Castle Recap: Ay, There's the Rub — Episodes Like This, We'll Miss

If Castle‘s plan is to lead up to that finale with a series of episodes that feature the show doing what it does best… that’s almost a bit mean, yes?

Because “Much Ado About Murder,” like “Dead Again” before it, featured a pretty perfect blend of 1) good mystery, 2) interesting suspects, 3) Rick/Kate cuteness and 4) some sort of “personal runner” involving a supporting character.

Here, we had a ripped-from-the-headlines-ish case, in which a movie star hogs a Broadway role for which he is entirely unqualified. Yet so desperate was the guy, Zane Cannon, to rise to meet the Hamlet material, he had Martha on call 24/7 for discreet hotel assignations (setting up a quite amusing eyeful for Rick and the boys).

Jewel Staite (Firefly) played the play’s director, a character that appeared and then vanished so quickly, you had to figure she would emerge as one of the final suspects, if not the killer (which she was). The mystery’s one shortcoming. I also could have stood a bit more of Rick and Ryan questioning “Ophelia” using Bardspeak — though impatient Esp shutting them all down was pretty hilarious.

Where I did not see the case going was in the direction of a notorious cartel kingpin whom Zane was wooing to secure the rights to a biopic. El Oso aka Jorge knew as everyone did that Zane sucked as an actor, and thus challenged him to prove his chops with the Hamlet lark, and then he would greenlight his showcase/box-office payday. El Oso wound up having Rick abducted, primarily to beseech the novelist to write the script for his biopic. Or else. But thanks to some (conspicuously introduced) high-tech credit card that Rick had just received, Beckett & Co. were able to track him down, send in the DEA to gun down El Oso’s goons and capture the drug lord. At episode’s end, Rick — who feared he was on borrowed time, having played a (small) role in El Oso’s capture — received a package from the cartel boss suggesting that things were A-OK between them. As long as Rick turned in a solid first draft.

Was anyone else thinking/wishing that El Oso had gotten word that Rick was chasing drug lord LokSat and had gifted him with a hot lead on a rival…?

Beyond the case, there was an ongoing thread about Rick and Kate’s highly competitive “date night” planning, which Kate at one point tried to pawn off on Ryan — but he was too busy micromanaging daughter Sarah Grace’s preschool play, to the point that he got booted from the production. Sarah Grace, though, stopped by the 12th — dressed as a sunflower — to get a refresher on her lines from Dad (with Javi as backup dancer), before braving the stage.

What did you think of the episode “Much Ado About Murder”?

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  1. Brad says:

    Not bad episode but the ending was strange and whoa with Becketts eye shadow and why wasent Beckett concerned about castle being taken

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I guess we’ll add the movie script to the list of novels we never see him write?

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Omg the EYESHADOW. Yes it was an … um … interesting choice. Distracting. But Sarah Grace and Uncle Javi elicited actual honest to God squees here and throughout the episode there were genuine laughs. 9/10, would definitely keep watching THAT Castle.

  2. Kate says:

    I honestly just don’t understand what ABC is thinking…

    • It’s a mystery. Can’t bring myself to watch anymore.

      • Kate says:

        I’ll be watching until the end of the season. If it’s back next year, I’m out. Selfishly, I’m hoping it’s cancelled.

        • I’m hoping it’s canceled, too. Someone called me selfish for expressing that point of view, but oh well. I’m glad at least one other person–you– feels the same way I do.

          • partisan says:

            You’re not alone. I keep wishing the last episode of last season had been the series finale. It would have been a perfect goodbye and we wouldn’t have this nightmare of a season and, tv gods forbid, a Beckettless next season.

          • Allie says:

            You are not by any means alone. There is a whole campaign going on on Twitter. Just search the #CancelCastle or #SaveCaskett tag. Those behind it are trying to preserve the vision Andrew and Terri had for this series and couple. As much as it does sadden people to push for this, at this point it is felt the only way to keep this vision, short of bringing Stana back, is to end the series. What’s selfish is suits making a decision to keep this show going without it’s core component, the story of Castle and Beckett. Even if they do decide to go for a season 9, they are well aware they are only getting a fraction of their audience back.

