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Bates Motel Norma Dies

Bates Motel Bosses Explain That 'Devastating' Twist

If you have yet to watch Monday’s Bates Motel, check out (ha!) of this story now before it’s too late

Bates Motel unleashed the mother of all plot twists in Monday’s penultimate Season 4 episode. At least we think it did.

During the hour’s haunting final act, Norman (Freddie Highmore) set out to take a forever nap with mom Norma (Vera Farmiga) as carbon monoxide filled her bedroom. His murder-suicide plot — which played out against the world’s creepiest version of “Mr. Sandman” — was thwarted when Alex (Nestor Carbonell) barged into the quasi gas chamber and dragged both of their lifeless bodies into the oxygenated hallway. His timing proved fortuitous for Norman, who quickly came to. Norma, however, did not respond to his relentless resuscitation efforts. At least she hadn’t by the time the episode concluded, leaving open the slight possibility that next week’s season finale could kick off with a miracle.

Should Norma fail to spring back to life, then Bates Motel would essentially be embracing its tragic Psycho roots with an entire season still in front of it. Exec producer Carlton Cuse promises that the life-or-death question hovering over Norma “gets answered next week,” adding, “We designed [the finale] to be the emotional response to [Episode 9]. We don’t really want to say anything too specific because it would spoil [the finale].”

The shocking sequence came at the end of an episode in which Bates‘ matriarch received ample warnings — from both Alex and elder son Dylan — that Norman was on the verge of a potentially deadly psychotic break. But she simply wasn’t hearing it, especially not in the wake of her lover’s betrayal. “Anybody that goes behind your back to do something as gigantic as getting your kid committed, their trust would be pretty burned up at that point,” fellow EP Kerry Ehrin explains. “And the thing that she loved about Alex was the trust.”

As it is, the deck was already stacked in Norman’s favor. As Ehrin maintains, “When it was really Norman against Romero — even though Romero is the healthy choice — I think that Norma’s mental fragility [and] her history made her cling to Norman.”

Highmore, meanwhile, calls his character’s actions “sad but understandable” before noting, “This is what he genuinely feels is the best for both of them.”

So, what do you think, Bates mates? Do you think Cuse and Ehrin will send Norma to her rocking-chair grave with 11 episodes still left?

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  1. Morgan says:

    I had a feeling they’d go this direction, even with an entire season left. The fact that I knew it was coming didn’t lessen the tension at all. The show is just that good.

    • Yes! Definitely even though I knew it was coming, the way it was executed was EXCELLENT! This show is so well done!

    • Angela says:

      Same here. I could actually FEEL my heart pounding during that last sequence-I love how they make use of the creepy house, especially when it’s completely dark (I liked the moment earlier in the episode when Norman just kind of eerily appeared from the shadows as he entered the doorway to Norma’s room). And god, Romero…I was literally begging him to get inside that house as soon as humanly possible.
      The part that freaked me out the most, though, had to be when Norman turned his head to look at Romero as he started sobbing and cradling Norma in his arms. Good freaking lord, the look in his eyes…that sent SERIOUS chills through me. If there was any doubt left that Norman had gone completely to the dark side, that expression in his eyes completely obliterated those doubts.
      As for whether or not Norma’s actually dead, I’d assumed her death was going to happen next season instead of this one. If this is indeed the official end for her, then expected though it was, it will still be sad because I just plain love her character. But fortunately, as someone else pointed out in this comment section, Vera can still be around for the moments when Norman interacts with the “Mother” side of his personality, so that’s something. And I’ll be VERY interested to see how all of this will set us up for the final act of Norman’s evolution into a psycho next season as a result.
      If this is not the end yet for Norma, however, and they do indeed wind up killing her next season, then I’ll just sit here nervously waiting to see what new method Norman will try to get rid of her.

      • GARY BRYANT says:

        I felt the same as you!! Your accounts of what happened are excellent!! I also had a sickening, creepy feeling that something terrible was going to happen! Hopefully Norma is not dead!! Thank You for your comments!!!

      • Angie Hansis says:

        I think she will be killed but still portrait by Norman when he takes over her character.

