The Good Wife Series Finale Recap: 'Nothing's Ever Over – Remember That'


For a series that’s been wordy with legalese, stump speeches, sarcasm and courtship, The Good Wife‘s 156th and final episode sure came with a pithy title.

It’s fitting, though.

After seven seasons — the first five of which were brilliant, the last two which were a little less so — Alicia Florrick and her cohorts have to be channeling Mary J. Blige on her greatest hit, ready to explode with a refrain of “I’m tired of all the drama!” They’ve experienced love, lust and heartbreak, faced imprisonment, political humiliation and horrific loss, and clung to their little scraps of happiness.

Nevertheless, I’ve got to admit to some shock — and more than a little disappointment — with the concluding chapter of one of my favorite network dramas of all time. In fact, I’ll have a separate essay expanding on these feelings, which will post tomorrow morning right here at TVLine. But for now, let me give you a “just the facts” recap of Season 7, Episode 22.

* Just as Alicia and U.S. Attorney Connor Fox have hashed out a plea deal putting Peter behind bars for two years, the jury comes back with a question: They want to hear the 911 call in the case where Peter’s been accused of pushing for a mistrial in a murder case of a wealthy donor’s son. Just like that, Alicia, Lucca, Jason & Co. are in Classic Lockhart-Gardner Frenzy Mode — looking for a loophole to keep Peter out of jail. And much of it hinges on a ringtone buried beneath the scary tape of the victim’s pleas for help.

* Lucca pushes Alicia to thank Jason for figuring out the ringtone clue — “you tend to confuse responsibility and love,” she points out, asking her pal who she truly wants to come home to at night. When Alicia is done with her day, she fantasizes about arriving in her kitchen and finding Jason… Peter… Will? Oh yes, Will. Their kiss is the hottest thing we’ve seen on this show since Kalinda’s boots walked off into the sunset. The two of them reminisce (in Alicia’s mind, anyway) and it’s sad and beautiful and sexy all at once. “Nothing’s ever over — remember that,” he tells her of Peter’s case, but maybe about everything. And it makes me desperately want Alicia to end up as a single woman when the hour is over — holding out for this kind of easy, breezy chemistry, rather than something politically convenient or enigmatically short on words.

* Meanwhile, as Peter meets with a top donor to quell his nerves, he learns Eli’s been pushing all of their big-money contributors to send their cash to Alicia’s coffers — since her approval ratings remain high as ever. (Remember when Courtney Paige paid to fund that study in the first half of the season.) Peter’s enraged, but Eli reminds him he’s damaged goods no matter how the trial ends, and it’s hard to argue against. The only problem is Alicia has no idea what’s afoot.

* The best scene of the hour finds Connor Fox trying to appeal to Alicia’s softer side — he shares how many years ago, when they met at a conference, they shared an easy repartee, and now there are few laughs to be had. Alicia is infuriated by the direction in their conversation, and reminds the U.S. Attorney that he’s got her husband on trial. Give him a one-year plea, she says, “and I’ll work up a demure smile for you.” Her example of said expression might land Julianna Margulies an Emmy nod for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series — I kid you not!

* The most upsetting scene of the hour finds Alicia and Diane in a brutal showdown. After they learn the bullets in the case prove Peter’s donor’s son was actually guilty, it behooves them to discredit Diane’s husband Kurt on the stand. Diane says it’s a strategic mistake, Alicia argues it’s the only way to zealously defend Peter, and Diane’s response is, “Then have Peter fire me.” Instead, Alicia has Lucca blindside Kurt on the stand — bringing up his affair with Blonde Ballistics Chick and prompting Diane to exit the courtroom in tears. Is this the all-female partnership we’ve been hearing so much about? Blerg!

* Peter agrees to take Connor’s one-year probation deal — but with the caveat that he must step down from office — and asks Alicia to stand by his side during his press conference. She quickly agrees, but in another fantasy sequence with Will, he tells her to go to Jason, make it work… except Scruffy McNoncommittal isn’t answering his cell. Alicia tells him “It’s over” — that Peter’s taking a deal, Grace is going to school and she needs to see him.

* At the press conference, Alicia thinks she sees Jason in the shadows, and as Peter reaches for her hand to end his moment in front of the media, she heads straight for the alleyway to find her man. Except… maybe he wasn’t there at all? Maybe it was just a guy from catering. Peter’s calling to her, but she’s not listening. When she turns around, standing in front of her, it’s Diane, who offers a crisp, brutal slap to her sometimes protege, sometimes partner. Alicia is devastated physically and emotionally, then adjusts her jacket and strides back toward her uncertain future. Architects, please hold the order on that “Lockhart-Florrick & Associates” signage.

