The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Ratings

Ratings: Vampire Diaries Ties Demo Low, Draws Smallest Audience Ever

The Vampire Diaries (with 900,000 total viewers and a 0.3 rating) and The Originals (820K/0.3) each ticked down this week, with both CW dramas tying series lows in the demo.

Barring adjustment, The Vampire Diaries drew its smallest audience ever, while The Originals is looking at its second-smallest audience (“bested” only by this past Nov. 19). Blame Cap?

Over on CBS, The Amazing Race (5.3 mil/0.9) and Hawaii Five-0 (8.4 mil/1.1) were steady. Blue Bloods (9.9 mil/1.1) dipped week-to-week and was off 12 percent and two tenths from its previous finale.

Beyond the Tank opened ABC’s night with 3.6 mil/0.6 (versus the 5.3 mil/1.0 its yet-to-be-renewed Friday sitcom block most recently averaged). Shark Tank (5.3 mil/1.2) tied its season low demo, but led the night in that measure.

NBC’s supersized Adele concert encore did 4.4 mil/0.7 vs. Grimm‘s most recent 3.8 mil/0.8.

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  1. Tiff says:


    • KM says:

      Right you are.
      Can you tell me what she said, i dont follow twitter, thanks

      • Jbj says:

        Nothing in particular but deflecting the usual vitrol from disappointed shippers.

        • Mac says:

          @Jbj there was NO vitrol from the Bamon shippers. There was one fan of Bamon that asked a NICE question and Julie totally took it somewhere where it wasn’t. The only shipper vitrol comes from her rabid DE minions which she always pacifies. Please get your facts straight.

          • Lala.. says:

            Julie simply answered the questions she was asked…it’s not her fault if Bamon shippers did not like the answers she gave.

          • Lindsay says:

            @Lala, no she didn’t just answer her. A Bamon fan asked a normal question and Julie twisted it around. That’s how this whole thing started. Maybe you should go back to the start of her post. I’m talking about the very first question that was asked and Julie went off. Even non Bamon shippers were like what just happened to Julie.

          • Lala.. says:

            I followed & read all her tweets…and she was not rude to anyone but she put bullies & trolls in their place and muted them. The Bamon question got a fair response, she said no one should be bullied for their shipping choice and that Bamon shippers maybe book readers or anti-Elena…which is true basically, everyone who is not DE seems to hate Elena

          • Elena says:

            Not sure why Julie insists on putting characters in random pairings like Benzo/Calaric. It gets her nowhere: poor ratings prove it. Bring on Bamon and Klaroline already. Stefan can wait for Elena instead, as it turns out breaking their pairing was a mistake.

          • Micah says:

            Lala along with the other DElusionals only think people hate Elena if you don’t ship dullena. I don’t ship dullena and I like Elena and know a lot of other people who do too. So their thinking is illogical which is not surprising.

          • Lala.. says:

            See salty/rabid responders like you are what Julie was attacking…and rightfully so, let people ship what they want without name calling. I don’t refuse to like Damon/Elena but I don’t put down other ships around either. Julie was simply stating what she sees that there’s a lot of hate for Elena because of her choice to go for Damon instead of Stefan!

      • She said Bamon is only a friendship and that DE fans will be happy on the finale so Bamon fans are leaving. We won’t watch the show anymore.

        The thing is she fanbaited Bamon fans hardcore with scenes that only canon couples have to the point where everyone thought they would happen. All their scenes weren’t platonic at all and were meant to make us believe there will be romance between them.
        We didn’t expect Bamon but Julie Plec MADE us expect Bamon with those scenes. Come on, you don’t give those kind of scenes to a ship that is supposed to stay friends.
        She also made Benzo a couple in only one episode which is what writers do with coupls who aren’t suppposed to last. They also push Enzo on the back ground and make Damon do all the job for the save Bonnie mission making us believe again that it is because Bamon was the finale couple without talking about Damon watching Benzo with jealousy and disgust to lead us to believe Damon was in love with Bonnie.

        Julie Plec screwed us hard ! She played us and now she can watch her show burn. She has been really irrespectful toward Bamon during years I don’t know we trusted her this year to make them canon.

        I’m done with the show like every Bamon fans. Bye !

        • KM says:

          Wow, thanks
          I really thought they were going to make Bonnie and damon ship happen, those have chemistry and passion and a very strong connection, I don’t understand why they don’t want to explore it. It;s a shame.
          On a happy note I;m happy Kat and Ian will be leaving in s8, so I can leave with them.

          • liame says:

            It’s all wishful thinking on our end because this Julie woman is so selfish and entitled. She had no problem hooking up Caroline and Stephen even though Caroline and Elena are best friends, of course Elena moved on but it was still weird because Elena was around. Early on in the series Caroline even dated Elena’s ex Matt and it was all hunky dory. It’s obvious this Julie woman has issues when it comes to giving Bonnie a “love life”. Wolves and Vampire’s can find true love and passion for an entire season, poor Bonnie has it in one episode and loses it in the next.

        • At last! says:

          Well, that should explains the ratings. On the other hand, solid ratings for both Grimm and Adele for a friday night so congratulations to both.

