Nashville Recap: Emancipated Whiner

Nashville, when I said I wanted Maddie out of sight and more Rayna/Deacon scenes, this isn’t exactly what I meant.

Because Maddie’s decision to run away from home in Wednesday’s episode not only puts the hour’s focus on the truculent teen, it gives us plenty of Jaymes/Claybourne family turmoil that yes, gives us Rayna and Deacon in the same space, but also leaves the newlyweds snapping at each other in their worry over their missing daughter.

(Does anyone have Colt’s grandpa’s phone number? He’s got a track record of helping overindulged kids mature into young adults, and something makes me think a summer of mucking stalls, driving tractors and filling feed bins would do Maddie’s bratty soul a world of good.)

Elsewhere in the episode, the bane of Juliette’s existence turns into a great opportunity, Riff pulls a Lamar Odom and Will’s gaydar is seriously askew. Read on for the highlights of “Didn’t Expect It to Go Down This Way.”

CASH BLOCKED | Rayna returns from Dallas, has a debrief about Deacon’s night hauling their daughter out of the bar, then goes to Maddie’s room… to find her gone. Yep, Mads is AWOL, leaving Daphne feeling guilty about ratting her sister out and Deacon regretting the blind fury he injected into the whole affair. Young Miss Claybourne is hanging out at Cash’s house, but when Rayna storms in and scours the place for her kid, Cash snottily denies having seen her.

Back at home, the Maddie -apologizing this show is so good at continues when Rayna suggests that the teen is staying away because “We know Maddie’s got issues with your anger, and maybe she got freaked out.” Oh for the love of Conway Twitty, Ray, get a grip! Your kid is a spoiled brat, and that’s on you, too. Mr. and Mrs. Claybourne are very short with each other, but they manage to get their argument under control before saying something they’ll regret. (I’m going to ignore Rayna’s “Good Lord, Deacon, why’d you have to blow up on her like that last night?!” moment from later in the episode, because girlfriend is stressed.)

LET HER GO! | At Cash’s, Maddie laments that Rayna nixed her Sony record deal a while back. But Cash has contacts at the label; with a few calls, the offer is back on the table. She also informs Maddie that Edgehill wanted her as artist, too, which is news to the kid. And after Rayna swings by Juliette’s on the off chance her daughter is holed up with her idol — and has a very touching mama heart-to-heart with Ju (more Connie Britton/Hayden Panettiere scenes, please and thank you) — Deacon calls to say that Maddie is definitely at Cash’s.

Rayna hustles over there, only to have her older daughter defiantly announce that she’s not coming home, and she’s talked to a lawyer. “I’m emancipating from you,” she says, closing the door in her parents’ faces. As Rayna sobs on the front steps for the second time in the episode, Deacon can’t do anything except wrap his arms around her.


WHEELS (ALMOST) UP! | A close moment with Juliette during the Cadence hand-off freaks Avery out, so he makes the quick decision to join Layla on Luke’s tour as her band leader, and to take the baby with him. (Side note: Any of you music-industry types out there, please fill me in as to whether it is or isn’t weird to have a band leader sign on the day the tour begins?)

Juliette is irked by many things. 1) Her career needs a boost in the form of a new album, and Avery’s absence means he probably won’t produce a few tracks like she wants. 2) Avery’s closeness with Layla during a rehearsal for the tour’s opening night makes them seem quite cozy — cozier than they really are, but Ju doesn’t know that. And 3) Luke seems to be blowing her off (though he’s really not, but we’ll get to that in a wheelin’ dealin’ minute).

EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN | Riff turns up in a New Orleans hospital, having suffered a stroke after consuming large amounts of booze, drugs and penis pills. Oh, and he was with a prostitute when it happened. The fame lifestyle is like a drug, his wife explains to Luke in the hospital waiting room, and he hadn’t been home since his performance at The Beverly a week before.

Thomas Rhett fills in for Riff on opening night; we see him perform “Die a Happy Man” for the crowd, who loves him. But he’s a temporary patch on the tour’s gaping wound… until Juliette waltzes into Luke’s dressing room right before he goes onstage.

Can we talk for a minute about Luke’s dressing room décor? Judging by the lifesize deer statues and those lamps on the bar, I’m inclined to think that Wheeler’s tour rider reads like the lyrics of Beauty and the Beast: “Venue agrees to provide one (1) case of bottled water, no fewer than four (4) bottles of top-shelf liquor, at least three (3) unopened bags of ice; Venue also agrees to use antlers in all of its decorrrrrrrrrating!” Anyway, Juliette wants to join the tour to fill the spot Riff vacated (which she vacated first), and Luke is on board. He announces the news during his set that night. “Now I get to spend plenty of time with Cadence!” Juliette chirps to Avery and Layla as she takes the stage; their stunned faces say everything.

