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Supergirl Finale

Supergirl EP on That Finale Cliffhanger, James and Kara's Future, Hopes for Season 2: 'We've Heard Positive Things'

Warning: The following post contains spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Supergirl.

Your move, Les Moonves.

The producers of Supergirl made an excellent case for renewal to the CBS CEO, with a Season 1 finale on Monday that ended on a massive cliffhanger: Who — or what — is in that pod?

Let’s back up a bit, and briefly recap what went down in the season ender: After successfully releasing National City from the grip of Myriad’s brainwashing, Kara was tasked with her toughest missions yet — finding and destroying Non and Indigo to stop them from killing the human population (check!) and sending Fort Rozz back into outer space (check!).

But perhaps the most interesting events transpired after Kara had successfully saved the Earth. First, she and James finally got a chance to talk about that lip-lock from two weeks ago, and when James presented Kara with a candid picture he’d snapped of her a while back, the two exchanged another kiss — and this one didn’t end with James getting overtaken by an alien force.

And just as Kara began to celebrate her major victory of the day, surrounded by family and friends, a Kryptonian pod that looked remarkably similar to Kara’s crash-landed outside her loft, and whomever (or whatever) was inside gave Kara a major shock — even though the home audience didn’t become privy to the visitor’s identity.

For an explanation of that cliffhanger and more of the episode’s highlights, we chatted with executive producer Ali Adler. Read on for her finale insights:

TVLINE | Walk me through how you guys constructed this episode. Did you know, going in, that you wanted to end on a major cliffhanger, or was it something that came about as you broke the finale?
Traditionally, we want to add as much intrigue into next season as possible. What we did was answer a lot more questions. It’s a classic journey where [Kara] has to sacrifice herself for the greater good, and that’s a trope of comics. We started this season with her asking that real question of “Can I do this?” Tonight’s episode answers, emphatically, that yes, she can. Hopefully, getting into a second season, we can explore some other questions she might have.

Supergirl FinaleTVLINE | Potentially silly question: Do you guys already know who’s in that pod? Or is that yet to be determined?
[Laughs] Hashtag-who-or-what-is-in-the-pod. We’ve absolutely had conversations — we’re waiting to tell CBS. In the spirit of good, old-fashioned cliffhangers, we certainly answer many more questions in terms of her trajectory with Jimmy Olsen, her relationship with Alex. We prove what an incredible hero she is. She was sent to save this world, and she does.

TVLINE | This episode had some really high stakes, and Kara is told multiple times that she’s on a suicide mission. Did you and your fellow producers feel the temptation to go dark with this finale and potentially kill off a cast member, even if it wasn’t Supergirl?
You know, we got pretty close. And while Kara is a lone hero, what we’ve shown all season was this idea of “stronger together.” We’re all bonded by blood, even if that is a love bond. We choose our families, and had it not been for her Earth family, Kara might not have survived.

TVLINE | I was pleasantly surprised to see Maxwell Lord and Kara become quasi-allies in these past few episodes. How did that relationship develop in the writers’ room?
We always say that the villain has to have as rational a point of view as the hero. For Maxwell Lord, it’s a very realistic stance. It’s the belief that if [aliens] have powers and they come and we can’t match them — his whole stance this season has been preparedness for a more nefarious alien, and he was right. When push comes to shove, he’s for the good of the planet. Sometimes, it’ll look like he’s just for the good of Maxwell Lord, but it was always about protecting the Earth.

TVLINE | Max has also got a romantic, flirtatious vibe with Cat. Is that something you guys are hoping to expand upon in a possible Season 2?
We’ve loved their chemistry all season. It’s been very palpable. They have a history together. Cat is not one that really shares her feelings. Once upon a time, I think maybe he hurt her. She plays things close to the vest, and they have a long history.

TVLINE | Before I ask anything else about a potential Season 2, what have you heard about a renewal?
We heard very positive things, unofficially, from Les Moonves. [CBS Entertainment President] Glenn Geller and [executive vice president of current programs] Bridget Wiley — they’ve all been very, very supportive. We’re definitely talking about what Season 2 looks like.

