The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Vampire Diaries' Michael Malarkey Previews Bonnie and Enzo's Big Date, the Armory's 'Creepy' Master Plan

Bonnie Bennett’s pill problem is about to become everyone‘s pill problem.

Friday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c) reveals the twisted truth behind the Armory’s plan for Kat Graham’s all-powerful character, and it’s — you guessed it — not good!

“It’s a huge reveal, pretty messed up and creepy,” Michael Malarkey tells TVLine. “It basically takes us into the lead-up to the finale. … Oh man, it’s big.”

Below, Malarkey delves deeper into Bonnie and Enzo’s complicated relationship, then teases what we can expect from Enzo’s reluctant team-up with Damon:

TVLINE | The CW released pictures of Bonnie and Enzo having dinner together. It looks romantic, but things are rarely what they seem on this show.
That particular evening happens to be on New Year’s Eve. Up until that point, Enzo has been keeping Bonnie quote-unquote safe from the Armory; unbeknownst to him, he’s actually been poisoning her the entire time. They started their relationship with this captor/captive type thing, and Enzo thinks, “This girl deserves a nice New Year’s dinner.” So they have one, which ends up being a little more romantic than probably intended.

TVLINE | Why do you think Bonnie and Enzo work as a couple?
On a very archaic level, she brings out the good in him and he brings out the bad in her — in a good way. We’ve seen them being feisty with each other, but that’s going to move to a place that’s a lot more honest. We started to see it last week when he told her about the pills.

TVLINE | So, all things considered, you think he’s good for her?
I do, yeah. He’s a man [laughs] as opposed to a boy. He brings out that spark in her that we all know she has. If this pill thing hadn’t happened, we’d see them in a much better place. The viewers haven’t had the chance to go through the relationship the way we have, talking about their backstory and all that, so I understand if people are having trouble with it. Once they watch this week’s episode, [they’ll] get to see the build-up of the relationship, some very tender moments.

TVLINE | At this point, is Bonnie more pissed at Enzo for poisoning her or Damon for leaving her?
She may feel differently, but I don’t think Bonnie is pissed at Enzo. He wouldn’t have known [the pills were poisonous] and you can’t hate on your lover for doing something they didn’t know they were doing. So I’d say she’s more pissed at Damon. … We’re used to seeing Enzo making trouble as the side guy — that’s what I’ll call him, the “side guy” — but in this episode, you get to see him in full-on hero mode. … It’s funny, this really is a show of antiheroes. Are there are any actual, real heroes in this story? Matt Donovan, maybe?

TVLINE | I’ll buy that. … Speaking of antiheroes, Enzo and Damon have to work together to help Bonnie. I imagine that won’t go over too smoothly.
It’s going to be tough for Enzo and Damon, but it’s great for me and Ian [Somerhalder]. Getting to work with him and Kat … that’s like the dream team, we just rock it. But yes, it’s a difficult situation for Enzo. He’s spent the past few years trying to get Bonnie to deal with this Damon thing, whatever it is, and he’s been very understanding of that. It’s almost like dealing with someone’s ex who pops back into the picture wanting to make amends. Do you be the bigger person, or do you say, “Back off, buddy”? Enzo chooses the former option.

Your thoughts on the Bonnie/Enzo/Damon situation? Theories about what the Armory wants with Bonnie? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Angel says:

    Bonnie and ebzi relationship is forced and makes no since especially after watching this episode. The writers are doing a terrible job. This show would be fine with out Elena if Julie could just learn how to write.

    • Melinda says:

      Agree. I would probably like Benzo IF they would’ve taken the time to actually develop and build their relationship from the beginning but to just bring it on in the last few episodes of the season with only a few scenes….there’s just not enough. With the way Enzo’s character has been the last few seasons is he a friend or foe? He wanted Lily earlier this season, he kidnapped Caroline, he pistol whipped Bonnie and drugged her, now he’s keeping Lucy’s death a secret. There’s not a lot in his favor right now. I get that some people are excited for Bonnie to get male attention but why can’t she have a good one???