MISTAKEN SEXUAL IDENTITY | Will hems and haws all episode about whether or not to ask one of his backup singers, a bespectacled possibly gay guy named Brian, out for a beer. Then he does. And Brian says yes. But Brian turns out not to be gay. Metrosexuals, man.

WHAT IS AUTUMN’S ENDGAME? | Autumn has clearly chosen the divide-and-conquer route when it comes to The Exes. The day their single, “The Rubble,” drops — and does really well — she pretends to be all girlfriendly to Scarlett, but warns Gunnar that in duos, “One always outshines the other.” And Scar gets the really wrong idea when she happens to witness Gunnar leaving the star’s hotel room and wiping her lipstick off his face.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did anyone else notice that more than half the cast (Rayna, Deacon, Avery, Will, Layla and Maddie) were wearing gray sweaters during the hour? Just me? OK. Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kameron says:

    I FELT for Rayna, and I got so pissed off at Cash and her dad. They need to go

  2. Ash says:

    It’s going to bother me a lot when they don’t renew Nashville and they’ve wasted so much potential of the cast and music opportunity with all this crap drama/stroyline.

    • Ian says:


    • S says:

      Couldn’t agree more. What a waste of such a stellar core cast!

    • Boiler says:

      I enjoy the show but this comment is spot on. This show with its primary cast should be so much more. If the get renewed they need to get rid of the dead weight and start to concentrate on the real talent , both acting and musical, and make this an enjoyable show to watch.

  3. Neha says:

    The best thing the show could do would be to kill off Maddie and just give all the characters amnesia so we all can pretend she never existed. For goodness sake’s, Maddie, you’re a rich, pretty, white girl living in America with three parents who love you. Your life coudn’t possibly get any better.

  4. Jake L. says:

    I barely use Twitter, but I tweet with a #RenewNashville hashtag every week in the hopes that it will trend and convince ABC to get this show off the bubble and onto next season’s schedule. But when they focus on Maddie so much and she’s doing such bratty things, it makes pushing for the show’s continuance really hard. Just saying. Lennon Stella isn’t even doing a bad job with the material they give her, but the character is just so insufferable. Also, what actual lawyer would take this girl’s case?

    • skyebright8 says:

      Agree, I wish Lennon had a better written character, she’s fine but everyone wants Maddie off the show because the writing for the character is so poor.

    • Winter says:

      Right? I mean your parents not letting you do what you want is NOT grounds for emancipation. You are SIXTEEN you do not get to do whatever the hell you want!

    • Cross over: Maddie’s attorney is Saul Goodman. I like this show well enough, but I loved it when the Stella sisters sang an occasional duet every third or fourth episode, and let the grown ups have the main stories and songs. I would also like the parallelism is somehow Layla fell from a tall building while Luke tried to save her, but he fell too. More music, less soap would be my motto, unless the soap is used to clean up these god awful decisions in the writers’ room. Put Maddie in the Dana Brody Waitress Protection Program in some diner in Alburquerque.

      • freebird says:

        Yes, and although Lennon Stella has a sweet voice , her acting needs MUCH work before she is ready for prime time.

      • angelique says:

        This is spot on! Its sickening watching these characters continually find something negative to focus on. The writers need to get a grip and figure out some actual storyline that allows us to like the characters again. Wasn’t this show about the music and the relationships that we could all root for ?We can only take so much of the repetitive break up, seek revenge, run away, betray one another, lie, get drunk or stoned and make some stupid decision. The amount of repetitive and gratuitous drama is becoming a tiresome joke.Give these characters a chance to make us love the show again!

  5. Bwhit says:

    So who’s renting that afore mentioned dump truck? Cash needs a one way ticket out and take Frankie with you.

    Way to go Gunnar! I say that is the final bit of character growth those two needed… Now get back together.

    Layla, exit stage left, you cannot win against Juliette and history.

  6. Jake L. says:

    Also, if this is the end of Riff…what a waste of Steve Kazee’s phenomenal talent. I’m not saying we need more characters, but if they’re going to insist on giving us more, can we at least have them do something substantial? The man is a Tony winer for goodness’ sake.

    • sntindall says:

      I feel like he shot a few episodes so hopefully he’ll be back. I was bummed he wasn’t singing more on Shameless too haha. Just give him his own show where he sings, he’s so dreamy!

