Grimm Renewed Season 6

Grimm's Season 6 Order Is Trimmed

Due to an anticipated embarrassment of dramatic riches, NBC has dialed back Grimm‘s initial order for Season 6, which will now run at least 13 episodes versus the 22 the supernatural drama has served up every season thus far.

As first reported by our sister site Deadline, the move is in part to afford the Peacock network greater flexibility as it plans its fall schedule, seeing as already eight drama series (Grimm included) have been picked up for the 2016-17 TV season, while The Mysteries of Laura is currently a “sure thing” to return (per TVLine’s hand-crafted Renewal Scorecard).

And that’s not even counting any new series, with thus far Chicago Justice and the Blacklist spinoff definitely in the mix, while the pilots for Emerald City and the Taken prequel are garnering early buzz,  Deadline reports.

A shorter, though always extendable, Season 6 run would allow Grimm to debut midseason amid a crowded fall slate. The supernatural drama this season is averaging 4 million weekly viewers and a 0.9 rating, numbers which swell to 6.4 mil/1.7 with DVR playback (versus Season 4’s 7.4 mil/2.1).

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  1. John says:

    But why? :((( They always have great and entertaining episodes!! Hope they will extend it

    • ABG says:


      It’s likely a final season now as well.

      • Johng says:

        No. Ratings are fine. It’s one of the best tv shows for its time bracket and it’s doing extremely well in target demos. Plus, NBC loved the show. It’s solely a money reason and has potential to getting more episodes after it airs.

        • Anonymous110 says:

          No, the ratings are a shame, less of 1.0 and is obvious that the writting is of law quality and the writers have zero ideas. The season 6 will be the last one.

          • John says:

            No, the ratings are fantastic, especially in the demo it excels in (older people with disposable income). The series has also improved, so you’re wrong there as well.

        • Suzi Adler says:

          I do so hope you are right! I do think some fresh blood in the writers room. A little more action and a little less conversation would help!

        • Jess says:

          I agree with you, ratings are fine. Its all about the money and I don’t think half these shows are going to take off (save maybe 2 because of the big name from their “mothership”). Plus I believe they cancelled The Mystery’s of Laura…so one would think they would increase the episodes. Though I still can’t believe they are going to do 13 episodes!! UGH…that is one show that my family and I look forward to on Friday’s.

          • Eric says:

            Ratings are horribles. i don´t know of where the channel get the enough money for continue this joke,

    • Jim says:

      It’s not unusually for a network to put an initial smaller episode order, then after the season starts order more for a full season. So I wouldn’t worry, we’ll have a 22-episode season of Grimm for the 2016-2017 season.

      • Anonymous110 says:

        no, this season 6 mini must be because the channel regreted its decision of have renewed to Grimm and they want a finale closed. that´s so obvious….

        • Jess says:

          If you don’t like Grimm, don’t comment this. A lot of us are fans of Grimm and we are just mad because here is a great story and all of the sudden we get MAYBE a half of season!! A lot of fans aren’t going to take it that well.

          • Kevin says:

            Everyone can comment what they want here or in any place, folk, this for start. So, i think that he has the right.
            And the second is that Grimm is reaching its own finale the same Giuntoli is hinting to that.

  2. John Lorentz says:

    Speaking as a Portlander who lives in the part of town where they film a lot…Darn. (It’s both fun to have them filming here, and it helps the local economy.)

  3. El S Boy says:

    Hope they annonce ‘Final Season” and have a true finale (after 6 seasons every series diserve it)
    rather than you could still have a season 7 and nothing…

    • Noctemris says:

      They already said in an interview that if they got a sixth season it would most likely be their final season and that it would be the first time the writers would get to write with an ending in mind. Sorry, I can’t find any link since it’s buried under all those “Season 6 confirmed” links on Google.

  4. Wolffy says:

    I know why, but Nadalind shippers will disagree with me… ;p

    • Lianne says:

      Yes! The show is getting old and they never should’ve put Nick/Adalind together.

      • Lizz says:

        And there you go. It all comes down to the anti shippers. Silly.

