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Scorpion Season 2 Finale

Scorpion Finale: EPs Talk Happy's Shocking News, Walter's Big Decision

The following post contains spoilers from the Scorpion Season 2 finale. Proceed with caution.

Dr. Toby Curtis, we can’t believe you didn’t see this coming.

Team Scorpion‘s resident shrink can psychoanalyze just about anyone, but when it comes to decoding the habits of his own girlfriend, he seems to have missed a tiiiiny detail these last few months: She’s already taken.

Just moments after his co-workers rescued him from certain death during Monday’s Season 2 finale, Toby finally got down on one knee and popped the question to Happy, complete with a so-cheesy-it’s-adorable song and a confetti cannon.

But the proposal went awry as Happy announced she was already someone else’s wife. She then fled Scorpion headquarters without giving any more details. (Hey, remember that time Toby accidentally stood Happy up on their first date, and she gave him the cold shoulder for weeks? That suddenly seems like a massive overreaction.)

Of course, Toby and Happy’s engagement-gone-wrong wasn’t the only romantic development in the season closer. As Toby wallowed in his rejection, he convinced Walter to get his head on straight and go after Paige, who had just left for a weekend in Lake Tahoe with Tim Armstrong. Walter, realizing that he had been a fool to let Paige go on the trip, admitted aloud to Toby that he loves Paige, before hopping in the car to win her back.

We caught up with Scorpion executive producers Nick Wootton and Nick Santora, who revealed how the events of the finale will impact the show’s central relationships in Season 3. Plus, might we eventually meet other ex-Scorpion team members, who aren’t off their rocker a la Mark Collins? Read on for their insights:

TVLINE | At what point in the season did you know that (A) you wanted Toby to propose, and (B) you wanted to throw a huge curveball into Toby and Happy’s relationship?
NICK SANTORA: We knew at the beginning of the season that we wanted him to propose. We were talking about that last summer, and we knew we wanted to arc it out to the end of the season. But we didn’t know that Happy was going to be married to somebody else until around January.

Scorpion Season 2 FinaleTVLINE | Since you’ve already been renewed for a third season, how much have you already planned out, in terms of how this massive revelation will affect them?
NICK WOOTTON: They’re going to be affected very much so. This is certainly going to reverberate through the entire team. It’s our kicking-off point for the next season, for the emotional stories. How is this going to play out? Who is she married to? How did that happen? Where is that person? All of these things are going to be fodder for next season.

SANTORA: The resolution of it, and how it affects the team, will go on for a while. At the end of the day, Scorpion is a fun show. It’s made that way for a reason, and it’s a feel-good show. I wouldn’t expect [Toby and Happy] to be struck by lightning in any upcoming episodes, ending their relationship. [Laughs] Eventually, these characters and these relationships are all going to get where they need to be. It’s just going to be hard.

TVLINE | Early on in this episode, Mark Collins hinted at a major reason why Happy wouldn’t be able to accept Toby’s marriage proposal. Was he just messing with Toby’s head, or did he actually know Happy’s secret?
WOOTTON: Yes, we’re saying that he knows the answer. It’s the fun of that character. He’s a great lunatic, but he’s also part of this early Scorpion mythology that we don’t get into that much. He was there from the beginning, so he can give us insight into what they were up to before the show caught up with them.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, will we be seeing any other Scorpion origin stories in Season 3, or meeting other former team members?
SANTORA: We’ve talked about it. We did it in Season 1 of Prison Break [which Santora co-produced], and it really worked, where we just did an episode way back in the past before any of the characters were in prison. We saw who they were, what they were doing, revealed certain things, and we’ve always said that could be interesting with Scorpion — to see them in their early days and the forming of the team. We just have to find the right time to do it and the right way to do it.

