The Blacklist Liz Death

The Blacklist Recap: Gone Girl

If you sat down on your couch at 9 pm Thursday night and changed the channel to NBC, no one would blame you for wondering aloud, “What show is this?”

Because even though the program that aired for the next hour did star James Spader, and it was sandwiched between new installments of Strong and Game of Silence, in no way did it resemble a regular episode of The Blacklist.

And that, of course, is because it wasn’t a regular episode of The Blacklist. Save for Red and his freakishly eloquent monologues, this week’s outing didn’t feature any of the usual characters or plots we’ve come to expect from the NBC drama — with Liz’s absence naturally being the most glaring of all.

In the first episode since Megan Boone’s protagonist was seemingly killed off, we took a deep dive into Red’s tortured mind — and boy, was it trippy. Here’s how it all went down:

A few days after Liz died from complications during childbirth, Red takes a cab to Cape May, N.J., where it seems he’ll do little more than decompress and grieve. But just as he makes himself comfortable in a beach chair looking out at the waves, he spies a beautiful red-haired woman near the water, who sheds her coat and locket before throwing herself into the waves in a suicide attempt.

Red — despite the many, many layers he’s wearing — is able to rescue the woman from her near-drowning and takes her back to the beachfront house he’s squatting in… and the 24-ish hours that follow Red’s act of heroism are some of the most bizarre and mysterious that The Blacklist has ever produced. (And if you’ve seen even one episode of the show before, you know that’s saying something.)

The Blacklist Liz DeadAs Red nurses the anonymous woman back to stability, they swap cryptic war stories and drop subtle hints about the life events that are weighing them down. Red, of course, waxes poetic about the recent loss that’s been haunting him, and the woman reveals that several men are on her tail, with the intention of killing her. It never becomes clear why she’s being followed — in fact, there’s a lot that remains unclear throughout Red’s time with the girl — but she and Red seem to come to an understanding about each other: They’ve both done bad things. They’ve both seen bad things. And neither of them really need to talk about it. (Bonus plot twist: Whoever this woman is, she knows Red’s name, which can’t mean anything good.)

Eventually, the men chasing our unnamed beauty make their way to the beach house, and in a massively entertaining but super-tense sequence, Red and the woman take out the hitmen, one by one. A few hours later, as Red is preparing to flee the scene of the crime with his anonymous companion in tow, he realizes he can’t find her anywhere in the house. Instead, he discovers that she’s back on the beach, preparing to once again throw herself into the water.

For the second time this episode, Red, in all his three-piece-suited glory, runs across the sand in an attempt to save the woman, but by the time he reaches the water, she’s gone. And I don’t mean dead — she’s really gone. Vanished. As if she were never there in the first place. Looking for some answers, Red approaches an older man sweeping his metal detector across the beach… but when he asks the stranger if he recently saw a woman dive into the water, the man replies that Red is the only other sign of human life that he’s seen on the beach in two weeks.

If you’ve got a strong radar for plot twists, or you’ve watched The Sixth Sense a bunch of times, you may have seen this next part coming: As Red looks back on his last 24 hours, he realizes that it was all in his head — there never was a woman, no assassins. Every conversation he had with Anonymous was held with himself. He was the one playing the beach house’s piano. He prepared dinner and drew a bath for… no one. (And this is officially the saddest episode recap I’ve ever written.)

But just as Red seems willing to accept his day-long hallucinations, the man with the metal detector discovers a locket buried in the sand — the same locket that Red’s “acquaintance” had been wearing. He buys it from the man and washes off the dirt, revealing an inscription on the necklace that he seems to recognize. And just then, the red-headed woman appears before Red once more — and not only has Red known her all along, but she is Katarina Rostova, Liz’s biological mother.

“You had no choice. It was me or Masha,” Katarina says, stroking Red’s face. “But you did save me. Through her.” So, that monologue Red gave earlier in the episode, about the heartbreaking choice between saving a woman and saving her baby? It seems that doesn’t just apply to Liz and baby Agnes, after all. With that in mind, Red runs off the beach, announcing that there’s someone he needs to see.

OK, Blacklist fans, it’s your turn. What did you think of the show’s first Liz-less episode? Drop your reactions in a comment below.

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  1. kate says:

    I figured it out about half way through who she was and that this was in his head (and at the end figured it out that he really does think she killed herself but that was exactly what she wanted him to think). I am now wondering if Scottie that we meet next week who is the spin off character is in fact Liz’s mother too and that Liz and Tom have been more intertwined than we have known.

