Post Mortems

General Hospital's Jason Is on 'Different Path' With His Memories Returned

More than two years after General Hospital resurrected Jason Morgan in the form of Billy Miller, the amnesiac hitman has at last regained his memory — all of it. And co-headwriters Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman promise to prove that your long wait was worth it. How?

First, by solidifying Jason’s love for his “widow,” Sam (Kelly Monaco). “Although they’re already together as a couple, the memories of how they came together and what they’ve been through, both good and bad, give him a deeper sense of their relationship,” Passanante tells TVLine. “Remembering everything gives him the history he felt but couldn’t fully understand until now.”

Next on the scribes’ agenda is a renewed connection between the former Mob enforcer and his old boss/BFF. “That’s the one deep relationship he had yet to recover — his bond with Sonny,” notes Altman. “So Jason will want to reach out to him in a way he hasn’t been able to since his return.

“He also [now] knows that he can call on Sonny for help if he should need it in the future,” she continues. “And rest assured, he will one day need it.”

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the erstwhile Stone Cold is about to become a remade man. “Jason will have to come to terms with that [violent] past,” says Passanante. “But remembering doesn’t mean he will suddenly revert to the man he was before he was presumed dead.”

Adds Altman: “He’s had many potent experiences since then which he’ll need to merge with his memories from his past [as Sonny’s go-to muscle]. Recovering those memories allows him to become a more complete human being who will need to follow a different path from the one he once followed.”

Where do you hope that path takes Jason? Could you see him tapping into his Quartermaine side more and becoming a doctor like dad Alan? Hit the comments!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Yasssss. Have been waiting for his memories to return since he came back! Can’t wait for more Jason, Sam and Danny!!

    • Sheila says:

      Korte for President! She knows Jason’s history and wrote a fantastic episode! The same four who helped Jason with his 2005 amnesia were there today. There were EXCELLENT callbacks to Jason’s past: meeting Sonny, Carly headaches, Sam singing to her child. Miller mentioned that he wanted to hurry and play Jason Morgan, and now he finally gets to do so. Cannot wait to see what’s to come. I was glad to see Robin again, too! Love the new Danny and the Michael/ Sam/ Danny scenes. After sitting through the crappy and long Jake Doe storyline, this episode was necessary like breathing!!!

      • wendy says:

        I SO agree with you !! What an amazing way to let Jason have his FULL memory back – these people – Robin , carly , sonny , and Sam each represent a part of who Jason is. This was beautifully written. And did anyone notice , the ” Jason mannerisms ” his stillness , his facial expressions were spot on – BILLY MILLER and the writers are just another reason of why GH is winning awards , and have put GH back on top where it deserves to be ! !! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

    • Lisa says:

      I want the STONE COLD back. I hate who he is now. I want everything 2 come back to him. He needs to be the person he was before, his love for sam, his connection with Carly how he would do anything for Michael and always protect him and the best friend that was always by his side which was Sonny…

    • Gray Granny says:

      Don’t forget Jake.

  2. C says:

    How is diving deeper back into Sonny’s orbit “a different direction”?

  3. N says:

    Don’t want Jason in the mob

    • jr. says:

      Hope Jason recovers all of his Quartermaine memories too!. Not just the Jason Morgan memories.

      • fitz says:

        I agree 100%, all the memories, integrate the stone cold & the Q! It would be a better Jason & a new Jason who doesn’t have to be Sonny’s minion. They could still be friends but let Jason be free of the mob. It has gotten sooo OLD

        • I so totally agree with you, he has been Sonny’s scapegoat way too long. What bromance it was/is Carlyand Sonny’ FLUNKY. He raised Michael and they still expect him to be there at a moments notice.

  4. Ralph says:

    PLEASE go the Quartermaine route and NEVER work for Sonny! Friendship ok but NO MOB!

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    If Jason remembers “everything” does that include his memories as a Q?? I’d like them to explore that direction and maybe have him go back to the medical field. Queue the whining….”he’s not the Jason I fell in love with”. You know it’s not gonna be all kittens and roses for those two. They are nothing without all the angst.

