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The Voice Top 10 Results Recap: Did the Right Singer Get the Boot?

Pay no attention to People’s Sexiest Man Alive — 2013 Edition!

Just don’t blame Adam Levine for rambling on incessantly when Carson Daly asks him for the umpteenth time to describe his coaching strategy on The Voice. The point is not to provide great insight to the viewing public, after all, but rather to be the corn starch that fills out the lobster bisque of the results-show telecast.

Flavorless. Colorless. Odorless. “It’s really just [about] how do I put these guys in the best position to do their best for what they want to accomplish. And as long as I feel like I’m doing that for them, that’s the only thing that truly matters because then they’re able to kind of shine and do what they want to do, and accomplish what they want to accomplish.”

OK, j’enough of that mess! Let’s get to the Top 10 Week elimination — or as an optimist would put it, a rundown of who advanced to the Top 9.

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Alisan Porter
Adam Wakefield
Shalyah Fearing
Hannah Huston
Mary Sarah
Bryan Bautista
Laith Al-Saadi
Paxton Ingram

Bottom 2/”Save Me” Performances
Nick Hagelin — Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” — Grade: C- | Not much of a vocal, but compared to what followed, dude sounded like Josh Groban. Side note: What was with Adam and Xtina blathering about Nick being there “for the right reasons”? Don’t they know that’s a catchphrase from The Bachelor, not The Voice?

Daniel Passino — Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” — Grade: D- | As incongruous as Barbra Streisand covering Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money,” as startlingly wrong-minded as Bernie Sanders picking Carly Fiorina as his running mate, as insane as The Voice reinstating Christina Milian in the Sprint Skybox… that kind of sums up my feelings about the funk-free Daniel trying and failing to get down with the get-down on one of the grooviest radio hits of the last decade. Heck, even Coach Pharrell could do no better than offer an “I feel content with what you achieved” rather than ask America to Twitter save the dude.

With that in mind, I took to social media to do my part:

For the second straight week, my tweeting was not in vain — and my predictions were solid.

Saved by America
Nick (yay?)


What did you think of The Voice Top 10 results? Did America get it right with the Bottom 2? Did the correct artist get saved? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gailer says:

    The right guy stayed I guess

    • Smokey says:

      Between the 2, I agree. No surprises this week on the bottom 2. Only one at a time leaving so far, so those left have already had a good share of exposure,. songs on I-tunes, etc. …………….Who are we guessing will hit the bottom 2 next week, besides probably Nick???………………..and are there double elim’s coming up:???

      • Voice Fan says:

        Next week five singers will be eliminated and four will go into the finale which is the 18th.

        • Ana says:

          Next week only one gets eliminated, which results in a top 8. The week of the top 8 they’re eliminating 4, which results in a top 4 for the finale, which is May 24 (BTW, the 18th is a Wednesday)

          • Voice Fan says:

            Where did you get this information? Last season they went from top nine to top four. They must change the rules every season. This is the first I’ve heard about a May 23 finale date and a top eight. I was looking at the April calendar when I guessed at the finale date.

        • Cldahlman says:

          Does anyone know if the order that they announce the “America has saved” has any significance, is it tied to the amount of votes they received or anything?

      • Lizzie says:

        Next week, Nick and Shayla for the bottom 2.

    • davmon says:

      Classy Sayonara! Daniel can be proud; he made the Top 10. He got to perform on national tv a bunch of times and probably learned a lot. After a really shaky outing, he knew it was time and was alright with leaving. I am a little sorry I was so hard on him recently. I was reacting to Emily & Owen going ahead of Daniel & Nick. He is a nice guy. I wish him well.

      • emily m says:

        I think many are being too hard on Daniel — and where are the congratulations for trying to sing such a difficult funky song that’s so unexpected from him? I’m more than surprised that he’s considered the weaker singer compared to Nick, who has a very limited voice and style. Nick seems to be a genuine, articulate person who is easy to like, but that’s not what this competition is about.

        And I get so frustrated because it seems like voters pick their favorites early on and vote for them every week, regardless of the performances. Comments above are already saying who will be in the bottom two next week, without seeing who does what and how well they perform. Is that the way it’s supposed to be? I’d also love to know if the order of announcement is by number of audience votes.

        Anyway, I’ve also massively enjoyed this season and have teared up (or full out cried) at a number of amazing performances. I’m so happy we’re past the season of boring Sawyer and there are several contenders for the finals that I really like.

    • Herb Clay says:

      I felt bad for Daniel, but agree he was the weakest. Every one of them sound great to me, so I’ve enjoyed them all immensely. Alisan Porter is perhaps my favorite. Totally amazing! Yes, I think Nick just edged out Daniel

  2. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Man, Sawyer is a phenomenon. He is a true star. How come he is not selling millions like what he did on the voice? His new song 4 Pockets was AMAZING!!! If you haven’t pre-ordered his album, DO IT NOW!!! It’s SOOOOO GOOD!!!

    • TTorvo says:

      Buy the Same Sound Sawyer album for yourself and all your friends but don’t wish it on everyone else. The only thing different from last year is Sawyer added a bit of a growl to his half octave range, otherwise every song sounds the same. Also the backup vocalists and instrumental backing helped make the SSS song be more tolerable. He needed more of MiaZ on his album. A major hit he ain’t going to have. On a different note, DNCE stinks.

      • Voice Fan says:

        I agree Sawyer sounds the same on every song. I couldn’t understand a word he said but reading the words on closed caption, it didn’t make sense anyway. I wouldn’t buy his album.

      • MC says:

        Sawyer should not have won that season. He became very predictable. He has a very limited comfort zone in his vocal range and his syncopation is always the same. I could barely listen to him by the end of season eight because he was so fragile and limited.

      • John May says:

        Haters gonna hate.

      • Puzzled says:

        Yes, during his season I did not get the appeal of his songs, and I still don’t. Music is music, artists are all different, and we all like different things. I couldn’t believe I enjoyed listening to Jordan Smith, but I did. Most of the people on this blog did not like JS.

    • Lizzie says:

      I didn’t get the Four Quarters thing, but I couldn’t understand most of the words. I spent most of the song trying to figure out how much taller he had gotten since he won.

  3. dj says:

    I didn’t get to see the show, but I can’t imagine Daniel doing Uptown Funk. He doesn’t seem to know which songs are best for his gifts.

    • Gailer says:

      Poor song choice for sure

      • JM12 says:

        I wondered before, and again last night, whether Pharrell encourages him to do these songs that don’t fit him. Or whether, if Daniel picks them, Pharrell tries to redirect him or not.

