Arrow Season 4 Recap Andy Dies

Arrow Recap: Genesis Revelation

This week on The CW’s Arrow, the Diggles’ sibling rivalry took a nasty turn, building to the realization of Damien Darhk’s grand plan. (TV’s other Hive, please take note.) Here’s what everybody was up to:

‘MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR’ | Dubbed this by Diggle himself, Oliver trekked to Hub City, with a persistent Felicity in tow, to meet up with an associate of Constantine’s — the “immortal shaman” Esrin Fortuna — whom he (eventually) met at an underground casino. The three then went quite underground — to a “new plane of existence”/ chamber where Esrin schooled Oliver on the trick to deflecting the dark (or Darhk) arts, by fighting them with “light” magic. Oliver aces the first practice run, but when Esrin doubles down, he is overwhelmed by dark memories from his past, up to and including the broken engagement and Laurel’s murder. Esrin bails on her padawan, worried he doesn’t have enough light in him to channel. Or does he…?

BROTHERS IN ARMS | Not content to sit on his hands while Oliver dabbles in magic and Thea goes on vacay with Alex, Diggle tracks his brother Andy, who ultimately gains the upper hand and strings up and stabs his kin. Diggle “escapes,” but it was all part of Darhk’s plan, using a tracker planted by Andy to lead them to the mobile safe house where Lyla and Sara are hiding out. Diggle leads Andy away from the intercepted truck by vrooming out the back on a motorcycle (with wee Sara strapped to his back!), while Damien enters the safe house and subdues Lyla. Oliver interrupts with an arrow fwip! and ultimately repels Darhk with his glowy eyes full of light magic (generated by, we later learn, “Felicity’s voice” reminding him of all that’s good in his life). Diggle meanwhile gets into one final tussle with Andy, who taunts and taunts his big bro about how no one, not even Lyla and Sara, will be safe from Genesis. Andy then crosses a big ol’ line by suggesting that John will never do what’s necessary to protect his own family, prompting Diggle to put down his brother, once and for all, with a bullet at close range.

THE RUBICON IS ON | In comforting John over killing his “baby brother,” Lyla realizes that during her skirmish with Darhk, the Big Bad extracted from her forearm a subdermal implant — containing the top-secret Rubicon program. She explains that Rubicon is a ballistic missile override protocol that can prevent any country, the U.S. included, from launching a nuke — or, just as easily, allow for the exact opposite. But if destroying the world is Darhk’s form of “Genesis,” what is his ark, his plan to restart humanity…?

INVISIBLE TOUCH | We then cut to Thea’s vacation in what I will call “Anvil City,” where her suspicions about her yellow-pill-popping, evil-bearded beau Alex and the seemingly on-a-loop nature sounds are confirmed by her discovery that this suburban oasis is actually situated inside an underground dome, protected by an invisible barrier! #CityOfEterna

What did you think of the episode “Genesis”?

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  1. AdiosFelicity says:

    It’s time they move Felicity to Legends of Tomorrow. Olicity is killing this show and LoT could use the help.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah right this episode was amazing and for more reasons than Olicity but apparently Olicity fans only like them and nothing else SMH. Felicity and Diggle leaving would kill the show for me. And this show is not overtaken by Olicity.

      • Sab says:

        this is not true olicity fans are arrow fans they enjoy more than one aspect of the show …& you can’t really blame them for being vocal about what they love instead you can do the same

        • Josh says:

          I know Olicity fans enjoy more than Olicity. I love Olicity! I was being sarcastic towards the Olicity/ FelicityHater blaming her for everything

          • Adios Felicity says:

            Not a Felicity hater, I’m an Olicity hater. That’s why I want Felicity to move to another show, not get brutally murdered like other fans seem to want. This show used to be the best superhero show on TV barred none, but now it doesn’t even crack the top 3.

          • Sab says:

            yeah I know they’re obssesed with olicity mor than the olicity fan themseves .it’s kinda sad

      • People who judge this show based solely on the who Oliver is dating or not dating are really weird. I’ve never seen a show that offers so much that gets ignored because these people can’t stop being obsessed with who which fake character the fake character kissed this week.

        • Jamie says:

          You said it all right there! So true!

        • brenna says:

          So true!!

