The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Vampire Diaries Photos: Is Caroline Saying Goodbye to Alaric?

The Vampire Diaries‘ seventh season is beginning to wind down, and it looks like Caroline and Alaric’s controversial romance might be disappearing along with it.

The latest photos from the CW drama’s season-ending episodes — 20 and 21 of 22, to be specific — feature Caroline’s return to the fold, following Candice King’s maternity leave. And while Caroline is seen embracing/fighting alongside her fiancé, the official episode descriptions paint an entirely different picture.

For one thing, “Caroline joins Alaric on a mission [in Episode 20] and quickly realizes how much she’s missed her former supernatural lifestyle.” Considering how adamant Alaric was about living a danger-free life with Caroline and the kids on last week’s episode — so much so that he actually ended his bromance with Damon — I can only imagine that his fiancée’s fondness for the past won’t go over well.

To make matters more complicated, Episode 21 introduces a “new threat” against Caroline that leads Stefan to make a “rash decision that ultimately forces them to face the fallout from their relationship.”

Call me crazy, but is there any way that a newly single Stefan reuniting with Caroline in a life-or-death scenario won’t result in them getting back together? Browse the new photos below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the couple’s future.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AD says:

    Hoping & Praying that this creepy, cringe-worthy “paring” is done with.
    I’m rooting for Steroline but I really hope she doesn’t take him back so soon. He needs to work for it! Maybe early next season.

    • Marcia says:

      He needs to work for it? Seriously? Why? He asked her to go away with him because he was facing death with Rayna on his back but she wanted to stay with the babies. I don’t know where there’s any confusion on that. I know it’s useless but I’m hoping this horrible cringe-worthy “pairing” of Steroline is done with. As soon as I saw the first kiss I knew Plec made a mistake by pairing them together. They don’t have the romantic chemistry to pull this off least of all the writing for them has been terrible all because of Candice pregnancy. Please put them back as amazing friends!

      • Ari says:

        RIGHT? What was Stefan supposed to do? He was a marked man, he asked her to go, she chose to stay with the twins who were not even her babies. How is Stefan the bad guy in that? If anything Caroline is the one that needs to work for it. I hope they don’t get back together. Such an awkward relationship it was painful to watch.

      • Myrbo says:

        Completely agree , i hate stephan and caroline together . Definitely make them just good friends again .

    • ZiaS says:

      Totally agree.. Of COURSE he has to work for it. Not questioning his intentions (we know the reasons for him leaving) but he handled it all wrong. They were in a committed relationship & she deserved to be atleast told face to face that he’s leaving. Now that it is established that Stefan is still in love with her & sans scar, we know he’s gonna want her back but there’s no reason for her to just casually accept him back.
      But with all said & done, I, personally, really want Steroline back together. They’re the only pairing on TVD I’m actually invested in & have been for a long time.

      • Sara says:

        “Of Course” he does NOT need to work for it. The sterocrazies are out….thanks Julie for replacing one toxic forced ship for another. Please Stefan run, run far away.

      • Ay amusan says:

        Finally someone here with an ounce of common sense thank u steroline forever

    • TVD's should have ended in season 3 says:

      Ok, um, Caroline and Stefan are probably the creepiest couple on TV.
      No chemistry
      As boring as when Dullena got together
      Candice is pushing 30 and thinks it’s cute to use a baby talk voice, very creepy
      Say what you want but this show steadily went down hill when they broke Stefan up with Elena and pushed her and Damon together
      I think it’s really funny that Dullenas are leading the, yeah Steroline charge. Of course they say they’re not..we know better.
      Tell you what Dullenas, we (Stelenas) want Bamon together so muchhhhhhh. lollllllll

      • Don’t really like Caroline and Stefan together, they had an amazing friendship and their love/passion is not entirely believable although the pairing of Caroline and Alaric pushed the credibility even further,babies and the supernatural=toxic combo+Caroline has now officially been with everybody sort of cheapens her character’s romantic decisions, oops forgot Enzo she almost made it with Enzo. I’m rooting for a Bonnie/Damon pairing they’re the most fun couple on TVD that is when they’re allowed to have fun and not placed in situations where Bonnie constantly has to hate Damon. The hating Damon writing needs to progress to something more worthwhile of the character, of both characters. Can’t stand Alaric he needs to go, pack it up and take care of the kids permanently.

