NCIS Ziva Not Returning

NCIS: Cote de Pablo Not Returning for Michael Weatherly's Send-Off

Beloved NCIS alum Cote de Pablo has confirmed that she is not returning to the CBS series to shoot scenes for Michael Weatherly‘s upcoming final episode.

De Pablo reportedly shared the news during an appearance at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass., as part of a post-screening Q&A about her film The 33.

In previewing original cast member Weatherly’s farewell storyline/final episode (airing May 17), NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg has only ever indicated that former team member Ziva David would merit a mention. “You can’t have Tony leave the show and not get into that in some respect,” he told TVLine last month, “so plan on it being discussed and handled, even if it’s in background.”

It was subsequently reported that the manhunt for Jacob Scott will play into the Season 13 finale, as the MI-6 black sheep continues targeting NCIS agents for assassination. Glasberg has also said that the foundation for DiNozzo’s exit story has been threaded throughout the season. “We established early on there were choices that Tony was going to be making as he’s looking at his career… He’s going to find himself at a bit of a crossroads, with some significant issues to deal with.”

During the Sunday Q&A, de Pablo opened up about some frustrations with TV’s most watched drama — which she abruptly parted ways with at the start of Season 11, after her contract expired — and scripts “not being good enough,” as seen in the first video below, taken by de Pablo fan Katrina. “I spent eight years crafting this character and loving her, so when I perceived the character wasn’t being treated with the respect she deserved… all the money in the world [can’t change that].”

Elsewhere in the discussion, de Pablo said she remains “very close” with Weatherly, adding: “One of the greatest things about my job is that every once in a while you meet people and say, ‘They’re going to be in my life forever,’ and I think he’s one of them.” first reported on de Pablo’s confirmation.

Are you surprised to hear that de Pablo didn’t return for DiNozzo’s send-off?

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  1. Lucie Melahn says:

    This story was first reported by MattCarterMedia, and you need to give credit.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I am so angry. They had once chance to fix all the mistakes made over the years in Tony and Ziva’s relationship, to show fans that all that build up wasn’t for nothing. And they needed for like a couple of scenes. And she’s friends with Michael Weatherly, so I bet she would do it, especially for a character she spent so much time with. But I guess not. I’ll just have to suffer with my bitterness forever.

    • Jeanne says:

      Their bitterness and big egos hot in the way. From what I saw, and heard they wanted for Ziva, I’m so proud, and glad she turned them down. Even as badly as I wanted her in the finale.

      • Leia says:

        But her broken woman could have been healed by the love of her life, if she’d said yes perhaps. While this is a result of her leaving badly three yrs ago, her whining about a season 13 script is rich, she destroyed the beginning of 11 singlehandedly. And in the 33 she wasn’t that important a character, she sang a song, she was pregnant, it was other characters who were far more endearing and important. Banderas was fantastic, she was meh, actually felt forced, I wanted her to be better. So now she goes out and trashes the show that made her a household name. What a sweetie.

        • Second time she has done it…can we say how un-classy that really is. What she wanted for her character was what Michael did not want….He had always made it clear how he felt about the Tiva stuff….He called it a mouth sore, that Ziva was the praying mantis/black widow for men and he didn’t see Tony living for long if they got together, oh and there was my favorite one Its’ like the Easter Bunny.

      • as524 says:

        Perhaps it was actually HER ego that got in the way

      • justafan says:

        The only “big ego” As far as I’m concerned is Cote’s.
        It seems she has bought into her own hype.

    • anoonymous says:

      It’s a TV show. Fiction. These people aren’t real. It’s light entertainment.

    • as524 says:

      Per Weatherly it was a fanon ship& this is HIS exit, not hers.

      • kath says:

        Going by the episodes they aired, it was a canon ship.
        ER had Carol (Julliana Margulies) exit but Doug showed up for it.

        • as524 says:

          Nope – certain writers teased it by using the ‘guest star of the week’ and cote certainly played it up as much as she could. Weatherly never did and there was enver a canonized relationship between them.

          • kath says:

            Was there an dating relationship between them on the show? No.
            Did Tony say in Truth or Consequences under the truth serum that he couldn’t live without her? Yes.
            Did Tony say that the most important picture he took in France was of Ziva? Yes.
            The show played up that Tony and Ziva had romantic feelings for each other no matter how much people who don’t like Ziva want to deny it.

        • as524 says:

          The show also played up feelings between McGee and Dinozzo, Gibbs and Dinozzo and Abby and Dinozzo. They also insinuated that ziva was bi when she first started. There is no such thing as your fanon ship being more legitimate than any others.

          • kath says:

            McGee and Abby dated, so that was canon.
            I have no idea where you got any romantic feelings between Tony & McGee or Gibbs & Tony. Platonic yes but not romantic or sexual. When was there ever any indication that Tony was into guys? Or use the slightest bit of the sexual innuendo he liberally used with Cait or Ziva towards any other men? (I’d love to see the Tony DiNozzo reaction to someone suggesting that he was into guys. That would be hilarious.)
            With Abby, Tony was a big brother.
            If you got that Ziva was bi, I think you were watching a different show than I was.
            We’ve certainly seen this season that show runners are all too willing to get rid of the female member of a chemistry couple (e.g. Sleepy Hollow, Castle) but denying that the show deliberately played up the attraction between Tony and Ziva to bring in more viewers isn’t going to make it so.

          • Andrea says:

            No matter how much people who do like Ziva want to deny it, anything relating to romance between Tony and Ziva was never established as canon, GG has no problems with establishing relationships. Other showrunners gave Ziva and Tony established relationships on-screen with other people. The most that could be said about them in terms of canon was that they flirted at work and were friends.

            The present discussion points toward non-canon because of the idea that Michael didn’t want it, but Cote did. If the writers wanted it, all they had to do was write one line. “Let’s go out on a date.” We saw plenty of dates with Jeanne and Tony, Tony and EJ, and Ray and Ziva. This would have also been the case if Michael and Cote both wanted it, or Michael, Cote, and the writers all wanted it. Then it would have been established canon, for better or worse.

            What actually happened heavily supports the argument that the writers and Michael didn’t want to go there, so material was written that would learn toward Cote’s preference without being actual canon. Heck, it isn’t even established canon NOW. Tim’s always talking about Delilah. Abby’s talked about Burt. Bishop’s talked about Jake, and Tony’s talked about Jeanne and Zoe. All Tony would have had to say in the last 3 years to make it canon retroactively would be something like “Yeah, Ziva and I actually did date, but she wanted to keep it on the down low.” Ta-da. Canon. If the writers actually wanted that, there’s absolutely nothing to stop them from writing it. If Michael wanted it, he could probably add-lib it. There have been plenty of opportunities during Cote’s time on the show and after she left to create actual canon. That has not happened. Canon is not determined by the fans…any fans…whether you love Ziva or detest her. Otherwise, the first thing I’d do is wave a wand and bring Kate back from the dead. It is certain that some fans wanted Tony/Ziva to be canon, but the writers have done nothing to establish that as being so. As much as Ziva irritates me, I’m as irritated by the notion that some fans are trying to make themselves into de facto members of the writing staff. Fans control fanfic. Writers control canon.

          • flootzavut says:

            Kath, Tony flirted with everything that moved, come on. Saying he just couldn’t be into guys is a stretch, and McNozzo have subtext and outright text all over the place, not to mention soooo much chemistry. (“He had me at howdy”, Tony’s excessive interest in Tim’s dating life/insistence he’s gay, the number of times they get up in each other’s spaces. Tony even pretended to be a girl and (successfully) flirted with McGee via email, for pity’s sake. If a man did half the stuff Tony did to Tim to a woman, no one would deny the plausibility of the ship.)

            Tony and Gibbs were momentarily mistaken for a gay couple in Dead Man Talking, at which point Tony picks lint off of Gibbs’ suit. Personally, that ain’t my ship, so I’m not on the lookout for examples, but that’s just one of many, many moments that could be taken as flirtatious if you’re of a mind to. That is the one that springs most readily to mind for those two, but it’s far from the only one.

            I believe Michael is on record saying that he played Tony as flirting with everyone, not just Ziva, not just women, so clearly, that was not a mistake.

            Abby says men and women who are friends will sleep together in her experience, and Tony and she are definitely friends. She also flirts a date out of him in one of the JAG spinoff episodes, and their tone is frequently flirtatious. The way Tony looked at her when she was dressed up for Halloween as Marilyn Monroe? Not very brotherly. If my older brother looked at me that way, I’d tell him to quit being creepy.