        • The shows was ruined because the writers pandered to those folks tho. Oliver can’t even take a dump & wipe his butt these days without having to ask Fefe’s permission and getting a pep talk from her about what a big boy he is.

          It’s insulting to the character and the audience. It’s especially insulting to other characters that get pushed aside or killed to make room for the same repetitive pep talk/drama every episode.

        • 134sc says:

          Felicity as a character has had some rough stretches, but enough people only seem to remember the bad times, so no matter what happens in an episode they project their feelings onto the episode even if that episode really hasn’t offered any of those issues. Havnt read all the comments, but I assume people are upset with Ollie and Felicity, especially Felicity’s role in Oliver’s success. But going back to the end of season 1 Felicity has always been the one to bring Oliver back from his darkness. And her role in doing so has grown over the series. It’s sad that when I watch an episode now, I automatically ask myself how Felicity and Olicity haters will view certain scenes. Oh and by the way I’m neutral in all this, I just want a good, believable story. Some arcs this season involving them havnt had that, but in this episode I thought the writers did a good job.

    • AddiM says:

      On behalf of all the LOT fans, I say no thanks…

      • Elderkind says:

        Amen to that! LOT has enough problems without adding Felicity & Friends to the mix.

      • Will says:

        Agreed! LoT is starting to find its footing and is quite enjoyable. I just deleted Arrow from my DVR series recordings.. won’t be watching ever again the show got so bad. Still love The Flash though..

        • AddiM says:

          I read recaps for Arrow but I don’t watch the show anymore, even the promos make me cringe…so sad because it used to be my fav of the 3 shows. I hope whenever Barry & Iris get together it won’t be mishandled like Olicity.

    • Hodan says:

      No, thanks. I love Felicity right where she is currently.

    • Sab says:

      i love my girl on my show i wouldn’t watch that sad excuse for a show not even for Felecity …

    • Michelle says:

      It’s time they kill her off.

    • Bwhit says:

      I like Felicity but Gideon gets the job done just fine thanks.

    • Anon says:

      The ratings are going up and the buzz for the show is super high, it’s not dying more like thriving, by nice try. Anyway super episode! Olicity was amazing! Dyla was amazing! All around great episode! Loved it! Excited for the rest of season 4!

      • Sab says:

        I can’t wait for the rest of the season too sound awesome

      • Someone needs to learn math. This ep tied Error’s lowest EVER rating and dropped 20% the demo from last week.


      • Glenda says:

        The ratings crashed last night… Omnipotent Olicity is not the only reason–but the insulting, confusing, uncreative decision to KILL Laurel Lance/Black Canary is why :instead of an audience exciting buildup to the finale that is CANON and paramount to succeed in growing viewership-leading to bigger audiences(ratings) for next season..the arrowwritersroom is blocked by a need to make Felicity a part of every scene, plot..ruining her character by overuse, to the detriment of multiple characters-not only hers. It is tantamount to obsession when you re-invent core characters to either live or die on the page “because of Felicity”. It’s absurd what they have done to Oliver, Laurel and Felicity..This show has failed to the point you have to wonder if mental illness/social media derangement “is” responsible.
        Super high buzz for a thriving show in it’s 4th year, with #5 assured is complete denial.
        Losing. 20.7% of audience in one week, after being down at least 10-15% all season =crashing and burning, i.e. “Big Mistake”

        • Malkavian says:

          Thanks you , someone who speaks the truth!

          Killing the Black Canary (laurel) was the last straw for me, enoughs enough.

        • The Squatch says:

          When they were in that cave last night and OIiver couldn’t defeat the darkness that the Shaman threw at him because of his own dark side, for a minute I honestly thought that they were going to have Felicity, Light of the World, be the one to learn the magic and then go one one on one with Damian Darkh and defeat him. I was actually more surprised that they didn’t do this than I would have been if they had.

    • Lyla says:

      What exactly was it that Felicity did THIS episode that was wrong? She was fun and encouraging. I admit there were episodes in the past where she dragged the mood. I didn’t like her being snarky and mean to Oliver after they broke up. He was down already, it wasn’t cool of her. But u know, all characters are annoying at some point. Oliver kidnapped Laila and keeps making deals with Malcolm (eye roll).This is a CW show after all. ;) But right now the deed is done. She is the lead actress now, so she obviously isn’t going anywhere. If people can’t see that I don’t know what to tell ya.