      • Fena says:

        The funny thing is who has ever had a “good” one in the entire seven seasons of TVD, I am wondering if the writers even know how to write a non problematic, non violent ship.

    • chelsey says:

      They make about as much sense as Stefan and Caroline. It’s like the “writers” (I use that term loosely because the writing is embarrassing) want to keep anyone and everyone away from a romantic relationship when it’s anywhere near Damon or Elena. The show is struggling so much.
      They never should have ruined it with the Damon and Elena whatever that was. When they turned it into the Ian (Damon/Dullena) show the show has never recovered.

      • S7 Wasted potential says:

        All true @ chelsey. The noose that is Elena/Delena is still strangling the life out of this show and Nina is gone!?!? LIKE?!?! The biggest mistake was the sleeping beauty story line, instead of killing Elena off or sending her off somewhere they have her weighing down this show and making it difficult for the writing to go anywhere. This season has been so stagnant. What has been the purpose of this whole season? The flash forwards which were an interesting aspect turned out to be fake, nothing came out of those scenarios. It would’ve been interesting to leave the flash forwards and see the fall out from those. A season where change should’ve happened because of Nina’s departure gift was squandered.

  2. KM says:

    Him, Ian and Kat are really the dream team, their scenes are great, i’ve already seen the episode, and I loved it, great acting especially Kat.
    p.s. i know Kat worked with Prince, can someone tell if she commented or tweeted about his death, thanks.

  3. Michelle says:


  4. Cas says:

    I like Bonnie and Enzo. Get over Bamon people.

  5. Michelle says:

    What pisses me off about the episode is that Enzo said Damon left this mess. Like where??? Enzo was the one that gave the Armory access to Bonnie in the first place and might I remind you he gave her the PILLS that are killing her right now which Damon points out. Please end this bonenzo joke, its built on kidnappings, lies, and pills. He’s also keeping away the fact that Bonnie’s cousin is dead because of his family. Bamon makes sense, BE does not.

    • kay says:

      About Lucy maybe that will come up in an upcoming episode, Enzo may tell her will wait when that will come out.

  6. Belle says:

    Notice every last Bonenzo interaction involved Damon somehow lol. Damon will always get brought up because Enzo is a placeholder for him. Add to it how forced Bonenzo is where they lay it on soooo thick but Bamon still manages to be all anyone talks about. Kat and Ian have the chemistry and Bamon has the depth. No amount of heavily scripted and forced kisses will change that. No amount of awkward touches and stiff performances can’t change that. Bonenzo will never be able to touch Bamon period.

  7. I’m thinking that Bonnie will try to fight her feelings for Damon and pretend like Enzo is enough for her and try to stay loyal to her relationship with Enzo and convince herself of that is what she wants. But, at the end of the season will realize and admit that she is in love with Damon and it will be harder and harder to fight her feelings for him. There is a reason that Damon is along just after BE has gotten together and that’s because Bamon is the true story that they are telling and like Calaric and SV was with SC, BE is just a roadblock not meant to last and Bamon is the true love story

    • Danny N says:

      I really hope your right.

    • EFMB says:

      Yes just as Delena was? You really think they will repeat storyes with friendships turned into romance and again a girl is MADLY IN LOVE with Damon and doesn’t want to admit it?! If that will be the case, those writers are most untalanted people there is!

  8. Ian says:

    Aww, Michael’s won me as a fan. He’s quite no-nonsense, and he knows what working with Ian and Kat is: a gift. I like this direction for Enzo too, he and Bonnie are both a benefit to each other characters, and the chemistry is strong.

