Castle Season 8 Recap

Castle Recap: Live. Die. Repeat.

In a bid to be, like, 50 percent more objective than I was last week, and as fresh as The News still feels… this Monday’s Castle was quite entertaining, helped by some perfect guest casting.

As Alan Masters, sitcom vet Jonathan Silverman was the perfect hapless Everyman, a mild-mannered safety inspector whose mundane job exposed him to some highly illegal goings-on.

At first, Alan was poisoned, but that didn’t take. Then he was electrocuted and presumed dead a second time.. only to wake up shortly after that attack. All the while, poor Lanie was left to question her skills as an M.E., given this corpse’s refusal to stay dead. A nice comedic runner for Tamala Jones (sigh).

Though Castle has covered (suspected) superheroes before, there was a fresh spin on this instance, as Rick endeavored to test Alan’s powers and help along his origin story (“There’ve been, like, what, nine Spider-Man movies?”). CASTLEAdd General Hospital mobster Maurice Benard as a comic book-y tough guy, and it added up to a solid hour, though the Gwen reveal was a bit ugh. But again, Silverman’s reaction to that betrayal/heartbreak sold the moment, which preceded Alan taking a .22 to the noggin… and surviving, affording him more quality time with Lanie.

The LokSat B-story was clunky, as the LokSat saga has almost always been. (It literally feels like zero work is done on that Very Important, Very Deadly Investigation in between the episodes that circle back to it. Like, weeeeeeks later, Vikram is only now scrubbing airport cameras from the day LokSat flew into L.A.? That said, I liked what Kristofer Polaha did it the final scene, where Caleb Brown reneged on his threats against Kate and instead turned for her, delivering the super-secret cell phone he received when LokSat “inherited” him from Bracken.

Now we just wait for LokSat to call on the next “third Monday”… which the May 16 season finale happens to be.

What did you think of “Dead Again”?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It just painful to watch this show anymore. I am going to DVR the final 3 episodes and just read the TVLine synopsis of each episode. Depending on what is said, I may or may not ever watch the remaining 3 shows. What ABC, ABC Studios, and Ben Sherwood have allowed to happen to this show is criminal. It will go down in TV history as one of the biggest blunders, and cautionary tale of what happens when you don’t deal with the ego of you lead actor and let him dictate the narrative. Damn shame really. Sad and heartbreaking don’t even begin to cover it.

    • Just one thing says:

      The best part of the episode may have been when Lanie flipped the bird at Castle in the hospital.
      How that middle finger made it into the episode, I’ll never know, but it seems sooo damn appropriate.
      Poor ABC S&P probably wouldn’t be happy, though. Ooooops.

      • Rob Horine says:

        I think after 10pm, S&P is a bit looser with what gets in or out.

        Here is a helpful guide to Standards and Practices. Courtesy of Frylock and Meatwad of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    • DL says:

      As someone who’s watched the show from the very first episode, I’m not going to give in to behind-the-scenes theories about drama or Fillion being some sort of diva. There have never been any confirmed reports and I’d rather give the benefit of the doubt.
      That said, it’s ridiculous that ABC could think the show would function without the character of Beckett. They should have called it the last season so that we fans could have a nice bow on the love story between her and Castle. I haven’t watched a new episode in weeks because I’m afraid they’re going to kill her off instead; I just can’t enjoy it with that in the back of my mind. Really hoping instead that they’ll send her off to Washington, and she’ll remain an offscreen character who Castle talks to on the phone or something. Maybe they can convince Katic to do an episode or two here and there. I don’t know.
      But if they kill Beckett, then as far as I’m concerned, Castle ended at their wedding. Period.

      • DuniaMartínez says:

        Sorry to say this… but the fact that Marlow recently unfollow Fillion says a lot about behind scenes situation. The only main cast he has unfollow.

        • Andrea says:

          Marlowe unfollowed Fillion a very long time ago, while he was still with the show. His wife still follows Nathan.

        • PacIslRocks says:

          Tom from Pittsburgh: I don’t expect any of the cast, crew or production staff to speak out about Stana and Tamala leaving the show as their jobs would be at stake. The “truth” will come out when the revised show has been cancelled. But, their latest twitters from cast, crew and former Creator and wife were all supportive of Stana and Tamala. Like Marlowe, majority of stunned, angry fans’ heart’s were broken. S9 just may be the end.

      • DCL33 says:

        The BTS fights will never be confirmed. Confirming that Katic and Fillion hate each others guts would be too damaging. Confirming that Fillion wanted to get rid of her for some time now would be too damaging. Rumors about BTS fights will never be confirmed, but when there are some many rumors one might think, that not all is just rumors. Smoke. Fire. The thing is thou, the show’s title is his characters name, but he is not the show. He never was, he never will be. To me the entire cast was the show, he was just one small entity in it and he just killed the show.

        • Allie says:

          The rumors will never need to be publicly confirmed. If you even know someone, who knows someone, in Hollywood, you have heard these “rumors” for years. This is no secret in the business. I think Stana has tried a little harder than Nathan to keep it out of public eye (at least she acknowledges his existence and contribution to Castle), where Nathan rather praise anyone other than Stana. Before his wonderfully PR crafted “see you later I’m better off without you” memo, when was the last time he even typed “Stana” on anything? You are right, there was A LOT of smoke and one huge fire behind it.
          A good deal of fans who acknowledged the rumors and tended to believe them, were able to rationalize, as long as it didn’t impact the onscreen relationship, it is what it is. We didn’t need our leads being best friends, or friends at all, to enjoy and appreciate the Beckett/Castle relationship. That all changed once Nathan could use his negations to limit screen time with Stana, though, personally, I think he started that pressure back in Season 7.

          • Tom From Pittsburgh says:

            The thing for me regarding “backstage tension” is that NO ONE in the cast said anything defending Katic….everyone basically said the exact same thing Fillion did, great work, good luck, you’ll be missed. Either they all basically hate her and are all trying to be polite (possible, maybe she was a Diva and a destraction, certainly last year’s contract hold out and public demands for “character development”, “storyline consideration”, etc would lead to that conclusion) or everyone, from Fillion on down wants to keep their jobs next year and isn’t worried much about her.