      • Jeannine Theakos says:

        Couldn’t have said it better

      • rena rogers says:

        I sure hope she does not die…I have seen the original movie..And yeah Norman was an older man in the movie then he is now…And the remains of his mother in the movie had her looking elderly by the way she was dressed sitting as a skeleton in a rocking chair…In the movie I never saw how she was killed or if Norman did it or not…I think I saw on one of the clips in the old movie referring to Norman killing his mother and her boyfriend…I can’t remember exactly……Norma makes the show to me…If she dies…Then I think I would lose interest in it…I think that this series could NOT follow the movie to closely..Because there is a big age difference between Norman now and the movie!

    • alistaircrane says:

      I’m pretty sure Norma is alive. This is just another fake out like The Walking Dead wanted us to think Glenn was dead.
      I don’t think she will die just yet. Remember, in Psycho, no one knows Norma is actually dead.

      • Ute Ross says:

        I hope so we want more seasons PLEASE.

        • Keith says:

          From what I have read, the shows creators have only envisioned 5 seasons to tell this prequel story to “Psycho”, so unfortunately next season most likely will be it’s last.

        • GARY BRYANT says:

          I highly agree, I have all the DVDs awaiting the release of Season 4, I am a true fan of this great show!! Lets hope there are even more seasons though season 5 will probably be the last, hope not!!!

      • Squared says:

        The townspeople in the film DO know Norma is dead.

      • JohnnyBravo says:

        yeah they made a fakeout for glenn but he still got his brains bashed in by meagen.

      • In the movie they do know Norma is dead remember, when they are speaking to the sheriff to tell him they went to the Bates Motel to find her sister, they saw the mother in the window, he tells them the story of Norma and her husbands death at the hands of Norman!!!!

      • yes if she dies then Romero would have to die also.. so no witnesses.. and Norman needs to hone his taxidermy skills a bit more. lolol.

        • RB says:

          If you guys paid attention, EMTs and probably the fire department show up at the end of the episode, so if she dies, there are PLENTY of witnesses…

      • The producers are taking liberties, so whatever you think you know, will prob be different.

      • Merry says:

        In Psycho everyone knows she is dead, they don’t know than Norman stole her body and kept it in her room.

      • Susan Nardi says:

        Good point!

      • Cheyenne says:

        They know very well she died ten years earlier. What they don’t know is how she died, or that Norman pickled her for posterity.

      • wendy says:

        Please let her be alive! I can’t deal with this crap lol I don’t think she is because there was that preview where we saw her being arrested – and we haven’t seen that! so they either cut that out or it’s going to be – it haaaasss to be in the next ep!! Or I’m in denial :( I haven’t watched psycho – i only know about the shower scene (everyone knows that lol) what do you mean no one knows?

        • John B says:

          Oh, I envy you Wendy.
          DO NOT watch the Psycho films until this show ends. You are in for some great Hitchcock-ian mind-bending fun.
          AM I right people?

      • In Psycho, everyone local knew she was dead. We the audience did not know she was dead.
        When they went to the local police, they said that Norman’s mother was buried.

      • anne says:

        In the original Psycho movie, EVERYONE in town knew that Norman’s mother was deceased. Us, as viewers (along with Marion) didn’t know she was dead.

      • Wilma Pucci says:

        @ alistaircrane: i would really like if is like in TWD, but how can you say that?!? Glenn was disappeared, so everybody of us knewn that was a fake death….
        but not Norma. Norma was in the morgue! : (

        I guess that the direction of the show is to be a prequel of the movie…. and explain how Norman is becomed what is it.

        I think that Norman will apply the taxidermy on Norma, if the detective will not discover something before about Norman…

        don’t forget that Dylan doesn’t know nothing about Norma’s death, and must come out that Norman killed Emma’s mom!!

        Probably Norman could go in jail, at the end of the show… with the sentence of 2 homicides: Emma’s mom and his mother.

        Now is just earning time, meanwhile Romero is with the DEA, but the blond detective is not a stupid. She observed very well Norman during their conversation, and surely she’s thinking that Norman has something wrong.

    • I figured she wouldn’t die until next season.

    • Jason Sheedy says:

      I was initially disappointed when Norma died, thinking that was the end of her character, but of course I soon understood that she will live on, albeit in Norman’s mind. The next season will be interesting since it brings us closer to the Norman Bates we know from the films, but it won’t just be a redo of the film. Rather, I’m sure it will provide a much fuller picture the goings on inside Norman’s psychotic mind in ways which the films never explored.