  9. Kate says:

    I would have been a lot more receptive to this bonenzo relationship if they had built up Enzo’s back story since he showed up in season 5. Or maybe if him and Bonnie had had more than 3 scenes together before season 7. But it literally came out of nowhere? I mean I would have rather seen Bonnie with Matt honestly they had more history. I love Michael Malarkey, he’s a great dude and very talented, I just…don’t see Enzo and Bonnie being some big epic love story? In fact this was suppose to be their ‘big’ episode, and their scenes were cute but this honestly felt like a filler episode. They were also a lot about Damon’s reactions to their relationship. (I.e. When he fought Enzo over Bonnie or when he was side eying them on the couch for like 2 minutes…) Damon was jealous. No if, ands, or buts about it. DE or BE fans can say us Bamon fans are delusional, but if they can’t see that something is about to happen with Bamon, the I’m the one that feels sorry for them. I mean they’re threatened right? At the end of the day, their scared that all their hard work of making fake accounts, and sending death threats to the writers/actors, and trying to bully their anti shippers into suicide; all that work is gonna get flushed down the drain. Poor things 😰 Bamon is coming babes, get on board or get over it. 👌🏼

  10. rosa says:

    I love bonenzo and bamon. I saw a few clips of tonights ep and they really do have great chemistry together. I love bamon but its like at this point idk what the writers are doing with them. I find it impossible to not dislike bonnie and enzo together theyre so sexy together.

    • Staci Lynette Thompson says:

      I think Bonnie & Enzo ARE sexy together too!! They don’t seem stiff & fake to me..The chemistry seems real. I am kind of getting tired of Elaina hanging on to Damon though; it’s not fair to his character or her in real life. She decided to leave the show for a reason. Find someone that your fans can except; recast her part if you have to and be done with it. We knew the Alaric & Caroline wasn’t going to last…

  11. kay says:

    I enjoyed their scenes who knows where the writers will take them as a couple but so far I am enjoying their chemistry yes Bamon has chemistry too but there is nothing wrong with just going on the ride. Also have to add its a shame that MM has been getting underwhelming sls so it was nice to have him involved in a better sl, I am liking the dynamic between Enzo/Bonnie/Damon.

  12. Trisha says:

    Bamon>>>> already saw the episode and the layed the bonenzo relationship on thick but the Bamon angst took over. Wow Damon acted like a jealous ex the whole episode and there’s definitely something going on between those two. I’m really here for a Bamon romance.

  13. Krystal w/ a K says:

    Bonenzo lost me when he stuck a needle in her arm, drugged her, and kidnapped her. Then Enzo used her anger about Damon to further isolate her for 3 years? It’s literally like Stockholm syndrome, and I’m so proud of Damon for calling both Bonnie and Enzo out about the skeevyness and the poisoning. There was so much Damon reacting to their relationship this episode, therefore I feel like SOMETHING bamon is definitely gonna happen by the finale. Its been 7 years, I’m so here for it 🙌🏼💕 #Bamon

  14. SPOILER ALERT: Bonnie and Enzo’s story was…okay. I didn’t know what to expect, but like, I expected more. I felt really bad for Damon throughout the episode though. I’m hoping that he can explain to Bonnie the true reasons for desiccating himself.
    I also felt bad for Stefan. His situation with Caroline and Ric was also as complicated as the Bamonezo triangle (sheesh).

    I just wanna take the Salvatore bros and give them one big hug

  15. Jessica says:

    Was it just me or did anyone else think that Bonnie and Enzo’s flashback love scene was awkward af. Seriously there was like zero chemistry during that scene! They are better off as friends. Bamon for the win!

    • chia says:

      I love them…they are good for eachother

      • Emily says:

