Nashville Avery Juliette Layla Season 4 Spoilers

Nashville's Jonathan Jackson on Avery Reuniting With Juliette (He 'Deeply Loves Her'), Finding 'Solace' in Layla

To paraphrase the lyrics of a Juliette Barnes tune, trouble is — for Nashville‘s Avery Barkley — an ex-wife for whom he still yearns and a scheming singer with too much time and him in her head.

And unfortunately for the band leader/new father, this Wednesday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c) finds him flanked by the two women as Luke’s tour gets underway.

In the hour, Juliette’s success on stage boosts her confidence and prods her to try to re-start her relationship with Cadence’s dad. But Jackson says a fix to the former couple’s problems isn’t as easy as saying “I’m sorry” and hugging it out.

“He’s trying to protect himself and have boundaries, but also not be a jerk,” the actor tells TVLine. “It’s not always an easy balance when he’s been hurt.”

Read on for Jackson’s thoughts on the chances of an Avery/Juliette reunion, the “solace” his character finds in Layla and the training that helps him churn up believable tears at a moment’s notice.

Nashville Avery Juliette Preview Season 4TVLINE | Since Juliette has been back from rehab, it feels like Avery repeatedly gravitates toward his ex, then stops himself. Is that the trajectory for the rest of the season for them? Is there the possibility of a reunion?
Well, I’m sure [the show’s producers] wouldn’t want me to speak on the rest of the season, but that’s certainly the current dynamic with them. I don’t think he’s ever loved anyone as much as he loved her, so even though they’re not together at the moment, Avery deeply loves her. It’s just one of those things that no matter what happens, when they’re in the room together, they both feel that connection and it’s a really painful thing, but there are a lot of deep trust issues there. So he’s trying to get his life back together and move on, and yet he’s still constantly feeling that tension and that pull towards her.

TVLINE | There have been so many episodes this season where Avery is a raw bundle of emotion; our readers like to point out that you had all that on-screen crying practice as General Hospital‘s Lucky. Is it easy for you to access that?
Oh, it’s incredible training. I was 11 years old when I started, and I was very blessed to work with Anthony Geary and Genie Francis, because they’re incredible artists. They really laid the foundation for me with all that stuff, which I still carry with me. Plus, you’re doing so many episodes in a year on a soap opera that you really do just get to experiment with a lot of different things in terms of acting preparation and approach. Some things you find work really well and others don’t. And it only airs once, so it’s not a good feeling if it didn’t go well. It’s amazing training, but [acting is] always a challenge no matter what you’ve experienced. It’s always a new situation… There’s always a sense of walking a tightrope, and I don’t ever really take it for granted, so I always try to put my heart and soul into it.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Layla: How serious of a threat is she to Juliette, and by extension, Avery? Will we see her have any success in her plans?
[Laughs] You know I can’t answer those questions!

TVLINE | You can tell me whether or not she has any wins along the way.
It’s hard for me to know that exactly. She’s definitely been a complicated character, because she does have those nefarious motives here and there. At the same time, there’s been a lot that they’ve done to humanize her and show a sincere person who is suffering a lot with her broken marriage and then the death of Jeff Fordham and everything.

Right now, Avery and her are just connecting. They’re finding some kind of solace in friendship with both, in essence, losing the person that they love either through divorce or death. That’s where she’s coming from. There are some vengeful motives in her, but I think there’s also something genuine that that she is appreciating who Avery is. Having those complexities is always fun to play around with as actors.

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  1. Jason says:

    Juliette and Layla need to have one serious blowout this year where they lay it all out there. In general, Juliette has been horrible to Layla. Avery isn’t the only one she needs to apologize to. It would be nice to see them both put this behind them and move on. I’d love to see Layla meet a nice, normal guy (who isn’t Avery, or a creep, or gay) and find a little peace. To me she’s always been the kicked puppy of this series. When people are kind or show love to her she just lights up. When they hurt her she lashes out. We all know that Avery and Juliette are destined for each other. I just don’t want the process of putting them back together to tear Layla down again.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Please tell me Avery has enough common sense to not sleep with Layla while on tour with Juliette and Cadence there. Don’t make him “that guy” LOL!!!

  3. Fried Green Tomato says:

    It’d be great if everyone could show those complexities in their acting. This “triangle” is short one good actress. I hope the new show runners have the guts to drop Layla if there is a S5. If this is the last, what a sour note to end on for people who wanted to see Juliette and Avery work through her PPD and slowly repair their marriage.

    • I hope so too. Layla should have been long gone from this show. No sense in her still hanging around with her subpar acting & getting more songs than the leads. Please new showrunners get rid of Layla.

    • So true. If the show is cancelled, it will be truly disappointing that they robbed us of seeing Juliette and Avery thoroughly repair their relationship in favor of a lukewarm love triangle. This story plus the Maddie drama has made the second half of the season almost unwatchable for me.

  4. Tyanna says:

    I think Avery and Juliette should spend some time apart and learn to grow on their own. They have suffered in their marriage and are just getting back to their feet with their careers. Though they love each other very much, now is not the time for them to get back together-that would slow their growth as people. Avery needs more time to forgive, let go and focus on what he wants and Juliette needs that too.

    Them moving on with other people seems like the right choice. Avery seems to like Layla and they make really good music togethe- after all that has happened to them (his divorce, her along Jeff) , they need a win. I think Layla genuinely likes Avery since she constantly reaches out to him for advice and seems to let go of her grudge against Juliette (for now). And Juliette needs someone who she can just chill with and not be too deep with, Noah seems like the perfect person.

  5. Kathy says:

    I hope that the writers will go back to more music and showcase the talent that these actor/singers have. Give Deacon and Rayna a break with the family drama and let Avery and Juliette work thru the turmoil that the PPD had on their marriage and give them a chance to be a family. Layla needs to be eased out of the limelight and Gunnar and Scarlett need to be seen more because when they sing it is something worth listening to. And as far as Will is concerned stop with the gay this and the gay that. Let him be seen and noticed for his musical ability not who he likes to date. So basically my thoughts are more music less bull.

  6. Brooke says:

    Lyla should have died in that pool way way back in the show. Horrible character and played by an actress who can’t act. She may be able to get away with her acting job in another show with other okay actors/actresses but up against Hayden and Jonathan, she’s horrible.

    This show needs the new show runners to get rid of all these worthless characters and get back to just Deacon/Rayna, Juliette/Avery, and Scarlett/Gunnar. Go back to the music and get Juliette and Rayna back on screen together as friends/enemies/mother-daughter relationship.

  7. Masters1313 says:

    I sincerely hope that Avery stays away from Juliette. Just be nice and some visitation rights….nothing more!!

  8. ? says:

    Remember the first season when Avery was such a jerk and probably the most hated character on the show? Yeah, me neither. Of all the characters I think his is the one the show has done best by.

  9. Paloma says:

    I’d like to see Avery have some therapy to help him get past some if the hurt by understanding that Juliet was going through postpartum depression and not deliberately doing things to hurt him or wreck their marriage. Yes he was hurt by her actions but he does need to recognize that Juliet was not well.

    I would love to see them back together. And am wondering what usually happens in the real world with couples that go through this. Do many get back or stay together or do most relationships fall apart?