    • brenna says:

      This was such a great episode in many ways. It’s so sad that you focus on one thing that may not be your favorite part. I’m a fan of ALL of Arrow, including Olicity and all the rest. I don’t always love every single storyline, but the majority is so much fun.

    • Liz says:

      Are you kidding? The episode was one of the best of the season! I loved every second. I haven’t been this entertained in forever!

  2. Josh says:

    Amazing episode! Loved Olicity and Dyla working together towards the end of the Episode. Glad Andy is dead. Poor Diggle😖 and Thea 😖

    • kath says:

      They also did a really good job paralleling Oliver/Felicity and Diggle/Lyla, with Oliver and Diggle going to dark, self-hating places and Lyla and Felicity seeing the good in them.

  3. A. D. says:

    BRING BACK KATIE CASSIDY! Get rid of nasally, annoying Felicity!

    • bos4ny3 says:

      “BRING BACK KATIE CASSIDY! ” No. Just…no.

    • Sab says:

      No thanks killing the character off was great choice I mean look how awesom this episode was …if only she could take the flashbacks with her

    • Malkavian says:


      Bring back Katie Cassidy/The Black Canary…I used to like Felicity, but her being shoehorned into everything at the detriment of other characters is killing this show

      • 134sc says:

        Maybe at times this season. But how was she shoehorned into this episode? She seemed pretty useful to me.

    • Liz says:

      No way! This episode showed how much better the show is without her. No Laurel and no flashbacks were the best thing this show ever did! Sorry!

  4. kath says:

    Now that was a great episode!
    Oliver, Diggle, Felicity and Thea all got something important to do, Lyla was Darhk’s real target, not Diggle, Oliver defeated Damian’s darkhk magic, and Thea recognized the little yellow pills.
    And all the storylines came together at the end in Genesis. See. Show, when you drop the flashbacks (except for Taiana’s glowing eyes) and don’t twist yourself into to pretzel trying to write for Laurel, you produce a great episode.

  5. carol986 says:

    People can hate Felicity but the truth is she is the light in the show, and Oliver needs her and even then what makes arrow, arrow is the perfect understanding writhing OTA, Oliver, Felicity and Diggle those three going through it all together, as it was at the beginning and I loved that. I loved Diggle scenes, were fantastic

    • Sab says:

      it’s normal after Laurel death …some of these people didn’t even see the episode ..because if they did they would have so much to discuss other than making statment on how they think this one character sucks ….any way just ignor them arrow has been great tonight so let’s talk about that :)

    • Michelle says:

      Felicity has been the screwup of the show. Sorry but it’s true. She’s not even well written and very one note and condescending. This is basically twilight where everyone praises Mary Sue.

      • Caro says:

        Such a definition Mary sue, for such an uneducated person and hater. To despise something or someone because you don’t like it makes you pathetic, when it comes to bad written I could give you a character that from episode 1 was awful

      • Sab says:

        saying that ten times under every arrow article will not make it true ..Felicity is one of the best characters in the arrowverse ..not to mention how popoular she is & next time try to come with somthing better the mary sue thing ithas been used too much that it lost its impact :)

        • Michelle says:

          LOLshe really isn’t. When you have former guest stars not returning because of the Olicity mess, you might want to look at what’s wrong and it starts with the writers up Felicity’s backside.

    • Summer says:

      I just feel as though seasons three and four robbed Felicity of that bright spark she had in the first two seasons. She’s not as fun as she used to be.

    • Liz says:

      I don’t need Felicity to be Oliver’s light but I like that she’s the one who always encourages him and believes in him which allows him to discover his own light.

      Seriously this show needs Felicity. Without her this episode would have been very dark and depressing. She adds some much needed levity and humour when she’s like this.

  6. Johnny says:

    Did anything ever happen with Thea repelling Darkh’s magic or did the writers forget about that?

    • kath says:

      When Thea repelled Darhk’s magic, it cured the blood lust but she was still in trouble because the Pit was eating her up inside and killing her and she ended up unconscious, at which point Oliver thanked Malcolm for his help. But Nyssa knew of a magic flower that would save Thea’s life and fought Tatsu/Katana for it. Then she took some to Oliver and said that she would give the rest to Thea if Oliver killed Malcolm and ended his reign as Ra’s. Oliver cut off Malcolm’s hand and gave the ring to Nyssa. She handed over the rest of the cure to Oliver and melted the ring down, disbanding the League.

