Castle Ratings Cancelled Renewed

Ratings: Castle Ticks Back Up, Mike & Molly Matches Supergirl Finale

Having ticked down last week in the immediate wake of the Stana Katic bombshell/gut-punch, ABC’s Castle this Monday rebounded a bit, rising 5 percent and a tenth to 6.2 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating (per finals).

Opening ABC’s night, Dancing With the Stars (11.8 mil/1.8) was up 6 percent and two tenths.

Elsewhere in the ratings….

CBS | Mike & Molly returned to 6.9 million viewers and a 1.3 rating, down in the demo from its most recent, Wednesday outing (6.6 mil/1.6), but on par with Supergirl‘s finale (6.1 mil/1.3); a Big Bang rerun led out of that with 6.2 mil/1.2. With its Season 2 finale, Scorpion (9 mil/1.6) drew its best audience since Feb. 29 while rising a tenth in the demo. NCIS: LA (7.9 mil/1.2) was flat.

FOX | Leading out of a Gotham rerun, Lucifer (3.9 mil/1.3) was steady with its freshman finale.

THE CW | Reign returned to 920,000 viewers and a 0.3 rating, down from its most recent, Friday episode (1.2 mil/0.4) but on par with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s freshman finale (820K/0.3). Jane the Virgin (840K/0.4) dropped a few eyeballs but was steady in the demo.

NBC | The Voice (9.5 mil/2.0) slipped two tenths week-to-week while Blindspot (5.6 mil/1.4) ticked up.

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  1. Disappointed Fan says:

    Watching the last episodes of Castle season 8 and then I am out. I didn’t sign up for the frat boy hour. The show is a shell of its former self as it is, and next season it will be completely unrecognizable. No thanks.

    • I can’t even bring myself to watch these last episodes. My heart is a little broken that this show I once loved has turned into something unrecognizable.

    • David4 says:

      I’m amazed you gave it this long, I ditched after the Castle crash / missing episodes and never looked back.

    • bristow3269 says:

      We’ll, for me I am done after this season which is something I never thought I
      would say where this show was concerned. Castle without Beckett just won’t
      be the same.

  2. Me says:

    Yes, of course Castle ratings ticked up. Have you seen all the Caskett promotion these hypocrites have done for this episode? So, so dishonest…

    • Disappointed Fan says:

      If ABC had any faith in the retooled Castle they wouldn’t be afraid to run a promo without Beckett in it. Even in the GDS episode where she was not in it at all, the promo immediately before the show said “Castle and Beckett go to Hollywood.” Lies.

      • KLS says:

        She was also in the Cool Boys promo, using a scene for the next ep.

        • Me says:

          Exactly! That’s why I just don’t understand what their strategy is (if they do have a strategy…)

          • David4 says:

            The strategy is…..

            Milk it baby! The plan is for 13 more episodes to test to see if it makes money. If it doesn’t that is 13 more episodes to sell into syndication. It’s a wi win for the network and just a huge lose for the fans.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    I hate that they put Reign on Monday nights. It such a jammed night already.

  4. KLS says:

    Looks like ABC weathered the Stana-Storm. Just waiting for renewal notice…

  5. Betisa says:

    The Castle boycott is not working girls, you should work harder. Lol

    • Plecodave says:

      1.1 18/49 and 6 mil viewers are not great numbers to be going into may’s Upfronts. ABC will a hard time with the advertisers. ABC will get a season 9 but on a short leash.

    • We are entitled to our opinions.

    • Disappointed says:

      I would hardly think the ratings for the rest of this season have any relevance to what a S9 without Beckett would achieve. You could just as easily argue that they are steady because people want to see Beckett’s last appearances as you could that they don’t care she won’t survive the finale. And the dip last week could be more due to people being turned off by a Hayley centric episode than the breaking news about Stana’s departure. It’s a bit early to gloat.
      Nearly 2M stopped watching after S7, because there wasn’t a cliff hanger Hawley would argue, but the pre season 8 promo highlighting Castle’s new job and the family business with Alexis, didn’t help to entice many back, so it will be interesting to see how ABC try and sell Castle P.I. on the back of the cliff hanger. They already deceitfully used Beckett to promote episodes she wasn’t in this season, so someone recognised her value.

    • LOL Right? This fandom has acted so immature, rude and ugly since the announcement. You’d think it’s the end of the world, when it’s just a tv show. Try living in the real world, people. This is not that serious.

      • Celina says:

        I am living in the real world just fine. I work, go out with my friends, go shopping, travel, etc. But, when it comes to watching my favorite tv shows, I think I have the right to disagree and complain when they destroy what once was a great tv show. What’s wrong with that?

        • Manuel Schuster says:

          You are absolutley right and took the words of my mouth. I want to enjoy Castle WITH Beckett. Greetings from Cologne, Germany

      • DuniaMartínez says:

        It is not about the show. It is about how Stana Katic has been treated. The reaction has been big because what ABC wasn’t right. No that big a reaction if Stana had just left the show. Which is not the case at all. Andrew Marlow unfollowed Fillion after his statement on Katic. Crew twitters and guest stars are supporting her for the way she was treated. And that is the REAL world of business: a worker being disposable.

