Kelly Ripa MIA on Live in Wake of Michael Strahan's Surprise Exit News

It seems reports that Kelly Ripa was blindsided by co-host Michael Strahan’s departure news were not greatly exaggerated.

On Wednesday’s Live With Kelly and Michael, the show’s first telecast since Tuesday’s announcement that Strahan was transitioning to a full-time gig on Good Morning America, Ripa was a surprise no-show. As a result, Strahan was forced to awkwardly address his looming exit opposite guest co-host Ana Gasteyer.

“I’m leaving this show and I’m going over to GMA full time, which is going to happen in September,” he said. “I do want to say to all of our viewers out there and to everybody who has watched this show over the last four years… thank you, guys. I can’t ask for better fans… and you guys have been absolutely amazing.  On top of that I’ve worked with an incredible staff here and I’m always available to guest co-host if I get a call because i consider myself a part of this family forever.”

UPDATE: At the very end of Wednesday’s Live, Strahan addressed the elephant in the room: “I really want to thank of course Kelly Ripa because Kelly welcomed me here and I’ve learned so much from her. She’s been an amazing influence on me and it has truly changed my life to be here with her. I know that the show will continue to be strong and great because of Kelly and Michael Gelman and the staff here. Everybody is so talented and this show has not been around for over 30 years by mistake… Kelly, I thank you and I love you and everyone else here at Live.”

According to reports, Ripa learned of Strahan’s departure shortly after Tuesday’s show wrapped at 10 am. The news broke an hour later.

Strahan, who is also set to host ABC’s upcoming primetime $100,000 Pyramid reboot, will appear on GMA tomorrow to discuss his new role with the morning show.

TVLine has reached out to ABC for a comment on Ripa’s absence. In the meantime, watch Strahan’s (Ripa-less) announcement below.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Well…that was awkward.

    • Jeri says:

      Agree, awkward. Good for Kelly. She deserves to be treated with respect and was not in this situation.

      • crimprof says:

        Actually, I think she deserves to treated like she treats everyone else. Payback is heck.

        • Bologna!!! She has done a lot or that show. I have been a fan way back in the day. I was thrilled when Kelly got the gig! Just what the heck do you mean ,by Payback is a bitch. I don’t see her being that way at all!! She DOES diserve to be treated with RESPECT, Imagine if you wil,l if it were Regis at the helm, with Michael as his co-host, don’t you think he would have been privy to that announcement??? Well So she should have also!!!! It’s only RIGHT. Show some respect to KELLY, yes, yes.

        • jezmyopinion says:

          She’s acting like a spoiled brat. Fire her and give me a go. I’ll sit on a couch and run my mouth for millions per year. My advice to her is : Suck it up, buttercup.

        • Jackie says:

          She’s too into herself. When she’s not on the show, Michael appeared much more relaxed and outgoing. Don’t care for Kelly – too into herself.

          • Diane Carruthers says:

            I’ve read a lot of comments, but wanted to put my opinion in, that Michael did not appear to be relaxed when Kelly was gone. I guess I felt he was acting overly cool to compensate for his guilty feelings

  2. Mary says:

    I can understand why Kelly needed time to process. I truly believe that this move was perpetrated by ABC to help improve GMA ratings, unfortunately I am not so sure it will work. Oh well now to start the interview process again, but there are a couple of people who if interested would fit right in Anderson Cooper or Neil Patrick.

  3. Brian Fleming says:

    I would love to see NPH of course, but not sure the best place for his talents.

    I personally was rooting for JOSH GROBAN back when he was a finalist before they picked Strahan. So I hope that GROBAN is considered again.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Was she intentionally blind-sided?? If so that’s bad but for her to not show up today seems childish to me. From what I’ve heard she’s always been jealous of Michael which also makes no sense. Is it some type of competition? But I have no idea if that’s true or not.

    • venisha says:

      I think she not jealous but I think she’s just very hurt

    • Mary says:

      I never got that impression that she was jealous at all. Typical now all sorts of stories and rumors are going to fly around, the truth is ABC GMA wanted him and he took the job. People change jobs all the time, I am sure Kelly realizes that she just needed time to get over the shock.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      How would you feel if you were blindsided that someone you worked with on an almost daily basis decided to leave and heard about it at the eleventh hour?Ripa might be happy for Strahan but she may know his decision to leave wasn’t just made overnight.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Sure I’d be a little upset but I’d still show up for work and wish them my best. It’s not about me, it’s about them moving forward with their life. And being in the public eye I’m not sure if this was a good move for Kelly. It could back fire but I sure hope not.