          • Angel says:

            OMG that’s so true, Bonnie is always the black sheep of the show and every time i think Bonnie is getting something, puff she loses it. There’s always something bad happening to her… julie plec really screw this show :/

        • kathlyn says:

          and here I thought Klaroline fans had it worse. She fanbaited us every time she needs the ratings.

        • Nikki says:

          Julie Plec didn’t MAKE anyone believe anything, she is telling a story and how that is interpreted is on the individuals perception. If you perceive a romantic Bamon that is fine, but Julie isn’t telling that story and she has been upfront about that since day 1. Kat Graham has been telling her fans the exact same thing- Bamon have a deep friendship.
          I’m not sure how much clearer the cast and the writers needed to be short of handing out the entire scrips for the season in advance.
          There is nothing wrong in having hope for your ship, but blaming and calling out the writers when it doesn’t pan out the way you hoped is wrong, no matter WHO you ship.

          Talking of interpreting scenes, all I have seen all season long is a miserable Damon missing his girl, desperately trying to keep control of himself so he doesn’t spiral. The DE story has been a huge presence affecting Damon’s trajectory this season, and has been a catalyst for many of his decisions and actions. At no point have I seen Damon waver or hint that he may be letting go of her, and even if he did at some point in the future, he wouldn’t be great boyfriend material for quite a while.if what we have learned about Damon throughout this show remains true.

    • Mac says:

      Yes, between Julie being unprofessional on twitter to her director Allowitz pandering to trolls TVD’s ratings sank. Then on TO they killed two of the female leads off for manpain and then had another unprofessional writer CM troll twitter. Not surprising theirs tanked too.

  2. Sara says:

    Matt – can I be super pedantic and correct you??? I believe this actually IS a series low in the demo for TVD – not just tying it – bc the previous ep that hit 0.3 was pre-empted. Bc of this, when the Live+7 ratings came out, there’d been further minor adjustments upwards to TVD’s total + A18-49 ratings and it ended up getting a 0.4 in 18-49 Live+SD after all. I can link you to the L+7 chart showing you this if you want????

    Sorry to be ‘that’ annoying pedant but I follow ratings + was happy TVD had managed to hang onto that 0.4 – until this wk lol – so I couldn’t help but notice it.

    • Jbj says:

      Except, you’re really missing that the similar adjustments might be made over the course of this week, too. So, until those results are released, TVD has tied it.

    • Belle says:

      Yikes, you know way too much…just kiddling. TV Line should hire you as a consultant or something, lol!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Everyone pay “Sara” some regard if you choose to. I am now on weekend holiday here in US of A, and thus have no wherewithal to double-secret investigate/confirm/update story (if merited). (Plus IMO “smallest audience” is more damning.)

      • Sara says:

        Matt – hope you enjoyed your weekend!!!! :) I’m 1000% sure I’m the only one who cares or even noticed this re TVDs ratings lol – but just so you know I wasn’t BSing you – here’s 1 link to the info re TVD: These figs are for the wk that TVD last hit a 0.3 in initial ratings – you’ll see the 2nd chart down shows L+SD for TVD as 0.4 + 4th chart down shows total viewers as 1.042m total – representing adjustments upwards from the 0.3 18-49 and 1.03m total ratings initially reported as ‘finals’.

        Also you said “Plus IMO “smallest audience” is more damning” ITA – but think we may be at cross purposes here??? Bc my point was it’s also a new low in the demo *as well as* total viewers – basically I’m on your side in saying last Fridays ep was a real ratings low for TVD – but I’m trying to say that where you thought it had only tied the demo series low it actually set a new series low in the demo. Lol hope all this makes sense!!! :)

        • Nero tTVFiddler says:

          Thank you Sara – I’m a big ‘numbers’ person as well, so I am impressed with your homework on getting these ratings and demo and L+7 numbers pulled together.

          Okay, so good work, and let’s just look at ‘the bottom line’ – I believe CW will be renewing TVD for next fall (If memory serves me correctly), so for TVD fans, more new episodes this fall. In many ways, it almost doesn’t matter what the ratings are for CW shows anymore, because Mark P. and his team seem very content to keep renewing virtually their entire schedule each spring for Upfront.

          We’ll see if this strategy serves CW well in the future. In the meantime, good work on gathering the numbers, and enjoy the series’ new episodes this fall. Despite the ratings (be they all time lows, or near-all time lows), TVD lives on!

          • Sara says:

            Nero tTVFiddler – this was such a great reply to get!!! Super nice to know someone found my info interesting + to hear I’m not the only numbers geek here LOL!!! Yes Mark P’s strategy is interesting + I’d love to know the full story behind it – bc I’m sure we all have our theories LOL. And yes TVD has been renewed – I’ll def be watching + enjoying!!! :)

  3. Belle says:

    Pretty sure TVD will end after it’s 8th season, next May. Both shows have kinda lost their identities this season…TO moved the story along way too quickly from the start!! Killing off people the audience loves, and/or stars leaving the show really do affect the mojo!!

