The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: Hunting Season

Another one bit the dust on Friday’s Vampire Diaries. Then another… and another. (Seriously, the back half of Season 7 couldn’t have any less chill.)

To whom should we give the credit for knocking out the remaining vampires on Rayna’s hit list? Technically, that honor goes to Alex’s seemingly infinite gang of Armory soldiers, who leveled the playing field within a day’s time. (It was cute watching Damon and Enzo play Supernatural, with Damon’s Camaro filling in for the Winchesters’ Impala, but there’s no way that plan was going to work in the long run.)

Damon should also get some of the credit for “selfishly” forcing Bonnie to open the Armory’s vault in exchange for their helping hands. Not only did his actions ensure Bonnie’s survival, but he also saved Enzo from having to make a deal with the Armory, thus saving his relationship with Bonnie. Honestly, this might have been the least selfish thing Damon’s done all season!

Of course, this is still The Vampire Diaries, where — to misquote John Steinbeck — even the best laid plans of vampires and witches are bound to go awry. Rayna may have agreed to kill herself and save Bonnie’s life, but she used her final breath to reveal this little twist to Damon:

Do you think I could ever forgive you for the things you’ve done to me? … Now, neither will Bonnie. When she wakes, she’ll be just like me, full of hatred for you and your kind — and unable to rest until you’ve been wiped from this earth.

Say it with me now: Big. Bad. Bonnie! (Am I the only one excited for this dark twist?!)

Elsewhere this week…

PROMISES, PROMISES | Caroline and Alaric briefly re-entered the fray this week to help knock some vampires off Rayna’s list, but their return to all things supernatural didn’t exactly end the way I expected. Despite Alaric’s insistence that Caroline remains bothered by her brief encounter with Stefan, she assured him that she “didn’t have anything to say to [Stefan] then, and [she doesn’t] have anything to say about him now.” Furthermore, she thinks Alaric has been “Indiana Jones-ing” for some excitement in his life, and then dropped this oddly romantic line about their inhuman endeavors: “We are pretty deep in this, and if that’s the way it has to be, I want to be deep in it with you.” That’s… kind of sweet. Right?

PENNY DREADFUL | Question: Did Matt Donovan turn anyone else into a blubbering mess this week? The flashback of his proposal to Penny (she said yes!) was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire season, given that we know how things would eventually turn out for the happy couple. But even that moment was quickly overshadowed by Matt’s realization that he killed his own fiancée, an act he’d previously attributed to Stefan. (In Matt’s defense, that dashboard camera footage of Stefan compelling him to forget what really happened to Penny was damning, albeit only half-baked, evidence.) I’m really hoping these two can repair their friendship, if only so Matt can finally have something good happen to him this season — you know, other than that sweet promotion.

VAULT ROCK | We finally learned what’s in the Armory’s vault this week. Are you ready? It’s… something bad! Yeah, that’s pretty much all we know; per Virginia’s tale, whatever lies within has the power to rob people of their empathy. It turned her great grandfather in a serial killer, and now that Alex has come in contact with it, I’m thinking she’s about to head down a dark path of her own. (Here’s hoping Bonnie doesn’t release Alex into the wild as part of her plan to take down all the vampires!)

Your thoughts on this week’s TVD? Hopes for the final two episodes of Season 7? Drop a comment with your full review below.

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  1. marydspain says:


  2. Gena says:

    Calaric is gross. Please have Caroline stop being a doormat for him and for Stefan. Choose yourself boo, you deserve better than this.

    • Bwhit says:

      So gross! I even tried tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but it is just wrong. End the misery immediately and let Alaric go be a single father please!

    • Stacey says:

      Yes, this! JP please let Care be free and single!

    • Beth says:

      Yes, so gross and bizarre. Caroline has lost herself and it is breaking my heart. My only hope is that she will realize this and be strong, happy and independent next season.

    • NRQ says:

      Agreed. Can’t the girl just live the single life for awhile? Caroline was so much more fun when she wasn’t saddled with mopey Stefan or playing momzilla to Alaric’s twins. Free her!

  3. Pam says:

    I am excited to see vampire hunter Bonnie. Damon should have realized Rayna was going to double cross him. Cause he would of done the same. Isn’t it amazing how the TVD heroes never win?

    • tyranthraxus says:

      If the TVD heroes won, there wouild be no show

      • M says:

        How are they heroes? The have killed countless innocent people so believing they have a problem when other vampires do it is laughable. Didn’t Caroline kill people last year after her mother died? Didn’t Stefen kill that teacher last year? How are these people heroes when they are constantly murdering people like it’s nothing?