  4. Alex Kawa says:

    When Carson announced the bottom 2, I was almost convinced Daniel would get the save; I figured America would not pass up a chance to send Nick home, since they’ve been trash-talking him throughout the live shows. With that said, neither one was anything to write home about. Based on the performances, Daniel lost more than Nick won, so I guess Nick wins by process of elimination. He’ll probably be gone next week, but he will almost definitely be in the bottom 2.

  5. Jaszy says:

    Well, both of them did have the weakest vocals in the competition. I still prefer Daniel over Nick…any day. I don’t think most people see Nick when they vote for him…they see his son…therefore they vote for Nick. He for sure has the sympathy vote because his voice is not cutting it, sorry.
    Daniel had a bad night, but I do prefer his voice.
    At the end of the day, neither will win…so I shouldn’t be too upset. But that sob story is saving Nick! Boy, is he lucky. Let’s hope he doesn’t make it to the finale, hold your breath people!

  6. Jaszy says:

    America, you all know that Nick’s voice is not strong enough. Why must you continue to keep his weak vocals in this VOCAL competition?! It’s mind-boggling! If this was called The Sob Story, he would for sure have it, with Alisan being a close second since she has one too (her drug addiction past).
    But the difference between Nick and Alisan…Alisan has the vocals to back her story up…Nick doesn’t.
    This might sound harsh, but I don’t think it’s wrong of me to say.

    • Collin says:

      I’m not sure why you’re so concerned about this. Daniel wasn’t any better IMO. He tanked 2 in a row. This is what happens when u do 1 a week eliminations. It takes a while to sort out the weakest. No one who was eliminated so far had any chance of winning. Now if Nick starts knocking out real contenders, i.e. Adam, Alisan, Hannah, Laith and Mary Sarah, I’ll be screaming right with you. Until then I see no reason to be that upset about it.

      • Jaszy says:

        I’m not that upset that Nick beat Daniel. I even said they were both bad. Didn’t you read my other post? I meant that I don’t like the fact that he is still there. I’m more upset that he keeps making it through when I don’t think his voice deserves him the right to be there. When I say “upset,” I’m not sitting here crying or balling my eyes out, I’m just disappointed a little. That is all.

        • Collin says:

          Sorry missed your other post. It wasn’t up when I first commented. Don’t worry to much about Nick. He’ll be gone soon enough! I thought most of them really stepped up this week. Really made Daniel and Nick look bad. I was happy to see Mary Sarah get back to what got her here. Things are tightening up.

    • Jaszy I’d say that’s a pretty accurate assessment.

    • Ursula says:

      It is shameful Nick is even still there. The vocal talent cut for his “heartwarming kid story” is just ridiculous. This is definitely the worst Top 12 ever. Nick, Daniel and Owen were all awful. Paxton has been mostly crappy and his voice is whiny and annoying. Shalyah and Mary Sarah are both just weak carbon copies of types we have seen before giving performances most of the time. Alisan and Hannah can sing but both have really shrill and unpleasant voices especially in the upper register. People who behave like Alisan will be the next big thing are in denial. She has no star appeal!!! Emily probably had the prettiest vocal tone but the weird facial tics ruined her. I find only Adam, Bryan and Laith somewhat tolerable but there have been way better in other seasons. The only potential real star in this group is Bryan but his song choices have been horrendous.

      • LaurenLaura says:

        I agree to every single thing you said here, Ursula.

      • Alex says:

        Mostly agree with you. Emily had a pretty voice and I liked her emotional performances she just had weak song choices. I also think Alison has zero charisma and limited appeal. Only disagreement is that I can easily see Adam doing really well. Most of his performances are so polished I can easily see him on a Grammy or AMA show and fitting right in.

      • sally says:

        i dont like Laith

      • Puzzled says:

        I agree for the most part with Ursula. I have a soft spot for Shalyah though, because she has a lot of potential. She definitely won her knockout against Emily; although I liked Emily too. The crime is Christina no longer had a steal, and Adam ended up stealing Shalyah. The only coach who could have helped Shalyah grow is Christina. Have you seen Allison grow during the season? No! How can a 34 yo woman with 2 kids in diapers have a career in music at this point? I don’t think so. Allison’s screaming, chalk board nail scratching voice is awful!!! At this point I know Shalyah doesn’t have a shot but Adam does and Brian with a good song choice for a change. Laith should be a guitar player in a great band…not a singer.

      • Right on the money 100% Ursula.On another point people I thought that were a lock to still be on the show at this point were either eliminated early (Mike Schiavo) or became progressively worse (Ryan Quinn & Mostly Everyone) which is a distinct contrast to every other season on record.I guess these guys think since they are basically the only game in town that they can just throw on a TV show & the lemmings will show up.

    • Lizzie says:

      Nick is cute, and kind of hot.

  7. DarkDefender says:

    When all the fodder is gone… We’ll see how it really shakes out.

  8. kevstar says:

    Daniel should have been gone for making us hear the Armageddon love song once again.

    • Smokey says:

      I think song choice, that fits one’s look and wheelhouse,,,along with the band arrangement,,,,is a major factor now. …Paxton was very near the edge of goodbye after singing the hip-hop song,and then stormed back on i-tunes the next week with a crafty song choice…………………. some others have survived so far, simply because there were too many of the borderline contestants still in……………..

      By borderline, I mean ones that were not getting growing blocks of fans to gravitate toward either their vocals, genre or distinctive style. Sawyer was a good example of being able to draw old, young, country, pop fans through his distinctive style, distinctive voice and song choices.

      I’ve seen some on Idol over the years, that hung-on to the top 7 or so, that were popular for some side-story reason or promo by extra camera feel-good time by the producers — that could hardly sing a lick, but used party songs to get there. Once they showed their “soft vulnerable side” on a slow song that required real vocals, or jumped genre’s, they were out like a flash.. …………………………..placement in the singing rotation is also a factor until they are down to 3 or 4. ………….there are more viewers after the first hour, and therefore a better chance to be seen and picked for a vote.

  9. davmon says:

    So, 12 to 9, Pharrell loses two ahead of Xtina or Blake losing their first!…Hmmm….Sure it was Daniel’s time–probably overdue. But 12 to 11 was not Emily’s time. And now, Nick & Paxton are still in this at 9—which does not feel right….To add to my point:….In Season 8, Pharrell won with Sawyer….Last season, in the first season of The Voice in the Trumpian Era, 5 African-Americans were in the Top 24; yet when America voted none of them through to 12. Pharrell (obviously the only black coach) had 3 blacks among his remaining 4–and chose Mark Hood (a black) to save. Next round, 12 to 11, Mark (the only black artist remaining) was the first eliminated. Then 11 to 10, Pharrell lost Evan McKeel….So, he (the black coach) was down to one, Madi Davis, when no other coach had lost one!…. And let me remind, that Braiden Sunshine would last two more rounds!…This season, 3 African-Americans made it from 24 to 12; but none were on Team Pharrell–who had 3 whites this time, while the other 3 coaches had one black artist each….And now, after 12, Pharrell (the one black coach) loses 2 in the first 3 rounds, going down to 9. Otherwise, only Adam has lost one artist, Owen.….This has me wondering and perturbed. We know that national candidates targeting immigrants & Latinos & BLM & Muslims & LGBT are impacting our electorate. There is a creeping white nationalism that is making racism & bigotry seem patriotic. Is it affecting The Voice–and Pharrell in particular? Well, above are the facts I see. Decide for yourself.