    • Patrick says:

      Me thinks this is why so many of CW’s shows were surprisingly renewed. They could be facing a real blood bath next May. They are entering year 5 of Arrow, which mean’s most of the casts’ contracts are up. The only one that matters is Ammell aka Ollie. See, he has a TMNT sequel due this summer. If it hits, and he’s well received in it, Ammell will be looking at being a movie star. His asking price for continuing on Arrow might become astronomically high. He might agree to do a shortened final season, but I wouldn’t bet on it. If TMNT flops, or he’s bad in it, then he’ll continue on Arrow for a reasonable amount of money.
      Point being, CW might be replacing Arrow, Reign, TVD, and TO. That is a HUGE chunk of their schedule. Plus, at some point, one or both of the Winchester Bros is going to get tired and bail, killing that show. The CW is going to need some new hits, SOON.

  4. Jessica says:

    We are sick of the Elena mentions and people catering to DE when the actress isn’t here anymore. Let it go ! It is seriously getting on our last nerve. It’s boring and crappy af !
    You’re willing to waste an incredible ship like Bamon for a coffin ??? The actress left so do justice to the characters and actors who are still on the show.
    You have been so irrespectul with Kat and Ian, you don’t deserve them. Glad they are leaving after s8 they can do better than your show. They deserve to be respected and recognized as the talented people they are. They have an amazing &incredible chemistry & potential but you writers ruined it.

    The Bamon fandom was what was giving you ratings and you just lost this fandom. We want nothing to do with TVD & TO or a show made by Julie Plec anymore.

    Good luch for s8, you will need it without Bamon fanbase. I hope the Damon having a happy ending with the coffin next week was worth losing all your viewers.

  5. CC says:

    Few things factored in the demise/downfall of one of the GREATEST shows that has been on TV in a while.
    I understand that this was a show based on a “triangle” BUT, when they made it the Damon/Delena show the show slowly started to lose fans. Realizing that Stelena was never going to happen many more fans stopped watching.
    Now with the whole Stefan and probably the most annoying female (who has been “in love” with everyone was/is the nail in the coffin.
    Things they (Julie and Caroline) should have done,
    1. sure have Damon be the great flirt he WAS continue flirting, but have him continue as a man t- ramp.
    2. Stefan and Elena back together with their “epic Love story”.
    3. either bring back Lexi or have Caroline and Stefan as friends and friends only.
    4. Caroline and KLAUS, they have the chemistry!
    5. leave Bonnie as the most powerful witch.
    6. BAMON, OMGGGGG they have such much chemistry people literally get goose bumps when they are together. Kat is GORGEOUS, an Ian is hot!!!
    7. fire Julie and Caroline, if they worked in the “real world” for a company and the company went downhill and lost clients/customers (viewers) as they did the person/people would be FIRED!

    • Stacey says:

      Love all your points and I completely agree!

    • Lala.. says:

      NOPE! Non of these seems appealing at all. The fact of the matter is the show was going to lose viewers nomatter what. Once they created a love triangle they created two polarizing sides that would ditch the show if the other ship won. If Stefan & Elena had ended up together DE fans would have boycotted. As much as I like Damon and Bonnie I feel it would be a disservice to Bonnie’s character to start dating/ falling for her bff’s boyfriend when her (Elena’s) absence is the reason she is alive.
      I loved SE and I also liked DE…I don’t want Bonnie mixed up in that triangle mess, she deserved a relationship that is pure and uncomplicated, I think pairing her up with Enzo is good. I don’t like Steroline or Klaroline either…Caroline is just a character I never warmed up to. I think in the series finale the Salvatore brothers should just go off into the sunset..all worries and women left behind.

      • CC says:

        Now think about it, really think.
        Delena’s have yelled and screamed they are the majority for years yet look at the ratings. We Stelena’s, and Klaus, Bamon fans have stopped watching.
        It’s funny when they (Delena’s) bring up the, yeah well we are the majority look at all the peoples choice awards, blah blah. Only problem their is they continually vote over and over again. Just have this image of a few older gals, kids waiting on their dinner but mommy is too busy voting over and over and over again. lol 1 vote per would have been better. Then of course there’s the well look at the comments, at most there’d be 30-40 comments, on a good day. lol
        Bottom line, Delenas were never the majority they just complained and yelled a lot.
        Oh and of course Julie and Caroline with their creepy crush on Ian. if their crush was obvious to us (strangers) image the other actors on the show felt/saw. Face guys, Damon/Delena Diaries will always be remembered as the reason this show failed.