  7. Johnny says:

    Did anything ever happen with Thea repelling Darkh’s magic or did the writers forget about that? I can’t seem to recall anything beyond Thea telling Malcolm about it

    • John NYC says:

      Thea was cured/freed from the last after effects so she’s not relevant in that way any longer.

  8. Hodan says:

    I loved this episode. Love the Diggle family, Olicity, and Thea storyline.
    Anyways, the episode proved how useless the flashbacks have been. Please end them.

  9. Midnight says:

    At this point I vote kill off Oliver, Felicity, and Malcolm. I’m over all three of them. Thea and Diggle can lead a new season with Nyssa, Vixen, and Curtis as team members, with Constantine dropping by for more magical episodes.

    • Lyla says:

      It’s funny, Oliver, Malcolm and Felicity are actually my 3 favorite characters. Not to mention this is Oliver’s show. Neither Thea, nor Dig has enough authority to carry this alone.

    • Liz says:

      Uh…the show is called Arrow. You can’t have Arrow without Oliver. NoOliverNoArrow.

  10. Boo Arrow Writers Boo says:

    1. Diggle and family.
    2. That last scene with Digg & his brother.
    3. Finally giving Parker Young something to do outside of boring pseudo-political talk.

    Bad –
    1. Diggle lying to his wife about how it ended (please stop doing this Arrow/Flash/LoT writers.)
    2. Entire magic arc. Oliver shouldn’t be all that hopeful. That’s ok. Him being realistic after everything he’s seen =/= being bad. Ray can be the embodiment of hope, but Oliver shouldn’t be.
    3. Having portals of magic energy and immortals. This isn’t Buffy. It’s a show about a guy in a hood with a bow and arrow trying to keep his city safe. Also, it doesn’t follow the same magic rules set-up in Constantine at all.
    4. Approximately 3 or maybe 4 arrows shot in a show called Arrow. The first arrow shot at the 49-minute mark. Ridiculous.
    5. Felicity is in every scene Oliver is up until his dream-walk, then again until the fight with Dark. It’s perfectly okay for them to be “together,” and not share every scene. They’re their own characters and should be able to carry some plot without being attached at the hip the entire time.
    6. Felicity and Immortal talk about Oliver like he’s not standing RIGHT next to them. If they did that with Felicity she’d pipe in with something like “I’m right here.”
    7. Oliver says “Plan on teaching me dark arts in the back of the casino?” So cringey. It’s so passive-aggressive and snippy. Oliver shouldn’t be written that way. He’s supposed to be stoic and up for whatever it takes. S1 Faux-Oliver, A.K.A. the ‘public’ Oliver, could get away with that, but real Oliver isn’t that kind of character.
    8. When going through Oliver’s worst memories. Tommy dying gets a fraction of a second, his died dying gets a fraction of a second, Laurel gets a bit longer of a shot, and Felicity’s putting down the wedding ring is apparently the worst thing that’s happened. Again, Father & 2 friends he’s known since childhood die -arguably because of the lifestyle he’s chosen- and still, his relationship drama takes top place. Especially considering she is still in his life, and standing right next to him when all this happens.
    9. This episode was supposed to be about Oliver’s quest to learn magic and face the darkness inside him. Instead it was just a vehicle for Oliver and Felcity to go on a date, and talk about their feelings …again.
    10. Felicity’s line about “Don’t Talk to me like I’m other people!,” was ridiculous. It something a spoiled petulant child would say. That’s her throwing a tantrum, not her being assertive.

    It sounds like I hate Felicity. I don’t. I hate the writers. They are awful at writing women. They are going out of their way to make her seem petty and obnoxious. I honestly think it’s intentional at this point. They like stoking the Shipppers vs. Non-Shippers fire. The writers have completely failed her character, and Oliver’s. Have them be together, or have them be apart, I don’t care. Just make sure they’re believable and heroic. Felicity being snarky and rude doesn’t equate to being confident. Oliver letting people walk all over him doesn’t equate to being nicer. They need to stop shoe-horning things into these characters that were never there.