        • Cecile says:

          I was distracted by the eye shadow also. I also will quit watching next year if it is not cancelled.

    • Jerri says:

      You’re assuming they’re thinking.

    • Mary says:

      Me neither-just cancel Castle and put us our of our misery over the loss of the main storyline we fell in love with!

  3. Jason says:

    They do seem to be going out of their way to highlight how much this situation sucks. I’m here until the end of the season. My hope is that the finale doesn’t leave things in a manner that tarnishes my memory of everything before. It happened with How I Met Your Mother. I still can’t go back and watch that show.

    • Dan says:

      I feel the same way about Chuck… I loved that show but how they ended it with Sarah having amnesia pissed me off and I have never seen a rerun since.

      Castle we stopped watching after episode 3 this season but like the sucker I am I still somehow have a need to read about how this trainwreck will go down.

      • Coop says:

        With Chuck it was pretty obvious what was in the process of happening during the finale, during the very last scene and the future outlook. They could have hit you over the head with it, but I don’t think they needed to. :)

        At this point, I’m 100% checking out of Castle at the end of the season. I probably will hold off watching the season finale to read reviews and see if I just want to pretend it never exists.

      • Elhar says:

        I wasn’t happy with the Sarah amnesia plot either, but in the end they came out of very nicely.

        I mean I know a lot of fans didn’t like it, but to me their last scene on the beach was one of the most heartwarming romantic scene of the tv shows. It told that regardless of her amnesia, Sarah, the person would fall in love again with Chuck – that their relationship and love was not an accidental thing. That they might have lost a lot of things from their past, she is willing to recover them and get new ones together.

        I can’t see any choice that this Castle season finale could give even a tiny bit of that hope.

        • Justine says:

          The Chuck finale bothered me at the time but upon rewatch, I feel like it’s actually a very beautiful ending for the show. The show began with Sarah helping Chuck find himself, and ended with Chuck getting to do the same thing for Sarah. In the end, whether she had a flood of memories return with their kiss or they gradually came back, it was clear Chuck and Sarah would always be meant to be. Their love was stronger than just a chain of memories.

          The How I Met Your Mother finale though… UGGG. The only reason I’ve been able to bring myself to watch earlier episodes is because I watched the alternate ending where she doesn’t die. I’ve chosen that one as the finale and will never watch the actual finale again. I too am worried that Castle’s season 9 ending will make it difficult to rewatch the show…which is why I stopped watching two weeks ago. I’m choosing to think of it like Gilmore Girls. Season 8, much like Season 7 of GG without the original show runner, just doesn’t exist. Lol It’s silly that people think it’s selfish to want the show to end on a positive note. Every other show gets cancelled or ends nicely at some point and no one worried about everyone’s jobs then! The crews are always working on different projects and will continue to do so. No show lasts an eternity! I’ve loved Castle since the beginning and I am very disappointed it won’t be ending on a high note.

          • Elhar says:

            “I’ve loved Castle since the beginning and I am very disappointed it won’t be ending on a high note.”

            Same here.

            Regarding the selfishness for wanting it ending properly:
            To everybody in the show it’s job. Maybe good one, maybe a liked one, but something what they had before and (as I hope nobody dies soon) will have after as well. To us, viewers, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. They will move on anyhow and won’t care about. We will stay with the lasting bad taste and tainted feelings.

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      That’s exactly the comparison I had in mind yesterday when I came across a rerun of HIMYM and I couldn’t watch it. Anyway, if it gets renewed, she will be killed off. Even if I don’t watch it, it would make the rest of the show unwatchable. Bad move considering syndication and potential DVD buyers. I haven’t watched any but 4-5 episodes of S8 (the ones between the end of the break up and the big news) and I haven’t been able to watch reruns anymore in case, very likely, it gets renew.