  6. TvPeong says:

    Would be great to have Dr. Jason Quartermaine back.

    • Norda says:

      He never finished Med School

      • BrightLight says:

        Well I’m pretty sure Elizabeth never went to nursing school either. ;)

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Hahahaha, this made me laugh. Actually I think she did though, I kind of remember way back when she was “in training” but it lasted all of about three months. I just can’t see Jason walking around in scrubs though.

          • Three months? More like three weeks for Liz to get through nursing school and another week for her to be educated enough to be head operating nurse! That’s why I always laugh at those who ridicule Sam and say she never got her GED cause they didn’t see her do it on a day to day basis!

        • BWine says:

          Along this same vein, does anybody remember Lucas going to medical school? I just remember one day he was talking to Bobby about what he should do with his life, and she said didn’t you graduate from medial school so why don’t you try working as a doctor. Boom, a week later, he’s in scrubs at GH and a full fledged doctor!?!

        • matty says:

          So true! Elizabeth went from art school drop out to head nurse seemingly overnight.

        • Actually, she did. She also trained under Patrick to be a scrub nurse.

  7. Sophie says:

    That was a terrible episode. First we didn’t see Jason get all his memories back. It was just a bunch of hallucinations. Horrible storytelling. The people over at GH should be embarrassed.

    If they want a good story, they need to SHOW not TELL Jason coming to grips with both his Quartermaine & Morgan sides. Being Sonny’s fetch boy, again, is not a compelling story.

    • Honey Boo says:

      I bet your a delusional Liz/LIASON fan LMBO

      Trash talk at its finest

      Pathetic really

      #Jasam is the real deal deal with it

      LIASON is dead Liz gets Franco a serial killer and kidnapper and rapist lol

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Something tells me the Liason fans don’t have a monopoly on trash talk. Wow!!

      • scyren says:

        Jasam’s marriage was a crapfest. They always implode. He completely didn’t support her when she thought she was raped. He walked away from Danny. She turned to a cop. What ride or die girl does that? Yeah…they are so great….lol. What a joke.

      • Beth says:

        I don’t care about him and Elizabeth. I just don’t want him going back to being that stupid Stone Cold character. Billy Miller is a much better actor than that.

      • Dj says:

        Minus the rapist line isnt Jason pretty much everything you said. He has kidnapped and killed for Sony for years. But also since Franco didnt rape Sam I guess that doesnt apply to him either. I never get why people act like Sonny and Jason arent bad guys.

    • LMM says:

      Yep… agree Sophie.

  8. Britt says:

    This storyline was trash and they failed so badly! A story that should have been about Jason once again ended up being about everyone else. People cheered when Jason was killed and went into the harbor because of how badly he was written for those last couple years and when he came back with a new personality people felt hope that this was a fresh start for a character that had once been so great. But buy skipping every possible emotional beat including not giving Jason back his Q memories like the majority of fans wanted and instead using this as another attempt to prop a couple that once had a good love story but now has been overexposed and over propped to an unreal level has left a sour taste in the mouths of many. Tragic end to what should have been such an amazing story.

    • Honey Boo says:

      Another pathetic Liz fan who loves to whine about Jasam instead of supporting their fav in her new storyline!

      Trashy and delusional the Liz fans are

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I’m not a Liz fan & I hate the storyline too. Actually I hate everything about Sonny & Jason Morgan & anything mob related in the show.

        • Jakay says:

          I am SO NOT a fan of Jason and Liz, but I hate Jason as Sonny’s robot killing machine and if that’s who he is again, I don’t care who gets him. Give him to Carly — she’s as awful as he is. I’ve been enjoying the new Jason with Sam, which is something I didn’t think was possible with old Jason, who I fast-forwarded or tuned out on constantly. Billy Miller has given Jason a character who is more than an inch (or quarter of an inch) deep, so his Jason and Sam are interesting together. But if he’s back to the robot hit man, yeah, I don’t care who he’s with, whether he’s Sonny’s stooge and Carly’s enabler, or whether he’s dead, alive, or in a coma.