    • Midnight says:

      I lost it at the idea that Felicity calling off the engagement is the biggest source of darkness in Oliver. If they do something ridiculous like Oliver needing to win Felicity back in order to embrace his “inner light” to have the magical powers to defeat Darkh, I am so done with this show. This is worse than Twilight fanfiction.

      • Michelle says:

        This show has been Twilight lite ever since Guggenheim took over. How sad

      • Anononon says:

        Yep. It would have been much better if it was just a montage of Oliver lying to the women in his life and them mostly ending up dead or hurt.

        So far we’ve seen shado, laurel, felicity, baby mama, huntress. Really the only woman he hasn’t lied to is Sarah, but she died because he lied to Thea so maybe she gets in as well

    • kath says:

      In terms of terrible things in Oliver’s life, Tommy died three years ago and Oliver used it to stop killing. He’s made some sort of peace with Tommy’s death in that time. I think Moira dying because of Oliver two years ago would have been worse than Tommy’s death or getting stabbed by Ra’s. Laurel’s death was awful and recent but as Oliver said, it was not his fault but rather his responsibility. But the breaking up of the engagement was both his fault and very recent so I understand why they spent time on that..

      I interpreted the “don’t talk to me like I’m other people” to mean “don’t try to b.s. me, I know you too well.” It was like Lyla telling Diggle that he was sounding like the man she divorced not the man she married — don’t try to bulls—your significant other.

    • Adios Felicity says:


      Absolutely nailed it.

    • John says:


    • Dj says:

      I agree with your bad 1,2,5,8,9. But 9 is whats wrong with the show.

    • KatsMom says:

      Thank you. I saw all the talk about the Diggle family drama and had a little bit of regret walking away from the show a couple months ago. Andy was the one part of this Dahrk/HIVE storyline I was interested in. But your post was that reassuring, “You did the right thing” pat on the back I needed. Sounds like yet another episode where I would have enjoyed 5-10 minutes and screamed at the TV about the god awful writing for Oliver and Felicity for the other 30-35 minutes.

    • 134sc says:

      I’m objective in all this, so hear me out. Oliver had it really bad for what 8 years? He finally embraces the lighter side of life (with Felicity) and she breaks his heart because of a deep seated personality trait embedded into him curtousey of the island etc. So after everything that has happened to him, while this is certainly not the worst thing, it had a profound effect on his psyche because his “guiding light” told him he will never change. So in the context of coming out of the dark and into the light, yes, breaking of the engagement was a big deal. I’m not a shipper at all, so how is it I can see this, while others can’t? I’m only left to assume people are so blind in their hatred for Felicity they don’t actually see what’s happening on the screen.

  11. Sab says:

    so when Laila is gonna be regular ..such a badass
    I feel sorry for john but it had to be done ..but I didn’t expect him to kill Andy not before the finale at least
    I really hope Alex isn’t evil …I need one person to llok for the best of the city & not super hero just regular people doing thingd right you know ?

    Oliver buddy you need to let the darkness go however I’ll always appreciate Olive’sr dark past
    felicity running people over LoL such cool call back from s2

    that was old school olicity that we got tonight & i enjoyed every second of it
    that last scene …..interisting

    overall great episode all around

    • Gail says:

      Alex was mind controlled by the “vitamins” he was taking, same as the ghosts. He is not evil.

      • Sab says:

        I know that but hated it still, I liked the idea of Alex young guy still has hope & fight for what is best for his home despite every thing.. especially he was just normal guy not another masked hero tring to save the city

  12. Jenn says:

    Felicity’s Phil Collins joke wins the night. So out of left field in that scene, yet so perfectly timed.

  13. Karen MT says:

    The end, all I could think was that the Tin Man made his own OZ….

  14. Ken From the South says:

    Lyla wants to keep Sarah safe and Diggle’s idea of this is having her along for a high speed motorcycle chase…without proper head protection?

    • John NYC says:

      Because staying in a trailer about to be blown open by a psychopath and his minions offered so many choices?

    • Bwhit says:

      As a mom of three I cringed even for a super hero show. He could have at least somehow had her in the front so if shots were fired she wouldn’t catch a stray bullet… Yikes.

  15. Bwhit says:

    Diggle did the right thing, Andy was damaged goods and would not have been rehabbed. That last scene with Thea reminded me of The Truman show lol!