    • Anonymous says:

      That Tony winner ditched his contract and bailed on this show and left them in the lurch, that’s why he wasn’t in the last episode. Just sayin.

  7. Ian says:

    I was already right about to turn the channel when Will was so eager to move on after seeing Kevin, but I still ended the episode pissed. Get it together, Nashville. So many awful characters and storylines going on, that it makes it all the harder to enjoy the music when it’s coming from such unlikeable people, now it’s not enough music either. Give me more music if the writing and the drama of it all is going to suck this bad.

  8. Jill says:

    Oh good lord, what is Cash 15? What 25 year old adult acts like this? How has she not been arrested yet? This storyline makes me think these writers are brain dead. On another note, more Rayna/Juliette scenes please. Wasn’t the show originally supposed to be about their dynamic?

    • sntindall says:

      Yeah it’s really bothering my Reyna wouldn’t go to the cops and this would be easily sorted out. Is getting your daughter back from this crazy chick less important than some sort of “scandal”? It’s just running away, it’s not drugs or teenage pregnancy! Cash obviously is trying to be a parent to Maddy in a way that her Dad wasn’t to her but it’s wildly inappropriate. I’m 27, my youngest friend is 21, I can’t imaging befriending a 16 year old like she has.

      • skyebright8 says:

        Agree her focus should be on college or working, not obsessing over a teenage girl, it’s just bizarre

  9. sntindall says:

    Also there’s no way Maddie can emancipate right?

    • Shaun says:

      the parents would have to be found neglectful I think.Doubt there is any way this goes through.

      • Silv says:

        You are telling me it’s not neglectful to not give into all of your child’s demands? Aww, poor girl! Clearly, she does not need any guidance. Emancipate her immediately!

        • Catherine Raby says:

          I say let her! Cut her off!! When she hits rock bottom , she’ll be back. Then throw a counter lawsuit against Cash. She thinks she can play adult let’s see whose best . I think they will emancipate her to help her grow up n become more interesting.

      • me says:

        Emancipation is easy in her case. Her mother affected her material income possibilities by a massive amount.

        Plenty of stars have done the same because their parents tried to hold them down as child actors….you can’t deny your 16yo 15 million.

  10. abz says:

    Does anyone else despise this Autumn woman as much as I do? She is one crazy that this show does not need.
    Can they end this nonsense and reunite Will and Kevin already?
    I hope they don’t make Juliette ruin all of the progress she’s made.
    This Maddie garbage is getting on my nerves. Why must this show insist on keeping so many useless and unlikable characters? Maddie, Cash, Frankie, Autumn. Enough already. Get rid of all of them. Give more meaningful screen time to Rayna/Juliette. Give Will something to do for more than 4 minutes total screen time an episode. Bring back more scenes with Rayna/Juliette like the one in this episode. Focus more on the music like with Rayna’s label.

  11. What I really want to know – if Cash is so connected in the music industry that she can call Sony and get instant answers, why isn’t she off having a successful career of her own instead of spending her time inappropriately meddling in the life of a teenage girl?

    • skyebright8 says:

      Great point, if Nashville wants her as a character then have a storyline similar to Juliette and Scarlett, she’s a young 20 something interested in her own music career. Not some wacko involved with someone else’s teenage child

    • Janie says:

      BINGO!! And, if you’re Frankie, you come down on Deacon??

      If you discovered your 25’ish Daughter, had encouraged a 16 year old, to sneak out of her parent’s home; had then snuck her into a bar, to perform; wouldn’t you be like, “What, in the Hell, are you thinking of? She’s not one of your friends, she’s 16!”

  12. Nashville apparently needs to hire a legal advisor – there have been questionable plots before, but this Maddie stuff is ridiculous! She’s underage and her parents are her legal guardians, so they can force custody issues. There have been no allegations of any type of abuse, and, even if she did try that route, Child Protective Services would get involved. Her parents should get an Order of Protection against Cash to keep her away. Also, Maddie has a binding contract with her mother’s company so Sony would have to negotiate with her – not Maddie.
    Even if Maddie won Emancipation (which she has no basis for getting), the contract was done earlier and should still be enforced. I also think Cash has nefarious reasons for her attention to Maddie – and “mothering” isn’t it!

    • P. Fern says:

      If t.v. shows actually consulted lawyers and laws about what could or couldn’t be done in real life, there’d be no story. Not about the facts. Mostly seems to be about how much crap they think audiences will swallow.