      • Anonymous110 says:

        No, the show is domed by the Juliette´s back. the fans are tired of have always the same plot: here nobody can die?? Eve is the main role right now. we are forced to support her acrobatic antics every week, minutes that should to be to the Scoobies. this will be the Grimm´s ruin, not Nadalind, in fact the morbid Nadalind thing is the only thing that keep the main of shippers stuck to this show that is getting older and boring.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t know why you just can’t let the story be told. Do you toss out every book that doesn’t go your particular way? In other words; what is wrong with you?

        • I don’t know why you people whine a lot! In The Walking Dead, when a character is killed off, all people would be very disappointed and complain a lot why he/she was killed, that the show doesn’t know anything but to kill the characters off.. Now we have Grimm, who’s got a magic stick so people couldn’t just die easily because there’s a great chance of healing but still, people are complaining because it’s tiring and not a good plot? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Can’t you just enjoy every single moment of it? If you really hate it that much, then please stop watching and go on with your lives!

      • hillsboro resident says:

        I have no idea how anyone could prefer Nick and Juliette. She is a horrible actress and the character is so devoid of personality. She has a career mainly because she comes from money. Oh well.

        • Carter says:

          tjats how I feel about the girl who play Adalind. I cringe every time see opens her mouth. I agree though, Betsy whatever is a terrible actress as well.

          • Carter says:

            Ok, I apologize for what ever this string of words are supposed to read. I was pretty buzzed at the time of that comment.

        • Mondi says:

          I agree, she is a terrible actress. Nick being with Juliette was getting on my nerves.

          • Kevin says:

            Oh dear for the mini season 6: the glorious return of Juliette/Nick and their ChessyLand. Grimm will turn in a soap opera.

        • kathy kelley says:

          I have to agree with you as I’m not thrilled with Julllete too much either..Basically i get confused with her antic’s on the show..

    • mooshki says:

      I think Juliet threatening Adalind over Nick might be another sign that they’re going to break them up. I hope.

      • Wolffy says:

        me too

      • Anonymous110 says:

        No, that thing won´t happen.
        Adalind will be blackmailed by the Captain, and she will leave To Nick.
        And what do you think that will happen? That Nick will marry with Eve? oh not! though he´d be alone, i think that Nickeve never would work. she´s a killer and their story is broken by itself, without Adalind or with Adalind dead would be the same. the Nick´s love by Juliette is domed. i´m sorry.

    • Norm says:

      Exactly. The Nick and Adalind crap is the only thing that really changed from the previously aired seasons. The reappearance of Bitsie Tulloch actually improved the ratings when it returned midseason. Like it or not Juliette had some loyal fans, as well as Nick and Juliette. Not all of them voice their opinions online. They simply quit watching.

      • Kevin says:

        hahahaha bitsie tulloch will be the doom of this show.
        You see.

      • Louis says:

        The only trash in Grimm is support the presence of Bitsie Tulloch and her imposition of her honeymoon with giuntoli in the series too.
        This is child and pathetic as her tantrums in the social media against all the Nadalind shippers. Grimm won´t last , you see.

  5. We’ve HAD to watch it On Demand for the last month due to baseball pre-empts. Hope they take that into consideration because we love Grimm.

    • Marci says:

      Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chris? I do, and it’s beyond annoying that NBC let their local affiliate get away with broadcasting some Giants games. They used to shift the NBC programming to a local independent broadcast channel, but this year they’re shifting it to a retro channel carried by Comcast called COZI. I happen have Comcast, but a lot of people don’t, and I feel bad for them. It’s a very unfair situation.

      • arial2 says:

        Marci: totally agree with you! Ever since NBC changed over to KNTV San Jose as its affiliate, one has never been able to count on the scheduled Prime Time show being aired. Why did KNTV bother if they really wanted to remain a local station? Just the ego thing of “We in San Jose (aka Silicon Valley) think we are more important than San Francisco and we’re going to show them!”? Move it back to KRON San Francisco. I would think KNTV has pretty much betrayed its committal to NBC.

      • arial2 says:

        Clarification: Grimm is not the only show affected by this lack of committal to NBC.

      • dean says:

        COZI is a free channel you can get with an antenna. I don’t have Comcast or any cable and I get the channel.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          I have DirecTV and I most certainly do NOT get COZI. Count me as one of the bitter, annoyed Grimm fans in the Bay Area.

