good wife finale

The Good Wife: How Do You Want Alicia's Story to End?

She’s cried, she’s seethed, she’s done the deed.

The Good Wife‘s Alicia Florrick has had an eventful seventh season, but Sunday night (9/8c on CBS) her story will go the way of Florrick-Agos investigator Robyn Burdine — living on only in our imaginations. Happy or sad, vague or definitive, satisfying or infuriating, the end is upon us.

Series star Julianna Margulies told Variety last week that “The fans are either gonna love this or hate this, but there’s not going to be a ‘meh.’ There [are] no tied-up bows. And I hope that the fans can understand the trajectory it puts Alicia on.”

That’s not surprising, considering Alicia has more loose threads in her life than Dolly Parton’s coat of many colors. Still, as someone who’s faithfully taken the ride mapped out by showrunners Robert and Michelle King, I’d argue there are a few arcs where closure is non-negotiable.

JASON, PETER OR NONE OF THE ABOVE | One of the most satisfying (and longest-overdue) moments of Season 7 found Alicia storming into Peter’s office and telling him she wanted a divorce. (I swear I heard Etta James’ “At Last” coming down from the heavens as the scene played out). Now, though, despite Alicia mulling a kinda-sorta offer from sexy beau Jason Crouse to run away together, she’s publicly standing by her Illinois governor hunny while he’s on trial for allegedly helping a wealthy donor’s son avoid murder charges. Whether Alicia chooses to proceed with ending her marriage (she should), continue exploring her feelings for Jason (debatable), here’s hoping our heroine isn’t left in her current limbo state as the final credits roll.

FIRM THINGS UP | The game of thrones musical chairs at the show’s central law firm has been pretty dizzying the last few years. It wouldn’t feel like a finale, though, without some one good Alicia-Cary conversation (even/especially if it’s testy), a few solid Lucca Quinn quips and a final power suit/chunky necklace combo from Diane Lockhart. Oh, did I mention my burning desire to see David Lee go down in spectacular flames? (Just because it’d be obvious doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be delectable.) In other words, here’s hoping the finale isn’t simply The Alicia and Peter Show!

AN EXPLORATION OF GUILT | I know we can’t have it all — see “There [are] no tied-up bows” quote above — but I’d be delighted if the Kings let us know definitively if Peter is, in fact, actually guilty of letting a murderer go free. And while we’re at it, could Alicia please please please find out about how the father of her children was behind the election-rigging mess that got her bumped from her State’s Attorney seat?

In the poll below, choose the one plot development you want the most. Then hit the comments and tell us why!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alex Warheit says:

    Kalinda. That’s what it should be, who she should be with. *Sigh*.

  2. George H. says:

    Alien invasion! Actually, never watched the show, but an alien invasion would definitely make it interesting, lol.

    • Mike M says:

      Yes… the trial is abandoned because the Justice department suddenly stops working, and they find out alien spawn have come to earth and eaten the brains of a bunch of Congressmen and Capitol Hill staff… And the King’s go “Ha, see… we told you there would be a spin off…”.

  3. Jeri says:

    This is the 1st time I’ll be glad an old favorite of mine is over. It (Alicia) cannot be redeemed.

  4. KeithH says:

    I’d like to see “Alicia” wake up, roll over and say to her bed partner, “Doug… I had the weirdest dream…”

  5. Andrew Hass says:

    I think the series should end with Alicia been alone with no man and both her kids out of the house.She could still support Peter but as his friend and co-parent to their kids.However in the end she chooses herself and be on her own.

  6. Kim R says:

    I would like to see Alicia divorce Peter & clearly move on but remain friendly, letting any bitterness that may be lingering, go. I would like her to move on from Diane as well, repair her relationship with Cary & the 2 of them become a firm with Canning. And I would like to see her continue to figure out where Jason may fit into her life as she moves forward.

  7. Peter and Alicia staying together’s not an option?

    They have such a history together and such good chemistry. I think they’d have a chance to do something really great policy-wise if they stayed together, and Peter kept it in his pants.

    That’s the thing about Peter. No matter how much of a sleaze he can be, he’s so charming!

    • lilys says:

      I agree 100 % !
      That would be my vote

      • Devon says:

        I’d love for Alicia and Peter stay married together and that he is innocent of the charges against him or gets off on just probation. She is The Good Wife after all and that’s why I’d like their love for each other to rekindle. Basically a mostly happily ever after ending to this very good series.

    • dman6015 says:

      No, that bridge burned a long time ago.

  8. cp1945 says:

    It should end with Peter acquitted, Alicia and Diane throwing David Lee out of the firm, and Alicia deciding dating is better than commitment for now.

  9. Lexicarmela says:

    The Kings love irony and based on the interviews I’ve read over the past week I think Alicia’s end is going to parallel Zach’s. I think she’s running off with Jason. I just hope it’s done in a way that doesn’t make it seem like a man saved her.

    • Mike M says:

      But it will be a man that saves her… just not quite like you might imagine… it will be Will somehow through flashbacks or a dream sequence that gets her head where in needs to be for her to accept she must just leave it all and go with him (“I can’t stay in one place too long”)… after staying with Peter and being the “Good Wife” to the very end and getting him off all charges, in return for the promised divorce.

      • Mike M says:

        So I’d rate my guess there a solid 8/10. Disappointingly obscure final 2 minutes, but I take it that she leaves it all behind now to go after Jason.

    • I really hope she doesn’t end up with Jason.

  10. matty says:

    I think the ending needs to involve Peter dying somehow, perhaps getting shot, so that Alicia is finally free to live her life.

    • Sandra Anderson says:

      I have thought that maybe Jason will shoot Peter, because he cannot stand the thought of Alicia staying with Peter and she faints when she finds out and that is when Will appears in her dream and tells her she is finally free to do as she pleases.