    • Crc says:

      That would make for one awesome show….is it bad I really don’t want the spinoff to do that great cause I don’t want Tom to go???

      • Kate says:

        Nope it’s not terrible because it has seemed like they struggled for so long to find him any relevance once he was revealed as Berlin’s spy. And then they sort of were losing the train again. But I guess as part of Megan Boone’s maternity leave they needed some stuff and a backdoor pilot likely takes up two whole weeks.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Hmmm…I took a mystery writing class, where we learned the reader/audience really wants to figure it out, before the reveal. It looks like someone did a good job. I haven’t seen it, yet. I, definitely, like to know it all first…of course, I didn’t with Sixth Sense which was a good thing, and then again, when I didn’t with his next film Unbreakable, it was a very very very bad thing. So, now I like to know ahead, again. Hence, a big fan of these recaps and discussions.

  2. Jason says:

    As much as I believe that Liz is still alive, her presumed death does allow for an interesting examination of what would happen if she were really gone. It’s definitely bleak and somewhere I wouldn’t want to visit in the long term.

  3. cm houghton says:

    I’m glad I read this since I haven’t seen the ep and now can save myself some time. Also, I may have thrown bricks at my expensive flatscreen after watching this episode, so TVline just saved me a trip to Best Buy and $800. You have my eternal gratitude.

    • lovejoi says:

      This! All of this!! Ha ha ha!

    • Walkie says:

      That’s a shame because you will miss the best episode they have done.

      • mooshki says:

        I agree! And it’s definitely going on Spader’s Emmy reel.

      • eleven says:

        It was the most smartly written episode I can recall for The Blacklist.

        • Faye says:

          I agree. I love the show but this one was exceptional with it’s depth of emotion. Whoever wrote and directed this must be commended nearly as much as Spader.

          • JUDY says:


          • PatriciaLee says:

            The actress is going to have a baby but should be back, never fear.

  4. KPonce says:

    Nice recap but it left out what valuable bits of conversation occurred. That’s ok I missed them too- while my sis jabbered during those parts, I’m ok if Liz is gone if she must be gone for whatever reason. I’m in it for RED! It was a nice artsy episode, still contained the required bits of violence greatly reminiscent of ‘Home Alone’ antics. Clearly Red is tortured over recent events, allowing ghosts of related past events to weigh in. It would have been better if we got more background story from Season3, episode19, but what’s done is done and that’s how I feel at the end of Every episode. The more the show goes on, the more i tend to believe the back story is quite short and shallow. Why else would they dole it out in such minute bits.

  5. bob martin says:

    great I love this show

  6. Elaine says:

    That was so bizarre,but I am still trying to figure it all and how and if it will fit in with Lizzie.
    Last week’s show was so emotional and now to try and make sense of this week and how it will play out with what is to come…Can’t sleep thinking what is happening to my Favorite show.

  7. Viv says:

    Hmmm… I only watched the pilot once I surmised his co-lead was his daughter, but I’ll definitely watch this episode. Thanks TVLine! Yer swell!

  8. Tonight’s show was awful and very disappointing given the build up since last week. I feel like I just watched Tom Hanks on an island with a volleyball he named!!!!!



    • Jake says:

      You obviously don’t understand character development in tandem with mystical elements throughout. This episode delved into what the past truly held for the relationship between Red and Rostova, which is directly related to the turn of events between Liz and baby Agnes.. not to mention Tom’s involvement in a Red-esque manner with the choice between his wife and his daughter.
      This episode was fantastic, and it really brought upon serious contextual elements of the lead characters’ histories.

    • Walkie says:

      Sorry the show didn’t spoon feed you an obvious plot. You had to actually pay attention and think in this episode. I know that’s tough for some.

    • Gina Corbo says:

      Agree with you, me and hubby also very dissapointed with the way the previews built up this episode!!! If Liz was leaving show they would have done this as finale show and left you crazy to see next season!!! She went on maternity leave so we dwell on Red’s psyche!! Love the show though

    • Grey says:

      I figured out early on what was going on but I couldn’t stick with it. Yes, Spader’s performance was good and the production quality excellent as usual but is was still an awful episode imo. It was slow and boring! Again, jmo.

