Kelly Ripa Returns to Live, Addresses Strahan Exit Dustup: 'Our National Nightmare Is Over' — Watch Video

All’s well that ends… with Kelly Ripa back in her rightful place at the Live With Kelly and Michael hosting table?

Daytime TV’s most riveting drama seemingly came to a close on Tuesday when Ripa returned from a nearly week-long absence from her morning talk show, a break she’d said she needed to “process” news of co-host Michael Strahan’s upcoming move to ABC’s Good Morning America.

Strahan’s exit announcement, made after last Tuesday’s Live, reportedly blindsided Ripa when she found out shortly before the general public, prompting her to skip work on Wednesday and Thursday, and according to the network, take a planned vacation Friday and Monday. As a result, Strahan was forced to awkwardly address his looming exit opposite guest co-host Ana Gasteyer last Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Ripa took the stage hand-in-hand with Strahan and immediately addressed the elephant in the room, while standing alone, to the right of the table, the audience on their feet and cheering wildly: “Our long national nightmare is over,” she said, kiddingly. “I first want to honestly, sincerely thank you for welcoming me back to the show. The show of support in this bizarre time has been overwhelming.”

“I needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts. After 26 years with this company, I earned the right,” the All My Children vet said, before joking that half the audience had probably called in sick to attend Live as well. “So, we get each other.”

Ripa said she wanted to speak from the heart — but not say anything she’d later regret. “What transpired over the course of a few days has been extraordinary, in the sense that it started a much larger conversation about communication and consideration and most importantly respect in the workplace. And since we’re being honest, I don’t consider this just a workplace. This is my second home.”

“This is a place that I’ve devoted myself to, not just because of you, our loyal viewers, but because of all of the producers and the crew who work on this show. We have an incredible team. We are incredibly devoted to one another. We are family.”

The best thing to come out of the controversy? “Our parent company has assured me that Live is a priority,” Ripa said, before looking offstage to fellow staffers and adding, “Guys, calm down they didn’t say anything about Christmas bonuses.”

“I am thrilled for Michael. I am thrilled for you. This is a tremendous opportunity and I couldn’t be, and we couldn’t be, prouder of you and everything we’ve accomplished together,” the embattled host continued, before concluding that “this is entertainment, it’s supposed to be entertaining, so let’s get back to what we do best and start the show.”

With that, Ripa joked that, “My dad, who was a bus driver for 30 years, thinks we’re all crazy. And I think he’s right!”

As Ripa took her seat at the Live table, Strahan took the opportunity to address Ripa directly: “One thing I know about you is you love this show, you love the fans, you love the staff,” Strahan said, smiling. “I love you and I’m so happy you’re here because you brought me here with Gelman and this show has been transforming for me, and I know this show lives on because you’re the queen of morning television and will continue [to be].”

Ripa’s cheeky response? “Oprah’s the real queen. How dare you.”

Ripa went on to add that while she did indeed take a day to “process,” the rest of her absence was scheduled. “People think we’re making all of that up, [but] it’s true we had a trip planned for a long time,” she added, noting she and husband Mark Consuelos got out of town to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

What did you think of Kelly’s return to Live? Do you think the controversy is done for good? Hit the comments and sound off!

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  1. Drew says:

    Was it odd or telling that Kelly addressed the studio and home audiences while standing alone, isolated from Michael? Still some discord there?

  2. Mark says:

    Isn’t Michel the biggest jerk for not telling her on his own? How come he never said I”M SORRY?

    • He could have been under a gag order by the network. And she would understand that. (See comment about snipers).

      • Lauren says:

        Unless he’s an idiot, that would have come out by now, being a completely reasonable explanation. Besides surely he’d discreetly break it by telling *his cohost* on the down lo.