What did you think of The Good Wife series finale? Grade the episode — and the series as a whole — in our polls, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Bryc says:

    I ADORE Lucca, but Kalinda should have been the one to give Alicia the “talk to Jason” talk. Will’s appearance was pretty flawless—I especially love that she closed her bedroom door as if to say that this is her most private desire. I never thought I like like “I’ll love you forever” could make me cry, but Marguiles hit so strongly as usual. That ending though… What? I like it because Alicia finally got away from Peter and that it suggests that a woman’s story isn’t as easy as happily ever after, but I definitely understand Marguiles’ comments earlier in the week. More than anything, I’m just happy this show was ever on at all, because it’s really been one of TV’s finest.

    • cary agos says:

      dude, dude, dude. I am sooo disappointed. The creators just gave a giant middle finger to all their loyal fans that were expecting a good ending – heck, AN ending. I give the episode an “Incomplete” grade, because they did not finish the assignment. Even Alicia walking outside to see Jason kissing Kalinda would have been SPECTACULAR compared what we saw. wut happens now, lol?? Looks like the writing for “Brain Dead” already started!!

      • What is an ending for a TV show?

        Every character dying is the only “ending” you can have. Everything else leaves it in the imagination of the viewers.

        This wasn’t how I wanted the show to conclude, but it did serve its purpose. Every character has their flaws and we know they’re going to continue fighting and switching firms on an annual basis. The way it should be. It wouldn’t make sense if Alicia and Diane’s last moment was them getting along because we know that wouldn’t last, just like them fighting won’t last forever either.

        • cary agos says:

          Ok, so philosophically, I am inclined to accept your question on a literary basis. “Open-ended twists are closure, life goes on, and so on…” However, how intellectual can it really be, if you’re struggling to make it out of the TOP 10 WORST FINALES ever written list? There’s a reason Charles Dickens and Seinfeld made it big; they didn’t screw around when it came to wrapping things up. I mean, could you imagine if Star Wars IV ended with just firing the proton torpedoes?? I guess you’d really have to!! A writer should live and die with the final chapter. It is literally their job as an author to wrap things up — It doesn’t have to have a bow, it just has to HAVE AN ACTUAL ENDING! debate me, you urchin! :)

      • Tom says:

        Jason kissing Kalinda would not have been spectacular and would have made absolutely no sense.

        • cary agos says:

          SARCASM, buddy. Obviously, Kalinda could never return because those 2 actresses despise one another and can’t even stand to be in the same room. ANYTHING would have been better off than the lame ending, where if you don’t get it, you’re supposed to go have it explained to you!

  2. Frank says:

    worse finale EVER!

    • Eli Edwards says:

      gut reaction, but reflection might speak otherwise…

    • Chester says:

      I am so glad that Tvline me wrote this recap. Now I don’t have to watch and can imagine my own ending.

      • Eurydice says:

        You can watch the show and still imagine your own ending. Kurt might not have had an affair, or Diane might forgive him or they might break up. The Alicia/Diane partnership might be over or maybe Diane will want to take advantage of Alicia’s new political power. Or maybe Alicia will start her own firm again or join Canning or run for office – anything can happen there. And Jason might come back or he might not. The only thing we really know for sure is that Alica and Peter are getting a divorce.

        • shilohblue1 says:

          My electric went out right when Diane slapped Alicia so I have no idea what happened after that would some kind person please tell me thank you.

          • Karen says:

            Alicia dried her eyes and walked down the corridor. That’s it.

          • Kate says:


          • cary agos says:

            ahhhh, you must have been rightly chapped. That used to happen to me all the time when watching this show, especially after missing the start due to overrun football games. looks like this time you got the better version, tho :-)

          • Tracy288 says:

            It wasn’t “nothing”. She dried her eyes, she straightened her shoulders and her back and her jacket – and the she strode back towards the press and you knew she was ready to take questions and handle herself the way Will would have wanted her to.

        • Morisot says:

          ^THIS^ I thought it was one of the better series finales I’ve seen. It truly allows you to imagine your own ending for it, if you like. And it screamed “GOOD WIFE” !

          • lkh says:

            Thank you. I really think it was perfect. She’s tough, was ready to do ….? That was a good thing. She was surrounded by really difficult choices, none of them ideal. She’s counting on herself. And, if you want to see her with someone, making a choice as to future, or that stupid husband, etc, as Morisot says, you get to.

    • maregolden says:

      I don’t know about the worst, but definitely in the top five.

    • I kept my expectations low because I knew otherwise I would be really mad. I had this feeling that it would end disappointingly. Not as bad as The Sopranos, but pretty darn bad.

    • sigh says:

      No Frank, Sopranos was the worst finale ever – but I’d give this a Sopranos 2.0 rating for sure.

      • Linda says:

        Worst ever ending had to be lost….. Don’t want to know how many hours of my life I “lost” watching it, I’m still feeling hard done by over that ending…..