  2. It’s exactly what I thought was the “game changer” that was referred to…in a way, I hope I sticks, and then we have the setup for the last season showing how Norman gets to the “Psycho” version of himself…we could still see Vera as Norman truly commits to his “mother” side in his mind.

  3. Matt C. says:

    Those last 10 minutes were truly worth the hype. I was on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding! And then when it ended, I just stared at my TV with my jaw dropped in complete shock. Here I was thinking Dylan, Emma or Alex would die in this episode, but not NORMA! Hopefully she gets resuscitated next week…but either way, the show will never be the same after what Norman has done. We’re spiraling towards the finish line, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!!

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Wow!! That was amazing!!

  5. John says:

    It wasn’t too hard to guess since they’ve been advertising this episode as containing some sort of shocking twist. I REALLY wish the networks would stop doing that. Just run the episode and let us be surprised for God sakes.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That’s one of the reasons why I don’t watch show previews and ff through all comms.

    • drhenning says:

      The idea of advertising is to get people to watch who may not.. sorry you watched them..

      • John says:

        I don’t think that anyone who has sat out the last 3.75 seasons would choose now to jump in, regardless of advertising.

        • Leslie Wood says:

          That’s exactly why I jumped in! After seeing a commercial last week, I decided to watch it and it was so good I binged on it all week and am now waiting for the season finale!

    • Bill says:

      Yes this exactly. I wouldn’t have watched so early. I didn’t get spoiled before I watched but I figured either someone died ( I thought Romero) or I was thinking Norman and Norma (gasp) had sex

  6. Terri says:

    What’s wrong with Norma – I would leave my husband for Alex!

    • candace hickman says:

      Yep…me a heartbeat….but u have to remember, Norma is definitely not “normal”. After her harrowing childhood and abusive marriage she is severely damaged. Maybe bipolar? Explaining her manic creative spells, I.e. sewing curtains, shopping for new clothes to go bar hopping, buying the car. Granted, Romero is fine enough to shock most girls in or out of craziness, but Norma has a special kind of crazy. LOL

    • wendy says:

      Ooooh myyy yeesss – NESTOR/ ALEX IS YUMMY HAHAHA You’d have to be cccrrrazzzy not to hahhaha

    • Linda Hitt says:

      Me too, I just wait one day and watch it on Amazon. I cannoticed stand the ruins it for me.

  7. M Jessie says:

    In the movie Psycho Norman killed his mother, so, if the writers want to stay true to the film, Norma’s going to have to die at some point.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Really? :-) :-)

    • Piper Cavender says:

      He poisons both his mother and husband in the Psycho movie. So I hope they stay true to the movie. Even though I love Alex. Yummy lol

      • ? says:

        I think Alex dies. Everyone assumes Alex and Norma ran off together because he was under investigation by the FBI, leaving Norman behind because they were tired of dealing with his issues. It’s a reasonable thing for people to think that leaves Norman in the position he was in at the start of Psycho. The only question is what happens with him having killed Emma’s mother? I’d have believed her and Dylan could have ridden off into the sunset if not for that . . . the setup needs to be paid off somehow.

      • Jim Young says:

        Thanks for this. I thought he had killed them both.

    • Eduardo says:

      From what the creators have said in interviews its likely that the Psycho setup gets done in this season finale (maybe Norman killing Romero and making it seem like a homicide-suicide like in the movie, perhaps ending with a scene of Norman stuffing Normas body). Most intesting part i think will be what to do with the Dylan character, since its non canon. Reminds me of a theory floating around that Dylan is the one who becomes the movie Norman.

      • Bwhit says:

        I see Emma and Dylan as the hope of the entire Bates motel universe, that yes this story is so twisted but something good did happen from Norma and Norman going to White Pine Bay…. Norma moving there and Dylan following them and eventually finding Emma was the only real good thing she did for him. I don’t see Dylan being that, it horrifies him to think what Norman is and has done, he’s had to protect himself but he has too much humanity and good in him to become that character in my opinion.

    • Jim Young says:

      In the movie they say he killed his mother and her they not?

  8. Sharon Gigliotti says:


    • Holly says:

      I agree..I felt sick to my stomach..I love her & cannot watch the show if she’s dead..