    • evababy says:

      If he had a legally binding NDA during negotiations then he most likely couldn’t say anything. And even though now it is all public, it probably still would be considered a professional faux pas to admit that “I couldn’t tell you because the big powerful company we both work for didn’t want you to know.” I mean careers have been broken by even mildly shading your bosses. See: Heigl, Katherine.

      • tvjunkie says:

        So your assertion is the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed right before they went on the air, when they told Kelly? Give me a break! At the very least that happened the day before.

        • evababy says:

          Dude. This ain’t Law & order. Cool your jets. I make no assertions. I am only floating possible reasons why Michael couldn’t take her aside and tell her himself.

    • Joe says:

      Why are you SO ridiculous? He DOES NOT owe her ANY explanation. His contract is up, and he decided not to renew. Just like the studio decided not to renew the contract with Regis. It’s a two way street. He looked like an overgrown child saying and doing those ridiculously outrageous things that Kelly succumbed to without Regis. I don’t blame him for not telling her. She would have ‘leaked’ it in advance so he would lose the GMA deal and stay with her.

      • tvjunkie says:

        You sound like a petty woman hater

      • Luke says:

        Sounds like “the right thing to do” isn’t it your vocabulary….

      • Except his contract wasn’t up. ABC/Disney were releasing him from Live! to join GMA.

      • Ashton says:

        It kinda seems like he’s down grading, going from a show with his name in the title and sharing the spotlight with only one other person, to having no name credit in the title and sharing with what 5 other ppl or more. It may be more money, but less screen time and recognition. He really didn’t owe her any explanation, and depending on how close they were she should not have been so upset, but if she did really care for him, I can see how she would be hurt, he could have softened the blow and just told her there could be changes coming!!! But it’s all said and done now. And they both come out looking a little petty.

    • Ella Jasper says:

      Poor Michael is a “jerk” for getting a great new job and following orders to not tell anyone? Seriously? What does he have to be sorry about?

    • Kim says:

      No, look how she conspired to get rid of Regis who hired her.

  3. Pickle8182 says:

    So all that crap about a planned vacation with her husband, that the network and show were feeding the public, was just that – crap. A lie. Nice. Makes you want to really trust them now.

    • LBS says:

      She talked about the planned trip with her husband. She was talking about taking last Wed off, was supposed to be off Thur, Fri, & Mon.

    • Cassie says:

      Actually, Kelly did talk about her anniversary trip with Mark and showed pictures. That just isn’t mentioned here.

  4. Don Rosado says:

    Who is replacing Michael?

    • Richard says:

      That’s the $250,000 question! I suggested either Josh or Sam, both GMA Alumnae who disappeared without explanation. ABC must be hell to work for.

      • dan says:

        Josh works for CBS now. I have no idea where Sam is.

      • James Mayfield says:

        Sam is with the weather Channel… There is speculation that Kelly has asked for either Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen…I think Andy already has so much on his plate though

  5. Cassie says:

    I found it interesting that Kelly “joked” that Disney had aircraft overhead to make sure she stays on message. Perhaps there was some truth to that.

  6. D. Smith says:

    My apologies to the Kelly lovers but her performance came off as “poor little me” bad acting — was I alone in my urge to barf?

    • says:

      Yes, you were alone.

    • Mary says:

      Yes you were alone. Actually she said what I thought all along, it wasn’t about Michael leaving but how the situation was handled. I for one am glad she had enough self esteem to let the Higher ups know that the way they handle it was disrespectful. Whether they will remember this moving forward is yet to be seen. If you don’t stand up for yourself then who will? I have come to the conclusion there is always going to be negative responses when it comes to people who make money. The green eye envy always comes into play.

    • dlr929 says:

      Kelly is many things, but bad acting? NO. She is one of the most sincere women I’ve ever worked with and I would stand with her any day. Haters gonna hate.

    • Richard says:

      Yep! As far as I can tell, you are alone… all alone.

    • Luke says:

      I didn’t read poor little me at all. She defended her position. I think she was treated like crap from Disney and Michael.

