The Voice Predictions: Who's at Risk on Top 10 Results Night?

Six artists from The Voice Top 10 can probably exhale — and one can do a happy dance — headed into tonight’s results telecast (8/7c on NBC).

Indeed, Alisan Porter breaks into the Top 10 on the iTunes singles chart — and snags the coveted multiplier bonus — thanks to her breathtaking, heartbreaking “Let Him Fly.” Her march to victory — prophesied in the Season 10 premiere — continues unabated.

Granted, downloads are only one component of the elimination equation — there’s also online and Voice app votes to consider — but the Bottom 2 in Top 11 Week turned out to be its two lowest sellers, reinforcing iTunes as a solid predictive tool. Once again this week, there’ll be a Bottom 2, an instant save, and only one elimination. Let’s make some educated guesses about who’s at risk:

Ranking on iTunes Singles Chart at Close of Voting (Tuesday, Noon ET)
6. Alisan Porter – Patti Griffin’s “Let Him Fly” (Team Xtina)
11. Laith Al-Saadi – BB King’s “The Thrill Is Gone” (Team Adam)
16. Adam Wakefield – Ray Charles’ “I Got a Woman” (Team Blake)
18. Mary Sarah – Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” (Team Blake)
23. Hannah Huston – Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep (Team Pharrell)
35. Bryan Bautista – Romeo Santos and Usher’s “Promise” (Team Xtina)
37. Paxton Ingram – Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” (Team Blake)
91. Nick Hagelin – Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It” (Team Xtina)
92. Shalyah Fearing – Emeli Sande’s “My Kind of Love” (Team Adam)
186. Daniel Passino – Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” (Team Pharrell)

Let’s be honest: Christina Milian is more likely to be found holding court in the Sprint Skybox than Alisan, Laith, Adam or Mary winding up at risk this week.

Similarly, Hannah looks like she ought to be in the clear, landing just outside the Top 20. Now, granted, Emily Keener got sent to the guillotine in Top 12 week — after placing at No. 26 on iTunes (ahead of nine of her fellow finalists), but that result looks like something of an anomaly, and if I’m right about that, look for Bryan and Paxton to sail through to the Top 9, too.

That leaves Nick, Shalyah and Daniel as the vulnerable impala limping along at the back of the pack — does that make emcee Carson Daly the hungry lion? — putting Coaches Adam and Pharrell at risk of being down to just one artist heading into Top 9.

Daniel — who had to compete for the save last week, performed in the show-opening death spot, got rare on-air criticisms of his pitch from Xtina and his own coach, and finished a distant last in iTunes — is virtually a lock for the Bottom 2. Nick and Shalyah are so close sales-wise that it’s tough to predict which one of ’em might join Daniel in the sing-off, but given that Nick’s previously survived far worse performances than his Michael Jackson cover, I’m guessing he’ll eke out Shalyah in viewer votes and make it Xtina’s best week ever.

Bottom 2 Prediction: Daniel and Shalyah (though it could easily be Daniel and Nick) — with Daniel going home.

Who do you think will and should go home on The Voice Top 10 results night? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. dj says:

    I certainly hope it’s either Daniel or Nick, because everybody else stepped up this week. It was one of the best weeks so far this season, in my opinion, and it would be a shame for anyone else to go home. I was glad to see a little more constructive criticism from the judges. Their nicey-nicey policy does not really do anyone any favors.

    • Cindy Jean says:

      Love this season so much! I really enjoyed most of the top ten performances last night! Daniel ‘s Voice experience should end tonight but he had a great run! Shalyah tries to hard but I love her personality! Good luck to them all!

  2. MynameisNO says:

    Ridiculous how this show does eliminations, top 24-top 12, then a 3 week countdown top 11, top 10 until top 9. What’s the point? It should be 2 a week then 1 after top 6. Not a weird random 3 person cut before top 4 or 5

    • The Beach says:

      I also just really don’t get the iTunes Top Ten gets votes x10. Maybe that was valid a few years ago before streaming took over but who today is buying iTune covers? Maybe it’s just me and I really don’t intend to be mean but if I’m going to listen to “Rolling” it’s going to be by Adele, “Thrill” by BB, etc. My playlists are, with rare exception, songs by their original artists, not reality show contestants.

  3. Tara says:

    I think Shalyah is much better than Nick. If I was to pick the bottom two, it would be Daniel and Nick, with Daniel going home.