    • partisan says:

      I feel exactly the same. People keep telling me that since I loved the show(HIMYM) for so many years that the ending shouldn’t matter but it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I haven’t been able to watch a second of any reruns since. I used to watch them all the time then following “that ending” nothing. There was no “I’ll never watch this again” moment just a fundamental shift in how I felt about the show as a whole. The same thing is happening with Castle now. So sad.

  4. Annie says:

    After seeing Adam Baldwin, Jewel Stait, and Summer Glau this season on Castle I understand why Firefly was cancelled- not the strongest acting troupe.

    • Matt says:

      That has more to do with the roles on Castle. Firefly was a fabulous show with a great cast but Fox killed it at birth by screening the episodes out of order and bumping it around the schedule.

    • Dee says:

      Ouch. Wow, acting isn’t the easiest gig and yet you can armchair criticize. These aren’t bad actors, but what are you saying? You want Dame Judy Dench in there somewhere? Yuck!

    • mikerochen says:

      Oh, Annie, you are so wrong. I had no interest in Firefly when it first came out b/c, other than Star Trek, I don’t really care for Sci-Fi TV. However, a couple of years ago I happened across a Firefly marathon on Science Channel and I got hooked. I am now a proud if belated browncoat.

      I thought Adam Baldwin’s character on Castle has been excellent. He’s actually been on twice. I thought Gina Torres and Summer Glau’s characters were both well-done and served them well. Sadly, though, I must agree with you on this latest one. It was almost as though Jewel Stait’s character was an afterthought. She was only in one scene at the beginning that basically established her character, ad then the scene at the end where we find out she’s the killer. It was very disappointing, and I hope they bring her back for a better story if there is a Season 9 (which I doubt).

  5. Sage says:

    When did Richard Castle become a cop?? This is getting ridiculous!

  6. This is why I stopped watching. Watching an episode that I would absolutely LOVE would be heartbreaking knowing that the complete destruction of Castle is a couple of short weeks away. I just don’t understand WTH ABC was thinking. Why is so much stupid in charge in this country? Ahh well, I will have my memories and the dream of what could have been……

  7. Kaz says:

    I’m still struggling with the idiocy of ABC letting Stana Katic go….and I don’t think it will EVER make sense. Can someone fill me in?? Please

    I just wish it would end….

    • daryl washington says:

      they did not let her go, she herself chose not to come back even if the show does have another season

      • I'm done with this **** says:

        That’s not true. They let her go, her rep said it wasn’t her decision.

      • Sue says:

        She did not decide anything. She was not offered any kind of contract or invited to any negotiations. ABC confirmed that she and Tamala Jones (Lanie) were let go as a cost saving measure.

        • wakey says:

          We don’t actually know the full story though. She did drag her feet last year and the indication was she wasn’t going to sign seemingly only changing her mind at the last minute when they offered her a big wage bump. We don’t know what indications she made when signing that contract which may have led to the situation of not even going through the motions.

          Having given her the pay bump as well I’m fairly sure her reduced role has been her own doing. You don’t pay a star much more and then not use them after all which would seem to suggest it was a condition of signing for another season.

          • I'm done with this **** says:

            We DON’T actually know the full story but here you are making up facts, LOL.

      • Melissa says:

        according to the statement released by ABC, Stana and Tamala were not asked back for a possible season 9 due to budget cuts. I haven’t read anywhere that it was Stana’s decision not to come back.

      • L. Cullom says:

        She was not invited to the negotiation table. Sounds to me that like Tamala Jones and Penny Johnson Jerald, she did not have a choice to make.

    • DCL33 says:

      Well it’s pretty simple. Fillion and Stanic hate each other. Fillion wanted her gone, ergo, she is gone. I read that even back in season 3 they wanted to reduce her role but then didnt. Must have rubbed Fillion pretty good, you know since the show is called Castle and is supposed to be all about him.