TVLINE | Walter and Paige also had a really big moment in this finale, with Walter choosing to go after her. Will Walter’s realization that he loves Paige tee up a full-blown relationship, or are you planning to keep things slow between them?
SANTORA: It tees up more Waige. That’s as far as we can go. We can’t promise that in the first episode of next season, they’re going to be holding hands and running through a valley of golden flowers together. But at the same time, the Waige relationship will always be there. Even if it’s bubbling under the surface, even if they have relationships with other people, it’s always there. That’s our job — to keep it alive and let the audience know it’s not going anywhere.

WOOTTON: From what I’ve been seeing, it’s the pace of the Walter/Paige relationship [that the fans respond to]. They want more, more, more, which [speaks to] an obvious chemistry between these two actors and characters. What we’ve always tried to be honest [about] is: What would the reality of this look like for Walter O’Brien? Would he dive into a romantic relationship when his past has been so fraught with failure in that area? He doesn’t fail anywhere except in his personal life. Certainly, there are fans who want more faster, but as that proceeds down a very logical and, unfortunately for some, methodical path, the payoff will be even more sweet.

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  1. barbara says:

    I didn’t see that happening with Toby. As far as Walter I think he’ll see being happy or something and that it will just make Walter go in his shell again. Very annoying

  2. E says:

    Holy Waige!! I was so excited for Walter finally getting a clue tonight and can’t hardly wait until Fall to see the outcome. Poor Toby and Happy but I’m looking forward to the husband reveal. Also I love that Paige is leaving town and Sylvester is watching Ralph. The episode where he was cheering on Ralph was too cute so I’d like to see more of their time together. Great episode!

    • Lyn says:

      It’s the same disappointing deus ex machina that we went through with Angela & Hodgins on Bones.

      • Zeph says:

        Close but not quite. After all, on Bones it didn’t come out until they were literally at the altar because Angela never thought the first marriage was real. If anything, it’s closer to the version they used on Castle.

        • grys03 says:

          Love Scorpion.
          But definitely not all that interested in ‘soapie’ aspects. Toby & Happy are awesome as individual characters & extremely funny as a couple – but to put them in a ridiculous situation – ‘I’m already married’ crap – is so full of soap that I almost immediately lost interest.
          I get the Walter ‘I’m different’ stuff but the angst between him & Paige is so awful I cringe. Writers do your job & get it right.
          Stupid plot decisions do not help this show. E.G. Walter was holding a pipe – why didn’t he just knock the bad guy out?
          The arrest on the bus was pretty anti-climatic – would have preferred a bomb & subsequent escape in the confusion…

  3. Bev Bird says:

    Loved Scorpion, can’t wait for the new season. I’d really liked to know what the song was at the end when Walter is in his car trying to find Paige.

  4. JC says:

    Woah, did not see the Happy being married thing coming! Sets things up nicely for s3. Poor Toby, even though I do think it’s crazy he was proposing to Happy so soon into their relationship.

    And finally Walter admitted his true feelings for Paige, but what the EPs have said in this article does not fill me with any hope for Waige getting together anytime soon. I’ve definitely been frustrated by the slow progression.

    • Kaoteni says:

      I agree it’s been frustrating with the slow progression of Waige, but if they just stop the slow progression and put them together finally, it will kill their relationship fast. I’ve seen it on other shows. They slowly move towards a relationship, then all of a sudden they are a couple, and then everything just goes downhill from there and it’s disappointing. I would much rather have the slow progression and give us a little here and there, and keep building the relationship. Even if it isn’t until the series finale that they are together lol.

    • Kayla says:

      i don’t think it is too soon because while they have only been together for a short time they have known each other for a lot longer. on top of that if you know that who you propose to is the right person then it doesn’t matter how long you have been together look at Megan and Sylvester, yes they only got married so quick because of her illness and needing to get passed the court order but it was a very wonderful marriage, and they didn’t even know each other for long before they got together.

