Stana Katic Leaving Castle

Stana Katic Out at Castle as Part of Season 9 Cast Shake-Up

Cop, out.

Series co-lead Stana Katic will not be a part of Castle Season 9, the victim of a cast shake-up that reportedly is designed to help cut costs for the aging procedural.

Sources confirm for TVLine that which our sister site Deadline first reported, that Katic, whose one-year extension has expired, was not asked back for the fall (in the event the series gets renewed). Nor will longtime cast member Tamala Jones return as M.E. Lanie Parish.

In a statement on the situation, Katic said, “Rather then distract from what was an amazing experience, I would just like to say that I’m very grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a much beloved show. Thank you to the fans.”

UPDATE: The following day, Katic also directed this message at fans:

ABC has confirmed both actresses’ exits, and issued this statement: “Kate Beckett has been a beloved character on our hit series Castle for the past eight years. We are grateful for Stana Katic’s talent and dedication to the series and we hope to continue our relationship. Tamala Jones has also been an integral part of the series and we are grateful she was a part of Castle.“

How might Beckett be written out?  In a new interview with TVLine, co-showrunner Alexi Hawley said that with both Katic’s and Nathan Fillion’s contracts up, the Season 8 finale airing May 16 ends “in a very dynamic way which leaves open the possibility that maybe the show won’t come back in the same form.” In that season ender, titled “Crossfire,” a twist in Rick and Kate’s final pursuit of the high-powered drug lord known as LokSat “puts their case — and their lives —in jeopardy,” seemingly allowing the series the option to kill off the intrepid NYPD police captain.

Back in January, then-ABC president Paul Lee confirmed for TVLine that some “good ideas” were being bandied about with regard to extending Castle’s longevity, possibly via a modified premise.

How do you think Kate will be written out of the series for Season 9?

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  1. Kris says:

    The show won’t be the same without her. I wonder how they’re going to handle her leaving the show.

    • shutuprob says:

      I couldn’t care less about how they would handle her leaving the show. No Stana, no show.

        • Just one thing says:

          From the looks of social media responses, I think you’re in good company.

          • Evan. says:

            Amen to that! I’m annoyed the decided to let go two women. Why not a man too?

          • Emma says:

            First Sleepy Hollow, then Blacklist, now Castle… WTF! What’s with all the main lead female characters being so expendable?!?! I am not OK with that. Not one bit.

        • Sooo unhappy! says:

          We got the worst possible Series Finale EVER because people weren’t willing to give the show a shot without Beckett. I agree with someone else who posted that they were weaning us off Beckett this season. We barely saw here. Who knows, you all could have loved what came next but you refused to even give it a chance thus destroying any future season possibility. I’d rather have had castle in some form than that BS ending with the 1 minute flash forward of their happy fairy tale life… Wtf was that about? Did they just slam it on to the end of the episode?!

          • Rodney says:

            Of course they slammed that on the end. Because they were planning to kick Stana out, have them shot as the cliffhanger and than come back to a crappy season 9 having killed Kate off. But those of us who actually don’t think that the show revolves around just Fillion kicked up a fuss about their BS move(firing Stana). I’d rather get that five second happy ending and the show get canceled than watch Fillion running around all by himself on season 9. And yes I’ve been with the show since day one episode one.

          • Allison says:

            I’ve watched since the first episode and I don’t think Beckett brought anything to the table except that brick wall she kept talking about lol There is no reason why it couldn’t have gone many more seasons without her. I bet the audience they would have lost without her was the 35-59 age group. Could have given his daughter a bigger role and made more wake with a younger audience!

          • Anna says:

            It was a really bad ending to 8 years of watching. Can’t believe they did that to the hard-core fans! Beckett was useless, Castle was the entire show. My favorite moments were him with the guys and him with his family. I couldn’t stand Stana she took away his happy/funny nature!

          • claud says:

            They should have just called it “clowning around with Castle” then??? Right??? It’s a cop show that you Firefly lovers want to call a circus!!! How stupid is the phrase- “Stana took away his happy funny nature” ITS ABOUT MURDER!!!

          • Rodney says:

            Thank you! All these Fillion Fanatics and Firefly cult members think the show was based only on Fillion. They missed the fact the show was a contrast of two personalities. Hers being serious and him being childish and funny. The two work together to make the show. one without the other will have been crap.