      • Reapter says:

        I don’t buy that. Acting is one thing, but you can’t have that kind of chemistry if you hate each other. I don’t believe they hate each other.

        • Matt says:

          Both have stated on numerous occasions that the rumors of bad blood on set are false and there are many candid shots of them hanging out together between takes laughing and talking if you can be bothered to search for them. The continued suggestion that Nathan had anything to do with the decision to let Stana go is simply delusional nonsense. Networks do this, women get treated terribly as the ladies of Criminal Minds can tell you and Nathan Fillion is nowhere near a big enough star to demand changes to the cast of the show even if he wanted to.

          • Susan Smith says:

            I agree he isn’t a big star.A failed TV show and some 5 minutes scenes in a so so movie or 2 don’t make him powerful.However ABC can’t fire him because he is Castle and between NF and the show runners they have obviously persuaded ABC their vision of Castle without the Anchor of the show,Kate Beckett, will work.2 million viewers left in February because of the separation of Caskett.Shows with little or no Beckett fare worse than the already low ratings in Feb and beyond.ABC made a irreparable mistake. I have a Neilson Family friend who won’t be watching. Not to mention the fury of fans who made it clear they won’t either.Castle should honor the story,the characters,and the loyal fans who watched and supported Castle for EIGHT years and give us an ending.Start another show and call it Castle GDS..No more Castle for me.I am like others who don’t even want to watch reruns.

          • Annie says:

            Where have you seen these statements that there is no bad blood on set? If you look at the statements Fillion and Katic released after her dismissal they both pointedly did not deny that there was any bad blood. Katic said SHE didn’t have an issue with Fillion, that’s very different from a “no bad blood” statement. And Fillion’s statement was as bland and self-interested as they get. “She will be missed” is very different from “I will miss her” or even “I’ve enjoyed our partnership”

        • DCL33 says:

          You can have incredible chemistry with someone on screen and hate their guts, and make all the scenes fabulous, Its called acting. Also, when your boss tells you to smile and take few pics for PR you smile and take few pics. :)

  8. Teri says:

    There is a lot we haven’t seen and should have. We have lived far too long with subtext that would fill the ocean. But, all I want is Caskett to live together, happy, in love with Caskett babies. That’s all anyone wants right now. Abc has desecrated this fine show by thinking Castle fans, and Castle himself could live without Beckett.

    • Mary says:

      I totally agree with you now after 8 years I am buying Beckett products on line. Also has it not been when you get married your name is that of your spouse. so is she not a Castle?

  9. Anony says:

    I guess if 2.5 Men could go on without Sheen then Castle can go on without Beckett. I won’t be watching it.

  10. C. Furr Nursefan says:

    These last Castle episodes are back to those as we loved. Stories enjoyable, cast interaction great, funny, action packed. The best show & cast on TV. Should have done this 1st of yr!

  11. Claire says:

    I stopped watching when I heard they fired Stana. It’s kind of a bummer that I’ll miss what good episodes we have left (and it sounds like this was one), but no Beckett, no Castle for me.

  12. peterwdawson says:

    I facepalmed when the damn product placement saved the day.

  13. Just one thing says:

    It was entertaining if a bit bland. I’m not going to praise them for nailing the Caskett/Ryspo stuff or the cute-sy Caskett stuff – that’s kind of their job. And they’ve sucked at it 75% of the time for two years.
    Seeing Castle take the lead and later blow off a night with his wife was a bit much. Like, we get it: Castle doesn’t need Beckett for inspiration or to look cool anymore. He’ll continue to find adventure, intrigue and interesting stories long after she’s gone.*
    Also, blah, blah, blah, Beckett wasn’t in it as much as I would’ve liked. What else is new?
    A SORASed Sarah Grace was cute and added a new dimension to Ryan that had been sorely lacking.
    Yet another episode free of Alexis and Hayley is reason enough to rejoice.
    … * I don’t think Beckett dies; I think she disappears. Either way, the show is done for me.