        • KatsMom says:

          If the reports are correct and Kelly is extremely emotional about this, I think that she likely would have come off as more unprofessional if she’d shown up to work today. At least by skipping, she can feign a family emergency or something. That’s better than video proof of her being unable to keep her emotions in check and appearing weepy, snarky, angry, whatever.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            True, it could go either way. Michael was very gracious towards her in the video above. It could be that his hands were tied by the network and couldn’t tell her or maybe the news wasn’t supposed to come out yesterday the way it did and was leaked and they had to go with it. IDK I’m sure there’s more to the story, always is.

        • Sarah says:

          She should not have had to find out via a public announcement. He owed her the courtesy of telling her in person before it came out as news. He handled this badly.

          • J. Norman says:

            Yes, he should have

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Do we know for sure that’s what happened or are we just speculating.

          • Jennifer says:

            Completely agree. If anyone should’ve been told beforehand it was her. ABC handled this very poorly.

          • John NYC says:

            I don’t think she did (from reports), just told abruptly after yesterday’s show.
            “According to reports, Ripa learned of Strahan’s departure shortly after Tuesday’s show wrapped at 10 am. The news broke an hour later.”

            Still, if it were network execs who told her rather than her onscreen partner I can see her bring upset even so.

          • Laura says:

            He did tell her and Gelman in person right after the show. I think the big issue is that the announcement from ABC can almost at the same time he was telling them. When your are negotiating a new job and your soon to be new boss says you are not allowed to tell anyone, he couldn’t go against that

    • Peggy Dickey says:

      I agree Very childish

    • From what you’ve heard?….Where did you hear that?….By the news media?….Gossipers?…..Unless you were personally there….You just do NOT know? And…IF you don’t personally know…..why would you even comment?….Food for thought for you? smh

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Excuse me ma’am but I said I didn’t know if it were true or not so how about reading the entire comment before you board the nasty train.

    • So u think it’s Kelly. I just heard a psychic say this morning that Michaels sign must b that he has to have it his way and hot headed also. There was more but I keep it short so I just have to say I love the show and Kelly will be great with who she chooses.

  5. Sally Mander says:

    I think Kelly overestimates her power at this show. She can easily be replaced. I heard she was “blindsided” when Regis left too.

  6. gale says:

    why would he tell his news without Kelly there?? I think that was not cool……

  7. Allen Jacobs says:

    Keeping her in the dark about this until just before it went public was a major “dis” both from Michael and ABC. Her staying home today was probably a good idea, as she needs some time to cool off and decide how she wants to approach this in public. I know that ABC wanted the switch to take place in September, but if they’re smart, they’ll get Michael off the show ASAP because the chemistry between them is going to be toxic until he leaves.

    • Sheila says:

      AGREED totally with Allen Jacobs. Before this, I only vaguely was aware of Strahan through sports. This show MADE him as far as pop culture. Poor form not giving Kelly and Gelman a heads up, since you “love” Kelly and she taught you “so much.” SMH. There is a way to do things. This was the wrong way.

      • Pam says:

        Absolutely, maybe ABC&DISNEY are thought less but Kelly gave him a lot of opportunity to succeed.
        He owed Kelly, a private face to face conversation with the complete plan on him going. She’s been treated with disrespect and it is surely going to be a big hurdle for her. But she’s a good host, a firehouse of talent. I’d like to see her get a new perspective on the way others treat her and move on to bigger and better….. I’d never been a fan of diva behavior, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to go there and I see it as a great representation of hurt and betrayal by all the brass and Michael should be ashamed of his performance or lack of loyalty.
        I love them both- let Kelly reflect on the way it was presented and then I am very sure that she will continue to be the professional sweetheart she always has beenhas

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I agree that Strahan should be off the show ASAP.Maybe he can leave during May Sweeps or something.Then for awhile the show could do a special co-host every week until they find a permanent replacement.

      • Will this add to Stahan’s “sack” statistics?