  5. sherlock says:

    I have to say that Happy loses whatever moral high ground she may have been standing on. Toby’s been as awesome a boyfriend as Happy is a lousy girlfriend if she hid something like that…and then had the nerve to demand an arm and a leg because he missed their first date and claimed he wasn’t reliable. Seriously??? I hated the twist. Lots of love to Sylvester for keeping the engagement secret though.

    Not really a Waige fan, so not all that excited about that storyline. Though Toby also proved himself an insanely good friend in mentally smacking Walter upside the head even when his own world was falling apart.

  6. Christy says:

    “Eventually, these characters and these relationships are all going to get where they need to be. ”

    Honestly, that’s really nice to hear! I really like this show. I can’t wait for it to return in the Fall. :)

    • Amy says:

      I’m with you on this one, Christy! Knowing that they’re all going to get where they need to be–Toby and Happy AND Walter and Paige–is all I need to know to hang on. It’s about the journey. I thought my shipper days were over, but my dad got me into Scorpion, and I’m rooting for both Toby/Happy AND Walter/Paige. They’re all going to get to where they need to be–together. It’s just going to take some time.

  7. Kb says:

    Ahhh. One more show where oops the girl can’t get married because shes already wed to another. Yawn.

    • Kaoteni says:

      I’ve watched a lot of shows and this is maybe the first or second time it’s happened.. It gives the show a better twist than of Happy just saying yes and them getting married and living happily ever after.

  8. Tom-VA49 says:

    This Walter/Paige thing is getting tiresome and it reminds me of several other shows, Bones and Castle, for example. Now we have Toby and Happy going through a rocky patch again.

    Is it possible that any show on television could focus on the premise that it put it on the air in the first place?

  9. Ashton says:

    Look I liked Walter and Paige together and probably still do but Im really kinda loving Paige and Tim together.

  10. mike says:

    yes, by all means, lets get walter and paige together..then break them up multiple times for literally no reason other than drama and also come up with contrived and overly absurd reasons why they can’t be together.

  11. Tanya says:

    The Walter/Paige nonsense is the reason I stopped watching Scorpion… I am sick to the bone that every show on television apparently has to be about or revolve around some convoluted romance… It’s ridiculous … Why can’t we have intelligent and interesting programming without resorting to this tired old cliché ? Not everyone cares about characters hooking up, or falling in love, or contrived plot twists such as “Oh Yeah, already married”… Ugh… If I wanted to watch a romance, I would….

    • S says:

      Well a lot of people like to have a romance in a show. I like Toby and happy like each other. And Paige and Walter maybe being a thing. So please if you don’t like it don’t watch it. THANKS

      • Tanya says:

        I already stated that I stopped watching the show, so your “advice” on not watching is quite unnecessary…. Here’s some advice for you though: let people voice their OPINION without trying to make them seem less valid simply because you don’t agree…

        • You seemed to think your opinion is more valid when you believe it isn’t intelligent or interesting and it is a “tired old cliche”.

          Maybe this is very intelligent, very interesting fresh programming and you just can’t see it.

    • Ishie says:

      I think thats because they need the show to have high ratings and sticking to just that genre would limit the target audience sl they have to incorporate more genres to appeal to more viewers.

  12. cadfile says:

    More than likely is Toby/Happy will be resolved before Paige/Walter

  13. NA says:

    One thing that really bothers me is that slow progression of WAIGE. I would hate to see it end up like Bones, where the resolution REALLY TERRIBLY fell flat and was so ridiculously underwhelming given the time we waited. I would also hate to see it end up like Castle, with a mouse chase and just too dang long. I just wish Scorpion could give us a wonderful get together of waige and then show how their relationship adds to the show instead of detracting from it. How it makes the team even stronger, not getting comfortable and lack of chemistry between them as in Bones. As for Happy and Toby, I just hope whatever reason she is married, that it is better that Angela Hodgins excuse. I would hate to see a repeat of Bones anti-climax

    • James Moses says:

      …..something along the lines of Mulder and Scully, where they take strength from each other? Must say this again here, as I have in other threads: want to see JUST how dark was Toby’s childhood, because EVERY aspect of his character points to it, not the LEAST of which is his being a psychiatrist, however much Thomas, Santora or Wooton would suggest otherwise by their comments…..ANOTHER thing: like the movie Fearless, gambling addicts, of course, are always seeking a bigger rush, perpetually pushing the envelope to see how far they can go tempting fate – and in that, he may have something very much in common with FELLOW survivor Happy, though she wouldn’t ever seek the same path…..