        Excuse me they are good ? He is literally poisoning her. Damon had ti be the ont to rip Beau’s heart out of his chest so Rayna won’t break the deal about giving her life to Bonnie. Enzo was way to calm and cool about it. If Damon wasn’t there he would have let Beau alive which would have resolved in Rayna turning her back against them and not wanting to save Bonnie anymore. Damon also saw right through Bonnie when she was giggling and pretending to be happy with Enzo and not caring about dying. This Bonnie was so OOC like since s6 her arc is to put herself first and stop sacrifying herself. But she is okay with dying coz Enzo will never leave her. Sure Jane, she basically stated because of Enzo she doesn’t care about her life and that she is only with Enzo because she knows since he only has her he will never leave her. She just settled for something easier that won’t hurt her like Damon did. It’s not really love. I really believe she cares and loves Enzo but she is not in love with him. She is in love with Damon just like we understand in this episode Damon is in love with her. Let’s not talk about the fact at at the end of the episode, Damon was telling to Bonnie & Enzo ” don’t mind me, I will continue the work alone” or something like this but Enzo is chilling with Bonnie playing guitar. Like is it even doing something to save her life ? Damon is doing all the job and is scared af to lose Bonnie you can see this when he threatened to kill Enzo if anything happens to Bonnie. Like Damon went to dessicate coz when Bonnie almost died to save him from Tyler (which was Enzo’s fault) he couldn’t let this happen again coz he loves her too much. He wanted her and his friends to live her life without getting hurt for him anymore. Tyler’s words telling Damon that his friends will all die trying to save him really affected Damon and when Bonnie was lying in this hospital bed because she tried to save him he decided that he was better for her and everyone if he wasn’t thete anymore.It was a selfish choice but he wanted to be selfless in his own way.

        Steroline/Bamon parallels are also too obvious. They are definitly the endgame. Stefan and Damon will definitly get their girls back. Calaric and Bonenzo are here to prop up Steroline and Bamon. They are just the fille couple. JP already said ep 20 to 22 will concentrate about Bamon relationship and Defan and that ep 22 are focusing on Bamon and Steroline relationships.

        A Bamon kiss spoiler is going around and a writer of TO Karina got mad about it basically confirming that the spoiler is true otherwise she wouldn’t be pissed like this.

        • Nia says:

          When did JP say that 20 to 22 will be Bamon eps when in an interview she said that ep 19 and 20 will be B/E focused? Look hate Enzo, hate B/E but it seems that you are ignoring/dismissing quite a few facts, seems people are just concentrating and fighting on who is endgame without focusing on what is actually going on.

          • Lora T says:

            Yeah, but it still had Damon in it right? No matter what, Damon always manages tl sneak in to there relashinship. Kinda funny as well. It’s like he’s a third wheel.

  16. Marie says:

    The Steroline & Bamon parallels were too obvious. They are definitly the endgame couples !!!

    I can’t decide who was more savage Bonnie or Caroline? I mean Bonnie gave Damon that little smile to raise his hopes and then BAM! Slams the door in his face. Whereas Caroline just went full brutal, looked straight through him as if he didn’t even exsist, and left Ric to slam the door on his face.

    • Marion says:

      The parallels between Damon and Stefan are just…. WOW.
      Both men left the women they love to “protect” them.
      Both men left for 3 years.
      Both men came back to see that the women they love are in a relationship with other people.
      Both men wrote letters to the women, but neither woman read those letters.
      Both women don’t want anything to do with these men, but inevitably will.
      Both relationships are causing me emotional pain.
      What else am i missing?

      So yeah Bamon & Steroline are definitly the endgame couples !

  17. Karen says:

    You know why she choose E even though I’m 20000% sure she doesn’t love him as she claims? Like her, he has no one. So he can’t leave her. He can’t leave her like everyone she loves does.
    He can’t leave her because he has no one else, it makes it easier to be with someone who can’t go anywhere coming from where she is coming from. That’s not to say she might not have grown to like him but she doesn’t love him. She doesn’t feel 1/100 of what she feels about Damon for him.
    Right now she lets Damon in and he leaves her again, it will break her. And she doesn’t want that and she knows she can’t go through that, so she will rather pretend to be happy but anyone who knows Bonnie knows that she is literally breaking apart on the inside about her dying again. Enzo might never see the real pain and sadness behind her facade because that person she has built with him is the one that doesn’t allow anyone one in, not really. Even him although on the surface it looks like it.
    She said she kept that letter so she knew who to trust, thing is, she doesn’t trust anyone. Instead she is going with what is convenient.
    Her options are to either let herself feel or be what won’t hurt. Being with E will never hurt, not only does he have no one like he, he can’t hurt her. He really can’t hurt her.
    I’m sure she wants to know what’s in the letter but mostly she is afraid of what’s in the letter. That he left her because she”wasn’t enough”, it’s the reason why she never read the letter.
    She was abandoned as a kid by her mother because of Elena. A child losing their mother I hard but then finding out they left you willingly even more so. According to her he did the same thing. He didn’t just leave her, he abandoned her. He literally threw her love for him in her face because she wasn’t enough to make him stay. We all know that is not the reason but to Bonnie it is, She doesn’t want a third time. She has learned to adapt.
    We are now entering the place for Damon’s feelings because as of now, it’s clear Bonnie is in love with Damon. And next episode will be the start of it. This episode was clearly a filler to catch up on the rest of the mess the first half made.