    • Collin says:

      In my opinion if people were “targeting” minorities it wouldn’t matter what team they were on. I think you’re reaching here. I also think there’s no reason to involve politics on this thread. I have to listen to that crap to much just watching tv! But if you must I’ll bite. I believe the president we have now has done a horrible job with racial topics/problems. He’s done nothing but create racial tension. That’s about all I have to say about it. I think it has to do more with pharell not being able to pick/save the best artists for this competition. His views on artistry might not be best served on this competition.

      • davmon says:

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I address the “targeting” a few messages down, starting: “Put statistically…..” About politics, well, there is politics in this show…as to who gets the pimp slots and in the promos. In some Blake artists going further than they deserve….And racist voting? Well, it may not be purely racist…but it is a meaningful factor, I believe. When Kim, India, & Koryn were Top 6–and they end up 6 & 5 & 4. When the last 2 seasons, 12 non-whites competed among 48 in the Lives–and ONE was voted through by America….And what does Obama have to do with this? A half-white and half-black president who a segment of latent and blatant racists totally resent for being their leader. He has done as well as anyone could with total congressional obstruction….About Pharrell’s choices in artistry: that is valid. I knew Mia Z & Madi & Emily would not win a mainstream competition. I appreciated the show and Pharrell letting us enjoy their artistry for a while. But I was not ready to see either Mia or Emily leave at 12….Thanks again.

        • Collin says:

          I would be quite naive to think race doesn’t sway some voters. Unfortunately that’s just the way it is. However I don’t think that includes a majority. I don’t think it’s fair to assume why people vote one way or the other. As far as politics goes. You’re right. There is politics in this show. But those politics have nothing to do with the national candidates. You brought up trump. That’s what I was referring to when I mentioned politics. What does Obama have to do with this? The exact same thing as trump does. Absolutely nothing. But you made it sound like trump, other national candidates and there followers were all racists. I was just pointing out the fact that racial tensions have done nothing but grow under obamas presidency. National politics have nothing to do with this show IMO. Therefore there is no reason to involve or go any further with it. You have your political beliefs and I have mine. This is not the thread to discuss them. I also don’t think it’s necessary to involve race in everything.

          • davmon says:

            Right, my “Trumpian Era” remark and mention of “national candidates” with their hate speech directed at various groups. I included that because it feels the prez nom phenomena is overwhelming the news and our cultural lives. Heck, you cannot go anywhere and not hear about it. So, I believe the unrelenting beat against “others” has upped the fever of bigotry generally and legitimated demonizing different groups. Imagine our culture is a pinball machine and Trump is at the helm and “tilts” the game temporarily—and it may stay tilted so long as he is in play….Point is, Season 8 was before all this. And America had no problem with 4 blacks in the Top 10 on The Voice–and 3 in the Top 6. Nor with Pharrell winning with Sawyer. Then last summer, the prez nom process kicked in and Trump started in on this group and that. Other candidates also went after BLM & immigrants & LGBT. So, my wondering is about whether a swath of out illustrious Voice voters see even this music show competition through the cultural prism imposed by the “tilt”. And suddenly, no blacks were voted through (out of 5) on Season 9—even the black coach lost two singers first two rounds after the Lives. And this time, only one black was voted in (out of 7)—and the black coach lost two singers in the first three rounds after Lives. You may see coincidence. I see a lotta smoke and know there has to be fire. I just don’t know fully what it means….[Believe me, I do not like to bring this up. But I believe we are better for broaching it and discussing it. And I appreciate your willingness to discuss albeit skeptically ….As a southerner, I have seen the days when black men could not get steady jobs; and black women had limited work options…and worse! We had gotten better as a society over a 40-50 year period—more accepting of diversity. Now there is a surge of nativism and defense of white privilege that is disturbing. I hate to see us turning backward and being less tolerant toward people who may be different. And diminishing their lives. Even on a tv show!]

          • Collin says:

            Ok. I will comment one more time because I strongly disagree on most of what you said. First off I would like to thank you for acknowledging the fact that as a society we have come a long way in diversity. Most people with your train of thought would not acknowledge that. They just simply want to focus on the bad and make themselves seem like the “victim” at all times. I applaud you for that. Before I go much further I would like to say this is the last time I will talk to you about this. Because it seems we think about things in a totally different way. Which is fine. You go your way and I’ll go mine. I’m not going to change your mind and you’re not going to change mine.

            Let’s start with the competition aspect of your post. You stated that the season before the “trump” era there were 4 minorities in the top 10 and 3 in the top 6. I’m assuming this is correct cause it seems you have done your homework. Last season there was only 1. But now there is 3 in the top 9. We know that at least 2 are going to be in the top 8. After that I would be surprised if any were in the finale based on talent and readiness alone. Maybe Bryan could if he has a couple great weeks. Judging by people on here. Some seem to really like him. I would prefer Hannah myself. Based strictly on the body of work during the lives so far. So that’s 3 in the top 9 for sure. More than likely, judging by this past weeks results, 3 in the top 8. I don’t care who was voted in and who was saved. At least not for this year. Because people are voting for them now. There hasn’t even been a minority singer in the bottom 2. If they were targeting minority singers, why vote for them now? As for pharell. Many thought him and Adam had the weakest teams through out the year. I totally thought that he had the weakest going into the lives. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that he’s down to 1 already. So to me it seems you based your issues on 1 off year alone. If people were suddenly voting against minority singers. Why such the big shift from last year to this year? It doesn’t make any sense.

            I have to go right now. I’ll get back to my comment later today.

          • Collin says:

            Ok I’m back. I think I explained my thoughts on the contest part. In summary it seems you are basing your concerns on last season way more than this season. So the minority singers had one bad year. That’s based on your trump era theory. Ok? So did the women in season 7 when the finale had 4 male singers. So did the country genre singers in season 5 when not one made the finale and only one made the top 10 and was eliminated right away. I could go on and on! Does this mean people voted against those particular groups. I don’t think so. It may seem that way but it happens to way to many groups, genres, ect to make sense. You said I may think this is all coincidence. Sure I do. But I think it has more to do with the talent level, song choices, coaching and the proclaimed winner of production/coaches. Some contestants get way more air time than others and that certainly helps too. I think your theory has way to many holes in it!