          • Lexni says:

            For my family it is the same. I watch it online since I am usually at work when it airs, but my parents have Direct TV and they only aired the first part of the finale and then went to Dateline. So my poor parents don’t know what happened (and won’t for awhile as well… they don’t get how to watch things online?)

  6. thisismenow says:

    I always look forward to the Halloween week return of Grimm :( This is a little disheartening. I just hope if they decide it is going to be a Final Season they announce it at least.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Actually I’m fine with this. Most shows with 22 episodes bore me with filler episodes so keeping the seasons to 10-13 (like most cable series) helps keep the show interesting. If it is the final season they better do it right though.

  8. Debbie says:

    An embarrassment or riches or a death knell for the show? While the European formula has been a cable favorite for years, it’s usually only used by older established networks in the US when it’s trying to kill a show by shaking it’s core audience loose. I don’t know how turning it into a mid-season replacement show and trimming it’s order of new episodes is considered a win. Now that it’s 100th episode is in the can, they are looking towards an end game. I hope those in charge of the show realize this and begin writing for a series finale.

  9. Kate says:

    Sigh, well, maybe it will allow the show to have less filler and then also to run more consistently. While its on every week now, it didn’t start until October, went for like three weeks, the holidays and then didn’t return until the end of January.

  10. Murica! says:

    This is ridiculous! Why not trim some episodes of those boring Chicago shows? Who needs 4 of those shows? It’s completely unnecessary! Grimm is something different and something special. I don’t want to have to wait a whole year for the next season!!

    The same happened to POI last year. I’m still waiting for the last season of POI to start!

    • Since cbs keeps beating them in ratings by following that formula, 4 CSIs, 3 NCIS’s, technically 3 criminal minds, but one didn’t make it…nbc is prob like, maybe we should pull a cbs and just clone our top shows. I watch criminal minds and elementary, but I hate all the ncis shows.

  11. Grimmette says:

    These are no good news. When shows episodes are trimmed it means they are going to be cancelled eventually. That will be the beginning of the end for GRIMM. How sad!!

    • Tracey W says:

      That was the first thing I thought too! Another good fantasy show being cancelled. I’m voicing my complaint to NBC via Facebook, Twitter etc immediately.

  12. Rachel says:

    Well that’s a bummer.

  13. Susan S. says:

    Hate having less Grimm Grimm is my favorite show.

    • Jason says:

      Thank u for being a true fan, I have so many good memories of a peaceful Friday night home with Grimm. I am a huge Supernatural fan along with being a cop/detective show fan. One thing I can tell u is that this is the perfect mixture of both. I AM SO, SO disappointed to hear so called fans say its boring, u are a bunch of little nitpicking weirdos to me. There is no show PERIOD! that has a changup that gets a little stagnant with their characters. Overall, this is my favorite show on tv, over TWD, DC legends,Vinyl, Hunters(but be excellent), Game of Thrones ,Blacklist, Wynona Earp(lol). U got the picture, so if if ur not a true fan, .Grimm !! Come back til like 10 seasons

    • Robert says:

      For the very few people on hear thank u for being a true fan, I have so many good memories of a peaceful Friday night home with Grimm. I am a huge Supernatural fan along with being a cop/detective show fan. One thing I can tell u is that this is the perfect mixture of both. I AM SO, SO disappointed to hear so called fans say its boring, u are a bunch of little nitpicking weirdos to me. There is no show PERIOD! that has a changup that gets a little stagnant with their characters. Overall, this is my favorite show on tv, over TWD, DC legends,Vinyl, Hunters(but be excellent), Game of Thrones ,Blacklist, Wynona Earp(lol). U got the picture, so if if ur not a true fan, .Grimm !! Come back til like 10 seasons

  14. Rose says:

    I agree they can give a better and fulfilling story arc is less and then if get extended then can introduce new story arc and finish in the next season if renewed. I think 22 eps sometimes can be long winded for some shows and great for others. I am not a Nick/Adalind fan. I like them both separately and more with Adalind in background especially causing havoc and being a grey character. The romance I don’t get and seems forced and is only happening because she tricked Nick to sleep with her and got pregnant supposedly by him and now he forgave her and liking her because of the child? Not buying it and I am bored because they are taking 4 seasons in the making and twisting everyone around to try and make things fit and I am getting tired of Adalind being more on screen than others. I think the ratings are down for a lot of various reasons and I think mostly due to the out of left field shake up. There was no basis for it and no lead up or anything and just felt things were trying to be forced and not natural or anything leading up to something that would have prepared us for some things that have happened.

