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Dancing With the Stars Week 8 Recap: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

Dancing With the Stars giveth, and Dancing With the Stars taketh away.

For an unscripted reality competition that finds celebrities dressing in sparkly outfits and shimmying their way across a Los Angeles ballroom set, the ABC series can cook up some pretty dramatic plot twists.

Take, for example, the surprising elimination that capped this week’s installment. After turning in some of the season’s most emotionally poignant routines, Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin delivered her all-time best performance on Monday night, which earned her a perfect score… but couldn’t stop her from getting the boot, along with professional partner Keo Motsepe, at the end of the broadcast.

Exhibit B: The unexpected trajectory of Boyz II Men member Wanyá Morris, an early Season 22 frontrunner who has since stumbled on the dance floor, both literally and figuratively. (Curse you, prop department!)

With only six couples left in the competition, Dancing has reached that inevitable point in the season where Mirrorball shoe-ins begin to falter, and dark horses (I see you, Antonio Brown) start to make legitimate cases for the championship. That said, Monday’s episode may have been the most entertaining so far, while also managing to bring the gasp-worthy drama that fits right in during May Sweeps.

But enough of my blathering. Let’s break down the evening’s strongest and weakest routines:

Ginger Zee and pro Val Chmerkovskiy (Argentine Tango) — Sure, Ginger’s Week 6 jazz routine, set to Janet Jackson’s “Nasty,” may not have been her strongest showing. The silver lining? The GMA meteorologist clearly learned an important lesson in how to look like a badass when the dance requires it. Whereas the Janet number found Ginger grinning and smirking at moments when she needed to put her game face on, Monday’s Argentine tango was the definition of intensity from start to finish. Ginger has also developed a sizzling chemistry with Val — something I’m sure her husband loves to watch from the audience — and rather than shy away from the dance’s most sultry movements, she completely committed to making her routine the evening’s sexiest. (And that technique? Insert the iPhone’s fire emoji here.] Judges’ Score: 30/30

Jodie Sweetin and pro Keo Motsepe (Jive) — Jodie’s time on Dancing may have been cut short by the end of Monday’s broadcast, but I sincerely hope the elimination doesn’t devastate her. Looking back at Week 1 of the competition, when Jodie performed with a clenched jaw and a nervous expression, it’s clear just how much she’s improved in less than two months — and the proof was in this gospel-inspired jive, which was fast, fun and a complete joy to watch from beginning to end. Plus, if Jodie’s emotional exclamation after receiving her first perfect score — “Mommy, I did it!” — didn’t melt and/or break your heart, then I don’t know what will. Judges’ Score: 30/30

Nyle DiMarco and pro Peta Murgatroyd (Paso Doble) — As Grumpy Len Goodman might say, get your boos ready: On the whole, I didn’t think Nyle and Peta’s performance was as sharp and electric as it needed to be; if the ANTM champ wants to remain a front-runner, he and Peta need to zero in on perfecting his frame and resisting the urge to get frantic during the peak of each dance. But their decision to perform part of the number in complete silence — thus giving the audience a glimpse at what Nyle experiences as a deaf contestant — was profoundly moving and insightful. I’m not so sure that Nyle still is running away with the competition the way he once was, but when you’ve brought Carrie Ann Inaba and Erin Andrews to tears in the first 15 minutes of the show, you’ve done something right. Judges’ Score: 29/30

Wanyá Morris and pro Lindsay Arnold (Jive) — Immediately after writing this recap, I’m headed over to YouTube to rewatch Wanyá and Lindsay’s insanely good ‘N Sync-inspired jazz, in an effort to forget the heartbreaking stumbles the pair encountered on Monday. Though Lindsay blamed herself for dropping her handkerchief on the ballroom floor, thus causing Wanyá to fall out of step for several bars, the issue went deeper than that. Perhaps I was spoiled by Jodie and Keo’s phenomenal jive, but Wanyá and Lindsay’s Wild West-themed number fell flat in other areas, from the Western-esque set pieces to choreography that didn’t seem to enthuse either dancer. Judges’ Score: 25/30

And now, Monday’s full results:

Jodie Sweetin and pro Keo Motsepe
Antonio Brown and pro Sharna Burgess
Wanyá Morris and pro Lindsay Arnold

Jodie Sweetin and pro Keo Motsepe

With that, I hand it to you. Were Jodie and Keo the right choice for elimination? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. HT says:

    So sad to see Jodie go! 😭😭😭 why why why? But it’s okay. On to Fuller House season 2 please. Cause i cant wait for thattttt.