TVLINE | Alex and Kara had a couple of really emotional scenes in this episode, and I was wondering if the cruel things that Kara said while under the influence of Red Kryptonite might be revisited. Do you plan to dive into the bigger issues the sisters have been having in recent weeks?
That’s a really astute observation. We’d definitely love to explore that. We’ve talked about how there’s very few adult sibling relationships on TV, and this one is exceptional — not just because of their superpowers or Earth powers. It’s a very interesting partnership. We absolutely will explore what it feels like to have a sister who is not only super, like Kara is, but who is incredibly experienced in the world, the way Alex is.

Supergirl FinaleTVLINE | As for James and Kara, we saw the door get opened for a potential relationship in Season 2. Where do you hope to take that relationship, given the roadblocks that James has had in past romances?
[Laughs] It’s a little satisfying to see [them kiss]. We wanted to pay off the chemistry that we’ve felt all season from them and see how we could set up the possibility of exploring a relationship. We’re definitely talking about [a relationship] in Season 2. Sorry, I’m being vague on purpose. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will the hunt for Jeremiah be a priority in Season 2?
Absolutely. We know he’s out there and ostensibly alive. We would be fools not to use one of our strongest assets in Dean Cain. He’s been so fabulous and courteous. We would love to have him back.

TVLINE | Speaking of male characters we haven’t seen much, I have to ask: Do you plan to cast Superman? He’s been showing up quite a bit in recent episodes.
It’s always a conversation. I’ll come back to the answer that this is Supergirl’s show, and it’s her point of view. But he lives in our world, and at some point, we’d definitely like to meet him.

What did you think of Supergirl‘s season finale? Grade it in our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Joan says:

    Enough of James and Kara!!! Pleaaaaase no more. Seriously what chemistry?!?!?

    • Rachel says:

      Lol, exactly what I was thinking.

    • Jimmy says:

      Completely agree. That kiss was awkward to watch.

    • Agent 86 says:

      I agree. The actors both try their hardest, but the spark is just not there. Maybe it exists in real life, but just doesn’t translate onto the screen? Whatever the reason, the characters clearly work better as friends than as lovers.

    • Hana says:

      I know! I want her with Winn. They actually have chemistry… not to mention that he has a personality. Winn has struggles and a purpose, he has character. on the other hand, James has no struggle whatsoever, no purpose, and no character. If you told me to give one trait to describe James… I wouldn’t be able to come up with any!

      • parstl says:

        As I commented in my full comments, I think the James Olsen character is strong but there are some people in the audience with outlooks from the 1950s who might be put off. This “chemistry” talk is just a smoke screen.

        • Mike Allen says:

          Oh good Lord don’t go there and make this about racism. SO sick of hearing that for every issue. It’s simply about the character being lifeless and BORING. He has no onscreen chemistry with Kara, had none with Lana, has none in scenes ALONE. They just need to drop it and find someone who can make her character come alive

          • Agreed, he’s a boring cardboard cutout of a character whose sole purpose from episode one was for Kara to drool over. I think the creators judgement might be clouded by the fact the actor is a cool guy in real life, from what I’ve seen in social media the crew are close friends. They may not be able to see what we as an audience do, James brings nada to Team Supergirl. Send him back to Lucy or have him profess his love of Clark. Let Kara move on from this crush.

          • Please don’t assume you know what the other person is thinking, they are merely expressing an opinion!

        • David says:

          Another lib reading things into comments that you have no idea what they meant.

      • Tydeus says:

        Hah, just what I was going to say, there was more chemistry with Winn, Barry and even J’onn J’onzz (lol) than there was with Jimmy.. maybe even Max Lord had more than Jimmy.

    • bj says:

      I agree. I just don’t see it. It looks completely forced. She has more chemistry with Winn.

    • Adam says:


    • Max says:

      Watching James and Kara is just … icky. That’s about the only way to describe their chemistry.

    • shawn lambert says:


    • lordofluck says:

      I agree I really wish he stayed with Lucy. Does anyone like James and Kara together I haven’t seen any one liking their pairing.