    • Wolffy says:

      Agree with all you said!!! Too much Adalind, she is so boring in this season!

    • I would like to see more Truble… I think she’s much more interesting than either “Eve” or Adalind…

    • Norm says:

      There has been too much Adalind, too much of the Adalind and Nick pairing (which never should’ve gone down), too much Meisner and Truble (whom we love dearly, but are not the reason that we watch Grimm), too little of Nick being at the top of his game. He has been distracted by Kelly and Adalind, his grimm powers have reached a stalemate and he hasn’t been engaging in the weekly wesen fights. Eve has been taking care of business better than Nick. I love Eve, but where is Nick the Grimm at? They had chance to let Nick go dark for a bit at the beginning of the season…that lasted for about a fart. They added to many players on for this season without enough room. The focus should have been on Nick, Monrosalee’s growth, Juliette’s redemption, Hank, Wu, Renard and the Wesen story of the week. The core characters that made the show should’ve been the focus of the show.

    • Vi says:

      I think the Adalind/Nick thing was always in the works. If you look at the little intro clip that starts out every show in the first season, you will see a quick flash of her at the end. She was interesting to him from the very beginning. Right now they are the best thing going. Juliette and Nick didn’t ever make much sense.

  15. Frank says:

    If they shorten Grimm or Cancel it, the hell with NBC. Tired of Studios f—- up good shows and replacing them with utter crap. That’s the reason we haven’t watched any CBS shows this year, they refuse to show “Person of Interest” and cancelled it, so we cancelled all CBS shows. In fact if we find out a product sponsors any CBS series we don’t buy that product or service.

  16. texmike says:

    And they wonder why broadcast networks re dying.

  17. mooshki says:

    Darn it! :( One of the few shows I watch on NBC.

  18. Susan says:

    I think this might not be a bad thing, and I wish more shows would follow suit. You don’t get all those filler episodes and the writers have to keep the stories pretty tight. Could work really well!

  19. Marci says:

    I wish the networks would trim the schedules of all of their shows. I find myself running out of gas around this time of year, trying to keep up with all of my broadcast network shows, as well as my cable shows. Life would be so much easier if the network broadcast shows had a maximum of 18 episodes instead of 22, 23, and even 24 in some cases.

  20. Grimm is one of my favorite “must watch” shows…

  21. Tracey W says:

    This is the unfortunate. Grimm is smart Tv. Let’s hope NBC is wise enough to extend the season. While I do appreciate the extra content that short seasons afford us, those extended breaks between the seasons are torturous. Longer seasons also can mean greater story lines.

  22. JO says:


  23. Anonymous110 says:

    Of course this smells to a finale, in fact this smells to a new chance of get a real ending. I heard that the season 5 was changed in their ending, their came back to film a new ending, knowing the renewal.
    But is normal, the season 5 is getting a pathetic 0.8 in its ratings lately.
    I think that the fact of have to Eve making her poors acrobatics antics like if she´d be Wonder Woman, and her wigs, wasting golden minutes in the Grimm´s main plot, stealing them to the Scoobies is gonna to kill the series.
    Juliette being back has been the main mistake of Grimm, and this will have a price. if the series get just middle season will be prophetic the title from 5X22 “the beginning of the end”.

  24. Deliah says:

    Bad move. Grimm has a loyal following. If they jerk the fans around it will end up biting them in the rear.

  25. Bin Ho says:

    CANCEL this stale series… the writing is among the WORST on American TV.

  26. mc says:

    Really, NBC? Crowded scheduling is your main concern? Half of your picks are gonna get cancelled, anyway.

  27. Kathy Bergeron says:

    Of course they are shortening the season . It is like one of the few shows I actually look forward to. Typical.