  13. RUCookie says:

    Some initial thoughts after that episode: where can I rent that dump Truck? How can we I sure Cash is standing next to Maddie when it rolls (though there seems little doubt she wouldn’t be there since she is attached at the hip)? And can we lose Cash’s dad with this planned accident.

    This whole deal is ridiculous and a court room judge would laugh this out of the courthouse (sadly, I am sure a sleazy lawyer would take it and the tabloids would eat this up). Collateral damage continues to be poor Daphne. There are zero grounds for emancipation here.

  14. David H says:

    To be clear, I agree with everyone who has had enough of Maddie’s whining, temper tantrums and childish behavior. But…in one way she is right. Whether you think the Stellas have talent or not (I think they do), in this fictional world Maddie has been deemed good enough to get major label offers – and her parents, music veterans who know how the business works and are perfectly qualified to serve as mentors and guide her through the process, opt instead for the “not until you’re 18” approach – which is their privilege, but what else did they expect? I’m tired of watching bad-mood Maddie all the time, but at least the show is being honest with her storyline.

    • Jill says:

      What are you talking about? They signed her to Highway 65. Mentoring her through this is EXACTLY what they are doing. She has no right to complain about anything. All she has to do is work on her own album, and I’m sure a conversation with mom saying I want to do my own music rather than being with Daphne would be better than emancipation.

    • Sara says:

      There’s nothing realistic about this storyline. She’s a spoiled 16 yr old girl who has been onstage 3(?) times. she’s never played gigs, never opened for anyone. How likely is it that she gets offered this huge record deal nearly unheard? Not very. If they wanted to make it portray the REAL Nashville and real musicians (like they always they they are trying to.) Maddie would be out playing gigs for tips and struggling to make it in the real industry, not being handed it on a silver platter.
      It COULD have been a good story line, but it isn’t and that sucks. Someone needs to tell these writers to get out of L.A and put themselves in the middle of the REAL Nashville scene for once.

    • Bwhit says:

      One of those offers was basically despite Rayna by Jeff. Maddie hasn’t earned anything and should be treated as such. If you look at Scarlett, Gunnar, Will and even Avery’s journey through this show, that’s how you earn your place in the industry, not throwing tantrums and divorcing your parents because they care enough about your well being to not have you in a bar at sixteen getting pawed at by some creep. They are first and foremost her parents before any mentoring.

  15. Gina says:

    I’m so sick of maddie. I hope she does a 360 soon cuz I won’t be able to handle another season of her like this.

  16. christopher bee says:

    Yes Kimberly, it´s more than weird to appoint a Bandleader one day before the Tour begins.
    Alright, Layla is the supporting act, let´s say the Band needs to practice 4 to 6 Songs, that could be done within a week including the staging.
    Then there are the actual Stage rehearsals for the light and sound guys, let´s say 5-10 Hours.

    But c´mmon, it´s a TV Show and they have to compress time for the Drama.

  17. Lori says:

    Sticking a knife deep into my eye and turning it slowly 10 times would be less painful than watching another episode about Maddy. Please stop torturing us.

  18. Jason says:

    I feel like the writers have pushed this Maddie situation too far. They’ve taken typical teenage angst and blown it way out of proportion. The first several seasons she had the occasional bout of brattiness, but it was at a normal level for a teenager. This year they’ve turned her into a characature. Of course, they seem to be doing that with most of the characters. And apparently they are incapable of righting the ship because why else would they be bringing in new show runners next season.

  19. Jenny says:

    Autumn is so creepy. I was waiting for her attempt to turn the Xs into the Triple Xs again. Is she after Gunnar AND Scarlett?! 😂😂😂

  20. Adam says:

    If Maddie divorces her parents… then maybe, just maybe…. she and her story lines will be on less?!?!?!? (Hopefully)

  21. Katy says:

    Since when does a 16 year old get to tell her parents what to do, take the brat home, file charges against Cash for taking her to a bar, files charges against the bar for allowing her to perform there and move, so tired of the rebellious teen….spoiled brat. Lets focus more on Juliet and Avery and please have the Exes realize that Autumn is playing them against each other.

    • Filing charges against the bar should be an immediate action. The fact that this piece of info is used against Deacon is insane. a 16 year old was in a bar, singing, without parental supervision, being groped by adults (no security), and yet Deacon is at fault?

  22. Love Me Some Deacon! says:

    For the rest of her acting/singing career, I will forever have to hate the actress that plays Maddie. Which actually means that she’s playing her part well, but she’s just so dang unlikeable I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to separate them.