      • Lindsay says:

        Agree with most of what you’re saying Lala but the Bonnie dating/falling for her ‘bff’ (there are so many issues concerning Elena not being a good friend to Bonnie but dont’ have time to go into) boyfriend, I and others do not have a problem with that. Elena went from one BROTHER’s bed to another so they can miss me with that argument. Damon and Bonnie have had such great buildup and development since this show has started and this is coming from a not so Damon fan. lol I would’ve been more receptive of Bonnie/Enzo had they started developing them from the start of this season but they didn’t they waited until 7×19 to show anything about them AND it was all in a flash back for heavens sake!! LOL They have never taken the time to develop any of Bonnie’s love interest. I don’t count Jeremy because out of all the women in this series Bonnie was the only one to be cheated on with of all things a ghost! I don’t want her mixed up in a de triangle mess either that’s why they should’ve either killed Elena off last season or had her leave town. That was a very bad decision on JP’s part and has cost the show. The show proved that Damon and Elena were bad for each other and JP said herself that the reason Elena ended up with him last season was because Nina left while Elena was still with Damon. So that tells me they only wanted to make shippers happy because they knew crap was already hitting the fan over Dobrev’s exit. Damon is so much better with Bonnie than he ever was with Elena and when they show it Damon makes Bonnie stronger.
        Stefan and Caroline never had the romantic chemistry to pull off friends to lovers troupe. That friendship never should’ve been touched. If any pair should stay platonic it’s Stefan and Caroline, I truly loved their friendship.
        So agree if JP won’t let Bamon happen the Salvatore’s should go off into the sunset together.

        • Lala.. says:

          I agree…you make alot of sense. The thing is the show is so messed up that whatever route they choose to go with at this point is not going to fix anything. I agree that they should have killed Elena so that this season would be a clean slate for Damon.
          When I mentioned disservice to Bonnie’s character, I mean looking purely at Bonnie, she’s the only female character the show has not chopped up…she still has an innocence to her and her dignity. Putting aside what Elena deserves/ doesn’t deserve…is Bonnie the type of friend who would actually fall for her bff’s boyfriend and go ahead and date him. She’s way too good for that, Bonnie is the loyal good one and I would love the series to end with her character that way. If they can find a way to have Elena out of the picture permanently before the finale then that would be ok. I hardly watch the show be

  6. Alex says:

    There’s been too much singular focus on saving Bonnie. We’ve literally wasted 3 episodes in a row trying “save” her and since we all know she’s not going to die it’s pretty anti-climactic. Making the last half of the season focused on this secondary character was a mistake. The brothers having some kind of story should’ve been the focus especially since they’re the leads.

    • J says:

      I completely agree!!! Plus they said season 7 would focus more on the brother’s relationship and I loved the scenes we got in “I went to the Woods” they should have kept them the focus through to the finale. In the past the episode before the finale was almost as exciting as the finales themselves and this episode was so boring. I’m not even that excited about next week. I can only hope the 2 characters whose lives will be changed are Damon and Stefan, they are the 2 leads after all.

    • Karen says:

      Completely this. Bonnie has always only been a minor character who messes everything up whenever she is involved. Why would they think that we would care about her? As for the Bamon people they are delusional – there has not been a single scene in seven seasons with any chemistry between them. They didn’t even have friendship until they were stuck together last season. I was pretty sure the show would struggle without Elena and it certainly has.

      • Micah says:

        This show was struggling waaayy before Elena left. The only delusionals I see are the delena fandom saying things about Bonnie all because they don’t want anyone near Damon. It’s pretty pathetic really. As far as chemistry is concerned it’s all subjective BUT even the execs put a stop with scenes in them because they had so much chemistry and that is a fact that you can look up!

  7. Zubeyda says:

    We don’t want coffin storyline, WE WANT BAMON

  8. Aimer says:

    Of course tvd having the lowest rating after all the Executive Producer make a big mistake on her own tweet. Well beside we all tired wit all those dullena stuff even at the most critical scenes. We all hyped for Bamon and congratulation to Steroline you guys got like 100 times chance to have romance and got a new pace of development but Bonnie and Damon who got the very flawless relationship built up on TVD stucked with the same pace since season one but getting more craps. And when we are all excited for the 2 final episodes, Julie Plec comes with her direspectful and unprofessional tweets while the show still half way on east cost and didnt even start at west coast. Now they wanted blame Bamon to the failure of TVD finale? Funny. The episode was AWESOME but the Producer itself kicked us away.
    Tired with Damon still ‘doing good FOR ELENA’ I cant see his development at all! This show getting ridiculous when they centered to Damon and Ele story also give us sudden crap like Bozo instead of upgrading Bamon relationship. 7×21 is an AWESOME episode where Damon and Bonnie fight. Bonnie is a badass. Unfortunately Julieplec kills the mood and almost 90% fans decided to not watch.

    Im stating the facts.

  9. 3 epside wasting saving Bonnie? You make me laugh. its not even enough to pay her character respect when almost whole se 7 “pining over coffin” 1-6 season “saving elena”.

    Once upon a time on last friday.when the show still aired, and west coast not even air yet, having direspectful towards certain fandom and the book fans are baad move, then JP happily pets “certain fandom” about the finale make half who still watch it refused to watch.

    This episode Awesome with Bamon fighting scene, Damon towards Bonnie, the emotional scene, speech”even they ruining by “Elena ” . most good episode so car, but again. thanks to JP and now sure, they wil Blame Bonnie and Damon Fandom as she actually “called us Rabid while “certain fandom who call her anything as passionate”

    overall, this episode great. wil the still continue “carry the coffin for next season” or ready to challenge themselves for “Certain couple who had 7 years great chemistry to develop” Julie should stop baiting bamon fans like last time, try baiting viewers by cutting “Bonnie and Clyde “+clyde” make it like its Bonnie and Damon only without third party.

