AGents of SHIELD REcap Daisy Destorys Base

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Warrior's Secret

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Chloe Bennet, whose Daisy was very much at the fore of this Tuesday’s episode, promised the series’ “biggest game changer” from here on in. How accurate was that forecast?

In my opinion, the final twist and the havoc that ensued certainly “shakes things up” for S.H.I.E.L.D./S.H.I.E.L.D., though I feel the show took a big ol’ shortcut to get there. Because for all this talk of the Secret Warriors assembling (sorry, uniting) for the first real mission, their escapade lasted, what, an act-and-a-half?

I for one was certainly expecting a more-involved rescue mission featuring clever problem-solving by way of Inhuman powers. Instead, Daisy, Lincoln, Joey and Yo-Yo pretty much ran roughshod over Hive’s Hydra heavies upon quaking through the exterior wall, despite the fact that they were going in nearly blind.

Breaching the perimeter, the Warriors split up, with Lincoln coming face-to-face with Malick, while Joey was led to make his first cold-blooded kill, of Lucio aka Mr. Peepers. After exfiltrating their captured friends, reclaiming the Zephyr and returning to the base, Coulson got word from an increasingly disenfranchised/wary Malick (“It is a god, it’s just not ours”) that Hive had planted a mole inside S.H.I.E.L.D., an Inhuman over whom he now has “sway.” Sure, it’s Malick talking, but Coulson must take the warning to heart — especially when after a power outage, Malick’s dead body is blown to bits by one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. grenades.

Fitz and Simmons — who, yes, amidst the chaos/cloud of paranoia reconsider their “start fresh” pact and finally kiss (a lot) — have no way to “test” for the “swayed” Inhuman in their midst, so Coulson does his best to cordon them off from everyone else. As establishment-wary Yo-Yo and Joey grow anxious about the suspicions directed at them, Daisy stages an “escape” for the Secret Warriors… only to actually lead them into a trap, one of the containment pods. There, Coulson ventures forth with a damning finding from the rummaging of the Inhumans’ lockers: the mysterious orb that was procured from the Afterlife castoff last week and represents some sort of threat to Hive was stashed among Lincoln’s things.

Lincoln does his best to rebuff the accusations but ultimately is thrown into confinement, after which Coulson breaks the news to Daisy that the Secret Warriors plan is being scrapped for now, since Hydra has hit them hardest — crippling their trust. That night, Daisy appears outside Lincoln’s window to check in on him… and offer to spring him. Puzzled by Daisy’s haste, Lincoln realizes that she is the one under Hive’s sway. After we gain insight into how and when she was turned — she encountered and got zapped by Hive during the rescue op, and later vibed to death/blew up Malick to cover her tracks — she/it does her/its best to lure Lincoln to the dark side, he just says no.

At episode’s end, Daisy — emboldened and “super-charged” by Hive’s sway — grabs the orb and dozens of Terrigen crystals, slips out of the base, “locks” the door behind her and then begins seeding the mother of all earthquakes, slowly but surely crumbling the walls above, around and on top of Coulson, May and all of the others trapped inside. So whereas the series’ big Season 1 twist revolved around the disbandment of S.H.I.E.L.D., this “game changer” involved the actual physical destruction of it.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “The Team”?

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  1. Jason says:

    I actually thought Hive might take control of all the Inhumans. It’s a good thing he didn’t because they’ll probably need Lincoln’s help to save Daisy

  2. laurelnev says:

    ABC NEEDS to stop breaking in with no-news reports, especially during suspenseful scenes. Unfortunately, George Stephanopolous made us miss Daisy luring her team into a trap so he could tell us no primary results are in. 2nd week in a row they’ve ruined SHIELD for no reason. I guess they all want us to pay to stream it rather than watch it OTA, when it is on!

    That being said, the Daisy twist was kind of predictable, despite their trying to throw us off the tracks. I wasn’t sure if it was Daisy AND YoYo, or just Daisy. And although Daisy’s infection is for sure, we still don’t know about the others. But does the end of Malick mean the end of Hydra? And what does this mean for the movie universe? Or does this confirm SHIELD will fail to beat Hive, and Hydra will live on?

    • Marzipan says:

      I agree!! It’s not as if these news reports can’t wait. They’re not THAT exciting. If I really cared, I’d be watching a different channel or watching my phone for updates!

      • sanchopanza says:

        At least the local weather people have learned – after MANY years – to only break in during commercials, and they tell you so. I guess we’re just lucky they didn’t take over the whole hour.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I thought this was a really good episode. If there’s one thing AOS does is create momentum in the final episodes of a season.

