Fear the Walking Dead Recap

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: 'Yard Sale' of the Damned

Under ordinary circumstances, if you spotted a beach littered with luggage from a plane crash, you’d probably call it a tragedy. But if you happen to be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you might instead call it a yard sale.

At least that was what Nick — as much a wit as he is a survivor — did in this week’s Fear the Walking Dead. Of course, there was more waiting for the Abigail’s passengers on shore than just travel-size cream rinse and dog-eared copies of SkyMall.

Who? What? Read on, and we’ll unpack “Ouroboros” together.

‘I AM NOT THE HELP!’ | As the episode began, we joined Alex, Jake and a few other Flight 462 survivors aboard a lifeboat. It appeared unlikely that the youngster would pull through, he was so badly burned. Yet Alex protected him with a ferocity that would have done his mother proud.

Later, when the Abigail came to a sudden and unexpected stop, Travis dove into the ocean to investigate — and discovered that what was blocking the water intake was the reanimated corpse of one of Alex and Jake’s lifeboatmates. The following day, though Travis warned Strand that fixing yachts wasn’t his forte — and though el capitan treated him like the Skipper did Gilligan — the handyman still went to town in the engine room like he was Edgar Hansen from Deadliest Catch.

Meanwhile, in spite of the fact that Ofelia was out of antibiotics, Daniel wouldn’t allow her to ask Madison for more. They had to handle their predicament themselves, he insisted. “What do you suggest we do, go to Walgreens?” she replied. “I’m pretty sure they’re closed.”

‘STOP PUTTING US AT THE KIDS TABLE!’ | While Travis tried to remove the guts from the water intake and get the Abigail going again, Daniel escorted Nick, Alicia and Chris to the beach to search through the aforementioned luggage for supplies. Before they left, however, the snoop disclosed to Madison that he’d learned Strand was — and, therefore, all of them were — headed for Mexico.

Off that revelation, Madison got their host to admit — unless he was lying? — that there was a house in Baja with water, food, reinforced concrete walls and room for the lot of ’em. (Or, as Travis would derisively dub it, “a magic house.”) Still, if Strand so much as looked at Maddie’s family funny, she’d toss him overboard, she threatened. No, she wouldn’t, he replied. “You’re not a killer.” (Anyone else have the feeling that “yet” could easily have been added to the end of that sentence?)

On shore, Chris wandered away from the group and discovered a survivor among the walkers buckled into what was left of Flight 462. The poor guy was a goner and knew it, but neither of those things made it any easier for Chris to bash his head in to put him out of his misery and save him from turning. (Really fine performance from Lorenzo James Henrie there, didn’t you think? Crushing.)

While Nick scored some amoxicillin for Daniel to give Ofelia — and a rosary to give her himself — the senior member of their party thought that he saw Chris hightailing it back to them over a sand dune. Wait, no, that wasn’t Chris… it was Alex! “They’re coming,” she told Daniel. “Run!” And we all knew who — or, rather, what — “they” would be!

‘THEY’RE A LIABILITY’ | A ways away, Nick became so distracted by the spectacle of a walker eating the crabs that were eating it — ouroboros! — that he fell into the sinkhole in which the zombie was trapped. Worse, he’d no sooner dispatched that walker than another one had tumbled in!

From the deck of the Abigail, Madison watched aghast as zombies cornered Daniel, Alicia, Chris and a total stranger (Alex) on a cliff. At one point, it looked like Alicia was a goner. Then, out of nowhere, there was Nick to save her. He even figured out that when you’re covered in zombie guts, zombies mistake you for one of them.

Before we go on, three quick notes about this scene: 1. How cool did it look when Nick showed up covered in blood and still rocking the pilot’s shirt that he’d found? The shot couldn’t have had a more iconic feel if it had been lifted from one of Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels (which it wasn’t). 2. How hilarious was it when, upon realizing that he was safe among the zombies, Nick stood face to face with a walker and played the freakin’ mirror game? And 3. are we all in agreement that Nick is, hands down, the series’ standout character thus far (with Strand a close second)?

Thank you for your indulgence. We now return you to your regularly scheduled recap.

When the scavengers eventually made it back to the Abigail with Alex — and Jake, whom they picked up along the way — Strand, as he always does, restated his policy on additional passengers. Only this time, Maddie, citing their destination’s limited resources as the reason that the newcomers had to go, backed him up. And, as if to put to bed their festering relationship issues, Travis backed her up.