  9. Elaine says:

    Okay this was a bizarre Thurs. episode. I don’t see how that will mesh with next weeks episode but surely it will.
    I DO NOT THINK LIZ IS DEAD. How tonight will play towards next week will be interesting.
    I keep waiting for Red to let go of something he is still holding back.

  10. Robert Hodge says:

    Does anyone else think that Mr Kaplan is mire tied into this plot than normal? Did you see her emotional reaction as Liz was giving birth. Could she be related to Liz in someway. Grandmother perhaps?

    • Aeo says:

      Personally, I think Mr. Kaplan is the one that facilitated Liz’s “death”, and they (and Tom) only came up with it to get her away from Red and keep the baby as far from his world as possible.

      • RMichelle says:

        YES! I think the exact same thing!

        • Bill says:

          I think Mr. Kaplan AND the good Doctor were both in on it, but not to keep her away from Red, but because the bad guys would be more likely to figure out she is still alive if Red were also aware of it. There would be none of the soul-searching that went on in last night’s show or continued sorrow from Red and that would be a giveaway.
          I figured the plot device out fairly quickly, but it was still a great way to get some back story into the script and build a little more meaning into why Red is SO protective of Liz as well as being a nice action sequence to boot.
          Good episode.

          • Matt Wood says:

            Tom and his doctor buddy are the only ones aware of Liz being alive. To protect her and Ages from Red. At Liz’s request I’m sure. The doctor made a comment last season about regretting being entangled in Red’s Web to Liz. Red has no idea that she’s alive.

      • Dj says:

        After this episode I think Mr. Kaplan knowing Red past and what happened with Liz mom use that info to stage Liz death in a manner that would bring up the old wounds for Red that would distract him long enough to make Liz disappear.

      • GambitGrey says:

        Oh that’s a good one. 😮

    • Robin~AllThingsHeartandHome says:

      I noticed that too! The close up of her tearing up…she was stern with Red- which was out of character …lots of emotion from someone who’s quite stoic while cleaning up after grisly murders…

  11. I Think Red is going to take her to the facility in “The Longevity Initiative” episode….eventually

  12. Justbecause says:

    I loved this episode! Red is such an interesting guy who is always two steps ahead of everyone. In this episode we see him completely falling apart and having opium induced hallucinations and a mental breakdown. This episodes puts Red in a very different place, and thus will hurt his ability to work with the task force in their quest to find Lizzie’s killers. Spader was masterful in this episode. What a joy watching him act!

    • I liked it a lot after last week eppy. It was so eerie and sad and moving. I had a feeling about half way thru or earlier, he was dreaming or still drugged up. I just can’t believe Liz is dead, they are the show together.

  13. Larry Lickert says:

    James Spader is by far the most talented person on TV. His talent is unmatched, and I’ve been a fan of his throughout his acting years. What a fantastic escape from the show which is is amazing!!!!

  14. RMichelle says:

    1. I don’t think Liz is dead. When she let Mr. Kaplan into the birthing room with Tom and the doctor, I think they devised a plan to fake her death. Liz and Tom want to get away from Red. Mr. Kaplan even criticized Red for “making us all believe you could protect her” and told Liz sympathetically, “Your baby deserves more than we can provide.” I think Mr. Kaplan is in on the plot with the doctor to fake Liz’s death. Even Tom didn’t look devastated when Red told him the news. The doctor would know how to fake it, and Mr. Kaplan would take her away. (Although Red does hold Liz for awhile in the ambulance, and you think she would have lost her body heat and been cold to the touch by then — sorry to be kind of crude there; I bawled just as much as the next person.)

    2. We don’t truly know if Liz’s mother is dead. Red thinks she is, or at least he SAYS she is, but because we don’t know the backstory, maybe he only THINKS she is dead, and she truly isn’t. If Red realizes she could have faked her own death, could he be coming to the realization that perhaps Liz could do the same? This episode is a flashback induced by Red’s immeasurable pain for failing Lizzy, but it was a hallucination — we don’t know how much of it actually happened. In season 2, I THINK I recall Red telling Liz that her mother walked into the ocean and was never seen again. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t saved, and Red just didn’t know, however.

    Because I don’t believe Liz is dead, I’m holding onto faith that it’s only going to get better and better. Megan Boone is just on maternity leave, and they’ll give us a cliffhanger at the end of the season that hints she is still alive. We’ll obsess over it all summer, and then she will return in season four! That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it! (Otherwise, Jon Bokenkamp is an outright monster.)

