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Brie Larson Hosts SNL: Watch Video of the Best and Worst Sketches!

It can be a challenging thing to keep the momentum going after winning your first Academy Award, but apparently not for Brie Larson.

Two months after collecting her Best Actress statuette, the Room actress hosted one of the better episodes of Saturday Night Live‘s Season 41.

OK, her opening monologue — hijacked by various regular cast members’ Mother’s Day shout-outs — failed to ignite, but Larson otherwise proved both game and adept, and luckily got solid material to match her comedic skills.

Below are my picks for the week’s best and worst sketches. (We’ll embed video in this post as soon as it becomes available.)

BEST: THE CUT | Larson fronted this sketch as a woman getting a baby shower from her new neighbors — SNL‘s female cast members, killin’ it — and resisting their insistence that she’d soon wind up with a highly specific mom ‘do, “soft waterfall in the front, knives in the back” (or is it “curtains in front, Iron Throne in back”). Larson made funny her character’s horror at realizing she was carefully folding a gift bag for re-use, while Aidy Bryant demonically predicted “all your tank tops will sprout cap sleeves!”

BEST: CHURCH CHAT | Dana Carvey — whose First Impressions reality competition premieres next week on NBC’s corporate sister USA Network, by the bye — brought back his legendary Church Lady for the cold open. With hilarious reactions to everything from Beyoncé’s Lemonade — the Church Lady’s own brand of the tart treat is “freshly squeezed, just like Jay-Z’s naughty parts” — to interviews with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, this was a great way to kick off the episode. Bonus points to Darrell Hammond’s presumptive Republican nominee flubbing his Gospel: “The part where Jon Snow comes back to life — that’s great Bible!”

BEST: NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE | This Kate McKinnon-led sketch wasn’t quite as good as its predecessor — the all-time classic in which McKinnon’s character described her alien abduction, causing host Ryan Gosling to break down in laughter. But I nevertheless guffawed multiple times as McKinnon described how her walk toward the light following 55 minutes in a submerged car differed from Larson and Cecily Strong’s characters. Moral of the story? Don’t show up without pants in Dog Heaven, or face an almost-not-fit-for-this-blog fate. As McKinnon horrifically described it: “I’m fightin’ off a gaggle of cold snouts tryin’ to sniff my drainer and my stainer!” O_o

WORST: DISCREET ANNIHILATION | I won’t lie: I find most of Kyle Mooney’s digital shorts about as funny as discovering a moldy block of cheese in the back of the fridge. But this punchline-free waste of time and energy — in which Mooney’s punk-rap band sought Kickstarter funding for an EP and film – was akin to eating that block of cheese rather than tossing it in the garbage. Honestly, the test of the Emergency Broadcast System is less grating than an off-leash Mooney.

WORST: QUIZ WHIZ 2018 | Can SNL please please please reduce its game-show-spoof output by at least 50 percent? (I’ll keep begging ’til Lorne Michaels finally submits!) This one was set two years in the future and built solely around the gag that neither astute contestant could remember Ted Cruz’s name — even though Larson turned out to be the candidate’s own wife Heidi.

What did you think of this week’s SNL? Grade it in our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Shaun says:

    She didn’t add much to the effort.Always laugh at Kate when she does this character,so funny.Alicia Keys sure has fallen.

    • Patrick says:

      Its going to be hard for any female host to add a lot to this SNL cast. Currently there are a slew of talented women who run the gamut in looks and specialties. When any female host arrives, she basically takes the place of a cast member who could do any of the host’s parts.

    • Dude says:

      I disagree. She was great. She was confident and quick and showed a lot of personality, she just wasn’t given any material. She wasn’t given a single sketch in which her comedic skills were highlighted which feels like a waste.

  2. DV says:

    When I saw it, I thought to myself “I bet they’ve been dying to get this sketch on again”. It was still pretty good but they probably got the most out of it now. Pretty great show and looking forward to the last two episodes!

  3. DarkDefender says:

    That was a pretty solid show. Kyle Mooneys video keep getting worse. I don’t even watch them anymore. Loved the near death sketch and the game of thrones sketch. Church chat was a nice surprise.

    • Dv says:

      Omg I forgot to add that too! Kyle Mooney needs to go! Like, last season. He only ever does two things, make shorts that for some reason he thinks look great because he makes them all look like old bus tapes from the 90’s and try to attempt that ‘so bad it’s funny humor. He succeeds at neither.

    • MP says:

      I agree, I usually watch them because I hold out hope it will pay off, after this last one I have given up. Never again. After watching it I literally thought “Now there is time I will never get back.” Terrible.