            Re: Ziva teased as bi – I don’t know if it was intended to be taken seriously, but in the *very first episode* she as ever in, she insinuates to Tony that she is into “maybe the occasional woman”. Since you apparently like Ziva and Tiva so much, did that not register? Weird.

            I could literally go on for pages. There’s subtext all over the shop for bundles of couples, FM, MM, FF…

            Sure, they deliberately played up the Tiva angle, but they also deliberately never resolved it, and there was and is *masses* of subtext, some of which it’s really, really hard to imagine wasn’t 100% deliberate on either the writers’ or actors’ parts, of bunches of other potential relationships.

            If you really honestly only see McAbby and Tiva… I guess we *did* watch a different show if you missed all that…

            (And btw, I think you mean Kate, not Cait.)

          • Your knowledge of NCIS and the intricacies of the character relationships is admirable, indeed, but Sasha Alexander’s character’s name was Caitlin Todd (per cast of characters on IMDb); thus, the spelling of her abbreviated name would logically be “Cait.” Oddly enough, the IMDb episode summaries spell it “Kate.” Thus, I don’t think it is wrong to use either spelling.

          • kath says:

            I never understood why the short form of “Caitlin” should be “Kate” rather than “Cait”. As I recall, Ducky was fond of calling her by her full name, Caitlin.
            I get the impression that Michael Weathery didn’t want Tony to be tied down to one woman so he played him flirting with everyone, much like Nathan Fillion doesn’t want Castle to be tied down by Beckett. I think they’re both wrong; we’ll see how it turns out on Castle next season.
            Yes, I remember that line from the very early Ziva. Since for the next 8 seasons, there was never a woman she flirted with or was interested in, I’m taking that as messing with Tony’s head..
            I have enormous respect for people who are gay or bisexual or trans. But I think it’s as disrespectful to imply a canon straight character is bisexual as it is to pray the gay out. So my canon straight characters remain straight, and the gay ones gay. Just my opinion.

  3. A TV viewer says:

    Ah. When William Petersen’s ‘Gill Grissom’ left CSI, he sought out Jorja Fox’s ‘Sara Sidle’ (who had previously left the show too) seek out in the Amazon Jungle as the final season. In the series finale, he came back again, they fixed their relationship and sped off into the horizon.

    I’ve got to say, not many TV shows could pull such a thing, an actor who left the show agrees to come back in such moment.

  4. Daya says:

    Either I’m really dense and it doesn’t take much to please me or Cote is a diva. Either way, I didn’t see anything wrong with her scenes.

    • Lucie Melahn says:

      Diva? What makes you think that? They ordered her a story where Ziva was miserable. She said no.

      • Daya says:

        It sounded to me like she had a problem with lots of Ziva’s storylines, that she wasn’t pleased that the character was going in a different direction than how she envisioned. It came off as a bit whiny to me.

        • that’s because she wasn’t get her Tiva moments bigger than life….it was a known fact that she constantly went to writers to get her little moments…while Michael did not want it. She is whiny after three years lets be honest she has trashed the show twice now after she saw the reception to the episode she was 100% helping on and in other interviews before promoting TDK was happy with and was satisfied with. Time for her to move on and stop acting like CBS and NCIS did something wrong…They actually were more professional than her. They let her do a guest spot on the show for season 11 for her character’s departure. They could have gone Chris Meloni style….wish they had.

          • Daya says:

            I appreciate the clarification! I didn’t know all the BtS info…interesting!

          • Mad Hobbit says:

            sometimes the writers try to take a char someplace the actor/actress does not want to the series Hunter, they tried to have the main female char sexually assaulted a second time and the actress said facts of life they wanted Blair to have premarital relations. which went against the actress real life beliefs .so they assigned it to another character. the actors/actress are real people and have their own beliefs, and sometimes they put their own over the writers. Roles come and go if you keep compromising your beliefs for a role. you end up not having any. another example is BTVS they asked the actress who played Tara to come back as a evil spirit pretending to be her to try to make Willow kill herself. The actress said no.mostly because the way they ended her char was a dramatic powerful way, The guest spot would have diminished it.

        • as524 says:

          If I remember correctly, every time cdp was asked about what story she wanted for ziva the only thing she talked about was wanting a romance. But she also was always unable to discuss ziva’s motivations or plans with ay clear vision of the character.

          From this video, it looks like she bought into the idea that she would be back & get a tiva connection for Weatherly’s exit and isn’t happy that got shot down. Shrug – as I’ve said before, zivas story is over. it’s time for the actress & ziva fans to accept that.

        • Leia says:

          Yes that made me scratch my head too. She got Ray for a time and kept the smart alec snarky comments back at her team mates. I mean whining that Ziva was made a broken woman, let’s see she was a trained killer, and spy, who was ordered by her father to lie to the team to get herself placed on Gibbs team, she went thru heck in Somalia, the character certainly wasn’t going to be the same after that, and then her boyfriend turns into a loser, and then her estranged dad comes to DC and not only is murdered but takes Jackie with him. Gee sounds like a woman with a normal life to me, not, and if that kinda stuff doesn’t break you down, don’t know what would. We saw in flashbacks that even Gibbs had a breaking point, that changed him forever, but Cote needed to protect the integrity of Ziva, that she would never break, right, so then she really was a cartoon, not a real type person, because, no real person could go through that unscarred. Whatever, she wanted romance, with who? The rules would preclude, any team member, so we’d have a version of McGee and Delilah. That was Ray. I’m trying to figure out what was so much different between the 7 and 8 season and the 9 and 10, those are the two different contracts, except she was the one getting most of the second air time after MH, and how the writing betrayed Zivas character. Don’t see it

    • Sherri says:

      Daya, I agree. I liked the Ziva character fine but it was time for Cote the actress to move on if she didn’t like her character’s story arc.

    • Sheryl E Linsley says:

      I didn’t either. I thought she was a strong agent. More of her past was being shown so we were really understanding and knowing her.

  5. ella says:

    Oh, this sucks. No actual Tony/Ziva resolution? Ever? WHY?

    • Jerri says:

      What makes you say that? There is a way to resolve these things without having Cote appear.

    • KeithH says:

      There was resolution. Season 11, episode 2. You might not like it – but it was resolution…Tony asked Ziva to comeback with him – she flat out refused.

    • as524 says:

      The resoluation was PPF when cote quit. Any other resolution is fanfic which is where a FANON ship belongs

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Because the most perfect Ziva/Tony scene, ever, had already happened. When Ziva told Tony to go talk to Dr. Jeanne after the death of her father to let Jeanne go, for Jeanne’s sake, (forget the exact dialogue, drat), that was a magnificent wind up of the three characters, and noble. Backtracking on that would be tacky. They stumbled on the height of classy. We have to let it rest in peace and TV history.

  6. Estefania says:

    well her fans around of the world always supported we kno how classy she is and wating her new show picked up , sad but thr producers dont care abt character and we see with michael character too now , great you used the video from my friends and the tweet from of my friend and i tweet fan for cote

    • justafan says:

      There is absolutely nothing “classy” in any of her answers.
      She comes across as bitter, angry and very petty.
      Classless and beyond tactless!!

    • as524 says:

      Classy? ROTFLMAO

    • Jerri says:

      As classy as a Kim Kardassian Instagram post.

    • a classy person listens to her PR people. She is not classy….some one who has trashed the show repeatedly over the whole I want Tiva love story which is not what Michael wanted…which has repeatedly reported to multiple outlets over the years even before she left the show. He always thought it would ruin the show. Classy means not talking badly…Her character ended up being sad and miserable because in the end that’s what she wanted because she couldn’t get what she wanted.

    • Some of her fans seem to support her when it suits their purpose, which is to beg for/push Tiva. If they really supported her, they’d have asked about the internationally-released movie she starred in, which was what the event they were at was for, or would be excited about her new series and working on creating buzz for it, as opposed to continuing to demand she take a step backwards and return to playing a character she left behind three years ago to satisfy their selfish desires.

    • Lillian says:

      Interesting how she was responsible for the character, never mind that it was created by Bellisario and the writers who put words into her mouth. She may have “breathed life” into those words – but she did it in a stilted manner of speaking that made her seem cold. But yeah, she was responsible for Ziva in all her glory, including wardrobe, hair, make-up and stunts, I’m sure. As someone else said, she had more storylines that revolved around her character than anyone else other than Mark Harmon, the star of the show and an actor who is respected by his peers and other industry executives. He earned his place, she fell into something and was ungrateful because she didn’t get her romance.

  7. Happy that she decided not to come back. She wants to move forward….people need to stop asking the same old questions over and over again about NCIS and whether she was gonna return…Look forward to her SyFy pilot. Focus on that.