          • Viv says:

            @Allie : agree with everything
            @Tom from Pittsburgh : They didn’t use the same words or tone. The other cast and crew’s tweets were more heartfelt. They said that they were sad that she was leaving, that she was more than a colleague, but a friend (Seamus, Jon). They were grateful to have worked with her(Vikram), they loved her (Juliana Dever)… Nathan’s tweet was very formal : “she was my partner, I thank her, I wish her the best”.
            He has been tweeting for years everyday pictures of him with cast or crew members but never a picture with Stana. She tweeted him happy birthday last year. He never responded. She tweeted to vote for him for the people’s choice award. He never did the same for her. It is so obvious he is ignoring her.
            I wonder how it was for everytone else to be working with that kind of tension in the air…

    • Joseph P. Mayer says:

      “Dead Again” was uncontrollably rushed, facile and moronic. The writer’s attempt to revisit Castle’s buffoonery (as in vampires, ghosts, extra-terrestrials and other OTT theories) was successful in its failure. Caleb Brown’s appearance to warn Beckett that he might expose her to LokSat was unbelievable as was his presence in the loft at the end of the episode. Given the fate of others who have betrayed LokSat, his “reform” was tantamount to painful torture and suicide. I wrote a script line that satisfies me. Read it if you wish at:
      Joe Mayer

  2. chuckfanforever says:

    This was BY FAR The best episode in almost 2 seasons.

  3. I’m hoping the ratings are WAY down the last few weeks for Castle, so that they end up canceling it.
    Can’t believe I’m wishing this for one of my favorite shows.
    I hope others will follow suit and not watch either.

    • Betisa says:

      Pathetic and selfish comment

      • taran63 says:

        It’s just as selfish for you to want it to continue. Most people tend to root for what will make them happy. And what would make me happy is a good series finale instead of having to watch Kate Beckett die.

        • Betisa says:

          You are wrong, most of you are worried about one character and I think about the rest of the people who work on the show and want Castle continue.

          • Night Owl says:

            Yep, over 400 people would lose their jobs.

          • Coop says:

            No, were worried about the show completely ruining the premise of the show and throwing our commitment over the years in the trash. Not to mention smacking the show’s creator and those involved from the beginning in the face.

          • BM says:

            Can we stop with the so and so many are going to lose their job argument please? Take a look at the renewal scorecard and count the shows which were cancelled. I didn’t see anyone whining for those jobs and no one was whining for those jobs because it’s part of the business. Shows get cancelled every season. Castle hasn’t been what it was for all of S8, others would argue that it hasn’t been what it was for longer. The show has been dying a slow death, so why not put it out of its misery?

          • taran63 says:

            Because when a TV show ends, it’s crew is banned from ever working on another show again?

          • jahoney1 says:

            Do not hate to say it, but I could give a flying crap about who loses there job if Castle is cancelled. Look at all the shows that have been cancelled already this year. Do those people’s jobs not matter? The argument of who loses their job is Castle is cancelled is irrelevant because it does not really matter because the crew will either go to work on another ABC show or they go back to the production company they work for and find a show show, movie, web show, etc to work on. The crew always comes out clean when a show is cancelled. The actors and actresses are the one’s that have to hit the pavement again.

          • Elhar says:

            You know, the real pathetic thing is when the only excuse of a show’s existence is that it pays some bills.

          • Audrey says:

            They’ll be looking for new jobs anyways, since it’s already a sinking shipwreck. Better start looking sooner than later…especially with pilot season and the like….

          • Mary says:

            That argument is the only pathetic thing I see here…the show gets cancecelled, the people working on it will move on and find a new job, maybe a better one who knows? These kind of things happen all the the time, that´s why every year we see an actor/actress that was on a show is now on another one and on another network!
            I so wish Castle ends this year because the premise of it is a writter AND his muse – this season has already been destroying it, coming back without Beckett will completely trash what Marlowe created:(

          • Mike M says:

            + 1000 to Elhar

          • DCL33 says:

            I keep on seeing people be all “ohh if they cancel this or that people will be out of work” I ask you, what exactly do you think all these people (cast and crew) do once the show is on hiatus? Sit at home and do nothing? They start new projects while they wait to continue with whatever was on hiatus. These people are contractual workers, they go from one project to another. Stop guilting people into watching something they dont want to because you think so so many people will starve to death if a show gets canceled.

          • Celina says:

            We are worried about the show. Is not one character. It is a lead character and a secondary character. The show is Castle and Beckett. And what’s the point of one more season? Better end now than next year.
            In fact, selfish are the ones who think is ok to fire the women of the show. The men can negociate a comeback. The women, though, were informed they are not necessary anymore. Including the LEAD FEMALE.

          • Louie Leanos says:

            Totally mute point. TV production crews are members of a union. They will be fine.

            As for Castle, they need to end the show if Stana is not coming back. The whole premise of the show is about a writer and his muse. Losing the muse will destroy the foundation. If the producers want to focus on the Castle character as a P.I , end this show and start fresh with a new one.

            I am not sure if I believe that the “feud” goes back that far. I have watched interviews with Nathan, Stana and the rest of the cast. They are sitting right next to each other, playing attention to everything each is saying. They are smiling and laughing. If there is a feud, It must have started in the last season or two.

          • PacIslRocks says:

            The ABC Suits are responsible for the jobs not the mostly stunned fans. Ex: The Suits fired Stana and Tamala not the fans. The Suits will be responsible for the revised “Castle” as they are the ones who will approve S9 not the fans. If there is a S9 with a Fillion-centric show, it’s on the Suits if it fails

          • Viv says:

            + 1001 to Elhar

      • JosiahBartlet4President says:

        How is it selfish?

        • Celina says:

          It is not selfish! We want a decent ending for the show. And even if it continues, with these ratings it will be canceled next year. What’s the point of destroying the show then?