    • If you think that’s the worst finale ever, I should recommend watching How I Met Your Mother.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      The finale was perfect. It left the audience wanting more and not having tied everything up in a neat knot. I just want it to continue, ratings or not. I still want to know what happens to the characters and the law firm.
      Perfect finale.

    • MIKE HAMMER says:

      Close. “The Sopranos” retired the trophy.

    • worst. finale, ever.

  3. jerrock says:

    That final scene was a mistake. But it was good. I wish they would have opened with Peter just taking the deal and then the rest of the episode could have been everyone picking up the pieces. I understand that the final scene was almost a mirror image of the pilot with Alicia slapping Peter, but I don’t really understand it at all? Diane is not Alicia’s wife. What does her stepping into alicias shoes have to do with ending the series? That was a mess. But not a big enough blunder to ruin the rest of the show, so I’ll take it i guess.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, now that I’ve seen the King’s interview I get what they were trying to do, but I think the picture they had in their heads didn’t fit what was actually going on in the show. They worked so hard to bring everything to the slap that the whole season ended up not making a lot of sense. Why even bring in the random case against Peter? He was enough of a rat that they could have gotten him for something that the audience already knew about, like screwing up Alicia’s election. And as much as Peter was dead weight for Alicia, he was dead weight for the show, too – I agree that they should have cleared him out of the way at the beginning of the episode.

  4. Eli Edwards says:

    I think that slap was just what Alicia needed to bring her back to reality about her actions. She was a hero who was slowly devolving into a villain, caught up in the legalese and protecting her client at all costs, no matter how immoral or questionable. Sorry, but that Alicia in the finale was NOT the Alicia that we have loved for 7 years. Her scenes with Will reminded us of who she was, and that slap from Dianne brought her back to that person.

    • Eli Edwards says:

      I also think that the inclusion of Will so prevalently in this episode was intentional. Her devolution is sort of tied to his death.

      • Sandy says:

        Exactly. I felt Will was telling her to follow her heart for a change.

      • Tracy288 says:

        I saw it as finally coming to terms with Will’s death, admitting to herself how much she loved him, but telling herself that she needed to move on.

        • Lizzie says:

          Just not moving on with Jason – he’s not the guy for her, and their relationship crass than anything remotely like what Alicia needs. As one who cried when they killed off Will, when she was envisioning who she would want to come home to, after the first two men were shown and the music continued again, I thought neither of those, she would choose to come home to Will, and then there it was.

          How awesome was it that Eli is his sniveling self-serving best at the end.

    • Liz-a-beth and Debra says:

      We feel these emotions with Will were smart also to reflect the real Alicia thru to the end. The slap was as usual left up in the air…but appropriate reflecting the value of trust in any type of partnership. Where’s Jason, so sexy and sweet…etc
      , etc.. Great to see Cary Argos and I think since Lucca knew Jason as a friend it was good for her to give Alicia a little insight…good night Will…we love you too!!

    • abz says:

      I really like your explanation. I feel like people will have this gut reaction because it’s over. That slap was the final scene. That very fact is saddening because you want to see more. I’m obsessed with this show and I was like “Please let that not be the end”, but in the end we’ll still be left wanting more. You could write an essay on just exactly what that slap meant and reflecting on everything that lead up to that very moment. It’s really a complex scene.
      And hey at least the finale was better than some spectacularly terrible finales like How I Met Your Mother or other just disappointing finales like American Crime Season 2.

      • Peggy says:

        I agree with the posters in this section. Maybe not the greatest finale ever, but not the disappointment some are expressing it to be. It felt like the kind of ending true to the series: ambiguous, open to interpretation, with nothing absolute, much like life.

        Except one thing: the absolute status of Will as the love of Alicia’s life and a part of her that will always be there. And that was so poignant. I cried.

        • abz says:

          I was already emotional, but when Alicia told Will “I’ll love you forever”, that was it. Tears started flowing. That scene was so powerful and I love how you put it “the absolute status of Will as the love of Alicia’s life”. I’m so glad Josh Charles agreed to return. Say what you will about the finale/season overall and whether or not you love or hate her, I still think Julianna Margulies deserves one last Emmy/Golden Globe nomination

    • Lisa G says:

      Yes, I agree. I have been disliking Alicia for most of this season. I could see why Cary deserted her, why Jason wasn’t willing to take a risk on her at the end, why Lucca would get so frustrated with her, and why Diana slapped her. Everyone, especially Lucca, have been telling her how she messes with people. Now she can process that.
      I LOVED Will tonight (as always.) Makes me wonder what the finale was originally going to be if Josh Charles hadn’t left the show….

      • Kate says:

        Me too – loved Will and brought her back to her base. Unrequited love is always more interesting than happily ever after! ;-)

      • Tom says:

        Maybe the ending with Will was kind of revealed – if he would have stayed on the show, perhaps the ending would have been along the lines of them having a big hug and saying they would always love each other….but they couldn’t be together for whatever the reason may have been.