      • Jason says:

        No one likes them? clearly you have not checked “karolsen” anywhere on social media. eople love them

      • KatsMom says:

        I like them together. For some reason, I agree the kiss this week wasn’t great, but when Kara kissed him, pre-Myriad, I thought there was chemistry. I agree that they need to develop James’ character more though. They’ve had him tell one story about his life, but beyond that, he’s existed for a love triangle, or rectangle…whatever. That doesn’t make an interesting character, and people want their heroes with interesting characters. I’m sure a lot of the objection to the relationship will drop if the writers actually do something with his character now that he and Kara are starting a relationship, other than making him a groupie and some kind of self-appointed moral authority on the House of El, which is all his character development thus far would suggest for him.

    • I love them together honestly finally a mature couple on a comic show

    • Jason says:

      I think they have great chemistry! sorry James could not be what you are use to but its time you get over that. it’s 2016

    • Quinn says:

      You got that right. The writers are trying to make the same connection between James and Kara as there is with Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman. I like James and I like the whole trio of Kara, James and Winn as pals but no romance there. It feels forced. Besides, I think Supergirl needs a real bad a$$ alien in the romance department. James is nice and refined but not overly charismatic and it just doesn’t wash with me.

    • Thanh says:

      Exactly! What chemistry? Their relationship has felt forced since the beginning. And frankly, I could do without the James character altogether. Trying too hard.

    • Ari Kon-El says:

      hahaha.. LOL.. I agree..
      Where’s the chemistry?
      And Olsen wasn’t black.
      From comic/cartoon Olsen always white.
      I dont understand.
      So bad that cast for J.Olsen.

  2. Mary says:

    Loved that Alex used Kara’s own ship to save her sister. Not surprised that Max got his hands on the Omegaheedron after learning what he did from Kara as to what it could do.

  3. Erin Hill says:

    $20 says it’s Jeremiah in the pod

    • KCC says:

      I’ll take that bet. From the interview above:
      TVLINE: Will the hunt for Jeremiah be a priority in Season 2?
      Ali Adler: Absolutely. We know he’s out there and ostensibly alive.
      Jeremiah being in the pod puts a quick end to that whole plot line for season 2.

  4. A. D. says:

    Tom Welling as Superman…just make it happen!

  5. darkangel200 says:

    Great interview. I’m hoping for a S2, and also hope to have them explore more with the sister’s relationship, as well as Cat and Max.

  6. I am calling it right now. Jeremiah is in the pod

    • tvjunkie says:

      Then you’re calling it wrong. There’d be no reason to hunt for him if he’s in the pod. so you’re saying they lied about that plot line?

  7. dancmh says:

    Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto! Krypto!

  8. Katherine says:

    Congrats to Winn for being the first villain-red-herring/actual-good-guy in the DC TV-verse to survive the Season 1 finale! (Still not over Tommy or Eddie).

  9. Lysh says:

    The first half was classic Supergirl corny with the hope speech and Kara’s good-bye tour and then the fight was AWESOME, probably the most violent this show’s ever been. I enjoyed it. Still not completely sold on James/Kara and I hate myself for still shipping Alex and Maxwell. It was a solid season. CBS would be silly to not renew it.

    • Hana says:

      I don’t know if i ship alex with him but i see the chemistry especially when she held his hand thinking she was gonna die, If he changes, they would be cute. Im a full on winn and kara person, (mostly due to the fact that winn is adorable and james has no personality). If were gonna go REALLY crazy with ships lets put lucy and john jocque (kidding with that one because of the age gap but it would be funny to see.) I loved the more violent seen as well.

    • “I hate myself for still shipping Alex and Maxwell. ”
      Lol, me too, but their chemistry is hard to ignore.

  10. Stacie says:

    It took awhile for the show to find its groove, but I really think it did. I have enjoyed the last 6-10 episodes, including this finale which was really packed. They got a lot done, and introduced a cliffhanger for next season. I think this show deserves a Season 2 for sure. Also, as not a huge Calista Flockhart fan in the past, she is amazing on this show. It is perfect for her. Great character, great delivery.