    • davmon says:

      No question Should be Nick with Daniel!! But Nick has some kinda following since comeback, which may put Shalyah at risk. Now, I expect Daniel to wash out again. He was listless last night. He wants to go home. And against Nick, he will. But if Shalyah is head-to-head with Daniel, her permanent tan may factor–like LaPorsha vs Trent–and the better singer goes loses out.

  4. Angela Noenickx says:

    most likely, nick and daniel,

  5. Timmah says:

    Doesn’t really matter who goes home tonight because there’s only about two or three contestants with a shot at winning anyway. Whatever week they do the mass slaughtering (next week?) will be interesting though.

    • Mary says:

      Everyone knows the winner is going to be Allison so I am surprise people are still watching.

      • Timmah says:

        I think that Adam has a decent chance as well. That’s why the finale should have some drama at least.

      • LIzzie says:

        Until last night, most of Alisan’s work has been in the belter zone, in part due to Christina’s bias about belting being the only way to sing. So if you don’t want that big loud sound, Alisan had some risk along with her performance ability. She went more into the angst side last night, along with showing the guts to do the stripped down sound with only a guitar and I admire that. I actually hate the backstory press, and would rather that they just let her sing, and less time on her life screw-ups. She’s good, she was an addict, okay, move along.

        • Jaime says:

          Totally agree and exactly what I’ve been wanting to say, but put a lot more eloquently then (than .. I NEVER know) I could muster.

          • Lots of people have trouble with than/then, Jaime. Here’s a little memory trick: then refers to a specific time (e.g., I was younger then), so to remind yourself when to spell it with an E, remember words about time that start with an E: era, epoch, eventually, ever. Than is about comparisons (e.g., I was younger than my sister), so to remind yourself to use a A, remember words dealing with comparisons that start with an A: appraisal, assessment, analogy, analysis.

          • Jaime says:

            Thank you @Sharon ~ that’s an AWESOME tip!! I type narratives for a living and honestly just wing it when it comes to then/than. In my comment my original thought was ‘than’ … but I decided to change it. Looks like my original thought was correct .

        • I agree. I am tired of hearing stories about her addiction before EVERY performance. I am sure the others have a story to tell, yet they don’t, Once, twice is enough, but every ding dang performance?? It has turned me off to her completely, just feels like she using it as a crutch. I think Shalyah is doing well enough to stay and will see more of her in the future. At least Alison did not scream her song last night, which was a first, but I do not think she is the best. Sorry….

  6. Veronica Hart says:

    Nick should go alot sooner then Shalyah, and I can’t believe Mary Sara was higher than Hannah on the charts, Mary Sara is not that good in her lower register.

    • LIzzie says:

      Hannah seems to carry some attitude with her that is unpleasant, and although her voice is good for these competition shows, I don’t have the feeling that she is a separate, unique singer who can get a big fan base to buy her music. Most of what she did last night is to sing an Adele song quite a bit like Adele approaches it, but it still was just an imitation of the great, pretty good and an accomplishment of sorts to sing a song like that on TV, but not something of Hannah’s own worth getting truly excited about. I find myself wanting to like Hannah and her voice at least part of the time, but then she goes to some aspect of personality that doesn’t work for me.

      • Kath says:

        I agree….. There is something about her that is offputting.

        • Alee says:

          I feel like her personality is generally just more emotionless than other contestants so she seems dismissive or annoying in her expressions but pharell said shes one of the nicest people hes ever met

          • Jaime says:

            That’s what I take from her too. I think she is just a little ‘one-note’ and probably doesn’t express herself outwardly in her face. I do think it’s obvious she has a little crush on Pharell because she really lights up when she’s with him alone. :-)

        • Timmah says:

          I find the same. Also her performances are kind of mechanical and passionless.

        • Juju Doyle says:

          I totally agree!! I really like her….but think she has “a way” that IS offputting! Maybe she
          is around preschoolers so much that there is an element of immaturity about her. ??? That being said, I think she is SO TALENTED! Too 4 for sure!!!

      • nola says:

        She has no personality, comes off like she thinks she is better than all the rest and she isn’t even close .

      • Juju Doyle says:

        Sadly, I agree!

      • danin says:

        Wow! You don’t remember how spontaneous & funny she was for several weeks? Don’t you think she’s feeling the pressure of this enormous event in her life? I am thinking she barely has the experience that a lot of these contestants do. She can’t be easy breezy Hannah all the time.And as far as passionless? Are you kidding me. Until last night she has sung her guts out& it has most definitely shown in her face! Last night, I think she just had to power into her body to rise to the challenge of singing Adele!