    • Ella Jasper says:

      No, you were not alone.

    • pambaknj says:

      I thought Kelli was hiding a great deal of underlying anger during her little speech. I just don’t understand where she gets off saying anything. For heaven’s sake, if it were you or I we would have nothing to say about a co-worker coming or going. Grow up Kelli, this is real life.

      • Mary says:

        She can’t win with some of you no matter what or how she said it. I didn’t detect anger. Well she is not you and obviously you have more anger because she stood up for herself. Her job is real life to her so that is not an intelligent statement. She just has more of a say then you.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Well the same can be said about you Mary. Those of us who have anything but a raving view of Kelly get your snide remarks and insults.

    • Fish says:

      No, you were NOT…

  7. dan says:

    She dug down deep and brought forth all of her Emmy-nominated acting skills from her years on All My Children. All that was missing were the tears and dramatic pauses captured in a soap opera close up. Actually, I thought she did fine and it was appropriate for them to frame her alone while standing to address the audience (as opposed to sitting at the desk with Michael when she delivered the message). With that said, however, I think the next few months will still be awkward if all the rumors of backstage discord are true.

    • Nancy says:

      Agree with you completely. I actually think Michael should just leave now, what’s the point in him hanging around when this show is obviously not his focus.

      • sladewilson says:

        Probably under orders. All of you forget that basically it’s Disney that ultimately runs the show. I think Disney and ABC are the real “villains” here…

  8. Well done Kelly. This is her show and the decision to move out Micheal should have been discussed with her. It’s a gaff by the network. And good on her for not just smiling along and taking the insult.

    The real question I have is: WHO made the decision to not inform Kelly Ripa and were they admonished? Because they should have been. They treated Kelly as just “the personality” in front of the camera. She’s clearly more than that and I don’t blame her one jot for reminding them of this fact. It’s not diva behavior, it’s a street fight and Kelly apparently has some steel in her.

    • JM1 says:

      I liked that she framed it as an issue of consideration and respect in the workplace. That’s is the real point. Most of us would likewise be pretty miffed if we got sandbagged so publicly.

    • dan says:

      Supposedly the decision to keep this quiet came from the ABC brass who orchestrated Michael’s move. Apparently they contacted Kelly, Michael and their agents (I don’t know about Gelman) yesterday to apologize in preparation for Kelly’s return today. She has worked for Disney/ABC for 26 years (All My Children, Faith & Hope, Live!) and she deserved better. Although she didn’t need to be involved with Michael’s negotiations for the move to GMA, she should have been advised that talks were going on before a decision was made and announced to the public (as opposed to 20 minutes before ABC sent out a press release).

  9. Kim R says:

    She did a great job to address the issue and then move on with the show free from any awkwardness. It didn’t surprise me that she is truly happy for Michael and that it was the lack of respect the company showed her at the heart of it all. I totally get her needing to have some time to process to make sure she didn’t say anything she’d regret. As humans I’m sure we can all relate to that on some level.
    Well done Kelly. Bring on Anderson. On we go! :D

  10. bobbi6484 says:

    Kelly did a great job this morning. She was right. It was all about respect of a long-term employee and the person who is the lead on this show. She had the right to be angry at the way she was disrespected and the right to handle it how she saw fit. More power to her.

  11. Ella Jasper says:

    I would have fired her for not showing up. What would happen if you didn’t show up for work? I know I’d be fired. I’m sure Michael was under a gag order not to tell anyone. Michael has talent, everyone loves him and he is being rewarded. I stopped watching when Regis left because honestly, I never liked her. Sorry fans. This is a big to do about nothing.

    • greg says:

      I have read this comment so many times in various places, and its ridiculous. If you took two sick days from work you would not be fired. No one would be if they were a valued employee. But hey, maybe you arent valued.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        No, it’s not really ridiculous. There are many businesses who have very strict policies regarding unscheduled absences. A few years ago I worked for one of them. One of the companies Directors got angry about a policy change one day and threw a fit, she called into work the next day and for the next three days after that. She was terminated. That was the first thing I thought of when this whole Kelly drama started.