        • tjmack says:

          It’s called an Anti-Hero. Look at shows like Sons of Anarchy … or even Arrow, if you’re gonna get all moody about killing people. Jax Teller has killed many of people on his days in the land of Sons of Anarchy, yet he was a beloved character and considered a hero. Just because someone uses the term hero doesn’t mean it’s like a superhero … or the fairytale example. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

          Yes, Caroline killed people last season. So did Stefan. It was because they’re humanity was turned off. It’s kind of like a serial killer, they kill because they have no sense of humanity. So, you take two generally “non-killing” vampires like Caroline and Stefan, take away their humanity and boom … you have two killing machines.

          Plus, there is the fact that they’re called vampires. I mean, for the most part, Damon, Stefan, and Caroline don’t kill people unless it’s necessary. I say for the most part because when Damon gets moody, he can get a little kill happy. I don’t know what show you think you’re watching, but when the show is about certain characters, you’re kind of supposed to root for those characters.

  4. Kinsey says:

    I’m so excited to see what’s coming up for Steroline, they’re my fav couple on TVD.

  5. sleepyhollowfan says:

    I don’t know what I am more happy about Bonnie is now a Hunter 🙌spin off show .
    Bonnie and Enzo becoming the best couple ever on tvd🙌.
    Do Damon have hidden feelings for Bonnie that go way past friend ship ?
    cause his auctions is similar too season 1when he started falling for Elena🙌.

    • Pamela says:

      I dont think damon likes Bonnie like that, he’s her friend and I think he’s feeling jealous someone took his place while he was gone. I’m loving Bonnie with enzo myself.

    • Chia says:

      They need to stay beat friends and make enzo and bonnie stronger. They deserve eachother happiness.

      • Mia says:

        Bamon belong together. Enzo the irrelevant should’ve stayed dead in s5.

      • Bonnie Slayes says:

        I agree with you! Bonenzo is so refreshing for this show and one of the most beautiful couples on tvd – THANK GOD they finaly matched people that were alone and not in other relationship(s). They are beautiful to me because two of them didn’t sleep around with each others friends!

        • Raven says:

          I love Bamon and can’t wait until they kill off Elena so Bonnie can be un linked from her whiny needy self.

  6. Jason says:

    Caroline doth protest too much. It’s just a matter of how long she and Alaric can stay in denial land.

  7. Chris says:

    I didn’t catch exactly how Matt killed Penny. I saw everything else, but didn’t get that. Info, please!

  8. chia says:

    It’s a shame that tvd finally found enzo and bonnie awesome chemistry and then just killed it with this story line..

    • Kami says:

      Agreed. First they make us wait until last week just to see how Bonnie and Enzo got together which was so adorable and the next episode they ruin it. What is that? It’s like Bonnie can never be happy. If she’s not dying, which is rare, she can’t have any type of relationship where someone is just there for her, to have her back. Damon isn’t reliable and only cares about Elena which is annoying because Nina’s not coming back so the pining is getting old and boring. Caroline and Alaric – really? Blecch. Matt is as irrelevant as ever. How is he even still alive? And Stefan… I love him but I am not a Steroline shipper. They need to put Caroline and Stefan with other people. It’s weird. Rant over.

      • Chris says:

        I agree about Bonnie. I don’t agree about Damon, though. It hasn’t been so long since he lost Elena. If he moves on from the love of his life quickly, that is ridiculous and cheap. I think he should be exactly where he is on that…and I hope that doesn’t change too quickly. However, by the time (if we ever) see Elena again, I think he will have probably just then moved on and getting involved with someone else. :D

        I know it’s not what some people want to see, but I do think he has romantic feelings developing for Bonnie. At this time, I think they are just best friends, and that’s good…because as I mentioned above…he’s not ready for more anyway…but, I think it’s there, and may come some time down the line.

        Caroline and Alaric – agreed. But, I am still on the Stefan ship. :)

        • Mia says:

          Actually it’s been three years so he and us, the viewers, have had enough of his whiny man pain over the coffin. The writers need to let Elena go and should’ve had her leave town last season instead of this stupid link with Bonnie.

          • Lora T says:

            Yes, I know!! They really shouldn’t have done the stupid link thing. I was also hoping to see Damon turn off his humanity and be bad this season and Bonnie could’ve like snapped him out of it or something.