  16. Alichat says:

    Did the Arrow writers and producers intentionally plan to air an episode on May the 4th which had me repeatedly yelling at the TV “IT’S A TRAP!!!!”???

  17. Gail says:

    So I assume Thea is in the bunker because Malcolm wants her safe from they upcoming destruction of the world. Seems odd this is going on at the same time Zoom is threatening to take over the world on The Flash.

  18. Evan says:

    This was such a great episode. The pacing was great, everyone had a storyline and it all worked together, they finally gave us something on HIVE and Darhk’s sinister plan. The action was great, there was emotions and heartbreak and our hero is finally working his way into the light. I was getting major Season 2 feels. Yes Arrow! I enjoyed it immensely.

  19. Azu says:

    I stopped watching since last year because of the olicity crap. And I didn’t even like laurel and yet she was much better. Honestly, this show’s emphasis on ships has watered down the bad assry of the show.

    • Sab says:

      so maybe you should comment about the show without actually knowing what are you talking about this episode was just epic

  20. Arrowfan3 says:

    Awesome awesome episode of Arrow! Lyla was bad@ss, David Ramsey was killing all his scenes, and the Dyla scenes were amazing! Love seeing baby Sara again even though I don’t like that she was in the middle of the danger. The Olicity plot was awesome. Love seeing Oliver find his light and find hope starting with Felicity! Amazing Olicity scenes! Love Thea trusting her gut! Great entertaining episode! Keep up the good work Arrow! Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  21. Vince says:

    Damien Dahrk is delusional. All the metahumans on Central City will try and stop him. Not to mention Zoom. So ridiculous plan.

  22. J says:

    urgh, this is just my opinion Olicity fans, so dont jump down my throat, but the truth is, this show has massively lost its way since season 1 and 2. Felicity was a great character. She was the side-kick keyboard warrior that stole so many scenes in season 1. but IMO ever since they decided to, rather than FIX Katie Cassidy’s black canary character (recast anyone lol), to give in to the shippers and just lump them together, rather then work towards it, and the show has been so worse off for it. Unfortunately for me i now don’t recognize or like the characture that Felicity has become. This show was the leader for the tv comic book show revival, and now it is on par with Gotham for its worse offering.

  23. Rachel says:

    I enjoyed this ep. Felicity has always been Oliver’s light, even before there was ever Olicity.

    • Lyla says:

      True story.

    • Michelle says:


    • Sara says:

      What an embarrassing episode. They’re really getting desperately caught up in their own bad writing and it’s just not good.

    • Never mind that he’s been his worst as a human being since she’s been his “light”, right? Letting murderers live. Putting his love life before his little sister when she’s dead/dying/resurrecting. Forcing her to have a relationship with the man that brainwashed her into murdering her friend and a woman he claimed to love. Treating all of his friends like crap. Abandoning the city.

      He was a better man as a serial killer than he’s been since he’s been with “his light”.

  24. Jenny says:

    Felicity needs to papier-mâché a swan mask for Oliver to channel his light powers!

  25. Lyla says:

    This was a really cool episode. Dynamic, smart, emotional. The truth is if you look at this for what it is – a TV show, then it clearly works better without Laurel in it. Besides ”being iconic in the comic books” she really brought NOTHING to the dynamics in S4. True, the writers of Arrow tend to not do the best with writing for females. I truly disliked the spoiled part of Thea early on and Felicity can be incredibly self-righteous. But they shape the show, they are interesting characters and needed for Oliver’s journey (which this is ultimately about, people). So, yes, they have flaws, just like Oliver, for instance, can be just plain stupid, which is totally a serious fault for the lead character in my books, lol. But everyone else on Team Arrow,for better or worse, makes the show interesting. What’s more – Ramsey, Rickards, Holland, not to mention Amell, have incredible charisma and on-screen presence. Katie Cassidy didn’t. Some comic fanboys are upset she was pushed aside from the lead actress title by Rickards. They shout ”fanservice”. But, well, YES. It WAS for the fans. For the fans who were bored as hell by Cassidy’s acting and wanted someone more interesting. Someone who actually had some chemistry with the lead actor. Hence, we have a natural team now. Writers and producers know what the majority wants. Black Canary would’ve never been killed of, if the DC wouldn’t be ok with it (which they obviously are, if it happened) and if the character worked. It didn’t. Why drag her along? So, for the great, iconic Black Canary, go read some comics. For the origin story of the Green Arrow, watch the TV show ”Arrow”.