      • But Josh Charles was always planning on leaving the show. The writers knew that going in. He actually gave them nearly an extra year.

    • Ana says:

      I think this is the best description I’ve seen about how the slap was. I felt a similar way. That was her “wake-up” call, as it was on S1.

  5. ABG says:

    I will forever love what they did with the first 5 seasons, but I’m glad it’s over. That was bad.

    • Misha says:

      I am glad it’s over so that I can stop hate watching.
      The weekly punishment is over.

      • abz says:

        I don’t understand Hate Watching at all. I get someone continuing to watch because they still like the show and they’re hoping that some aspect will improve, but hate watching just seems like a gigantic waste of time.

        • unodos says:

          I don’t really know if I “hate” watch, but I just need to see the end of it
          even if im disillusioned and/or don’t like the show anymore
          i just need to know how it ends

  6. Cassie says:

    I really wish I had a better look on my face. But I’m sad, disappointed, and underwhelmed at this finale.

  7. kn1231 says:

    I think I hated it, but I’m not sure… I didn’t expect a happy ending, but I didn’t think they would leave every loose end untied. I feel like this might be the type of finale that will take a few watch throughs for me to realize the genius behind it. I loved the amount we got to see Will though! Definitely a good call not only to bring JC back, but to give him that amount of screen time.

  8. David Graf says:

    This finale which left so many holes will go down in tv history with such other debacles as the Battlestar Galactica and Sopranos endings. For example, how would Diane’s husband having an affair change the result of a ballistics test? This series started to jump the shark a few seasons ago and this finale confirmed that.

    • David4 says:

      BSG had no holes, everything was god’s will. ;)

    • Kalli says:

      It goes to his credibility – if he’s willing and able to have an affair, most people on juries would draw the inference that that means that he’s a bad person. It also highlights to the jury that he’s Diane’s husband, so they also begin to wonder if he’s telling the truth or if his relationship with the lawyer sitting a few feet away from him may influence what he’s saying. If he had an affair and he’s testifying for her side, the intended inference is that he’s a man who is able to lie and betray, so he may not be telling the truth in court in an effort to get back in her good books. Most people still consider affairs as bad, wrong, and look down on cheaters, so it’s not hard to do, but the fact that he’s Diane’s husband specifically adds an extra dimension because he can (and most likely would) be seen as not impartial, and easily influenced by women. Viewers know that’s not what he’s like, but the jury doesn’t have that benefit.

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s not the affair, it’s that he had an affair with the woman who did the ballistic testing for the prosecution – the woman to whom he had sold his business – and he changed his original opinion after having shared the new findings with this woman. It doesn’t look good.

      • Peach says:

        Exactly. His relationship with his student/lover makes his findings suspect.

        Knowing him he probably didn’t change his opinion because of her, but it’s enough to say the results are untrustworthy.

    • T.M. says:

      Eh, still will never be as bad as HIMYM’s finale

    • I think that it’ll be considered as a “debacle” by people who need things wrapped up in a tight bow and who accept when shows end as they would end in real life…in the middle of things. Did I want Alicia to run off with Jason? Did I hope that one of the final scenes would involve Cary, Kalinda and a hotel room in Jamaica? Absolutely. Did I expect any of these things? Absolutely not. If you are surprised or angered by the way the show ended, you haven’t been paying much attention to everything that came before the finale. This ending was frustratingly perfect, in my opinion.

      People use the term “jumping the shark” far too loosely.

  9. Crystal says:

    Never commented on a website before but I have to say I am so sad that the Good Wife is over! It was a smart and well written show with complex characters and and interesting story lines. Great Sunday night TV..Would love to see the series continue.

  10. Erin B says:

    I am underwhelmed. I figured there would be some loose ends , but there were too many for my liking. Loved seeing Will though. They really had chemistry.

  11. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    What did you expect? Everything wrapped up in a nice package with a pretty bow on top? it was a fitting ending. Everything is left hanging, like real life.

    • luluonbeauty says:

      My life is not left hanging like this at all. Yes, after all the years we fans gave to this series, too many loose ends.

    • Fluff says:

      everything is left hanging like in real life? Unless something really bad happens, life goes on. Nothing is left “hanging”. This feels like being on the phone with a friend and hearing a car crash noise and a dead line. Not good.

      • areyouforreal says:

        Reading through these comments and couldn’t not reply to all the ridiculousness that is every single person complaining about the ending. What more did you expect? A flash forward and where-are-they-now sequence? It makes me think that none of you people read because the best literature (and I’m talking lit class/top novels of the 21st century, not beach reads, not that I don’t love those equally) often has similar endings — thought provoking, never too neat, and that leaves you thinking about that world even after the story ends.