    • Dip says:

      Let’s see what happens if it’s renewed. I know a few people are only watching because it’s Beckett’s last season.

  6. Boiler says:

    Interesting Castle numbers, have risen since awful announcement. Too bad may not be indicative of next year. Something going on public doesn’t know about as ABC can’t be that stupid….oh wait! Great for Mike and Molly as it looks like another stupid CBS decision. I know people love the CW shows but come on. Another great Scorpion

    • It’s so funny how people overreact. LOL I know people like to conveniently forget this part, but networks are still businesses, not charities. If they’re not making money off a show they don’t own (Mike & Molly is owned by WB), why would they keep it unless the ratings are TBBT worthy (another outside production, but with monster ratings)? It’s not hard to understand. Shows owned by CBS can be monetized across the board in a variety of ways, so they make money no matter what, especially via international and domestic syndication. But since Mike & Molly is an outside production, CBS only makes money on it through advertising. With a huge ensemble cast who has several leads, it’s pretty expensive. The advertising revenue has to justify the profit, and it didn’t in this case. It was an old show they didn’t own, which didn’t make enough money via ad revenue. The only people making money off Mike & Molly in syndication are Warner Brothers. It’s really that simple.

      • KLS says:

        Doesn’t ABC own Castle?

      • Boiler says:

        Well I hear what you are saying but 2 things stick out. One, Mike and Molly is a top performer among comedies which, in general are struggling. Two it had 15% more viewers than Supergirl which was supposed to be CBS’ break out hit. I usually try and gauge whether I want to stick with a show by the way the networks treat them as compared to others. In general I think CBS has done a good job. I am not saying Supergirl should be cancelled but neither should Mike and Molly. If networks eliminate shows performing better than ones they keep, regardless of reason, it just means fewer eyeballs watching.

        • David4 says:

          Supergirl is a new show, M&M would go into their 7th season and would need new and costly contracts for a show that CBS doesn’t own, aka no syndication money, which is the whole point to sitcoms.

  7. Jason says:

    The real test for Castle’s ratings won’t come until next year. Beckett is still on our screens for now and to all outward appearances, it’s still the show everyone loves. There are a lot of people out there, who don’t follow these sorts of sites and therefore don’t know Stana is leaving. I would say they make up the vast majority of viewership and the shock of this change is being deferred for them until the finale or perhaps even next year. My sister is one of those people in fact. I’m not telling her because I want to see her unbiased reaction. So much will depend on how they choose to end this season. If Kate dies, the results may be catastrophic. If they leave fans in a good place, the decline may be softer. The latter is the only what they keep me as a viewer.

    • Christina says:

      They lost me as a viewer either way, but I agree that the vast majority of folks don’t know she’s leaving. I had to tell my family, and they were shocked. I think they’re still finishing this season out, but they all agreed we don’t want to watch without Stana.

      • Betisa says:

        Castle lost 4 or 5 mill last 2 season, no matters if Beckett was on the show or not. On season 6 many people was tired of Beckett mom arc. That explains why the episodes that were focused on Beckett hit series low in ratings in S6. The audience wants QUALITY, which we haven’t seen on Castle since S6. IMO fans are overacting about the importance of Beckett on the show.

        • Disappointed says:

          I don’t think people are necessarily overreacting about the importance of Beckett on the show but I do agree that the quality has been waning for some time, my enjoyment started to diminish after S5. They seem to be caricatures of their former selves now, like how a cartoonist takes certain features and exagerrates them for effect, so we see Castle more as a childish clown instead of the intelligent, out of the box thinker who believes in magic, and Beckett as a badass, instead of the savvy cop who makes sense of the evidence. We’ve had far too few recent glimpses of the humour, banter and chemistry which had raised this show above the rest in its earlier days.

        • DuniaMartínez says:

          Becket alone is not the show, neither is Castle. That’s why the centric ones are low. The issue at stake is Caskett. Plus the way ABC treated Stana. Season 7 was me and S8 was a joke. Yet, people would come for the Caskett bit. The play with that promoting the show this week.

    • KLS says:

      Keeping secrets to keep her safe?

      • Jason says:

        More like a scientific experiment. She’s the Guinea Pig. All the things considered, blissful ignorance sounds kind of nice right about now.

  8. Tica says:

    Castle will keep this ratings until the end everybody is curious about how they are going to finish the season I’m still watching it because Stana still there but I’m out after this season

  9. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband is still belly laughing about the Castle zingers, quoting them to me all morning. He’s even acting them out, “I almost died laughing. When they are not trying to be funny, then they’re funny. ‘I suppose a second date is out of the question.’ ‘You are an immortal!’ We did appreciate Beckett’s straight line, “You do get carried away, don’t you.” and we will miss her on the show. I don’t know if anyone else could balance out the Castle character. IMHO, the show went off the rails when Montgomery was killed off, disturbing the balance, followed by Gates’ leaving, making it worse. I loved Ruben Santiago-Hudson and Penny Johnson Jerald, as Montgomery-Gates, and miss them, still. The Lanie moments were precious.