    • Lucie Melahn says:

      Actually amber, she was clearly very sad and upset about not returning for Michaels departure. They wanted to leave Ziva sad and miserable in Israel and she wouldn’t do it. But she very much wanted to be involved in his last episode.

      • Jeanne says:

        As much as I wanted her back for his finale, I’m so proud she turned them down. They just wanted to destroy Ziva a little more than they did in PPF. She’s one classy lady in my book. Glad they are both onto bigger, and better things.

        • Leia says:

          Cote destroyed Ziva by leaving the way she did, it’s her sour grapes as much as GG, we only have her side. She didn’t want Ziva to appear a broken woman, well gee if she’d stayed she wouldn’t have been made into one.

        • as524 says:

          She can’t turn down what she’s not asked to do.
          classy? NOT.

      • Yes it seemed like that way…Not…You don’t keep biting the hand that made you a household name and fed you for 8 years. Basically what she wanted Lucie was not what Michael wanted. Michael had a huge part in planning his good-bye. Just like Cote got her Tiva Kiss….It seems Michael did not want a Tiva Reunion. As for sad in miserable she was lucky that’s how they wrote her out. And Lucie weren’t you band from TVLINE you know the one who created over 30 identities got caught by the owners for all the fake identities.

      • as524 says:

        yes her little tiva/mote shipper heart wanted one more chance to live out a romance….
        Maybe her ‘fans’ could share some fanfic with her.

      • flootzavut says:

        She was clearly very sad and upset, because you can apparently read her mind? She seemed quite calm and collected to me. Maybe you need to stop projecting as well as lying.

      • Beth says:

        Life doesn’t always give closure and neither does NCIS. How much “closure” has Gibbs had with the deaths of his first wife and his daughter? Sure, he killed Pedro and Pedro’s daughter, but he found revenge wasn’t “closing” anything, as did Ziva and Vance when her father and his wife were murdered and she threw Elan off the freighter. NCIS has become a shambling corpse of itself, propped up by Abby. I’m not sure a two-year renewal was such a good idea, unless the two years is all the time they need to wrap up the series.

  8. Kaya says:

    Haven’t we already known this for like three months? Did people not actually believe it?

    • the Ziva shippers did not…they kept holding out hope turning every talk on Tvline and every other site miserable over their refusal to accept it

      • Lucie Melahn says:

        Also, this website specifically hinted she would be there.

        • Sara says:

          When and where did TVLine hint that she would be there? Wishful thinking, sure. But out right hints that she would definitely be there? No. They’ve been pretty consistent and clear in their reporting that as far as they have been told, she wasn’t going to appear.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Incorrect. We have only reported exactly what Gary said above. (Oh, and the head of CBS saying there were no plans for CdP to return.)

          • as524 says:

            You won’t win here, unfortunately. Quote whatever you want but the more fanatical of the ziva/tiva fans will never believe it.

        • Paige says:

          From this WEBsite-Ask Ausiello. Seems pretty clear to me.

          Question: I know you have probably been asked this a thousand times already, but, any word yet on whether Cote de Pablo will make an actual appearance in Michael Weatherly’s last episode of NCIS, and not just in a flashback? —Jennifer
          Ausiello: Not happening. Move along now. There’s nothing to see here.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            +175 TVLine Power User points (no cash value)

          • It has been said since the beginning of the season during an Interview Gary did with another news outlet…They don’t get it….how much more clear does anybody have to be

          • Mad Hobbit says:

            Well to take a quote from House. “Everybody lies”. I remember a producer saying and reported on this site that at the end of Eureka they would not have the characters drive past the past characters from the series pilot. guess what? they did. a site like this is a double edged sword, great for getting info out to fans to build interest,bad as sometimes you have to carefully word responses to hide stuff,sometime by saying no comment is a very big comment in its self

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Did I award you TVLine Power User points yet for this…?

        • Lucie/Lucy etc…
          I’ve read ever NCIS story TVLine has put out and in none of them did I see any of these hints you mention. I’ve read other sites too and other than some “Tiva/Cote” blogs written by fans none of them have hinted she’d be returning.

        • Tory says:

          Numerous times MWM said Cote wasn’t going to be on the show.

    • Maria says:

      I think a lot of fans refused to believe it. We’re talking complete denial. Kinda sad, really.

  9. cienna says:

    Not surprised. She left without giving enough notice. They already had scripts written. There is NO WAY in hell she would be asked back. There always that possibility she could return for the final NCIS episode for a cameo.
    You just dont leave a show when its days away from filming and scripts are written.

    • Lucie Melahn says:

      Absolute BS. They knew for two years exactly when her contract ended and they knew she had not signed. They slacked at their job to prepare, and threw her under the bus and blamed one little actress for three subsequent years of poor quality. Sasha DID walk off with no notice, and bellisario did just fine and made the show better.

      • Jeanne says:

        That was very well said IMO.

      • Sara says:

        No show producer or writer starts planning a character’s exit 2 years in advance to when their current contract expires. They were still in negotiations with her to return when she decided to walk, so yeah they had scripts ready to go for her character that had to be quickly rewritten. They prepared for her to be there, since she didn’t give them any indication that she wouldn’t renew her contract until that summer.

      • Jerri says:

        Sasha didn’t walk off, she asked to be released from her contract and Bellisario obliged.

      • RowdyBug says:

        Wrong! Sasha gave notice at the end of one season or in the middle. Ms Cote waited until they were ready to start filming. And please! She’s knocked the scripts? Number one show? Please. When David McCallum a long time actor in the business called her out he was right. The show is like a family and she turned her back on her family because the “scripts weren’t good enough”? A show that made her and got her a lot of money? I say good riddance and good luck in future endeavors!

        • MMD says:

          Exactly – I was so glad when David McCallum called her out about her lack of professionalism because he has probably seen it all in his extremely long career and even he was annoyed!

          • Tory says:

            He is always such a gentleman that I can only imagine how frustrated he must have been to even say anything at all. Some of the Tiva fans were so beyond rude that the entire cast must’ve been driven mad. Look at how everyone from the show has been saying goodbye to MW and expressing their sadness about his departure. Then look at how tightlipped they were about Cote. I think that tells the story much more so Perhaps cote’s fan should consider the difference and wonder why. (Without making excuses, too!)

          • kath says:

            David McCallum’s lack of professionalism left a bad taste in my mouth. He’s old and he just wants to live out his life doing what he has always done But that’s not the case for women, who once they hit 35 end up with only parent or supporting roles.
            Can you name any actress on TV who is 82 and still has a longterm role on any TV show? McCallum’s lack of the ability to be able to differentiate between his own role on two long-running TV shows and a young woman’s desire to do more than the same old thing every season year in and year out and to want to be able to stretch her acting chops showed a closed mind and his public comments showed a lack of class.
            Other than McCallum, everyone on NCIS has said only good things about Cote. The fact that CBS brought her back for the Dovekeepers and used her to promote the show says that there are no bad feelings.

          • Tory says:

            Kath, sorry but David McCallum has earned the right to say what he thinks because of his many years as an actor both in the Us and Uk, stage, tv, and movies. Côte has little experience compared to,him. He is well-respected by many in the acting community whereas Côte has nowhere the level of experience or contacts, much less respect from other actors.

            While I recognize that money and equal recognition for women in the acting industry is a widespread problem, even Côte has never said that she didn’t get what she deserved. It’s easy for some angry fans to put out,this idea, but there has not been one shred of evidence to support it. Plenty of other actresses have shared their own stories about this subject, so Côte would have had a well reeve story if this were the truth.

            Sometimes the story is exactly what it appears–Côte was upset she didn’t get her way. Maybe she had some good suggestions, but in the end she was hired to interpret portray the story she is given. She didn’t want to do that. She gave every indication that she was going to renew, but decided at the last minute,not,to do so. The other actors from the show have tried to be polite while answering questions, but even they seemed to have been blindsided by Cote’s last minute decision.

            Sometime when all the evidence is there pointing to a truth that we find palatable, it remains the truth.

          • kath says:

            David McCallum has the right to say what he thinks.
            But his comments indicate someone who does not see beyond his own privileged position as a white heterosexual male.