        • KCC says:

          You want to deprive people of a show because YOU no longer enjoy it. Not everyone shares that opinion. If you disliked it because it offended you morally and you thought it was bad for society I could see, at least in your mind, you thought you were doing it for the “greater good.” But not liking the artistic direction it’s going in and wanting it cancelled is selfish. You don’t like it so no one should be able to watch it. To me that’s selfish. In the end it will get cancelled, as all shows do, even without haters actively lobbying for it. To me the unselfish course to take is to state your opinion that you no longer like the show and will no longer watch it, then move on and enjoy the shows you do like.

          • Annie says:

            Everyone pull over to the side of the road, Officer KCC of the Comment Police is here. Just express your own opinion and let others do the same. What’s so hard about that? Why do you guys always have to lecture other commenters on *how* they comment?

          • KCC says:

            @JosiahBartlet4President asked how he was being selfish and I responded with my opinion. Sorry to offend you, Officer Annie of the Comments on Comment Police.

  4. KLS says:

    Didn’t watch #CancelCastle

  5. Kelli says:

    It was okay, but I knew who the bad guy was from the minute of introduction. The LOKSAT nonsense is just that, nonsense. The writers miss the point. Kate’s previous vendettas were to avenge her mother’s death and move her closer, then further away, from Rick. This is made-up drama and it serves no purpose. The creative powers that be need to go back and re watch the first 4 seasons. Rick and Alexis, Rick and his Mom. Those relationships strengthened the show. They should have done something with Kate’s dad, so that we cared.

  6. Sam says:

    I’m watching, but I’m really having a hard time enjoying the episode knowing what we all know. It makes it that much worse. I really hope it’s the final season and they get to air the ending that I’m guessing is Rick and Kate riding off on motorcycles into forever after taking down LokSat.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Best part of this episode? No Alexis and no Haley.

    • r says:


      • Just one thing says:

        A major, MAJOR plus.

        • I really don’t care for Hayley. She adds nothing to the show, and her camaraderie with Alexis and Castle just isn’t believable to me.

          • Just one thing says:

            Alexis has been looking for a role model for years.
            Alexis could never warm up to Kate, because Kate was competition for Rick’s affection and attention.
            But Hayley was never competition for Rick’s love and never will be. Hayley will be like the big sister Kate tried and failed to be. She will never be Alexis’ step-mother because she was never meant to have a step-mother – at least not for very long anyway.
            Hayley helps unlock all the characteristics Alexis thinks are cool within herself. Hayley makes Alexis relevant.
            In a perfect world, Hayley is Alexis’ Tyler Durdan and we all find out their perfect relationship has all been in Alexis’ head.

          • jim hamlet says:

            I am a huge Castle fan, I have this rule now, don’t watch reruns if they have been seen more than 10 times. There are some turkey, like the ones that contain the character Hayley. Not a fan, she has been brought in to bolster Kate’s absence or writer’s block on the new writing staff, Castle needs to return to the old daze, solid story-lines, the tried and proven central characters, and most of all, heart in the game.

          • Celina says:

            Hayley is the substitute of Beckett. Horrible

    • Allie says:

      Truth. Anything Alexis or Haley just pulls me out of the episode

  8. brad says:

    seem like some foreshadowing for the series finale if that comes to be with the bike road trip thing and now the paris trip talk

  9. JeffDJ says:

    This was one of those episodes where Castle’s belief in something so ludicrous makes him come off as a complete idiot. And what’s sad is he wasn’t doing it in a I-don’t-REALLY-believe-this-but-it’s-fun-to-pretend kind of way — he really believed the guy was immortal. Shame.

    • Night Owl says:

      Actually, to me, he looks geeky. I just happen to find it endearing.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Agree. There have been far, far, far worse instances of him going OTT with an absurd theory.

        • Annie says:

          10 points to Gryffindor. Couldn’t agree more. At least in this episode, there were repeated, observable facts to back up the wild theory.

          • fran says:

            The sad part of the OTT theme is that it looks like they have been setting up S9 for a continuation of this type behavior.
            But there is the theory that prevails time and again. That is, A Little Goes a Long Way.
            Of course it suits some audiences (14 yrs. or younger mentality), but it seems that is not the age group that Castle has built.
            Maybe ABC can find that age group.

    • Just one thing says:

      Castle’s bumbling Pink Panther act in the lab was eyeroll-worthy and his obsession with Alan’s immortality and origin story was just so OTT.
      His willingness to help Alan get a girlfriend would’ve been endearing if it hadn’t all been overshadowed by illogical and childish behavior.
      Even in his seeming guilt over Alan’s third death, Castle was obnoxiously glib.
      One thing’s for sure, Castle 2.0 is going to be HIGH-larious. As in, some of us will need to be high to enjoy it
      At least Lanie got a shot at happiness. I hope they make it. Too bad about the foreshadow-y BS with Kate, though.

  10. Betisa says:

    I really enjoyed this episode! I love the dynamic between Castle and Alan. I’d like to watch more Castle but if it means that NF is going to receive more offensive comments and being attacked or being blamed for something he didn’t do, well I hope it is cancelled.

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      No one can be sure at this point about what he did or didn’t do. As i said, Marlow unfollowed him after his statement on Katic and for it speaks a lot.

  11. Bill says:

    Please cancel this once-great show. Season 8 has been terrible and the show’s treatment of Katic and Jones was criminal. Fillion’s ego is out of control and he is delusional if he thinks people want to watch a Beckett-less Castle.

  12. veronica says:


  13. Susan says:

    Loved it! We hope that the show gets renewed!

    • Betisa says:

      Oh, great. I thought I was the only one! :)

      • Night Owl says:

        Definitely not the only one. I look at it similar to Castle’s books. Originally, he was writing about Derek Storm, and he wrote books about Nikki Heat. One set of stories is ending, and a new set begins. Many of the same players (yayyy), though sadly not all. But tonight’s episode is one example (of several in the second half) that shows the writers still have stories to tell. Actually, although yes it would be nice if Beckett was still going to be around, I’m still interested to see how Castle will handle life after Beckett.