        And to directly reply to your comment — this is not like hearing a car crash and the line goes dead. Its like having a conversation with your friend and they say “sorry I have to go do XYZ” despite not having caught up on their love life. You may want to know that, but you shouldn’t lie awake at night wondering if Susie got the second date.

  12. H says:

    50 minutes dedicated to the entire Peter case. Yeah, that’s how I wanted them to wrap up 7 seasons of The Good Wife.

    • Sandy says:

      I couldn’t believe they dragged that out and made it such a big focus. Disappointing.

    • Misha says:

      There was no thought of the fans in this ending.
      Goes with the theme of the season, the story THEY wanted to tell. The fact that it was not in character, follow through, etc was irrelevant

  13. Rob says:

    Ok so here’s the thing. I can tell I’m probably in the minority on this one but I felt like this was the perfect way to end this show at its current state. This probably wouldn’t be a good ending for the show that was on the top of its game in Season 5 but for what it is now, I believe it is perfect. Over seven seasons, we’ve watched Alicia Florrick devolve into what Peter was in Episode 1. And this last moment with Diane is the conclusion to that story. In the first episode, Alicia is the one who was betrayed slapping the person who betrayed her. Now the roles are reversed. In my opinion, I think the only logical next step is a Christine Baranski/Diane Lockhart spinoff.

    • Rob says:

      You begin the Lockhart series as Diane walks away from Alicia. Feeling betrayed, she dissolves their partnership, maybe even divorces Kurt or stays with him it doesnt matter, and moves elsewhere. This, to me, would be logical now because there’s no one in Chicago she would really stay in touch with so it won’t just be Good Wife 2.0. They could even switch things up and make her a judge. Here’s the thing, for a character that’s been a series regular for all 7 seasons, we know very little about Diane Lockhart and that’s a feat. I want to know more about her. I want to see her apartment. I want to see her date. And I believe this is what they were setting up with that ending. More Christine Baranski? YES PLEASE.

    • areyouforreal says:

      thank you for being one of the only non-ridiculous people in this entire thread.

  14. queensgirl says:

    I said “Oh, wow” twice after it ended. I had been hoping that the show wouldn’t end with Alicia and Jason together (I liked him at first, but over the past several weeks he’d begun to get on my nerves; I also didn’t like how Alicia seemed to drop everything for him.), but after the slap, I felt bad enough for Alicia that I began to reconsider that.

  15. H says:

    Also, I know Julianna and Josh filmed scenes together, but they also have green screened scenes that were just badly stitched together. That’s just the Kings still sticking it to those who hated the Kalinda scene, like seriously, zero Fs were given.

    • Sam says:

      Exactly. That very last scene with both of them was great, but they clearly were not in it at the same time. I loved how much screen time was given to JC so it was a bummer that it was spliced together so poorly.

  16. Liz says:

    I really liked it until the end. I wish she hadn’t seen Jason. If ended right when Peter reaches for her hand but she walks away it would have been so much better

    • anovelly2013 says:

      Agreed!!!! I don’t like knowing that she wanted so badly for Jason to be there. :(

      • Sandy says:

        I agree w/you and Liz above. I keep remembering Jason was sitting in a truck during this week’s previews, so I expected her to run outside and see him. SO disappointed. Still, I’m convincing myself she’ll follow Will’s advice.

    • Sam says:

      It would have been much stronger for her to walk off just not holding his hand.
      Instead we got a distracted giddy school girl running after the boy.

  17. AJ says:

    at first was mad that Alicia and Diane ended on sour note but it made sense that there had to be consequences to Alicia’s decisions. glad she walked away from Peter and didn’t necessarily end up with Jason b/c as Alicia said to ghost Will “he’s not you”. perfectly fine with a finale that does not wrap everything in neat happy little bow. such a smart show and can only hope there will be a network drama up to this level sometime soon.

  18. Jeni says:

    The Good Wife’s last show was a big let down! Why do writers think you can’t have an ending any more What happened to a beginning a middle and a real ending I can’t be the only one who felt the ” slap in the face” when the credits started rolling

  19. Michael says:

    After the ridiculous NSA storyline and the blatant gamesmanship around the final scene with Alicia and Kalinda, this finale is befitting of a show that has been on a downward trajectory for two years. That ending slap was a slap to the face of the audience that has stuck with this show.

    • JoMarch says:

      No it wasn’t. The Kings had said the last episode and the first were bookends. Listen to what they have to say at before you dismiss the slap.

      • Michael says:

        Yes, cause that’s how one is to appreciate an ending to a show…by having the the almighty Kings explain it on That the show has been on the decline for years and ended in such a half-ass way cannot be denied. I didn’t care if they resolved every story line, but they spent the whole hour in court on a story no one cared about. It wasn’t an ending at all; it was lazy and consistent with the last two years of this show.

      • Dmac says:

        The problem with that is if the Kings have to explain their ending then it wasn’t a good ending. Endings in the hands of a good writer leave no questions the audience “gets it”, they may not like it but they understand the meaning behind it. The fact that so many viewers didn’t understand and didn’t like isn’t a good thing.