  14. DarkDefender says:

    Well rounded episode. Still have no idea where the season is ending (that’s a good thing, I think). The Casketty stuff was solid, but the winner has to be SG running and shouting Uncle Javi! Jewel Stait was so brief in the beginning, I didn’t recognize her until the final reveal.
    So to not kill Kate are they going to have to put her in some kind of WITSEC, where Castle can’t know where she is? Cause killing her seems to easy. Also, it makes no sense to announce they have let SK go and not just cancelled the show already.. So my money is on renewal (maybe for mid-season – instead of Agent Carter) and a significant time jump.

    • Susan Smith says:

      A writer and his muse solving murders together. This is how the Creators of Castle described the heart of the show.I stopped watching earlier in season 8 but did watch when Beckett went back to the Academy. Best of season 8.I know there are those who are watching to get the last glimpse of Kate Beckett. ABC should be paying attention. Killing off the CoStar and anchor of the show will not bode well for season 9.SK gave 8 years of her heart and soul to Castle. She talked about and promoted the show tirelessly. She worked hard.To fire her is disrespectful and disregards her major contribution to the show.It is also disrespectful to loyal fans who watched and loved Castle and SK’s Kate Beckett. TV shows don’t last 8 years without loyal fans.Castle would’ve Never lasted 8 years without SK’s Kate Beckett. The slap in the face heard around the world…

      • I'm done with this **** says:

        I agree with you. The lack of respect ABC has shown for Stana Katic is overwhelming.

    • kmw says:

      Yes I agree they are about to renew it but with Scandal’s episode order reduced because of Kerry Washingtion’s pregnancy I see Castle coming back in fall, maybe not on Monday. I also agree with time jump and Witness Protection idea. Still ridiculous to believe ABC is ” saving” money from this. Good luck with new version of Castle

  15. N says:

    I liked it

  16. Louis E. says:

    I certainly hope there is some connection between Locksat and El Oso…they are each presented as too big in the drug business for it to make sense for there not to be.

  17. sharminina says:

    season 7 was bad too..but just compare the both seasons..we hardly see kate and rick solving crimes together :( and let alone forget the amount of time they share the screen together :( it is hardly disappointing.Whenever I watch the earlier seasons,earlier representation of them I just think what kind of showrunners screw a show to this much extent :(

    • Annie says:

      Hearing the stories about NF pushing for reduced work time with SK seems to be confirmed in the reduced Caskett screen time this season. What is on the screen confirmed what many are gossiping. It’s too bad that a weak ego had to be the downfall of a once great show. And I say this as a Fillion fan.

  18. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband laughed and laughed and says, “I still think he can carry it off, by himself. He’s that good!”

    • Prish says:

      In case some suit reads these posts, the husband thought last week’s was funnier, but said both were good. I just like the writer gig format, no matter what.

  19. PatriciaLee says:

    “…Cute? Do I kill cute?…” Genius writing, imho.

  20. zabicdrozda59 says:

    another pathetic episode (with weak, cheap crime thread) without the old magic, charm and wit. Rewritenn characters Kate and Rick don’t completely resemble those of previous seasons.

    On what counts ABC for next season? I don’t know whether there are employed only idiots? What KEPT US on the show is a RELATIONSHIP Kate and Rick

  21. zabicdrozda59 says:

    On this episode example we can assume how will look like the new episodes of the 9th season. There will be some scenes where, depending on the storyline of 2-4 people will stand and talk about the investigation, show yourself documents, papers, photos.

    There will be no whiteboard – because it too much will remind Kate Beckett. In every second or third episode probably we’ll have a miserable (due to costs) shooting.

    Viewers besides Rick (and his family), and Kate won’t link to any characters because viewers don’t know their past, their funny stories, even Ryan&Espo viewers know superficially.

    Question: how many spectators will attract new Castle – Answer: a few?