    • Fena says:

      I think Bonnie has feelings for Damon but she does love Enzo Julie already said this, guys ship who you ship but lets not totally dismiss facts. If they are going the triangle direction I hope they handle it right because honestly most triangles on this show has not been handled well.

  18. Diana says:

    Underneath all that Bonenzo, all I see is Bamon !

    • Lea says:

      It was supposed tobe a bonenzo episode .. but all we see is Bonnie mad as hell at Damon.
      She says she’s over it.. but umm.. sure doesn’t look like it..
      Enzo too addressed it in the car. Felt like he looked at it like a red flag. And I’m sorry but her reply didn’t convince me.
      Sounds more like SHE NEVER GOT OVER IT, that she just shoved it to a side and decided to ignore it, until she couldn’t, coz it was standing in front of her with flowers and all she could think was WTF they are not even my favourite flowers !!!!!
      Love and hate.. its a fine line if you ask me..
      She shouldn’t be so affected by Damon if she actually “moved past” what he did.
      I know I’m gonna lose some followers.. but sorry guys.. while the screen shows me Bonenzo, all i see is Bonnie’s passion that Damon inspires.

      • Sarah says:

        For one thing, the Bamon dynamic is far more electric that the bonenzo banter.. and honestly, BE has a very Calaric/Stelerie vibe to it in the sense it feels too rushed and I’m supposed to just take for granted that in the past 3 years they fell in love, all based on bridge-backs shown in ONE episode?
        So essentially for me as a viewer, i’ve had very few episodes to get used to the idea of Bonenzo, much less Bonenzo IN LOVE ! i need more time TVD. Where is the build? Bamon has way more build. And this is coming from someone who started season 7 adamant that Bamon would be OOC for Damon coz he’s all Elena Elena Elena.. well… guess who hasn’t mentioned Elena once this episode ? Guess who is actually busting his balls to save Bonnie, the person who has to DIE for Elena to wake up… .
        And lets be honest, you can have every reason in the world to love someone, even convince yourself that you do – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually love the person. Just because someone was there for you doesn’t mean you HAVE TO fall in love with them. If that were true, Stefan should be madly in love with Valerie and Caroline should be madly in love with Alaric. Instead Stefan is knocking at Caroline’s door a few days after his ‘break-up’ and calls it picking up the pieces of his shattered life!
        It takes more than circumstances to fall in love or even fall out of love for that matter. Its a connection of the heart that takes more than intellectual reasoning such as – they were there for me, or, this is my life now. Love is not an extension of gratitude. Which is one of the reasons i don’t feel Bonenzo .
        Another reason I’m disinclined to jump on the Bonenzo ship is Enzo himself. He has always felt like an incomplete character to me. Its like he has no real story. Why he does what he does is a complete mystery.. he feels very plot device like.. so its difficult to really appreciate him with Bonnie who has been with us since the beginning. Like who is this guy really???
        Yeah, the date scene was super romantic. But so was the 7×16 SV under the stars scene. Appearances aren’t everything. Not here, not in real life, no where. After that SV scene that was romantic and cute with a song and everything (i mean they threw everything but the kitchen sink at that scene to make it look legit), here he is waiting to talk to Caroline to ‘pick up the pieces of his shattered life’ … it dint look too shattered in the SV flashback scene now did it? Actual proof that what is shown on screen is not necessarily the whole truth or any truth at all.
        Maybe its this season and how its messed with me, but i can’t help feel what i feel. And I’m not feeling Bonenzo right now.
        *Braces myself for backlash*

