/l and i don’t understand the point of robin’s death, unless they plan to revert regina back to the evil queen.

    “This is not a show where the actors collaborate on the writing process; it’s very much the design of what Adam and Eddy want.”
    and what a shame adam and eddy have no cue what the fans want, or what this show needs. better writers, for one.

  13. Andrew says:

    Well, this sucks. I suppose Sean Maguire knowing beforehand softens the blow, but what bugs me about Robin’s death is that it just doesn’t seem fair.

    Hook getting the storybook pages to Emma and Robin taking the brunt of the Olympian crystal were of equal importance to defeating Hades, but—towards the end of the episode—the scene with Zeus made it seem as if Hook’s actions were worth more and that’s why he was returned.

    If the plan was to kill off Robin, fine, but why make it look/seem like Zeus was playing favorites at the end? To me, BOTH characters deserved to be rewarded, not just one, but…whatever.

    All I know about the finale is that they’re going to introduce two new male characters for an arc set inside the psychiatric ward of the hospital. This smells like another possible “reset” (and mind wipe) for everybody, by way of yet another Dark Curse, which doesn’t sound interesting at all.

    Oh well. OutlawQueen was good character development for Regina, and I hope Lana Parrilla is given some good material following Robin’s death.

    • jj says:

      Keep in mind that the crystal ends a life completely. There is no coming back as explained. So Zeus couldn’t do anything about Robin.

    • Annie says:

      I agree that it seems like Zeus could do something to bring Robin back if anyone could at all! And he should have! Very sad for him, his kids, Regina, pretty much everybody 🙁 They deserved better (even if they are just fictional characters)

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  15. Dina says:

    I think it’s important to remember that while Regina and Robin were (and still are) very much in love, Regina said at the end of S4 that her happy ending is being at home in the world, and not just being with Robin. There are a lot of love scenes in OUAT, but in my opinion, the show is really about Emma and Regina figuring out who they are, and the rest of the characters mainly serve as parts of those journeys. I don’t know if this is a popular assumption.

    I’m NOT saying I’m not sad about Robin, I’m just saying that I think his death is actually part of the show’s theme: How does Regina deal with the darkness that comes with losing love, and how will Emma respond to her friend’s darkness?

    • twin63 says:

      We’ve been there before, though. They’ve done that very same story about Regina being tempted to turn dark again and others helping her not at least once every single year since season 2. Seems to me the writers have just run out of ideas.

  16. T says:

    I kind of get the feeling this one is final- just like we don’t ever get to see the Huntsmen come back (though I wish we did!). I have always liked Sean- since the day he was on The Class. I still hate that show only had one season so I enjoyed an opportunity to watch him again. As for Robin he wasn’t an important part of the story for me except for the Regina Happily Ever After aspect.

  17. My only fear is now Regina will become the evil Queen again and if that happens I’m done. They have brought her way to far to have her go back. They keep doing it with Robert Carlye….I’m tired of seeing Rumple good then evil again….he is actually my favorite so I’m a bit biased but still if Robin’s death sends her over the edge I will probably be done with OUAT… much as I love the show I can only take so much ….she/he is good oh no she/he is evil again….

  18. Boiler says:

    My feeling on this death is sort of odd. I normally hate all the “excitement” generated around characters dying in popular shows. Frankly it is depressing. However on this show I have tended to accept it some. This one was very surprising. Not sure what the people in charge have planned but I have come to enjoy the happy Regina and it is obvious the actors, Lana and Sean, were not happy based on this interview. Too bad OUAT

  19. C says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that this wasn’t an amicable split? Seems like he wasn’t exactly pleased with the way they took the character and how they decided to end his story. Can’t blame him, the writers really misused Robin and his death felt so rushed. I just hope they don’t have Regina revert to her old ways, that would be a slap in the face for the fans. She’s grown so much as a character and I’ll be so disappointed if they ignore all that she’s went through to get to this point and just send her back on the path towards villainy.

  20. Nina says:

    There is a moment when author do choices that are not in the show’s interest or in fan’s, but only to make their work lighter. That’s the moment i drop a show. I’m sorry to feel it’s time to say good bye to Once, because i’ve already plenty of show which darken my days. Once upon a time was different. It is no more.

    …And taking back Hook, after everything bad and wrong he’s done all along four season, making Emma happy while Regina – who was generous and good – cried… has only made clearer two thing: one, there’s someone very very fond of Hook, and it’s not the public, given the lowest rating ever this hook-centric season received; two, Once upon a time (there) was a show about hope, love and righteousness. It’s no more, too.

    So, it can go on without me.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      There are A LOT of “the public” who are Hook fans. At the OUAT convention in March, Colin brought out just as many fans as Lana, if not more.