Alicia couldn’t believe what she was hearing; Alex, even less so. “Are you people really debating this?” she asked. Rather than totally abandon her and Jake, Travis suggested that the Abigail could tow their lifeboat behind it. Which wasn’t ideal, but hey, it beat paddling back to Zombie Beach. Unfortunately, Strand later snuck out and, to Maddie’s horror, cut the rope that attached Alex and Jake’s lifeboat to the Abigail. (And right after Alex had promised the boy, “This is the worst it’s gonna be,” too!) Henceforth, I recommend we refer to being screwed by Victor as — wait for it — getting Stranded.

So, what do you think? Will Maddie mutiny? Does Strand have a “magic house” in Baja? Hit the comments.

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  1. I miss TWD says:

    Wow. 25 mins after the show and no comments yet? THAT says something about the interest in this show……

  2. Oh well says:

    Is Alex not going to be a regular character on the show then?

    • Jimmy says:

      Michelle Ang is a series regular, and we were promised once character from Flight 462 would survive and join Fear’s cast. So yes, she will be. It will be interesting to see how she (and Jake, if he doesn’t die) get back on the Abigail, though. And I bet the dynamic between Alex and Strand is going to be very strained after what he did.

      • I think Strand and Alex know each other. They looked at each other like there was a glint of recognition in the eyes. Alex is talking to Jake as if she has just been betrayed…not just by human kind but by someone closer maybe?
        I think Strand thinks cutting her loose will keep his past buried.

      • Charlie from Revolution STINKS says:

        Alex is the Morgan of FTWD. She’ll resurface episodes later.

  3. Emily says:

    I thought this was one of the best episodes yet. Great mix of action and I love the Alicia/Nick dynamic.

  4. Hellas13 says:

    All these people would die in The Walking Dead. Or Rick would just kill them.

    • Bwhit says:

      I think Nick could for sure hang with Rick’s crew. He accepted that the world was going down the toilet first and figured out the walker 101 trick with the guts on his own.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Oh yeah, actually I think all of the teenagers would survive very well, they are learning some real life lessons very fast. They adults, however, with the exception of Daniel and Strand are useless, LOL!!

    • I'm patient says:

      That’s the hard thing to remember about the show. Rick’s crew has been in it for a much longer time than these people have. You can’t compare the two groups.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Rick would have been zombie chow if it hadn’t been for Morgan. Morgan explained to Rick what happened and showed him his best chance at survival. These guys don’t have that advantage. They are learning this as they go.

    • tvjunkie says:

      You could make the same assumption about a lot of the characters in TWD when we first met them, at least the ones we meet in the first season or 2. Who would have guessing weakling Carol who got beat by her husband would turn into the biggest bad@#% on TWD when we first met her? The point being you’re not putting enough thought into the fact we are at 2 drastically different points in time between the 2 shows. FTWD still hasn’t reached the point in time when Rick woke up in the hospital in the first episode of TWD.

  5. Allie says:

    I’m trying so hard to like this mess but the bottom line is – there aren’t any likable characters to root for so I could care less and the suspense is blah. The writers and producers need to spend less time on this show and more on WD.

  6. AngelWasHere says:

    Apparently I’m too nice, because I would have let Alex on the boat. I would have least tugged them along. Everybody in my house said they would have went the Strand route.

  7. Spence says:

    I get it, this is still the beginning of the apocalypse and none of these survivors are sheriffs or outlaws or overall prepared for this, like on TWD. I swear I’m not comparing this show to TWD when I say this: these characters are too stupid for words. Even in an ordinary, non-apocalypse situation, tossing that full water bottle after Chris tried to stupidly give it to that clearly dying man? That’s foolish any way you look at it! These characters really need to stop being so incredibly dumb really quickly or else I’ll join the haters who blast this show.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      But in his defense they have plenty of water back on the boat and still don’t realize that they will have a hard time finding more. They have no idea how wide spread this outbreak is. Personally I was more shocked that Strand allowed them to give Alex that huge container of water.

  8. Mick says:

    Alicia is hot!

  9. fatalsin says:

    The crab the zombie ate a crab the dead dont eat so why did he eat the crab its little and yes it bugs me!!

  10. Dave says:

    Most people I know that watch TWD gave this a show a run…..and then dropped it…quickly. I don’t see it getting renewed again.

  11. Phoenix5634 says:

    These people are idiots. I would steal their boat and leave them at their “yard sale”. Only one with any intelligence is Strand, he could come with me.