  2. Tom says:

    Wow. No. The right couple did not go home.

  3. iHeart says:

    really? they went home? say it with me everyone: HOW RUDE

  4. Linda Lou says:

    No, Jodie should not have gone home, Antonio should have….Jodie was perfect improving every week. Antonio was all over the spectrem.

    • Joylynn says:

      Antoino really should have be given the boot, him with that phony smile.

    • Steve says:

      It all comes down to the fan base and trust me Antonio has a much bigger fan base than Jodie did

      • Elvira says:

        I agree with you, fan votes and fan base size really does matter. I’ve watched this show since season 2. I’m pretty good at predicting who will go home next. Good dancers have gone home before worse dancers. Marla danced better than Von and Doug but she left sooner. Anyhow, its a great show.

  5. Sandra Badger says:

    Jodi should not have been eliminated. She was far from being the worst. So sad to see her go.

  6. knitwit says:

    Jodie should not have gone home, Wayna’ has been consistently going downhill each and every week.

    • Rafael says:

      It wasn’t Wanya’s fault for going downhill, but he’s not forfeiting yet. He’s a good dancer with a good attitude and there’s a reason why he should never forfeit right away.

      • Steve says:

        Wanya will be gone next week. Was hoping he would make the finals but in the quarter finals you can’t get low scores and expect to stay. Even if he does great next week the votes have already been determined

  7. Keirsty VernonGalvin says:

    Ginger Zee should have gone home awhile ago.

    • Rafael says:

      Ginger will go home this Monday with Antonio. Ginger’s attitude is still not improving and Antonio is having the same bad dancing technique as Jodi, IMO.

    • Laurie says:


    • Robert says:

      Right now Ginger has the best shot at the trophy. She’s way ahead of the pack.

      • Dwight says:

        no shes really not, shes not entertaining at all…Almost every winner on this show had really entertaining performances unlike her…Val just sticks to the books to get good scores and isnt creative….I see why Derek won 6 TIMES cause he isnt basic like Val. His most entertaining partners was season 16 & 15…Shes not going to win NYLE WILL WIN & maybe even Paige…her performances are far from memorable or outstanding

        • I disagree completely. I love Val’s classic style. I love the way he respect tradition and yet it still feels fresh and new. Val has his own mark. To each their own.

        • Bophrey Humgart says:

          Disagree, disagree disagree! Val may not have the often over-the-top creativity of Mark Ballas (but then, who does?) but I believe he is at least the equal of Derek in technique, choreography, and you name it, brother. I invite you to rewatch some of Val’s dances from previous seasons: his Argentine Tangoes with Meryl Davis, Zendaya, and Elizabeth Berkley, ALL of his contemporary dances, and his samba with Rumer Willis? By the book? Not hardly!! And he has experienced what Derek has not and which is undoubtedly one of the reason why Derek has had six partners who have won trophies–Val like all of the pros but Derek has experienced partners who are clearly not going to get very far in the competition, including one who appeared to be an unstable whacko. I find Derek’s choreography to be very formulaic and often designed to highlight himself instead of his partner. Of the five remaining couples, well if you include fan bases in the mix (and let’s face it–you have to!), I think any of them could go or stay. For me, it’s still too early to make a prediction as to who will win. I think Antonio is teetering on the edge of being the worst dancer left, but Jerry Rice could make it to 2nd place, so can Antonio.