  4. Al says:

    Have to re watch this episode on demand since Trump kept appearing on my screen.

  5. sladewilson says:

    I knew it was Daisy. Man, that sucks. And ABC should be ashamed of all the interruptions. Horrible.

  6. Joe says:

    Ptrett sure mays husband will be the agent in space…hecsaid maybe lash had a purpose, and since he is the inhuman killer he will weaken hive, whichbin turn will given him acmoment of humanity at which he will fly hive into empty space…

  7. Dannah says:

    I’m kind of dying inside right now. I’m really interested in knowing who is going to die! If they kill off Fitzsimmons so many people are going to be upset. I also kind of find it funny because Whedon said now more than ever is the chance for Ward and Skye to get back together because the fans still ship it. Well look what we did to ourselves. Whatever that thing is did call Daisy Skye.

  8. Carlos Lee says:

    Fraking episode got interrupted several times by the elections. Why did ABC not just show the results on the bottom of the screen?

  9. Blah says:

    Well this sucks. AoS just undid almost the only good thing it has done in its 3 season run. The Development of Daisy from orphaned kid with computer skills to an Agent capable of running shield was one of the few things this show had gotten right

  10. Alichat says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Seriously. I do love this show but my god that was so predictable. The moment HiveWard revealed that he has all the memories of the people he’s inhabited, and then killed Malick’s daughter revealing he has their emotions as well, you had to know he’d go after Daisy. Ward was obsessed with Daisy.

  11. Kevin Fowler says:

    This storyline is getting old quick. So now Daisy betrays shield, stupid. She is a key hero on the show, she should not be the one betraying shield. They better fix this quick or I am done watching this show.

    • Bwhit says:

      SHE as we know Daisy isn’t. She is infected by Hive.

      • John NYC says:

        Iirc they had lines that specifically said the “”infection” didn’t cause permanent damage. If that’s an accurate recollection then the door has been left open for her to be “cured”. Which I’d prefer to Mr. and Mrs. Completely Evil.

        • Kevin Fowler says:

          Don’t care dumb storyline. They’ll rescue Daisy, then shield should disband the secret warriors. And on top of that shield should find a way to make sure they can’t use their powers. If they can’t then lock them all up because this just proves they can’t be trusted. In plain English I am with Iron Man in civil war.

          • Joe R says:

            As long as cute Joey gets to stick around, I’m cool with disbanding the Secret Warriors.

      • Dj says:

        Yeah Daisy got the Fred treatment.

    • Rob TO says:

      I can’t disagree more! Daisy is the perfect choice to have Hive infect because it’s the most interesting story to tell. The whole time I was hoping it would be Skye because seeing her face off against SHIELD with Hive is the most impactful thing the show has done in a while. I’m very interested to see where this story goes and this comes from someone who isn’t a big fan of the show.

  12. Bwhit says:

    It may have been predictable but the fallout of Daisy being controlled by Hive will be very interesting to watch and I am all in. Plus, Brett and Chloe work so well together that I’m kind of excited to see their scenes. This episode sold me on Lincoln finally! Fitz and Simmons…. It’s about dang time, their signature banter was there too and I just want them to revolve around the chaos, but stay intact…. Fingers crossed.

  13. James D says:

    I saw it coming a mile away but still it should certainly lead to some nice drama for the home stretch of the season. Jeez Hive is kind of a D-bag :)

  14. Stacey says:

    Great episode, worried about the finale, I don’t want to lose anybody other than Hive! Love FitzSimmons tonight!!!

  15. Dan says:

    Sigh… Sounds like another episode I won’t care about. How many seconds was Melinda May on screen this time?

  16. partisan says:

    Yipee. Three years of character development watching Skye/Daisy turn into a hero and Ward(aka the worst villain on TV) wriggles his fingers a bit and Boom! she’s a bad guy? Well that was a waste of time invested. If I bet real money I’d say that the PTB’s will go with the same “bold” twist they did with Ward and instead of SHIELD rescuing her she’ll either die or run off to make evil babies with Hive. So over the “trusted insider betrays the gang” bit. And with the way they keep losing people pretty soon they’ll need to change the title of the show to “Agent of SHIELD”. If we end this with Daisy dead or evil I may not have the stomach to come back next season.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Eh, she’s Quake, they’ll rescue her and she’ll go back to leading the Secret Warriors.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Um, OK

      • partisan says:

        I just needed to rant a bit. I’m just so sick of the cliche of taking main characters and having them go evil(not just this show) and /or killing off main characters to “shock” us. I get they have limited cast but still, something new, please. I’m hopeful they don’t keep her evil but….they do love to make good guys bad and the actors love to play villains so…

  17. Preacher Book says:

    Lotsa nice twists and wondering how SHIELD gets outta this one. And we need Skye back. Love what they doing with Ward.