        JM suggested earlier that week that some fans will love the ending, but it would enrage the rest and she was okay with that. I find it odd that she prefers that fans be enraged at how it ends, but that seems to be her MO.

  20. Court says:

    So many thoughts. Nothing had resolution. It was powerful ending, but I feel so upset and angry. When did Kurt have an affair? That one hurts because Kurt and Diane have always been shown to be so in love. And that slap between Diane and Alicia, ugh it hurts. It was intense and really left an impact, but I hated seeing it.

    I feel some sadness over Peter and Alicia being over, but it’s for the best for sure. They both know it’s time to move on. Loved, loved, loved seeing Will. Their scenes were amazing. But I am disappointed in the resolution with Jason. I wanted more for them and we’re just left with Alicia pining for him? That’s disappointing.

    I wish we got a Kalinda mention.

    One thing I didn’t like about the Will scenes is that some of them felt too expositiony to me. But it was worth it for their kitchen scene and final hug.

    Ugh, so many thoughts!!

  21. Doris says:

    Very disappointed at the finale. Sucked

  22. Terry says:

    As happens too many times, the writers try to end a series without taking into account the audience that has watched the entire time. This final hour was wasted with too much time on the trial and what might happen to Peter. So many other characters were just left behind without resolution. David Lee for example. No moments between Cary and Alicia. Did Kurt cheat on Diane? Yes, a good gimmick to bring Josh Charles back, but really was it needed? I watched every episode from the beginning.and loved this series, but like others I watched, (Sopranos, How I Met Your Mother, etc), I am left very underwhelmed.

  23. Jimmy says:

    The ending fit with the are of the series over the last 7 years, it just wasn’t satisfying.

  24. Sharon says:

    Hill Street blues was awesome
    Homicide was Awesome

  25. Jared says:

    The Good Wife writers did Cary so dirty this season it’s ashame. They totally lost track of that character and had no idea what to do with him. Matt was one of the reasons I stuck with the show for so long. 😢

    • Sandy Duncan's Eye on Network TV says:

      I think they dismissed the Cary character in season 4. His Bishop story line and season 7 disappearing act were insults to handling that character.

  26. E says:

    Alicia wanted everything and ended with nothing. She never was ‘all in’ with her romances. She screwed over Agos a bunch of times.

  27. Eurydice says:

    I feel like maybe I should be disappointed, but actually I’m not. The partnership might be over, but maybe not – Diane has made a lot of opportunistic choices when it comes to her business and Alicia will have a lot of political backers. But, even if it’s over, Alicia will have choices. The same is true of Jason – if he comes back, ok – if not, he’s kind of a weakling and not the love of her life, anyway. Compared to what she’s been through in the past 7 years, this is kind of a breath of fresh air. (And I can imagine if we had a couple more seconds we would have seen her get a call from Eli.)

    • cp1945 says:

      I am sad the show is over, but not disappointed in the finale. Never forget how many times Diane acted in her self-interest to Alicia’s detriment. Alicia has many options — run for Governor, partner up with Lucca again, mend fences with Diane, etc. A good finale should allow for many possible pathways. This one did.

  28. anovelly2013 says:

    Ughhhh I’m struggling with this one. I’m happy she and Peter are over, but I don’t feel good about the slap from Diane. So now Diane’s marriage is over and the law firm is a hot mess? And 2+ years later, Alicia still wants to be with Will…? I’ve loved this show so much (even in the not so great episodes) but this was not the ending I had hoped for.

    • Eurydice says:

      The law firm has been a hot mess for most of the 7 years, and Diane has done some pretty dubious things to win a case – it’s just that this time it got personal. And Alicia doesn’t want to be with Will – he’s dead. She accepts that she’ll always love him, but she’s ready to move on.

  29. candice3150 says:

    I loved parts of it, mostly the Will stuff. “I’ll love you forever.” Sigh. (Insert hearts here).

    But…why in earth did they feel the need to torpedo both the Diane / Kurt relationship and the Alicia / Diane relationship??? Those were two of the best things about the series, especially since Will died.

    I kind of expected and an ambiguous resolution to the Jason and Alicia thing. Alicia’s not really a ride off into the sunset character. But the voicemail seemed like the death knell to that couple. We all know how well voicemails go over on this show. Plus he didn’t seem to like her asking him to wait. I had a feeling he was gone as soon as she decided to be with him.

    It was good til the last few segments and WAY too much time spent on Petet’s trial. We really need one more episode!! Fans who have invested so much time into this series deserved a more satisfying ending.

  30. Lexicarmela says:

    I need a few days to process what I saw. Now I understand why Julianna needed to read the script several times.