  11. Phun says:

    Overall, it started a bit slow but those fight sequences were awesome- Kara vs Supergirl, J’onn and Kara vs Non and Indigo. The message of hope was awesome. We always have hope for something, whether good and bad. Loved that Supergirl was going to risk her life to save the people of NC and the Earth. And to have a badd a$$ sister of Alex to save her!! The Danvers sisters rock! The family get together was just icing on the cake! And now we’re just waiting for the official announcement from CBS of Season 2. Hopefully soon. If not within a week, then it should be around the upfronts in Mid May. And did Cat mention Kara’s name correctly?

  12. Ms Thing says:

    Here’s hoping for a renewal announcement soon. Looking forward to Supergirl season 2.

  13. GraceM says:

    Can’t wait to hear possible good news of a second season!

  14. matrix2k3 says:

    This is a show about Supergirl but Superman has to be addressed better then this. How many times can the world be in pearl and Superman be MIA. They tried to dance around it with him being in space or something, then ended up being mind controlled. He ends up at the DEO and she never went up to his body she walks right by him. No explanation why he was in a coma like state. No one working on him…. Literally just in a room with the camera conveniently only catching his boots. After Kara wakes up Superman happens to wake up but doesn’t stick around to thank her. Damn Kara literally save the world and him but all she got was an IM hours later?!?! Only so many times this can happen… The powers that be need to get on the ball and cast someone

    • Agent 86 says:

      Personally, I’d just prefer if he was permanently off-world on some sort of intergalactic peace-keeping mission. Or, slightly less than ideal, killed off off-screen. It was so bizarre in Myriad that they had Kelex inform Kara that Superman was off-world (surely that is something that Clark would tell Kara before he left), yet he suddenly returns in time to be brainwashed and forced to kneel before Non (off-screen).
      Even if they killed Superman, they could resurrect him in the lead-up to the series finale (wherein Supergirl saves the day with an assist from Superman).

      • matrix2k3 says:

        Agreed… Both your ideas are better then whats been shown on this show. I get it, it’s not easy to handle that character. The problem for me is that it’s the elephant in the room. The writers aren’t doing a good job at making us forget about him and focusing on Kara… Every throw away line about Sups, Every attempt to explain his absence or the ridiculous way they handled him in this episode has fallen flat for me. In fact it makes it that more glaring that something isn’t quite with this version of Superman

        • PJ says:

          Agreed. Have not watched tonight’s episode yet but after last week’s excuse as to why Sups could not help I am all but done with this show. Not a fan of Jimmy/Kara hook up either – they just do not click. There is so much potential with this show and we have seen glimpses but they are far and few in between. Sigh.

        • “Every attempt to explain his absence or the ridiculous way they handled him in this episode has fallen flat for me. In fact it makes it that more glaring that something isn’t quite with this version of Superman.”

          It’s one of my biggest problems with this show. I’m also not impressed with the repeated attempts at cutting him down. Not as fast, weak minded, not as bad*ss. Please. None of this jives with the Superman I know. I know it’s Supergirl’s show and I’m all for her being the star, but they need to figure out a way to let her shine without diminishing a hero with a lot more history than her.

    • Unknown says:

      I agree it is her show but they need better reasons why he is not around cause him being mind controlled cause he was on earth longer was lame and the fact that he didn’t wake up first but the everybody else did come on I think if they have him off world one season and maybe another season off camera they do the doomsday story and then they next season he his still getting his powers back that could work as to why he is not there for the major big stuff I also didn’t understand why they were saying she wouldn’t be able to fly in space superman does all the time I think that was more so Alex could have a moment … But I still liked the season finale it’s a good show

      • Osiris says:

        I attribute that to Superman being more experienced and knows how to hold his breath in space. Kara had just had an epic battle with Non, spending a lot of energy with the heat vision. The she had to lift an enormous space station into space. She was pretty well drained by then and even if she knew how to hold her breath she might not have had the strength to do it at that point.