  22. AB says:

    There is no Castle without Stana Katic. I find it devastating and outrageous that they would renew a show without one of the two main characters. The story has ALWAYS been about Caskett. This decision makes no sense whatsoever. As a fan since the pilot, I’m actually hoping that they will cancel Castle. #NoStanaNoCastle

  23. JimN says:

    When you throw in a little kid in a flower suit at the end you have run out of any new ideas. Anti-Christ next episode, how original. A pie in the face somewhere in there as well I suppose? How many times can you kidnap one character in one season? We’ve had amnesia for 2 seasons now, so I guess we’ve reached the end of their rope awhile back. Season 8 was a big mistake.

  24. Glenda Shearman says:

    Sorry. No longer watching. Will not support any network who thinks it’s okay to treat women the way ABC does. Used to love Castle, but what that entertainment president did to Tamala and Stana is deplorable. Obviously, she’s never had her pride and dignity destroyed the way she tarnished theirs. As far as Castle goes, ” You know what we are Castle? We are over!”
    Really a shame that the cast and crew have to suffer through this because of the very unwise decision of one ABC exec to treat people that way.
    So for me, this show ended last season and needs to end now.. I will no longer buy book’s, this season nor it’s merchandise.
    Really sad because I loved Castle, cast and crew.

  25. ABC is trying to get people to watch so they can take positive things to their sponsors to show these decisions were not wrong, this getting Castle renewed for next season and beyond. I haven’t watched since all this news center down. Nor will I ! No longer will I buy books, merchants and certainly will not buy this season on DVD.
    I sincerely hope it gets cancelled, but as long as people are watching driving those ratings up, it won’t get cancelled,, only helps for renewal.
    I cannot sit by and watch as a character I’ve loved,, related to… gets killed. IMO, to keep watching is simply stating that it’s okay for the network to treat when so deplorable.
    I am not giving them that okay, because nothing about that is right.
    Castle needs to end now! And as far as I’m concerned, it ended last season. So, I’ll end this quoting Kate’s words to Castle in season 3, “Knock Down”. “You know what we are, Castle? We are over! Now get out!”

  26. Carla says:

    Not watched the episode. Have not watched since the news broke about SK leaving. Will catch the remaining episodes on my season pass on iTunes eventually.

    I can actually see SK wanting to get out rather than being pushed and I suppose we will never know the real reasons for her departure.

    For me the show I loved has ended and there is no way I will watch a spin off. Whilst I do not wish to criticise any of the cast, NF’s antics were only amusing when tempored with Beckett’s rational but amusing rebuffs. For me that’s what made the show, together with them as a couple and solving crimes together with the rest of the cast.

    Season 9 will not be for me I’m afraid. So a fond but sad farewell to a great show.

    Coming from the UK, Castle was one of the very few US shows I have regularly tuned into and followed. Bones is the other major show which still manages to come up with the goods. So I will stick with that for now. Bye Castle RIP

  27. I'm done with this **** says:

    Congratulations to Nathan! Castle should be renamed ‘The Galaxy of Castle’ where every character now orbits Castle and consider him to be their special, brilliant friend/investigator/husband/superhero/father.

    • Annie says:

      Fitting “Anatomy of a Murder” reference. El Oso was a poor imitation of Cesar Calderon. Hawley continues to try and re-cycle previous episodes.

  28. Alex says:

    How can Castle be the leading cop and act so stupid at the same time ? His character has become so embarrassing to watch … Is Nathan seriously enjoying playing that silly and immature 45 year old guy ?

  29. Kristine says:

    I watched the last 20 minutes after the Cubs game was over. (Go Cubs!) It didn’t impress. I officially cancelled the series from my DVR. It’s time to move on.

  30. Judy says:

    Actually, Kate Beckett died with a bullet to her heart when the sniper shot her at the Captain’s funeral. Richard Castle has been keeping her alive in his mind and has been writing the Nikki Heat books in her memory.