      • Elie Shot says:

        If I were Gelman I would be shopping this HIT show to all other networks right now. Perfect time to really revamp and have a splash new show. ABC keeps saying Strahan will still be in ABC “family” but how about If best time slot show leaves for a new “family”. ABC ain’t that great.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      You’re right about the diss. BUT — he was on GMA all last year as a guest host. I could see something coming, it was as if he was auditioning for a spot.

    • Laura says:

      A dis from ABC, yes. From Michael, no. If you’re about to get a really good new job and they say you can’t tell anyone, you abide by that and don’t tell until they say you can.

  8. Dennis says:

    She’s hurt because ultimately this was his decision to move and he didn’t even inform his co-host that he was considering it, which he obviously knew about for quite some time.

    I would be upset too.

    • dmac says:

      Actually it wasn’t his decision. According to the Variety and THR, Michael had no say in the decision it was the network heads. He is under contract with ABC and not Live. They can move him anywhere they want and they did.

      • Elie Shot says:

        You know ABC seems very clueless to how their HIT shows work. This show depends on easy back and forth with co-host, a short hand if you will. This is not just getting new chairs. ABC shows us why they are last place. Very dumb ABC.

  9. ADJ says:

    Kelly and Michael were so good together! He at least should have told her long beforehand. So awkward…

    • SZima says:

      Meh…they weren’t THAT good together! Maybe in the very beginning they were OK, but for the last 3 years they were pretty boring and ordinary. In other words, NOTHING SPECIAL!

    • Jackie Pippins says:

      I think they should hire Tyler Perry

  10. EM says:

    It’s business. Being on GMA is a promotion with more national exposure for him. A head’s up to her would have been courteous but maybe he wasn’t able to. ABC/Disney is really shaking things up in the past few days. What’s next?

  11. Lyn says:

    I stopped watching when MS showed up. Now that he’s going I’ll watch again. I’d like to see someone like Billy Bush [very Regis like] replace him. Or maybe Rick Fox or Neil Patrick Harris.

  12. Sheila says:

    I wouldn’t mind Mario Lopez or Fred Savage.

    • Dennis says:

      Omg I would SO watch if Mario Lopez came on!

    • AngD says:

      Fred Savage would be so much fun!!! But with him being on the Grinder, which is the best show right now, wonder if that’s even a possibility. Love the idea of Nick Lachey too.

      • rowan77 says:

        Did you watch The Grinder last night? The entire teaser (and a few moments throughout the show) mocked the Fox executives for saying the show is too complicated for viewers. They must assume viewers are stupid. The show is so very cleverly written and such fun to watch. I really hope it’s back for another season. It’s much better written than Grandfathered. And all of the actors are really terrific.

  13. Krista says:

    Well, I won’t be watching after September. Michael makes the show. Kelly tries too hard to be the center of attention and interrupts Michael all the time. Somehow she makes everything about her and can be rude to Michael and Gehlman at times. Plain and simple…she is narcissistic. Not showing up today for the announcement is just another example of that.

    • Vicki J Cecil says:

      I think you are just jealous of Kelly. There is nothing narcissistic about Kelly. I’ll bet you would NEVER say that about a man!

  14. herman1959 says:

    This is the kind of news that should be announced on a Friday to allow time for people (Kelly) to process it over the weekend. The Tuesday rollout was insensitive.

    • Mary says:

      I agree 100%. There is a correct way of handling this, maybe inform his current employer first a few days before going public. I don’t know who is in charge over at ABC/Disney but between this and Castle they might lose more viewers because of their lack of class.

  15. Andrew Hass says:

    I can understand Kelly Ripa needing a day off to process the news because maybe she knew people would be tuning in just to see her reaction to Strahan leaving.Plus maybe today was about Strahan talking about his decision to leave and maybe tomorrow’s show will be about Ripa talking about she feels.

    • dave c. says:

      that will be interesting too, because michael is scheduled to appear alongside her..if he is a no-show, then it would make him appear to be afraid of the possible on air confrontation….that being said, why not just bring in mark consuelos (her husband) in as cohost? i believe he would be perfect in the role, as he has done it in the past, both with kelly, and without..he is athletic, and can hold his own on air with kelly..besides, when regis needed a fill-in, they brought in his wife joy, and the pair did great..maybe history can repeat itself?

      • Mary says:

        A occasional visit to fill in is a lot different than on a daily basis. Personally I wouldn’t want to work and live with my Husband 24 hours a day. I am sure they will find a replacement it is just time consuming.