  15. All I can say, is that I have cried so much in last week’s episode and tonight!! I miss Liz and I DON’T want her to stay away!! She was just the very nucleus of the show as Red!!! This is my favorite weekly show!! It is intelligent and hard to leave my couch as it keeps my attention major!!! I believe in miracles for real!!! Can Liz come back PLEASE!!!

  16. Kevin K says:

    Hope James Spader should be nominated for POTW. Wonder what’s going to happen in the last four episodes of the season which could lead to the spin-off featuring Famke Janssen.

  17. There is another analogue here. It was Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece ‘The Shining’, a film in which a shuttered off-season hotel was the focus and presence of fear, hallucination and horror. I expect the show-runners were deliberately reminding us of that place, that madness, and that outcome.

    This was a very strange and fine episode, touching on many references at many levels.

  18. if anyone has not worked out in the last 3 years that the weakest link in this show is Megan Boone, tonight slapped them in the face with it. What a superb episode of mystery, tension & the usual top class acting from the great Spader. Without Liz’ terrible acting & miserable ungrateful character bringing it down, this was a different show.

    I have watched since ep 1 for Spader, I will always watch for Spader. I just hope the showrunners are really taking notice, because even if the plan is that Liz is alive they could always change their mind. The Blacklist could be a great show, instead of a silly show with one shining light that makes the awful bearable.

    • Veronica Jordan says:

      Totally agree!

    • MaDay says:

      I completely agree with you Ms. Kessing. I think Ms. Boone’s character and acting are truly horrible. I was hoping she would not come back after the first season!

    • Artlady says:

      Yeah, totally agree with you. Megan Boone’s character IS a miserable ungrateful brat. However, Megan Boone did a fantastic job of getting that across! I don’t think it’s so much that she’s a terrible actress. I think it’s terrible writing. The writer’s are at fault in casting her as such a twit. Megan Boone has done a great job with the scripts handed to her.

      • Yes, the writers are portraying Liz in the most unfavourable way. What a wasted potential for a prime time show to have written the female lead in such an unlikable and unrelatable way for large stretchs of the show. I can’t imagine that Megan Boone is happy about the script she was served and the storylines her character has been given. Its also insulting to me as a female viewer to see the female lead portrayed in this fashion. Liz has for most of the show been determined by and dependent on the men in her life instead of taking it into her own hands, instead of having been given some real agency. And to write her as going back to Tom is the most horrible thing after what happened in the first season between these two. Its as if the writers delight in using “stupid and bratty” Liz as plot device to further male arcs, especially Tom’s.

      • I certainly agree that the writing for this show is appalling – with the exception of Red’s dialogue. That seems to have been dropped in from a different show where the writers have talent.

        I can’t agree that Megan Boone is blameless though. Yes, she is given crap to work with. It says a lot about her lack of acting chops that her awfulness shines through – even through the ridiculous situations & actions written for the so called elite task force. I stopped counting in the first season how many times she and Ressler would rush into a deadly situation, alone, with her a complete rookie.

        I don’t know how she was ever cast as the co lead in a prestigious new series besides one of the greatest actors working today. Having said that, if she had shown improvement in the 3 seasons — ANY improvement — I guess there would be hope. She hasn’t. She is as wooden & single note as she was in episode 1.

        PLEASE, leave Liz dead !!

  19. msplumuniq7 says:

    I think the show was masterfully done, artistically speaking. There were hints of the whole scene being a flashback or hallucinations. While lying next to the woman, she not only accepts that a ” stranger” is snuggling beside her, she talks to him as if she knows him.
    The piano scene, hauntingly beautiful! She stops playing to listen to him, yet, the piano music continues. Later, we do learn that the woman was Katarina, Lizzie’s mother. There was a reference to her walking into an ocean in another season!
    What is mysterious is that Katarina’s necklace is coincidentally found by an old man? I’m sure that’s why he went to Cape May, it was where Lizzie’s mom, Katarina, was seen walking into the ocean I suspect.
    I thought I heard him say he was indeed Lizzie’s father in that piano scene, but it’s hard to tell. Masterful writing.
    The suspension is mounting, and well done. Superb performance by James Spader!!
    Those who criticize tonight’s episode fail to see just how good the writing was, to keep us interested without giving all the details! Also, the acting was a balance of someone in grief, remorse, disbelief… The stages that follow a dear one’s death, but done Redd style! Bravo!!