        • Mary says:

          The difference is your Director was off for 4 days, and Kelly was only off for one, the others were already schedule. Most Companies have a 2 or 3 day rule without a Doctor excuse.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I was just simply pointing out that it’s not “ridiculous” as some seem to think.

      • Luke says:

        So true, greg. Just because you personally don’t like her, Ella Jasper – doesn’t mean she should be disrespected – which she absolutely was.

      • Ella Jasper says:

        Did she say she was sick? I missed that declaration.

    • Mary says:

      How do you know if Michael has talent if you stopped watching when Regis left? Someone does not get fired for taking ONE day off. The other days were schedule. Your statement just proves that you are not objective because you don’t like her. Why waste you time commenting at all about a show you don’t watch.

    • dan says:

      Kelly is “talent” under contract with Disney/ABC. Actors/news anchors/show hosts/sports casters, etc who are contracted as “talent” typically don’t have the same rules about sick days. Their contracts spell out in detail all pertinent information about days off, etc. Kelly having a “sick day” is not necessarily treated the same as the receptionist who answers the phone in the ABC lobby (no disrespect meant to any receptionist, I’m just trying to point out the difference between Kelly being “sick” and an employee of ABC being “sick”). With that being said, any “talent” who flagrantly disregards their contractual obligation by being conveniently sick too often can be fired just like anybody else.

  12. It’s all entertainment like they said. This is Hollywood antics at its best. Maybe they don’t really like each other.

  13. jimc says:


    • Drew says:

      Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop here and yawn for us. Do you also take time to stop at the library to go into free public lectures that don’t interest you and let them know how you feel about the topic?
      No wonder you’re yawning! You don’t have time to sleep from all the stops you must make letting the world know what doesn’t interest you!

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Superficial at it’s best.

    • Mary says:

      Green eye monster much. Must be tough being so negative.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I’m actually a very positive person but I have to wonder why you jumped right to the negative so quickly. I’m entitled to my opinion just as you are. People disagree and that’s okay.

  15. TJ says:

    I think she had every right to be pissed off at ABC. I looked up her ratings and they have improved with Michael. They have increased their demographics as well. GMA’s ratings are slipping. I gather since Live! is syndicated, it’s not ABC’s priority. They are trying to get back their hold of the morning tv market. Plus there are those rumors of a 9 am GMA hour… Live! is the 9 am hour. So wouldn’t you be pissed if you were Kelly? I think the short notice thing was just the tip of iceberg. She was right to take the time to think it over before she said something she regretted too. This is more than just losing a co-host because we know they will do their rotating musical guest host until they find the perfect fit and it will grab audiences attention. It will work for them, like it has in the past. But how do you trust the network that has proven it will come take what you develope and give it to another show? I don’t blame Michael either. Who can blame him for wanting more money, progress his career, take care of his family, etc. Whoever is charge of morning program at ABC is to blame…. they couldn’t figure out another way to improve their show. (BTW – I don’t watch either GMA or Live! I just read a bunch of articles to figure out what was going on over at ABC.)

    • TJ says:

      Plus a 9 am GMA hour would directly compete with Live! in the markets where they air at 9 am on another network. Live! isn’t on ABC everywhere at 9 am. I know where I use to live it’s on at 10 am now on NBC so they can air the 9 am hour of Today. It’s odd… you went from Today to Live! at 10 am and then Hoda at 11 am before the news. But the NBC channel had the highest ratings in the area and put in the highest bid for the Live! broadcast.

    • greg says:

      The things is that Michael wont make more money most likely and will get less screen time. Live is a cushy job that pays more than news anchors would ever make. Time will tell if he made a bad choice.

    • Crys says:


  16. Chris Leonardi says:

    Am I the only one thinking that she was acting like a child?