  10. Boiler says:

    Ah the days of Hart of Dixie were much better. Too bad CW are idiots

  11. Marina says:

    Stop bringing the coffin storyline Nina left. Move on it’s driving everyone away. After JP tweets about Bamon being rejected as a couple the Bamon fandom are leaving.

    I hope catering to a dead ship maked her happy coz she just lost almost all her viewers. Bamon fandom was a great part of the ratings.

    Good luck with that now !

  12. Sandra says:

    Sick of Julie Plec catering to a dead ship. The actress left but Damon is still pinning after a coffin. I give up.
    She is wasting Bamon potential for a boring coffin love story! Miss me and the Bamon fandom with that ! Bye !

  13. Lily says:

    I’m just yikes after JP tweeting about the finale being about DE !!! Good luck with that.

    I was waiting for Bamon to get togetheron the finale but I guess it’s too much to ask. A coffin is more important and an actress who left the show is more important than the actors and actresses still on it.

    Kat and Ian deserve so much better. Can’t wait to see them in new projects together once they leave this crappy show.

  14. Sasha Ameer says:

    4 episodes finale. Bozo happened with Stockholm syndrom relationship but its okay half of people doesnt notice that but kept praising the cutest of them. Best part is TVD using Bamon scenes as promo so the episode got higher rat at once and then down to the hill after the lies. Best part 2, is Brazil sudden Trending Bamon for 21 hours because #Bamon last scene. Lets move on to the next part. Okay fans got lower hype for episode 20 but getting hyper to watch episode 7×21. Most of the fans helping TVD promote the Episode in tmblr, facebook and Twitter unfortunately once the show on air and not even reach the fin TVD Executive Producer make a very DIRESPECTFUL comment and most of the viewers whose in the middle of watching TVD stopped and leave the show. Go to twitter to know more.

    We know now they put the blame on Bamon eventhough the reality isnt. People waiting for TVD stop bring out about Elena but the show afraid to move on. Even in 7×21 when Damon and Bonnie has a very emotional scenes why must break it off with Elena? Ha ha very funny.

    Well done! The reason Tvd 7×21 getting the lowest rating all thank you to Julie Plec. As she said we’re love Bamon and We’re just a rabbid fans.

    • Susan says:

      Bonnie was never held hostage and obviously could contact her friends, or at least the ones still alive like Carolyn, so I don’t get the Stockholm reference. As for wanting her with Damon, that’s like saying she gets the “privilege” of sleeping with Damon until she dies and then he gets the woman that he keeps saying he really wants. She also gets the privilege of sleeping with the man who has the baggage of killing Matt’s sister who Bonnie grew up with, slept with both of her best friends (one of whom he basically date-raped) and one who’s mother he also slept with. This is a tv show and trying to construe everything based on what the fans want it to be isn’t fair to the writers. Damon is selfish and in order to have a relationship with him, everyone else has to compromise their principles or constantly forgive him because he is going to be who he is. I don’t equate Damon’s jealous, selfish behavior as love. I appreciate the fact that Enzo seems mature, he doesn’t have the sexual baggage with her friends, he knows what he wants and he tells her, he is honest with her and protective, and he respects her decisions. He doesn’t do things she asks him not to and then justify it by saying that he basically knows what is best. Quite frankly, I would hope that any woman would want a man who just wants them and isn’t conflicted about it.

      For Damon to tell his brother that drugging Caroline is more of a sign of love than anything (I am paraphrasing) is the kind of things that abusers and rapists say. Said the Defendant “I know officer/judge that she said she didn’t want to sleep with me or want me to hit her, but I could tell that it was what she really wanted. I could see in her eyes that she was saying one thing and wanted another.”

      Even when Bonnie says she loves Enzo or Damon says he loves her like Elena, people still say I still thinks he loves her but just doesn’t know how to say it. Even if that is true, why torture yourself wanting a relationship with someone that emotionally insecure. Why can’t Bonnie just enjoy how much Enzo loves her, maturely, unselfishly, unconditionally, with no hesitation or other woman in his thoughts, Why can’t she enjoy a relationship where she feels worshipped versus a relationship where Damon has had years to say if he has any romantic feelings and hasn’t. He is like the child who has toys that he never plays with, but the minute his mother decides to donate them he wants to play with them. He is fine to ignore them so long as no one else wants them. I hope that the writers are not teasing the audience with Bonnie saying one thing and meaning another, because she seems like such a sensible person and I would like to think that she liked Damon’s love for Elena rather than him and that once she experienced requited love, she realized that love doesn’t have to be agonizing when both people know what they want and don’t play games. I wish there was more time to develop the relationship, but I would rather he be with no one if Damon is the only other choice. The only redeeming quality (and that is putting it mildly) is that Damon truly loves Elena, otherwise why get involved with the woman your brother (your only living family who you are supposed to love) loves. The Damons of the world are excused because people believe women love bad boys, the ones that they think they can change. But there are women who love a romantic, mature man who just knows what he wants and throws himself into it and each person is happy with themselves and take pleasure in making the other person happy. When people show you who they are, accept it and don’t think you can change them.