  31. Carol says:

    Did anyone else notice the absence of hot attraction between Rick and Kate and no allusion whatsoever to the passionate lovemaking they usually have? And also, no real hugging and kissing as usual? And Brad is so right; Kate was uncharacteristically unconcerned during Rick’s kidnapping. Could the those writers be alluding to and preparing us for Kate’s departure? BYW, I think that new creative team has “killed” this wonderful dramady. I hate them for causing such fan felt disappointment.

  32. rpbilleaud says:

    I didn’t recognize Jewel Staite at first. I was a big Firefly fan and it was one of those, gosh she looks familiar moments, and then it was like, omg, that’s Jewel Staite – and her hair is red. Glad to see her though, I had missed Kaylee, although I’m not sure I like the red.

  33. pvank1 says:

    Thought it was a rehash of former shows. How many times will an actor, singer, model be killed or Castle have a love-hate relationship with a mobster/drug lord. Totally ridiculous.

  34. Tom-VA49 says:

    I’m beginning to think that Beckett’s unlikely promotion to Captain, skipping the ranks of sergeant and lieutenant, was a sign that there was trouble between the two leads. Castle now has more screen time with the other cast members at the cost of the show’s original premise.

    Timing of the plot was also off. When you flash in a person in the first few minutes and have them disappear, you can be sure that they’re the perpetrator.

    I was also put off by the character of ‘El Oso’. Lethal and amusing don’t go together.

    Let’s see the series finale instead of the season finale. I’m ready to deal with the end.

  35. Sally Mander says:

    If they were going to cancel this show why would they announce the two women won’t be back next year?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      If they were locked into renewing it, why not get ahead of the bad news leak and announce “happy-fun-exciting Castle: The Next Chapter reboot for Fall 2016” ahead of it?

      • Allie says:

        Because everybody knows there is nothing “happy or fun” about a Beckett free Castle. I feel whoever is in charge wanted to get a pulse on what would be the reaction to Castle continuing without Stana and then make a decision. Hopefully they are getting the full picture of what continuing without her will look like.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          Then what a tragedy that would would be for all the Castle fans who are ok with change, in that they are lulled into thinking things are ok and are not posting. Interesting deep waters, here, isn’t it?

          • Allie says:

            If anyone is lulled into thinking things are ok and a possible run at season 9 is a welcomed change, they are living under a rock. It’s not just fans on social media, but all the mainstream media sites are also scratching their heads on this one. The water is shallow and transparent.

      • Just one thing says:

        Well, if ABC wasn’t willing to even negotiate with Katic before moving forward, that makes me think that they as a network had a plan in mind.
        So, are you saying Fillion is holding things up? That can’t be looked at as too promising by ABC, who’s taken a PR beating from a couple angles over the last few weeks.
        I wonder when or if they’ll experience buyer’s remorse.

      • frb says:

        Good point Matt.
        Or maybe they thought they had preventive control of a leak. Or they may be guilty of the ‘leak’. Or whatever, I think the better maybe is why would they place their bets on a show that has consistently remained in the ratings toilet.
        Do they have a trick up the sleeve?
        And this toilet domain is prior sans Beckett. A season of low 1’s ratings?
        Need I factor in sexism accursations?

        “happy-fun-exciting Castle”, huh?

  36. ABC and Nathan Fillion seem under the delusion that Castle is a “police procedural” dramedy. It has never been a police procedural dramedy. It has always been A ROMANTIC COMEDY. That’s when it succeeds. It’s amazing to me that the showrunners over the past 3 years have failed to understand this. What a bunch of tools. Ahhh well. It’s over for me after this year. Kind of nice to say goodbye with their too-late return to what made the show special.