    • Mary says:

      Yes. Women who stand up for themselves always get label.

      • AD says:

        If she were a man people would be cheering her on. So sad. She hasn’t done anything terrible. The things that have been written about her are vicious. I think that she is a mom and think of her children and would not write anything I wouldn’t want children to read. She hasn’t killed anyone, she took a day off work. She didn’t say anything until she was forced to.

    • Rosalyn Par says:

      No, I agree with you. I think all the drama was not necessary. Upper management made the decision to move Michael and Kelly you are an employee just like Michael. Yes, they could have told you earlier, but for reasons unknown to you they did not. Accept it Kelly, you have your job and move on to find your replacement for Michael. Life is to short and you have had a great career Kelly. I wish both of you the best.

  17. wanda says:

    she is a pro and a classy lady the fans love her .

  18. Steve says:

    Bruised ego and jealousy on Ripa’s part.

  19. Diane L Styma says:

    I think I would do the same. Communication from companies/corporations is so easy. Why surprise her?

  20. Sara Sereck says:

    Kelly showed how unprofessional she really is. She’s been in the business for years and under Disney’s employment. She knows how things work. Michael was given his “orders” and did what he was told. Kelly threw a tantrum like a child and people (execs, directors, crew, etc.) will remember that. Kelly needs to grow up and appreciate her job and the amount of money she is paid to do her job. She may not have it next year!

  21. Amanda says:

    Did something earth shattering happen? I guess I missed it…my husband had major surgery..guess that got priority…

  22. Yoko says:

    She did fine. She deserves to stand alone and have her say. She is the lead of the show and will remain while others depart. And when were we the audience asked to “trust” a talk show host who interviews people and does silly stunts? Trust? give me a break…. get upset over Trump or Afghanistan, but Kelly Ripa just entertains and is ultimately a person who felt deservedly dissed. Time to move on and wonder who will replace Michael.

  23. Richard Moore says:

    In my humble opinion, Michael Strahan has added nothing to Kelly & Michael Live. Okay, his name was “needed” for the show’s title. As for Michael’s move to GMA: I can now take GMA off my list of morning shows to watch. I’ve never understood why GMA thought it necessary to bring Strahan in for 30-60 minutes. As for Kelly, I wish for her the very best in her future and I hope & Pray they find a GOOD replacement for Strahan. Maybe they should consider Josh, formerly of GMA or even Sam Champion (also GMA alumni). I have ever understood why GMA let these two great talents go. As Dorothy said in Munchkinland, “People come and go so quickly here.”

  24. Joel says:

    They will just move on. There are hundreds of people who would like to co-host the show. Just move on!

  25. LT says:

    She was perfect this morning! All done…move on!

  26. Linda Ballard says:

    Kelly is just back pedaling now knowing she had acted like a two year old! She is till fuming and still think its time live move their cheese and get 2 new host …

    • LT says:

      Did you watch the show today? Cause this seems like an interesting interpretation of events. An odd and wrong interpretation…but to each his own I guess.

  27. Charmaine Ostrom says:

    I couldn’t care less about Strahan. It’s Kelly and before Strahan, Regis that kept me tuned in. Love the show, always have. Hope ABC, although not known for this, keeps it’s promise.

  28. SJ Grim says:

    Grow up Kelly. Won’t miss you if you go too. Only reason I watched the show was because of Michael. HE made the show!!!
    Maybe you should long and hard about why the network didn’t tell you. Duh dumb blond syndrome….way to go Michael!!! Won’t be watch Live again after you leave.

  29. Eileen says:

    She did it with grace let it rest people, on with the show, over, done with, move forward.

  30. Luke says:

    The ironic thing is – I think his reputation is a little tarnished by this – So, now, that’s what GMA gets with their well-paid new employee – a sullied brand.