          • Hailey says:

            Rodney if you didn’t wanna watch Nathan Fillion playing his natural character then, homie change the channel! No one would have forced you to watch another episode. stana will likely make her way to another series… Go watch that and leave the die hard castle fans to enjoy what they love most… CASTLE 🏰

          • Sooo unhappy! says:

            I’ve never even seen Firefly! I’m just adult enough to realize that when two actors hate each other, no good TV is made. Check out season 8 for an example of that LOL You could have just tuned out when it comes to Castle and followed Stana elsewhere. For the rest of us who love the Castle universe, I’m sad to lose characters like Castles Mom, Ryan, Esp, Alexis… Not just Beckett… She’s not the show. The universe of characters is what I tuned in for.

          • Thomas says:

            It seems Claud and Rodney couldn’t handle losing the talentless actress. They’d rather lose an 8 year long show than to follow the actress into her next endeavor. She didn’t want to be there or she would not have made contract negotiations so difficult before season 8. Why not let her bow out gracefully and allow the Castle family to continue. She was completely unnecessary. She was barely seen season 8.

          • Thomas says:

            It seems Claud and Rodney couldn’t handle losing the talentless actress. They’d rather lose an 8 year long show than to follow the actress into her next endeavor. Why not let her bow out gracefully and allow the Castle family to continue. She was completely unnecessary. She was barely seen season 8.

          • Woah y'all says:

            I agree with unhappy. The show ain’t just about Castle or Beckett. There are other characters who developed over the years and I’m sad to see them go just cause they didn’t want Diva Stana Katic back. She should have gotten along with her coworkers if she wanted to stay.

          • Franklyn says:

            I wouldn’t miss Beckett at all but it’s bullocks how they played the ending out! The shortened season 9 was meant to wrap up the cliff hanger right before that happily ever after crap. Too bad they didn’t honor the fans with tidying up!

          • Rodney says:

            No….season 9 was going to most likely having Kate killed off in that cliffhanger . Than we’d would have been forced to watch a season 9 of Castle bumbling around. I doubt very seriously there would have been a happy ever after if they’d done a season 9.

      • Brandi says:

        I agree. I realize the show is called Castle, but no Kate, no show. This season has been a roller coaster of crap. The show won’t survive without her, and honestly I don’t think it should.

        • Cat Schleuning says:

          I agree. They take her they might as well cancel.

        • Sharon says:

          I definitely agree.

        • David Feray says:

          If they killed the Lone Ranger on that show, there is no show.

        • PATRICIA NELSON says:

          My husband and I agree with you No Kate no show. Its sad for all of us fans, we look forward to watching Castle. It breaks up our everyday hum drum week. If the actor playing Castle can’t get alone well, SUCK IT UP, GROW UP. WE ALL HAVE HAD TO WORK BESIDE SOMEONE WE WEREN’T CRAZY ABOUT BUT THAT IS LIFE. YOU ARE ONLY AS SMART OR AS GOOD AS YOUR FANS THINK YOU ARE. SORRY, YOU MAY BECOME A” HAS BEEN”. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY OR PARTS COMING YOUR WAY IN THE FUTURE WITH YOUR ATTITUDE. Don’t do this, How can the Middle and the Goldburgs survive, Think about that…

          • Doug says:

            Nathan Fillion is great. Was great before Castle and will be great after. Sorry to see Becket go but there is a reason the show is called Castle.

          • Buster O'Balls says:

            Did you even read this article? It was about money, not butting of heads on set. You’ve obviously never watched any behind the scenes footage, because your blatant ignorance is showing.

        • Kaitlyn RAH says:

          I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why they ended the series. Because they got rid of one of the main characters. This entire show has been about The Love Story between Castle and Beckett. So it makes no sense to try to make it go on without Beckett.

        • stephi says:


      • bj says:

        I’m with you… that’s it. Terrible way of handling this, don’t care what the reason’s are. ABC will be sorry in the end.

        • Mary A. Speed says:

          I agree with you. But ABC doesn’t care.

          • Amy says:

            ABC doesn’t care about what the fans feel at all & that’s ashame!!! Why even bring it back without her? Offer her a deal but don’t let her go!! ABC your disappointing all the fans!! Show us u care!!!

          • wakey says:

            And that’s how it should be, showrunners being influenced by small but vocal sections of the fan base is one of the big issues TV and especially network TV is facing.

            There is this saying in Game Development that the first rule of game design is to create a game you would enjoy not one that tries to appeal to the target users. The reason being if you try and pander to target users you will end up making lots of design compromises so the product isn’t as good as it could be and usually it results in a product no-one is happy with. If you go with a game you would enjoy playing then you generally have a better product and if you enjoy it then then there is almost certainly an audience out there for it.