        • DS says:

          I enjoyed this episode because Bonnie and Damon are the only things keeping me invested in this otherwise sorry show. I feel like we’re getting a breakthrough with Damon. The writers might be slowly allowing Damon to break away from the DE delusion and I’m here for it. For so many seasons they’ve chiseled away at Damon’s character all for the doppelganger and I’m hoping this is a turning point for some character growth. Now here’s hoping they unchain Stefan from Caroline. Both S/C deserve better than their cringe worthy chemistry.

    • Kelly says:

      Honestly for me it was ! I thought it would mostly be about bonenzo, but the bamon was SO poignant and present, even in the background, it kinda gave the episode this weight, y’know? Plus we got lots of scenes too.
      But like, I have NEVER seen Damon this distressed and jealous and filled with so much YEARNING before.
      NEVER !


  19. Karli says:

    Shipping aside just want to say fantastic work by Michael, Kat and Ian really enjoyed the ep, hopefully there will be more scenes with these three together.

  20. Lizzy says:

    Bonenzo was adorable! They are a healthy, happy couple and Enzo is the best man Bonnie could ever hope for. They are endgame people! Loved their chemistry and they talked and bonded. What they habe is deep. Damon doesn’t even know how she takes her coffee and they had breakfast together everyday in the prison world. He doesn’t even know what flowers she likes, bc all Bamon ever talked about was Elena. May Bonenzo rise!! :)

    • Rosie says:

      “They are a healthy happy couple and Enzo is the best man Bonnie could EVER hope for”…are you for real? Did we watch the same show because it became pretty evident that she’s with Enzo because she believes he’ll never leave her. That’s not healthy. As someone else pointed out, I get that fans of Bonnie want her to have a relationship because let’s be real it seems like the writers hate her but I’m not willing to take these scraps they are handing us that they aren’t even willing to show the development of their so called love.

  21. Linz says:

    This was, imo, the best episode this show has done in years. I may be biased because Bonnie is my favorite character and this is HER episode, but I enjoyed the heck out of it.
    I honestly had no opinion of Bonnie/Enzo going into this episode but now I can say that I really like them together. They had so many cute moments in this episode and it’s clear that Enzo makes Bonnie happy. It’s also clear that Enzo is ten times more likable as Bonnie’s boyfriend than he’s been since his initial introduction. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them in upcoming episodes.
    I loved all the Bonnie/Damon angst in this episode. It would’ve been unrealistic for Bonnie to forgive Damon so quickly after he abandoned her to go desiccate in a coffin for 3 years. I’m glad the show had her acknowledge how hurt she still is by that decision and they let her keep him at a distance because she’s still so hurt and angry.
    I didn’t even mind the Stefan-Alaric scenes in this episode and I was happy to see them both step up for Bonnie. It’s about time, really, given how often she’s saved them.
    I hate that we are once again dealing with an arc about Bonnie’s probable death, but I love that it’s finally given Bonnie/Kat the focus she deserves.

    • number 1 fan says:

      Agreed this is how a true fan feels and why we keep watching, I will just go with it till the end. I feel damon is watching bonnie like a hawk because he knows the real enzo, like a big brother knows his friends . A comment from BRITT gave me hope when she met IAN S. She said that Ian was actively involved in making sure that the fans will get the ending they deserve . I still believe in Delena. I’m hoping for a witches loophole , maybe possible by the sole living Gemini twins. As for friend of big brother maybe damon will realize a guy can change with that one special girl and Benzo, will survive . I definitely don’t want a Bamon. And Bonnie has beat death before I’ll just have to have faith in Ian S promise that we fans will have a well deserved ending.