    • Barrio says:

      You are more dramatic than the show is.

      • Lyla says:

        Yes, and the ”no laurel no arrow” slogan accompanied with death wishes to characters AND writers is rational and reasonable, lol. This was my response which admittedly might have been shorter. ;) Really hard to be more dramatic than Arrow tho.

    • Glenda says:

      your opinion matters to you–your ignorance of “fiction” vs reality leads to the hate of an actress “cuz’ again–your opinion. People who recognize obsession for character arc are leaving this show because it has become tragically absurd, not due to dislike of poor acting–that’s decided individually–not in group one-think.
      Now,-be grateful this tripe satisfies you and realize many people(20.7%) just last night,disagree with you; without personally insulting an actress portraying a character (as written & directed)

      • OH PLEASE. Where was she insulting the actress? BY saying that she has no charsma and was boring as hell? It’s in her right. She didn’t call her any names.
        “People who recognize obsession for character arc are leaving this show because it has become tragically absurd, not due to dislike of poor acting–that’s decided individually–not in group one-think.”
        I don’t even know what this means. THis is not Twitter, people, you have more than 140 characters, use them- Obsession for character arc? Because every character has a right at development except for Felicity, isn’it? So the least bit of focus is now called obsession? LOL
        I hope you don’t cry when the ratings go up next week. I’m sure it’ll be hard for you.

  26. Shelly says:

    This episode had a little OUAT (magic), Under the Dome (Thea), and Wayward Pines (nature noises on a loop). lol

  27. Dj says:

    I kind of disliked this episode, but it was more on the writting/plot. Diggle crosses a huge line murders his brother. Andy was bad, but he hadnt gotten to the point where he had to be put down and to make things worse he then he lies about it. The light part made me audibly groan.

    • LOL what’s that line on Arrow though?

      The so-called hero of the show continues to let a man that murdered 503 people including Tommy & the man that murdered his mother live. I mean… Diggle should’ve just let Andy kill Lyla & Sara and waited until then to decide kill Andy? Or did he need to murder 501 more people?

      • Dj says:

        They should kill every bad guy they face now? Because Andy isnt going to be the last person who threatens Diggle family. If they had a long fight to the death I would applaud Diggle for taking Andy out, but how he did it wasnt heroic or brave. What Diggle did was give Andy what he wanted whch in the end made Andy in death the ultimate winner in their clash. Now the only good thing is it will be fun watch Diggle fall because of this.


    Arrow has now come full circle. Now it has been fully revealed that Team Arrow is a gaggle of nitwits and halfwits, as tonight’s episode clearly demonstrates: 1. Oliver, in the future, when you have important missions to embark upon, leave Felicity Smoke at home where she belongs. She is of no use, she is a reminder of your failure, and she is more a distraction than anything else. OLICITY MUST GO! PERIOD! 2. Thea is a sex addict who whenever she needs a sex fix always runs into trouble running behind a man she need not be around. Alex works for the wife of the man who wants to destroy her and the world and she thought it was a good idea to run off with Alex to God knows where, alone? 3. Great job Lyla. Keep the codes to the foremost weapon on planet earth embedded in your skin. I’m quite sure there are not two or three rogue Argus agents willing to chop off your arm and sell Rubicon to the highest bidder on the black market 4. Awesome job John Diggle. Your complete idiocy two weeks running has brought about the following: A. Laurel Lance’s murder B. You murdering your own brother Andy C. Your wife and child almost being murdered D. Damien Darkh getting his hands on said nuclear Armageddon in the form of Rubicon. Next week, John Diggle, make it a hat trick by getting Felicity, her mother, Lyla, Sara, and Capt Lance murdered and do something else stupid which will actually help Darkh to succeed. This show has really run off the rails lately. Knew from the beginning that there would be a magical component needed to stop Darkh. You can’t counter magic with an arrow and so where else could the writers go?

  29. Pat says:

    Good episode. Andy had to go. He just did not care about his brother, sister-in-law or his baby niece. I felt bad for John that he had to do it but his brother was broken and beyond repair for redemption. Poor Thea hooking up with Alex. I called this months ago,that he was bad. As for Oliver, he definitely needs to keep Felicity in his life because as he said she is the light that comes out in him.