            You say that Cote has nowhere near the experience he has. This is true but she’s not going to get it staying on NCIS under Gary Glasberg’s show-running. (Shane Brennan had a different vision of Ziva, Glasberg is far more limiting in the development of characters and their relationships. Even Ellie is now divorced.)
            Ducky is what McCallum wants, an easy job, not too much work, nice exposure. (In contrast, Normal Lear at 93 is currently making a new pilot starring Rita Moreno). But it’s going to bury Cote as an actress to stay there in a role that’s regressing as a character. It’s no secret that women in Hollywood are limited once they turn 35. Look at what Sara Botsford (played Jeanne’s mother) has said or Susan Sullivan saying that every older actress in New York auditioned for the role of Martha on Castle.
            Negotiations between Cote and CBS went on for a long time. I don’t know what she wanted, maybe it was a better-written Ziva or maybe it was more time off to do other projects. We don’t know. What we do know is that she wanted to stay on the show but couldn’t reach an agreement with the network.
            What is David McCallum going to say about Michael Weatherly leaving? I bet he’s going to say what a wonderful actor MW is and wish him the best of luck. No nasty remarks about him from Ducky,
            Sorry, but David McCallum has shown that he’s no class act.

      • Repeating the same old lie yet again, eh, Lucie? DPB himself said that Sasha approached him just before he was beginning to write the season finale and asked to be let out of her contract at the end of the season. He agreed to do so, but on the condition that her character was killed off, which Sasha agreed to.

        • Well of course she is…she wants Sasha to look bad because Cote is looking less and less classy. First according to writers, tptb, and even Michael…..Cote told everybody she would be back and she was just holding out on her contract just a little bit longer. According to sources a big reason she wanted out was that the studio which is CBS and NCIS wouldn’t give into her Tiva demands because Michael did not want it. He always felt it would ruin the show. Look at Castle. Next you don’t tell everyone your coming back and then decide a week before filming starts that oh I am not gonna…It shows you to be unprofessional. Due to the fact that they were all preparing for her return scripts were written. All had to be trashed….now CBS and NCIS could have been real spiteful and done the whole Chris Meloni exit….Off screen and not have her back period…but being the nice and generous people they are they let her help write her exit with Gina. Cote got her TIVA kiss she always wanted….and her exit. And what has she done to CBS and NCIS to keep her crazed Tiva Fans she has trashed the show that gave her a chance…I wouldn’t call that professional or classy just down right white trash. Wish her the best of luck on SyFy but I won’t be watching her show if it’s pick up…

      • as524 says:

        Still spreading the Sasha lie I see. You can’t repair the damage cote did & continues to her own reputation by tearing down an actress who did it right!

        Cote, from her own word, played hardball & lost Or worse, agreed to terms & backed out.

      • Darlene says:

        Lucie, I don’t know why you keep repeating that obviously wrong statement about how Sasha left NCIS. I know you need to make Côte look good, but why keep repeating something untrue in order to do it? But for the benefit of others here, and unlike you, I’m citing an easy to look up source to support the statement that Sasha gave TPTB plenty of notice about leaving the show.
        A recent TV Insider article [The NCIS Cast On Reaching The 300 Episodes Milestone (and Counting) by Aubry D’Arminio, 3/1/2015] was just the latest, but not the only, article stating the timeline for Sasha leaving the show. And they quote none other than co-star Michael Weatherly saying, “Sasha called me in February 2005 and said they were letting her out of her contract.”
        That’s not last minute, Lucie. It gave Don time to write one of the most memorable episodes in NCIS history. And Sasha was gracious enough to come back for the season opener and give them all the time they needed to show us how the entire team was handling her death.

        • Andrea says:

          Hey Darlene, thanks for this. I’ve always considered the rumor to be rrue that DPB let Sasha out of her contract, but he wasn’t happy about it and killed Kate out of spite. You wrote the two magic words that now make me rethink that: Michael Weatherly. He was there, so he would know. Whatever hard feelings that there may have once been have also appeared to have mended since GG has used Sasha’s image as Kate, and he once said that they had to seek her permission. She gave it to them

          • flootzavut says:

            I can’t source this because I read it so long ago, but I know at least one source claims Sasha wanted Kate to go out in a blaze of glory. So I can’t say for sure, but I think the death was not necessarily imposed from on high.

            Sasha also did voice work for A man walks into a bar, the conversation with her sister. Any hard feelings have not persisted.

            It’s a shame some Cote fans persist in posting falsehoods about Sasha to suit their own agenda and the storyline they want to believe is true. Most aren’t like that, but a few can’t seem to help themselves.

      • flootzavut says:

        You know who looks bad when you consistently post lies about Sasha Alexander’s exit, Lucie? You do. No one else. You.

      • Max says:

        How lovely–the Cote World according to Lucie Melahn, the woman who goes site to site trashing everyone connected to NCIS, except Cote. Pardon me, if I doubt your responses to anything. You’ve proved in the past, you make it up as you go along. There’s your “absolute BS”, you sling it endlessly. SMDH

        • well think about it. Lucie seems to have alot of time to be on all these sites and constantly post which I find it strange. Did you know Max according to the so many peeps she has met on twitter her profession has changed. One time she was a FBI Agent, Bus Driver, She worked for Sony, she worked for homeland as an analyst, she recently told somebody she taught an ivy league college for 5 years but when asked she couldn’t tell anybody where, now once again she is an analyst for the government…for the many jobs she has had I kinda wondered how she has had time to watch tv. by the way Lucie is in her mid 40’s so even if she tried to have all these jobs the time frame makes no sense. LMAO

      • Pete says:

        So you are saying that they knew de Pablo’s contract was due to end and should thus have written her off the show at the end of it?
        It was an ongoing situation, sure she was out of contract at the time, but continuing negotiations implies a willingness to return. We come back to the whole point that after best part of 6 months of negotiations her return SHOULD have been a done deal and the final niceties being sorted out should have been what type of water was to be available in her trailer and would she get fresh cut flowers every day.
        There is zero indication that CBS or Glasberg had any idea that she was unhappy enough with the negotiations to walk. So, either it was something completely unrelated to the negotiations that made her change her mind and leave, or she thought that she had them over a barrel and they would agree to whatever she demanded at the last minute.
        If CBS were still negotiating over contract-breaking fundamentals after after 6 months, they would have known that things were not guaranteed. You don’t waste time, money or manpower duplicating work on what-ifs – ie backup stories in case she didn’t sign – if you have no reason to believe they will be required.

        The only one I see even mentioning “3 years of poor quality” and blaming her is you. Most of the rest of us have been quite happy with the quality of the show and of her replacement.
        And REALLY, you still have to pedal the lie that Alexander left with no notice?
        We ALL know that she asked to break her contract and that Bellisario/CBS agreed to her request. We all know that she did it in time for Bellisario to write the terrific script that we got in ‘Twilight’ and that she happily returned for the ‘Kill Ari’ pair of episodes.
        If CBS had told her to stay and she’d left anyway, that would have been a very different matter, but it’s not what happened.
        Sure de Pablo was not under contract when she declined to sign a new one. But it would have been far more professional of her to have announced in May that she didn’t plan to sign. However, without knowing her exact reasons, maybe there was something to justify her choice. Although interviews like the ones shown here just make it look as if she stomped off in a snit because she wasn’t going to get to snog Weatherly onscreen.

        • Andrea says:

          Go Pete, Go Pete, go, go, go Pete. Well said.

          • yup but as Lucie thinks that writers and everyone who work behind the scenes don’t deserve time off…She is sick

          • Pete says:

            Thankyou. Doffs hat and bows.

            Honestly though, if you have to talk down someone else in an effort to big someone up, then you are fighting a lost cause.

        • Yes, that is one of the lines that get spun… apparently every TV show should have backup scripts (aka twice, or passibly more work based on the combinations nature of more than one person coming out of contract at the same time) so that actors can have until cameras are rolling to say, “Sorry, not coming .” All indications across the media leading up to Ms de Pablo’s abrupt departure were that she was expected back… Heck, she made a lair out of Mark Harmon, who’d commented in the upfronts, that everyone was coming back…
          The trend, from certain sectors of the fan-base, seems to be that it HAS to be someone else’s fault other than Ms de Pablo’s for how things went down. That Ms de Pablo, while apparently not having an internet presence herself, checks it daily yet has never once suggested that her vocal fanbase back off from their behaviour acts as a validation to them at THEIR queen approves… Or as was tweeted, on seeing their Queen Cote mugs Ms de Pablo said… That’s not going to make some people happy…

      • Tory says:

        Sheez! How much misinformation can you post Lucie? Please get your facts straight!

    • Leia says:

      She also said here that the scripts were not to her liking anymore and that’s why she left. Hmm lets see season 10 average demo rating 4.0, average viewership 21 million, yup guess they really were crap huh Cote. The highest and most watched Shiva and Shabot Shalom, prominent eps for her but the writing sucked. Lost a lot of respect with this interview.

