Jane the Virgin Spoilers

Jane the Virgin First Look: Here Comes the Bride in Her Wedding Dress!

Are you saying yes to Jane the Virgin‘s wedding dress?

The titular heroine will finally walk down the aisle in next Monday’s Season 2 finale (The CW, 9/8c) in a stunning — and church appropriate — gown, as seen in the following photos.

But it wouldn’t be Jane if the nuptials went down without a hiccup or two… and a bus ride with Rogelio? While we’re not sure why father and daughter are taking public transit in their wedding attire, we do know what other challenges await Jane and Michael in the lead-up to their “I dos.”

“After moving up the wedding day, Jane and Michael find all their carefully made plans thrown into chaos,” the official episode description reads. “To make matters worse, Jane is unhappy with her current graduate thesis, but changing it might put a wrinkle in her big day. Rafael still has feelings for Jane but is torn about whether he should speak now or forever hold his peace. Petra has her own family drama when Anezka has a medical emergency and ends up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Rogelio and Xo are finally coming to terms with the state of their relationship until Xo gets surprising news.”

Click through the gallery below (or right here for direct access), then hit the comments to RSVP to the ceremony.

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  1. Noemy says:

    is much love!!
    She’s so amazing, beautiful and just “i am without words…”
    The best dress ever, makeup… everting

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    I think Xo might be pregnant
    Love Jane’s dress so beautiful!

    • Ant says:

      I was thinking the same thing and she dont know if it’s by rogeilo or his enemy

    • MBF says:

      I’m really not interested in a Xo Esteban pregnancy. I felt like there would have been enough comedic opportunity with Xo and Rogelio being together and pregnant that getting pregnant from a one night stand, then constantly fighting with your ex, who is also Jane’s father..it just sounds tedious to me. And I don’t think it’s a big enough twist to be worth dealing with the boring after effects. Hopefully they have something bigger planned.

  3. Gemma says:

    I swear if they drag out this love triangle any longer… Give Raf something to do other than pine over Jane or screw up royally, and let Jane and Michael be happy together. At this point, I have no patience left for the love triangle, especially with most of this season establishing that, although her feelings for Raf were real, Jane wants to spend her life with Michael, and he with her. To resurrect a closed conflict would feel so stale.

  4. JJ says:

    I smell a twist coming..I feel like Rafael will come nd stop the wedding. Michael and Jane are too good for each other.

    • ambee says:

      I think Jane and Michael will get married but Michael gets shot after the ceremony. He will either die or spend the better part of next season in a coma.

  5. Miss Ellys says:

    OMG! Is Xo going to be pregnant? What a twist?!

  6. Ella says:

    Ugh, no more love triangle please. Michael is perfection and Jane chose him. Raf has much better chemistry with Petra anyway.

  7. Jesse says:

    Oh my gosh – the mom looks so cute and happy in that photo. You really would believe she is a mother beaming with pride and joy on her daughter’s wedding day.

  8. nikki says:

    So xo will find out shes pregnant and her and rogelio will get married. Jane wont marry michael cos she still has feelings for rafael

  9. Lils says:

    I love Michael and Jane together! Hoping they get married and she tells Raf exactly where to go.

  10. Carmen says:

    I hope she finds out she loves Rafael and not Michael. Xo is pregnant and it better b Rogelio I think that she will marry Michael going into season three bad choice for the writers. They are not the main carecter’s

  11. Nicole says:

    It seems like I am in the minority, but I am still holding out hope for Jane and Rafael. I like Michael, but I think her chemistry with Rafael was better.

  12. DoCa says:


  13. I haven’t watched in 2 weeks. I thought I liked Michael and Jane together but this show has gotten so boring. And the plotlines for the back up cast aren’t enough to keep me watching. I’m sad. Season 1 was so good.

    • I stopped watching after the first episode of season 2. I just can’t see her and Michael together.

      • Jakie Soriano says:

        I stopped watching when they got back together in 2B. And I really didn’t miss much. I did watch the episode where Jane and Rafael discuss custody, but even they couldn’t save the overall boring episode. I want s1 writing back!

  14. Erin B says:

    I just want Rafael to get a win somewhere. His character really gets dumped on. I do like him better for Jane but accept that is not in the cards right now, but I would like for something to go right for him.

  15. Bigdede says:

    Michael is so boring and the ratings show it. Not interested in Michael and Jane.

  16. Tola badmus says:

    I can’t wait to watch the movie,I wish Jane couldn’t marry Michel ,she and rapheal are conpatable

  17. Abby says:

    “Rafael still has feelings for Jane but is torn about whether he should speak now or forever hold his peace”.
    Oh come on, it hasn’t been that long since Rafael last had his piece and Jane told him her feelings for him had changed and she loved Michael. Since then nothing suggests they have been growing closer and her feelings for him (or for Michael) have changed. I get this is a telenova so the back and forth drama will likely never stop but right now Jane already knows Rafael loves her and wants her back and she doesn’t seem remotely interested. What would be the point in him telling her yet another time at this stage? She knows and doesn’t want him.
    If they are going to have her switch guys again there needs to be a build up. Although my guess is Michael will be thought to be dead/in a coma either before or just after the wedding and she’ll fall back in love with Rafael before he returns to her.

  18. LT says:

    People!!! It’s telenovela twisty fun…Just enjoy the ride!

    • JTV #team Raf says:

      All good comments! I love the Michael in a coma, Jane falls back in love with Raf, Michael wakes up idea! As long as this gives Jane enough time to realize Raf and her can have the same depth and security in their relationship as her and Michael have. Ok, enough psychoanalysis from me. Having fun watching. Getting a little bored though. Can’t wait for next week. This will determine if I tune in for Season tres!
      Go team Raf :)

  19. Alexanndra says:

    As others have said I also understand jane and rafael can’t happen at the moment but they have that chemistry that’s the base of telenovela’s..I feel Michael is more bestfriend material for her.well perhaps season 3 opens slowly a friendship between jane and rafael to start getting close again..slowly of course..I just hope they are endgame..and even maybe have another baby in the final season..as an epilogue😊