Person of Interest Cast Answers Your Qs About Season 5, Mimicry and More

You asked, and they answered!

Prior to hitting the Person of Interest 100th-episode party, I invited readers to send in questions for the cast. And now that Season 5 aka the farewell run is underway, it’s time to relay their answers.

What was it like to mimic each other for the hilarious scene that opens Episode 2 (airing Monday at 10/9c)? What is the hardest part about acting opposite… an earpiece? In what ways is Season 5 akin to a pair of Star Wars movies? Will Root’s black nail polish make a final encore?

Click through the slideshow below to get those answers and more, from Michael Emerson, Jim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi.

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  1. velhaquacker says:

    Can’t wait for Shaw’s big return episode and her reunion with Root (and Bear!)

  2. MTB says:

    They ruined the show when they brought in Root. She’s horrible and it made it look like she was the star. The first 2 seasons were great and they ruined it.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      The husband looked at the comments over my shoulder and says, “She was a very good asset to the show, her fighting skills and her honesty and loyalty to the team.”

      • Oscar the Oddity says:

        I agree. She is unlike all of the other characters that we have seen and she adds a new element to the dynamic of the team.

    • Huth says:

      Thanks for the laugh. She is easily the highlight of the show.

    • Sarah says:

      She’s the highlight of the show for me.

    • Melina says:

      I only just finished binging the show and I’m not really involved in the fandom but the thing I always see is Reese fans being childish and bitter in the comment section of articles. The “Reese is the show” nonsense is really getting old.

      • Mac says:

        Agreed. I watched this show because of Jim Caviezel but Reese has never been the main character. It’s always been the machine even from the pilot.

        • Tom says:

          Agree with you. Reese may be ONE OF the mains, but the show isn’t called ” John Reese: A.I Protector!!” And Neither is Root who some people think is stealing the screen time and action time whilst Reese is “taking the back seat”. Oh please, get over it. It’s an ensemble cast. Root has second to least screen time of all the characters on this show. And also people seem to think the show is bad representation for people of color, yet they ignore Harper, Shaw, Leon, Taylor and Kelli whom have all been positive influences and are not dead. They are so bitter they blame the writers because they seem to think they killed off Carter ( even though Taraji said she wanted to do movies and it was already plotted out that her story would end. ( plus Empire) I don’t know what people want anymore. I guess they would be happy if they made this season all about Reese, little time for Finch , Fusco, no Root or Shaw, no Samaritan storyline which means no A.I, just Reese saving the day over and over again and Carter mysteriously and unrealistically comes back to life. The show would be boring and redundant.

          • Bruce says:

            Yeah Root’s limited screentime is the main thing that tick me off the most. I swear during episodes 4, 6, 8, 14 and 17 I wanted to strangle the person who gave Acker this dumb contract. Why not sign her up for a full season? Amy Acker is great and she does miracles with how little they give her but even for her 1,5 minutes per episode isn’t enough. Oh God I still hate Nolan for not allowing her to do and be in more.

          • mary says:

            Agree on all. Funny though, you see this with all shows. People get attached to one character, & that is who becomes the center…for them.

  3. :) says:

    I’m so excited for this season!!!

  4. blackcoffee says:

    Off to a great start already. Best premiere in 5 seasons. Can’t wait to see it all unfold.

  5. Huth says:

    I’m so excited for Shaw to return! It’s just not the same without her kicking ass next to Reese and her sizzling chemistry with Root.

  6. alanlicious says:

    I hope Carter will be back for another flashback, if only just a cameo since it’s the final season. But Taraji Henson was probably too busy with Empire :(

  7. Root has become the best part of POI. I’m excited for all her interactions with the rest of the team and the Machine and seeing how she continues to grow as a character. In particular, I’m looking forward to her philosophical debates with Finch and her reunion with Shaw. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed her teamwork with Reese in BSOD as well. Team Rocket!

    Season 5 is off to a fantastic start. The much-hyped 6741, which features Shaw’s return and Root and Shaw’s Very Special Scene sounds like it will easily end up in my top 5 episodes of the series.

    Thanks for the article, Matt.

  8. Kevin K says:

    Imagine those vintage PlayStation 3 gaming consoles.

  9. LindseyM says:

    So, basically, everyone – even Fusco – is getting a kickass story, but Shaw gets the “saved by the power of love” story. How great. No wonder the Tumblr fandom is thrilled.

    Thanks for learning nothing from your mistakes, POi writers, and making Shaw pretty much a Carter 2.0: sidelined as a sidekick/love interest, and (probably) fridged for the white love of her life.