  28. Shaun says:

    Terrible news,especially if it is the final season like some people believe.Boxing it out when worse shows eat up all their schedule(Like the Voice lasting forever).Why reduce a Friday show anyways?I haven’t seen anything else NBC has put up on Fridays do anything worthwhile.

  29. queensgirl says:

    Boo. :( Why don’t they cut something else?

  30. awesome-49 says:

    All these pilots sound like they’ll suck.

  31. Lois Riti says:

    This is so unfair, to all is Grimm fans. Why only 6 episodes? We lovr Grimm & want to see a whole season…
    Please rethink this over
    Thank you

  32. Mary S says:

    I’d rather have more episodes of Grimm than a Blacklist spinoff! I didn’t like Tom that much, anyway, while I adore Nick and the rest of the cast!! Let us keep Reddington and the cast of Grimm, The Mysteries of Laura, Law and Order: SVU, The Blindspot
    PLEASE do what you can to end this travesty! There is no “embarrassment of riches” in the NBC line-up…just a bunch of tripe. I saw a list of 65 shows on the NBC list of things waiting to be scheduled. OF ALL THOSE SHOWS, I am only interested in 6, and one of those has already been cancelled.
    Having a lot of shows “waiting” does not mean that they are GOOD shows, only that they have the potential to eliminate the few I do enjoy. I really have no vested interest in any of the other 60 shows, I just want to keep the ones I love. Is that asking too much?

  33. Melissa says:

    Sucks!!! Big time!

  34. Jaden Fivekiller says:

    Grimm is awesome the majority of crap this channel serves up needs cut. Maybe do a Grimm/Supernatural cross over lol that would be pretty awesome. I really do hate shows like the blacklist n the mysteries of Laura. I wouldn’t watch that garbage if someone paid me. Supernatural, Grimm, Hell on wheels, Strange Empire, The Red Road, L&O SVU and Blood and Oil are pretty much all I watch n enjoy. So far other stations they have killed 4 of the shows I liked. Really am tired of garbage tv designed for anyone who isn’t a drone

    • SimbiAni says:

      High-five to the SPN suggestion, lol. I long passed the point of being disappointed in SPN’s writing, now I just want it to go as cracky as it has the potential to. They’ve alrdy hinted at crossing universes (not just to ours, but OZ?! With a zany version of Dorothy? imagine all the other places & chars they could end up encountering!) so I say let’s make it happen! xD

      And seriously.. 22 eps for SPN season #1234 but only 13 for Grimm?? Now I really won’t be able to pair them up.. (it was gonna be hard enough with CW pulling their contract with Hulu, but not impossible since I have a Xfinity OnDemand as a backup) So disappointed!

  35. Patrice says:

    Why can’t they give adalind a chance? Seriously. Stop always making her a bad guy. Geez.

    • Amrusanie Ramsaran says:

      I love the new Adalind, can’t stand Juliette , no disrespect to the actress. I prefer her as Eve. Hope Nick and Adalind remain a couple for the series finale.

  36. Very sad news, I love Grimm, it’s tragic it’s on it’s way out(which networks should stop doing, pretending a cut like this isn’t a way to end a series).

  37. Laura says:

    Bummed. And mad at dumb-a$sed nbc for cutting it short. I hate it when my favorite shows are aired for frustratingly short seasons, in general. Less of a good thing ain’t wonderful. It sucks.

    And I totally agree about the Chicago shows, too. They are so been there, done that. Their commercials during Grimm actually make me roll my eyes and laugh they look so redone and over-dramatic and unrealistic (in other words, ER ran FOREVER, and here it is again; just, no thanks!).

    Grimm is set in a fantasy universe, so it doesn’t need to try to stick to realism, and for that and a hundred other reasons we adore it. We watch it in syndication and wait with excitement to both dvr it and watch it live. Then we re watch it again during the week.

    We get mad when they , for whever stupid reason, bump it for a week (or two or God help us, more).

    One thing is for certain, whatever else they decide to put in its place on Friday night we won’t be watching, because it won’t have the same magic, and it will probably be as dumb, unintelligent, humorless, and overdramatic as everything else that’s left on NBC. (We too loved Person on interest, but don’t get me started on that….)