  15. JeffDJ says:

    Regarding the ending, the first thing I thought was that a temporal anomaly was at work and it’s Kara herself, as a young girl, in the pod.

  16. Jc says:

    Sad that the ep is the only one who sees the ‘chemistry’ between kara and james since they seem to be the only onesm almost everywhere i look people dont want them together. Oh well i guess we have to suffer more of their forced relationtionship next season.

  17. Dmac says:

    Umm what chemistry? I’m tired of him trying to make them a thing.

  18. chuckiechk says:

    there were several times, that I thought there were gonna be a death or two before the end of the episode. im dying to know what was in the spaceship

  19. zackkattackk843 says:

    It was incredible. It’s such an amazing show and I’ll be heartbroken if it isn’t picked up.

  20. Gloria Lovato says:

    Please bring it back for season 2 it’s family show for children too. Love the show the first time I saw it !!!! One question where the hell was supper man on the finale????

  21. peterwdawson says:

    Never been a fan of leaving the cliffhangers without showing something. Commit to showing something, leaving things over ambiguous changes the buzz from hype to just speculation.

    That said, I’ll toss Power Girl or Connor Kent into the mix as possibilities.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Power girl was my first thought, when Kara said it looks like her pod exactly. Plus I’ve heard rumours too recently, that Powergirl could be how they tie in the next crossover. It was something one of the EP’s I think, said/ or implied, I forget the exact quote tho,

      • qweely says:

        I second the idea that it’s Power Girl. Since she is from Earth 2, it ties the universes together better with the Flash/Arrow universe which introduced the Multiverse idea. Also it would let Power Girl assume a new secret identity as Cat’s new assistant since Kara got a promotion. This would also added some more super friends to the show.

        • jericho says:

          The Multiverse is a great thing. My first thought was that it was Kara from another verse, ie Power Girl, as well. However, judging from what they have kind of indicated on how future Flarrow/Supergirl crossovers may occur, that they will be handled differently than the 2 night 2 show events that we see between Flash and Arrow and more likely continue to be single show crossovers like we saw this season. The easiest and best way to put Melissa on Flash is to make it E2 Kara as Power Girl on that tv show. So Supergirl resides on CBS and Power Girl resides on theCW.

    • KCC says:

      I wouldn’t even call the ending a “cliffhanger.” That term implies imminent danger or a major change in direction of a story. In Supergirl’s world a pod landing is only slightly more interesting than a knock on a door. It could be anything or nothing. Hardly a reason, in and of itself, to tune in next season.

      • peterwdawson says:

        True, compared to, say, Walking Dead, where you know someon died but they were too lazy to commit to showing who, this is small potatoes. Still, consider Hawaii Five-0, where the end of the second season had two characters possibly about to die or dead (we knew who though), and we had another gasp as a door opened and he actually said who he saw, though we never saw their face. While that might not work here (unless it turns out to be her mom or dad), there’s plenty of other shows that have shown what was in the mystery object and had that be the final shot of a season, letting people process the ramifications of what was revealed. It’s like showrunners want to try and recreate the famous Dallas buzz with ‘Who shot JR?’ not getting that the fact that ‘someone shot JR!’ was a major part of the buzz, preferring to instead have viewers speculate over ‘who’

  22. Tom says:

    Why do they think they have to make Kara and James a couple???

    • Osiris says:

      I assume that was the whole point in bringing James over from Metropolis. He serves no real purpose on the show other than that. Winn basically fills the Jimmy role in previous versions of Superman.

  23. Alex says:

    Just wondering why kara even needed saving in space. I mean, we just saw with batman vs superman that superman basically gets healed up in space because of the sun and just flies back down to earth.

    • Sal says:

      Thanks my question why did she need to be saved……I mean isn’t she a alien?……. What??????

    • zackkattackk843 says:

      Supergirl and the DCEU are not connected.

      • Walrus says:

        But Supergirl and Superman are related. Earlier this season it was mentioned that he was doing something “off world” which means he was flying through space. She should be able to do the same.

        On the subject of ‘shipping’, I hate it. Put her back in a relationship with Cat’s son so we rarely have to see it.