          • Laurie says:

            Boy do you see things exactly the opposite from many others….Val is the pro who is given partners who already have dance experience, while Derek, in 16 seasons had at least half complete beginners, several of whom he took to the win. Val has won once, with a ringer who could dance a nice tango. He was allowed to give her tangos all but two dances (which came out so bad that the judges were told not to complain about content or tango-ness instead of the assigned dance). Val has yet to be nominated for any award, while Derek has 7 Emmy nominations and 2 wins, I will say that Val DOES try to put his partners in their best light (as does Derek), and is a great partner,dance-wise (as is Derek), but his choreography is really deficient at times (consider Rumer’s Jazz!) while Derek is known for his great, innovative choreography. I don’t know if Val ever takes any classes in other styles, but Derek does, and it shows in his evolution as a dancer and as a choreographer. So, say all you want about how great a pro Val is, but don’t cut Derek down just because he’s better at what gets rewarded on DWTS.

      • Steve says:

        She is still 4th on total points on the leaderboard

    • Jenxpaige says:

      I agree! She is not as good as the judges give her credit for.

  8. Sherry says:

    In all due respect I think the person that should have went with a guy from Boyz to Men mr. Morris. He doesn’t even hold a candle to Jodi

  9. Lori. says:

    No she should not have been eliminated at all. I am especially disgusted with how mean people were to put the blame from last week on Keo. He has been good and to blame him was just mean. Now he is going to feel like a failure. Don’t worry Keo you were an incredible and as equal in structure as all the rest of them.

    • Annie says:

      Completely agree with everything you said!

    • Laurie says:

      It is not mean to point out facts, Lori. He is not good at the DWTS pro job, and he should be in the troupe. One ought to confront one’s failures and strive to do better, not deny them and stay the same, as he has done to this point… He is not equal in the skills needed for his partners to improve, and thus he fails.

  10. Diane says:

    No, Jodie did NOT deserve to be sent home. Her improvement must have surpassed every other competitor! She should be proud and GOOD FOR YOU JODIE!!!

  11. Rafael says:

    It was not Wanya’s fault on his performance, but he’s trying not to give up yet at all and he s a better attitude to stay. I agree that Jodie was the correct one to let go because I cannot stand her negative attitude so far, no offense, IMO.

  12. susan says:

    Remember people, We are the ones who decide who goes home.

    • Carly says:

      You don’t really think that, do you? Audience call in votes are very insignificant. Not nearly as important as they would lead you to believe.

      • Nichole says:

        Really? I’ve seen the top scoring dancer go home before. I think viewer votes actually count more than they should.

  13. Laurie says:

    Is there a reason that you say nothing about Mark and Paige’s wonderful, underscored Viennese waltz? Why does everyone ignore them? – they consistently do amazingly choreographed dances to perfection and wow the judges and the audience, yet no one mentions their dances. They are, and have been the best couple out week after week. Acknowledge it!

    • Sierra says:

      I agree 100%…even when she got a perfect last week she was ignored to Ginger in almost every article or thing I saw. Paige and Mark are by far my favorite couple.

    • jj says:

      How about you you calm down and stop lying. Reread the article written by Rebecca posted here on Tvline for last week. She listed Paige as the Best of the Night (which she has in done in a few previously recaps too). Paige is being acknowledged.

    • LaDonna says:

      Agreed. At this point, with Jodie gone, I’m rooting for Paige and Nyle. Ginger is over rated, Wanya is not improving as quickly as others, and I hate Antonio’s attitude. Paige has killed every style she’s been given, improved consistently, and seems to work so hard. I’d be happy with her as the winner.

  14. Michael Ryan says:

    They say it was because of her partner that brought her down? That guy has a bad track record?

  15. MARY says:


  16. Citygirl says:

    At this point in the competition and because ALL the couples left are very good, of course the couple going to go home is NOT the right couple. They all can’t stay in the competition. Wanya was one of my favorites and if he doesn’t step it up, he will not make to the final four. For some reason, I can’t warm up to Paige (?). Maybe it’s because she is too much of a real dancer and it shows. And I don’t like Mark! I still am amazed of Nyle. Their couple routine last night was like a piece of art coming to life with the “same sex couples” dancing not even an issue. Sorry to see Jodie go but again – this is going to start happening.

    • Marilyn says:

      I agree. Love Nyle and Wanya. Paige and Mark’s dance to Tina Turner was probably the most amazing thing I have seen on DWTS. But not a fan of Mark. I miss Derrick!