          • scyren says:

            lol BM has been playing Jake. He just remembered being Jason. Sorry, but he’s not Jason . JM was the most unique character on daytime. Lately, he’s just been a big bully. I didn’t see JM as a robot. I will never find Sam interesting or this Jason. They are a bore. And no I don’t want Liason. I didn’t like “Jake”. He was pretty much a robot in a way too….a big bump on a log. Agree that I can’t stand him back in Carson’s orbit.

      • vanessa says:

        member it is a show make believe, and I also like jason and liz together especially in the early years they were amazing together. they make sam a week weak jelly back without a ground to stand. Now Alex come on yawl give a some guts she is like the same person that plays her daughter and please do not make sonny’s daughter gay bad move. If took them a long time to get rid of laura and luke there season was over there was no fire left in them. I did not like him with felica either now tracy was a winner

      • Only one I’ve seen being trashy in these comments is you, Honey Boo. Just because some people have different opinions from yours doesn’t mean you get to hurl insults.

    • jasam4ever says:

      liason fans give it up he nevered loved lizard ever he loved sam,lizard used his amnesia to get him into bed .she was pathetic and in the end he is back with his wife and for carly and sonny they are and always be a huge part of his life rather he is in the mob or just best friends with them,jason raised michael from a baby and michael was like his son so of course he will love michael and everyone that is important to him once again.he will finally see how lizard was keeping him away from his family and see how horrible she really is once he remembers franco trying to kill sam and him and he finds out lizard knows all of this and is still talking to franco

      • DJ says:

        Lizard…LOL priceless!!

      • knitwit says:

        Sam’s character is abysmal she is who should have went into the harbor. Walking around town on her moral high horse, constantly judging everyone. Thou hast forgotten her dirty deeds. Ugh. Boring Jason/Sam my fast forward moments. Not worth watching.

      • scyren says:

        lol Jason loved Liz. Get over it. I have Sam more than life itself, but he loved her too even thought she did far worse than Liz ever has. Sam was way more pathetic and she also turned to a cop when their crapfest of a marriage imploded because they didn’t have what it took to stay together. They never have. Sam kept Liz and Jason away from Jake. She hired men to terrorize children in a park to keep Jason away from his family then. If he can forgive that slut Sam he can forgive Liz. And no, I don’t want her with Jason. That ship has sailed. And furthermore, Sam has gotten away with every low down dirty thing she has ever done. She was never exposed publicly for what she did to Jake. She even seduced Liz’s husband and never paid for all the men she slept with and duped out of their money. Considering Liz just lied, I don’t see why Jason would hate her more than he hated Sam back in the day. You know, the woman he threatened to kill. I don’t even want Sam around Jake. No mother would. If Sam can marry someone who hurt his kid, he shouldn’t be able to dictate who Liz talks to (even though I hate they are further trashing her re: Franco. It’s disgusting. Was Jasam that pathetic that they had to destroy Liz to prop them? I’m so tired of her being used to put other people together. Jason can kiss my butt. He is a killer. Maybe he shouldn’t be around Jake either. Go play daddy to Danny whose mother doesn’t give a crap about the danger. Who has been taking care of him while Jasam has been gallivanting around?

        • meowkitty1 says:

          Sam did not seduce Lucky when he was with Liz. Billy Miller was terrific as Jason on monday. Danny has been spending time with his Grandma Monica at the Quartermaine’s so he is well taken care of and nothing wrong with a kid spending a few days at Grandma’s house. I’m hoping Jake turns out to be Lucky’s kid after all.

    • Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

      I agree…it was really poorly patched together. I am also frustrated with the way the show insists on pairing (at least temporarily) so many characters with Carly. It all seems so forced. I also don’t know why they recast Danny & Jake since neither seems any better than the original.

