DWTS Season 22

Dancing With the Stars Week 7 Recap: Which Two Couples Went Home?

After Monday’s episode of Dancing With the Stars, I now have a moral obligation to work Good Morning America into my daily routine.

Ginger Zee might not consistently be the strongest performer in every Season 22 outing, and she might not be the one disappearing in a sea of confetti as she raises the Mirrorball trophy a few weeks from now.

But Dancing viewers everywhere owe the GMA meteorologist a debt of gratitude, after she and partner Val Chmerkovskiy salvaged an Icons Night that, up until their sublime Viennese waltz, was thoroughly mediocre.

In fact, Ginger and Val’s routine  — danced to a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” — seemed to set an entirely new tone for Monday’s installment, thus making way for the first perfect scores of Season 22. Let’s recap the evening’s strongest and weakest efforts:

Paige VanZant and pro Mark Ballas (Jive) — About halfway through Paige and Mark’s performance, I spied Carrie Ann Inaba leaning over the judges’ table, practically salivating at the number unfolding before her. And while I’m not typically a fan of Carrie Ann’s frantic babbling, her excitement was more than warranted, as Paige and Mark became a blur of red, black and fringe on the dance floor. Even though Paige wasn’t the only novice to score a perfect 30 on Monday, she is the only one who can master tricky choreography while committing to the new character she needs to play each week in the ballroom. Judges’ Score: 30/30

Ginger Zee and pro Val Chmerkovskiy (Viennese Waltz) — Now that we’ve reached the seventh week of competition, it’s become very clear that Ginger’s strengths lie in those routines that are more elegant than badass — less Janet Jackson, and more Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle, if you will. Suffice to say, Monday’s Viennese waltz found Ginger effortlessly gliding across the ballroom, without even a hint of the nerves that her pre-performance video package suggested might distract her. Judges’ Score: 30/30

Von Miller and pro Witney Carson (Salsa) — When it comes to this season’s trifecta of NFL pros, Von has undoubtedly been the most enthusiastic and/or most willing to humiliate himself for the sake of the number. (Exhibit A: Those Elvis sideburns.) But the Super Bowl MVP got his salsa off to a positively cringe-inducing start, as he half-heartedly gyrated in the center of the ballroom, before joining Witney for a fast-paced routine that turned out mighty clunky. Witney was right when she said her partner has “super-strong muscles,” but the performance’s complicated lifts — which Len strangely called “spectacular” — seemed to push even Von to his physical limits. Judges’ Score: 24/30

Antonio Brown and pro Sharna Burgess (Tango) — Don’t get me wrong: I am so jazzed to see that Antonio is finally committing to the appropriate mood for each of his routines. Had he been flashing that dazzling grin throughout his moody, intense tango with Sharna, the entire number would have fallen apart. But I’m not sure his intimidating, stony-faced expression was the right fit, either — and when he and Sharna fell just slightly out of sync throughout the dance, a place at the bottom of Monday’s leaderboard seemed inevitable. Judges’ Score: 24/30

And now, the double elimination results:

Kim Fields and pro Sasha Farber
Wanyá Morris and pro Lindsay Arnold
Von Miller and pro Witney Carson

Kim Fields and pro Sasha Farber
Von Miller and pro Witney Carson

Your turn! Did the right couples get booted? Which routines blew you away? Drop a comment below with all of your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shirley says:

    How did Wanya and Lindsey get to be in the elimination group? I have watched this show ever since its beginning and I have seen the bias that exists, especially with Carrie Ann and Len. I can tell who they are leaning toward. They will critisize some and still give high scores. Carrie Ann does it more than Len. They know exactly what they are doing when they give those low scores to some that don’t deserve it…it’s the one they want eliminated. And why does some of the senior dancers stay so long when you know they can’t dance.

    • Melissa says:

      Not all couple who are “in jeopardy” actually are. The show does that to create tension and drama.
      I totally agree with you though that Carrie Ann plays the favoritism game far more than the other two judges, always has.

      • Citygirl says:

        Totally agree with you about Carrie Ann. Her bias at times is so obvious even though the couple she gushes over doesn’t deserve the praise or scores she gives them.

      • Especially with some big muscular male. As soon as they take off their shirts, she is on their team. It’s as embarrassing as some of Bruno’s antics. Len seems to mark down for the showmanship parts he doesn’t like added to dances. He seems to forget the producers push that stuff. But we still watch because we love the pros and stars. Love to see who Carrie Ann will fawn over, who Len will pick on and how many times Bruno will flail his arms around. Such good fun.