  10. 7joanna says:

    Agree that the situation is frustrating. Especially because it is/was so unnecessary. Not happy that the Ziva character was driven from the show deliberately by the NCIS powers that be. Will definitely stop watching after Michael departs. Petty and tacky that “Ziva” could not be brought in for Michaels departing episode. Lot of behind the scenes power plays that did not consider how those of us who have supported the show for so long would feel and respond. They have lost me after May 17th. Will miss several of the characters ongoing story lines. But, the fun is gone.

    • Leia says:

      I must have missed that, where she was driven away. You know that when characters have a breakdown after trauma, they tend to heal in TV land, Ziva would have healed and been fine if she’d come back. We’ll never know because that version of the script is in the garbage can because of her. She wasn’t some poor underused co star, she was the feature through the second half of season 10, and then with 5 days to start the new season filming she says adios, what because her character might have to go through some hard times? We had the Gibbs character go through hard time more than once, half of this season he was off, it was different and while unsettling for some, it was nice to see a more vulnerable side of him. Are we using the game of politics to trash the show now,. I feel like I just saw a candidate townhall.

  11. princesspr says:

    Truly disappointed.

  12. Paige says:

    We’ve known for months she wasn’t returning and I’m glad she’s not. I have nothing against her, but want MW’s exit to be about Tony and not over-shadowed by anyone else.

  13. ChicagoDan says:

    LOL @ CdP criticizing NCIS scripts. Her next project was the obviously uber successful Dovekeepers. ;) It’s too bad she couldn’t break from her busy schedule to do this. I have zero skin in this game because I rarely watch NCIS, but millions of people do – the same ones who made CdP a household name.

  14. Terry says:

    I’m happy that all the speculation can finally end. The “will she won’t she” be back was getting almost as tedious as the “will they, won’t they” of Tiva. Tony’s exit should be about Tony and should not be overshadowed by the return of a long gone character. She had her farewell, like it or not, and now it’s his turn. Frankly, by the end of Season 10, the Ziva character had run her course in my opinion. I feel the show made a huge mistake attempting to appease a certain segment of fans with the dreadful Past, Present, Future episode. Both Tony and Ziva were so out of character, it was like watching a different show. I can understand why Cote wasn’t thrilled with her exit story and most fans I’ve talked to agree with her on that point. I am curious though if anyone at the Q&A asked her about The 33, since that was the movie being screened. Maybe someone here attended the event and could answer that question. I hope there was discussion about the movie rather than nothing but questions about a show she hasn’t been on for three years. As big a part of her career as NCIS was, she has moved on.

  15. Mr Wiggly says:

    i hope you all realize that tweet you’re quoting is NOT Cote de Pablo, it’s fan / tribute twitter account. she’s supposedly not on twitter, all the CdP accounts i could find(and there’s a lot of them) are from fans….

    • Jerri says:

      TvLine never said that Twitter account was Côte. Read the article again. Watch the Q&A videos attached in this article. Unless you want to say that the woman in the videos isn’t Côte, too.

  16. Fede007 says:

    As always she seems very ungratful… yes, the storyline could have been “bad” or poor but that it doesn’t make it right to criticize 8 years of GOOD storylines and the job of others… especially because the show is n° 1 almost everywhere… every time she talk about NCIS and her leaving she confirm the feeling I had when I met her: she’s not nice.
    This is just MY opnion, probably she’s the best with her friends… still can’t shake off MY feeling.

  17. Funny how everyone seems to have forgotten Jeanne Benoit! Tony DID love her during his undercover charade… So, yes, Jeanne married someone else along the way, but that doesn’t mean she has to stay married to that Someone Else. We all miss Ziva, but at least the series writers didn’t kill off her character (I really hate that method of writing out a character… you can’t undo death). I’ll never forgive them for killing off Mike Franks. At least his ghost appears now and then… but it just ain’t the same. I hope Tony rides off into the sunset in one piece and eager to begin anew somewhere else, with or without a “love interest.” Most of the time, his horribly narcissistic, bullying and arrogant character ticks me off royally, so I hope he is replaced with someone wiser and gentler. I really hate to say it, but I won’t miss Tony. His occasional comic relief stunts just were not enough to make the character likable. I wish Michael Weatherly well… he’s one of the best-looking actors around, and I hope he lands a role that portrays a character with, well… more character.

    • Vero says:

      “We all miss Ziva”
      Sorry, but this is not true. For example, I don’t miss her at all and I am glad that she isn’t coming back for Michael Weatherly’s exit storyline. Honestly, I think that they should have killed Ziva off in the car crash several episodes before her sudden exit out of the show. Then her fans would have a real reason to be mad at TPTB.
      Given the way CdP behaved regarding her NCIS exit, I wouldn’t take her back or hire her if I were a TV producer. Who knows when she suddenly decides to leave again short before starting to shoot an episode and I need to rewrite and plan it anew in a hurry.

    • as524 says:

      ummm…not all miss ziva. There are many who were done with the character before the actress even thought of leaving. The actress’s behavior and that of her fans have made many more dislike the character and wish GG would have grown a pair and killed her off.

      As far as Franks goes, here’s hoping that season 13 ep 1 was the last time that character is seen on screen.

      Now as far as Tony – interesting set of (untrue) adjectives to describe him. But hopefully you’ll check out MW’s new pilot.

    • Warren says:

      Michael is going to star in a new series on CBS called Bull. About a guy who is a trial Consultant, based on the early career of Dr Phil

  18. Pickle8182 says:

    I don’t care if she shows up in the show or not (although I was hoping even for 5 minutes in the end when he showed up in Israel to reunite – the ending in my head, kinda like Gil and Sara on CSI), but I still think they should end up together. Even if it we don’t actually see a new clip of her. P.S. – When filming a clip, yelling “yes, yes” is pretty annoying.

    • sadtonyfan says:

      I’m glad that she’s not coming back. Sorry tiva fans, but I was really hoping that Tony’s departure would be about Tony. I never saw much more than flirting, innuendo, and friendship – that is when Ziva wasn’t insulting or abusing Tony. Her character was written badly – such a Mary Sue and the constant Mossad dramas were tired. I really don’t have much faith that Tony will get a worthy send off, despite the fact that they’ve known for a long time. I think they’re going to more or less repeat the Ziva departure in that Tony will leave to find himself. Apparently he’s not getting an arc – just an episode. Heaven forbid they take the focus off of Gibbs.

      • tomus225 says:

        Honey, some of us LIKE having the focus on “Gibbs”. He’s why I watch.

      • Lillian says:

        Well, having to leave in the middle of filming to film the pilot for his show didn’t help. Not his fault, but still a fact. A lot of people, including myself, like Gibbs and actually watch for him as well as others.

  19. John NYC says:

    So the last nail in the coffin of leaving not being her choice. Creative differences just being an actors choice. And she chose to leave.

    Finally settled.

    “I spent eight years crafting this character and loving her, so when I perceived the character wasn’t being treated with the respect she deserved… all the money in the world [can’t change that].””

    Having the focus of Michael/Tony leaving be his remains my preference. Give him his due for all he’s given to the show.

    • Leia says:

      I must have missed the disrespect they were showing the character. Because they weren’t gonna let Ziva get it on with Tony??? She was the prominent figure for a lot of season 10, and because she didn’t get Tiva she bolts unprofessionally. She must have choked on the I didn’t want anything to get in the way of our friendship, in the season 10 finale. The final straw? Pathetic. NCIS isn’t a shipper show, and the rules would have prohibited it anyway. She disappoints me.

  20. ian says:

    I love Cote and Ziva was great but this is about Tony/Michael leaving. But there is always hope for TIVA fans case in point Steve Carell lied for months about not being in The Office finale and he apppeared. Not saying this is the case cus it appears Cote is filming her new show at the same time as the filming of the finale of NCIS.

  21. Li says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s bluffing? Wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they gave it away beforehand, kinda like when George Clooney returned to ER.

  22. Tory says:

    Oddly I think we get a true picture of this actress who chose to stick her finger in with hints of this and that, but few clear answers. I think in the long run this makes her look petty. If MW were her friend she wouldn’t comment on anything until after the series ended its season and his episode was finished. She could have been classier.

    In the long run, there is nothing new in this interview. She wanted Tiva, she didn’t get it. She still left after the show runners were led by her to expect her return — last minute departure.

    TVLine has been saying over and over that CdP wouldn’t return. I’m glad. I think MW deserves his own exit without some actress trying to overshadow him. She still doesn’t compare to him in acting chops.