  9. TVD Fan says:

    Yes.. bad Bonnie (Kat is going to be so good) and STEROLINE is coming. I’m so excited for the next episode.

  10. Chris says:

    Small clarification. I know that he shot her (from later in the episode), but I know he had to be an accident. Just wondered the exact case. Thanks. :)

  11. Sharon says:

    I seriously laughed when Matt asked Stefan whose life he would ruin next.

    Free Caroline! Please have her say bye to both Alaric and Stefan.

  12. check TVD episode 21 promo and spoilers

  13. I’m happy that Bonnie is saved but now she still have to go through some craziness; Damon showed the greatest love of all by putting his own feeling aside to fight for his best friend ; Enzo heart was so broken to see the pain of his love dying before him helpless thinking of everything he should to saved but still wasn’t a niff . I think deep in his heart he see and know the love Damon have for Bonnie that he would go to the end of the earth to save his real love a friend a partner a soul-mate the look in Damon eyes said it all ; that he had to do everything he could to save her even turn her over to the Armory a selfishly act taking the responsibility upon himself that even saved Enzo from doing. Now when she awake have to bare the same burden Rayna’s. Now here is the real test of real love can Bonnie over-come to Save Damon were her heart truly lies her friends Enzo can she fight this curse that was laid upon her. Now Alaric and Caroline I really think they are finding their way but I feel like her heart is still with Stefan; and he really want her back I though before it was time for him to move forward but I think they both still have unfinished business because her heart is still with him but the question is it strong a niff to over-come. Matt knows the truth but still blame Stefan for his pain I be-glad when he can come to himself and take responsibility for his action so he can move forward.

  14. Bwhit says:

    Alaric and Caroline is cringeworthy… Could they be more awkward discussing that couple having copious amounts of sex?!? It just doesn’t work and needs to end and is quite frankly, gross! I just hope they somehow make it so Bonnie and Enzo can remain intact, I know that is a tall order given what show this is but I have really enjoyed this pairing. I love how Damon hasn’t mentioned that Bonnie dying will awake Elena, it hasn’t even been in any conversation, he just wants to save his best friend no matter what.

  15. Cortney says:

    For the record, “The Best laid plans of mice and men…” is a tranation of a piece of a poem by Robert Burns, not John Steinbeck…

  16. ninergrl6 says:

    As the episode ended I yelled out loud, “That sucks!” I get the Bonnie twist from a storytelling point of view, but as a TVD fan it’s so frustrating. I’ve spent many season wholly uninvested in Bonnie, but I LOVE Benzo and this throws an awful wrench in their adorable relationship. Kudos to the writers for keeping things fresh though.

  17. sahil says:

    I love this show but it seems like Bonnie never gets a break?!

  18. Teva says:

    How is the show going to keep Benzo together now?….Love them as a couple…

  19. zed says:

    So loved the twist at the end! Bonnie as the witchy huntress- brilliant! That should have been the end cliffhanger for the end of the season-
    As for Calaric and Steroline- PLEASE END IT!! Caroline should be single for a while- till she finds her way to Klaus again!!
    Seriously, they should have kept Rayna on!
    Can someone kill Enzo already. Looking forward to the last two eps!


      • Eric says:

        LMAO, are you a writer for TVD now @ Fansy? I think Plec is the only one who knows if Enzo will be killed off or not.

    • Mia says:

      I wanted Rayna to stay too…was just starting to like her. Thought her and Stefan had great chemistry.

    • Kami says:

      Why would they kill Enzo? To all the Bamon shippers, I love them, too, just not as a couple. How weird would that be? Dating her sleeping best friend’s boyfriend? Who is she Caroline? All Caroline does is fall in love with people Elena loved i.e. Matt & Stefan. It’s weird. If I were Elena I don’t know if I could’ve stayed friends with her after she started having feelings for Stefan. Even though Stefan should be allowed to do whatever he wants ESPECIALLY because she’s with his BROTHER which is disgusting (I’m a Stelena fan, if you couldn’t tell – I’m in the minority, I know) Caroline as her best friend shouldn’t have crossed that line. But back to Bamon, why is it that a girl and a guy can’t just be best friends and that’s it? It doesn’t have to turn into a romance. Besides is Damon supposed to be with Bonnie until she dies and then just hook back up with Elena? Gross. I LOVE Bonnie & Enzo he’s not someone’s leftovers and she’s not his second runner up. She deserves at least after all the times she’s given her life for these mostly ungrateful friends she has. Benzo is now my fave couple. Oh and I never did and never will like Rayna – happy she died. Her character’s plot ran its course and I’m good with that.