  21. jakis says:

    If Charming can have an identical twin, why not Robin? Think about it, writers! Henry can write it into the book. It’s no stranger than Charming/David or Zeus giving Hook a free pass back in the next episode after we were told he couldn’t come back or Rumple being up and down and evil and not so many times.

  22. OnceIsDead says:

    He won’t go back after the way they treated him. Promoting him to regular then killing him off just as he moves his entire family to Vancouver to commit to the show?

  23. A fan says:

    I like Hook very much, but he should not have come if Robing was going to die. Throughout the whole show, one message has stuck with us and that is that villains, too, have the chance to find true love and have a happy ending. Robin’s death shows us the opposite and I feel like Hook was brought back because he was with Emma, a hero. I like Hook and happy that he didn’t left and I hope Robin comes back since the character has a lot of potential.

    • ArJones says:

      Again missing the point. Hook was always going to come back… regardless who died.. Robin, Arthur and Hades. Because the overall story and arc was him coming back… we didnt know how and when, but he came back on his own merit and by Zeus (its also keeping in mind the movie Hercules).
      Hook overall is great character, and wonderful actor played by Colin. Who is also developed and even is standalone character and has connection to the show’s mythos. And yeah its Emma’s love story and he is her true love.

    • ArJones says:

      Sadly i feel Robin was lacking the acting part very much too. Needed a better actor playing Robin atleast in front of someone like Lana.

  24. It's Delovely says:

    This show has become so relentlessly depressing, and I think I might finally be done with it after this season. I was never even that huge of a fan of Robin’s storyline on OUAT, even though it had so much potential. Rather than deal with the issues surrounding the horrible Zelena-is-Marian “shocker!” in Season 4, they just killed off Robin to erase Zelena’s biggest victim from existence. Meanwhile, Zelena gets a fast-track redemption. Sean Maguire seems like a really decent guy, and I hate that the show decided to do this to his character. It reminds me of what this show did to Michael Raymond-James and Michael Socha.

    And poor little Roland. For a show that’s allegedly about “hope”, it’s terrible that little boy is now an orphan. Too bad that, in typical end-of-the-season-OUAT-fashion, they had to cram in too much plot to the episode and couldn’t spare the time for that last scene between Robin and Roland.

  25. Bri says:

    I was so excited when Robin and Regina finally got together, but was so disappointed that the writers didn’t focus on them as a couple whatsoever. They barely say 2 lines to each other every time we see them. That “you’re my future” scene was the most dialogue I’ve seen between them all season. Then to just end their story? Sounds like the Adam and Eddy may have had something personal against Sean McGuire and wanted to boot him. At this point, unless OUAT is guaranteed another 3 seasons, I can’t imagine Regina meeting someone new and opening her heart up to that person ever again, which is quite sad. I was hoping that this wasn’t the end for Robin and that next season was going to focus on Regina finding herself and finding Robin but now I’m sad to see this whole thing was final, it felt so detached, rushed and pointless. I hope next season is the last, the writers are losing their touch in a very horribly annoying way.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Regina shouldn’t need a man or a soul mate or “true love” to make her a whole, satisfied person. She can still have a happy ending without a mate. Hopefully she (and the writers and the fans) realizes that.

      • falou says:

        Somehow I strongly doubt you’d say that if your favorite chara were in her place. Sorr, but it’s always so much easier to tell others they should settle for less and be happy with it while your favs are getting everythin.

        • twin63 says:

          I think it’s a rather weird logic too to expect that on a show that is show much about true love and happy endings it should be a great thing that Regina may be the only one who ends up alone while everyone else is happily married or otherwise paired up with a romantic partner. Although I guess there’s Zelena too. But it’s still really messed up, especially after they established the Regina and Robin Hood relationship as a story about second chances at love and hope. Guess hope is only for selected characters on this show after all.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          Actually I believe that for all characters — all PEOPLE, for that matter. As much as I enjoy love stories, a “happy ending” or a fulfilled life shouldn’t be dependent on finding a mate in real life or in fiction. Didn’t season 1 teach us that “true love’s kiss” doesn’t just apply to romantic love? I think Regina, Emma, and Belle could all benefit from being less fixated on romantic love.

  26. Wish83 says:

    You know a show’s become about nothing but dumb decisions made to prop up eye candy and cheap drama twists when a centuries old pirate with a villainous past and a tendency to take credit for stuff he hasn’t done and who matters to no one but Emma can have the writers break two dozens of rules they set for their show to bring him back from death, but the young father of two small children who was the victim of abuse last season is killed off so that he can’t even find peace in the afterlife by a magic mcguffin that no one’s ever heard of before this episode. Wasn’t even the biggest shipper of Robin Hood and Regina or whatever, but the only thing the writers achieved with this stupid story is make everyone who cared about them resent Hook and Emma. I couldn’t care less about them anymore either. How many more characters must be killed off this show for their happiness?