    • Vickie says:

      She also was too close to the mic… which muffled her voice and altered her diction. The older viewers know “Stand By Your Man” but the younger audience needed to hear the words to that classic. What a shame!

  7. Lavender says:

    Does anyone else have trouble with Alisan’s level of experience?

    She won “Star Search” when she was five, had a movie career, recorded a CD, is a noted songwriter, and has performed in a prominent role on Broadway in “A Chorus Line.”

    To me, it feels like the Joanna Pacetti issue from AI8, minus the ties to the production company.

    • Then I’d have to eliminate everyone with industry ties and experience – which on The Voice is almost every contestant. (Last week Adam Levine pimped Laith’s previous albums.) As someone else noted on the previous thread for the Voice, the contestants are often invited to audition by the producers who are looking for good singers. (Collette Lush was invited to audition this season but turned it down to audition on American Idol – and ended up being cut very early. She might have done better on The Voice.) It’s a very different emphasis from American Idol. And even on Idol many of the contestants had prior professional experience this past year. (I think it bothers me more on AI because the producers liked to pretend that was not the case.)

    • LIzzie says:

      Yes, I definitely have trouble with the amount of professional work that she has already done. Can’t break into the bigtime after all that life work? I’d rather that Laith got the prize, because despite being a lifelong musician, he hasn’t had the opportunities that Alisan has had. She also has a company that she is the CEO of, according to my search on her this morning. Poor little girl who didn’t have the sense to stay away from drugs, now she’s married with two little kids and her focus on being a mom needs some supplement from a Voice win – it’s a little much, really.

      • Paula K says:

        I have to say that one reason I’ve enjoyed The Voice over American Idol is that the contestants are already fairly talented when they audition and you don’t have the nonsense that went on on Idol. It doesn’t really bother me that they’ve had opportunities in the industry because really making it in the sense of any lasting, national popularity is SO difficult and often comes down to unexpected breaks and open doors.
        But ask yourself – how many Voice winners are now well-known, national acts? Even with American Idol, it seems the second place finishers the last several years ended up with fame, while the winners ended up doing car commercials! So winning The Voice doesn’t guarantee anyone a spot in music history no matter what their history!

    • frog solo says:

      I have a huge problem with all of Alisan’s prior success. It just seems like the show is a set up to give her singing career a boost. I’d rather see a talented contestant who was busking prior to the show win the show. It would be more fun for the viewers. I feel like Alisan’s been shoved down our throats and I do think her singing can be shrill at times.

      • Gretchen says:

        I agree with the posts about so many of the contestants having had previous albums/recording contracts, etc, which is one reason I’m personally pulling for Hannah. I think was some are considering “attitude” on her part is simply nerves. She’s never sung before large audiences before. I think she’s got a lot of raw talent and is the most genuine artist in the group

      • jm Comiskey says:

        I never watched the voice before this one. Blue Bayou came up the day after her Blind Audition & I clicked on it & was blown away. I watched it & heard it over & over. Found out she was Curly Sue but had no idea of her adult show biz life. I watched a lot of videos and found out she had the lead (LEAD) in the Chorus Line revival (don’t know when but she was an adult and that her mom had that same role earlier on !) So, if she had the lead role in a Broadway Musical, it’s impossible to consider her as a newcomer. I definitely think she’s the best singer but should she be up there to compete with Shalyah & Adam & Bryan & Hannah ??? Doesn’t seem fair in one way but she does deserve to win. I think the powers to be should have had another show for “Has Beens” who have failed their first time around and need a comeback. But I’m probably going to vote for her in the end BUT she hasn’t had as good a performance since Blue Bayou. She need another like that one to really be a worthwhile winner. Just my humble opinion guys.

        • Venee says:

          Laith has 3 albums. Mary has 2. Why single Alisan out? Mary has 80K Twitter followers. She was well connected and established before the show.

  8. Voice Fan says:

    I agree. It doesn’t matter who goes home this week because next week five artists will be eliminated anyway and only four will compete for the win in the finale. I think today’s top four, Alisan, Laith, Adam and Mary Sarah will in the finale because they have consistently been on the top in I-Tunes. Just like last season when Emily and Barrett made the top three, I think Adam and Mary Sarah will be in the top three because they will get the country votes. On the country charts, Mary Sarah was number one last week and number three this week and Adam was number two. I predict Mary Sarah and Adam and Alisan will end up in the top three spots and Laith will perform for the fourth spot.