      Damon says he went to sleep because he didn’t want to hurt his friends, even though his friends are telling him that it will hurt them more if he does this. He is telling Bonnie that I am willing to go to sleep until you die and I can see Elena, but her is a letter to keep you company. And people say, aww he loves her so much, she should forgive him, I want them together forever, he just doesn’t know how to say it, Enzo is just a placeholder, she couldn’t possible resist Damon when he explains his actions so passionately, etc. (I could go on and on). I think the writers are creative enough to explore other options and I think if the show had more seasons, they would do more development. But wanting Bonnie to be with Damon no matter what just seems weird to me and I can’t think that the fans would be dying to settle for someone who has slept with their best friends, compelled one and slept with the other’s mother (and feel honored by the privilege), rather than try a relationship with someone who is emotionally available. I am glad someone on the show moved on, rather than rehashing the same relationships with the same people.

      I am not an avid watcher of the show but I find the changes interesting, Damon dating every woman on the show is kind of predictable. I think Bonnie deserves a happy ending after sacrificing everything for friends who seem a bit selfish. I do agree however, that Bonnie deserved a serious love interest before now.

      I appreciate how loyal the fans are and that’s why the show has lasted as long as it has. So I know hard core fans will not like my comments, and they have been following the story much closer than I have and were led to believe that something more would happen with Bonnie and Damon. I like that they spent the time together and became friends because he may actually end up with one of her best friends and this way she can see what Elena sees in him. But I just don’t understand why Damon and Bonnie can’t be just good friends and why friends who seem close just have to start seeing each other. I think Damon would make Bonnie’s life miserable and sexual chemistry isn’t worth that when she can get sexual chemistry with Enzo as well as happiness over misery. In the recent episodes where Damon gets the deep lines, he should not be applauded for doing what he should have done all along which is try to be a good friend to someone who has been a good friend to him. Damon is his own true love and the women are his love for the moment. True love implies some type of sacrifice and commitment to a person. Sleeping with Bonnie until she dies and Elena wakes up kind of implies convenience. If I am to ignore everything that Damon and Bonnie say and do on the show and read into what I think they mean based on the “chemistry” that I believe exists or how they look at each other, I am still fine with Damon not getting his cake and eating it too and Bonnie being with someone who puts her first and not her friends’ leftovers (because obviously Damon had to eventually get to Bonnie after sleeping with everyone else.)

      • Teresa says:

        I didn’t even bother reading all of your “book” but a lot of people never wanted DE to happen. There are a lot of people who don’t believe in the toxic delusional relationship and think that it should’ve ended a long time ago. What should’ve happened was Elena should’ve taken the cure, got her agency back and left town last season ending DE but instead of that they kept put her in a coffin for a man. Then s7 has been all about the coffin when the ones left to watch s7 didn’t want the coffin or de anymore. They took the wrong friends and turned them into lovers (steroline,the most boring pairing TVD has ever had) instead of using the most dynamic pair (Bamon) this show has ever had.

  15. chrome says:

    episode great. But accidentally saw in tweeeter about the raging not to the show but the executive over something not relates to the show and about direspecting certain veiwers book fans, I no longer watch. Poor kat and Ian. your Executive make a mistake and they eat the “shirt”.

    I love the episode so much. Bonnie and Damon moment A+.Stefan now dared to challenge himself like his bro.

    but as I can say, Julieplec need to have a creative storyline. this left over from caroline dries so affected the whole season.
    stop Elena Arc. the girl wants nothing with tvd. yet tvd still stalking her. TVD got a very GOLDEN pairing with the ALMOST BEST DEVELOPMENT since se 1-7. the intense and emotional they carrying, never happen in any tv show. repsect your Casts, Julieplec

  16. zed says:

    Low ratungs -No surprise there! Yep! People are tired of the whole Damon toxic Elena attachment holding him back and not letting his character progress- and that means finally have him open up to declare that he is in love with Bonnie and that it is something that happened naturally over the course of time – meaning all these last seven years building those characters’ relationship. Have him finally realize he was obsessed with Elena, whuch is not true love at all. I can see fans giving up as it is like the writer’s and EP mission to destroy something that has natural chemistry.
    Also, Stefan and Caroline are boring! End off! Who brought back the shows ratings? Klaroline! It’s a fact!! Not Steroline.
    Also, Caroline-Alaric! Ludicrous! And wasn’t she just a surogate and those twins are Jo and Alaric’s kids!!! No respect for Jo whatsoever!
    Rayna and Stefan had more chemistry even thoufh they only had few conversations than Steroline ever!
    Also, they killed Matt ages ago! He seems to kust be a random thing now. The plot with him and Sarah Salvatore would have been intetesting!
    And, well, Bonenzo- they thought long and hard how not to have Bamon, so they invented Bonenzo and slapped it as a quicky off screen romance – and now Enzo is Bonnie’s one true love-yeag, right. Rubbish.
    As for the Originals- well, the show should have been centered around Klaus and Hayley as the main pairing- and then they could have had a triangle with Jackson – all three of them are wolves and the whole journey of Klaus and Hayley starting as one night stand to actually falling in love and becoming king and queen with all ups and downs would have made more sense (plus Klayley fandom was quite a big bunch)- but no.
    The whole body switching in second season didn’t do the Originals any favour. People wanted the original actors for the Originals. Well, finally this season we got them, but it feels like- a little too late.