  14. Cynthia Dillon says:

    I love the show its been the best thing that happened to Mondays ! I have loved every story . Now it’s even sader cause why would you make Happy and Toby a couple if she was married.. And the only reason I can see her be in a relationship if she was in a love less marriage or an abusive one.. I’m finally happy that Walter admitted he was in love with Paige ,but you can’t help that as he sense it.. I do hope that you don’t keep them apart for a long period of time.. I so can’t wait for you to return in September..

  15. S says:

    I hope that y’all will put season 3 out SOON I can’t wait to see it👏🏼!!!!

  16. HAP says:

    I for one, could not help but think that the reason Mark Collins knew Happy was married is because he is her husband.

  17. fiberlicious says:

    It was obvious early in the episode that Happy is married, when Mark told Toby that she “can’t” marry him.

    And I hope the Waige thing drags out for a long time. Once they get together, the show will die.

  18. Melissa says:

    I actually found scorpion last year while I was pregnant with my son & fall in love with it. Glad its back for a third season

  19. Scott says:

    The episode was subpar at best . The producers and writes don’t know how to think out side the box could the steel anymore ideas from other show . They are following the book of how to do a show because the network and the producers and writers can’t come up with anything if there were to put either couple together . It sad they make up the excuse for the Walter character . So they can keep them apart becuase it’s easer to write a show when you drag out will they or won’t they . But the worst thing is none of the web site will hold producers feet the fire and be honest with the producers about how much non thinking went in to these story line and the same tired ideas that were taken from other shows that were done 2 years ago . I’m not trying to trash the show it’s fun to watch even though some of the story ideas are out there I just think the producers don’t have the capacity to write about couples . Not to mention that’s to finals where Walter was in a car at the end of the episode . Way to show not much thinking was put It the episode . When the show comes back in September don’t get you hoes up for either couple becuase they will drag it out for as long ad they can .

  20. Jayda Nash says:

    I’m pretty sure Happy is married to Collins.. it would explain why he said that Happy couldn’t marry Toby… and as for Walte, he’s probs going to see Paige and Tom kissing or something like that.

  21. Femi says:

    Scorpion was a soap I had given my life out to and I can’t wait for the season 3 to be right before be . I’m greatly disappointed by Happy response to Toby proposal and I’m looking forward to Collins revelation. I hope Walter will get her woman out from the hand of that sexy muscled navy sealed man. I will also like to see Sly getting a new love. Much love to Ralph is the future of the team and I see him supporting Walter for his mother as against Tim.

  22. Ananya says:

    I love the show,infact i love Walter’s attitude. I wanted to know if their is any way i may know the timings of the show in india.

  23. Ishie says:

    Seeing an episode here and there in cable made me finally get the full seasons and watch it. I think their dynamic is awesome. I like happy and toby more than walter paige cause their dynamic is more interesting to me. Walter gets on my nerves sometimes that I’m surprised no one has slapped him on the back of his head yet. Sly annoys me with his whining too but there has to be that one character so I do get his role. I just wish they involve Ralph more… it adds another elemwnt to it when he does some genius thing. Anybody else curious on what Ralph’s IQ is? He seems to be higher than Walter’s 197 :)

  24. Saw the Toppy (long “o”) thing coming, but I was a little surprised Ray didn’t turn out to be some sort of evil planted mole…’course we may not have seen the last of him….just really had a bad feeling about him the first time he intro’d himself to Walter on the urban chain gang.