  20. Baby Lee says:

    Score from The Leftovers repurposed by the red head at the piano while Red recounts the story of Elizabeth

  21. I think the older woman who helps Red has fixed Liz’ “death” with the doctor. Liz was put into a deep coma to protect her from Red and his foes. I think this because I’m having a hard time believing one of the main characters – the reason Red became involved with the FBI in the first place – is dead.

    • I agree, the older woman is Mr Kaplin and I have never seen her get emotional before!!

    • IlsaT says:

      I totally agree. I think that’s why Mr. Kaplan wanted to go in there by herself. She told Liz that they were going to give her something to make her appear dead because that was the only way they could protect her baby. I still think Tom is who they’re after.

  22. jason says:

    No other words needed…simply supurb.

  23. Sarah Morrison says:

    I think the Liz’s mother hired Tom to get Liz and her daughter, I think Red will take back the baby and then start to find Liz (on some ventilator somewhere). I think Red may know this so he took drugs in the hope that a drug induced hallucination would bring his memory back. cant wait to see which was the series goes though!!! glad Tom is going

  24. Tim says:

    Show me James Spader in an empty house for an hour. I’m there.

  25. kirads09 says:

    Wow. That was a great episode. I don’t think we have ever seen Red shaken to his core like this before. I figured out it was all in his head, but not who she was until the end. I am not of the school of thought that Lizzie is still alive. I think sadly she is really gone this time. I think her mother IS alive somewhere though.

    • Karen Moots says:

      On one episode, Red is talking with some woman in a hospital like setting. I assumed that that was Liz’s mom

  26. LEP says:

    Apparently the show was so not The Blacklist, that my DirecTV didn’t recognize it, so it didn’t record it, even thought it’s supposed to record every episode. I turned on the TV at 40 minutes after the hour, expecting to be able to start from the beginning, and it wasn’t there! So, then I thought, not a new episode? (Because it only records new episodes.) Saw it was on, and, there was James Spader talking to a red-headed lady who was crying, and it said was The Blacklist. Watched the last 20 minutes, trying to figure out what the heck was a I watching. Guess DirecTV was just as confused as I was. (But Mr. Spader is so amazing, I’ll watch whatever he does.)

  27. Carolym says:

    I think it opens another door on Reds life.if Liz is really dead? Then that sets Red on a path of finding out who killed Liz,Why,and most important How ?
    Could the Dr of had something to do with it? Was it what the Dr gave her on her IV?.
    ALSO puts Red on a mission to protect Liz Baby from those who wanted Liz dead. Last don’t think the husband is all finished with his line of work.
    Think Liz mom came to view to help Red go forward.

  28. wm Otte says:

    Not a good show for the action fan! It put me to sleep!

  29. I was confused, at first, but once again, great acting by James Spader; I was trying to figure out where the show was going; I,too, thought of ‘Home Alone’ as the two prepared for the gunmen.You come to see the torture Red is filled with; Didnt realize till the end who she was;Too be continued…PS I think Liz is alive, probably on ‘maternity leave’

  30. Susan Bernstein says:

    It needs LIZ!

  31. Bill says:

    What I’ve been suspecting since the beginning of season 3 was confirmed (in my mind) last night, and that is that (transgender) Red is indeed, Liz’s biological mother. Think about it. lol

  32. DJT says:

    NOT GOOD. Reminded of the Tony dream sequence when “The Sopranos” began to run out of steam.
    Seems that the writers boxed themselves with a baby and the supposed corpse of Liz and the silly “spin-off”.
    And if the woman was supposed to be “Katarina” how is it possible– even in hallucinationland– that Red did not recognize her?

  33. Walkie says:

    One of the best hours of television I have seen in a long time.
    Spader continues to prove he’s one of the best actors going.

  34. Jenny says:

    Enough with reminding us that Red overpays on anything, from a taxi ride, the taxi or a necklace. We get it, he would never have dinner with Hillary.

  35. Kathy Winstead says:

    I hope that liz is really not dead as much as I like red she and red made for good stories

  36. Mo says:

    Mo Writes:
    Your recaps raises the embedded quesions mark in my mind. Did Liz really die or what you are relating in the recap the other side of the coin you do not want us to relate to so soon after the purported death. Why was Liz’s body ferried away by that scary looking lady? Why did the FBi allow it?

  37. Claudine deArrigunaga says:

    I loved the episode last night (April 21). James Spader’s portrayal of Reddington, as sad and devastated by Lizzy ‘s death, was fascinating! I agree this episode was unlike what I was expecting but nevertheless, captivating. This series is the best and the acting equally as good! Keep it running!