    Sadly, the NCIS writers got so strung along in creating Tiva “moments” that they forgot how to create solid episodes. It is not the loss of Ziva so much as the writers forgetting who their characters are individually and as part of a story that is destroying the NCIS I love so much. MH is correct that the show has gone on and done well after changes. It’s too bad that the writers were forced to make everything Tiva instead of NCIS. That started mainly with SB. :(

    The Tiva fans thought the show would collapse after Ziva’s departure, but it has not. I like Bishop and find her a good addition to the team. I believe both MW and SM has praised her role and the new vibe they enjoy so much in the bullpen.

    NCIS was never a romantic show, although it dd have its occasional romantic moments. Too bad that the show runners never figured out how to lead from the mess of Tiva.

    What I really want to say is “Congrats to MW for going on with his career and much happiness in his personal life.”

    • Leia says:

      Well said!

    • darkangel200 says:

      Exactly, Tory. MW has every reason to be unhappy with how his character has been written for years, and yet he gave the show two years notice, and thanked the cast/crew and CBS in his official announcement. Classy and professional. If CdP were truly Michael’s friend, she wouldn’t have tried to steal and tarnish his exit. How disrespectful to someone who has always been gracious to her.

      • So true MW has shown class..never spoken ill of his employers who have given him a chance and CBS for also taking him under their wing with his production company. Cote burned those bridges. She showed how unclassy she really was by not just once but now twice biting the hand that fed her, and made her a household name. Anybody wonder why Cote landed on SyFY…why not a major–broadcast network like FOX, ABC, NBC, hell even her former employer CBS…Syfy is consider lets be honest Siberia Cable…Cheesy/poorly made shows and movies get made there…heck WWE was there a year and their ratings sunk to all time lows that they hurried back to USA after the year was up on their contract. If she had been classy she would have not been trashing the people who had helped her become a household name. What she wanted was not what MIchael wanted…He has been clear in that over the years.

      • as524 says:

        She’s done the same thing previously to him so don’t know why she claims he’s her ‘forever friend’

  23. Shiloh says:

    Thanks a bunch for reporting this. Wondered if I should watch the send-off. I figured this would happen, though. Ah well. No biggie. I don’t know anything that’s been going on lately in the show anyways. Thanks again. :)

  24. Andrea says:

    I’m very happy! Now, hopefully Gary and the writers will keep Ziva in the background and/or miserable in Israel, NCIS can truly move on from the character, we can enjoy a focus on Tony, and Cote’s fans can move on and watch whatever she happens to do next,

  25. MMD says:

    Always believe Michael Ausiello and TVLine which said Cote de Pablo would not be returning as Paige quoted above.

    I’m so glad she is not coming back because as one of the original four, Michael Weatherley deserves a sendoff focused on his character. The writers have had plenty of time and Michael has had input as to how he leaves the show, which he should.

    As for Cote – nothing like still whining about a show that made her a household name for 8 years and lots of money. Her comments are in poor taste and just plain tacky. I enjoyed the character while she was on the show but the real life person, not so much. I lost so much respect for her with how she left NCIS and every time she complains I lose more. You couldn’t pay me to watch her in anything now.

    • so little class…I wonder how much she pays her PR people…they must really hate their job. How do you clean up the train wreck that she’s creating by just trying to satisfy her tiva fan base.

      • MMD says:

        Obviously she doesn’t have any PR or very bad ones because they would never let her continue whining like this.
        I so agree with you – so little class!

        • I can’t see her agents being very happy with her today (Monday, April 25) when these fan made videos found their way to a small fan site to the main stream media. Had she used her head when she realized she was being filmed she’d have stopped answering NCIS questions. Although she’s not on social media she has to have known those videos would hit the internet before she even got back to her hotel that night.

          • Basically all she’s doing is cooking her goose…look where she ended up for a pilot…fans don’t realize that SyFy has gone down hill over the years…their movies and tv shows are cheaply made/cheesy and really down right awful. Even the description of pilot she got put me to sleep. I like Cote but after last years terrible interviews over TDK. I got stopped liking her. Ever year she seems to get more and more bitter and angry. Other networks are not willing to touch a difficult actress.

  26. Lillian says:

    I’m a little confused and maybe it’s because these are just “clips” and not the entire discussion, or I’m just dense in general. Is she saying she was unhappy with the direction the show was taking Ziva at the end of Season 10, or was she unhappy with what they wanted Ziva to be like when they asked her back for the finale of Season 11 (or was it 12?) or this season’s finale? Can anyone who was there clear this up? I’d like to get another opinion on that, but need more information before I ask. Thanks!

    • Leia says:

      I don’t think she knows herself. There was nothing wrong with season 10s writing and the ratings and her prominence in that season prove that. She didn’t like it that Tiva was never to be??? Because she had to say friendship, is that her beef? She had no clue how 11 was to start she never got a script, as she quit before the table read oh wait she didn’t sign a new contract. She seemed to want romance and MW didn’t want it, so you can’t have one half of nothing. At least she won’t be taking up space in the finale in the flesh, more time for those who appreciate the show and what it’s given them.

    • Svenja says:

      I assume she is talking about last year when they asked her to come back and PP and SM were even hinting at it by tweeting about it. She also teased people in interviews around her Doverkeepers time. Apparently she didn’t like what she was given…okay she does have the right to reject it. But it doesn’t surprise me that after that the show didn’t ask her again in terms of Tony’s departure. Apparently both parties were too far gone after everything that has happened. Things falling through twice isn’t beneficial for any professional relationship. I am trying not to point fingers at either of the parties. I believe the truth is somewhat in the middle. I still hope Tony gets a nice send-off. And then I will probably tune out as well. Because to me Tony is the soul of the show… and I don’t think I can actually bare losing him. I perfectly understand Michael’s choice to leave. I don’t understand how the show can keep going without him. I guess all that matters is milking the cow…

      • tomus225 says:

        Never liked how they wrote Tony with Kate. Don’t blame her (Sasha) for leaving. But they did a better job writing for Ziva. I NEVAH wanted to see Tiva!!!! I enjoyed the Ziva character and never felt her story was disrespectful. It is believable that she would be depressed, she was a Mossad assassin. Lots of bad things in her past she had to deal with. I’ll miss Tony’s movie references and of course his dad, but it won’t kill the show for me.

  27. Kate says:

    I’m confused as to why Cote de Pablo thought her character was being mistreated. Didn’t she like the storyline with Ziva’s father being killed and her character’s quest to find the killer? I thought that was a good storyline and one that fit well with Ziva’s character as a whole. Yes, she’d dedicated herself to NCIS and to being an American – but at her core Ziva was raised Mossad. How was searching for her father’s killer dissing the character? Guess there was more going on behind-the-scenes than anyone knew. But I’m sorry she couldn’t see coming back for her good friend Michael Weatherly’s NCIS exit, if that was a story line possibility.

  28. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m fine with Cote De Pablo not coming back as Ziva because i think the focus should be Michael Weatherly’s episode as Tony.

  29. Eurydice says:

    I’m not sure how much more “respect” she wanted for Ziva. Ziva was already kick-ass and beautiful and hyper-competent and everyone was in love with her, she got to be a tortured soul with a super juicy backstory, she was never written to be ridiculous or shallow or greedy or the constant victim of practical jokes. But, whatever. I liked her as a character, but I’m also fine with her not coming back.

    • Yup, she was the textbook definition of a Mary Sue character.

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, I was going to say Mary Sue, but wasn’t sure if people would know what I was talking about. Even her imperfections were noble and tragic. The one thing Ziva wasn’t was fun – maybe CDP was looking for that? Who knows.

    • Estefania says:

      she talked abt the scrit they showed her for coming back she didnt talk abt season 10 scripts

      • as524 says:

        So those hints of her coming back in season 12 might have been true?
        Hey ! yeah – maybe ziva was supposed to be the one to get shot in the head & not Diane. That would have made so much sense since she’s the one who killed Ari

  30. Andrea says:

    Another thing that I found interesting is that Cote’s comments seem to point toward her wanting more creative control over Ziva. Cote doesn’t yet have enough industry clout to make that demand and be listened to. Eight years does not earn you that. Several successful series earn you that. Mark gets that. Michael likely gets that now because of NCIS, Dark Angel, AND Loving. In terms of women, I’m not a fan of some of the things that Julianna Margulies may or may not have done on The Good Wife, but she gets that AFTER ER. Sarah Michelle Geller probably gets it because of Buffy. No one had heard of Cote before NCIS. She is certainly free to express an opinion about scripts and refuse to participate, but if it is true that’s what she wanted, it was unrealistic for her to think she would get it at this point in her career. Especially if it’s something Michael did not want. He has a more established career in both length and scope.