    • Boiler says:

      Patricia, perfect comments about Montgomery and Gates.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        I wanted them to feel the love.

      • KLS says:

        Yes, not having those two on the show really hurt the Beckett character. Promoting her to Captain without a mentor present seemed to be a big problem with S8. People keep saying that Beckett is there to tame Castle, but Montgomery/Gates were there to keep Beckett in line as well. She went off the rails this year, as did Castle. Whole thing was a disappointment. I wonder if Hawley is coming back as showrunner?

    • Night Owl says:

      Actually, I’ve run the averages for each season, and yes Season 6 is when the decline in ratings started to happen. Season 7 had a steeper decline, and season 8 followed with almost double the decline. The season 8 premier started with a 36.3% decline from the premier of season 7. While the premier of season 7 started with a 6.2% decline from season 6.

      • Night Owl says:

        If I had to pinpoint, based on the ratings, when the decline took it’s most major jumps and has not recuperated, it was: Season 6: 1) Beckett’s move to Washington. Season 7: 2) Castle goes missing on wedding day. Seemed like a soap opera stunt. 3) Castle P.I. I honestly think that was due to the fact that he was suddenly not working with the NYPD and he had to contrive ways to get on the case. It came across as too contrived. Season 8: 4) Castle & Beckett break up, again too contrived. 5) LokSat, not believable.

        Anyway, I think those are the things that brought the show to where it is today, IMO.

  10. Gerald says:

    Reign was really good last night. Happy it is back. Castle was also good, but honestly I am still so confused by the whole Loksat storyline. It is annoying.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      The problem I’m having with Reign is all the great characters that I liked are gone and now Bash is leaving. The show is practically unrecognizable to me. I’ll keep watching if I can but that time slot is very full for me.

  11. kmw says:

    Good for Lucifer staying even with a re run for a lead in. Surprised that Castle went up. Those numbers don’t spell cancellation for them but sadness for Castle and Beckett fans who wont get a happy ending, at least for now.

  12. Celina says:

    Some good soul could at least leak the series finale they’ve shot for Castle. So fans could watch that and pretend it got canceled.

  13. emy says:

    perfect season’s finale for SCORPION! #Waige #Quintis excited for Season 3!!!

  14. ninergrl6 says:

    Thank you, CW, for sticking with shows that have low ratings. I LOVE both Reign & Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it’s such a relief to know that they’ll both be back next season despite these numbers.

  15. Raven says:

    Castle NF … Move on not interested. If you want a happy ending just rematch Hollander’s Woods ..a classy exit that even called back the time traveler episode.

    ONLY way I would watch a Castle show would be NO Nathan!! His daughter, mom and Hailey could pull off a PI show with the cops but no form of Nathan Fillion without a Kate Beckett will fly.

    Other wise all this sad and lame for shadowing of a death in the family is so sad.. The writers must be as bored as we are. END IT NOW!!

  16. Lyn Gottuso says:

    Abc should bring back forever!
    I think upending Castle by the elimination of Beckett and Lanie. The format of the original premise of the show worked because of the chemistry of the ensemble work.

  17. Joey says:

    The19 episode rating when up a little because the fans wanted to see Rick and kate together on a positive note. Now episode 20 the ratings might go down just of the fact of no Beckett. I think it is Castle and the fireflies, if you are a Kate Castle fans why watch. The last two episodes will give us a very bitter ending to a once beautiful show, but that is our two show runners dream. ABC told us they fired Stana because, cost but giving Fillion a season 9, Toks should of been fired ABC must not read there own polls, stating that 88% to 85% of the fans will not watch without to two stars in it. Now ABC a good cost cutting step would be to cancel the whole thing.

  18. rhahn69 says:

    Can someone tell me what happened to the first 5 episodes of Mike and Molly? Did they think we won’t realize that they ended the season with Mike and Carl on the outs and now they are fine!?!

  19. Mary Kay Stone says:

    I just started watching Mike & Molly a couple of months ago. I had to stop watching it after a while because of the continuing sexual innuendoes. I am not a prude, nor am I “holier-than-thou” , I am quite the opposite, but, it gets so annoying with all the crap that’s said in the name of ‘comedy”. I loved the crew, especially Carl and his fantastic sense of humor and wit. However, I never could tolerate the “sister” of Molly, Ms Mixon. She acts like a blundering, horny fool. And the filth that comes out of Mike’s “mother” is also so degrading. I started to watch Mike & Molly this evening, wanting to get back into the groove, if some of that nastiness was diluted. But, in the one scene where the “sister”(Victoria) stated that she couldn’t go to jail because the other inmates there would eat her alive(something to that affect). Then, the mother spouts, “they would, literally”, something to that affect. I just had to turn the channel. Other than the vile “comedy” utterings, I did love the actual storyline.