    • Tori says:

      THIS! ALL OF THIS!!!! You have outlined everything for Julie!

      • zed says:

        Well, doubt any of it will change things now, though. All in all, TVD and TO could have been awesome, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, who had nearly 4 milion viewers at the end-and still being referred to till this day.

  17. Shaun says:

    See,nobody wants you Adele XD

    • Dv says:

      It was an encore airing. An encore of a presentation that originally netted NBC over 11 million viewers, and 3 share back in December so you’re wrong. You’re stupid for failing at trolling and you’re also wrong.

  18. How do I even begin without going off a cuss filled rant and still make my point? Okay, breathing and calming myself down. There was never really any hope for me as a Bamon fan to begin with that they would even be canon in Season 1 because I know by how Julie shows favoritism towards Delena (and Nina) that it won’t be a possibility. Still, I enjoyed their little scenes and banter. I was happy with what I got because in my heart I still believe that Bonnie IS better for Damon. However, this season there has been a lot of scenes that were Bamon-centric and Bonnie-centric and like a fool, I HOPED that maybe Julie has seen past her white coloured glasses and realized that Kat and Ian could work perfectly fine too. But no. After all the Bamon scenes and the tension between them and building them up, it all lead to one big, stinking ruse. It’s deplorable and the ugliest marketing ploy EVER to entice us Bamon fans and then drop us like we don’t even matter. So, hats off to you Julie Plec for your oh-so-incredible writing that makes Nanowrimo authors look like veterans.

  19. Trisha says:

    She was very disrespectful and condescending to Bamon fans on twitter. She basically said we ship Bamon because we are book fans and hate Elena. Which could be further fromthe truth. She refuses to give Ian and Kat props for their amazing chemistry. There has been a lot of media sources that commended them on it but she looks over it time and time again. All I can say is that her and her writers are very disrespectful. No other writing team is like this, look at shonda’s or Robert kirkman’s team. They never treat any of their fans like this. I’m done with her shows.

  20. B says:

    Kind of take all overnight ratings announcements with a grain of salt since they’re far from the whole story these days. Wish we’d also see final numbers with delayed viewing included.

  21. Alrisha says:

    Maybe with better writing the numbers will be better. TVD is awful and had been for a while. TO is going for the same path.

  22. Nan says:

    TVD – That is because the dang show is so boring…same old drivel over and over again and the storyline sucks

  23. GeeMa says:

    Matt, did the policeman who was shot in tonight’s season finale of Blue Bloods die? According to the mayor, he did.

  24. Tvd fan says:

    No one watches live TV. Can anyone honestly say that they watch evey show they love live?

    Rating don’t mean that the shows have no fans or no one is watching.

    TVD episodes leak online the night before so tvd fans don’t watch live anymore. They watch the night before online.
    If the CW care about ratings they should do something about that. Maybe give the episodes to Canada a week behind?

    • BVS says:

      This definitely has to be a major factor because last night’s episode was one of the best. (Even with all the Elena mentions) Kat and Ian knocked it out of the park and Paul did an amazing job directing, such a shame because they deserve all the recognition!

    • Nikki says:

      There is a lot of truth in that, especially accurate for the more casual viewer, and to be fair the casual viewers are the majority despite claims by shippers to the contrary.
      Boycotting the show for shipper reasons has never really affected ratings that much since most people who watch are not online fans. The online fandom as a whole makes up a tiny percentage of the total viewership and even that has declined massively over the years as evidenced by the low post counts on articles and recaps.
      I don’t care what anyone says, if the story is compelling enough people will watch regardless of ships.

  25. Liz says:

    JO broke her own rule when she addresses a ship. I know there are a lot of Damon/Bonnie fans out there, personally I like them better as friends. But I would take them as a couple vs Steroline. This episode was nothing special. The same plot reappeared. Bonnie risking her life to save her friends. This has been happening since the beginning. I did enjoy Caroline giving Stefan is comeuppance. Let’s face it, Stefan has not respected her right to make a choice. So for all the fans who say the it wasn’t Stefan’s fault, I say apparently you never been in a relationship because that is a total deal breaker. TVD writers need to either get a better scripts or just let the series go. I know the story is not about ships, but when you drill it the fans heads that the Canon couples are absolute well you get low ratings.

  26. kathlyn says:

    So does this mean we’ll be getting Klaroline reunion next season?? Because let’s face it, that’s the one thing that can save both shows as of right now

  27. KM says:

    I have never read the books, I just think bonnie and damon have so much chemistry, and they could be the it couple, even Ian is pro bamon.