    • I could be wrong, but I think her comments about the writing were directly related to her last appearance, turning Ziva into a dark and troubled woman, unsure of herself or her direction, when she played the part of a kickass Mossad/Spec Agent for as long as she was there. She didnt much care for how they sent her off. And I think Harmon was royally pissed that she left them high and dry, so he wasnt nor were the show runners, at that point, gonna do her any favors. I dont think she was talking about the NCIS writing over time. Just her send off.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        I took it as an upcoming arc.

      • I didn’t take her complaint as the writing for her appearance in “Past, Present & Future” because the scenes she was in were good. She couldn’t have been complaining about any other episodes for Season 11 since those scripts were never sent to her. Thus she had to be complaining about how Ziva was written (and thus complaining about the show runner and the writers) in the seasons before that.

        • it was also hugely known she spent hours talking to Gina on how she wanted her character to exit the show. She wanted something that Michael didn’t want and she couldn’t deal that they choose his side and not hers.

          • as524 says:

            She did? Don’t remember hearing that. But to be honest, I knew PPF was going to be horrid as soon as I heard GLM was attached to the script. I’ve wondered for years now how she keeps her job

    • kath says:

      I didn’t see it so much as she didn’t like them regressing Ziva into a one dimensional character. By the end of her time, Ziva had lost all subtlety and becomes a humorless Sassanian.

      They did that with Tony too but Michael Weatherly didn’t seem to be boether ed by it as much.

  31. as524 says:

    To be honest. de pablo comes off as more than a bit of a diva regarding the show and considering that she has changed her story about *why* she left multiple times, I can’t wait to hear the next version.

    In this lastest version it appears she yet again played hardball – this time over story control – & lost. Given her lack of a solid reputation and career longevity I find it funny that she expected anything else. Thankfully she won’t be around to turn MW’s exit into an ‘all abou what cote wants for ziva’ story.

    As far as her friendhips with the cast go, I would think if she truly values her relationships with them she’d make more of an effort shut down the fanatical part of her fanbase who thinks it’s ok to hate on her ‘friends’ & actvely campaign for a hookup with her former co-star.

    • Paige says:

      Agree with you as524. The women who took this video and went to hear Cote talk are huge TIVA shippers. They represent
      the majority of the group that hijacks NCIS social media post constantly pushing TIVA. It does not matter what happened behind the scenes re: Cote leaving the show; however, Cote leaving her “friends” High and dry to take the fallout of her departure was very unprofessional. I’ve also seen post from the same group about ‘Mote’ and if it means what I think it does-that’s mind-boggling since MW is married. It’s also ironic because this group was so threatened by the return of Jeanne Beniot. They told CBS how horrible they are if they turn Tony into an ‘adulterer’. I don’t get the hypocrisy.

      • The women who took this video are also enormous Mote shippers which is disgusting. One shipper actually confronted Bojana in person and yelled at her about how MW and CdP needed to be together and she was ruining things for them. Insanity doesn’t cut it. SO disrespectful.

        • as524 says:

          As long as cdp eggs them on & MW follows the head mote shipper on twitter, they will not stop. They think MW following that rude young woman is signifying his approval for all the crap she says. Heck she even tweeted that the ‘mote feels’ wthan anything tiva from the last couple days.

  32. So, the time she made for the interview couldn’t have been put to better use by shooting a scene with the show that enhanced your career?

    • This wasn’t a professional interview, it was a Q&A at a movie (“The 33”) screening and the Ziva/Tiva fans who attended decided to ask questions about an unrelated topic; “NCIS”. One then put her cell videos out on social media. I wonder how CdP feels about that? I get the impression from her reticence in talking about why she left the show that she’ll not be too happy about seeing her answers become this public.

      • Andrea says:

        If Cote doesn’t like the cell videos being out, that’s her own fault. First, no matter what the Q&A was for, this is 2016. Everyone and their brother has a cell phone. The odds of someone recording something (NCIS related or not) are high. Second, she decided to talk about NCIS instead of saying something like, “Hi! Thank you for the question, but I’m here to talk about the 33. Do you have a question about that? Or talked about NCIS without trashing the scripts or the writers.

        It’s no secret that I hate Ziva, but I can also say the exact same thing about an actress and a character that I liked very much. Abby Borin is/was awesome, but Diane Neal screwed up big time. You can’t go on a twitter rant against an employer or former employer and not expect fall out, especially if you’re an actor. By definition, what you do is very public.

        If the person who took this video is a rabid Tiva fan, then we most definitely DON’T agree, but this was a very public Q and A, not a private video of Cote in her own home. It. It’s up to Cote to read the room and know what should (or should not) be said.

    • This was supposed to be a Q&A for The 33, the internationally-released film she starred in that had just been screened for the audience. Whether or not she got asked any questions about the movie or her role in it at all is unknown, as there seems to be a segment of her fans that see her only as Ziva or three-fourths of Tiva.

  33. Sheila says:

    Ziva does not have to appear to give Tiva a proper sendoff. It all depends on the writing. Not saying this will happen, but Tony could mention plans to visit Ziva or something like that. But whatevs….

  34. Sue A says:

    I just cant envision what NCIS will be like without Tony. I will miss his character.

  35. Gaylia Conner says:

    I believe that if they really tried to get her back for the finale, they could do it. They didn’t try hard enough to keep her and they aren’t trying hard enough now. And she’s right about one thing; the scripts have gotten worse and it’s still not getting much better.

    • as524 says:

      Tony’s goodbye is not about ziva & the show shouldn’t have to try to get her. it’s about Tony & Weatherly & what he wants. Not what some fanatical shippers want

      Nor did they need to try harder to keep her. The scripts in her time were fine. Don’t know what she’s suddenly complaining about – unless she’s whining that she never got the romance she wanted for ziva.

    • She just very publicly trashed the showrunner and writers, and pretty much claimed she was solely responsible for creating Ziva. Why on earth would they even want to try to get her back?

  36. Verana says:

    Who said Cote De Pablo’s character wasn’t good enough! Wth? I believe her character, is very well played, along with the rest of the cast. I am actually watching all the seasons over again on Netflix and enjoying it!

  37. The Carpooler says:

    It’s really a sad reflection on us that she even had to answer this question/s. Freaking move on, people.

    • as524 says:

      most fans have moved on. It’s just a small number of fanatical fans of the character, a fanon ship & an icky ship between cote & her former co-star who can’t let it go.

      • The Carpooler says:

        Sure does seem like all of those small numbers of fanatics comment on every NCIS article written here, though, doesn’t it? :)

        • That comes from the fact that when some of us comment we get attacked across the board on social media…. Much of the video shown here is shot by a young adult who has been sin-binned on Twitter after attacking me for being what is generally called an Anti or Hatah…. After a while it gets tiring having to deal with the bombardment of hate from these people because you don’t worship at the altar of TIVA and/or find the idea that they belive Michael shold cheat/leave his wife because Cote de Pablo shold have him.

  38. I think the actress got bitten by the love bug with her co-star, and when she finally realized he wasn’t going to jump his marital ship for her, she hit the EJECT button. She references Michael in every interview she does in the most loving and devoted terms… where there is smoke, there is usually fire.

  39. Grace says:

    NOOOOOOOOO THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! ZIVA NEEDS TO COME BACK!!!! At least, Tony needs to SAY that he is going to go find her!!! Ziva has been my role model for as long as I can remember, and it makes me SO MAD that Tiva won’t have a happy ending!! Well, at least, I HOPE they have a happy ending!!!! :(

    • KeithH says:

      Seek help… it’s a fictional character on a fictional TV show… to be so emotional over such is disturbing…

    • as524 says:

      They can have a happy ending in fan fic for you since this is a FANON ship & not real. Also I’d find a different (read – REAL) role model

  40. SherryB says:

    She isn’t coming back, period. She didn’t really leave on a good note, she left her castmates right as they were preparing to start filming, threw everything in a lurch. Even in interviews later when she was mentioned they smiled and said ” she will be missed, I wish her well”..Her “career” to date hasn’t been that remarkable, and that mini- series she was in was horrible..She’s gone, let her go…

  41. Lisa says:

    Yay! Now people will shut up about it.

    • KeithH says:

      No, they won’t… the Ziverbots will never let it go or get over it. Ever.