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:

        I agree with the fact that the writers shouldn’t had put Damon and Elena together it was terrible to watch , I didn’t like it one bit. And when they broke up in real- life after 3 years. I know you have to work together even when you just not together anymore, If it was me I would of said this no longer feels right can’t be intimate with him like that. I mean really . And that is a reason why she left TVD IN SEASON 6. And now they have Caroline and Stefan together, that’s boring and wrong, her and Alaric no, no, no!!!!!. Let the women be single come SEASON 8. I WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE A KLAUS AND CAROLINE ROMANCE FAN.💖

      • Ay amusan says:

        U idiot its ure grandma whose boring and not steroline their chemistry can cause a nuclear explosion and maybe ur childhood was creepy but this relationship sure isnt

  2. Angie says:

    Still waiting for Klaroline!Can’t wait to know if Caroline will find Klaus in Nola :)

    • Beth says:

      That seems unlikely, unfortunately. She returns in the next episode and we will only find out what happens to Klaus in the season finale of TO. I do hope that she perhaps decides to go back to New Orleans and investigate next season.

      • Kristen says:

        I hope so too! These writers really know how to torture us😄 I guess the whole tease of Caroline going to NOLA was just another fake out. I just don’t understand why they don’t pursue the Klaroline storyline at least for a few crossover episodes and then finally resolve it instead of the constant baiting. The crazy thing is that the promise of klaroline always boosts the ratings so I’ll never understand why they don’t just go with it for awhile and let JM and CK have some actual scenes together again- even if their characters don’t end up together. The chemistry and the interaction is what is so entertaining to watch!

      • Bree says:

        The NOLA hasn’t happened yet so whatever reason she goes hasn’t occurred yet.

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      Angie, I agree the writers are terrible having Caroline jump to every guy is not her. I mean Damon, Matt, Tyler, Stefan . Her character deserves more than that. No more Stefan and Caroline. Or Alaric it’s too pitiful to watch. Let her find her way to NEW ORLEANS BY THE END OF SEASON 8 OF TVD, I’m shocked they got picked up. I hope it’s their last season.

      • Rachelle says:

        Julie Plec stated on Twitter that we will see what happens with klaroline at the end of the originals season. I personally think that is why originals will not be airing this week that way they can be one week behind TVD and currently Caroline is in NOLA. They can’t have a scene like that and not expand on it. If Caroline knows Klaus is missing I think she will look for him.

  3. JCPrime1 says:

    The Caroline/Alaric story is one of the most disgusting and dumbest stories the show has ever done.

    • Elena says:

      Yes, it’s quite ridiculous, probably this’s why most of this “couple” left behind the screen. It amazes me how they can’t keep themselves from creating “something more” out of every man/women relationship, it’s like any friendship between two genders is doomed to resolve into some pathetic version of lovestory.

  4. Val says:


  5. Lena says:

    Please get rid of Alaric, him trapping her into a marriage that she doesn’t want except to make the twins happy is disgusting and I REALLLY really hope she doesn’t take Stefan back. They just don’t work well together and he abandoned her outta nowhere. Single Caroline next season please! Nobody deserves her

  6. Kayla says:

    Hope Caroline leaves both of them at the end of the season. They don’t deserve her. Hoping we get some Klaroline next season!

    • Brandi says:

      I’m with you. Neither one of them work for her. I don’t even like Klaus, but you gotta admit, they have chemistry.