        • Coop says:

          “Derrick Storm” was never a character on Castle, which makes the comparison entirely flawed.

          • Susan Smith says:


          • Gern Blanston says:

            Not entirely true. The character and the story as to why Castle killed him off was a plot point for the first season. So, although not a major character “Derrick Storm” was still a character on Castle.

          • Night Owl says:

            Derek Storm was also the main character in Castle’s book. Castle killed him off, and started writing a new set of books with a new lead character. It relates.

          • Coop says:

            @ Gern – He was a fictional character and the person who inspired said character was nowhere on the show. Huge difference.The premise of the show was always Castle and Beckett.

          • Night Owl says:

            And I still say…that story ending does not necessarily mean the show should end. It means a new story with a different direction.

          • Coop says:

            @ Night Owl – It’s a completely different show without Beckett. It would be like continuing Chuck while writing out Sarah Walker. Completely changes the entire premise of the series.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            Coop, I’m not arguing that. You are 100% correct on the premise of the show. I’m merely pointing out that the character of Derrick Storm was in fact a character on Castle. Although the the premise of the show is Castle and Beckett, Derrick Storm was brought up frequently in season one and is one of the main reasons as to why Beckett was attracted to Castle in the first place. The Derrick Storm books helped her get through her mother’s death and her early years in the precinct. She was a superfan. The Derrick Storm books gave Castle the contacts that helped them solve crimes frequently in the early seasons. You can’t ignore the impact that the specter of Derrick Storm played on the early years on Castle. Just because he never appeared on the show does not mean that he was not a character on the show. Characters take on many forms. Castle’s apartment is a character on the show. So is the precinct and now Castle’s PI office. And so is Derrick Storm.

          • Coop says:

            @ Gern – It’s still not comparable. The audience has zero relationship with the inspiration for Derrick Storm or the fictional character himself because he’s never on screen. If he was never mentioned again or at all would it have mattered? Nope. Meanwhile, Beckett is a real character that people have gotten to know over 150+ episodes.

          • John NYC says:

            “always Castle and Beckett.”

            Also fictional characters.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            Coop, again that’s not entirely true. As stated above there are the Derrick Storm books that people have read giving those that read them a relationship with the character. It all depends how far down the Castle rabbit hole you went. You seem to be making the argument that the show cannot continue without Beckett because she’s been around for so long and while I wish that the show wouldn’t continue it certainly can. I see many of the same arguments now about why Beckett cannot go as when Stabler was written off of SVU after Christopher Meloni’s own contract issues. The show isn’t as good IMO, but its still watchable. And that’s what I feel Castle will ultimately be if they decide to continue without Beckett.

          • Night Owl says:

            Thank you Gern, that was my point. Also, you brought up a good point. L&O SVU has continued despite the fact that one of the 2 main leads left the show. Everyone pronounced the end of L&O SVU then too. Yet, it continues to get renewed.

            Each story of Derek Storm or Nikki Heat, or any other character in a book tells of a different part of the main character’s life. Some of those stories may include the “love of his/her life” and even how they lost the love of their life and their life after that loss. I still say, although it’s not ideal, one book is ending and another is beginning. It’s still quite possible that there are interesting stories to tell.

          • Disappointed says:

            Richard Castle isn’t the golden goose, Kate Beckett is!!!!!!

        • Elhar says:

          The Stabler/SVU comparison is completely false. SVU has never ever been about the private realtionship between Benson and Stabler. They were close colleagues, partners, but neither of them was meant to be ONE for the other.

          It’s also a false compare Nikki Heat with Derrick Storm. Nikki Heat might also be a fictional figure of Castle’s book, but the source of this figure is very much non-fictional to him – unlike Derrick Storm.

          Castle’s story is about how they found each other, the core of the story is how their relationship developed. I assume the show wants to keep up its goofy, comedic tone, which was based almost solely on Castle – but doing it after he loses THE love of his life, the person he had been longing for, fought for, waited for years, is so out of character, that it makes the whole idea a bad joke.

          • Jim says:

            Actually, when SVU started, the premise of the show was about how a cop and family man deals with horrible crimes. That was why in the beginning Stabler’s family was shown in almost every episode. It was about how these cases affected his family life. But that only lasted for the about the first season, after that it was the relationship between Benson and Stabler.

    • DuniaMartínez says:

      If you loved this one specifically, you are gonna be disspointed when your new desired ones are no remotely as lovely as this.

  14. Luli says:

    Not in the mood to watch Castle with “the news”. I just want a decent ending for Caskett. One that doesn’t end with them breaking up, or Beckett’s death.

  15. Sheila Bushur Hurst says:

    Continue with Castle and family in his private eye occupation! He is the REAL star here!!!!!…..

    • Disappointed says:

      You’re joking, right?

    • Susan Smith says:

      Wrong.Castle would have Never lasted 8 seasons without Kate Beckett.She is at Least as important to the show as Castle.The CREATORS of the show have made it Clear “Castle is a writer and his muse solving murders together”. You do not get to tell the CREATORS of the show what Their Vision of Castle was when they came up with and wrote it for 6 years

      • Disappointed says:

        Exactly, it really bugs me when people go on about “Well, the show is called Castle”, even Molly in a recent tweet made that mistake and got hammmered for it . Marlowe made it clear that the show was to be about a writer and his muse, it’s a shame someone’s ego didn’t get the memo. I doubt if Fillione will ever get cast on a show where’s he’s expected to share top billing with another female lead, and even if he did what actress would be dumb enough to take the part, other than one of his FF cronies.

        • DCL33 says:

          It really bugged me when she said that. She diminished her role in the show and popularity. She made it sound like no one but him matters to the show, where it is so far from the truth that it is not even in this realm anymore. I watched the show for all the characters and the actors made it enjoyable just as much as he did. But saying he is the show… what a spit in the face of everyone that ever worked in it.