  24. jrex says:

    Why the heck hasn’t this show been renewed yet!?

  25. S says:

    What about Alex and Max???

  26. James D says:

    It was okay. I think the season as a whole was strong and certainly warrants a second season. the last part when Kara flies the ship into space was dumb. 1) how would Alex know how to pilot an Alien Vessel DEO scientist or not that was just silly and 2) Kara is a freaking Kryptonian she doesn’t need to breath as long as she can absorb the suns radiation she could of easily just flown back to earth. nitpicking I know but that kind of stuff irks me the wrong way. I think the person in the pod was Zor-El which would make for a pretty interesting season 2.

  27. Sean says:

    Baby Kal-El is in the pod. But he’s from the Arrow-Flash universe! That’s why there’s no Superman on the CW!

  28. Mark Allen says:

    Next time show the character in the pod …and leave a why is he or she here cliffhanger …

  29. Paola says:

    Please Bring Back a season 2 it was an amazing show, best show I ever seen so far about superheroes, it’s an amazing cast and the storyline was amazing so hopefully CBS would bring it back!

  30. Michelle says:

    I LOVE KARA AND JAMES. Someone had to say it. Kara’s always had “friend” feelings for Winn! Respect the character’s feelings, good grief.

  31. Dave says:

    I hope their is another season of Supergirl, the finale episode was fantastic.

    I can’t wait to find out who’s in the kryptonian pod.

    I also can’t wait to see what experiments they are doing at Cadmus, I also hope they find and save Kara’s dad, and I also hope they create Superman’s and Lex Luthor’s clone Kol-El (AKA – Connor Kent)

  32. kath says:

    A solid, satisfying season finale.
    I hope it gets renewed.

  33. Cenilor says:

    James and Kata is not a match…
    NO Spark at all… I suggest you bring back Adam Foster or Winn is a YES YEs..

  34. Sam says:

    I don’t hate James and Kara as much as everyone else, but I’m not exactly in support of them. I’m hoping their relationship runs its course over the first half of season 2 and then they break up and we can move on. I want to see Kara date some randoms a bit more. The longer the avoid going all in on a relationship, the better off the show will be. I’m hoping eventually though that Kara and Wynn end up together. I know they are supposed to be great friends and I’m kind of afraid they will end up as too good of friends to put together. But honestly they just seem so perfect for each other. So yeah, that’s who I’m shipping.

    • Osiris says:

      I just don’t want to see it turn into another Olicity, where they break up and make up and break up and have all these bitter feeling towards each other. My God, Laurel is dying and they even turn that into all about Olicity.

  35. Sal says:

    Honestly I believe that her mom might be in the pod or a bad time loop where Superman ,or Kara is a child again in the pod…..or a family or friend from the past from Krypton……. Idk these are my crazy theorys

  36. Kevin K says:

    I give it an A. Really hope Season 2 is still in the series’ future despite that season ending cliffhanger.

  37. James says:


  38. James says:

    Why did Supergirl need to be saved in outer space?

    Wasn’t Supergirl, Non, and all the other Kryptonians flying in outer space when they sent Astra’s burial pod into space?

  39. parstl says:

    I don’t think this was the strongest episode but was glad they did not kill off another major character. I prefer the brighter approach they are taking when compared to Arrow for instance. The whole hope can overcome myriad was a bit of a stretch. I think it was a strong first season with room to tighten up some of the scripts. I like the diverse cast. Glad it looks certain to renew.
    One note, I like the actor playing James Olsen but think there are still enough backwards thinking folks in this country where a full blown relationship between him and Kara would hurt some viewership. Just reading some of the comments disguised about the lack of chemistry leads me to believe that.

  40. laurelnev says:

    Man..the Martian is brutal! LITERALLY tearing the enemy in half, just when you think he’d lost.

    LOVED the Cat/Kara scenes perhaps the most. Especially loved the fact her promotion includes saying her name correctly. I kind of wish Cat WAS in the inner circle, especially now that both Max and Lucy are, and could mentor both sides of SG equally.