    Nothing left other than rewatch Relevance and Razgovor, pretend most of S4 didn’t happen, and don’t even bother with S5. That’s the only way to at least keep a good representation of a bi woman of color in my heart (and keep waiting forever for TV to actually give a sh*t about people of color).

    • Sarah says:

      Why judge a story before you even watched it?

    • :) says:

      Shaw is getting a kickass storyline. Probably one of the best storylines of the series, I’m super excited for it. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Shaw is my favorite and I’m sure she’s gonna have a lot of epic stuff coming up.

      • LindseyM says:

        I wish I was. Really. But, I’m not judging by the cover, I’m judging by the 80% of the book we already read.

        Cause, between the show’s bad history with people of color (including Shaw during late S3 and the beginning of S4), and this promos and interviews, there is no room for hope.

        Anyway, I wish you and other Shaw fans who will stay have at least one good thing at the end (even if its just Sarah’s amazing acting – which, sadly, will probably be the case). I give up. Like I said, I’ll just keep the good memories and pretend the rest never happened, while still waiting for a decent woc/bi representation.

    • God-King of the Primordium says:

      @LindseyM you’re wrong. Even if Shaw will die she’ll die not only for Root. Root is going to be a trigger of some sort the one to remind Shaw who she was . And Shaw will die as a hero, saving the world, and as a result, a woman she loves.

      Speaking of “a good representation of a bi woman of color”. In case you failed to notice, they’ve been treating Shaw/Shahi with respect all the time. She has better contract than “a white love of her life”, she gets more respect than Root, she’s more responsible and gets to do more than Root again. She gets better treatment than their white lesbian character, what else do you want?

      • LindseyM says:

        I know many people do this, and its probably why Shaw fans who call out racism have such a bad rep, but let’s not make this a Root vs Shaw thing. Root IS an amazing character, and she definitely made the show a thousand times better. She has a kickass storyline so far, and I hope S5 gives her even more. I’m happy the show gave a lesbian woman such a big part to play, and, trust me, if later I learn that they killed her at the end, I will be pissed!

        My problem is: Root is already a great character on her own. There was NO need to make Shaw’s story about her. There isn’t a single interview, promo or anything that hasn’t talk just about Shaw. She should be more than Root’s pet. She should be more than Root’s sex toy. And yet, all the time, all we hear about is her reunion with Root, how Root will help her, how they will have an awesome special moment.

        If we take Shaw’s plot away from Root just for a moment, there an awesome story left (I can’t stress this enough: a deserved awesome one): saving the Machine, and all the AI conflict behind it. That’s even the best part of the show. Now, if you take Root away from Shaw’s story, what’s left? Probably some good sidekicking with Reese. Oh, and comic relief, most likely.

        And I disagree with how they have been respectful with Sarah “all the time”. If you follow POI accounts on Twitter, for example, you would see how she was excluded from a lot of promo materials, pics and tweets from the crew for XMas and New Year, and was completely ignored in her birthday. So, no, she doesn’t get better treatment. And, as stated before, neither does Shaw.

        As for the “better” contract, I assume you are talking about Amy not appearing in all episodes. That was Amy’s choice. She likes to keep her agenda a little more open, so she can do other stuff that she likes (like that beautiful family trip she always does in her birthday, the indie movies she makes, etc). Since this season is 13 episodes, she will appear in all of them as well.

        • Troy says:

          Wrong. Amy will be in all 13 episodes. She confirmed it herself. Then again, you seem to like judging something you have no knowledge of. No surprise your post makes you come off as completely and utterly insane.

        • God-King of the Primordium says:

          Truth be told, I don’t believe that this limited contract thing is Amy’s choise. Not to mention she does her indie movies in the summer mostly and there’s not much of them anyway. It’s like with Taraji – it wasn’t her idea to leave. The ladies are just too nice and don’t want to make the TPTBs of POI look bad.

          And Root. Well, they weren’t paying that much attention to her; all her appearances are brief and don’t allow her to grow more. Even Root-centric episodes weren’t that Root-centric. Until the couple of last episodes of season 4 they’ve been treating her like The Machine/Harold/Shaw extention. If it wasn’t for Acker great acting it’d been more noticeable. Shaw, on the other hand has always been her own character with great storyark. She’s more than just Root’s sex toy(?), a pet or whatever. I don’t understand how you don’t see it?

        • Huth says:

          What the hell did I just read…?

    • Huth says:

      “The Tumblr fandom”? Sounds like that’s exactly where you came from. Those hyper sensitive tards always find something to be offended about. Guess you fit in just fine.