    • jahoney1 says:

      The ratings have proven that Nathan Fillion cannot carry this show. He has never been able to carry the show alone. The creators of the show, not the current crappy pair of show runners have stated that the show was about a writer and his muse solving crime together shown through the emotional arch and POV of Stana Katic’s character in Kate Beckett. There was a reason that Alexi Hawley and Nathan Fillion had a major disagreement with Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller which caused Alexi to be told to leave the show. Alexi never liked the arch of Kate Beckett and wanted her knocked down a few rung. Nathan Fillion did not like how she carried the show and had more lines then he did. Alexi left and Nathan did not get his way until former ABC president Paul Lee and the TPTB forced Marlowe to do a page one rewrite of the wedding in 48 hours. We are seeing the show according to what Alexi Hawley and Nathan Fillion wanted after season 3 and the ratings have gone down accordingly.

      • Just one thing says:

        This all sounds plausible to me.

      • Betisa says:

        No, you are wrong. And you know as ABC knows that the problem on the show was Stana and her pretensions, she was too demanding. That’s why writers had to change the storyline on S8 because of her pretensions, she wanted more money and more time off. Now it’s when ABC said STOP, goodbye and good luck.

        • Just one thing says:

          So, Fillion reportedly required only two days per week in S8 with Katic in contract negotiations that finalized before ABC approached her.
          But you’re saying that Katic’s time off is what forced the showrunners to write a new story – time off that amounted to three episodes off out of 22.
          Makes perfect sense. Really. I’m sure Katic’s request for time off is why they had to suddenly fire Penny Johnson Jerald, too.
          I’m sure Katic was making more money than Fillion, too. No doubt about it.

          • Betisa says:

            Lol she was fired for a network, that’s terrible for any actors career. She will live with that.

          • Just one thing says:

            Couldn’t address my points, of course. I’m shocked.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–that tongue of yours is going to get permanently stuck in your cheek :]
            This may be a question out of order and time, but see you here today, and, of course, you are the source of wisdom I always count on. What the hell is the difference between ‘not invited back’ and being fired? I’m sure this has been exhaustively explored elsewhere, but I don’t keep up.
            And while I’ve got your attention, what happened to the old gang? For example, where is CastleBuzz, or Sigh or Stalker(interesting name, probably got arrested, etc)? Never thought CB would give up. Maybe Sigh did get Dengue…

          • Just one thing says:

            Yo, lkh. Wazzup?
            I think “not invited back” sounds nicer (and less embarrassing) than “fired,” but that’s just me.
            As for other posters, I’m not sure. Maybe they gave up on watching and commenting about the show. :-S

        • jahoney1 says:

          So I am going to give you a little dollars and cents comparison. For example lets say that Nathan hypothetically is making 200,000 per episode of Castle. Stana during negotiations that happened after Nathan signed because it is very normal for studio’s to negotiate with the titular star first knew that Nathan was making 200,000 per episode. She asks for the same amount of money because she is doing the same amount of work. ABC came back with an offer of 150,000 per episode. She said no way which she should off. They negotiate around and settle on 170,000 per episode which is about normal in Hollywood for a female lead to make about 15-20 percent less than her male co-star. (These are also normal numbers across the country.) During these negotiations because she was paid less she got other concessions. Also very normal.
          Nathan not wanting to shot with Stana more than two times a week that was built into his contract before she was even signed for season 8 had nothing to do with the change in direction (sarcasm)
          Bring back a man who was let go from the show in Alexi Hawley (who has tanked his last three shows he was executive producer on) did not cause the change in direction. (Sarcasm)
          So you are basically saying that because she wanted equal billing and equal pay with her co-star it was her fault. That does not even pass the smell test. During seasons 1-7.5 she had more lines, more screen time, and her POV and emotional arch and growth was the driving force behind the show with Castle as her partnered equal.

          • Angie says:

            Curious as to whether you have any info as to why Stana would’ve even bothered to sign on for S8 knowing that Alexi was going to be at the helm and Nathan having the 2 days an episode built into his contract?

          • Viv says:

            @Angie : good question.
            – So the fans don’t have a Beckettless S8?
            – Because she wasn’t available during pilot season and therefore has no new contracts signed?
            – To piss of NF?
            – She thought she was signing on to be in Scandal?
            – Lanie Parrish needed a side-kick?
            – She had yoga Monday-Wednesday and needed something to do Thursday-Friday?
            – Other?

        • Audrey says:

          How dare a woman who has worked longer hours, with more lines and in a more physically demanding role ask for equal pay. Preposterous!!

        • Disappointed says:

          It seems that the creator and his wife are supportive of Stana, and then Terri tweeted this rather cryptic comment

          Terri Edda Miller ‏@TerriEdda 2h2 hours ago

          Thank you @RobHanning for… Well… You know.

          You seem to have condemned Stana on little to no evidence, when it is much more plausible that this is all down to Fillione not being able to cope with her growing popularity that, as far as this show goes, is probably at least equal, if not greater by now than his. What a terrible crime that she might have asked for equal pay seeing that she has been carrying the show for the past couple of years. And as Fillione’s contract was concluded before they negotiated with her after S7 it would seem he demanded that they only work two days per episode together this season which forced the writers to come up with a storyline to accommodate that.

          • Betisa says:

            Ask you why the person who directed most of the episodes of Castle stopped following SK on twitter.

          • Just one thing says:

            John Terlesky has likely not directed more eps than Rob Bowman or Bill Roe, two directors who seem to get along with her.

          • Allie says:

            @Just one thing, I have to wonder if Bowman will come back for a Season 9. He and Stana are pretty close and I would think if there is anyone with any kind of pull who could “walk out” and make an impact, it would be him.

          • Disappointed says:

            Bowman has directed the most episodes, and Terlesky left after FBOW and didn’t return until this season, so maybe he’s more in with Hawley. Hanning seems to have written his last episode, interesting to see if Bowman returns for S9, he could always go back to the X-Files.