            This is something that’s true in most creative industries. We see it all the time when you have two actors of opposite sex that have chemistry together where the Internet starts to ship them as apparently you can’t have chemistry with someone of the opposite sex without it being romantic. It doesn’t matter that no-one has been able to break the moonlighting curse which sees charachters becoming less interesting, less like themselves and having to have giant over the top roadblocks put in place to derail their relationship for a bit to create some drama. You don’t see the same push when two male charachters have chemistry (it exists obviously, there are even Sam/Dean shippers for supernatural despite how weird that whole thing is due to being brothers but it’s much less vocal) so why male/female characters?

            Showrunners are supposed to be hired to produce the best show possible, it’s bad enough that network exec interfere with that (See Dollhouse as a perfect example of this where those first 5 episodes are much weaker and that’s where the network was interfering, they let Whedon be Whedon after this point and the quality gets so much better) without them then having to also pander to the fans. Would people really prefer another underwhelming season like season 5, 6, 7 and 8 have been just to keep Kate around? Or is it better they try something new to see if they can get the fun and creativity in the cases back to the level of the early seasons? Surely it’s better to take a risk and go out swinging with something they feel will be good even if it doesn’t work out than to keep doing the same just to appease some fans even though the contructs in place are now boxing them in.

            Look at TVD, people were calling for the show to end with Nina Dobrev leaving but that’s actually allowed for some creative freedom that it hasn’t had for a good few years and it’s better for it, perhaps not back at its best but better than it has been for a few seasons

      • Wendy stout says:

        I agree. How the hell will the show work without Stana .The show will suck without her.

      • steves11 says:

        I totally agree….No Stana Katic….no show. But, having said that, they should give her a grand exit by killing Beckett off. That’s the only way to invoke the tears that this departure deserves. No less of a dramatic departure would be appropriate.

        • Hill says:

          No! She should go out triumphantly! Fall in love with someone else–or get a cool government job, so she has to leave Castle. She’s all about the job. Maybe she could go to work with Castle’s stepmother! That would be a blast!
          In other words–KATE is the one who leaves CASTLE! They just don’t kill her off.

      • Jean says:

        I agree !

      • Duane Springer says:


      • Suzy says:

        I agree, just cancel the show and at the end of season 8 make her pregnant and running for state senate. They don’t have to kill her off.

        • Mike C says:

          Agree! That’s the only possible ending for continuity with the time traveler. ;)

          • Hazel Hanford says:

            We were heartbroken to hear this news and said the same thing to each other about it. We agree that the time traveller needs to be correct and have her be a Senator, with kids. Away, but ALIVE.

            That way, maybe in the future, they can do a made for TV movie. That is with a different regime at ABC.

        • Llllll says:

          Yes. The fams should protest for that idea

          • shirley says:

            They don’t really care what the fans think anymore.
            We have had the proof.
            As with network tv people leave because of this.
            I know people who don’t watxh network tv for this very reason.

        • Crc says:

          I totally agree.

        • dforce10 says:

          That’s right let stick a baby in her. If the glove doesn’t fit, than her furgina will split

      • Llllll says:

        Ur right. Im finished with the show

      • Hazel Hanford says:

        I just heard about this tonight, and am floored by how STUPID AB freaking C is. First, they cancelled the soaps that millions loved, now they fire one of a COUPLE? SK is one of the most beautiful, talented and funny actresses out there. I agree with everyone else, that there is no show without them both. From the beginning the premise was set up that Castle was a writer who – thanks to his friendship with the Mayor – gets to follow Beckett around. It was gravy that they had great chemistry and worked well as a married couple. It’s an ensemble cast, too, with the detectives, Castle’s Mom and daughter, and yes, Lanie, the ME all contributing to a quality show. WTH happened to the brains of TPTB to do something this stupid and terrible to a show we’ve LOVED. They should have gone out gracefully last year with that wonderful finale episode, rather than try to “shake things up” to boost ratings. Idiots. Apparently they learned nothing from the mass boycott of all shows that replaced the cancelled soaps, The Chew and FabLife. This will be an unfit ending to a formerly wonderful show, and even more unfair to SK and TJ.

      • Lydia Jones says:

        I’m done too. No Stana, no show. The network’s demented idea of “savings” by getting rid of the (better) main character will bite them in the A$$.

        • SO says:

          No Stana, No show. No ABC for me! How can they say budgetary reasons when they hired more people, Hayley & Vikram & noted guest stars & Nathan’s buddies & still say it’s about money? They are living in lala land. And then Nathan sticks up for the guys! Well known discrimination toward women.