    • dioxinblues says:

      Of all the characters, Shaw is the one who is most self-contained, even in her time of desolation. No one “saves” her and I’m uncertain – outside of a myopic desire to see what you wish to see – how you could come up with the conclusion you described. Shaw saves herself. Is she in a bad place after having 6,741 hours of torture and brainwashing by an evil AI? Yeah. Think it’s fairly safe to say she is. But if Sarah Shahi – the biggest protector of her character – is as jazzed as she is by the story and Shaw’s development then I can’t imagine it’s going to be disappointing. Unless you’ve already chosen to be disappointed in which case there’s not much anyone can do to dissuade you.

  10. Elena says:

    Disappointing questions to be honest.

  11. Spooky says:

    I love this show! I want Shaw back now. If Finch dies I’ll be sad. Hopefully he retires and goes with Grace to Italy and Root will take over his position and Shaw will take over Reese’s. I want Fusco to get a raise… Maybe promoted to captain? I really want this show on Netflix! Broadcast Television is dying, and people aren’t really into 23-24 episode procedurals anymore and the ratings prove it. Person of Interest is always changing it up and bringing something different. Camerawork, acting, directing and music are greatly superior, it’s been an amazing ride.

  12. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait for Shaw’s storyline this season. Sounds great!

  13. Aline says:

    I just love Root so much. She’s so unique and brilliant. Amy Acker is the best!
    I’m gonna miss this show very much :/

  14. Guthrie says:

    Dear princess Celestia! I… uh… ruh-roh. I mean,

    Dear Mr. Nolan! If you’re planning on making a reboot of POI anytime soon please make it about a woman in the suit, not a man. Pretty please? Amy Acker looks extremely good in suits.

    Your faithful Nolanite, moi.

  15. Debi says:

    Please don’t let it end!!!… Love this program.. The characters are great story line is wonderful. We need Shaw never before.. I didn’t like Root at first then she sucks you in.. Please don’t end….😫😫😫😫😫😮😥😥

  16. Sudhi rao says:

    Will control be back in the final season?…

  17. Andrea Robinson says:

    I sure hate that Person of interest is leaving the CBS Line-up…. one of my favorite shows.

    • Debi says:

      Please don’t end.. Love all the characters, hopefully it continues threw the summer.. I look forward to it.👏👏😫💐

  18. A schwabe says:

    Absolutely luv the “person of interest” show just wish they would stop moving the episodes as I don’t keep track of when it’s on! Please keep the series going it’s my favorite show

  19. MachineParts says:

    Watched Ep 2 of Season 5 last night and loved it. Unfortunately, this whole season is touched with a bit of sadness for me. The thing that struck me the most is that this amazing show will soon be out of my life forever. Gaaaaah! The feels! Seriously, so much crap stays on the air seemingly forever, and this wonderful, inventive creation is relegated to 13 final episodes. It ain’t fair, I tells ya!

  20. Cynthia says:

    Love watching Person of Interest! Season1 and 2 are the best. Enjoyed watching them save people. Story lines were exciting! Love all the characters, but what didn’t work for me were Reese and Carter in love. I preferred the great camaraderie as partners and friends a real team. Sad when they killed Carter off. Her character was amazing! Love Reese’s character, my favorite! Enjoyed Shaw kicking butt, didn’t like the flirtation with Root, kind of ruined it for me. Root kicking butt was also fun along with the comical moments for all. She’s really funny! Finch and his real wife were so touching. Really enjoyed the sweetness of it! What made the show work was the storyline which made is exciting, the great acting by all involved. Would love it if they turned it around and went back to what they were doing in Season 1 and 2 and if they didn’t cancel the show. It’s one of the few shows I actually watch and look forward to watching.

    Again, the show is amazing and different with intelligent and interesting writing and not a lot of filth and nonsense. Enjoyed the action without all the gore in detail! Don’t cancel the show!!!!!

  21. easydog100 says:

    Person of Interest is so much better both in the acting and of course the writing than the other “crap” (NCIS, etc.) that CBS chooses to inundate the airwaves. It is a shame to lose this show after this season. A BIG FAN……..

  22. Andrew says:

    The show was really good till they got off saving the world and started getting into dumb gay stuff this is person of interest not lesbians go wild

    • Debi says:

      I look forward to watching all the episodes… They are all great!… This is a soap opera nighttime.. Is cleaner then most of the other stuff on.. Kind of James Bondish…love you guys👏👏👏

  23. I just can’t understand why you would end such a fantastic show like POI. The cast and the director have done a fantastic job in bringing something so brilliant to our TV. Surely you can bring it back at a later date. I really don’t think I will be the only one to contact you regarding the show. PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK DON’T LET IT DIE DOWN PLEASE PLEASE GIVE THE SHOW A REPRIEVE 😭