  30. Leo says:

    Light magic? What is this cheap knock-off of Once Upon A Time? Oliver suddenly is the Savior? Actually, thank you Arrow for killing off Laurel so I can finally quit this show. I have enough to juggle and Black Canary’s death just seal the deal for me. I’ll stick with The Flash. At least, it stay respectful to its material. For now.
    (I know no one cares but still….)

    • KatsMom says:

      I care. It’s nice to know that other people feel the same way I do about this show. Time to move on… I especially liked how you noted that The Flash is being respectful the material “for now.” I hated Barry giving up his speed to a psychopath so much that it’s made me wonder if the writers will drive me away from that show too. Guess I’m not alone there…

    • Malkavian says:

      I am with you too Leo

  31. brenna says:

    I absolutely loved this episode and it made me so excited for the final 3!! Sara in the backpack was adorable!! Loved Thea discovering the dome!

  32. Mind Davies says:

    one of the better episodes in season 4 so far, because we’re back to the original Team Arrow – Oliver, Diggle & Felicity! Thank goodness for that!

  33. Preacher Book says:

    Finally. Diggle’s brother should have been put down a long time ago. My wife thought it sad, but I said someone seriously threatens you or the kids, I would have absolutely put them in the ground in a New York second. Some things just go beyond sibling bonds and evil is evil. In the same tone, I have never figured out why (other than marketing) the good citizens of Gotham haven’t risen up en-masse and strung Joker up and then burned his remains.

  34. chuckiechk says:

    The Thea storyline was down right silly and stupid. The creative writing on this show has gone down hill

  35. 134sc says:

    Great episode. Apparently in the dome you can see an omega symbol on a pole or something. This lends credence too my thoery which is somehow Dhark is connected to the new gods and Darkseid. Furthermore over on Flash I think Zoom is also connected somehow and it will all come to a head in both shows finales. Or I’m completely wrong. Either way should be an interesting 3 weeks.

  36. Liz says:

    This episode was awesome. Amazing what they can do without Laurel and flashbacks. Everything just flowed really well and the emotional beats were allowed to linger instead of cutting away to the past. I loved it! The Diggle/Andy stuff was really tense and it shocked me when Diggle killed him in the end, even though he had to do it. Andy was too far gone. They’d tried to help him and it failed. Looking forward to seeing how this affects Diggle moving forward.

    I thought Oliver and Felicity were the best they’ve been in a while. I love them when they’re like this. Felicity’s line about Genesis and Phil Collins was the funniest thing this show has said in a long time. What a classic.

    Thea being trapped makes me feel claustrophobic. I hope they get her out in the next episode!

    I’m so excited for the rest of the season.

  37. Brigid says:

    Diggle has become an idiot. What happened to him? I was annoyed by him the entire episode and quite honestly it’s been getting worse since his dumb brother came on. Damien Darhk is stupid, Merlyn should have dies 2 seasons ago and Laurel is so missed. I enjoyed Thea and I thought Oliver and Felicity were great with the season 1 banter. I like those 2 together but only as co-workers and that was obvious tonight. I’m starting to go on Facebook while watching this show and I never use to do that. The best part of this episode was Oliver’s eyes glowing yellow and Thea being trapped Under the DOME;)

  38. Avvaa says:

    So sorry there are so many Felicity haters out there. I think she adds a lot to the show and I hope she and Oliver get back together! I don’t think the writers are overusing her at all. The show has a lot more to offer than just their relationship!

  39. efe says:

    great show ever….I really loved every scene of this episode.

  40. shooptydoo says:


    • AlexK says:

      lol – I gotta agree, as hopeless as it is. it barely got a season right? and was 100 times better than this season of Arrow

  41. Sheldon W. says:

    This episode was weak. Diggle is so bloody slow to get it; Ollie can repel Darhk’s magic with hope(?); Thea’s guy goes evil; an underground reboot suburb(?) for Genesis(?) – have we not seen all these things in dozens of movies and/or TV shows in the past?

    This ep felt like it was from the abysmal second half of season two. Warm up over leftovers that were the bad kind of comic booky. It was almost as bad as this week’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (and don’t get me started on that…)