    Also, I’m heartbroken this stupid truncated season will totally prevent us from getting another Halloween themed episodes (La Llorona is one of my favorite episodes of any show, ever.)

  38. Gloria LeMay says:

    Why don’t they just add 5 more Chicago spinoffs and knock everything else off! I got sick of SVU long ago. I like the Chicago’s, but I like Grimm. It’s interesting and different and something that both my sons and I like. It’s out go to program. Why don’t they just put it on Sunday like CBS does so that no one can tape the whole thing!!!!

  39. kirads09 says:

    Trimmed order doesn’t bode well for the series. And just when I was getting really interested in it again. I wonder. Will we get a backstory episode that explains Juliette’s transformation to Eve. What I mean is the time between her “death” and when she reappeared. Obviously HW took her and trained her and resurrected or did something with her. But when she was “killed” she was pretty much an out of control adolescent Hexenbeist – not fully in control of herself or her powers. How did she get trained/turned into the perfect badar$e asset for HW? She obviously still has enough memories to know who she was and everything. I just would like to see that revealed for us. And how much of Truble’s involvment was intentional and planned in getting Juliette – if at all. How long has Truble been involved with HW?

  40. Michael says:

    Please do not shortened Grimm’s 6 season. The only Chicago shows that are good are exceptional Fire and PD. The 4 new shows in my opinion isn’t worth shorting Grimm’s season, because they aren’t going to compare to Grimm. I can’t wait for Friday to watch Grimm!!!Thank you for the 6th season, just make it a full season. The more the better!!! Please!!! (And more seasons if possible).

  41. Josh says:

    Only NBC shows I like are Grimm and The Blacklist, Super Store is pretty good too. Television is getting sooooooooooooooo out of touch with what viewers want.

  42. will says:

    Listen Blacklist is a good show but it dosent need a spin-off . Grimm is on if not the best original shhows that TV has come up with in along time and there aren’t wanna be copies of the show on every other channel stay focused story writers and producers your going too far reign the story in get him back to doing what he does don’t get the best TV show on TV cancelled because you have to write some grand bs the chief of police and black claw cut it all out he should be working with the Grimm’s Juliette let her bea weapon but stop implying that she could be more just pleases don’t get our favorite show canceled. And give the other networks time to come up with there cheap knockofs we want more GRIMM

  43. Kathy S says:

    It would be better if NBC trimmed another series and gave Grimm the 22 episodes. Grimm is a unique show while those other dramas such as Chicago Fire , MD. , etc are pretty ordinary.

  44. lucinda houseman says:

    why are the good programs cut somehow grimm is one of best show to come along

  45. Joshua says:

    This is horrible news. I wish Grimm would move networks. For instance I was expecting to watch Grimm tonight but Adele Live is on instead. No thank you. Grimm is my favorite show and season 6 being cut to 13 is extremely disappointing. At least film all 22 and make the rest available online or on Hulu. Please don’t do this.

  46. Jeremy says:

    This truly sucks I look forward to watching Grimm every Friday night. I’m sick and tired of crap like this. Person of interest was another favorite show, just like Human Target was replaced by raising hope what a load of crap. I’m sick and tired of getting interested in a show just to have them cancel it.

  47. I loved Grimm for most of the first 3 seasons and still rewatch those on Amazon. Unfortunately, the series’ writers seem to have been playing Plot Point Bingo and attempting to see who can run the Idiot Ball for the most yards since the end of season 3. I’ve read the synopses of the episodes of season 4 and season 5, just in case the show got better, but they’ve only made me glad that I didn’t bother to actually watch and it will be no hardship to watch Grimm fade off the airwaves.

  48. Katie LH says:

    Sounds fishy to me. The weekly run is already busted to heck with large gaps between episodes. Mess around with this show’s scheduling too much more and you’ll lose this watcher for sure. Times that by another million peeved-off viewers and your sponsors will certainly love that.

  49. Anon says:

    They’ll just ax it like they do with every good show. Probably will change it so Season 5 is the final season and leave us with a cliffhanger like they always do. This was the only show keeping me tuned into NBC. Part of me hopes they cancel so I don’t have to support that network anymore.