      • vanessa says:

        are you guys and girls forgetting this is a make believe it is not real life they are TV characters. Please bring it down a notch. I like the battle between SAM and Liz and Carly it made the show exciting not boring. I hope Franco does not get to crazy I like him half in and half out. I would like to see him with Liz would make for a interesting show . I do want to see Jason back with Sonny I love Sonny with his fine self.

  9. Scoma60 says:

    They need to just cancel GH. It is a sad shell of a once great show.The writing is abysmal.The show revolves around criminals & their apologists and molls.
    The show is devoid of romance, integrity, humanity,etc…It’s all plot point dreck. They keep adding more newbies to an already bloated cast. Time to pull the plug.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree. I grew up watching GH and now the only reason I still watch is out of habit. I loved it when soaps actually had storylines that reflected what was happening in the world. Now it is about mobsters and love triangles with children. You know Cameron, Spencer, and Josslyn.

      • Mary says:

        The children story line was about a year or two ago. In fact they really haven’t been front in center for awhile. Maybe you haven’t really watch. I actually have liked GH the past couple of years and I have really enjoyed the newbies. Love Ave, Nina and now I actually like Dr. Finn. I guess they can’t please everyone.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I don’t want the show to be cancelled but I agree about everything else you said. My favorite storyline in the last 5 years is when Michael completely turned on Sonny and became a Quartermaine. Too bad that lasted all of 5 minutes.

    • albert says:

      if you think so bad of the show why are you watching it? no one is forcing you to. just because you do not enjoy it does not mean others dont. it is entertainment for gosh sake. get a life, clean your house or take care of your kids instead of being mean spirited about a tv show.

    • Nina Smith says:

      I totally agree, General Hospital has really gone down in the writing. It used to be so exciting now it’s oh boy boring.

  10. Lolli says:

    I love how this show just writes whatever it feels like and viewers are supposed to forget what we saw on the screen. It’s like they didn’t watch the last two years of the show.

    I’m not sure who outside of the Jason & Sam fans would find that episode worthwhile. It didn’t move the story forward, Jason & Sam were already together, so I’m not sure what needed to be solidified. Are the writers saying that the only way Jason could love Sam was if he had his memories? I mean I guess that’s true since he came back and fell in love and had a connection with another woman. Why is it necessary to TELL us rather than SHOW us this DEEP CONNECTION?

    And the Sonny-Jason connection should have been done when Sonny started working with a rival mob almost 10 years ago and was willing to let them take Jason down.

    But now we have Jason’s memories coming back all because Dante’s, a man, who at one point, JASON WANTED DEAD & never particularly cared for, life is in danger?

    That’s the best you’ve got #GH? Then good luck.

  11. Kevin K says:

    Billy Miller has done a great job as Jason Morgan on GH the role he took over for Steve Burton.

  12. ShellsBells143 says:

    What a shame. TPTB were given a clean slate with this character and by adding Billy Miller to the mix, had the added potential of being able to deliver powerhouse, emotional performances. This character could have been epic in his own right instead of being a stale, watered down version of Steve Burton’s Jason Morgan.

    Jason’s current story has been woefully underdeveloped since the new head writers took over with SO many of the emotional beats diluted or completely MIA that it has made his reunion with Sam & Danny a parody version of his reunion with Elizabeth & her boys. I’m being told in random, obscure magazine/blog articles what Jason may or may not be doing, thinking, feeling, but none of it has been playing out on screen. I saw Jason madly, deeply, emotionally in love with Elizabeth and now? He has sex with his ex-wife and follows her around like a helpless goon who is prone to fits of rage. Where was this idiot hiding for a year and a half? Where is their connection? How do they make each other better people?

    I am so beyond disappointed in Sam’s digression as a character. We saw such growth and personality when she was paired with Patrick and watching her become a shell of that woman is one of the most tragic points to come out of the forced repairing of this current version of JaSam.

