TV on the Radio: New Tracks From The Voice's Tessanne and Sawyer, Idol's Allison Iraehta, Lee DeWyze and More

Reality singing competitions never end. Like an Erykah Badu lyric, they go on and on, and on and on.

That’s why TVLine created TV on the Radio, a roundup of current and delectable tracks from singers who got their careers underway on American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor and other such shows.

On this lazy Sunday, let’s spread the wealth around all three of the aforementioned shows’ alumni. Sound good? Of course it does — as soon as you start pressing PLAY!

The Voice Season 5 champ with the gigantic vocal range takes an unexpectedly subdued approach on this midtempo jam featuring piano and strings reminiscent of peak-era Toni Braxton. Carson Daly, can you carve five minutes out of an upcoming episode to let a larger audience hear this ode to an all-consuming romance?

You’ll immediately recognize the crumbly, warbly tone of The Voice‘s Season 8 winner on this moody folk anthem with intriguing blues undertones. Who knew the shiny, happy teenager had such a well of dark lyrics, darkly delivered, within him? I dig!

American Idol‘s Season 8 third-place finisher — yes, yes, I know she actually placed fourth, but I still refuse to acknowledge/accept such madness — makes a political call to action on this unbelievably good, bilingual earworm by her killer band Halo Circus. It’s hard to fathom we live in a world where the pink-haired rocker isn’t a household name, but it would probably only take a few spins of this single in major markets to turn that travesty around.

The American Idol Season 9 champ delivers his finest post-show work with this haunting folk track (and equally compelling video). The staccato drum line, the soaring layers of vocals on the chorus, and Lee’s gruff, instantly recognizable tone all prove to be equally satisfying parts of a winning equation.

Idol‘s Season 14 finalist has his coming out party — in more ways than one — on a sexy, thoroughly modern track that would most definitely cause a pang of jealousy with the Biebs, Jason DeRulo and their radio-dominating ilk. To answer Harry Connick Jr.’s oft-repeated question, this is Rayvon’s sauce!

This ballad isn’t exactly new, but The Voice‘s prematurely ousted Season 6 semifinalist deserves some recognition for this gut-punch of a ballad about a woman in the throes of the unhealthiest kind of relationship. With an arrangement as sparse as a desert landscape, the uni-monikered diva delivers a vocal that scorches with the heat of a dozen suns. Hyperbole? Maybe. But take a listen and tell me I’m wrong!

Idol‘s Season 14 semifinalist — who memorably made it to Hollywood Week in Season 13 — brings the funk with a menacing bassline and a soaring, Stevie Wonder-esque melody on this ditty about a no-good lover. If you were convinced Savion never got a chance to show his full potential on Idol, here’s your proof!

The X-Factor‘s pre-fab girl band — remember their adorable take on “Anything Could Happen”? — has become downright ubiquitous on radio over the last two months, and now ranks as the quintet’s biggest hit to date. Until today, however, I’d never watched the related video, which jarringly sits at the intersection of HGTV and the Spice Channel. Whoever invented the cement mixer could never have envisioned this insanity!

Your turn. What do you think of the aforementioned tracks? Which Idol and Voice alum are blowing up your speakers? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Scout says:

    Oh, like this idea. Thanks for the updates :)

    • The Beach says:

      So do I. Thanks Michael for getting these tracks on the radar when they might not have been otherwise.

  2. PEG says:

    Taylor John Williams from Season 7 of The Voice will release a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” on iTunes on May 3, 2016. I’ve heard him perform this song live at his concerts and it’s one of the most beautiful renditions I’ve ever heard. He also has an amazing EP released last year called “Song of a Dead Man”. If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favor and get it. Really beautifully written original songs. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Soundcloud, etc. And lucky for his fans, he’s working on a second EP ready to drop in a few months!

  3. mary says:

    Jena Irene Asciutto who was the runner up on season 13 of Idol has a new EP and it’s actually pretty cool. She has a music video out too for the single Innocence. She beats the heck out of a car with a baseball bat which is fun.

  4. juls828 says:

    I have the Halo Circus and Rayvon Owen songs which are both great. I’m also loving Kris Allen’s song Waves which is quite the ear worm. Another song I’m loving a lot is MacKenzie Bourg’s Roses which Idol let him release the day of the finale this year even though he finished in 4th place.

  5. safroniamay says:

    David Cook, Idol’s Season 7 winner, has a new album out. Would love to hear any of his stuff.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Yes it’s an indie release called “Digital Vein”, I found a deluxe edition CD with 3 bonus tracks at an FYE that was going out of business…not bad, like a way better Daughtry, and in the vein of Ryan Star…like his pretty cool first album with more electronics…

  6. Ashley says:

    Didn’t this used to be a feature about songs used on scripted TV?

    Each their own but that I much preferred. I’d rather get intimidate with a meat tenderiser than watch these shows.

  7. Todd says:

    What about Haley Reinhardt’s new album?? Slezak! The slayer would be disappointed ;)

    • Ethan says:

      Don’t worry he wrote about her last week!!! And yeah the album is fantastic, as expected.

      • Larry Davis says:

        It’s called “Better”, and I hope it’s as good as “Listen Up!!”…that record was amazing, very 60s and Britpop sounding, in the same realm as acts like Saint Etienne…many fans don’t like the album, but it’s possibly the best Idol release ever in my opinion.