            I love discussing politics. But I don’t see why we should on this thread. I will leave you with this so you have an idea of my position. If you would like to calmly discuss it, you can email me anytime. It’s on here. If u can’t find it let me know. Again I only discuss politics if it’s done in a civil manner. I will give you my thoughts on one comment of yours now….
            You said candidates went after BLM and other groups. I’m speaking specifically about BLM now. I say they absolutely should! This so called group should be shut down immediately! They do no good what so ever and are causing more problems than not. MLK, who I think was one of the if not greatest man in history of this nation, would be heartbroken. This so called movement is a disgrace! I have absolutely nothing against protesting if it’s done right. I live right by Minneapolis. My vehicle has been spit on, kicked, and had numerous liquids/solids thrown on it. They have caused me to be late for work and late picking up my children. Is that right? Are they protesting in a orderly fashion? Hell no. They need to be shut down immediately! I would advice them to regroup, take a very long look at leadership and restructure their movement. Basically do it right like so many of there predecessors did. They should not obstruct people from living there lives. The sad thing is many of those people would help if it was done correctly. What they have done is turned many would be supporters against them! Both black and white! Just the name of the movement gives me chills! We all matter! To say one ethnicity matters is a kick in the groin to the rest of them. It’s disgusting! That is all. Like I said before. If you wish to discuss politics or other current topics I would do so. But let’s keep it away from this thread. If you wish to do so email me please. And by all means try to keep it civil! Have a good day

    • Davey says:

      Bryan is Latino, not blank.

      • davmon says:

        For our purposes, we would probably say latino and black. Race and ethnicity ARE a bit different in different countries. Born in Brooklyn of Dominican parents. On official paperwork in this country, Bryan might be Black Hispanic. Ethnologists might refer to him as Afro-Carib. In the DR, there is sensitivity to “blackness”. The elite wants to be white. But it is a mostly mixed race society–genetically 52% euro, 40% afro, 8% native. Most are mixed race.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Wow, what drugs are you on? I would love to try them.

    • what a waste of keystrokes… the show is called “the voice”, not “the colour, check yourself!

      • Linn Bunch says:

        Exactly. Thank you.

      • Ursula says:

        You are in denial if you won’t admit racist voting patterns have been forming on this show for years now! I mean it couldn’t be more obvious! I think they intentionally put through awful singers like Daniel, Nick and the mentally unstable Owen SPECIFICALLY so the 3 black singers (2 of whom had to be “saved” by their coaches) would have a better chance even though it is highly unlike any will make the finale this year. Since season two, only three black singers have made the finals and two of those three had to be “saved” and the one who didn’t wasn’t even African-American but mixed race and from another country! Are we to really believe the white talent is that much more superior or are other factors in play here?

        • analythinker says:

          Oh wow, mentally unstable? How did it become a labeling competition?

        • Collin says:

          So out of the 12 that made it to the live shows 3 are minority. I would be curious to find out how many auditioned. I wonder if the proportion is the same. It doesn’t matter if they had to be saved because they are getting voted for now. I also think you’re seriously reaching if you think they are putting less talented singers in to make it easier for the minority singers. I don’t necessarily think the white talent is that much stronger. Although I do believe that’s the case this year. But I think it’s more of a numbers game. Meaning that I think there’s a lot more whites that audition every year. 3 outta 9 is probably right on that proportion.

          • davmon says:

            You are too kind to our electorate. Of the 24 in the Lives last season, none of the five blacks competing were voted through; one got a coach save. This season, 7 of the 25 were non-white–only one was voted through; two got coach saves. So, over 2 seasons, of 48 in the Lives, 12 were non-white; and only one was voted through by the public.

          • Collin says:

            Let’s go this route. Speaking this year alone. Your calculations have 7 minority singers in the top 24. That’s roughly 29% of the overall field. 3 make the top 12. I don’t care if they got voted thru or saved because they are being voted for now. That’s 25%. A bit of a drop proportionally. But now there’s 3 out of 9. That’s 33%. And not 1 has been in the bottom 2. If they were being targeted before why stop now? It just doesn’t make sense! And why such a increase from last year to this year if they have been targeted? Could last seasons lack of minority singers be because of lack of talent, poor song choices, poor coaching, ect… Hmmmm. Crazy to think huh! I must add too. Out of the other 6. 3 are male and 3 are female. Going by sex alone. 4 are female and 5 are male. Seems like a very diverse bunch to me!

        • usvoter3 says:

          I disagree with your comment, and you’re making a case in that comment that the show is not racist. If the show has intentionally put through bad singers like Daniel so the black singers would win or get near a win, that is not racist. The show would actually be protecting minorities. Minority contestants have won the show. In a nation where the majority is still white, Americans should not be considered racist when multiple minority contestants are still there. The songs the contestants pick can really hurt the votes. I just don’t think we should have a majority of the contestants be minorities based on their race because that is reverse racism. The Voice is a talent competition, and we don’t need to make everything about racism. We should really base who is in the shows on talent. If you prefer a certain kind of voice, that’s fine. Other people disagree with you and have different preferences, but that does not make them racist. Perhaps more minority contestants have not gone through because people just don’t prefer that kind of music. Some people who vote prefer country or pop. I think in a show like this, artists in certain genres just have a more difficult time because of the songs they pick and because most people who vote don’t like those genres. I really don’t think the show or the voters have had an organized effort while the competition occurs to vote off minorities.

          • Lizzie says:

            Daniel isn’t a bad singer, he’s a very good singer, although perhaps overtrained. He’s a whilte guy, he’s gone, so how is this all racially biased?

          • davmon says:

            I do not consider the show racist. My question is whether upheaval in our electorate ginned up by demagoguery may have caused some aberrant, undeserved, prejudicial voting on The Voice. But yes, Daniel was overdue. And, only one black was voted in, but the 3 in the 12 are still in the 9—with no Instant Saves. Plus, they may not be talented enough to go deep. And sure, song choice and genre matter some. Yet, most voters hopefully respond well to an outstanding turn, by whoever. It just seems last season there was dramatic slippage in support of black artists and the black coach in sync with political currents. I do not believe it is “organized”—more like, a surge in latency, because suddenly social & political chatter is legitimizing prejudices. Thanks.

    • Russ says:

      I know your stance, you brought it up about a month ago. But am I understanding you right? Because America has saved Paxton ( a guy with a very dark permanent sun tan) and has sent Emily (way to soon I agree) and Daniel home( could be argued he should have been gone long ago). Two very white artists. That America is being racist with their voting?