    Even tho this is supposed to be the start of the zombie apocalypse, these people are stupid. But I guess that explains why there’s so many Walkers in the future, lots of idiots. Lol. Just have to look at what’s going on in real life in the american election to prove that. That might be the real walking dead in the future lol ..metaphorically anyway

  12. JaWa! says:

    This show is horrible. Season 1 was the same way. Everyone acts nonchalant and like they aren’t concerned about anything. Druggy dude jumps in the ocean for a swim and decides to swim into the wrecked boat, despite the floating zombies. Everyone goes onshore in last nights show and slowly takes their time walking around, searching for junk from the plane wreck. Trying on clothes. The one kid decides to wander off and has no fear of just walking into the plane. The zombies show up and everyone just stands there instead of running and getting back to the boat. Some of their shows just have no action at all. I find myself spending the hour of every show pointing out the obvious dumb stuff that happens and that nobody would do in real life. Just stick to watching The Walking Dead instead of this dead show.

    • Cassie says:

      When Carol and Lori were rummaging through cars on the highway in season 2, they did the same thing– taking their sweet time, and then a herd came… And no one saw Sophia alive again.

    • Bill David says:

      You could not have said it any better. All I do while watching this show is point out all the obviously stupid things they do. Don’t the producers of this show see how incredibly DUMB and IDIOTIC their characters are!? They are in a zombie apocalypse and instead of hunting for supplies on the beach, they are doing really really stupid things!

  13. Border Spice says:

    Game of Thrones is better. This show, simply is not as entertaining.

  14. I have to admit – this is show is sooooooo much better than season 1 and each episode is building a better version of the one before. I finally have hope for this mess. Sadly, I don’t have hope for peace on this boat. Tensions are high and trust is nill. Trust between Strand and the families. Trust between the families. Trust amongst families. What a mess, and I am not talking about zombie guts in the intake value mess (but wow was that gross). Glad I was not the only one screaming at the TV for those rummaging through the case to move their butss faster. Wow, there was a lot of nonchalantness there. And Alex saved many of their booties out there… cutting them off in the middle of the sea was cruel.

    • And yes TVLIne – Nick is the best character out there!

      • Emily says:

        Great comment! I totally agree that this show is finally finding its sea legs (pun intended, he he). Though I honestly think I watch it mainly for Nick. He’s such a standout and is actually witty and growing as a person. Did you notice how he’s acting more like a hero and is even getting more muscular-that’s some real thought there. I think I ship Ofelia and Nick mainly because I believe any woman would be lucky to hitch her star to his apocalypse wagon. what are you waiting for “female character with nothing to do, who just got a gift from a cute non-idiot on this show?” 😄

  15. David says:

    Another week…. Another viewing in 15 minutes…. Fast forwarded enough to get the gist of it, but other than Alex and Strand, couldn’t care less who lives who dies… Personally, 75% of them need to die…

  16. Madison says:

    Frank Dilane is like a lightning bolt on screen. I completely agree Nick is by far the stand out character. He reminds me of a young Johny Depp circa What’s Eating Glibert Grape.

  17. Chip says:

    None of the “actors” can act, none are “engaging”, it’s a waste of time.

  18. liberalssuck56@yahoo.com says:

    For how savy Daniel is supposed to be, he still tried to use a 10 or 12 round pistol on 50 zombies. Duh…..

  19. S. Kellogg says:

    I little love scene between Travis and Madison. That kiss!?! Talk about no chemistry. It looked like a brother and sister were kissing. I finally have to agree with those that say those two actors, though they are fine actors, have no chemistry. With Liza was still alive – at least she showed some balls and was interesting.

  20. I like the show. It’s not TWD, but it’s not supposed to be. The characters do stupid things because they are supposed to be learning how the world works the hard way, trial and error. None are fighters, like Rick and Shane being cops, so violence is something they have to learn. I do agree, some of the things the characters do is a little too stupid or naïve. They know the dead rise, so a plane crash should tell them “Look out, dead people are going to be around”. I think the drama is pretty good. Strand is a great character, he definitely has a secret agenda and everything he’s doing has some sort of end game to it that no one else knows about. Nick has gotten better as a character. I like Daniel too. The others need to be fleshed out a little more to make them more interesting. Hopefully, that will come in the near future. Oh, and Alicia has gotten smokin’ hot over the last couple episodes!