    • Lucia Antonelli says:

      If Norma dies, she will come back as Normans alter ego. Afterall, they showed Norman slipping I to her character se real times. They may be prepping us for Noe man’s final taxidermy creation!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Norma!

  9. Carrie says:

    It’s not Bates Motel without Norma Bates!! Period she makes this show the heartbeat….

  10. Jennifer says:

    Unfortunately I’m not hopeful for her to be alive. only has her for 39 episodes and Freddie for 40. :( heartbreaking to see Romero at the end

    • vera says:

      it only shows 39 right now because the 40th episode hasnt aired yet!!!

    • Kim Francis says:

      She’ll still be there; Norman has a split personality. We will likely see more of Vera.

    • Jamie says:

      If you look at nestor carbonell’s IMDb, he only has 36 episodes listed and he has made it through 39. I was worried they were killing him because of that but I just think they are incorrect.

      • Kaleigh says:

        It only lists the actual episodes he has acted in. It’s very possible that he’s not been in all 39 episodes aired thus far.

    • wendy says:

      ggaaah omg that’s coz they don’t know!! they’re not addicted like us to bates motel lol – she wasn’t waking up so – dead is all they thought. like on once upon a time the other night – robin died and my sister told me and i was like oh well…whatever lol didn’t care to much for the actor any who lol

  11. Jane says:

    Bates Motel you’re killing me! I love these characters! Maybe not Norman. So upset with tonight’s episode! Have to say this is a great show and it will hurt when it ends!!

    • Tracey Neubauer says:

      It hurts already. Norma gone, please say it isn’t so. But she could always come back in Norman’s imagination, so we can still see her. I love this show, but I know it can’t go on forever. This is so awesome

    • I totally agree! It was so emotional, I cried! My husband thought I was crazy. I love this program! The characters all work so well together, I sure hate to see it end. If there is a way to continue, please do!

  12. Chris says:

    I live this show , I can’t wait each week to see what happens next

  13. A. D. says:

    Wow…they killed it tonight!

  14. George says:

    One thing I can’t understand is Norman lights the furnace which obviously emits carbon monoxide and he closes the vents except the one in the room which would obviously kill you. My point is if he didn’t close the vents, wouldn’t the whole house fill up with carbon monoxide?

    • Nicole says:

      If you remember the previous episode they had a guy fixing the furnace because it was broke, (remember the house being very cold). Norman was on the stairs listening to the technician talking to Norma, so that’s where he got the idea.

    • Sandy says:

      And wasn’t all the stolen money in the furnace also in the case ? All gone now if it were :(

  15. N says:

    I hope it is not, nor do i think this is a fake out. Normas death makes sense entering the final season and it would serve to give Alex and Dylan a purpose for next season, that being getting Norman committed. Once Dylan finds out about Norma, I sadly don’t see him ending up in Seattle. Even if investors figure out the carbon monoxide was no accident, The letter Norma wrote will make it seem like Norma planned the Murder-Suicide, thus getting Norman off the hook. The only question I have is what was Norma planning when she wrote the note for Alex, it seemed like a goodbye note which she left on the night stand, so was she planning to take off with Norman, it just seemed as though she wasn’t planning ti see Alex again.The great thing is Vera Farmiga still gets to be on the show via Normans visions. Now, the final comment/ question i have is was Norman trying to commit suicide because he realized, after finding the robe and putting it on, what he had become, or was he simply trying to ensure him and Norma would be together forever and escape all the chaos going on? At first i figured he was just trying to kill Norma, but after he laid down with her I wasn’t sure what his rationale was.

  16. Bwhit says:

    I thought he would do this since the beginning of the season… Not the gassing but attempt to kill/kill her and next season Vera will be ‘mother’. I’m just catching my breath… They shoot these scenes so well. It’s going to be hard to prove Norman did that so he can run the hotel and fully become the monster he is. It’s brilliant because the psychiatrist has a soft spot for Norman so it will basically will be Alex trying to prove it and his credibility is shot because of the investigation of Bob Parrish and Dylan may be too devastated to back it up because he too has a soft spot for his little brother. This show does not get the recognition it so richly deserves.

  17. Connie marsh says:

    I love this show. I look so forward to every episode. I love Norma. She is awesome. Please don’t kill her off…yet!