    WHY isn’t anybody (Rayna, Maddie, Cash) realizing how BAD it really was that Maddie was at that bar singing her naughty-girl song (“I’m a bad girl” repeated endlessly in falsetto) while a man was running his hand up her bare leg? Even Deacon isn’t explaining it well.

    Cash’s house looks pretty nice for a gal of her age with no apparent job. Maybe it’s her Dad Frankie’s, but it didn’t seem to fit. I’ve never really been on board with Frankie, and never ever with Cash, and now when they are backing each other up, it’s just sickening. Please make them go away!

    I love this show, I really do, but if they can’t fix it and get rid of all of these extra characters (Autumn Chase) and crazy plots (Layla), I might be relieved if they just end it now. But please end it with Rayna giving Maddie a little wake-up slap.

  23. iakovos says:

    FINALLY! A scene with Rayna and Juliette in the room!!!! THIS is NASHVILLE. The core of the series is this relationship and for whatever reason — creator/producer/network choice or just circumstance — these frenemies are not in the same circle. Love seeing Avery and Juliette. HP and JJ are actors who are very watchable. Seems the powers are aborting outside stories quickly — Riff… Where is homeless Veta? Should we care? — in hopes of a tighter, more musical, stronger focused drama for Season 5. ABC, renew this show! It has promise. Your BLOOD & OIL, OF GODS & PROPHETS, and THE FAMILY have not displayed this potential.

  24. CJ says:

    Storylines I hate: 1)Anything to do with Maddie – seriously parent her or let her be the star she is, but Reyna really isn’t around enough to enforce it. Let Sony have her and lets move on people 2) Cash, blah! Love the actress, hate the character/storyline 3) Autumn- yuck and not super believable. Not impressed with this character development.

    That being said I feel like the shower is better than it has been in awhile and if they can tie up some of these loose end storylines so they can develop others – I think a renewal is worth it.

    Loving: Juliette/Avery, The Ex’s, Reyna/Deacon, Will, Layla and hearing more music!

  25. wrstlgirl says:

    So many characters on this show to hate. As much as I love Avery putting him w/Layla is gross. Maddie, Cash, Autumn need to go stat!! And they still have no clue what to do with Will.

  26. Amy in KC says:

    “Oh for the love of Conway Twitty, Ray, get a grip! Your kid is a spoiled brat, and that’s on you, too.”
    THANK YOU. Oh and I love Conway Twitty; that just needs to be said.

    Thank you also for the apt comparison between Luke and Gaston, at least in terms of their design aesthetics.

    • That was easily the best line of a great review. I got a good laugh out of it, too.

      Let’s face it–Maddie is the Veda Pierce of Nashville. Let’s hope she gets the same (1945 version) fate.

  27. Allison says:

    The only good thing about this Maddie storyline is that it has people wishing for her demise and by so doing it has people really talking about Nashville. She is a character people love to hate so maybe if it continues, the show will get renewed…hopefully…maybe… I mean people are up in arms and those arms are holding torches and pitchforks and we all want her to take a long walk off a short cliff. She is such a spoiled and entitled brat who has never had to work for a thing and has had everything handed to her (Here’s looking at you Rayna) so her acting out like this is no real surprise. I say Rayna and Deacon should just let her go completely and let her see what it is really like in the world. Just throw her out in the water. She will either sink or swim. No matter the result, they should just let her go for the sake of their marriage and their sanity. I do not believe Will’s gaydar was malfunctioning, he was misled. I believed the guy was gay, too. There was nothing about his swaying hips or flirty compliments that made me think for one second this is a guy that is into chicks – nothing, not one thing and not at any time did I think he was straight. Will, dude, don’t sweat it. He was a plant.That dude was tricky. He reminds me of the guys on the show Playing it Straight and that show was given the boot. I hope Scarlett does not read too much into the whole Autumn’s lipstick on Gunnar’s cheek thing and throw a hissy fit. If she loves him, she should tell him and be with him or else just let a playa play and likewise for Gunnar. Either fess up and and reconcile or let her go completely. No more of this back and forth with those two. Enough! Either piss or get off the toilet.I am glad Juliette is back on tour with Luke, though I worry about her mental state, but from the looks of next week’s promo, perhaps I should be more worried about Avery’s mental state.