    If I were a fan of Jason’s current romantic pairing, I would be demanding a refund. As a long time GH fan, I’m just finding it difficult to continue justifying spending 5 hours a week supporting a show & characters who have become unrecognizable to me.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      So. Much. Truth.
      I “watched” today’s entire episode in fast forward.

    • BB for GH says:

      Well said, thank you !! So many of us agree but others just ASSUME we are Liason fans & idiots if we say ANYTHING negative about this JaSam connection. The truth is no matter which way he goes, Jason IS a NEW character. As much as the fans want Stone Cold back – Sam is scared to death of that so I don’t think we will ever get the “real” JaSam back again.

    • fitz says:

      Beautifully put. The show has so much potential and they waste it all the time! Most days I read the summary. I love GH & I want it to get better. So spot on about Sam. Sometimes I feel like when I watch GH I am watching an episode of intervention. I want to yell at the tv, take the help, get fixed, be wonderful again! The plots are convoluted & drag on forever, to the point when the “reveal” happens, I don’t care. The ruin legacy characters, bring on awesome actors and give them awful story lines. Please fix the show! Love it like I love it. I don’t want to divorce GH

  13. Allison says:

    I really dislike Jason and Sam as a couple but I do miss the friendship between Sonny and Jason. It will be interesting to see what direction that takes.

  14. robin says:

    What about Dante?

  15. GHfan says:

    Such a great episode! It’s been a LONG TIME coming.

  16. Lisa says:

    No no no Q’s I want the STONE COLD back. I hate who he is now. I want everything 2 come back to him. He needs to be the person he was before, his love for sam, his connection with Carly how he would do anything for Michael and always protect him and the best friend that was always by his side which was Sonny…

  17. Julia Brown says:

    Please dont change jasons character no i like the old jason, thats why wr loved him soo much!!! i love the action he brings he keeps you yelling get em jason!!!!!! at the screen so no no changes please just let him reconnect with his family and friends again..

  18. so very much enjoyed today’s episode…..Welcome back Jason. now to have him re-connect with Sonny (they both have matured these past 2 years) and can have an adult friendship now . Wanting Sam, Jason and Danny to really become a family, possibly with a little girl so that Jason can be “wrapped around her finger.” Thanks GH……GREAT STUFF FINALLY.!!!!!

  19. Connie says:

    I would love to see Jason’s Quartermaine side and become a doctor or continue to work with Sam doing investigative work Excellent storyline today GH I have waited a long time for Jason to finally get his memory back THANK YOU GH WRITER KORTE Incredibly well written great job

  20. Ash says:

    It hasn’t been more than two years. BM started fall 2014.

  21. Rhonda says:

    Don’t really want to him going the straight and narrow….maybe combine Jake Doe and Stone Cold…leave the Quartermaine portion of him as he is now….no more…lol….only be an enforcer if really needed and no one knows except Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Sam

  22. I want him to be the old Jason Morgan. Sonny hitman

  23. Cynthia says:

    He need to go work with Michael! Going back to work with Sonny is the same old story line. Jason being Sonny’s puppet. The writers should write a story line that have Sonny and Jason on opposite sides where they is bad blood. This story line of frankly really boring. It’s the same story different actor! You got a new actor get a new storyline!!!

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Yes yes yes!

    • Mary says:

      I think it should be a mesh of the old and new. I like the Sonny and Jason friendship to evolve but not necessarily make Jason the hit man. It is possible to blend them both together. Everyone is assuming just because he is remembering that he will automatically become Stone Cold again. I don’t think that is true but I guess we will have to wait and see.

  24. J says:

    Bring back “The Real Jason” StoneCold Hitman… I have waited for couple years now. So reconnect him with Sonny, put him back into the Mob. Thats interesting. Not more lovey dovey

  25. I love the storyline of Jason and Sam, it’s my favorite part of GH. I don’t want Jason back in the mob though.

    • Fran says:

      I totally agree! Sam and Jason are the only reasons I still watch GH. Their relationship is developing beautifully even with Jason’s loss of memory. And now that he is getting his memory back, I think they will develop into an even more authentic, loving pair. I do agree, however, that Jason should only be in Carly’s and Sonny’s lives as a friend, not Sonny’s enforcer. Billy Miller is an incredible actor and deserves to have his charactor developed with depth and great energy. I had my doubts when he first came on the canvass but he has won me over in spades!!