    • Marla says:

      Sometimes they give you red herrings meaning they put people in jeopardy who aren’t really in jeopardy. It’s called “drama”.

    • Just because your are in the elimination group in the end, doesn’t mean you are actually in bottom two. Also you have to remember that whoever is eliminated includes the fan vote. Fans vote is usually different then judges scores.

    • Steve says:

      What it boils down to, is who has the biggest fan base. I belive Paige is the one to beat but does she have the fan base, she is not well know, but has Mark.
      Nyle the same not well known so don’t know about his fan base. Wanya again see him as a finalist but not sure of his fan base.Ginger has been up and down but has gma and Val. Antonio has steelers nation. I belive Jodie has the fan base but Kio doesnt, so it will be interesting next week. Based on judges score Jodie at the bottom followed by Antonio and my gut telling she may be the one going home.

    • Rafael says:

      They should never mentioned “Elimination” on the Wanya-Lindsay pair, since Wanya does not act like a forfeiter and he’s already well-known leader this season. I agree that Kim and Von were the correct to go home. Jodie and Antonio should be the next ones to go home this Monday, IMO.

  2. spot on, hate to see Kim and Vonn go. The others are just a tick better. This is getting tougher every week. For me, Paige is the one to beat. They are all so good.

  3. Paige VanZant has reached the height of professionalism her dancing is cutting edge and I believe she is a winner all the way. her partner Mark Ballas has really helped her reach her inner self and confidence by really expressing that he believes in her.wonderful performance/

    • Citygirl says:

      Helps that Paige has had professional dance training. And I don’t want to hear the argument that this is ballroom. When was the last time anyone actually SAW true ballroom dancing on this show?

      • Logan says:

        And I thought we were all ignoring the fact that Nyle is deaf after Carrie Ann said thst we could week 1. Do that, and he’s only mediocre. Paige is absolutely excellent, and deserves to win.

        • Jamie Nelson says:

          Logan – I totally agree with you about Paige. I think she’s an incredible dancer. She’s consistently good every single week. Except for the switch-up week, Paige has been #1 on the leaderboard or in the top 3 on the leaderboard every week. I definitely think she deserves to win.

      • Jamie Nelson says:

        Hey Citygirl – I don’t know why you want to know the last time anyone did ballroom dancing on the show. Every season the stars & their pro partner dance Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Jive, Paso Doble, Quickstep, Rumba, Samba, Tango, Viennese Waltz & Waltz. These are ALL ballroom dances. Off the top of my head, I can only think of three dances they do on the show that aren’t ballroom dances & that’s Jazz, Contemporary & sometimes Hip Hop. So, as you can see, the majority of the dances they do ARE BALLROOM DANCES.

    • Sandy says:

      Paige’s parents own a dance studio. ABC’s bio on Paige clearly stated she grew up dancing. Unfair advantage over the other contestants.

      • Jessica says:

        Honestly, who cares. They are doing this just for fun – for more exposure – to regain their fame. It isn’t the freaking Olympics.People always put up this argument for the best dancer every season, it’s so uncreative of a reason to think it’s unfair.

  4. Sandra says:

    I don’t feel that Antonio should deserve being on Dancing w/Stars. He is not a
    professional dancer, like the others. Neither was the other sports figure that you
    gave a trophy to previously. Now, you are giving him ***. If he wins, I will quit
    watching the show.

    • Jamie Nelson says:

      Sandra – Antonio 100% deserves to be on DWTS. If you’ve watched the show throughout the seasons, including this current season 22, most of the contestants that have done the show have no dance experience at all or very little.

  5. Lucienne Denk says:

    Unfortunately could not watch the show tonight, had a dumb basketball game with the SPURS, they really know how to ruin an evening.

  6. Lola says:

    Carrie Ann is the worst. She may as well slap her lips to the butt of certain contestants. It’s not new. Every season I feel like the judges are outright trying to push certain people into the winners circle. Ironically it’s usually whoever is paired witha Derek- see Bindi. This year it’s Paige. While she does good, her dancing is not spectacular like we’re led to believe. I find her average. From episode 1 she was the chosen one along with Nyle. They want Paige or Nyle to win. Hopefully the voting audience won’t give into the propaganda. When the judges are so damn biased for certain contestants, I literally root against them for my own sanity. I’m a underdog girl.