  28. jakis says:

    Maddie, Cash AND Cash’s dad all need to find a bus or a train and get out of Nashville. Talk about a bunch of spoiled babies with no filters. At least Maddie has the excuse of being a teenager, finding out her dad was not her dad, her mom having a ton of romances in a short time, and generally have an unstable family life. But Cash and the dad are just… Awful, awful people. Meanwhile, they wasted Steve Kazee on this nothing story and don’t give us a chance to hear him sing again. Nashville, I think I need to break up with you.

  29. Bill Lancaster says:

    This apparent contest going on between Cash and Autumn to see who can be the biggest jerk is getting a little old. The writers/producers need to get on with it and reveal just what both are up to. If all there is to these subplots is that they just like to hurt good people, that would be disappointing, to say the least.

  30. Bruce Morgan says:

    Did Clare Bowen really cut that beautiful head of hair and is now wearing a short wig?

  31. Celina says:

    What I think is:
    1) Is Deacon ever going to play songs again? Or Rayna?
    2) Maddie insisted to get close to her dad. They really had a connection. Now, suddenly, she hates him?
    3) We don’t need The Beverly or anyone that came with that stupid bar.
    4)We need more songs. This season doesn’t have enough songs. I WANT MORE SONGS
    5)They should focus on: a) Rayna and Deacon being a couple and making a duo tour together (with lots of songs) – b)Stop giving The Exes stupid things to fight about, like Autumn and her weird agenda towards them – c)Javery – d) keep Layla on the background, she sings well and can even have a storyline, but a minor one – e)more songs – f)give maddie and daphne just one scene per episode, with a song, never talking – g)stop adding characters

  32. Jeannette says:

    Enough of bratty maddie more Rayne and Decon singing together please

  33. watbc says:

    I agree Maddie is off the chain and I’m over her drama totally.
    Ready for it to be about the music again and not teens. I turning the channel when Maddie comes on the screen.
    And Decan sponsor and co-owner of the bar. Done with hom too

  34. bigjonnyko says:

    oh my FREAKING GOODNESS! I am not the person who screams, “smack that kid!” at the drop of a hat when a child/teenager mouths off or show any other form of disrespect to parents/adults…but this storyline between Rayna and Maddie has me really wishing Rayna encorporated some corporal punishment a little more often with this brat! I think at this point Rayna should have called the authorities and reported her 16 YEAR OLD MINOR DAUGHTER either kidnapped or a runaway! to hell with the “press”! however the other half of me kinda wants bratty Maddie to get a taste of the vicious real world music business so she can see just what her “oppressive” mother was protecting her from, I just hope she survives it to be grateful!

    • Denib says:

      I really hope the writers realize how disgusted the fans are becoming with the direction they are taking this storyline…if they don’t resolve this by the end of the season in a realistic way (actual video footage of what happened between Frankie and Deacon coming to light and the judge’s attention, Frankie losing his portion of a business that was made successful by Deacon’s vision and star power as well as ending up in jail for basically being a POS human being, and Cash driving Maddie’s career and reputation into a ditch before running off with all of her money, and the great and powerful Nashville icon Rayna James actually acting like an adult parent and wife would be nice)…then they can count me as one of their former viewers. Bring back the decent writing and the great music!

  35. angelique says:

    How can the writers even dare to use AA and its basic premise of confidentiality in this show and allow a sponsor to betray his person being sponsored by spilling the beans with every vulnerable detail of their struggle with addiction and their work for sobriety? Its offensive and disappointing to see this kind of stupid sensationalism used in a Nashville storyline. Cash and her dad are horrible. Autumn’s character is nothing short of irritating and tiresome. They’ve brought on a few new characters and then let their story lines simply fizzle out. Where’s the girl with the guitar who worked an episode at the Beverly and now is suddenly gone and her car burned out? And Riff….Whats up with that? And why is Autumn even in the show with her flat fake lips and conniving personality? Why would she even care about destroying Scarlett and Gunnar? Get rid of Autumn. Let Scarlet and Gunnar move on and let them sing again. Isn’t Nashville about the music as much as the story? Let Deacon and Rayna be happy for once! Its been years in the making for them to finally be able to be together. Let Maddie and Daphne sing, use their beautiful voices we love to hear once a week, and work for something instead of going off on a tangent with the stupid storyline where Maddie is a spoiled brat who has a temper tantrum and wants to divorce her parents. Oh and didn’t Maddie want so badly to have a relationship with her father Deacon, finally has that and her parents married and now the writers have her suddenly fearing, hating him and betraying him? What?? Where did that come from….it makes no sense. Its so irritating it makes me want to stop watching this show.I miss the music and the old writing where we actually could like the characters and wanted to see them again.