  18. I have a feeling she’s really dead :( They could continue the entire next season with her because she’s Norman’s other personality. We’ll still have the actress, just not her character. I hope I’m wrong, but it can happen even if it seems “too soon” for her to die, especially because we won’t lose her completely.

  19. Filla says:

    IF Norma is indeed dead, I will really miss all her screaming and awkward, funny moments like how she responded to Romero “Well, are you dead?!”.
    Vera will probably still be on the show even if Norma is dead but Vera as Norman will never have those moments so I really hope she is not dead YET because moments like that are the one I really love about the show.

  20. Steve says:

    In a sign of quality writing, they have been foreshadowing this event in the last few episodes. First, norma and norman had no heat, which was why they started sleeping in the same bed, then Norma found out the furnace was broken and become a hazard, then, and I could be wrong, but Didnt Alex hide his bag of money in the furnace. It seems all season they complained about how cold it was in the house and Norman finally turned on the heat That’s great writing and a sign that this was the plan for awhile..

  21. They have to embrace the Psycho roots, otherwise, what’s the point? It’s the very reason I watch this show. I wouldn’t even consider it a shocking twist. I expected it before the series began. How can you not?

  22. Cheyenne says:

    I’m numb. I’m just NUMB!

  23. Steve says:

    The show is really about Norma . She will be back .

  24. JM says:

    I knew this was coming, and yet I’m still wiping my tears in shock. This show is so good, it’s heartbreaking.

    • Angela says:

      I actually got a lump in my throat during the entire sequence with Norma mourning the end of her relationship with Romero. Just the way she broke down while standing at the fridge, and the look on her face as she wrote her letter…I wanted to hug her!

  25. Sandy Deaven says:

    So so sad! But…brilliant at the same time. Norma is my favorite character but also knew this was coming. what a blindside! Mind still blown!

  26. tina says:

    This show is awesome I’ve watched it from day 1.. I think Dylan is adorable…. he looks alot like my son.. No we aren’t like Norman n Norma…lol. I think they are all incredible actors and I don’t know if the shows won awards but it sure should. I know Norma will still be on the show if she dies.. But I’m hoping she doesn’t. When she was staring in the fridge this episode I thought sure there was a head or something in it. I knew for sure when Norman overheard the furnace guy say how dangerous it was that he would gas somebody..

    • Bwhit says:

      If anyone should be screwed up royally its Dylan, but nope he’s the most normal of the bunch…. I adore him!

  27. Nia says:

    I think if norma dies this soon in the seasons it won’t feel the same. I dont know if it would be as good. Just saying i been with bates since day 1 norma is the light of the show.

  28. Gwen says:

    Yes, Norma is gone but will be seen as Norman’s alter ego. Great way to make it all about Norman’s PSYCH..O!

  29. Dan says:

    I always knew this day was going to come. What I didn’t expect was to fall completely head over heels in love with Norma by the time it happened. Hats off to Vera Farmiga for playing her so superbly. Even if she will still be around to play “Mother” next season, this undoubtedly changes the entire landscape for the show. As it should. You can’t have a proper “Psycho” prequel without telling Norman’s origin story, after all.

    • candace hickman says:

      I so agree with you! I have fallen in love with Norma too! Vera Farmiga should win all the awards available! Brilliant actress!

  30. Joyce says:

    I’m in shock with tears running down my face! My heart is breaking for Alex. This episode made me run for my phone to find out wth just happened!
    I really hate to see this show come to an end. I Understand sticking to the movie history. The writers are artist and the actors are the best.:( I feel like it was a semi mini series.

  31. K says:

    I don’t know if I can handle a whole season with just Norman. Norma is the show for me. I hope she’s at least around in his hallucinations.

    • Jamie says:

      Could not agree more. Norman has been driving me nuts this season, acting like a spoiled little brat. Norma is the show!

  32. Agh! Can’t believe I have to wait until tomorrow morning when it’s on iTunes to watch. This sucks!

  33. Spence says:

    Oh. My. God! Of course, I suspected this would come eventually, but the writing, acting and directing of this season has made every single thing that much more exilerating, terrifying, and shocking. Seriously this season better get some Emmy love.