    • as524 says:

      Wishful thinking…
      Betting the fanatical minority is coming up with new ways to slander & defame GG & Harmon for not giving ‘the fans’ what they want & probably including MW in on not getting what he so obviously wants (not)

      • they started already…took a walk down the deep dark rabbit hole by accident…One literally keeps blaming Harmon…I find it funny seeing as he has never spoken badly nor has GG about Cote. They could have after last year…but it shows they have more class than an actress who has hardly worked in a year and 1/2 since she finished TDK. The 33 was filmed before TDK. I find it strange that she wasn’t offered a job til SyFY.

        • as524 says:

          They’ve been blaming Harmon since he didn’t effusively thank cote in any and all interviews for S11. Oh & of course they don’t get why he didn’t fork over his salary to keep her on board.

          I’m honestly not surprised she hasn’t worked much. Was surprised she got The 33. H’wood, from what I’ve heard, is pretty much like a rural, Midwestern town where everyone talks about everyone else and knows exactly what goes on behind studio doors

  42. Kim R says:

    If the PTB decide that Tony and Ziva will reconnect, Cote does not have to appear in the episode. Either way I’m sure it will be Kleenex worthy.

  43. Li says:

    Why is it okay for someone like Robert Pattinson to openly dislike the character he played (Edward) and the entire Twilight franchise, but Cote can’t?

    I haven’t watched NCIS in 7 years, because by then it was going sour so I don’t know how Ziva was written by the time Cote quit. But she’d been on the show for, what? 6 years? Her contract ended, it’s not like she just walked out of there while still under contract. What is so bad about that?

    • Andrea says:

      It wasn’t the fact that she left. It was the way she left, and the timing in which she left as it pertained to that upcoming season. Google David McCallum, Cote de Pablo, and NCIS. I’m sure something will pop up.

    • as524 says:

      This Q & A brings about the first time in *years* cdp has indicated any dissatisfaction with ziva. This includes during the time that she played her. I don’t think anyone commenting here has an issue with her having issues with the character. It’s all about the timing of the claim & the sudden change of story from everytyhing she ever said prior.

      If you haven’t watched since season 6, there’s a lot that you missed & not just in story. Just for a brief part – look back on this site to see the divisiveness cdp has brought to the fanbase & how she quit the show.

  44. Hege says:

    I thought she came across as a bitter diva. She is the reason they had to write Ziva off in a hurry. And then complain about what the writers did to her character. And then go on how Michael is her close friend and not even mention Pauley who defended her fiercly on Twitter when she left. Not classy. And good riddance.

  45. Jimmy says:

    If that true, what a shame. Not unexpected, but a shame. Still, I have no doubt Tony will get an appropriate send off.

  46. piebokou says:

    As a Tiva fan it’s sad but as a Cote fan I have always been happy with her choice of putting herself first. And I have always respected the choices she made. I’m sure the writers are going to find a way to address Ziva somewhat so even though it would have been nice to see her saying gb to Tony, I have nothing but love and respect for her choices.

  47. Ncis fan (no more) says:


  48. Annette says:

    I hate that we won’t a final Tony/Ziva reunion but I’m glad Cote stood up for herself.

    Can I hope that they write Tony happy & leaving to be with Ziva? Cause I really don’t think I could handle a broken Tony, like they left Ziva broken & miserable.

    • John NYC says:

      Happy I would expect.

      Ziva? Doubtful, she energetically rejected him last we’d seen and without the actress there’s no resolving that.

    • as524 says:

      you can have your reunion in fic, where this FANON ship belongs. Cote stood up for herself? Considering how much she changed the story it’s more trying to look good in front of her’fans’

      If cdp had given actual notice& been available, who knows what fans of her character would have gotten. Let Tony’s exit be about TONY. Not a character whose story was over years ago

  49. Melody says:

    Hopefully Ziva will NEVER be mentioned again on the show. I liked Ziva the first few seasons she was on but hated her during the final seasons. It was like they were shoving the character down our throats. The fact Cote aligned herself with some of the most unstable members of the fandom makes me lose respect for her. Friendly reminder here…some TIVA fans wished for Micheal Weatherly to divorce his real life wife so he could get together with Cote. Some of these fans harassed and stalked Pauley and the actress who plays Bishop on Social Media. It speaks volumes that the Tiva/Ziva fans here have NEVER spoken against that behavior and it says A LOT about them. The fact that Cote never spoke out against the harassment and stalking behavior says a lot about her too.

    • Estefania says:

      but you need to talk abt crazy mental state of pauley bc you dont remembered what she said abt cote ..i want ot say you pauley isnt angel as she tries to sell to ppl but the time will show the truth abt her …right abt some fans are extremelly .

      • as524 says:

        PP knew cdp for years…up close and personal, like the others did. They are the ones with the right to speak about her, how she quit and the effect it had on them and the show.

        You and your buds who have trashed Pauley, David, Mark and Gary since season 11 and elevated cote to some royal throne as all things classy and perfect are an embarrassment to be honest. and the reason why so many entertainment journalists cringe at the idea of having to deal with the NCIS fanbase.

        The MOTE posts, stealing pictures from MW to photoshop cdp over his wife, the bullying of PP on twitter…..the question begs to be asked – who is not the angel? who has a crazy mental state?

        ziva’s story is OVER. There is NO tiva and NO MOTE.

        • Paige says:

          The girls that took this video, Mote and Tiva nuts, we’re back at Babson Arts tonight for Cote’s performance in a play. They are posting pictures and selfies taken with Côte from tonight and In the Twitter feed under the photos “fans” are suggesting MW divorce his wife for Côte. The ‘third times the charm’ one wrote re: MW’s marriages. Côte needs/needed to speak out on this a long time ago. I’ve lost all respect for her. I knew about the Tiva crap and bullying of several actors, but the Mote stuff is messed up and as Melody said, these people need help!

          • as524 says:

            They’ve been manipulating pictures for years. Why cdp doesn’t SAY something instead of subtlely egging them on is beyond most rational people

      • Pete says:

        We remember quite well what Perrette said about de Pablo: she said that de Pablo was leaving, but that the others were not and the show would go on; she said that she would miss her friend; she said that it was de Pablo’s decision; she said that de Pablo left them with an “ill pill” and she said that de Pablo hated her fans.
        No sane person would see any of that and think that Perrette was saying anything deliberately unkind about de Pablo. Only those who are so skewed by their worship of de Pablo would view the comments that way.
        Her comments about the rest of them staying were intended to reassure viewers that the show wasn’t going anywhere even if one of them was leaving, it wasn’t a slight against de Pablo.
        Only nutters would get upset at the idea of Perrette using the word “friend” rather than calling de Pablo “family”.
        de Pablo herself said that leaving was her decision, it is only fans who couldn’t accept that she might have made a decision that they didn’t like, who objected to that.
        Of course de Pablo left the remaining cast/crew with an “ill pill”, that was patently obvious and hardly slander. Any group that has one of their number leave at a crucial point in a project leaves those left behind with an “ill pill”, it has nothing to do with the reasons for that person leaving and all to do with timing.
        So what, if de Pablo had an issue with her fans? I’m pretty sure that all celebrities have issues with fans, not all fans are benign and not everyone enjoys being mobbed all the time. Harmon is clearly uncomfortable at times in public. I’d hardly assume that it is a blanket comment either. But if you are an obsessed fan who needs to think that your idol loves you, no wonder you’d have a problem with a comment like that.
        Even McCallum’s comments about her “hoping to be an actress” or whatever the exact wording was and which you all vilified him for, had more truth to it than anything. If you want to be respected as a professional you don’t just walk away from a contract at the last minute – after 6 months of negotiation – and leave the other party blindsided, whatever your line of work.
        de Pablo blindsided them all and it’s still not clear if she ever explained her reasons to any of her former colleagues. Thus they were all hurt and baffled by her behavior – not to mention concerned about how it would affect them, just as any of us are when a colleague ups and leaves suddenly, without giving notice.

    • Paige says:

      So this ‘Mote’ shipper thing is real. The people that took this video are Tiva/Mote shippers. That’s just wrong on so many levels. What the hell is wrong with people? It’s a tv show and they want to break up a real live marriage based on fictional characters that didn’t even have a romance?

      • Melody says:

        If you do a google search you’ll be able to find some of the most sickest, twisted, things you will ever read on Tiva and Mote. Some of these people need serious counseling. The fact no TIVA fan has said anything against my post only proves my point. LOL

      • as524 says:

        It’s beyond real – one of the lead MOTE shippers is in massachusetts. Many believe that cdp herelf is a massive MOTE shipper herself. The idea that she’s pretty much encourage her fans every time she’s met any of them is beyond creepy

  50. datdudemurphy says:

    This makes me hopeful.
    Maybe Tony will get the sendoff he deserves….not a Ziva episode.