          • Just one thing says:

            @ Allie, I would be surprised if Bowman didn’t come back, if only because this is a pretty steady gig.
            I really don’t expect anyone to walk away from Castle in protest. They all have lives and careers to maintain.
            That said, I think he did all he could over the last couple seasons to protect Beckett from a creative standpoint.

        • Angie says:

          If that was true they would be throwing her under the bus and stating exactly why she is not coming back not that she wasn’t asked due to “budget reasons” and cop all the blame and backlash from the fans.

          • Just one thing says:

            I don’t think ABC would outright trash Katic if she were some horrible diva. But I do think more stories would be out there if she were, with more details and “good riddance.”
            Instead, no one has touched the “Katic’s a Diva” details, anonymously or otherwise.

          • Audrey says:

            Hmm. My comment didn’t show up so here’s my second attempt. Probably due to the included link to TVLine’s sister site Deadline…click on my name for the Deadline original article.
            Agree with Angie and JOT.
            To add to JOT: I don’t really follow all the news/gossips, but people are in denial if they keep on saying NF isn’t a diva. They chose to have selective amnesia when it comes to that time during s6 when NF didn’t show up for work just to convince ABC that he should have a 4-day work week — all for his personal gain and disregarded the fact that his co-workers (casts/crews) had all showed up and ready to work.
            You’re right–When you p*ssed the network, they don’t trash you, but they aren’t afraid to add more info into the matter.

      • Angie says:

        Thanks for the info your shared. Curious as to whether you can elaborate a bit more on the rewrite of the wedding you mention Marlowe being forced to do as that’s the first I have heard about that. What was the original plan before it was rewritten? Also anything further on the disagreement you mention?

      • How exactly do you have so much knowledge about why Alexi left the show and his feelings about the Beckett arc? And how do you know that Nathan was upset about Katic ‘carrying the show’? Her acting abilities preclude her from being able to carry the show.

        Marlowe himself stated that he never intended to have the wedding in Season 6. Why would he lie about that if he was forced to do a rewrite to not have the wedding? Maybe you should pay more attention to facts than rumors.

    • Betisa says:

      I agree!

    • Allie says:

      Nathan Fillion is taking a huge risk here trying to continue Castle with only his star power. He’s played same character for 8 years, he’s not getting any younger and really hasn’t aged all that well, he coasts on the boyish charm he thinks everyone just swoons over. If Castle 2.0 fails, which it will, it will only show people he is now in the “goofy college buddy who won’t grow up” or the “goofy dad” casting category. He, alone, can’t carry an hour drama. I’m sure he is relying on his buddies to keep him in bit parts here and there, but this will put the nail in his leading man days.

      • PacIslRocks says:

        Allie: Well said. I, too, see him as you do. His talent is limited. His “facial mugging” humor gets old. He’s not aging well.I see him in the future doing the ComicCon route with his former Firefly buddies.

  16. Otis Capps says:

    How can you have an episode with Jonathan Silverman dying multiple times and not have at least one Weekend at Bernies reference? Granted, he wasn’t trying to make a dead look alive but he was the dead who kept coming back to life

  17. lauri5567 says:

    I assume Allan and Lanie are going to ride off together. IDK, seems rather bland to me. I feel like Kate and Rick are doing the world’s worst undercover investigating of Lokstat. I liked Maurice Bernard better than I usually like Sonny Corinthos.

  18. Chloe says:

    Fun episode, except for the LokSat nonsense. I never cared about it & can’t even remember most of what it’s about [except that it involved the murders of the Feds that Kate worked briefly with]. And now that we know that the twits in charge at ABC are getting rid of Kate, I dislike the storyline even more.

  19. Raven says:

    I’m boycotting the rest of the season.. I have decided that season 8 was like a REALLY REALLY bad dream and Season 7 Hollander Woods was the shows finally.

    Pass on the rest of bad dream season 8

  20. Angie says:

    It’s hard to invest in the final few eps not knowing whether they are just going to kill off Beckett and destroy the Castle & Beckett relationship and the premise of the whole series (all 170/180ish eps) for “budget reasons” for most likely a shortened final 13 episode season. If Beckett lives and the Caskett relationship endures all be it off screen then I can continue to enjoy the older episodes and these next few episodes otherwise the show will be as dead to me as Beckett.

  21. John NYC says:

    Liked the episode.

    Caleb getting turned was interesting, though late.

    Liked Lanie’s portrayal here.

    • Disappointed says:

      But has Caleb been turned, or has he just dangled a carrot to tempt Beckett into doing something rash, like going to a deserted warehouse with only Castle as back up that we see in that BTS pic from the episode.

  22. Just Me says:

    This episode was way down on my list. Castle was just too silly. Superhero stuff, mind reading, Spidey-sense. Husband walked out about half-way through. I’ve always enjoyed the bits of humor in the show, but tonight’s humor left me cold.

  23. DarkDefender says:

    I can’t help but think, why would Kate slow the roll with Vikram and moments later reveal her hand to Caleb so blatantly? Castle is the reckless one… Not digging Kate in those shoes… Dare I say it will get her killed?
    Loved the Lanie banter with the immortal one. That was awesome..
    P.S. Next week as a Martha filled hour – about time!

  24. BW says:

    I really hope they don’t kill off Beckett. Stana deserves better than that. She put her heart and sole into that role and was very protective of that character. Just like Nathan will have his character end the way he wants, Stana deserves that too. It was unfair and stupid of ABC to get rid of her. I hope Terence and Alexi do right by Stana, Andrew Marlowe (who gave them their opportunity) and the Castle fans who invested their time. Nathan and ABC are delusional to think Castle can go on without Stana. Nathan comes off as an asshole. He should be a standup guy and not do the show anymore without Stana. Or he wanted her kicked out so he can go on and get more air time. He doesn’t look good either way.

  25. N says:

    This was sad for me

  26. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband has belly laughed through the whole show, “I think this is the best episode of the whole season!” Kudos, and thanks to the writers for giving our family a good time, tonight.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      The husband is watching this episode, again, a few days later and having the greatest fun, saying, “If the episodes are this good, maybe we won’t miss Beckett”. It is double fun for me, with him belly laughing and the episode being so good.