  17. no Jodie shouldn’t of gone the dude from boyz to men should of

  18. Anita says:

    Just watch Wanya will go home next week and Antonios going nowhere sorry….He will make the final three…the only 2 def. Spots in the finals are Nyle & Antonio. Sorry Noone on this season can compete with a Steeler FanBase especially if the Leaderboard is that close. Paige or Ginger going home with Wanya next week.

    • Meghan says:

      Right for the people rooting for Ginger just need to hush she wont win
      1. Ginger is not entertaining nor exciting
      2. Her fanbase cant compare to no Athlete or Model
      3. Shes not even the top 3 best dancers overall this season
      4. Just because she got a perfect score doesn’t mean she not get eliminated we saw many contestants with perfect nights get eliminated especially Val partners
      5. Shes an alright dancer…she reminds me of elizabeth vals other partner boring

      • kitsunesaru says:

        I don’t see why they need to “hush”. Your opinion is that she’s not good enough, and that’s perfectly fine, but that’s no reason for people to not be able to root for her. That’s the whole point of a message board. Eerybody can discuss. Rooting for someone is all about opinion, sometimes not always following logic. Simple as that.

  19. When you have 6 excellent dancers/performers remaining in the competition, EVERY elimination will be “shocking” and “surprising.” The only other couple I was ready to see leave was Wanye and (Whitney — sniff sniff). I think the top 4 are so equally wonderful to watch and I have to say that Ginger, Nyle and Paige all knocked my socks off last night!!! This is going to be an amazing “free style” night!

  20. The voting for it is so stupid!! Why vote for someone at the beginning of the show and that person not be there next week to dance? Aren’t our votes suppose to save people from elimination that night? They really need to go back to airing the dances Monday night and the eliminations on Tuesday night. They way they have voting right now is beyond stupid.

    • Bill R says:

      I fully agree…this elimination shows exactly what is wrong with the current format (last week’s scores/votes determining this week’s eliminates). If there was a problem with the result show being overly long, then go back to a two night format, the performance show being as is, but having the next night elimination show be only a half hour rather than a full hour. That also will allow for reshowing the best of the previous night and any other “special” extras that DWTS may want to include without being overly dragged out.

    • Diane B says:

      I don’t vote so guess I’m not sure how it works. I thought, for example, that the judges votes and call-in votes from LAST WEEK were what determined who got voted off LAST NIGHT. I like only having 1 night – when it was 2 nights, I never watched it live – I recorded it and fast-forwarded thru most of it as it was mostly replaying much of the previous nights show.

      There was another music reality show that I watched a couple seasons that used the vote/scores from the previous week to determine who went home. Each week, they announced the first singer, who you then knew was not going home. One by one, they went thru all the singers until there were only 2 left – the one going home didn’t get to sing but all had to come prepared. Kind of liked that. Just my opinion!

  21. Patty Caffee says:

    Didn’t like the guys w/guys, girls w/girls dance.

    • Tom says:

      Nyle should have gone home. He gets too many sympathy votes. I think it will all boil down to Paige versus Ginger. Both of them are crackerjacks.

  22. Jordyn says:

    Wanye should have been the one to go. I think the Keo haters got confused about who they were really eliminating. Sad.

  23. SHERRI says:


  24. jsears says:

    Jodie rarely gave her professional partner. Keo, recognition for her good scores.

    • Renee says:

      You are so right..Keo is a kickbutt dancer..and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. His technique is so precise..actually up there with Derek H. But he keeps getting bad partners, and he never goes far in the completion.

      • chistosa says:

        I disagree. He is a wonderful dancer but not so wonderful a choreographer.. The jive last night was his first good choreography. I am also not sure how strong a teacher he is. His dancing is great; the rest not so much.

  25. Carol Turner says:

    I have been watching DWTS since the beginning and about this time something surprising always happens.Jodie does her best and you can tell improvement, surprises everybody and then she and Keo are eliminated. Here’s where ‘who has the biggest fan base’ enters in. Not the best improved dancer but the biggest fan base. No, I do not think the correct dancer was eliminated.

  26. Judi Bayless says:

    It is my opinion that the wrong couple was voted off…Jodie has become a remarkable dancer and met every challenge. I realize everyone wants to win, however, some of the other contestants though they dance okay, their ability is not up to hers.