      • Rachel says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble but Ian doesn’t like nor want Delena. He’s not talking about Delena fans regarding “making sure that the fans will get the ending they deserve.” Delena is dead.

        • number 1 fan says:

          It’s all good my bubble is intact. I’m in til the end no matter what happens. Thanks for clearing that up Rachel. Guess I’ll just be surprised.

          • Sandy says:

            It’s true my friend who works on set told me Ian refuse a DE endgame and will walk away before it happens. Nina doesn’t want it too. They both can’t stand each other and are over DE. It’s a ship they never shipped anyway. Also Nina is not coming back ans if she is it won’t be for DE but to give Elena’s character closure. JP said they will do as Nina wants in an interview IF she comes back coz that’s how desperate they are to give Elena an ending. Nina won’t chose DE if she wants to come back. JP also said Paul and Ian have a say in the endgame too. Ian is Defan and Bamon af sohe won’t chose DE either. He told it in a panel in brussels last year anyway that a DE endgame doesn’t seem possiblen for him to a fan asking about this and that if someone lied to him about it. But you DE fans went with it but they never promised you DE guys. They never talked about it.

            Anyway my source who is legit told me for sure Ian ain’t doing DE endgame coz him, Kat and his wife went trough too much crap by your fandom and he won’t reward you all. Sorry but you deserve it. Threatening real life people over a fictional ship is low and inhuman.

  22. Carl Paton says:

    I used to watch this for the mind numbing Vampire killing but when Enzo appeared the writing got stupid and the story lines ridiculous. Suppose to be Vampires but they get their ass kicked by everyone

  23. Yes!! I think they’re playing it very well – I can definitely read the high road Enzo is taking when it comes to the Bonnie/Damon whatever. Mature relationships are not generally rewarded on this show, so I worry…but, fingers crossed.

    The show as a whole has been unsteady, but the Bonenzo thing has been rock solid for me since the first flashforward. I feel sorry for the people who are too blinded by their own desire for wish fulfillment to appreciate the performances being nailed in the service of Bonenzo.

    Free your minds…

  24. number 1 fan says:

    It’s all good my bubble is intact, I’m in to the end no matter what happens thanks for clearing that up Rachel guess I’ll just be surprised.

  25. number 1 fan says:

    Love the mind freeing. Hoping the brothers end with the strong loving Salvatore bond after all the sacrifices.

  26. EFMB says:

    I like Bonnie&Enzo they are really wondefull couple…. and aldough I would prefere that we saw how their relationship evolved in “reall time”, I loved how that flashbacks showed him being devoted to protect Bonnie and her trusting him and besides their physical chemistry they really got to know each other and fell in love.

  27. chia says:

    I love enzo and bonnie together. ..they make beautiful couple…bring the best out of eachother. .

  28. chia says:

    I love bonnie and enzo

  29. PAE says:

    I sincerely hope that the writers of this show pay zero attention to any comments ever. So many concrete, set in stone opinions about who belongs with whom and who’s boring and who should die. Perhaps some of you people should stick to writing your own fan fiction.

  30. Leslie says:


  31. Julie says:


  32. SaGa says:

    Guys….I think its going to be interesting to see how Damon fights for Bonnie…..its really sweet to see how much Damon cares for Bonnie and can’t see her with Enzo……
    Maybe the writers didn’t focus much on developing Benzo because they wanted to develop Bamon….I mean just looks at it how insecure Damon is .
    Its going to be interesting….

  33. sarah says:

    They put benzo together so we stop shipping bamon. Well it didn’t work for me.They just come out of nowehere, out of the blue. They could at least had a build up since 7×05 episode and it still wouldn’t work for me either but still it would have make more sense.

  34. Miranda says:


  35. number 1 fan says:


  36. Ronnie says:

    I hate Bonnie and Enzo together I would love to see Bonnie and Damon together they have great chemistry and they have a strong bond and love for one another.