  8. Forever504 says:

    Cassadee Pope officially has the #1 song on country radio with her duet with chris young

  9. Michael Mario says:

    Fifth Harmony??? I turned off the vocals and music and just watched all the hot men. Awww Meeee Gaawwwddd!!

    • Larry Davis says:

      That Fifth Harmony song is more than a little like Cheryl Cole (Cheryl Fernandez-Versini), she of UK girlgroup Girls Aloud (also formed on a reality singing competition), her debut 2009 solo single “Fight For This Love”…

  10. CAndi says:

    Rayvon is reminding me of Jamal Lyon!

  11. Check out Jessica Sanchez’s tribute to Prince:

  12. Imagecrafters says:

    Thanks for this! Is Brooke White still singing?

  13. tash says:

    Love Suicide is a hit…really digging this..Amazing Tess

  14. Where’s James Durbin’s Smackdown?

  15. “It’s hard to fathom we live in a world where the pink-haired rocker isn’t a household name, but it would probably only take a few spins of this single in major markets to turn that travesty around.”

    I don’t know if Slezak listens to any current rock but as far as Halo Circus songwriting goes it doesn’t cut the mustard, it needs work. They need to start writing with writers who have written rock radio hits.

    • Larry Davis says:

      Are you kidding?? If Halo Circus’ whole record is along the lines of that first track, it’s perfectly fine to me. Her voice sounds Gwen Stefani-ish now, more than that severe rasp she used to have, and the song is both melodic and moody…writing with, um, COMMERCIAL writers would be a HUGE mistake…why?? Because they have some originality and uniqueness right now, and going commercial would take that all away. Based on what happened with Alison’s debut, it coulda been a masterpiece but there were too many commercial cooks in the kitchen, and there was ZERO originality on it, and only ONE Alison co-write. And it flopped. So best to let Alison and her band develop their own sound with ZERO interference by those who THINK they know best and who THINK they can make Alison a star…dump them. Based on that video, they are on a better path, and Alexia?? Your thinking is what ruins artists, sorry. Commerciality is evil.

      • What I’m suggesting is not comparable to Allison’s debut album where she had almost no creative control there. The label chose the direction, writers, producers, songs and singles.

        Their sound is good, as is Allison’s vocals, they don’t need to change those but their lyrics are hookless, hard to follow and go nowhere. A writer like James Michael or Scott Stevens (who have written hits for rock radio) would be able to help them with lyrics without tampering their sound.

        • Larry Davis says:

          I had no problem with the lyrics whatsoever. I go more for how they SOUND rather than literal meaning…hookless lyrics?? Hmmm, no. Something artly conveyed in avant-garde ways rather than too-literal is better. When you work with a hit doctor, altering the lyrical approach to something more commercial & easily followed, ruins the song completely because the original intent is gone. How I listen to lyrics was changed when I first heard the Pixies and Cars, where the lyrics don’t mean anything…how they sound is cooler than what they actually mean. Same with Seal, he won’t print lyric sheets in his records because how they sound and are interpreted individually is more important than the original meaning. Mishearing lyrics is more interesting than what was originally written. Because of this, I can listen to music in foreign languages, instrumental/no lyrics, and even gibberish and enjoy it. I don’t need to understand a song’s lyrics in order to feel what’s being put across emotionally. Neither should anyone else.

  16. Timmah says:

    Whatever happened to Josh Kaufman?

    • LG says:

      I saw him on a milk carton ;yesterday.

    • Larry Davis says:

      There were 3 Voice winners who didn’t put out any albums on Republic/Universal post-season…Season 2 winner Jermaine Paul (who stunk really), Season 7 winner Craig Wayne Boyd (He parted ways with the label because that single stunk and they wanted him to be this crappy radio guy, when in actuality, he is a fiery alt-country rocker and songwriter and started his own label), and lastly, Season 6’s Josh Kaufman…looks like he parted ways as well with the label…not sure if they wanted him anyway…he was too extreme for the label to take…an extreme nothing…but yes, he practically disappeared!!

  17. Love the Tessann Chin track, as well as the Savion Wright and Rayvon songs. The Lee DeWyze song is good too, but the video is trying to hard to be “arty”. Others are just okay. Not bad, just not something I’d spend money on.

  18. Dan D. Man says:

    CARSON heard you and so SAWYER FREDERICKS will appear on Tue, May 3rd’s ‘The Voice’ to sing….of course.

  19. Dan D. Man says:

    BTW, Sawyer Fredericks’ West Coast Tour begins May 7th in TUCSON and ‘MIA Z’ from The Voice will accompany him.

    • Alicia Veri says:

      And I’m so excited about it :) Sawyer’s incredible! What people don’t even realize is that Sawyer wrote this song when he was 14, before he was even on the Voice!!! He’s been writing songs like that since he was 11-12 years old :o

  20. I’ve actually subscribed to Lee Dewyze’s you tube channel (as well as Crystal Bowersox’s) because I went to take a listen based on this post and was amazed that Lee’s work has been featured in at least three tv series – The Walking Dead, Reign, and Elementary. And it’s really good. He may not be a Kelly/Carrie superstar but it looks like he’s building a solid career and growing as an artist. (And yes, I am a huge fan of Crystal – I can appreciate both of them, who’d thunk? *lol*)

  21. Jessamine says:

    Mr. Slezak! We will be inaugurating a racist rapist in January and I won’t have American Idol or you to help me cope! I have stopped following the news and hence need more music for my playlist. Do you have any new recommendations?! Thanks for helping a girl out.

    –Jessamine in NC