    • ArJones says:

      Robin being killed off was for Regina and her story most likely and the Mills sister since you know they developed them over him and oq.
      Not for whatever you think. Because that dont make sense, so lets leave of Emma and Hook. Throw the blame elsewhere.

  27. DarkDefender says:

    I really liked him and the character. I hope he finds new work soon. :)

  28. robin says:

    They are dumb, dumb, dumb

  29. ninergrl6 says:

    I love his friendship with Colin. I met them both in March and they were both so lovely and so funny together. Weird to think that was right around the time this episode was filmed.

  30. Letizia says:

    I’m upset too, very badly very hard

  31. Stephanie O'Neill says:

    What upsets me the most is that his kids are now orphans…..well, at least Roland is because the baby still has her mother Zelena and the fact that Regina has now lost true love twice through death. Maybe third time lucky for her because she needs a happy ending.

  32. Scott Lewis says:

    Am I the only one tired of Hook? This whole storyline was useless. They never should have gone after Hook and I would have been happy with his demise either then or at the end of this episode.

    • Penny says:

      You’re not alone. There are MANY people who are tired of Hook. Had they kept him a villain, I might enjoy his character a little more

    • twin63 says:

      Nah, you’re not alone. At least on the internet tons of fans seem to be fed up with him. But I’m guessing the network sees something in him many of us don’t and it’s not entirely on the writers that he’s pushed to the foreground and propped up again and again at the expanse of other, often more established characters on the show and in promotion. This bad boy in leather type of character who is then paired up with the female lead is a trope in television and lots of shows rely on it to attract a young, female shippers demo.

  33. Penny says:

    Every time I watch Lucifer I am reminded at what Once’s Robin could have been had they kept Tom Ellis. I just didn’t feel like Sean ever fit the bill, he was hard to watch sometimes. Maguire might be a great actor, this just wasn’t his show to shine in

    • twin63 says:

      Tom Ellis and Sean Maguire both need to work with the material they are given, though, and Robin Hood on Once Upon A Time never gave the actor playing him from s3 to s5 much at all to work with whereas Tom Ellis is the sole lead on Lucifer. No offense to Tom, I definitely think he’s a great actor too, but I don’t think him playing Robin Hood would have made any difference if they’d still written the character like they did.

      • Penny says:

        True. I absolutely agree with you on that!

        I think I would have just preferred watching Tom Ellis read crappy lines more than Sean Maguire at the end of the day

  34. Shaw says:

    It sort of feels like the writers traded Zelena for Robin. Her return to the show made no sense other than they just liked Rebecca Mader and wantes to brING her back. Then they added the baby drama trope (eye roll). After finally accepting it I thought Robin could have an interesting story that really mirrored the real world (parents fighting over the raising of a child). But it was never really fleshed out. I miss the 1st season days where the writers took an entire season to craft a well rounded, interesting story for the characters. Not split it into 2 halves with completely separate plots that always feels rushed and under developed with no time for real character growth.

  35. Angie perkins says:

    I liked Robin too he was a good charter

  36. Suzie2013 says:

    I think that should they leave the death the way it played out basically makes the whole purpose of the “swan” null and nule. She is to assure everyone has a HEA right? That is what the show has been spouting from the start…

    So going by the writing, if this death stand as is… everything is wrong… Not because of Regina but because of Robin himself. He is a hero and his death just ended him… No closure… No happy ending… So to make the show make sense this has to be altered…. Or the writing is ridiculous….

  37. Ashley says:

    Season 1,2,&3 were by far the best seasons and were beautifully crafted. Whatever the writers were doing at that time, needs to be done again, because I’d hate to see OUAT canceled. Robin and Regina’s romance should not have ended like that, so abrupt and Robin deserved better than the ending they gave him.

  38. Sir Kevin Parr Bt says:

    Robin Hood recorded by fact, worked for King Edward 11 as Horse master. He was paid off to retire back to the forest to be an arrow maker again. No more doth fact tell. The legend is of six other men over the area of England between 1200 and 1560. More likely as not one called Robert of Annisley Hall in Nottingham area is the man who became outlaw and robed the rich but also the poor who passed through part of the forest. Around 1340. Piers Plowman by Edward Langland around this same date is the first to write of Robin of the Hode. Any hooded thief was called a robbin hood. Only one man who worked for a King was baptised with that name. The legend is but myth