Elementary John Noble Leaving

Elementary: John Noble Not Returning as Series Regular for Season 5

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s finale of Elementary

Morland Holmes’ story on Elementary has come to an end — for now.

John Noble will not return as a series regular for Season 5 of the CBS drama, TVLine has learned.

After taking over Moriarty’s organization in order to protect Sherlock and Joan, the senior Holmes said goodbye to New York City during Sunday’s Season 4 finale. (Get scoop on that twist and more here.)

“This was always the plan that we would have John aboard for Season 4,” and he would then exit, executive producer Rob Doherty tells TVLine. “We wanted Morland — and, by extension, John — to help us define Season 4, and he absolutely did that. I feel like we told the one long story we wanted to, but we [also] got to tell a lot of smaller stories about Sherlock and his father, and then Morland trying to develop a relationship with Joan. We feel like we did everything we set out to do.”

Doherty goes on to add, “We’ve also left the door very open to seeing John again next year.”

Elementary fans, will you miss Morland?

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  1. taran63 says:

    I could not see any other actor playing Morland this season. I thought John Noble did a fantastic job. I hope he shows up again on the show sometime in the future.

    • Jenks says:

      I completely agree. I was thinking last night that no one could have played that role like John Noble. He added a lot to this season, especially in filling out Holmes’s back story. Great way to end his run, too, and I also hope we see him again in the future. Good job by the showrunners and hooray for CBS for bringing the show back for another season.

  2. Kathy Bergeron says:

    I was surprised at what an asset he was to the show and I will miss him.

  3. John Noble as Morland Holmes was a delightful addition to the already stellar cast! I thoroughly enjoyed each & every encounter between Morland & Sherlock … Morland & Joan … Morland & Gregson. He will be missed in Season 5.

  4. Alichat says:

    I love John Noble. I am glad the Elementary producers had a plan and stuck to it. His second season on Sleepy Hollow was so scattered. It was apparent they hadn’t really planned the season well and underutilized him.

  5. nuschler12 says:

    Morland became Moriarty????? or was always Moriarty or whatever!!!!!!!

    I watch TWO TV shows–TWO!!!! And you spoiled this!!! Why was it necessary to do this!! This show hasn’t been shown yet in Hawaii! You creeps!!

    • Ashli says:

      Here is a suggestion- maybe don’t visit this website until you watch the show. Or don’t click on the link!

      • taran63 says:

        Exactly, no one takes personal responsibility any more.
        “Oh no, I went to a website that’s sole purpose is TV news, reviews, and spoilers, and I learned something against my will! But it’s not my fault!”

    • Jenks says:

      Sites like this (like, all entertainment sites) publish articles as soon as the shows air in Eastern Time. If you haven’t and has figured out by now not to read anything until you watch the show, that’s on you.

      • Jenks says:

        Sorry. Meant to say “If you haven’t figured out by now not to read anything until you watch the show, that’s on you.” Wish there was an edit button.

    • Marci says:

      “Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s finale of Elementary”

      This was the very first sentence of the article, IN BOLD. How could you miss it?

    • Speak English says:

      Actually, knowing what happens makes no difference. Elementary is a superlative series—each episode can be rewatched over and over and still be outstanding.

      There are four seasons. All stream on Hulu. Start and watch straight through. After season 2, money starts pouring into the frnachise and the wardrobes get exponetially more fabulous and the sets more intricate. It is a visually beautiful show that isn’t somuch about spoliers as it is about the human condition & relatonships.

      This isn’t a teen show with spoilers. It’s an adult drama with excellent writing and delicious visuals.

    • Jerryph says:

      Nobody made you read it

  6. carla says:

    I loved his charactor- its too bad he’s out next season.H e added a great suppoting
    depth to the series and a good incite into Sherlock’s life and mind

  7. Boiler says:

    This is the first time I have seen John Noble’s work and really enjoyed his contribution to the show. This is a great show and hope it continues for years

    • HiyaBabe says:

      You should watch Fringe. He has a bigger role in that show. Fringe has been off for few years though but the DVDs are available. John is great in that show, too.

      • Steve F. says:

        If you’re looking for his movie stuff, start with The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. (That was my first exposure to him – and his role as Denethor is very memorable.)

  8. Jo says:

    Just wanted to thank you for keeping Elementary another year. Love this show! I think Joan and Sherlock are enough to keep me happy no matter what plot they end up with. So, I wont really miss his dad but it was nice having him a season!!! Hope to see more Bell and Captain.

  9. Eurydice says:

    I think John Noble is a great actor and he played Morland perfectly, but I’m not sorry to see him go – I was getting kind of tired of Sherlock’s family issues.

  10. csg says:

    John Noble was an excellent choice to play Morland. As with the casting of Natalie Dormer as Moriarty, we were given a portrayal that more than lived up to all the references to Sherlock’s father in earlier seasons. And Noble’s voice & visage will remain in memory as we watch future episodes.