  38. Mike says:

    Kinda gotta say between this and Agent Carter i really hope Lotte Verbeek (Mrs Jarvis!) gets a series regular gig soon.

    • Rick Wright says:

      And she is superb as the time traveler from 1968 in STARZ’s “Outlander.” Her character in the books stays through the next two books and I hope Ms Verbeek keeps the part. She is superb.

      • who are you talking about ? The actress that plays Claire or that one that will play her daughter? IN book 3 she is in all the books forward. . Who did she play on Blacklist?

        • Rick Wright says:

          She plays Geillis Duncan who figures quite prominently in several of the Outlander books. What we know right now is that she is a poisoner, not a witch, and is a time traveler (like Claire) from 1968 rather than Claire’s 1946. If you have access to the first year of the Starz series, watch the “Devil’s Mark” episode. Verbeek is excellent.

  39. Draz Ekiel says:

    Good episode, it was blatantly obvious though, imo, who the woman was and that there was a good chance it was all in his head, almost from the start.

  40. I know Liz is alive & hopefully returning to the show. I had it figured out that is was a dream to Remington. I’m not quite sure where it’s going from here.even tho he’s a phenomonal actor we still need Liz back as they are great to-gether

  41. ldylkngb says:

    Jon Bokenkamp is a terrific writer, and I love that they are playing this out just like a book is wriitten, rather than just hitting the high points, like they do when adapting a book to a movie. Yes, I know there is not a Blacklist book, but it seems as one

  42. Tim Barry says:

    Liz is alive. There is no way the producers would show the gross scene of Liz being put in a body bag and zipped up if she were were dead. The body bag scene was done to convince the audience that she is truly dead.

  43. ken stazer says:

    It sucked, I may stop watching the show .

    • Walkie says:

      Bye bye.

    • Artlady says:

      Don’t stop watching just because of one boring or pointless episode. Things are about to get wild. For me, this episode was a relief from all the drama and pain of last week. AND a relief from episodes like The Stewmaster. Ugh. The sicko episodes are the ones that push my limits.

  44. Bobby says:

    probably the best episode ever – James Spader is the key to the show – the only other character who is ever interesting is Tom Keen – any of the rest of the cast can be dropped at any time without being missed

  45. Kim R says:

    I don’t know why James Spader is not nominated for all TV related awards. The combination of his acting and the superb writing on this show is like a good meal. His retelling of being in Tel Aviv in a terrorist attack and the impact around the bomber, comparing it to the impact around any suicide, was so well written, so well acted. I will never forget the analogy.

    • drhenning says:

      Maybe Spader may be getting hurt by winning all the Emmys when on Boston Legal… I love him here but some people thought he won too much for that show where he wasn’t always serious….

      • fiberlicious says:

        He deserved/s it for both shows. He was fabulous and adorable on BL. On Blacklist, he can show a dozen different thoughts and emotions via almost imperceptible changes in his face. His acting is nuanced and thoughtful. I am besotted.

        • Rick Wright says:

          He was superb as the killer in the movie “Two Days in the Valley”–as cold blooded as he frequently is as Red.

    • Michel says:

      Where can i get hold of that script?

  46. joe says:

    One of the reasons blacklist has been such a great show is because of the interaction between Red and Liz . I am really disappointed about or being off the show if that is the case. I do not think it will continue to be as successful.

  47. terry says:

    It was the best episode. James Spader is such a great actor.

  48. Artlady says:

    Entertaining episode! I enjoyed the scenes that send us back to “Home Alone” with Kevin as he quickly rigs the entire house to vanquish the burglars! Ha! Ha! Light-hearted fun! So it takes a fantasy episode to finally see Lizzie’s mother’s face? Yay.

  49. Bert wilson says:

    I’m still wondering what relationship is red to Liz. I want to know

    • mooshki says:

      Maybe it’s just me, but I thought this episode actually answered this question. He loved her mother, and his love for Liz came from his love for her.

  50. French R Bolen says:

    Bizarre is a good one-word description. At the beginning when Red was awakened from seemingly a drug-induced coma I expected this episode to be about exacting revenge. Instead, about halfway through the episode, I thought I was the one in a drug funk. It was good drama and I totally got Liz’s mother’s connection at the end, but it was not one of my favorite episodes.