  27. Craig Griffith says:

    At this point everyone is really good! No matter who goes it will be wrong from now on!

  28. Al says:

    So sad for Jodie! I was pulling for her and she was not the worst dancer last night. It’s too bad she doesn’t have the fan base like some of the other dancers. I will miss seeing her dance on Monday’s!!!

  29. Garrett says:

    It’s too bad that Jodie went home but (in my opinion) there were a few things that went against her. Again in my opinion, when the camera’s are taping during practice I would keep the drama to a minimum and refrain from swearing… too many “bleeps” tend to tick off the older crowd that don’t like it when they see sweet little Stephanie Tanner swear. Big smiles and an “I’ll try harder” attitude goes a lot farther than drama and swearing. As much as they don’t want to admit it, Keo really did not make Jodie shine, up until the last two dances. Her best dance was the switch-up night. Sorry Keo, but you should be put back with the back-up dancers. Love to see Alan as one of the pros next season. That guy always has the greatest smile on his face and is a great dancer.

    Wanya’s performance was definitely not up to par which was very sad because he’s great to watch. Not only was it the slip but he looked so uncomfortable and restricted in that costume. He looked like 10 lbs of sugar stuffed into a 5 lb bag, and he looked like he was loosing steam…. and clocking poor Lindsay in the mouth, it was just a bad week for him.

    Love Nyle and I’m blown away by him but after his smack down comparing himself to Val, he still needs to tone it down a little bit more. We get it Nyle, your gorgeous but you really don’t need to flex and pose off to the side while other celebrities are being interviewed after their dances. You’re kind of taking Derek’s place in when it comes to seeking out camera time.

    • Rafael says:

      Wanya wasn’t uncomfortable nor restricted with his costume, Garrett. What let them down last night was the accidental clumsiness of Wanya’s partner, not himself. But he shows a good attitude and works good enough with his partner along the way, overall.

  30. samantha louis says:

    I am not impressed with Ginger Zee because she has prior dance experience which gives her and edge and has given her an edge from week 1. they should have a season just for celebrities with prior dance experience and one for novices. it’s unfair for celebrities with experience to be pitted against those without. Also, Carrie Ann should not have called out Keo last week for making what she claimed is a misstep unless she is going to do it for all the pros. this morning on good morning american, Val said he made a misstep last night and on prior seasons, after being score I’ve heard Derek Hough and I think another male pro (don’t recall which) admit to making a misstep during their dance. But Carrie Ann never called them out. Just saying…do it for one…do it for all…or don’t do it.

  31. Dawn says:

    Sorry to see Jodie go but at least she went out on her best night. I don’t think Keo held her back but (and I’ve felt this with some of his other partners) he doesn’t seem as “invested” in them as he is in himself. Just my perception of his attitude when they are being interviewed after the dance by Tom or Erin, the lack of connection……..there’s just something missing with him that I see in the other pros when it comes to their relationship with their partners.

    I don’t know why some of the commenters have a problem with Ginger Zee. She has been doing a lovely job with her dances and, despite the fact that she works on ABC, she has been properly criticized when necessary. I don’t think working for an ABC show is giving her an advantage. She just has an engaging personality. I will say that my votes have been split………I just love Paige and how well she has been doing week to week. I’d love to see Paige and Ginger as the final two!!

  32. Katy says:

    Keo has a bad attitude, too full of himself, glad he went off, he should be a backup dancer

  33. melodye says:

    wrong couple went home. All I can say glad Derek Hough is not dancing, not matter who he gets he always seems to be at the end, so had he been the teacher she would still be there, I feel bad for KEO also, he is a very good dancer.

  34. Debra Rusovick says:

    NO! But this show has always been more of a popularity contest than a dancing competition.

  35. Marguerite Cuticell9 says:

    Ño they were not the right choice. I like Jodie and I really like keo.

  36. Suzi Linn says:

    The thing is no matter what score they got last night from the judges ,which this is the part everyone seems to forget , it is the scores from last week that get them elemenated. As for winners over the last season’s talent has played very little part in the winner it is popularity. With Derek gone it is either Mark or Val. This is just my opinion and there is no need for rude or distasteful comments !