      • Ursula says:

        Just wait a few weeks and you’ll see how LILY WHITE the finale is once again. The black singers may have a little support but not enough to make the finale unless they are “saved.” The finale is going to be Alisan, Adam, Laith and Mary Sarah’s mediocre behind. I am calling it right now!

        • Collin says:

          That’s exactly what it should be! Maybe Bryan could be in there. But after the last couple weeks he hasn’t been that strong. Alisan, Adam and Laith have consistently been the strongest. But by all means let’s make it about race and not the talent!

        • Kbella says:

          Ursula, just based on talent and quality of performances, the top 4 SHOULD be Alison, Adam, Laith and Hannah.

          Shalyah started out super strong and I thought she would be a real contender but the last few weeks have been bad for her. I blame song choice for the most part, but she is trying too hard to belt out all these power notes and runs, rather than just sing a song. Adam is encouraging her to do that, which I think is terrible advice. I was half expecting her to be in the bottom 2 this week.

          Bryan, who is so darn charismatic and swoon-worthy, has been very “pitchy” the last few weeks. And I really didn’t like the song he chose this week.

          Paxton, who is one of the most likable contestants ever on this show, has also had several bad song choices. Even his gospel song last week, while very enjoyable, had a few off notes and got a bit shouty. But the passion in his singing made up for that. This week was not great. Why is he singing friggin’ Celine Dion???

          Sorry, as far as I’m concerned none of the 3 non-white performers left deserve to be in the final 4. Blake should have saved Joe Maye.

          • davmon says:

            Well articulated. Your Top 4 is probably mine, unless Bryan gets back in form. A long shot is Shalyah coming back with a knockout performance or two, if Adam could resist inciting her to overreach. I am rooting for one of them to make a run….One never knows but what Blake’s devotees will push a Mary Sarah into the mix. Nick & Paxton were due a ticket home–ahead of Emiy & Owen IMO. If we end with your 4, I am happy.

        • Russ says:

          I think you are right, it will most likely be a all white finale, unless Bryan somehow sneaks in. If this argument was made after the semi’s it would probably hold more weight. But right now When all the folks singing in the bottom 2 each week are white while the darker skinned folks are safe each week. This argument does not seem to hold any validity.

    • davmon says:

      Put statistically, over the last two seasons, 48 competed in the Lives of which 12 were non-white; that was a robust ¼ or 25%. 16 artists were voted through by America, of which only ONE was non-white. That was 1/16 or .0625 or 6.25%, which was a drop of 18.75%. [Over the two seasons, 3 more blacks were saved by coaches, but my focus is on the public vote.] And a look at Pharrell’s Team: At Top 12, in Season 9, his 3 went to 1 in two rounds to 10; and in Season 10, his 3 went to 1 over 3 rounds to 9. That was five rounds with only one departure each– five departures in all, of which four were Team Pharrell—an astonishing 4/5 or 80%….That is the math. You tell me what it means!

      • Collin says:

        So people are voting against pharell? Again I think you’re reaching. I think he’s a terrible coach. He is a good mentor and knows the music business. But he is a sub par coach. I mean did you hear him tonight? He completely threw Daniel under the bus! Not that it would’ve matter but Adam, Blake or Xtina would’ve never done that. Last week he was going on about how talented Laith was and told everybody to vote for him. I don’t mean to make it sound like it’s not good to root for talented singers. But in the end you should spend more time on your own team. Like I said he would be a fantastic advisor though.

        • davmon says:

          Pharrell is a stellar coach. In Season 8, four of the last six had been on his team, three of the last four had been, and two still were. He won with Sawyer; Koryn was 4th. (His handling of the young trio of Sawyer, Mia, & Koryn was brilliant!)….The next two seasons, the public voting did not give him a chance; he was stripped of two of his artists almost immediately. And his flair or mentoring and coaching was aborted—except for Madi briefly last time and Hannah now…Even so, this season, 5 of the final 12 had been on his team….About Daniel, Pharrell knew that he wanted to go; it was obvious from his lackluster showing last night. That is why Daniel kept pointing at Nick….After two rounds of this treatment from voters, no wonder he is not renewing for next time.

    • Kate Hannon says:

      I vote for the singers I like based on their most recent performance, not race, sex or the coach. I can’t imagine a large group of people watching tv for two hours just so they can cast anti votes. Just for the record, I love Pharrell, especially how he is a booster of musicianship even for folks not on his team.

    • Jimmy says:

      Okay what you don’t remember was Javier Colon & Jermaine Paul both won seasons 1&2

    • davmon says:

      [1 of 4] Thank you to discussants on this part of the thread for willingness to dialogue on this difficult topic of whether our nation’s troubled history with race and ethnicity has bubbled up in The Voice voting during the presidential nomination cycle—and mostly keeping it civil! As a retired teacher of history (who happens to be white male & southern), I still engage the issues of the day as I see them. Our music history is replete with the impact of black-generated music forms from slave songs, gospel, blues, ragtime, jazz, boogie-woogie, swing, “race records”, r&b, soul, funk, rap et al. Artists from W.C. Handy, Leadbelly, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith & Billie Holiday on to Sam Cooke, Otis, Aretha, Marvin to the present day. Given this history and the still somewhat more narrow options for blacks in our society, we are used to their outsized representation in music and entertainment, which have generally been more accommodating….

      • davmon says:

        [2 of 4] …So, on a music show, we are not surprised when the last three seasons the coaches (who have a good ear for talent) advanced five blacks among the 24 in the Lives on Season 8 and again Season 9—which was 21%–and seven non-whites to the 24 this time in Season 10—which was 29%….So, the last 3 seasons, coaches gave us rosters in the Lives with non-white ratio of 17/72 or 24%; the last two, 12/48 or 25%; this time, 7/24 or 29%. The coaches were not giving race any special consideration; however, as artists, they are more acclimated to hearing black music and artists than the mainstream. So, I do not expect that 24-29% to hold when voting kicks in. However, Season 8 showed America was ok if 25% or even more happened to be black; of the 8 America voted in—2 of 8 were black (Xtina’s Kimberly & India), which was 25%. Then Xtina saved Rob & Pharrell saved Koryn, which made 4 of 12 or 33%. All 4 were really talented and America voted them all into the Top 10—which made 4 of 10 or 40%, before Rob was eliminated on the way to 8. The other 3 made the Top 6–which was 50%. Voted by America! Then 25% in the Finale—which exactly matched the coaches going into the Lives!….Now, I am not suggesting that should happen every time. After all, the talent level is variable….