  26. Heather says:

    I really don’t care what his future is, as long as it’s with Sam. I love them together.

  27. beverly says:

    Following I his father Allen foot step

  28. Karen says:

    He has to get back to sonny storylines,that was the most riveting, him and Sam can get a little boring! But it would be nice if stayed true to the quartermains too.

  29. Gail says:

    Lrt Sam and Jason be together without any mob story line. The mob thing is getting very boring.

  30. flufnpuf4u says:

    I loved Steve Burton as Jason. Billy Miller is AWFUL as Jason. And his comeback story was so boring I came close to quitting GH altogether. The story line better improve fast or I’m outta there!

  31. Tricia says:

    Finally, I would love to see him interact with the Quartermaine family as well as resume his relationship with Sonny. Don’t portray him as a one dimensional character but well rounded

    • scyren says:

      He wasn’t one dimensional before.

      • Marley says:

        I would agree to an extent. He became very one dimensional in the last 4 years of SBu run. They turned the guy who used to own a bike shop and disarm explosives into a guy who couldn’t fix his own car. His sole job became to keep Sonny calm, make Carly count to ten, and hold Sam’s purse. Shoot Gun. Rinse Repeat

  32. Nancy says:

    Man, I was wishing that when he got his memory back he would want to be a doctor, like he wanted to be before the first accident when AJ was driving drunk, and not return to Sonny’s Coffee Clatch Mob.

  33. jl says:

    My preferred storyline would involve Jason headed back to the plastic surgeon after his motorcycle accident shredded his face, and this time he would get his real face back. And along with his real face, his real personality. I am amazed that viewers could so easily accept Billy Miller’s version of Jason. It has nothing to do with his acting abilities. He just has not captured the essence, the nuance of Jason. Steve Burton’s Jason was quieter, more thoughtful, less gregarious. When he smiled at someone it was special because he didn’t do it that often. I’ve never cared for the Sam/Jason pairing and I dread being dragged down memory lane with the two of them now that faux Jason is getting his memory back. When Billy Miller’s Jason has scenes with Monica, Jake, and other loved ones I feel cheated. I don’t feel the connection or the history. It’s not Billy Miller’s fault. He had big shoes to fill and for me they just don’t fit.

    • Mary says:

      I think the opposite. Steve Burton is not coming back and as you stated he played the part perfectly. I think Billy is doing a great job making it his own. They didn’t need to drag the story on for two years but they had to separate the character to allow him to fit in. I think this new Jason is a blend of Jason Q and Jason M. I am hoping with his memory coming back they give him the opportunity to blend both characters into one who is believable. You never felt the connection because Jake didn’t have any memories of years back. That is what you call acting. Give the man Credit.

  34. Lisa Echerd says:

    Apparently I was watching a different show today. Jason had hallucinations and I didn’t hear him really ‘remember’ anything. Maybe this is coming but it isn’t here yet. He also had no hallucinations with anyone Quartermaine so how could that be all of his memory:?

    • Carol Rundle says:

      I agree. Reading these comments I thought I was watching the wrong show. I did not see Jason regain his memory.

  35. Nita says:

    Loved today. Would have appreciated some Q hallucinations but I really enjoyed the episode regardless. It was nice to see Billy get some material to sink his teeth into!

  36. Lana Panko says:

    I’ve been wanting a unified Jason looks like my wait is over! Keep up the good work, today’s episode was really good.

  37. No, I wouldn’t like for him to be a doctor. Although I do remember that he was becoming a great doctor. I think that time has passed.I really liked the times we’ve seen him in action even before his memory came back. I’d like to see the old Jason back now with Miller! Whoo Hoo!