  7. Annie says:

    Ew, Calaric is gross. Give me Klaroline, at least he always does what is best for her

  8. Gena says:

    I want to know what she was doing all this time in NOLA!!! Klaroline please :)

    • Hallie says:

      She isn’t in NOLA yet the story hasn’t caught up to that she has been in Dallas this whole time it seems episode 21 will be the reason she heads there

  9. Beth says:

    I have my fingers crossed that Caroline will leave Alaric and the twins. This storyline has been so disgusting. I also hope that Caroline and Stefan go back to being just friends. They were great friends but terrible in a romantic relationship. I hope she gets to be single and enjoy life – and then show up at Klaus’ door when she is ready!

    • Marcia says:

      I’m not a Klaroline shipper but I agree that Caroline needs to be single and steroline need to go back to being just good friends. It’s sad that they ruined their friendship for this greatly lacking pairing.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Beth can you help me out. Do we know the reason why Caroline was/is so angry at Stefan? He did ask her to come w/him but she chose Alaric and the babies so what did I miss?

      • Beth says:

        I assume she is angry because he just left without saying goodbye or officially breaking up. She had suggested a compromise where she would go with him but still be able to see the kids, and he just left without any mutual decision or closure. We don’t know what the deal is with all his letters. She might be angry about other things as well. I kind of hope she is upset because she hasn’t been a priority to Stefan at all during their whole relationship.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Okay, thanks. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something that happened between them other than that.

    • Myrbo says:

      I hope the writers listen to a majority of these comments .

  10. AdMak says:

    I don’t care who she ends up with, as long as she does not ruin come & ruin TO.

    • Maxie says:

      I feel you because I don’t want her on TVD either. Wish Candice would put us out of our misery and do a Nina.

    • Guest says:

      Lol TO got ruined a long time ago dear especially when they neutered Klaus and kept pushing Boremille down everyone’s throat. They fact that they lost half their viewers before season 1 ended says it all

  11. Ray says:

    Sincerely hoping this is not a way to reignite the whole, boring Steroline craze (yawn). That may frost the rabid worshipers of that whole. awful Stefan/Caroline pairing but please dear God don’t let the apparent dissolution of Caroline’s relationship with Alaric be a catalyst to stick her back with Stefan.

  12. Dominique says:

    i’m one of the few people, it seems, who likes the idea of caroline and alaric.
    all i want for caroline is someone who treats her like the queen she is.not as a way to get back at someone, not as a second-best who doesn’t become important untill after she’s been treated like crap.
    i wish we could’ve seen more of calaric. alaric deserves to be happy.

  13. Jason says:

    I feel like Alaric and Caroline were two people deluding themselves into thinking they should be together just because of the kids. It’s not fair to either of them to go on with this. Caroline, being immortal, can’t really be with him in any lasting way. Is she going to have to wait along side of him as he ages and she doesn’t. They need to make a clean break while the kids are little and can move on from her memory. It’s better and safer for all concerned. Alaric needs to find a nice, normal, non-supernatural lady. Maybe she could have kids to. Call them the Alaric bunch.

  14. Stacey says:

    Please end both Steroline and Calaric and either have Care be single or reunite her with the one man who has always put her first, Klaus. Klaroline endgame!

    • Elena says:

      Yes, Klaroline would be nice. I can’t believe they made her sleep with every main male on the show except Enzo (this one was close too). But Steroline and Calaric, that’s just desperate attempt to make at least some couples on this show that can’t live without them.

  15. Gina says:

    Eww. I strongly dislike steroline. I wish they would just let it be over with but they have to keep shoving them back together. :/

  16. Gina says:

    Am I the only one who misses Caroline with Tyler? Haha. I thought they were perfect. Although her and klaus would be okay too. But I wish as well that she would leave the show. She is my least fave character and has been for some time now. Sad Kat is leaving. Wish we would have been lucky enough to have Candice leave sooner

  17. Sleaze says:

    Watch them get rid of kami for this b1txh.

  18. Guest says:

    For the love of god end steroline 2+ season of them is enough. Why do they love to beat a dead horse

  19. Sharon says:

    Stefan reuniting with Caroline? NOO GOD! NO. GOD. PLEASE. NO. NO!!! NO!!! NOOOOOO!!!