      • davmon says:

        [3 of 4] …My point is that I sense something has changed. A political cycle began last summer in which certain candidates went on a rampage against “the other”—going after a variety of non-majority groups—whether ethnic, racial, immigrant, religious or sexual….After which I notice a shift in how America voted—politically and musically. Two anti-“other” politicians soared, running first and second in their party. And musically?…Well, on The Voice, the coaches sent 5 blacks into the Lives’s 24 competitors last Fall (as in the previous season) and ZERO were voted in! When one was coach-saved? He was the first out! And the Black coach who had two in the finals of Season 8—and had won? Not only lost that one remaining black artist first round, but lost another artist the second round—and was down two, while no other coach had lost any….And this season, the coaches upped the non-white number to seven of the 24 in the Lives; and only ONE was voted in. Still, two more were coach saved. Interestingly, we find all 3 still in the Top 9, which is 1/3 or 33%. Heck, none have even been in an Instant Save. And this IS with America voting!….So why did I “go there” at this point?…I noticed that Team Pharrell was decimated. Losing two after only three rounds of one out. And this is after last time, losing two in the first two rounds of one out….So the overall downturn that I see, following the nativist political demagoguery: last time, ZERO black artists (out of 5) were in the 8 voted into the 12. This time, ONE black (out of 7) were in the 8 voted in into the 12. And last season, Pharrell lost the first two out; this time, he lost two of the first three out….I stand by my concerns….

      • davmon says:

        [4 of 4] …Even so, I am fair. Collin made good points. This time, non-white artists HAVE advanced SINCE the Lives. Although only ONE was VOTED in, the 3 who got in are still there—which is now 3 of 9 or 1/3. Which IS certainly better than last time when ZERO were VOTED in; and NONE were in Top 11. And this, despite an arguably inferior group of black artistry this season compared to the previous two. Especially since Tamar, Joe Maye, & Brian Nhira departed. America’s elevation of Nick shut out Tamar; Xtina was forced to save Bryan Bautista–the most consistent artist pre-Lives. Joe Maye (even Katie) was a better option for Blake than Paxton. Shalyah was the only black voted in. But Adam has not coached her well; her vocal control remains erratic. So unless Bryan gets back in a groove, none of the three are likely for the final 4. Not with Alisan’s following and the recent consistency of Laith, Adam, & Hannah. And Blake’s devotees could throw a curve with Mary Sarah. While I expect Nick to be next out, Paxton & Shalyah cannot be far behind, unless they perk up. And Bryan has not been as compelling since the early rounds–and may end up outside the Top 4. If none of the three black artists deserve to be in the top 4, that is as it should be….Maybe I did not pick the best time to raise this issue. But I am glad I did. I think it is worthwhile. I still think last season was a disgrace with no blacks voted into the 12, and none in the last 11–and Pharrell losing the first two. [BAM, BAM, BAM—in 3 rounds!] This time has some improvement; but one voted in out of 7 was not pretty—and Pharrel losing 2 or the first 3 was not much better….Thanks for listening. Sorry to be so verbose.

  10. Were the remainder of the 9 8 contestants listed by order of how many votes they had received or was it random? Because I had assumed Laith would be higher given the last two great performances, but maybe I’m just listening to other people here who really like him as I do. (His single was second to Alisan’s on iTunes, just missing the top ten when voting closed.)

    • TTorvo says:

      They randomly announce the saved contestants in between dumb a– questions from Carson. No meaning in the order.

    • Voice Fan says:

      Believe me Laith was the second highest vote getter on I-Tunes and probably in the entire competition. But NBC doesn’t want voters to know who is getting the most votes because they believe it will give them an advantage. Every week before he calls the names Carson Daley says the names of eliminations are “In no particular order.” If you notice, he calls the name of the top charters on I-Tunes and then a low charter. Example, Alison Porter was called first. It was a no brainer that she would not be eliminated since she charted at No. 6 and was the only contestant to make it into the top 10.Adam Waklefield was called second because he was called last before the elimination sing off last week. Shayla Fearing who was at No. 92 on I Tunes was called third. Hannah Huston who was No. 23 was called fourth and Mary Sarah fifth when Mary Sarah was No. 18 on I Tunes ahead of both Hannah and Shayla. Bryan Bautista who charted at 35 was called before Laith who charted at No. 11 and Paxton who charted at 37 was the last artist called before Daniel and Nick sang for the instant save. Laith will be called first next week because he was called near the bottom this week. Last week they called Adam last and the week before Mary Sarah was called last before the two singers who sing for the instant save. Daley predictably calls one of the top vote getters last to make it look like they are on the bottom one week and on the top the next. The purpose is to confuse the viewers on who got the most votes. Alison Porter has never been called third to last and every week she is called first or second and she usually is first or second on I-Tunes except last week when she scored lower on I-Tunes.

      • SlimJim says:

        I think Shalyah was seriously wortried because if her low ranking on iTunes. Then producers had sime compassion because of her young age so she was called third. I have complained that there have been times on these shows where the really treat the little kids badly.

      • The Voice Fan thank you for answering that! I don’t get to watch the entire episodes, only the chunks so I don’t get to see all the details.

  11. Sierra says:

    Daniel obviously had more talent and was the better singer!

    • Jaszy says:

      I do think Daniel has more talent than Nick. He just tanked at choosing the right songs! His vocals can be amazing, but he just HAD TO PICK THE RIGHT SONG!

      • Smokey says:

        Nick picked a very popular song and got the audience into it. Daniel picked a really bad song for his look and style. So it goes…………………Because someone “likes” a song, doesn’t mean they should be singing it….. Happens all the time on these shows.

      • analythinker says:

        Who chose Daniel’s songs for the past 2 weeks? He or Pharrell?

        • Pete says:

          Daniel wanted so much to be the next Justin Timberlake. I truly think he’s got a strong voice and saw him more as a Josh Groban. Pharell didn’t coach him well. I also think producers wanted him gone. They had him sing first as well as sing one of the the most overdone song in reality competition history. Alisan could have sang that song and it wouldn’t have charted high.

      • carlos says:

        I absolutely agree. Daniel has the voice but poor song selection has done him in. Has anyone heard songs of the say sung by Steve Perry while with journey. A slew of falsettos but not a song by the Stylistics intetpreted. Sure its going a whiles back but can you imagine if one of those songs were to be selected and i believe Daniel could have benefited from one of those high pitched Stylistic songs of the past.

  12. Tim says:

    It took me about two minutes to read your recap, so I figure you saved me 58 minutes! Thanks!