  31. Just Saying... says:

    As of fan of Kelly since her days on Hope & Faith, and rooting for her hard when she got this job, I must admit, I was very sadden by how she initially handled the news. As a professional and someone who has been in this business a very long time, she should know the this sort of thing happens all the time, and often times, without the other actor/host/co-star/etc knowing beforehand. Why? Because that’s just the way it works sometimes. I feel she should have shows up, save face and dealt with this AFTER the Tuesday show before her “pre-planned” vacation.

    In my opinion, so settle down trolls, I love Kelly as much as you do, the professional thing to do here (this was a professional decision on his part), was to be the bigger person and show them (Michael, Disney, ABC) that despite how they handled this, she will rise above and be the bigger person. AND THEN, after your 1 hour of work, LOSE YOUR MIND ONT HEM FOR DISRESPECTING YOU! haha! Personally, she has EVERY right to be upset, process, take her time to deal with things, that’s what 10am-end of the night when you’re done with work, the weekend, your “pre-planned” vacation would have been for. It just became too much of a story with her not showing up. Regardless of who’s right or wrong, I just would have shown up for that hour of work, been the bigger person, show them how it’s done and carry on.

    Honestly, they are ALL wrong here but they’re also human beings and sometimes people make mistakes. We’re human beings. However, this is entertainment industry and it’s not always so black and white so I just feel that they all should have showed up for work, dealt with this like professionals and none of this would be as blown out of proportion as it has. Because this ultimately hurts the show, the hosts, the brand and the business.

    At the end of the day, she did what was best for her, not the show, and that is what makes me sad. I still love her, I don’t agree with her decision but I’m glad she addressed it, in her Kelly Rippa way whichas awesome and totally on her own without Michael. I agree she should have made the announcement on her own without him as this is about her and not him. Making right what was a fiasco escalated by her not showing up.

    Now she can move on and so can America!

    Live w/ Kelly Rippa!

  32. Jo says:

    I’m thinking it was staged…management got her to keep it “nice & easy”. I do think Kelly was sincere in her love of the fans. Who wouldn’t do what they want making $36k an hour. The show may go on for a while with kelly & somebody but I’m feeling it’s on its last leg.

  33. ann kneb says:

    I think kelly ripa is awesome. I love michael strahan too. I am.a devoted fan of the show. I think kelly learned the hard way what many of us out in the real world already have learned that work is about business and making money and as much as we love to think of our workplace as a second home and family indeed it is not that when the powers-that-be decide they need to make a business decision to make money in this case ABC or Disney who has a Good Morning America that’s not getting the ratings they want they will do what they need to do in terms of making a business decision and no amount of devotion or tenure in a company changes that so Kelly I love you I love your heart and your passion that’s so much of your appeal I too am that person. but business is business and that’s all this was about as hurtful as it is

  34. Allie says:

    I thought she handled it well today. I think by having the camera focus solely on her made sense. The audience was able to see her sincerity without staring at Michael to gauge his reaction. As for whether or not Michael should have given her a heads up… that is ludicrous. This is show business and they are professionals. I am sure he had to sign something saying he could not discuss this until after he got permission from ABC. Do you know any mature professionals in any field that go around discussing their contracts, salaries and promotions with their colleagues? It just isn’t done (please note the words mature & professional). I place the fault solely with ABC. They put both of them in a very difficult position but they are publicly acknowledging their mistakes so hopefully all is well is daily tv land now.

    • Allie, I just watched the video and everything about it indicated that her displeasure was with the parent company, not Michael per se – the comments about “communication and respect” while looking straight into the camera, and the VERY pointed “joke” about “dart guns” and helicopters “in case I go off point” at the beginning. Between this and the Castle debacle, I’m wondering what kind of Mickey Mouse operation ABC is. (pun intended)

      The fact that her (or the show’s) Emmy was visible behind her on the shelf was a very pointed and rather genius statement on her part IMO. If she was blindsided, what about everyone else on the staff? I suspect this goes beyond her, but Kelly is the name on the “brand”. She’s not just a cog in the wheel, she’s been a reliable money maker for the network for years. A little respect is not too much to ask IMO and I thought she handled it just fine here. (the worst times in my working career have been when the employers have blindsided me with changed conditions, laid off etc with no warning. And I was nowhere near Kelly’s level professionally. It always hurts, the difference being it didn’t happen to me on national tv.)