    But seriously no more romantic Steroline. Caroline deserves better than Stefan.

  20. Stacey says:

    I love Caroline but I don’t like what they have done to her character this season. Let her be by herself for a while and discover what she wants then down the line have her reconnect with Klaus, because those two have crazy chemistry. I love Klaroline, all their scenes are amazing!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    So, I had an idea that might just be crazy and brilliant at the same time!!! I know no one will ever read this but I thought I would put my thoughts out there and ways. So since Vampire Diaries “might” be nearing there final season why not combine both shows the Vampire Diaries and the originals together for the whole season! A two hour event of these vampiers every Friday night on the same story line would be brilliant!! Then of the Vampire Diaries end, the characters from the Vampire Diaries would make a nice transition to the originals!

    • Amanda says:

      I think they should do that to, I heard Damon is leaving too, so they should just send the rest that is left to originals

    • Stacey says:

      I wish they would do that but only if JP is writing the scripts, MN is horrible and I don’t trust him with our favorite TVD characters. He already ruined Klaus imo. Miss the bloodthirsty hybrid who was two steps in front of everyone else and who could not get owned.

  22. tany says:

    I’m here for Steroline bye bye Calaric :)

  23. So far, Caroline has slept with TVD guys: Damon, Stefan, Matt, Tyler, and Alaric; add Klaus of course, when he was on the show. Girl gets around.

  24. Tithi pal says:

    Stefan and caroline should stay single, if caroline leave her babies for stefan, it would be a very selfish deceision.

  25. Elena says:

    Funny on this picture where Caroline holds a gun, she looks a lot like Camille. Seems after all Leah was casted to be Candice’s look-alike. I wish she would meet with her TO doppelganger and see how successfully Klaus “moved on” with her shadow-self.

  26. Danille says:

    I’ll love to see stefan and caroline get back as a couple they were cute together

    • Becca says:

      They were hardly cute, they were cute friends and that’s it. Why do ppl want to condemn Stefan and Caroline to a passionless and boring future and more to the point why punish the audience by forcing us to watch them?!?!?!

  27. zed says:

    Hm, what happened to the scene where Caroline goes to NOLA with the girls lookung for Klaus?

    Secondly, I will cringe if they put Sreroline back on.

    Shame that they didn’t think of Rayna being Stefan’s new love intrest-

    Once upon a time Caroline had great chemistry with Enzo- shame that went down the drain-

  28. Guest says:

    Can Caroline just be single? Her and Alaric were fine because her life wasn’t a never ending rescue mission but if Caroline wants to be done with Alaric, that’s fine with me. Steroline is one of the most forced ships in the TVD/TO universe. I don’t know why men and women can’t just be friends without their genitals connecting. Steroline was great friendship and they screwed it up. Steroline, Klamille, Klaroline (which is ok, but probably won’t happen and wouldn’t work long term anyway), Haylijah, and Klayley just need to disappear so we can have a show written for someone above the age of 15. I don’t know what people are talking about with this Stefan needs to earn her back and what not. He was marked for death and Caroline wanted to stay with her children. It was a no-brainer that she wasn’t going to go with him. But, Stefan nor Caroline did anything wrong. That’s life. Sometimes people who want to be together, just can’t.I don’t want her to get back with Stefan.

    • Becca says:

      Single? pfftt! No one except Bonnie can stay single on this show, Plec/Dries won’t allow it. Let’s just break up a 5 yr great friendship because “they don’t have anyone else”. That quote is from JP btw.

    • T says:

      “I don’t know why men and women can’t just be friends without their genitals connecting.” It wasn’t even like that. They fell in love.

      • LL says:

        No they didn’t “fall in love”…as someone else said Stefan was forced to date his best friend because everyone was pushing him to do so. They suck get over it.