  9. Barb Orth says:

    Bryan, he is over rated, Shaylah is much better, Daniel is much crisper and knows when to use his high pitch. Sad that the world is determined to get rid of him.

  10. Becky Smith says:

    nick should be going home tonight

  11. Meme says:

    Daniel should definitely be the one to go.

  12. al says:

    I see all the artist at least try to step outside their comfort zone except one Laith. He is restricted to singing one style of the blues. Which he can do well. When I heard him sing with all the others at the start of the show it was very obvious he could not sing the way the others did.

    • Linn says:

      Interesting. As blues is the basis for most rock music, a companion to jazz & has more than a nodding acquaintance with traditional country, to say Laith can just song the blues is a compliment. He can hit the notes in any genre.

  13. LIzzie says:

    Likely bottom 3 based on the performances are Shayla, Nick, and Daniel. Of those 3 singers, Daniel has the best voice and overall ability, Nick is the most chick-magnet and smooth pop sound, and Shayla is young singer with a lot of room to grow and grow up still ahead of her. On the basis of voice, I would keep Daniel – whatever happened with him last night doesn’t have to do with his ability.

  14. David7118 says:

    I’m curious to see what might happen if The Voice gets down to Alisan, Hannah, and Laith/Adam as the final three. I wonder if Alisan and Hannah will split the vote leaving the win open to Laith/Adam. Of course that presupposes that Hannah makes it that far which I hope she will.

  15. it better not be daniel nick or shalyah i love artist who make me cry// i purchased their songs and will be a fan forever

  16. Although there are a lot of good dingers this year. Alison Porter is by far the most talented, that being said, she is the reason I watch I do not see her winning. I do see her getting a record deal but I think one of the boys will somehow win. It seems a lot of times that the best ones never win, with the exception of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Even in Season 1 Vicci Martinez was fantastic and she came in fourth.

  17. Simone Fothergill says:

    As much as I like Daniel, his choices of songs the last two weeks have not complimented his voice. His song “Jealous” was way better than his main performances. I love Nick, he is super talented, and even though I am not a Michael Jackson fan, I think he was great! Shalyah just doesn’t do it for me. Her voice is nice, but not “winner” quality. Depending who the bottom two are, I think, Daniel is going home.

  18. Watchman Dave says:

    last night sounded like Tarzan was a “behind the scenes” voice coach for a few contestants prepping for this weeks show (nervousness or ear monitor issues?) … pitch perfect gets an OK but length/amount of actual words sung in the Lyrics (a fail for Laith and Adam, trying to make it up with instrumentation), pitch, presentation, I say Allison #1, next (Should Be) Hannah #2, Mary Sarah #3 for a CW oldie (but she’ll get #1 0r #2) and for #4 Daniel Passino ( no points for his nervous look, still showing).

  19. We all know that Alisan, Adam, and Most likely Laith, are through to the finals most likely. Now There is Hannah, Mary, Bryan, and maybe Shaylah who are fighting for the save. Who would get it? My bet it is hannah.

  20. Sherri says:

    Mary Sarah is actually not bad and may get allot of the country votes

  21. Joe Sinclair says:

    It’s been a great group of talent this season. If people are voting on talent, I don’t see how Shalyah can go home. Her voice and ability to draw controlled power is by far stronger than Daniel or Nick.

  22. shawna says:

    Brian. Oh thanks for saving Brian. Save the one in the gray shirt. but then i think you should save the guy in the white jacket.

  23. jm Comiskey says:

    I knew it would be Daniel and by tonight’s votes, it’ll be Nick eliminated next week. Shalyah was called safe as the third one after Alisan & Adam so I believe she’s safe. She’s fantastic for a kid – so much to grow & improve. Laith is a true musician. Apparently, he’s doing well on ITunes (per Adam or Pharrell) but was called 7th – that surprises me. Hannah was saved 4th which also surprised me; she was ahead of Mary Sarah who is really good, too. I think now it’s going to become a “personality” vote – who likes whom better. What do you think?

  24. Caryl Garachana says:

    I think Paxton should go home and Nick get saved.

  25. Caryl Garachana says:

    Hannah should go home too.

  26. Linda says:

    Mary Sarah …. I just don’t think she did her best

  27. Sherry Caroselli says:

    Paxton should go home. Nick is a good singer!