  16. Grobanite says:

    I also would love Josh Groban. Always enjoy when he co-hosts, but I don’t know if he would want the gig full time with his other gigs. Will always watch when he’s on tho

  17. pickles says:

    Betrayal can be hard on a person,she needs time .

  18. Peggy Dickey says:

    There has been a change in Kelly

  19. Peggy Dickey says:

    There has been a change in Kelly Very unprofessional.

    • Mary says:

      It is not unprofessional to take a little time to process what has happened, that is what a mature adult usually does. If ABC and Michael had handled it properly this would have been a non-issue. Talk about kicking people when they are down.

      • mooshki says:

        No, mature adults realize that people come and go, and they show up to work and do their job.

        • Mary says:

          You are assuming (which you know the old saying) she is upset because he got a different job. From the outside looking in I think she is upset because of the way it was handled. Five minutes before a public statement is made does show disrespect. For all we know other things might have already happened behind the scene and this was the final straw that broke the camel back. Taking a few days to think before you act is the MATURE way.

          • mooshki says:

            But she *did* act, by not showing up to work. Her response is way out of proportion for a mild insult.

  20. Linda Crothers says:

    While I understand Michael’s decision I don’t understand why Bob Igor and Disney did not handle the process in a more open manor where it could have been a win, win for all parties, including the fans. I think it is another case of the old boys network making decisions without being fair to all the parties, most of all to Kelly Ripa. She was and is your star and she brought Michael along to the point where he is now qualified for the GMA spot, smacks of sexism to me and I expect better from Disney especially since women make up your biggest customer base.

    • Mary says:

      They do not care that Women is their customer base. Look how they ditch two lead female characters on Castle. The good old boys club in action. It all might just backfire and I kinda hope it does.

  21. AngD says:

    I feel like Kelly needs to come back to the show and sing Taylor Swift’s song Mean. People are just hacking her to pieces on message boards across so many platforms. I don’t know her personally. Never met her. But I have enjoyed her since she started on Live many years ago. I do know she’s human like the rest of us. I imagine this all must be a bit of a shock. Maybe today was a scheduled day off so they decided to announce so she would not be there and have a moment. Maybe she just needed a moment to process. Whatever the cast is, I wish people would treat her as they would like to be treated if they were in her shoes, but of course this is the internet where people can sit behind a computer and keyboard and say whatever they like about someone. Looking forward to seeing who the new cohost is. My hope is someone like Nick Lachey, heard someone throw out Fred Savage, he was great the other week. Maybe they’ll find someone who is undiscovered and this can be the start of their career.

  22. tess89 says:

    ABC needs to get its ish together. What a clown show. A ‘worst companies to work for’ contender.

  23. Rev. Steve says:

    Kelly needs You. Too Bad.God Bless.
    Rev.Dr. Steve Jones, Atlanta, Georgia.

  24. Rosanna & RON STARR says:

    Congrats Michael Strahan! ! Your announcement made me smile and feel proud of you. Wondered how long you’d survive ‘Kelly Town’…LOL, . You deserve more. We pray for you as you journey on through life & with another new show, to boot. My husband & I are very enanbered, of your resume, & gentlemanly posture. Only viewed the ‘Show’, cause you were there. ; )

    • Mary says:

      I wish him luck but going to a show that is dying in ratings might not be the best move for his career. If he doesn’t boast ratings then this is going to backfire on him and ABC will have no problem ditching him. A lot of pressure don’t you think. All you people ditching Kelly should stop to think about this is a high rated morning show and obviously she is the reason why. You might not like her but others do. It survives losing Regis and I am postitive it will survive Mike leaving.

    • David says:

      I think he is an insensitive you know what, and this was a dirty and classless way to handle this. You just don’t do that. He obviously is ungrateful and only cares about himself. Plus he has no talent anyway. He is going to miserably fail and I’m going to laaaaaaaaugh. Jerk!

  25. LT says:

    She has a right to be hurt and upset. Seems like it was handled badly. Shocker.

  26. kmw says:

    ABC sure knows how to handle their programs lately. She has been at that show and previously on All My Children long enough that she should have been told. ABC apparently thinks she is a blabbermouth . Don’t blame her for being angry especially if GMA gets their hour and she is out of a job

  27. Chicago Dan says:

    Great PR on many fronts – more publicity for Kelly, GMA and Mike – the story now is getting far more press than the initial story yesterday. Smart move.