  29. Hallie says:

    I don’t think so this could be leading to why caroline heads to NOLA more then about having her go back to stefan. We know from episode 14 that something happened that forced caroline to grab the twins and run to klaus we assumed it was rayna but maybe this is why she left and that hug was when she had no choice but to leave

  30. Alexandria says:

    I’m routing for Alaric he hasn’t had any happiness and now it’s his turn if Caroline makes him happy then let him be with Caroline he has his happy ending finally yeyyyyyy as for stefan I think he should go back to Valerie they seem to get along so very well

    • Taylor says:

      I like the pairings of Calaric and Stalerie, it’s too bad they didn’t keep the actress that plays Valerie because I could see chemistry with her and Stefan.

  31. T says:

    You angry, rude shipper fans are the reason why this show fell apart. You hate EVERYTHING. The writers have tried to please every one of you crazy fools and that’s what has ruined the show. I don’t know why you have to be so rude. If you don’t ship a couple that’s fine but calm the f**k down. It’s FAKE. It’s just a show. If you don’t like it STOP WATCHING.

    • LL says:

      This is a comments section for peoples opinions, I suggest if you don’t like the comments you read then STOP READING them. ;)

  32. Pam says:

    I feel that the Stefan/Caroline ship has sailed. I’m not to fond of the Ric/Caroline ship either. Hopefully, we get a single Caroline. TVD and TO both push pairings, we the fans,have little interest in. Why can’t there be a single woman just living her life? TVD writing has gone down hill and the TO might have better stories, but they lack great female characters.

  33. G says:

    You know we haven’t even seen Stephan and Caroline as a couple but I really hope that we get to see them together having lots of adventure. They don’t need to be boring, the fact that they were friends before becoming a couple adds to their relationship. The story just got stupid when she got pregnant. Time to fix that.

  34. anna says:

    Love Steroline!!

  35. Amanda says:

    I am so beyond excited!! I can’t wait to see Stefan and Caroline finally seeing each other face to face and working out all of their problems! call me crazy but I love angst where one is working to win over the other! IT IS GOING TO BE EPIC!! I can’t wait!

  36. Alondraa says:

    Steroline 💙

  37. Kinsey says:

    We need Steroline to get back together soon, love them so much.

  38. Sak says:

    I am totally rooting for steroline. Caroline obviously loves Stefan and I am hoping Stefan fights for his and her happiness

  39. Alondra says:

    Steroline, the beautiful slow burn friendship that turned into a beautiful romance!!! It’s not over! Bc Steroline is forever!!! Caroline is Stefan’s home 💙 His constant 💙 The love of his life :)

    • Ry says:

      You got the beautiful friendship right everything else has been like watching two siblings make out with each other. GROSS and CRINGEWORTHY are two words that come to mind when seeing these two.

  40. Stefan and Caroline belong together! They love each other and nothing, nobody can change that! They deserve to get their endgame after all they’ve been through. Their June Wedding is waiting for them! <3 :)

  41. Yoko says:

    Alaric and Caroline relationship I hope was only a plot device during her real life pregnancy. I like both characters but good gosh not together. What a snore they would be.

  42. gd says:

    Bring bamon back plz

  43. Kiara says:

    I want Caroline and Alaric together.
    What i dont understand is why Caroline would leave her daughters? It isnt right. She is their mother. She should stay and fall in love with Alaric.

  44. Ay amusan says:

    Fans have been saying on tv line that the show shuld rethink their decision of reuniting the steroline couple i am calling all those fans who said bleeping stupid most of them were saying that its bcause they re tired of seeing steroline trying to make the relationship but i say that thats what makes them steroline the fact that they re willing to work for their relationship and that they are willing to try to make things work bcause they love each other thats the most important fact the base of every good relationship and the base of steroline they re meant to be tgether what i think would be really bleeping stupid if they dont reunite bcause for stefan and for caroline no other relationship can work or last for them all i can say for the non steroline fans u can fastforward away on ur dvr from all steroline scenes and let us steroline lovers enjoy those scenes

  45. Ay amusan says:

    Re u blind that u cant see the fireworks of chemistry between this two and how perfect a pairing they re or is it that u re naturally foolish and idiotic or is it bcause ur iq is so low that its actually an accomplishment the best and only one of ur life