    • dan says:

      I’ve never been a Calista Flockhart fan until now. She is perfect as Cat and the writers have slowly developed her character so she isn’t a one-note, shallow bitch. I think her chemistry with Kara is great. I predicted to my daughter that she would pronounce Kara’s name correctly by the end of the show.

      • laurelnev says:

        I agree with you 100%, even the part about never being a Calista fan.

      • John NYC says:

        Completely agree that portrayal may be the biggest surprise of the show for me. Just did not have high expectations they’d go beyond the cardboard tyrant.

        Very well done. Written and played.

  41. danie Ahrens says:

    I think it was a one hell of a good first season hope for a second season to come.

  42. Luli says:

    So it was obvious that Kara was going to surve, but damn was her goodbye scene with Alex emotional. I may have cried too much from that scene to her last scene with Cat. Always my fav two relationships.

  43. sladewilson says:

    They finally got James and Kara together. About time!!! Great season finale!!! I’m thinking it’s Jerimiah in the pod also.

  44. John S says:

    With season 1 under their belt, I hope they are picked up for 2nd season. I would like to see them explore more DC Heros. The Flash episode was good, but we want more. Also, would love to see a episode of her fighting with her cousin.

  45. Tiff says:

    Love this episode. So emotional.😢 RENEW IT NOW CBS!!!

  46. Phoenix5634 says:

    Haha was this the first time Cat acknowledged Kara by her actual name ?, only took a season lol…On a side note, I guess you have to be promoted pass “working class” to be worth remembering, lol.

  47. purpleslog says:

    Bring on Krypto or alt-universe Kara aka Power Girl!

  48. Rick says:

    I wanted to like this series so much. But this finale just amplified everything wrong with the writing. Supergirl can die in space? Seriously? Even the new Superman movies, which greatly deviate from the comics, still have him able to friggin survive in space. The writing for this show is a complete joke. I should have stopped watching when they tried to make us believe that Supergirl couldn’t escape from quicksand.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      The part about Supergirl not being able to survive in space, yeah, that’s like, wtf? That definitely needs to be explained, and I’m hoping it was only becuz of some special circumstance, and that she can normally.

    • drb999 says:

      Not all versions of Superman can survive in space. In the post Crisis Superman reboot he needed an oxygen tank to breathe in space. Pre-crisis he could survive in space. I think ever since the Superman reboot in the mid 1980s he cannot survive in space without a space suit.

  49. Phoenix5634 says:

    Awesome season finale! Season 2 looks to be shaping up pretty damn good. My hopes’ for season 2 are the following;
    – Maxwell Lord, don’t want to say too much, cuz I feel it’s headed in that direction. But remember some of the early predictions we had about the character. People who know the canon will know what I mean..
    – more Hank/ Martian Manhunter, and Tom Welling (hopefully) as Superman
    – bring King Shark to Supergirls universe from the Flashs’! Please do this! It makes sense with the shows, and the canon. All you need is a catalyst event for him to get there ( which you might have actually put in place already… With how Barry knocked out King Shark ;) hint hint ). And King Shark is still determined to get home from the Flashs’ universe, so we know he’s going to try eventually. Plus King Shark has appeared in multiple Super canon plots. It would make for such a great crossover! Even a 3 way crossover becuz Argus would be involved. Please do this!
    – I hope it’s either Powergirl or Astra ( an alternate universe Kara and Astra ) Or both!.. In the pod.
    – continue the cosmic scale storylines, the White Martians. Maybe green lantern ?
    – build Supergirl a modified Reactron suit, and pull some more “superman/boy Prime” storylines.

  50. Freddie Lambo says:

    What’s the bet its the young Kara in the pod?

    (that would really shake things up – some alternate universe Kara – after all, the show has already dipped into The Flash where The Flash was from Earth 1, while Supergirl is from another Earth!)

    Regarding Superman (and Lois) – I couldn’t agree more with Sammy in that “they should get Tom Welling for Clark and Erica Durance shoild come in as Lois”

    Regarding James Olsen – seriously, who cares if he’s the love interest?