    • Patrick says:

      And sadly, last night was one of his better skits. And it was still terrible.

    • Kevin K says:

      Kyle Mooney is always at his worst and I don’t know who’s responsible to keep him on the show.

  4. Maria says:

    I really liked Sasheer’s bit during News Desk, but she does need to work on the delivery. Still, it was a string bit, and didn’t get the love it deserved.
    I like her a lot but she never gets laughs from the audience.

  5. Rafael Furay says:

    “Then I continued to watch because of the boastful words the horn was speaking. I kept looking until the beast was slain and its body destroyed and thrown into the blazing fire.

  6. leo says:

    Sasher.. Wow. Can’t we agree that she’s only there because some ppl complained that there wasn’t enough black people on the show? I mean, I agree that there wasn’t enough, but she’s horrible in SNL.

  7. Kevin K says:

    I give the Brie Larson episode of SNL a B. Having Dana Carvey back as the Church Lady was one of my favorites (WELL ISN’T THAT SPECIAL). Not sure if the Near Death Experience sketch was better than the Alien Abduction bit with Ryan Gosling and Kyle Mooney continues to be a disappointment for fans of the show. So excited for Drake next week.

  8. Joan says:

    I so want to like SNL. No, I want to love SNL. Sadly, there are too many unfunny people in the crowded pool. Kate is the strongest and most versatile, so I find myself laughing whenever she is featured. Pete, Bobby and Kenan are close seconds. The bottom includes Leslie, Michael, Kyle and Sasheer mostly because they play the same recycled pathetic characters. The rest are somewhere in the middle depending on the skit. Really sick of game show skits. What’s the point???? Maybe a Google search for some new material help.

  9. EJ says:

    Mooney has been a liability for this show since his very first appearance. He might be ranked as the worst cast member of all time and that takes some doing.

    • Patrick says:

      I feel like Mooney’s pre-taped video bits sound pretty good at 2 am on Thursday morning, when they get green lit. Then he films it Thursday and Friday. So, the money is spent. When he unveils it Friday evening or Saturday morning, a sleep deprived, hung over, exasperated cast/crew feels like its OK. For us, not being in an altered state, it flops.

  10. Jake says:

    Quiz Whiz would’ve been funnier if Ted Cruz hadn’t been one of the subjects of a skit just an hour earlier; and it could’ve been written around more than one lame joke. “Vice President Palin” or “Vice President Franken,” references to Obama’s new career as stand-up comic — I’m just spitballing here but there would have been plenty of possibilities.

  11. This Ep Was Bad says:

    I’m not sure how this ep is scoring 41% (as of this time) in the VERY GOOD rating. This episode felt really flat and really bad to me. I’m willing to accept that my opinion is obviously outside of the box here but it felt like every single one of the pre-shot bits were just HORRIBLE and the material presented within the show felt more like digging for past glory rather than offering anything new.

    The Church Lady opens? Really? And bringing Darrell Hammond back for Trump? Hammond’s still a part of the show as the announcer but shouldn’t one of the current on-air performers fill that slot?

    As for the Sasheer “N-word” bit I know I’m going to sound horrible here but cut me some slack. With an audience of mostly white people (I’m assuming from the audience mems we saw during the audience shots during the opening monologue) that bit wasn’t very easy to laugh at. Most white people don’t feel comfortable laughing out loud at ANYTHING associated with the “N word.” And with a black girl delivering the lines? – No way. It’s too tender a subject today.

    For the first time in the show’s history the female cast members are so far above their male counterparts talent-wise it’s disturbing. The ladies are fabulous and Killiam can’t do every role in every sketch. And with the anchors of W.E. and every cast member seemingly being infected with the horrible Fallon virus where they laugh at their own jokes, the Larsen ep felt kind of like a cable access show.

    If this ep is rating that high, maybe we only have ourselves to blame for the quality drop.

  12. Diane Raetz says:

    The only real laughs I had was during the awesome return of the Church Lady

  13. C.C. says:

    Weekend Update has gone to crap with Colin and Michael. Besides being clearly pro-Bernie/Anti-Hillary, if you’re going to be politically correct/incorrect, at least have a strong punchline. Weekend Update just feels like needless preaching now. And the Kyle Mooney late 90’s shtick just needs to go away.

  14. Tom says:

    President Barbie is pretty much how I see Bernie supporters under the age of 30

  15. mick says:

    i’m really tired of the political leaning of the show. it seems most of the show (news) was about putting down Trump. The two news guys suck!