  37. Jackie C says:

    I loved it as usual. I really like the parody on what happened between between Sean Penn and El Chapo. I can see how Kate might killed off due to Castle having to renign on his agreement to write El Oso’s memoirs. I hate it, but I can see it. My heart is broke over the dissolution! I’m trying to work on another love interest for Castle, one with a slightly fiery connection to Rick…like Alyssa Milano who still loves him and her marriage falls apart because of it. Before Kate’s death she shows up unconsciously and feeds Castle the thought that he can come back to their roof-top secret rendezvous anytime. Being a man, but a man of integrity, he considers the invitation for a nano-second. I’d love to see him he go on to a new reluctant relationship. Just a thought. Hint hint…I love Castle!!!

  38. Susan says:

    Loved it!

  39. Cheryl says:

    I’m waiting for the finale and will READ about it before I watch it. IF they kill Beckett, then I won’t watch it and will just delete the series and end with the prior episode. I won’t watch her die or support next season if they insist on killing her.

    • Carol says:

      I agree completely with Matt. I have loved all these characters so intensely that I cannot and will not watch Kate get killed. So I’ll start the last episode and turn it off if I feel something like that coming. And by the way, I dislike Haley in any capacity in the show, and would never accept her as a new love interest. Rick and Kate, as in their wedding vows, ALWAYS.

  40. mikerochen says:

    I liked the episode overall, but I was very disappointed in how little we got to see of Jewel Staite. After all the hype about another “Firefly” reunion, she winds up being in one scene at the beginning and then the scene at the end where she’s revealed as the killer. When Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin were on the show, they were each featured much more extensively, especially Adam. Very Disappointing!!!

  41. Tammy says:

    I have been a rabid, obsessed Castle fan from the first time I saw the show, but haven’t watched it (and won’t!) since they announced Katic and Jone’s firing. Alexi Hawley and Terrance Paul winter have taken a fantastic show that had the potential of going down as one of the best ever and RUINED it. Makes me nauseous. I still read about it occasionally, and if they, by some miracle, decide not to kill Beckett off, might go back and watch these episodes I have skipped, but if not, it’s gone forever for me, probably even in syndication. I mean WHO wants to watch a love story, a comedy-drama (light on drama) about a “writer AND his muse” that ends with her death, the crushing if their dreams, and the ending of their “always”?!?! Not me.

  42. Kerry says:

    I love this show so much but just can’t enjoy it now… :(

  43. act_on_love says:

    I mostly loved this episode but I expected something really bad to happen at the end. It’s really not a great idea to befriend a drug lord and accept $5m from him, especially if your wife is a police chief///potential senator. This will probably cause a lot of problems for them in the long run. Although it’s probably a decent way to win a Pulitzer, there’s a better way if you want to put the time travel theory to the test: If Rick were to write a full expose once the Loksat/ Senator Bracken case is put to rest, that would probably garner some awards for investigative journalism.

    I though Jewel Staite did a great job and her speech was weirdly prescient. I wonder how much the writer knew about the coming situation and am surprised that ABC didn’t pull the episode when things went south. Seamus Dever and Susan Sullivan also really stood out. The actor playing El Oso put in a scary, funny, psychotic, brilliant performance.

    As usual, the leads were wonderful and there was, to me, no evidence of any personal friction between them. Nathan looks great. Like some others, I found Beckett’s peacock-blue eyeshadow… disturbing.

    The helpful dance Esposito did at the end, following along with Sara Grace? SOOO funny.

    I’d say this is in my top 25 episodes, and considering there are 160+ to chose from, most of them better than any other TV show I’ve bothered to watch … that’s not bad.

  44. Deborah says:

    Great episode. Our family loves Castle so much, my son wanted a Castle themed cake for his 13th birthday. Becket leaving will be the kiss of death for the show:(

  45. Mari says:

    I’m really going to miss this show. This episode was funny and smart and a good mystery. Questioning Ophelia in Elizabethan words was hysterical, Jewel Staite was so good, she made me realize that most of the guest actors on this show just couldn’t pull it off, loved the Shakespeare-loving villain and that’s the way to integrate Martha. (Bonus, no Alexis or Hayley.)
    The only thing I didn’t like was the date night competition. Why couldn’t they write this show all the time?