  37. Ella Jasper says:

    This is why I stopped watching this show 3 years ago. It doesn’t matter who can dance or not, it’s a popularity contest. Made me too sad when the good dancers went home.

  38. J.Norman says:

    I haven’t watched this show in a long, long time.

    How is it judged? The team that got eliminated had a perfect score.
    Does the audience voting count for enough to wipe out judges scores?

  39. Betty Townsend says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! She was so much better of a dancer than Antonio (can’t believe Wanya was in bottom 3 too)! America got it wrong again….it’s NOT a popularity contest….it’s a dancing contest…vote for the best dancer (I did)!

  40. Kim R says:

    Great night of dancing. I loved Mark and Paige as well as the top 2 listed in the article. I do agree with the summary of Nyle and Peta. The silent section was really impactful but he did have some frame issues. I am getting an impression of Nyle as being a little full of himself and it is growing every week. I hope I’m wrong but it is the feeling I’m being left with after he speaks.

  41. Rafael says:

    I would also say that Julianne Hough leaving DWTS last season was the #1 cause of making bad judgings this season. There should be 4 judges, not 3, for this season in order for the good contestants to stay and bad contestants to leave.

  42. katherine says:

    Compared to a couple of others, she should still be there, but I am so proud of her for making it this far.

  43. toughsynic says:

    What a miscarriage of justice! jodie Sweetin was one of the three best dancers on the DWTS celebrity rostrum In addition she was the most personable. She had the highest scores, certainly well above Antonio who blundered through almost every week. Add to that his deadpan personality. I have not believed in the so called “audience choices” for years as this is not the first time this kind of unfairness has occurred.

  44. Beth says:

    No, Jodie wasn’t the one who should have been eliminated. I have really enjoyed watching her. She has such a wonderful attitude and a beautiful smile. I was really rooting for her and will miss seeing her dance.

  45. Been saying it the whole season – this season’s is anyone’s to win! This week proved it. Stumbles, rude comments and perceived made pro pairings are all coming into play. Like it or not, anyone can leave (I was worried for Nyle after the humble pie he had to eat) and now Wanya better watch out – that stumble could cost him.

    I wanted Jodie to stay but who else could leave? The last NFL player has all those votes now and he was excellent this week. Ginger? She is killing it lately and that dance was HOT (plus Val pulls in his own votes). Paige? She has taken Mark’s inventive choreography to a new level (the girl can dance and emote).

  46. pickles says:

    Ginger Zee looks so much like Stacy Dash esp after make up.

  47. Hope says:

    I did not get to see the show at all Comcast provider did not give a reason but no ABC viewing between 8-10 on Monday

  48. Georgia says:

    The wrong person did go home. Should have been Antonio. I was shocked.

  49. PATRICIA Giroux says:

    I thought Jodie and Leo did a fantastic fun performance full of energy and fun. They looked comfortable and relaxed with their dance. Booo for sending them home.

  50. Jodie and Keo should not have gone home. Jodie has grown so much with dances she’s never done in her life, people! Wanya is faltering; he should have gone home.

    • Rafael says:

      Jodie does not have enough good attitude in order to rebound and survive as Wanya. Even if Wanya faltered and it wasn’t his own fault, Wanya rebounds immediately with a good attitude. He’ll return this Monday and he can bounce back and fix his mess correctly.

      • Steve says:

        Yes he can and probably will but if he is eliminated it’s because of his poor scores and lack of fan vote, just like Jodie this week. Doesn’t matter what anyone does this coming week whoever the 2 to be eliminated are it was finalized l at night

        • Rafael says:

          Wanya started with the good leading experience on weeks 1-6, but It is still not his fault. I think his partner is trying hang on gaining some more publicity along the way. Wanya rebounds with a good attitude than Ginger and as long as he obeys and respects his partner in the meantime.

          • Steve says:

            Still hoping Wanya makes it to the finals. Hope he does a great Charleston with Lindsay and also the Paso with Lindsay and Witney
            Hope he has the fan votes to make it and he has the judges votes throughout the year even though he was at the bottom last week he is still 3rd in judges vote
            Ginger is behind him followed by Antonio Hope the fans rewarded him