      • suzi says:

        Both of these scenarios say that Alicia does not have the strength or wisdom to “be free”
        on her own, only if Peter is dead and Will tells her what to do. So, respectfully–no thanks.

  11. Georgia Peach says:

    Men come and go but friend, Carry, needs to be reinstated.

  12. Trident says:

    I want the very last scene to be Alicia jumping into Jason’s car and the last line to be, “Let’s go. I’m tired of playing the good wife.”

  13. kn1231 says:

    I found it hard to choose in that poll. I went with Alicia and Cary making up, but I also want Alicia to find out about the election scandal, David Lee to get thrown out and Alicia and Peter getting a divorce. I will be happy if any of those 4 things happen on Sunday

    • Erin B says:

      I know! I waffled between Alicia & Cary making up & Alicia finding out about the voting scandal. Those both have to happen, right? The last we see of Cary can’t be him walking away in the courthouse. I am thinking she may consider staying married but finds out about the voting scandal which is the final straw. I only wish there was an option for Will to have been in witness protection–Kalinda viewing his body after autopsy ruins that.

      • Eurydice says:

        Maybe the last we see of Cary is him entering a sex-change clinic so he can be part of Diane’s all female team.

  14. Jakay says:

    I want the divorce to go forward but I want David Lee to choke, fall into a well, get sucked into a black hole and/or go up in flames first.

  15. Linda gorman says:

    Alicia needs the time to be Alicia without encumbement

  16. maregolden says:

    Michael, it was cruel to only let us choose one.

  17. Carrie says:

    This only makes me realize how many loose ends there are and how much time has been wasted with filler this season! I’m hoping Alicia finds true peace and happiness in her personal life and they show Cary becoming the most successful of them all. Diane will remain a bad ass but I’ve lost interest in who will end up as the name partners. I kinda hope Peter is innocent just cuz I’m so tired of dirty politicians. Maybe he can drop out of the public eye and do charity work – alone.

    As far as some other (maybe not too off the wall?!?) predictions:
    Grace and Marissa fall in Love.
    David Lee is left penniless after a scorned ex husband / hacker steals his identity
    Jackie has a stroke at the wedding and Howard becomes her devoted nurse
    Zach disappears after going to Europe but is eventually found by Robyn.
    Lucca finds Taye Diggs trapped in a storage closet and they have beautiful babies together.
    Kalinda becomes guardian of Lemond Bishop’s son after he dies in a tragic accident cleaning his gun.
    Jason will run off with someone named “Lucille”

  18. Lolo says:

    She should enjoy a few years living and loving. Nothing is holding her back. She was the good wife and now that’s done. She played being a mom and the kids left the nest. Done. She’s proven that she can pick up work again anytime. Now it’s a chance at some freedom, receive true love and hit the road.

  19. Constance Bridenbaugh says:

    Gonna miss . Really enjoyed all the drama and admired the strong women

  20. Eliane says:


  21. Kels says:

    I voted for divorce but it was hard not to vote for Alicia finding out about Peter rigging the voting machines. That was a very close second for me.

  22. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    She’s going to dump Jason and his ‘I get ants in my pants if I hang around too long’ attitude. She’s not going to divorce Peter because he’s going to be shot and die after coming out of the courtroom a free man. Alicia will continue work at Lochart-Florrick.

  23. Donna R says:

    Spin off with an all female firm. Waiting for that!!!

  24. Connie says:

    They have a true friendship that covers many ups and downs, and alot of history and memories together. He’s been with Alicia through it all.

  25. themranderson says:

    It’s the kind of thing men would do when things are f**ked up in their lives – go out, have a couple drinks, and just move on.

  26. rubytu says:

    Peter and Alicia stay married, because they really love each other. Alicia and Carey make up and start another law firm. Kalinda and Luca run off together.


  28. Joyce says:

    I hated the ending!!!joyce

  29. kim o says:

    just watched the finale it was kind of the worst!!! no spoilers since nothing really happened!

  30. Maribel Mazariegos says:

    I hate the finale. Not good. She deserved better after so much sacrifice.

  31. Gail knopp says:

    The ending sucked. Too much nothing for the end of a multi-year investment.

  32. Theresa says:

    Did not like the ending! Too many loose endings. Loved loved the show.Never missed it. So sad its over. They were all great actors. Love Jason in the show. And I wish they had brought back Kalinda and Will. I was devastated when they left.

  33. Chris says:

    The ending absolutely sucked
    Worst finally ever!!!

  34. Marta Landis says:

    Would have ended it a lot different. Kinda disappointed. Sorry the show is over through I really enjoy the show. But missed Will andKalinda. Glad Will was in the last show.

  35. Harriet says:

    I hated the final episode ! What a waste of time to think she will end up happy for once in the series. These writers obviously don’t like happy endings. Makes me not want to watch their next series. There are too many other good shows that aren’t so frustrating. Julianna Margulies deserved a better script for her final episode .

  36. Teresa says:

    I was unimpressed by tonight’s finale. Why did you make it all about Peter? This was Alicia’s big night but you would never know it. Unimpressed!!’

  37. Devon says:

    I’d love for Alicia and Peter stay married together and that he is innocent of the charges against him or gets off on just probation. She is The Good Wife after all and that’s why I’d like their love for each other to rekindle. Basically a mostly happily ever after ending to this very good series.

  38. dman6015 says:

    I rather enjoyed the episode. I knew she would end up being by herself in the end. I wasn’t expecting the Diane slap. Obviously that would mean the all-female firm is up in flames. They brought the show full circle. Alicia turned into Peter over seven seasons, and now she’s getting exactly what she deserves – nothing.