  13. Ray Mark Guinto says:

    LoL. If it’s only possible to do #VOICESAVENOBODY then #VOICEBRINGBACKOWENorEMILY

  14. Marie says:

    Why oh WHY did they have to switch the eliminations. I wish they would go back to axing two a week. Could you imagine how perfect it would have been to cut Nick and Daniel is one fell swoop. Both are equally awful. I am afraid now Nick is going to get a surge of support and someone way more talented will be cut next week.

  15. Carfield says:

    I am not shocked about the result tonight, and while Daniel’s performance is not his greatest, it is not as bad as Mike makes it out to be. Regardless his fate is already sealed when he picks that song. But I am very upset about Pharrell’s song choice this week. He is not even hiding the fact that he is not interested in furthering Daniel’s journey here. He is the one, whom he chose for his comeback artists. If you don’t think he is good, don’t bring him back. One thing about live playoff is that you never know how the audience thinks, so you pick the best, not the worst just to make sure your favorite goes through.

    I am more fascinated by the ranking tonight… Although I am still confused if they announce the result in order, I just presume “yes” because Carson does not say “the result is not announced in particular order” like American Idol or X-Factors. Next week will be interesting, because song choices will determine everything for the non-front runners.

    • Voice Fan says:

      Haven’t you noticed the coaches are not choosing the songs this season. The artists are so if they choose the wrong song it is on them, not the coaches.

  16. danin says:

    For all you people who don’t dig Hannah..Hah! This is from Kirstie Allie’s twitter page: ”
    May 2
    Kirstie Alley‏ @kirstiealley
    @thehannahhuston you are a gorgeous sexy ALIVE funny animated talented super star! @Pharrell has chosen electric light in a bottle! KUDOS”

    • danin says:

      And this. “Girl you are sexy crazy beautiful amazing ALIVE and so Damn funny! Somebody gonna snag you up for your own show! Kudos”

    • Peaches says:

      So she has some plump has-been tweeting for her in between shoving jelly donuts in her mouth. A real endorsement would be from an actual musician.

  17. John Barsuglia says:

    I still think Blake has really good talent on his team. I know Cristina is also strong. But to me this is the best show on TV to finding talent by just there voices. And not what they look like. That makes the Voice so special.

  18. Kimmy Moores says:

    He is the poster child of ‘Cheesy A** Whiteboy’
    Daniel upset me to my core; hell, he upset my entire lineage.

    • Peaches says:

      Cheesy A** Whiteboy also applies to Nick. His falsetto is just cringe worthy!!

      • Kimmy Moores says:

        Are we forgetting that melodramatic ‘Human Nature’ performance? Goodness gracious.

        • Peaches says:

          Nick also made Michael roll over in his grave singing ‘I Can’t Help It.’ They both stink about the same amount so I think we are just splitting hairs here. ;)

  19. Gabriel_White says:

    Did anyone notice that during the tweeting, Nick fans were tweeting photos of Nick and his son along with a message saying to vote for THEM. I about vomited.

    • Jaszy says:

      And some people on here refuse to accept that Nick is getting sympathy votes. His sob story is carrying him along, not his vocals.

  20. Kalah says:

    I think Daniel should have stayed and went back to his roots and sang another charlie puth song or a Justin Timberlake maybe.

  21. Kate Hannon says:

    Owen Danoff should still be there.

  22. Ginger says:

    The judges sure went on and on without even a word about how they performed their songs. And I ended up fast forwarding through Sawyer…not sure what happened there.

  23. MsMarsha says:

    Daniel had too much ego, although he tried to hide it. He was stunned every time he got bad news, because he thought the music school made him a great singer. Also back a few shows when Pharrell told him to play to the girls in the audience, It seemed like Daniel might play for the other team, and Pharrell should have let him. He seemed so disconnected.

    • Jane says:

      Good back and watch the results for the top 11 or top 12 (I can’t remember). When they announced his name that he was moving on (without being in the bottom two), he literally raised his eyebrows and looked genuinely surprised that he was moving on. He was stunned by the GOOD news. If you look at his interviews during the top 10, he says that he thinks he’s going home and that he’s already thinking about his instant save song. He’s been supportive of his other team mates, including pointing to Nick during the instant save (which I don’t believe was a good idea but at least he was trying to be nice). I’m not sure why you think he had such a big ego since he’s never implied or acted like he was the best singer, like he would win, etc. He seems confident, but as a performer, you have to mask your nerves, and besides, he talked about how he was really affected by negative comments on the internet. If he was cocky, he’d be mad more than anything or brush them off, but they legitimately hurt him. So I don’t think he has a big ego. I think it can appear that way sometimes, but I’m pretty sure he’s actually somewhat sensitive, which he will have to work on since the music industry is so cutthroat.

  24. Kay says:

    Nick is getting the baby daddy pity votes and it’s not right. Daniel has the better voice.

  25. pdamico says:

    I thought Nick sounded improved, and did a nice job with “Thinking Out Loud.” It was Daniel’s time to go, but I actually felt bad for him this week. Best advice any judge can tell the contestants is Do Not Read the Internet Comments while you are competing (leave that up to the coaches). In the end, it really doesn’t matter. Neither Nick nor Daniel was going to make it much further.

    I bought my first B.B. King LP when I was 12 y/o, and I was all set for a cringe-worthy rendition of “The Thrill is Gone,” but Laith blew me away. Levine was right in putting the kabosh on a faster tempo, and Blake, as much as I like him, was oh so very transparent: Talking that man out of playing his guitar would only benefit Blake’s contestants.

    Alisan was technically brilliant. Big fan of Patti Griffith here. This is going to sound petty, but the super vocal aside, it sounded over rehearsed to me.

    Laith, Adam, Bryan and Alisan rule, and I hope that’s our Final Four.

  26. As long as Alisan Porter, Adam Wakefield, Shalyah Fearing, Bryan Bautista, Laith Al-Saadi and Paxton Ingram are in it I am good. Alison is the best every time on the show but Adam will become a star after the show because he is country, southern rock fantastic. Shalyah could be the next generation of young singers. Laith and Paxton are good but I wouldn’t buy the CD.

  27. holly says:

    I guess given the choice of Daniel versus Nick, I would rather have had Daniel. However, Daniel has sucked the past few times he has sang. I think being in the bottom has shaken his confidence. Not to mention the thing he said about reading comments. Usually I can’t stand watching Nick sing but since Daniel decided to flub the lyrics and take on a personality that most viewers are finding hard to get with, Nick was the right choice. Nick, don’t get too comfortable. I can guarantee you are not staying. Sorry but it’s true.

  28. RON says:

    AGREE. Right one was eliminated.

