Fuller House Season 2 Spoilers

Fuller House Season 2: [Spoiler] Moves On With a Freaky D.J. Look-Alike

Who’s ready for Fuller House: Attack of the Clones?

TVLine has learned that both of D.J.’s Season 1 suitors — Steve and Matt, neither of whom received roses during the finale’s Bachelor spoof — will have new women on their arms in Season 2, including one who looks frighteningly familiar.

First up is C.J., a virtual copy of D.J. “from the way they look to the way they speak to the way they act,” and it should come as no surprise that she’ll be dating Steve. It should also come as no surprise that the similarities will irk D.J., pushing her towards her breaking point. (Despite Full House‘s history of having actors play two roles — hello, Cousin Stavros! — the current plan is for C.J. to be played by an actress other than Candace Cameron Buré.)

As for Matt, he’ll find “love” in Cristal, a twenty-something hot yoga instructor who often walks between rooms using only her hands. Dating Cristal sounds like an obvious ploy to make D.J. jealous… but will it work?

Of course, Matt and Steve aren’t the only ones moving on in Season 2; as TVLine previously reported, Stephanie is also getting a new man, described as being “a touch on the weird side.”

Your thoughts on these new couplings? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. TVFan says:

    Will Candace play the roll of CJ?

  2. :) says:

    Patiently waiting/hoping for a bisexual Stephanie.

    • thisismenow says:

      It honestly would be the most organic way for them to introduce the subject matter.

    • If anyone is Bisexual, it’s Kimmy from the way she planted a liplock on Stephanie.

    • Zach Cage says:

      Why? Do we have to have gay and trans and bi injected into EVERYTHING now? I want to see things catered to me….not the 5% of the population. WTF is wrong with this workd now? Let me enjoy my shows, thanks.

      • Please explain how having a bisexual Stephanie is a bad thing?

      • Beverly says:

        Haha. Look at the selfish whiny male have a crybaby tantrum when things don’t go his way. And this is just in response to a fan’s comment, not an actual event occurring in the TV show.
        How dare the media cater to someone who’s not you! Shame on them, right? I mean, they cater to you 98% of the time, but it really should be 100%, right? You’re so special.

      • Mai says:

        @Zach Cage – I agree. I’d rather not see Fuller House reduced to what every other show on TV is doing. I don’t get why almost every show has to have someone on the cast be gay.

        I don’t necessarily a show adding a new homosexual character, but only if that character is interesting and adds something to the story and has good dynamics with the rest of the established cast. I really don’t like it when a show abruptly turns an established straight character gay, seemingly to appease the gay Hollywood power group.

  3. Guest says:

    Seriously… What has this show done to Steve?!? :(

    • Agreed, Steve was SO cool on Full House, but on Fuller House, he reminds me of a younger me, who is attached to one girl and refuses to let her go….

    • Asia says:

      Seriously, I love Steve and shoddy writing isn’t going to change that. But for the love of all that is good why are they writing him like this? I loved that ghost reenactment scene it was hilarious but dating at D.J clone? Why do the writers hate him?

      • Carina says:

        I liked the dj and Steve story line too in season 1 and to see Steve end up with a girl named CJ who is exactly like dj was not where I thought they would go. I remember on friends and frasier in the 90s they had their characters date the look a like type only to have them see that the look a like /clone is not the original person and will not ever be so they had them end up with the original person aka Rachel dated Russ who was just like Ross to end up in the end back with Ross and on frasier daphne dated Rodney who was just like niles dressed like him spoke like him wore same suits etc only for her to end up married to niles in the end In my opinion anyway who knows maybe CJ and Steve won’t last ? And the same will happen but maybe that’s just too much to ask :(

  4. Jamie says:

    Steve is a creep now and the show needs to dump him

  5. Alyson says:

    Was Steve such a creep in the original? I can’t remember.

  6. alistaircrane says:

    I’m rooting for Steve and DJ to reunite!!!

  7. Alia says:

    I want DJ with Matt. And Stephanie with a surpraise pregnancy even if she said cannot have children.

    • SAMMI says:

      Exactly wht I want too…Stephanie needs to somehow have a child

      • A.J. says:

        No! Stephanie not being able to have children is perfect! There are a lot of people out there that can’t have children that never get represented on television. Miracles aren’t going to happen to make it so they can miraculously have children, and I love the fact that Stephanie is representing them. Marriage, children, death isn’t always the path for everyone, and Stephanie is the perfect representation of that. Don’t take that away!

        • Emily says:

          Well said, A.J. I was going to say similar comment on here. It seem almost every female character on TV must have at least one child, regardless – implying that woman is nothing but placed on the earth just to bear children. There are many childless women and couples out there and would love to see that represented on the TV.

        • Liz says:

          Why doesnt Stephanie just adopt a foster kid?I agree with AJ on Stephanie not being abled to bear children is a good idea in the series

          I hope Stephanie decides to adopt or for another matter remain childless in the show

        • Tanya says:

          Well sometimes in real life miracles happen they told my sister she wasn’t able to have a baby and she got pregnant and had a son so is possible

  8. My Season 2 wish list:

    1 – More of Stephanie Tanner’s amazing boobs.

    2 – More insults thrown at the Olsen Twins.

  9. Bin Ho says:

    Love these people! Thank you Netflix.

  10. slayme says:

    this show is terrible and if you watch it – pretty much a sign that you’re stupid

    • emily says:

      if its so terrible what are you doing reading an article and posting a message about this show? sounds like you’re the stupid one.

  11. Scott says:

    They turned Steve into a creeper

  12. My wishlist:
    1. Steve and Matt end up together

  13. Mai says:

    That’s expected, but great news! I’m currently very much rooting for Matt & DJ. He’s fun and and enjoyment to watch. DJ & Matt are great together, have chemistry, and have a mature relationship. Looking forward to next season!

  14. A fan of TV says:

    Ok the caricature that is Steve Hale is borderline here. The kind of guy that good friends save girlfriends from dating before things go dangerously wrong. Please reel that in, TPTBs!