  11. dman6015 says:

    John Noble was the best choice to play Sherlock’s father. I have to agree with the show producer that his character was played out over season 4. There really isn’t anything for him to do on a regular basis now. Looking forward to season 5!

  12. Jenks says:

    This show just gets better and better. I watch every episode at least twice, because there are so many nuances that I might miss on the first viewing. In a vast wasteland of sameness and mediocrity, this show is smart, the characters are well developed, and the acting is first rate.

  13. keenen says:

    Sorry , I am sure he is a good actor, but he added nothing to the show for me. I was bored this year and hope next year will be better.

  14. killmotion says:

    Ever since Fringe ended John has a knack for joining shows and then not being utilized well enough after being added as a ‘series regular’. First Sleepy Hollow, now Elementary (though he can still pop up in Elementary down the line if they so choose). What he needs is to be the lead of his own show. On any network, as long as he’s the central focus and can demonstrate his range. Fringe did a lot for Walter, he was a massive part of the story, with so much growth from pilot to finale and it is the series that gave me my love for him as an actor. Give him another role even a tenth as masterful as the material he was given on Fringe and you’d be hard-pressed to not see him nominated for awards. It is mostly certain Fringe never got a real nomination for anything but Saturns because it was sci-fi but if he had the command of a show with a different genre it would happen. (I still wish people would stop shunting sci-fi in major awards.) With that said, I think it was a clever move to have Morland take up the mantle of the organization to keep Sherlock and, by extension, Joan safe.

    • Donald says:

      Well stated, killmotion. Noble is a remarkable combo of distinctive voice, face, hair, age, and acting talert honed to an exquisite skill. Loved Fringe. Continue to rue that its run was cut short – it should still be on!

  15. Regina says:

    John Noble was fantastic and it was wonderful each time he came on the screen. Love the whole cast really and was excited by this last season and am excited about next. I do hope they have Mr. Noble come by as often as possible.

  16. Rebecca says:

    I thought John was absolutely perfect as Sherlock’s father. I really hope he returns from time to time. He did a magnificent job of portraying the complexity of the relationship Moreland has with his son.

  17. Buddha3233 says:

    Morland can’t become Moriarty……..there’s nowhere for that storyline to go. It would be as stupid as Watson and Holmes having an intimate relationship……..it would ultimately ruin the show. Would be the same thing that ruined Fringe………

  18. Buddha3233 says:

    John Noble is awesome!

  19. Marcia Hechathorne says:

    Hell yes!!Love John and have brented fan since Fringe. I believe w/o Noble, Fringe would not have been the great series it was.

  20. Pamela says:

    Before John Noble was introduced, I always thought of Sherlock’s father as Donald Sutherland. However I agree with others that John Noble was perfect in the part. He was menacing enough to legitimize Sherlock’s mistrust of him, but at the same time vulnerable enough to make the character sympathetic. Imagine having a wife who became an addict at a time when addiction was so little understood, and being left with the care of two small boys when his own heart was broken and he obviously had never experienced good parenting himself. And he finally finds love again only to have her murdered. I feel there is more growth possible for Sherlock in relation to Morland — more understanding and empathy. Also that Morland is at a time in his life when power and money are becoming less interesting to him than finding connection with his sons. . . . so yes, I hope he comes back again.

  21. paul says:

    I felt Morland was a distraction. That voice! Nobody talks like that and sorry to say that while the other actors felt authentic, Morland never did it for me. I really won’t miss him a bit.

  22. barbara griffin says:

    Yes, I will miss him. He is a fantastic heavyweight. He adds more class to the already wonderful show.

  23. Kathy Dymora says:

    I have really enjoyed John Morland playing Holmes Sr. and I feel like most we can not see anyone playing Holmes Sr. I hope he re thinks leaving and comes back it wont be the same . Its like if you would change Johnny Miller or Watsons .. wont be the same come back morland

  24. Lee Brown says:

    The Morland character (John Nobel) was/is without a doubt a great addition to the Holmes’ family line. Both Jonny Lee Miller (Holmes) and John Noble (Morland) are two of the GREAT character actors of all time. The mental and verbal interaction between the two is intriguing and stunning to watch. The cerebral interplay is awsum. And then, just when you think you know something, the writers slap you dead in the face with something else and these two pull it off like molten silk. Add in a little of the serene Samurai Sword verbiage of (Lucy Liu) Watson and the the “game is afoot”. Finally, some “adult” TV.

  25. Mary e brooks says:

    Yes. He is easy on the eys, 😉. More important, I enjoy watching them reach across the chasm tentatively to each other. It is a very real part of recovery. The addicts perception of the family members responses to living with the addicts strange behavior and responses.

  26. Renovada64@gmail.com says:

    Yes will definitely miss MMoreland. His character adds Sosphistication and intrigueto the series

  27. Carmen says:

    I absolutely enjoyed Morland’s character he is intriguing and sophisticated. He brings a Balance, chemistry too the show!