      • Massive cosign to all of this.

      • bobbysgurl says:

        Elena would prefer Damon and Bonnie get together. She even told Bonnie that they would both get what they want, but not at the same time. Elena knew that both Damon and Bonnie had feelings for each other. The only ones who are afraid to act on their feelings are Damon and Bonnie because of their love and respect for Elena.

        Enzo doesn’t have to die for Bamon to get together. He just needs to bow out gracefully.

    • Bonnie Slayes says:

      I hoped someone would kill Damon already! !! Enzo&Stefan are my favourite characters.

  20. K.A.M. says:

    Have loved the show since the beginning and now this season things are just dragging. Every episode is the same, seriously Things need to speed up and resolve.. And Caroline needs to ditch Him and get back together with Stephen already.

  21. michelle says:


  22. tiff says:

    I can’t wait to see all the comments when Bonnie leaves Enzo in the dust for Damon lol

  23. Mulloy says:

    Saw the twist coming the entire hour. Dark Bonnie as dumb as vamp hating Matt. Ric needs to listen to Caroline’s words. “I love .ur little family” not I love you.

  24. Reese says:

    I don’t like how everyone is AGAINST Bamon being romantic. I mean so its ok for the other girls (Caroline and Elena) to fall for nearly every guy but Bonnie can’t have Damon? You guys are a bunch of freaking hypocritical humans if you think so. Need I remind ppl that Elena was in love with Damon and Stefan… so I don’t wanna here that its wrong for Bonnie to do it when ppl do it all the time. If your not around to witness the love how can you judge it?

    Anyway I love the idea of Bonnie going bad. Like her humanity is off and its cool. What I can live without is Bonnie and Enzo together and Bonnie wanting to kill Damon. Bamon forever. They’re life.

    • Kami says:

      I would agree with you if I didn’t think that both Caroline & Elena were disgusting. Caroline dating pretty much everyone Elena ever touched and Elena brother swapping is the worst thing about TVD. Actually Caroline & Ric, Matt (just his general irrelevant presence) and Damon and Stefan never being able to get along for three consecutive episodes is also bad. I just don’t think that Bonnie should have to be stuck with Damon, someone who will NEVER put her first. Elena is SUPPOSEDLY the love of his life and that’s her best friend. Why can’t she continue to be unlike Elena & Caroline and love someone who is just hers? I LOVE Bamon’s friendship and hope the writers hurry up and repair it but as for them romantically – that’s a no go for me.

    • Noel says:

      I love Bamon. I never considered DE to be a real relationship because of how it was all written. He was obsessed with Katherine and Elena was the Katherine Damon could have. Then between Elena going from one brother to the next (can someone say gross) and their whole relationship from s4 -5 was a toxic codependent mess. S6 was another mess where they had to literally rewrite history and insert new scenes just for it to seem like some sort of relationship.

      • Eric says:

        Let’s not forget another gross factor: Damon slept with Elena’s mother!! Talk about close knit family. ICKY!!!

    • Nemo says:

      Reason why I don’t want Damon for Bonnie is because I like her most of all female caracters and hate Damon from start! Elena became disgusting to me after being with him and Caroline is shown more like a ….. – I don’t want to use ugly word for her. Enzo finaly found himself in real world after being captured and tortured for years and I love how he evolved. Do the brothers have to sleep with every friend? I think two of them were enough and Bonnie is better than that!

      • Raven says:

        I use to feel like that about Damon too but him being with Bonnie has made me like him. They have such great chemistry and I’ve really only enjoyed this season because of them. They haven’t been writing good for Stefan and I think that has a lot to do with steroline. He needs to have a s/l of his own away from Caroline, they need to go back to being just friends.

        • Nemo says:

          That is how I feal about Enzo, this season he has finaly found himself in real world, after being captured and tortured for years. And with Bonnie, they just look beautiful. As for Stefan I agree with you. I would prefere Valerie over Caroline and her & Alaric – they are tooooo weird!

  25. Lora T says:

    Here for Bamon!!!! :D

  26. Bill says:

    Anyone else wonder how in the world every single vampire soul that escaped the phoenix stone became a vampire except Stefan? There just happened to be thousands of dead vampire bodies lying around for those souls to jump into? Anyone else think retarded?

    • David says:

      What I want to know is how is it that all of those vampires have daylight rings? Do the writers even check the VD history?