  35. AD says:

    Thought she handled this well. She addressed the elephant in the room in a dignified manner. She was in a no win situation.

  36. Estella McCalmon says:

    Well said Kelly you make me cry but I think Michael could not have told you even if he wanted to because of confidentiality clause ” what ever that is ” because news still gets I am happy for both of you I will be watching both of you. Keep doing what you love and enjoy.God bless.

  37. Tony says:

    What an insufferable tiny bag of wind this person is. Disgusting, in fact.

  38. Emma says:

    I’m definitely Team Kelly here. There’s no excuse for the lack of respect they showed her. She had every right to be hurt and upset. Kudos to her for how she addressed the situation with humour and class.

  39. Jero says:

    I just heard that Michael will be leaving in two weeks now

  40. Gram says:

    Kelly needs to leave and never come back.

  41. Kim says:

    That’s what Rips gets after the way she treated Regis who chose her to cigar with him, then she stabbed him in the back.

  42. pambaknj says:

    I think it’s a lot to do about nothing. Michael has the right to move on if he choses and why should she be so melodramatic about it. Co-workers come and go in business and we just go on. Only because she’s a “star” she has the right to complain. The rest of us just suck it up and go on, end of story.

  43. chaosrainz says:

    I think she should have been told. I know people are saying, “gag order”, but if you really cared about your friend/ co-worker, you’d give them a heads up. If you don’t…you’re just a jerk who only cares about yourself. Because this doesn’t just affect YOU. This was something that she as co-host (and supposed friend, I thought) needed to know for several reasons and the producers would probably need to know as well for the sake of the show. It’s not like he gave 2 weeks notice like a normal person would. Maybe this is standard for television but in the real world that’s not something you do unless you don’t care about burning bridges.
    If someone tried to make me sign a gag order, I’d either have to violate it or tell them up front there is at least ONE person I need to tell. If that wasn’t an option, I’d have to turn it down. I could never stab a friend in the back like that.

    • chaosrainz says:

      Actually, I read something early on and must have misunderstood. Sounds like he didn’t just up and quit without some type of notice. I stand corrected!

  44. Judy Gaul says:

    ABC executive are SOooo at fault here. They should have told Kelly about Michael’s departure I can’t believe she is angry about his opportunity with GMA. Of course, this was blown-up by the media. ABC offered a new job to Michael & they should have informed Kelly &’the staff before the announcement. Too bad Kelly is taking this so badly.

  45. Mary milc says:

    Class act!

  46. Vickie says:

    Kelly is a big cry baby. She’s mad cause Michael is moving up. Grow up!

  47. Elaine says:

    I have watched her since she was on AMC and I know she had to swallow her pride and the hurt she is feeling !! You could see it in her face as she looked like she was going to cry but she did a stand up entrance and moved on !!!! Very proud of how she handled it 👍

  48. Vickie says:

    Kelly needs to grow up! She’s being a cry baby. Michael is moving up and she’s mad.

  49. Mary says:

    Good for her – I think she had a valid reason to be upset. She handled the situation as well as could be expected given the circumstances. I give her credit – she deserved better than how she was told – and that took courage for her to stand up for her beliefs – and in the end she wasn’t afraid to own it – Kudos

  50. Mary says:

    Good for her. I think she had a valid reason to be upset. She handled the situation as well as could be expected given the circumstances. I give her credit – she deserved better than how she was told – and that took courage for her to stand up for her beliefs – and in the end she wasn’t afraid to own it – Kudos