  31. A.J. says:

    Loved the scenes with Will! That definitely made it worth it. But I found myself getting caught up in the murder case. Why have Sutton Foster guest star for what? 2 lines? If she was with the victim 23 seconds before she was killed, surely she had more to offer. I kept expecting them to bring her back with some sort of reveal. And when Carey was in the back when she was on the stand, the camera showed his perspective and he couldn’t see who was on the stand. I thought that was going to come back too. Like when he found out who it was, he would know what she was hiding. Something like that. But it never came back around. Very odd. And I thought ending it with Diane slapping Alicia was a pretty awful final scene. I guess I only really liked the Will scenes, but damn were they good. Well, for a long time this was one of the best written, acted and directed shows on television. The last two seasons weren’t as strong, and that green screen debacle still angers me, but overall this was a terrific show. Thank you The Good Wife! Favorite Episode by Far: Hitting The Fan

    • Sandy says:

      Great comments. I absolutely love Sutton Foster, and once I realized it was her, so disappointed her testimony went nowhere. What was all the ringtone/Foster time about then? Just to fill up time? The writers should’ve been focusing on something pertinent. Diane walking out of court (as a pro, she’d never do that), tracking Alicia down at Peter’s press conference, then following Alicia to slap her was SO out of character. Diane always won w/words, not emotional outbursts. Did the Kings think we wouldn’t notice the inconsistency?

  32. Worst episode ever. I cannot believe Alicia and Lucca hurt Diane in public in court just to save Peter.

    • annah8888 says:

      but Diane would turn around and hurt anyone in a second who threatened her
      client   ±± this is experiencing her ethics as lawyer , , , , when
      her beloved is suddenly at risk  — —— it is a major event in this character’s arc  ————

    • caarooliinee says:


  33. Rick23 says:

    Glad that she walked away from Peter. Didn’t really love the idea of her with Jason. He’s hot but he’s no Will. So in my mind she’s single and the fact that he wasn’t taking her call makes me want to go with that idea. The slap from Diane was deserved for what she did to Kurt but on another level I get that the Kings wanted to go back to the time when she slapped Peter. At the same time I feel like I needed one more scene to get a better idea of what’s next for her. Do we assume that the partnership with Diane isn’t going to happen now and she goes down Peters path to become a Governor? She has come full circle to end up becoming Peter? Not sure that’s what I would have wanted for her. Sure the separation from Peter was the right call and I didn’t want her and Jason together. He was a fling to help her move on and realize that she doesn’t need to have a man in her life right now. But if the idea is that she goes down Peters path into politics is the way forward then I’m not sure I like that at all. Actually I think I’d hate it. Either way it has been one of the best network TV shows that I’m going to miss on TV every Sunday.

    Anyone else watching Will tonight make you realize how much he has been missed since he left. Call me a romantic but I would have preferred that had he not died she end up with Will in the end. Alas it was not meant to be.

  34. Linda Deupree says:

    This finale was truly lame! I am very disappointed.
    Used to LOVE this show – now I’m glad it’s over.

  35. Gigi says:

    The series started with Peter going to jail. It should have ended with him going to jail. Hurray that JASON took off. Yes, she had loved Will a long time and never had closure and I enjoyed that memory. I would have preferred her on a tropical island, drink and book in hand and not needing any men for a while.

  36. dsrbroadway says:

    I’m shocked but not surprised they went that way. I think there was a lot of resolution to the past, but it’s a future as complicated as Alicia herself.

  37. LLA says:

    I think people expect so much from a series finale–that they are almost always disappointed. The Good Wife delivered 7 terrific yrs of network television. Don’t forget –this wasn’t a cable show –they came up with a lot more episodes per season–and the quality remained high. And what a treat it was to watch the cast of actors that passed through the doors–from the regulars to the guest stars and all the rest–top notch. So many fabulous NYC/theater based actors. It doesn’t get better than that.
    I am very sad the show is over–but I enjoyed the finale. Very happy that Josh Charles was back–in a way it resolved some of the Will/Alicia story. As another poster mentioned, Alicia deserved that slap from Diane–she needed a wake up call.
    I’m glad that the writers left the future up in the air. We can all decide the characters fate.

  38. D. says:

    OK, I am just going to say it …. I, for one, wanted to SEE long-suffering Alicia ride off into the sunset with Mr Scruffy Mcnoncommittal. I am disappointed that did not happen.

  39. Andrew Hass says:

    I like this final episode because just like in real life there were no answers about where things stand,

  40. mattiebabette says:

    Depressing. No closure. I don’t feel like using my imagination on this one. I’m tired of people trying to be contemporary and artistic with how they end a movie or TV show or book. Can’t someone just write a freakin’ happy ending to anything anymore? We’re Americans for crying out loud. Our lives are already screwed up and unresolved. We don’t need a screwed up and unresolved TV episode to show us what dysfunctional looks like!!!!!