  28. jyo77 says:

    I don’t blame Cap, I blame finals week!

  29. katie says:

    Wow, and I thought Supernatural fans were exhausting. I want to offer my thoughts: Bamon was never going to happen. Ever. Bonnie is, effectively, what is keeping Damon and Elena from being together. To actually think they would have Damon ditch the girl he has been wanting for years was never going to happen. Don’t you guys remember Katherine, and what it took for him to finally get over her? And she had been missing a century. Longer. Whether you guys like it or not, Elena was the lead for six years, and for a lot of us, she was beloved. JP would never destroy her happy ending, which was very clearly being human and with Damon. And if I may point out, how did anyone think JP would do Bamon after all the crap she gets about Steroline, how half the comments are people whining about messing up their friendship. I saw some comments about how Bamon are framed in romantic lights, and they’re not. At all. They don’t give each other long, wistful stares, they don’t sacrifice everything for each other, there are no random romantic obstacles in their way (Stefan/Caroline/Alaric). That’s typically what it looks like when a coupling is actually primed for romance. Not to mention Bonnie has never given the impression that she is less than delirious with Ezno. She and Damon are like actual siblings and their connection far surpasses fleeting romance. They’re each other’s (extremely complicated) family. They love the hell out of each other, why isn’t that enough? I mean, they will be in each other’s lives for as long as they live. I could actually go into a lot of reasons why their friendship is actually one of the most beautiful relationships on TV at all, but they could never work as a romantic pairing, I just don’t really have the patience to do it. And I adore Elena but she puts up from a lot to be with Damon, and Bonnie would never accept him like he is, the way Elena ended up doing. My final comment is to the posters who think that the show is doing Kat Graham a disservice by not pairing her with Damon. May I remind you guys that in actuality KG has stated for a while that she wishes her character would explore same sex relationships so if you guys really want the actress to be happy, maybe you could push for that. God knows VD could use more diverse characters.

  30. Cas says:

    Anyone ever think maybe shippers ruin shows? Stop expecting couples to happen just because you want it to.

  31. Nikki says:

    At first I liked the Bamon friendship, even if most of the development took place off screen, because it added a new dynamic to the show. However, gradually Bamon has taken over so much that every other relationship was sidelined to accommodate it, and instead of being a fresh NEW dynamic, it became the only dynamic for both Damon and Bonnie.
    One of my favorite relationships on the show was Dalaric, and that has been pretty much ruined with little to no development since Bamon became a thing. Damon has only really had substantial screen time with Stefan and Bonnie this season, and in the recent episodes he has spent most of his time with Bonnie and Enzo. I need more variety, and with Elena around, the other characters were better integrated, especially in the earlier seasons. (I don’t count s6, since Elena was basically a side character that they were writing out)

    Isolating characters into little groups does not work, this show works better when they are a group with varied interactions and interplay with different dynamics. There is no cohesion anymore.

    Lastly, the “save Bonnie” plots that have swallowed literally the last 4 episodes and will continue into next week have just got too much, especially since we know she isn’t in danger of actually dying. It’s exhausting to watch coupled with all the melodramatic Bamon angst.

  32. Cya says:

    I did like Delena at the start, but only as a flirt or a trouble-situation for stefan and elena. While elena and damon were good togther, they lasted way too long, because i said, i only appericated them as a flirt. however, damon and bonnie, i did see as a more plausible couple and it fitted perfectly. Don’t they become together in the books too? There is obviously a purpose there but the show screwed. Elana no more. Stefan and damon look like fools to have been chasing a girl neither of them were to have. They should’ve left stefen with elena och have damon with bonnie. I don’t they ‘need’ to please the audience but the chemistry between the characters. It was obvious that when delena was getting more serious, there was loss of chemistry etc. I really hate it when a show has such a great cast/characters yet the writing really ruins it.

    • Nikki says:

      Book Bamon was a slightly different Dynamic, since book Bonnie was a much more fragile, ditzy character who developed a crush on Damon. Damon sorta knew this and he bonded and became very protective of her. He loved her very much in a platonic way because he was totally in love with Elena. Book Bonnie knew this and recognised that Damon would never love her in that way because his heart belonged to Elena. Bonnie ended up with someone else in the end.
      It was a lovely dynamic, much like the one in the show now.

  33. Raisa Hebra says:

    the vampire diaries was good until this last season. nothing positive happens to anyone in the series now and elana, who was one of the main characters, is gone. stupid move on the actress’s part-just because your ex boyfriend became interested in some other actress on the set doesn’t mean you leave the show. its
    not like she was such a great actress that she would get major film roles after that! Stephan seems a bit bipolar now, caroline is as annoying as ever and I wish bonnie would finally just get killed off. the originals is a much more quality show and still has an interesting plot. I hope that in the end Damien magically reunites with elana.

  34. notmama says:

    I WANT BAMON!!!!!

  35. velvet says:

    well i said that many times – if ya want money julie, bring klaroline back
    i mean.. everyone hates steroline they have literally no chemistry, klaroline’s phone call had it more than steroline’s kiss lol