  38. cz says:

    How does any of that jive with his first year as Jake? None of Jason’s current relationships came naturally. He was told who to care about. Whereas his first relationship felt real and natural.

    I’m so confused by GH. It’s frustrating. Beats and history are ignored. As a fan I feel manipulated.

  39. Kristie says:

    Jason as a doctor would be super boring. I would rather see him as a hit man. I would like the Sonny Jason bromance to fire up again. And Carly, lots of Carly. It all worked. You don’t to reinvent anything. Sam and Jason are natural and right. The writers are going in the right direction. I just hope it doesn’t vere off into boring Q town. Jason Q whines too much. Jason Morgan is needed all as he is.

  40. Phil says:

    Doctor? No! I don’t see that as within his character now or before. I do like the idea of a meshing of the two lives though, but more than thrilled that he is reconnecting with Sam on an even deeper level. I know many don’t see it, but I think Billy and Kelly have even more chemistry!

  41. lucy says:

    too predictable, reuniting with sam. love the sonny reunion but bring in a new love interest. it’s getting boring!

  42. justbecause says:

    Too bad he can’t back the “real” Jason Morgan memories (nice young man with a beautiful girlfriend by the name of Keesha Ward,). Oh yeah, they made sure those memories were dead and buried because the “fans” of the show were upset (putting it mildly) about their relationship. I feel bad for the actress who portrayed Keesha because she was bullied and called every demeaning name in the book and that was in the 80″s! It’s 2016 and this kind of hatred is still prevalent. Yeah America is a great Country, except for the racism, bigotry, entitlement, privilege and narcissistic beliefs of some of it occupants.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      That was the mid-90s but I hear ya.

    • grazelled says:

      Many of us loved Keesha and Jason. A big reason Jason Q became Jason M had nothing to do with the fans but with Steve Burton himself who was tired of playing a “good” character. I miss the all the Wards not just Keesha.

  43. Katherine says:

    It won’t be boring when Jason remembers what Franco did to him and Sam!

  44. Debbie says:

    I don’t care who he is romantically coupled with, I just want him to have ALL his memories returned. That includes when he was Jason Quartermain. I don’t want more untouchable Jason Morgan or angry Jake Doe. Reconcile the character or call it the three faces of Jason and be done with it.

  45. Showers says:

    I’m glad Jason an Liz r no longer together there were so boring all she did was cry whine an be pathetic JASON AND SAM ARE DYAMITE💣💣💣💣💣

  46. matty says:

    Does this mean he’s also recovered memories from before he was Jason Morgan and that he may reconnect with Monica too?

  47. ninergrl6 says:

    I fast forwarded through the ENTIRE episode. I. Just. Don’t. Care. Jake Doe was infinitely more interesting and sympathetic than Jason Morgan. What the show has done with Sonny/Carly/Sam/Jason over the past year is utterly uninteresting and a retread of storylines I didn’t like the first time around.

  48. Helen Williams Saddler says:

    Like him at mob enforce

  49. Pam says:

    Okay so he is going to get his memories back. Does it have to mean that he has automatically get involve in the business again? I am not a fan of Jasam, but I don’t see how his memories are going to help this relationship. They were doing just fine without them. The fact they have to bring back the mob story for him is sad. This character could have started a new again. What a wasted opportunity.

    • Mary says:

      You are assuming he is going back into the mob, which I clearly didn’t get that from yesterday’s show. His memory was about connecting to people of his past that clearly was a big part of his life. Remembering doesn’t equate to being the hit man again.

      • Pam says:

        If that was the case, why in the last few weeks we have watched Jason continuously lose his temper. What other job can he have? Well other than the savior of Sonny’s and Carly’s bad choices. Which will eventually slide him back into a hitman. Because the old Jason had no problems doing this.

  50. Liason is finally and competely DEAD! Long live Jasam! His memories today had nothing to do with Liz or her boys, it’s over folks!