  41. Randi Neil says:

    Loved the slap. Alicia was a passive, cowardly character for 6 years, then turned into a selfish shrew with no loyalties. Glad Diane got the last word so to speak. And Baranski out-acted Margulies, as always. Definitely time to pull the plug on this show.

  42. Carolyn says:

    Let it come back with Jason and Alicia hooking up and Ely trying to get her to run for office and she refuses. Lives a normal and natural life.

  43. Carolyn says:

    Come back. Alicia goes to Jason. Not Peter.

  44. Deb says:

    What about Alicia’s hair style at the end? It was definitely a version of the hair style in the very first episode. What are they trying to say with it??

  45. Chirl says:

    WORST ending ever. Worthless writers and should never be allowed to write even a child/s book. I feel I have wasted 5 seasons for WHAt???????

  46. Marilyn Thompson says:

    The worse and most disappointing ending of series I have ever seen!!!!

  47. Clayton says:

    The kings are smart. The last moment was a great way to inform the audience and Alicia of who and what she’s become over the last seven years. But it was rushed. CBS knew the Kings were leaving and as a consequence of indecisiveness, they let an entire 14 episodes complete production before announcing it would be over. If they instead announced it from the beginning I feel we would have had a stronger season and farewell. I didn’t hate this ending, I’m just very aware that the network sabataged what I feel could have been very satisfying. I’m going to miss my weekly dose Alicia Florrick and Diane Lockhart.

    • Tom says:

      The Kings have always stated they had a 7-season plan from the start. So this was not rushed. The original plans obviously would have included Will and Kalinda, but still – the fact it was cancelled meant nothing. They would have probably needed to go to the drawing board if CBS begged them for a Season 8.

      • Misha says:

        You are spot on. Specially since it wasn’t cancelled.
        They chose to end the show. I thonk this is partially where the anger of the fans emanates from.
        They were not caught unaware by a cancellation notice.

  48. Misha says:

    I am angry. Not because of the openened opening, butt because:

    1. They did not go far enough in isolating Alicia. The horrible person she showed herself to be is the type that needs to stand alone to maybe do some reckoning of their behaviour.

    2. There wasn’t any need to sacrifice Diane’s marriage (the best relationship this dysfunctional show ever had) in order to save Peter the unworthy.
    We knew there had been an affair, this was hinted by Diane in “Landing” and “Verdict” unnecessary for Alicia to humiliate her partner this way.

    3. Even at the end, the Kings never understood that the strength oh The Good Wife, never rested on Alicia, but, on the ensemble independent of the tittle. The fans deserved better.

    4. I hope there isn’t a Diane Lockhart spinoff in the hands of these writers, I wouldn’t watch as I am not able to trust their ability to honor characters in their writing.
    Free Christine Baranski to a potential better show.

    • Jane says:

      when does diane hint at affair?

      • Misha says:

        There are two instances to me.

        In “Landing” when she talk ps to him about their failings and points out that he can lose his head over cute blond republicans.

        In “Verdict” when Holly is on the stand, Alicia leans and asks Diane: “who is she?”
        Diane replies: “She’s Kurt’s protege or whatever”

        Those sound like acknowledgement of there being more to the story.

  49. Melissa says:

    Crushingly disappointed. Not a great show to end my Mother’s Day. Why not wait one more week to depress me?
    Back to the topic at hand. I get the slap she deserved it, but she did what Diane would have done roles reversed. Diane and her always find a way to move forward. Sadly, my favorite character is made to look as sorry as her future exhusband. She is better than that. She deserved not a sparkly ending but better than a slap! Jason should have at least been down the hall after the slap. Stupid and I won’t revisit the series.

    • annah8888 says:

      ” but she did what Diane would have done roles reversed ” — —— exactly  — ———
      I also wanted to know more about Peter  ———— was he a criminal > >?the show examines the law itself , , ,——the Law as presently practiced is a Character , , and the dissolution of the humane , in esp a defense attorney , , , the relativity to smashing of all moral compasses , , , , is one of the Emphatic points the show has been incarnating, thru story  ——— I practiced law in LA for awhile  ———  and taught law , briefly , , , ‚‚± ——— and this 7 season series has been an expose , , , ,  ———— bravo to the Kings ——

  50. Claire says:

    Terrible ending. I wanted Alicia to finally get her happy ending. I can’t believe it’s over and that’s how it all finished. Disappointed!!!

    • Kroger1939lady says:

      “He’s a boy” is a little silly. Alicia surrounds herself with men who have no scruples and that’s all she can come up with for Jason? The only two characters who get things right are Luca and Jason but given that “birds of a feather flock together” it would just be a matter of time before they turned too. This was my first and only season and I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the acting; but, the game playing is sad because it probably represents life. As with most,
      being left up in the air is not where I wanted to be with season finale. I think I wanted an ending where I cried. Oh, and Will ….ugh!