  29. del says:

    I have read almost all of the comments and cannot believe that so many people pick absolutely everything apart. It is a T.V. show. Just watch it and take it for what it is. If it upsets you so much — do not watch it. For Gods sake people, is it worth all this jabber? get a life. Are there no other things in your life you could be doing other than acting like a voice coach or a professional singer? You are not, so just keep it to yourself. Who really gives a rats butt what you think anyway?? Like all this is going to change anything? You all just want to start a conversation on race or politics and you know where that will lead. Grow up people, there are really important things going on now in the U S . Put your thoughts into something productive and try to make the U S a better place.

    • Lizzie says:

      Um, we are here to talk about the performances and pick them apart, because we can. No credentials required here. That’s hurtful to say that no one gives a rat’s butt about what we think.

    • Collin says:

      First off if that’s how you feel why did you bother reading “almost all the comments”? Don’t you have anything better to do? Why don’t you get a life! I smell a hypocrite! What most people are saying on here is exactly what this board is for. So what if we like discussing a tv show we tend to like. Obviously you like ripping on people. Is your way a better way to spend ones time? Just to let you know. I worked 10hrs today. Made supper. Did dishes. Helped kids with homework. Did paper work. Maybe some of us are better at utilizing time more than you! You also mentioned some of us discussing politics and race. They both are real important things/topics! And current. Then you said try to put your thoughts into something productive and try to make the US a better place. That’s exactly what discussing politics and race is going to do. At least if you’re educated and open to others thoughts about it. I can’t be sure if you are educated about either. I don’t know you. But you saying we all know where that will lead makes my seriously wonder how open you would be about others thoughts on the subjects. Which in that case. You are correct. You will not gain anything from it. But by being open and honest, and most importantly civil about it, a person can gain a lot! Especially discussing it with someone with a different ethnic background and/or political view. Again. You have to be open to new ideas, concerns, ect… You are right about one thing… What we discuss on here about the show will more than likely not change anything. Please refrain from coming on here again if that’s how you feel. We don’t need you on here! If you were looking to get a rise out of someone, congratulations! You accomplished that!

  30. Feel that this season has the absolute worst crop of singers. Much is made of the vocal talent of the women but they mostly sound like screamers especially if you’re not watching them and merely listening to the voices. All the male singers are mostly forgettable, yes some great talent with the guitar but let’s face it the bearded one isn’t going to win it all. In fact even winners seldom actually break out into a great career. Statistically speaking there have only been 3 winners who can boast to some kind of musical career after the Voice. Not enjoying this season at all, comments are boring,tiresome, mundane, repetitive. The pretend antagonism between Adam and Blake is annoying beyond belief, Christina is a disappointment as a coach + wears too much makeup, she could take it down a notch, ditto for Pharrell he might be a great producer but he doesn’t have what it takes to pick out the talent, his song choices are not the greatest, he got lucky winning with Sawyer who was a real stand out but still isn’t a shining star.

    • Leila says:

      I follow the comments hre every season and I have to tell you people say this every season. To me, the worst season was the one where a country kid won.

      • Voice Fan says:

        By country kid winning the Voice are you referring to Craig Wayne Boyd, Cassadee Pope or Danielle Bradberry? All those country singers won the Voice and their singles are being played on country radio. Or are you referring to Jake Worthington who came in second or the Swon Brothers who came in third? Boyd, Pope, Bradberry, Worthington and the Swon Brothers have albums and singles charting on Billboard and have been performing in Las Vegas and across the country since they were on The Voice. They have been more successful than the other non country winners.

        • Razzberry says:

          This is true. Unless singers from these these talent shows are appearing on the TV shows older folks watch daily, they don’t think they are still in music.

          A number of people that have been on The Voice,,,,, are consistently recording and performing on tours, sometimes with other artists,, as an added card.

          Try the booking agents for some of these artists and you find out that it’s not that cheap or easy to get them booked into your local performance halls.

          . Cassadee Pope &, Rae Lynn, for instance, are also in the Billboard charts right now. Better have a show backer/producer with deep pockets if you want Danielle Bradbery to play your State Fair.

          • Voice Fan says:

            Like RaeLynn, Gwen Sebastian is another country singers on Blake’s team in the second season in 2012 who was eliminated before the live shows and is now successful in country music. Sebastian signed a recording contract in 2009 before she was on the Voice and RaeLynn signed with Big Machine Records in 2013. Both ended up singing backup and touring with Blake and his then wife Miranda Lambert. RaeLynn was featured in Blake’s video for his number one hit “Boy’s ‘Round Here.” Sebastian sang a duet with Blake “My Eyes” which also went to number one. Sebastian has released five albums and seven singles. I never thought Rae Lynn would be successful with her baby voice and childish songs. Her songs, “Boyfriend,” and “For a Boy” ranked No. 34 and “God Made Girls” climbed to No. 7. She was 18 when she was on the Voice and is now 22. Gwen Sebastian is 42.

  31. womanonapilgrimage says:

    I quit watching the show weeks ago when Nick came back and kept going through. I pop in every now and then to see who is still left. I saw Nick’s last performance, and he was pitchy as usual. Yet, he is still there. Last season was amazing, but this season is a bust (except for Alisan). I’ve no plans to continue watching again next season.

  32. scott says:

    To the Adam W fans, do you agree he sounds like Zakk Wylde? I would love to hear him do ‘Losin Your Mind’ by Zakks former band Pride and Glory. If not, then something more recent by Zakk, who is very very blues rock. I feel Adam would absolutely slay.

  33. kristinkurth says:

    Let’s go back to Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” Have u heard the iTunes recorded version? It’s insane (as in crazy good!) DP has more vocal talent than many of the people who are still standing.

  34. Melanie says:

    pound for pound Laith has the pure unadulterated talent but, Lord, get him shears and a razor!
    If he doesn’t make it Adam ought to give him a leg up in the music biz himself. He has stunning talent!

  35. Wanda Gibbs says:

    Daniel should have won! 👼 😘 😇

  36. SUE De says:


    • Voice Fan says:

      Nick is on Team Christina. Only Hannah is left on Pharell’s team now that Daniel went home.

  37. Steve Z says:

    Love Allison, but really want her to sing a simply beautiful rendition of a song lime she did with Blue Bayou. I’m thinking Songbird. And why does she feel the need to get all her outfits from the crocheted department on Itsy?

    Shaylah has shown more growth (which at 16 she should) and I think is her biggest competitin.

    I think the guys on Xtinas team are getting by on their looks right now. Waiting for one of them to pull a DWTS open shirt, showcase abs move.

  38. merna avila says:

    I don’t agree with the statement about Daniel’s version of the Bruno Mars hit I enjoyed it very much and I’ve never heard the original song I thought you were supposed to judge how well they sing the song not how much they sound like the original artist!!

  39. suz in Atlanta says:

    yes’th because that lipstick color was not his shade girl.