  28. Sarah says:

    He’s entitled to take another job if that’s what he wants but it was completely classless for him to blindside the people he works with now. Not only did they give him entry into the industry but to be fair he’s not even that good at the job. He can handle the loose conversation with the cohost but he was a disaster in the interviews – Kelly had to carry those segments all on her own.

  29. kmayne says:

    If Strahan left Live for GMA and that GMA is expanding to the 9 am hour as stated on another website. Does not show a lot of respect for Ripa.

  30. readenreply says:

    The show finally wins an Emmy with this pairing and is #1 in its target demo… so break up the hosts?

  31. David says:

    I don’t blame her for not showing. I wouldn’t want to sit along side of that jerk either. They should have never hired him in the first place. How unprofessional and careless way to quit a job like this. No notification, nothing! I hope he fails at GMA. Typical.

  32. Teasha Lake says:

    you will be greatly missed @michaelstrahan, kind of disappointed about the way @kellyripa found out because your partner in crime should always be the first to know…but you are a great guy and quite funny, good luck on your new adventure

  33. Shar says:

    I think the question here is did he tell the producers of the show he was leaving? If so, then what the hell was wrong with Gelman and his team for not telling Kelly what was going on so she could process it off camera.

    • Mary says:

      Gelman learned when Kelly did. ABC/Disney and Micheal kept it hush hush. I blame ABC/Disney more but Michael should have been Man enough to say that he wanted to tell his current Employer first and maybe let them announce the move. NO CLASS on either part.

  34. LT says:

    First of all, let’s all remember that LIVE, although produced by ABC, in the end is a syndicated cash cow. If ABC wants to expand GMA, they could push LIVE back an hour on the ABC affiliates. Also, if ABC is stupid enough to think another hour of GMA would be better than LIVE, then by all means there are other networks that would jump at picking up LIVE. Again…CASH COW.

  35. It’s just Karma for Kelly. She road Regis Philbin’s coat tails for 10 years and he got tired of being there at 83 and left. The show improved ratings wise after he left and now that Michael is leaving Kelly feels that Michael owes her all is good fortune. That’s so not true. Kelly is very fake and so insular. Michael is natural and has shown in less than 4 years that he is just a natural at hosting a fluffy talk show, a sports program or a news programs. People get what the deserve and earn.

    • Mary says:

      OMG how do you figure she road Regis coat tails. She applied and received the job. Regis left because he only wanted to work a couple days a week and the network said no. Get your facts straight. How do you know how Kelly feels, I don’t believe she has made a statement. The fake one is you pretending to know what is going on which you really have no clue. You might not care for Kelly, “envious” obviously but she has earned her spot there or they would have let her go a long time ago.

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t know what show you’re watching but maybe rewatch some of those interviews. Natural is not the word I would use. He literally sounded like he was reading questions off a prepared index card.

  36. liame says:

    I really enjoy Michael so I’m glad he’s moving on and I will definitely continue to watch GMA. I might be the only one that has noticed, but Kelly Ripa has become this narcissistic person who needs to be seen and heard before anyone else. It has appeared to me after watching for a long time she always has to get the last word, especially if Michael is making a point about something or discussing some funny personal family stuff. It was the same way with Regis, he probably got tired of her antics and of course the money wasn’t good enough to renew his contract for more years with her. This is just my opinion, nothing is written in stone.

    • Sharon Murray says:

      I agree I stopped watching the show cuz of Kelly… just the way she would swagger out at the start.. She is so into herself and not like able! Michael is probably sick of her too!

  37. Kevin says:

    There goes that Kelly Ripa ego getting in the way once again

  38. Danielle says:

    I highly doubt that Michael was allowed to tell anyone about this move; I don’t blame him. Bad form on ABC’s part. They seem to be doing that quite a bit lately.

    • Yep! says:

      Agree, probably wasn’t his choice of how/when to break the info, and we don’t know if she is even upset with him. Network execs are usually behind this kind of stuff. There’s a bigger picture here that we are not seeing, one that must be very unsettling to Kelly, because she showed up with enthusiasm and did her job every day for many years.