  34. Chris says:

    Even if she IS dead, she can still be in every episode since he becomes her and listens to her anywya

  35. Amy Pellerin says:

    I have never missed an episode of Bates Motel. After all Norma has done to protect Norman, she finally found happiness with Romero. Norman was safe at Pine Vies but as an avid Bates fan, I knew she couldn’t say No to him coming home. She loves him so much she is blind to his problems. I will be devastated if Norma does not survive the carbon monoxide poisoning. Norman, obviously unstable, wanted to seal their fate together. If She does not make it to the final season I will be seriously disappointed. I will still watch the episode 10 of season 4 of coarse, and anxiously wait another year for a last season. It’s not based on the film “Psycho” for nothing!

  36. Perry says:

    If they stick the landing next year – which I think they will – this will go down as one of the greatest television shows of all time. Kudos to everyone involved.

  37. Quantumnerd says:

    Omg! I just saw “Forever” and I’m freaking out !! I don’t want Norma to be dead !! I’m in shock, that was an amazing episode! Oh I can’t wait to find out what happens next week !!

  38. LAwoman says:

    Wow. I love this show so much. Norma (in Norman’s psychotic mind) will still be around.

  39. Kim Francis says:

    I knew this was coming and still enjoyed every moment. The twist was not what I expected.

  40. Lauren says:

    This is easily one of the best shows on television. So consistently edge-of-your-seat incredible. I had an inkling they’d kill Norma before the end of this season but it was still heartbreaking to witness, especially after seeing her so happy with Romero. I almost wish she had known that Norman was the one to kill her, but I’m also happy she never had to go through that pain. If only Norman had stayed at Pineview, but at least Norma had those weeks of happiness with Alex.
    I just hope Dylan and Emma make it out of the series alive. That’s all I hope for at this point. But whatever happens, what an incredible show. I know the writers will end it right.

  41. Vicki DeArmey says:

    It’s hard to believe that Norma would be dead with 11 episodes left but how she would come back to life after this last episode beats me….I can imagine her dying later, because doesn’t Norman put his taxidermy skills to use again?

  42. Tanja says:

    Alex will probably be so mad and go for Norman. With Norman’s luck he will probably push Alex down the stairs and then Norma will gasp for air and make a comeback, thinking Norman saved her or something.!

    • Linda Hitt says:

      What an interesting thought. This really does make sense as sad as it would be. This is complerely different than what everybody has said here. If that wouldn’t bring Norma to hate Norman, nothing will! Cant wait for next.week!

  43. Susan says:

    I have never in my life watched a better show than this. These people who have created, directed, written and acted in this series have just surpassed anything I’ve seen. I hope and pray that they take on another series next year and maybe start making movies — the ones I’ve seen at the theaters lately could use this writing team’s help! Love this show — hate to see it end. Who knew everyone was going to fall in love with Norma Bates!

  44. Jo jo says:

    This show is so well written. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Norma could very well be dead if Norman gets thru this and runs the motel what a lot of psycho stories can come forth with his going back and forth with poor Norma sitting in a wheelchair as a corpse. Congrats to the writers. And the splendid acting from all the cast

  45. Erica says:

    No…no no. Please don’t kill Norma yet!!!
    Let there be few more episodes before her unenviable death. We all know she does die and spend the rest of her decay in a rocking chair but not yet. Please! !?.
    I am soooooo very xcited for next week!!
    Norman Alex Norma I love them all great characters and of course Dylan and his new love. Bates #1!!!!!

  46. The way the Real Psycho movie goes, Norman kills his mother AND her husband in her bed. It will be inevitable that Norman will kill them to follow truth to the real story line. The ending will simply show Norman running the motel alone, when some woman checks in who steals money from her boss, and Norman killing her and finally getting put away for good. IMO it would be more satisfying if Norman gets locked up for good before he kills his mother, but we will have to wait and see if the writers want to “change” the outcome.

  47. No, it doesn’t end here, Norman will probably kill his mother and Alex if she lets him get out again. I don’t think any one can stop Norman.

  48. Norma will continue to give Norman more chances and he will keep getting out of Pine View until he finally kills her and Alex.

  49. Karen says:

    I refuse to believe that Norma is already dead! Especially with 11 episodes left.

  50. They are doing a John Snow, I feel Norma has to be present until Norman wacks her on the head with a shovel.