  27. Alex says:

    I actually liked the episode given … everything. The beginning scene was cute, they managed to put some good scenes between Castle and Beckett, which is not easy this year since they can’t work more than 2 days together.

    Some of Castle and Alan’s scenes were fun but they were really long and it was really repetitive at the end. Annoying that Castle is AGAIN portrayed like a complete idiot who seriously believe in all the ridiculous things.

    No Alexis and Haley, good point : I don’t mind Alexis when she plays the daughter but the super P.I thing is just annoying and make me fast forward her scenes everytime.

    Still don’t care about Locksat, I can’t believe a ridiculous storyline like this is gonna get Beckett killed. Although SK has a super great chemistry with KP, their scenes were really well played. Too bad this story doesn’t make any sense.

  28. Castlefan says:

    Just can’t watch at the moment. I’ll see the end of season 8 later if I’m sure there’s a good ending, Beckett’s still alive and there’s no season 9.

  29. sw says:

    Always appreciated castle believing in strange stuff but this time he has been ridicolous. Too silly. Please stop.
    All what caleb said is obviously (for me) what will happen: she won’t stop so she ends up dead. All the blame on Beckett. If everyone will ever mention her.
    They shared even less time togehter, must have been a relief for someone.
    Happy there was no alexis (she needs a life far from his dad. What’s the matter with her? It’s creepy). Overacting most times. When hayley is onscreen the scene becomes slower and slower. I find myself check the phone instead of watching.

    Even if I would see season9 there is literally nothing interesting left. A silly widower with a creepy daughter and hayley, a woman appeared from nowhere who now loves everybody and nobody have never explained why.
    Tv must be a pleasure not boredom.

  30. It’s just so frustrating, I love ‘regular Castle’, and I hate ‘conspiracy Castle'(while I love other Conspiracy based stories).
    I do hope they’ll finish LokSat, and never start another conspiracy, ever again, they’re just awful at conspiracy-theories.

  31. Viv says:

    Another goofy-Castle episode. Not funny. Pathetic.
    In an alternate universe, he would have pretented to believe in immortality only to annoy Beckett, they would have had a nice debate/banter about it.
    Nathan FIllion is trying too hard and it turns him into a buffoon. Where is the subtlety of the first seasons? When has the show become the Nathan FIllion comedy hour? When has he become a human Shaggy-Scooby-Doo?
    As for the subtlety in the Loksat investigation, wow, if Beckett wanted to be found out she couldn’t have done better.
    Am I the only who thought that Caleb’s turn at the end was too easy and seems like a trap?

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes to all of that, especially Caleb’s change of heart.

    • Allie says:

      Yes!! to the Caleb change of heart. I was yelling at TV “Kate it’s a trap!!” How can neither Kate or Castle not question him just blindly handing over LokSat? Major plot hole. LokSat now knows exactly the time and place Kate will be.

  32. Tom-VA49 says:

    This was one of the worst episodes I’ve seen and since the cat is out of the bag regarding the off-camera relationship between the two stars I can’t help noticing how their scenes together continue to diminish.

    The good news is that I saw Rick operating on his own and I know I won’t miss him if that’s the way next season goes… if there’s a next season. The plot was contrived and I missed Martha and Alexis. Are there many more episodes left? I hope not.

  33. Bob says:

    Wouldn’t know no longer watchimg

  34. Imzadi says:

    I loved Jonathan Silverman in this episode, but the casting would truly have been perfect if his wife, Jennifer Finnigan, had played Gwen. You would have expected them to get together, so it would have been a great twist.

    I don’t know what anonymous found wrong with this episode. I think it was very funny, and Nathan was great. Castle can be such a child in some ways. He’s Fox Mulder’s spiritual cousin!

  35. I thought the show last night would have more of Beckett in it, I guess that is not going to happen. Seeing Beckett and Castle together is the real part of the show that people want to see. It is like Nathan is ready to just get this show over and go on to the next show season 9.
    Good luck to all of you that are staying and maybe you will have a show next year or maybe not. Good luck ABC you all don’t know how to make a good decision.

  36. pepi says:

    I hope CancelCastle .
    Beckett dies, it’s disgusting the whole. Without Beckett, there is no point in continuing.
    #SaveCaskett #CancelCastle

  37. Disappointed says:

    I guess this should kill those rumours that Stana was behind Penny’s dismissal at the end of S7

    Penny Johnson Jerald ‏@btwprod 5h5 hours ago

    Up so late, but early enough to share some love to @Stana_Katic HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    • Just one thing says:

      For those who still believes that illogical joke of a rumor, no positive tweets from PJJ will change their minds.

  38. I think that the one of the two problems with the whole LokSat storyline is time. The original storyline about Beckett’s mom’s muder streched out over many seasons with it popping up every so often. It wasn’t closed until the end of the six season, which left room for it to be a good drama that had a big mystery that couldn’t take the main focus of the characters solving other murders. Season seven started this one season mystery arc with Castle going missing and I personaly thing they dropped the ball there. Instead of having it be the new big mystery they solved a small chunk of it before the end of season seven and then desided that we needed a new big mystery, with a big baddie, and just make it so the rest of the ‘Missing Castle’ mystery ties into the new one.

    As for the other problem with the LokSat storyline, well that is far simplier, it’s stupid. It came about just to seperate Castle and Beckett in an equally stupid attempt to recapture the magic of the first couple of seasons. When a new season of a show start with new showrunner there are many directions they can take a show. The one direction you don’t take with a show like this is backward, because one of the main focuses of the show is moving forward. Yes, Beckett wanting to solve her mother’s murder stopped her from moving forward but not moving isn’t the same as going backward and that is what the showrunners did with the whole seperation storyline.

  39. jj says:

    This show died the day it was announced they are not resigning Stana for S9, if there is one.

  40. Without Kate i will Quit watching this show,so will a majority of fans,to bad ABC can’t afford to pay its cast,no wonder there so low in the ratings !