  18. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    I really enjoyed the episode except for the interruptions for the election “news.” I can’t watch the show live because I have young kids and it is definitely too violent for them, so I have to DVR and watch after they fall asleep. Thanks to the interruptions, the show ran over, and I missed the final scene. Why can’t they just scroll the news at the bottom of the screen?

  19. Luis says:

    So, the writers are setting up a “final, final” confrontation between Daisy and Ward/Hive for the close of the season. Obviously, the important components of SHIELD do not get killed by Quake’s quake (you see what I did there?); the question becomes whether Daisy can come from back from the dark place she’s been led into, and the only way for that to happen is for her to take down the ultimate evil, Hive.

  20. So, Malik’s premonition of his death was wrong? Nice! So, since Malik’s death vision was false, can we assume Daisy’s was also?

  21. I’ve grown tired of the heroes being turned dark ….this thread has become boring…Grant Ward staying dead would have served much better with the writing being able to take this good show with a good team to different places with different foes to fight…I think you are going to start losing audience…anyway…you have lost me.

  22. keyzW says:

    Couldn’t watch live last night because ABC kept interrupting to showcase D Trump every 15 minutes!

  23. Gerald says:

    In the comics is there a cure or way to disinfect? I Like Daisy. I didn’t mind when Ward went to the darkside. This I mind.

  24. Colin says:

    This was a pretty enjoyable episode in my opinion. The action scenes were well choreographed, and the story was engaging enough to hold my interest the entire time.

    First, lets talk about what does not work; The very beginning, as Daisy and Lincoln have to travel to south/central America to pick up YoYo, and then to pick up Joey, they seemingly traverse huge distances and make it all back in time to assault the hydra base and save the team on time, it’s a bit reaching. My next gripe with the episode is the Secret warriors team itself. I don’t think four members makes much of a team, it just feels super limited, and homogeneous because they’re all inhumans. I had hoped the team would be bigger, and that it might have included non-inhuman heavy hitters, such as Mike Peterson/Deathlok (who has been teased on Marvel Entertainment’s Youtube page recently) and/or Carl Creel/Absorbing Man (Who has already made an appearance in the second part of season 3). Either one of these darker, redemption-based heros would’ve added a great deal of flavor to the somewhat bland team makeup. My last gripe, is that this episode does nothing to further the sideplots that the season has set up. Watchdogs, and their leader are presumably still out there, Lash has been ignored, but they’re ignored for the sake of coherency in this episode. Any of these could be forgiven if they’re addressed in a future episode however, as they’re mainly plot-related problems.

    Now what works. The action scenes are excellent, and well shot. The Secret Warriors team battling is fun and leaves me wishing for more. Additionally, its fun to see the Zephyr team being creative to hold out against siege. Also it is good to see how the emotional affects of murder change Joey, it humanizes him, especially because the show can be nonchalant about killing nameless thugs/soldiers. Lastly, the team dynamic is great. While reminiscent of the original Avengers team, it is good to see mistrust and breakdown in the team as they’re placed in a whodunit? situation, especially with the reveal that Daisy was compromised.

    Overall, I think 3×17 was one of the better episodes of the series, and definitely worth a re-watch.

  25. kirads09 says:

    The only thing I liked about this episode was the epic conversations between Coulson and Malick in interrogation. That is the Coulson I love and further cemented the total awesomeness of Powers Booth for me. Oh the autopsy scene with FitzSimmons was perfection. He is too adorable.

  26. Lisa says:

    Have to rewatch – I was a victim of the constant news interruptions, not only did the network break in, the local (NYC) affiliate did too – put it at the bottom of the screen! If I was that concerned I’d be watching a news station – especially hated when they went “live” to Trump’s ballroom before he was even ready – break in during the commercials!!! (end rant)

  27. Jill says:

    So, this being a Whedon show and all, how many episodes until Fitz dies?

    • Miranda says:

      It’s a Jed Whedon/Marissa Tauchoren (not sure if that’s the correct spelling) show more than it is a Joss Whedon show, so Fitz might not necessarily die.

  28. i thought this episode was the best yet the story was great and daisy turning evil broke my damn heart ……..I love this show

  29. Jahka says:

    I enjoyed the episode (Season 3, Episode 17) up until Daisy / Sky changed. AOS “took” Grant Ward and now Daisy? After Season 3 ends, if Daisy is not back to normal; a part of the good guys, I am done with this show. I really enjoyed watching it though.