    • Anita says:

      I disagree with Paige cause seeing that Jive and it’s level of choreography, she’s obviously the best dancer this season no matter slow or fast or sexy. I agree on Bindi tho she was highly over praised/over scored, There really wasn’t any technically advanced people last season

      • Amaria says:

        I agree Paige is worth the praise she actually had a amazing performance….honestly think she’s better than the best dancer of the last few seasons of dwts

        • Jessica says:

          she is very good. I think Meryl was better, but otherwise she ranks with the winners that have come through of late.

          • Rafael says:

            Meryl has a better physical body than Paige, that I can tell. But Meryl made Maks a really happy man for the great help as Maks was shedding tears of joy for being a winner back in season 18.

      • Lola says:

        I tend to disagree. Take for instance that Austin Powers dance. The judges were so high on praise but if you rewatch, there are barely dancing steps. It’s a whole lot of gyrating motion. That’s not dancing. And yet the judges were not critical at all. I hope she doesn’t win.

    • Rafael says:

      Carrie Ann is not that worst yet, Lola. She’s gaining more experience being DWTS judge so far, even if she’s not a mature European type as both Len and Bruno. I think she does well and polishes her judge technique style when Julianne Hough was present as Judge, so they should bring Julianne back to DWTS as judge next season, as predicted.

      I don’t think Paige will beat Nyle for some complicated reason, that I can predict, no offense, IMO.

  7. lily says:

    Why isn’t Nyle and Pita not mentioned in the results?? I am team Nyle

  8. Amaria says:

    Paige is the best dancer this season but she won’t win cause she doesn’t have the FanBase to back her up….I feel Nyle is going to win because he’s deaf and gets high scores. I feel like Antonio is going to be that person that makes the finale thats not good…this show does that alot

  9. Carol Turner says:

    I must admit before i say anything else that I didn’t recognize many of the names when this season’s cast was announced. But as the season has moved along the contestants are better than I anticipated and it has been a difficult season to find a front runner. There are surprises everytime I tune in. No I did not think that Kim Fields should’ve gone but…who should have? All the contestants seem very good. This has and always will continue to be a fan based show, the person who has the biggest fan base will win not necessarily the person who has become the best dancer and improved the most.

  10. Kim R says:

    Random question…how does Bruno forget what he wrote down in the seconds between the judges submitting their scores and the raising of their paddles? This is the second time! I’m starting to worry about him! :D

    • ALWAYSYOUNG says:

      kIM, I think they said last week that they were scored on the last dress rehearsal and that is the score that counts. If that is really so, it is a STUPID way to do it! There is no reason crap like that should happen.

      • Nick jones says:

        Noo @alwaysyoung….They score as soon as the couple finish dancing the dance live so that way they have no second thoughts to give a higher or lower score. Don’t you see after every dance ends Carrie Ann gives a paper to a man next to her that walks away somewhere, on that paper are the scores they wrote down after the dacne !!

  11. Why do they have to write the scores down on paper? Can’t they just hold up the paddle with their vote and there be someone backstage taking notes? I was sad to see Kim go but not surprised, although I would have liked for Antonio to go first. He definitely should be next.

  12. Toni says:

    I think I’m the only one not in love with Paige’s dance last night. I saw a few missteps and wasn’t that excited about it.

    • Jane says:

      I totally agree. It seemed rushed and a bit sloppy to me and she was slightly off time from Mark the entire time. I thought her Austin Powers dance last week was much better.

  13. Hannah says:

    Obsessed and love Sharna but antonio needs to go next and I think should have gone before Von.

  14. Elvira says:

    Love this season of DWTS sooo much. This cast is fabulous!!!! Mark and Paige were the best, WOW!!! Ginger and Val were great. Everyone else was good. As for Von and Kim it was their time to go. I think next to go will be Jodi or Antonio.

  15. John says:

    Poor Sharna didn’t have a good night. Forgot to put her hood up on her first dance with Antonio, shown backstage scarfing down some food, wardrobe malfunction and forgot to take off her flag skirt in the group dance.
    Sad to see Kim go, she was a joy to watch.
    Can we stop with all the themes? I’m ok with Latin night and most memorable year. A theme night each week is getting out of hand.
    Maybe it’s time for them to figure out another way to post their scores. Writing their scores on paper and have someone send it to producers sounds like too much work. Have the judges sent it electronically or something.

    • amy says:

      Why is everyone so hard on antonio…this is a guy who has zero dance experience and has come a long ways..don’t underestimate what he can do and he is loved by alot of fans….and he doesn’t have a dancing background..go number 84. You can win this whole thing…