    • David says:

      There is a difference between doing stupid things, and just things that would naturally be common sense in any kind of survival mode… You don’t need zombies to be in “survival” mode… You just need to be faced with certain death. That seems to happen every week on these shows, but at least put some common sense into them…

  21. Steven says:

    i’s so dumb this show, TWD is really good, this one sucks bad, they pick a family that doesn’t deserve life, too stupid, and not representative of normal… morons.. can’t watch, just crappy!

  22. chiefjack50 says:

    Fear the Walking Dead is getting worse as it goes along. I’m ready to bail on it.

  23. Tanner says:

    Okay just feel like addressing a few things here that people seem to have a problem with.
    1. The zombie eating the crab – In this tv show and WD zombies don’t just go for people, they pretty much will eat anything that moves. In WD we have seen the zombies eat dogs, horses, frogs, and even insects. So why would crabs be safe?
    2. These characters would never survive the apocalypse/they are stupid – When we joined the WD cast it had already been 2 months since the outbreak hit. Now if I remember correctly when there was like 7 or 8 of them in a store with a horde of zombies coming at them they panicked and ran, this one they had 5 people vs. a entire horde and they stood their ground and fought. So already they are braver. Plus it has only been 16 days since the outbreak (5 of those days have been actually outside the safe zone. so these people have not had to deal with the apocalypse until just 5 days ago. 5 days!!! let that sink in!) WD survivors found out about using walker guts as camo, FTWD survivors found that out in 16 days. WD cast found out about not having to be bitten to turn like 4 months after, FTWD survivors found it out in 13 days. So the survivors are finding things out WAY faster then WD survivors. Plus like I said it has only been 2 weeks (5 of those days have actually been fighting for survival) they are not gonna be smart and careful about everything! With Chris throwing the bottle of water away, do you really think water was on his mind? or do you think him knowing he was going to have to kill a living, breathing person was all he could think of? I like this show cause it isn’t like outbreak happens and everyone switches to survival mode. They are doing stupid things, they are having troubles, they aren’t adapted to this life. This is what a group of survivors would look like irl.
    3. The cast can’t act – Are you guys deaf and blind? The only person that this would remotely apply to would be Madison. But you also got to think, Madison is a tough woman, who is basically the therapist of her school (anyone in therapy knows you hide your own emotions) You have to be neutral all the time in that job. people might say oh it just has to be during the job but my grandpa is a counselor/therapist and I can say that he is a lot like how Madison. He is very neutral and not much emotions. But this cast is amazing. Alicia is a great actor he breakdown when she realized when Matt was infected was amazing, The guy that plays Chris is amazing too, he portrays this kid who is mad at his dad and the world perfectly. I don’t know how anyone can say their acting is bad.

    • Pedro says:

      Wow absolutely the best comment/explanation I have seen so far! People need to give the story time to develop as this is the beginning of the apocalypse and people will do stupid things this show is really just starting and so far so good to me!

  24. Paula says:

    I just wish we got the perspective of the people trying to find the cure (like CDC, government, etc). This seems like another Walking Dead just from the POV of Travis or Nick?

  25. Radha says:

    With Nick…I think a lot of people are missing the point that he is an addict. He has probably cheated death many times already. He told his mom that he has been “dead” for years–he was just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. That explains his “recklessness” by diving into the water looking for Chris and wandering around very calm and complacent. Nick has been living death for years. Now that the world is giving way to the dead, he probably feels the most at home he’s ever been. Nick is the one in this group the BEST equipped to deal with this fallout. In time, I’m sure we’ll see this fractured family grow even stronger together. Sadly it took an apocalypse to do so, but semantics. Already Nick and Alicia’s relationship seems to be better. She used to resent her brother all the time for his addiction and wanted to get as far away from her family by going to college. Now those dreams are gone. She’s seeing her brother in a different light. She’s actually seeing Nick THRIVE in these conditions, crazily enough.
    Each of these people are clearly not perfect. We’re not supposed to truly “like” them right now. Eventually we will. I find the show interesting and much different from the parent series–which I love. I will be sticking with it.

  26. Phoenix5634 says:

    So are the crabs immune? I know in real life they extract a special protein or something from a certain type of crabs’ blood for vaccines or something.

  27. Emily says:

    Wonderful recap!! And thank you for getting Bing Nick the love he deserves. His complex and growing character is unique in this show, and I love watching him. I agree-he is definitely the standout for me. He’s also pretty darn funny and cute.