  41. Pivoboozer says:

    I am concerned about this sudden backlash against Stana Katic.

    She has been an integral part of the success of this show, along with her leading man, other co-stars, wonderful writers, talented department chiefs, and crew. She was not well known when she landed the part, but because of her talent and hard work has grown as an actress and in popularity. That should not be denied or denigrated by anyone.

    Katic has always been described as a workhorse on this show and as a complete professional on set (executive producer Rob Bowman recently described the Beckett character as the most complicated he has dealt with — and emphasized he was talking about the character, not the actress). She showed up for work on time each day, knew her lines, hit her marks, and followed direction. She did, or wanted to do (and was physically able to do), all her own stunts. She promoted the show overseas, as well as domestically — except for this year. Her request or someone else’s demand? She was convinced to return for a season 8 by new showrunners who assured her that her character would be further explored/developed (and, yes, I’m sure the money was good, too). So what went wrong?

    From what I’ve recently read about her, she is very energetic and intellectually curious. She is not one to sit around. She has a lot of irons in the fire, which should not necessarily be interpreted as a lack of dedication to the show but as an indication of her expanding number of interests and her ability to juggle them all. Let’s face it. Her character was marginalized in season 8, starting big time with episode 6. She did not appear in that episode or in the awful GDS episode; she barely appeared in other episodes. Her choice or someone else’s? With a lot of time on her hands, why shouldn’t she attend an Italian fashion show? Why shouldn’t she focus on developing new projects? Why shouldn’t she make movies during the show’s hiatus?

    Clearly, I’m not privy to what happens behind the scenes or in contract negotiations. But I am good at content analysis — and there is a lot more going on here than budget cuts. Otherwise, it makes no sense that ABC would destroy an enjoyable show and probably the greatest tv love story ever. Bottom line: I trust the comments and actions of the show’s creator.

    All I ask of the network at this point is: Don’t kill Beckett. Allow fans to enjoy our DVDs and good memories.

    • Disappointed says:

      Good points, except it seems that ABC are determined to drive the show into the ground with a S9, and, therefore, I think the deed is done and, although Beckett might not succumb in the finale to the bullet she takes jumping in front of Castle to save him, we’ll know there won’t be a “Rise” this time to follow this “Knockout” as the final scene has Castle cradling Beckett and his last words are “Stay with me Kate, I love you”. And that is why I’ve stopped watching the remainder of the season so that I can at least enjoy the earlier seasons. You can’t unwatch something like that, I couldn’t face any reruns after FBOW for a long time, this would be so much worse. Due to budget cuts I won’t be buying S8 DVDs

  42. R says:

    Put aside that Castle’s obsession of Alan Masters being immortal / superhero took far too long, was plain idiotic and disregarded everything they learned in Undead Again in S4 for example (it’s unbelievable how deep into gutter this once charming and intelligent character has been tossed since S7), the episode was guaranteed Rob Hanning quality. Alan Masters was a fun character, although the third “kill” was a bit tired joke already, as was Gwen being the bad guy. Alan and Lainie connecting was a delightful twist, really made me smile.It was so good to see Lainie in more than one scene, she is such a huge missed opportunity in this show. Her scenes with Beckett made me both smile and cry. God I’m going to miss those two characters. All in all, in different circumstances this episode could have been rather enjoyable.

    By the way, Stana Katic and Kris Polaha look damn good together. I would so loved to see them in another show or a movie together. Showrunners, casting directors looking for a lead couple. There you have it. :-)

    • Just one thing says:

      Agreed on all that. It’s too bad they had to wait until the end of Tamala Jones’ run to give Lanie something fun and substantial to do.
      Alan was a fun character, though the headshot was a bit much. Either way, I hope he and Lanie are very happy together.
      And yeah, Katic and Polaha have some solid chemistry, though my preference would be to see them play siblings or something, since that’s the vibe I get.
      Here’s hoping Katic bounces back soon.

  43. Lyn says:

    I’ve never understood or cared about the whole LokSat thing, but, if they ever make a movie about Rob Blagojevich, Kristofer Polaha should play him. The show was fun, loved seeing JS again, and the minimal Beckett was OK too.

  44. claud says:

    I just can’t watch. Stana and Nathan are just so awkward and weird together. They are on screen for like 5 minutes maybe…So glad I don’t have to watch this garbage next year!! #CancelCastle

  45. chaosrainz says:

    Knowing these are the finale episodes and it’s likely to end in a way I’m NOT happy with…I almost don’t even want to watch this anymore from here on. It’s too depressing. :(

  46. Barbara says:

    I fully enjoyed this week’s show. It was tempered by what’s happening on the show. What “……” person decided to change the show so drastically? Does this person want Castle cancelled? That’s the only answer I can come up with. He/She needs to be the one that is FIRED!!! Please don’t this this. This is certainly the biggest mistake the network has made in many years…………etc. I hope you are smart enough to undo the mistake this person has made. Bring back our Star/Stars immediately…PLEASE……

  47. Taracran says:

    I haven’t watch the last two episodes since the news broke and I realized that I haven’t missed it. Blindspot is my new must watch show for Monday night. I have Castle on the DVR but already deleted last weeks without watching and I am 100% sure that I will do the same with last nights episode.

  48. Ted Kopulos says:

    A pleasant, generally upbeat FUNNY episode. Silverman was perfect as the guest star. Yeah, the LokSet thing is lame. But a NUMBER of possibilities were set up for the finale in this one.

  49. Keiren Budds says:

    It’s simple, there is NO Castle without Stana Katic period!

  50. Mo says:

    I think one Thing that’s so weird about this whole thing (with Beckett leaving) for me is that episode from a couple seasons ago with Joshua Gomez. He was supposed to be from the future and it seemed to be left up in the air as to whether or not he was crazy. That said, soooo much (like the coffee stained letter and the fact that he was right about EVERYTHING) was actually true to the storyline. If she’s killed off, where’s the continuity in that?