  39. Dj says:

    ABC and Michael Strahan showed such a level of disrespect to Kelly and the staff at “Live”. He worked with her for 4 years he didnt just find out about the GMA move he owed his partner and the staff more of a heads up then he gave them. When the network first talked to him about moving to GMA he should have told Kelly and the show he was thinking on leaving.

  40. iakovos says:

    Um, it’s a celebrity talk show. Driven by personalities, yes, but we adjust to changes. Format is same as with Regis and Kathie Lee, Regis and Kelly, Kelly and Michael, and now, Kelly and
    ??? ABc is bigger than all of them and with internet spoilers everywhere, this news comes out fast. I cannot imagine there is a big conspiracy here, and I am sure life will continue to be very good for Kelly and Michael respectively.

  41. A fan of TV says:

    Is she upset they didn’t ask her or something?

  42. Abe Froman says:

    Dump her @ss and replace the show with another hour of GMA. That will show the ungrateful biotch.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah that will help the sinking ship add more time to it. The ungrateful one is Michael and ABC for showing no class in handling his departure. The true professional is Kelly by taking time to process the DISRESPECT they have shown her and the show. Doesn’t surprise me because these higher ups have no regards for anyone but the bottom line. I’m going to laugh if MS doesn’t help boost the ratings. Karma – what goes around comes around they will get their due.

    • Vicki says:

      Come on now. Give both of them a break. It was obvious they had great chemistry and complimented each other. Just because Kelly is pretty, thin and great on the show doesn’t mean you should bad mouth her, and it is ridiculous to be rude about how she walks out. She merely walks as anyone would walk! She actually walks out like a lady, and Michael treated her like a gentleman. We will never know the details as we are not with the network, so stop over analyzing it! Michael is really good on this show. I personally find GMA not so interesting, and hope Michael isn’t making a mistake. If it is for the money, money isn’t everything! I wish them both the best and am sure life will go on for them.

  43. Abe Froman says:

    Dump her @ s s and replace the show with another hour of GMA. That will show her.

  44. LT says:

    It appears from these comments, Kelly…and women in general…are in a no-win situation in the workplace. They get labeled names and mistreated regardless. Can we change this people? It seems Kelly and Gelman and whoever else was dealt a great deal of disrespect for not knowing what this plan was from ABC. And for those bashing Kelly talking over Michael…you know it’s a talk show, right? That’s what she is there for. And, she did hold the show down by herself in between Regis and Michael, which means it’s her show to lead. She is doing and carrying herself exactly how Regis did after Kathie Lee left before she started. These misogynistic comments are not necessary from some of you.

  45. Sally McLinn says:

    Anybody with two eyes could see something was up last year when Michael Strahan was a guest host on GMA. It was as if he was auditioning for a spot on the show. I guess he passed.

  46. Danny says:

    Peyton Manning for the replacement!

  47. Barbara Clark says:

    Kelly is great with any co-host she works with! She is the pillar of the show and I hope she gets someone else who will be a great partner and loyal to her . I’m sure she’s aware that her business is cut-throat and hope she just holds her head high and continues to be the great person and performer that she always has been.

  48. Whatevah says:

    I don’t know what is happening here but if I didn’t show up to work I’d be fired. Especially if I was pouting about something. Just sayin….

  49. O. says:

    Why can’t these networks learn from past mistakes. We saw the same high-profile flub when the “Today” booted Ann Curry and replaced with Savannah Guthrie, when “Meet the Press,” booted David Gregory and replaced with Chuck Todd, and when MSNBC effectively fired Melissa Harris-Perry after un-apologetically pre-empting her show for several weeks. These ill-conceived decisions have caused the shows to lose the respect and loyalty of many viewers. I fear the same with “Live.” How much effort could it have taken to have a conversation with Kelly (on Monday, at least), rather than an hour before news of Strahan’s departure hit conventional news outlets and social networks? I’m not clear, however, that the trust that was broken between Kelly Ripa and ABC can be repaired to the point of Ripa putting her all into continuing to make the show entertaining (and profitable). Shame.

  50. Yep! says:

    We are not privvy to certain information and dynamics that are impacting the feelings and actions of Kelly Ripa, and none of us know what they are or how they came to be regarding Michael Strahan’s exit. There must be much more to this story, because it seems odd that someone would get that upset over a colleague moving on, and it seems early to announce if the departure isn’t going to happen until September. Time will tell……