          • wakey says:

            You really don’t understand how to works do you. For starters if your a season regular you get paid much more than a guest star. Also the longer you are on a show the more you get paid. Last season Stana held out on signing a new deal until the last minute and got a massive pay rise in the end. That is almost certainly part of the reason Penny Johnson Jerald was let go because there was no room in the budget for Stana pay rise and to pay her season regular fee. Stana wasn’t going to take a pay cut to sign another extension and would have been pushing for another increase. And if Stana goes it most likely means the focus shifts to being a PI so why Ryan and Espo can be woven into the stories with that a PI is less like to be investigating murders so the requirement for a ME isn’t really needed

      • Matt says:

        Agree fully. After this season I will not watch.

        • Virgo says:

          Yes, I am with you – I will just finish watching S8 to support SK and then after that “Goodbye Castle.” It’s just sad that once a great show is destroyed because of jealousy, envy within the cast. If the rumor is true that NF bullies SK in the set – what kind of a man does that? How old is NF? 45 ? he should be a man and not a boy

      • RODNEY BOONE says:

        You are so right

      • RODNEY BOONE says:

        You said it ….

      • tay2006 says:

        Totally agree… No Beckett, No Castle!

      • AndyD says:

        That has proven to be so, Castle has now been cancelled. Idiots! What were they thinking?

      • Debbie Favinger says:

        Totally agree!! I won’t be watching it without Kate… stupidest move ABC ever made!

      • Castle Fan 01 says:

        The show was cancelled. No opportunity for those of us who could live without Beckett to continue to enjoy Castle. We were robbed of any type of decent finale because of people complaining about Stana leaving. I feel like I wasted years of my life watching this show only to see a 30 second cut screen of them “Happily ever after” 7 years later. So ridiculous. Her obsessions with her mother’s killer and LocSec stole the precious few episodes we had left. The season 8 writing was terrible. I miss the actual cases. The ones where castle got to be goofy and make his own off the wall paranormal conclusions. This finale was an epic failure and people everywhere are dissatisfied whether or not they were willing to watch with or without Beckett we all got robbed with this series finale!

        • Rodney says:

          I’m glad that they canned it instead of having Fillion run around by himself. I was one of the many who complained that without Stana we weren’t going to watch it. I had no desire to see that crappy idea of a season 9.

          • Gege says:

            Why complain? To ruin it for others? Why not just… This is a major shocker for the internet but you could have just NOT watched! You’re like the person on a diet who complains when their friend eats a donut lol People didn’t have complain and ruin it for the rest of us. But then again, that’s what ‘Murica is all about. If you don’t get it your way then just sabotage it for everyone else right?

          • Rodney says:

            I get to voice my opinion on the actions of the show and the people who produced it. If I don’t like what they do I can tell them so. And if enough people tell them the same thing then they know the ratings will be bad. Apparently more people voiced opposition to a no Stana season.

        • Hannah says:

          It’s really unbelievable how they ended things. A shorter 9th season would have been way more acceptable than some dumb cutscene added on to the end of what was supposed to be a season finale not a series finale

    • ? says:

      This is simply unbelievable behavior by the network. Cue the petitions by fans trying to get their own favorite show cancelled. And don’t worry too much, I’m sure they’ll work. Castle doesn’t make enough money anymore to offset the terrible publicity and backlash this story is going to generate.

    • Lucifer says:

      This is a way for Castle to be his own, independent person and finally be empowered!

      Oh wait, that’s not gonna work this time since it’s female co-lead leaving… *cough*Greys*cough*

      • Miss Rozie says:

        TOTALLY agree – just got done saying that to someone else – Castle and Grey’s Anatomy tend to run parallel – first Patrick Dempsey, now Stana Katic – both in “shake-ups.” It’s one thing for Grey’s, there are SO many other characters but Castle? With so few … I hope the show is totally cancelled. While the show is named Castle, for 8 seasons we have seen a partnership and love affair start – half of this season has seen them separated (in a stupid way on her end) but for me, I’d rather see the show be cancelled. No Kate Beckett, half of the show is already gone.

        • ABG says:

          Patrick Dempsey wasn’t cut for budget. Not the same thing.

        • Ann says:

          Agree 110%….foolish move. I can only hope that viewership goes down enough to cancel. So stupid!

        • Brad says:

          Miss Rozie I also agree. I have watched Castle from the beginning and not missed an episode. The one thing that has always drawn me in is the relationship between Castle and Beckett. I hope the writers realize the death of Kate Beckett will be the death of the show. If she dies, I’m done watching!!!

        • Virgo says:

          Blame the separation and the bad episodes of S8 to the show runners and bad writings. Stana Katic is just playing a role – which she is very good at. Yes the show is titled Castle, but they are already married, doesn’t that make Beckett a “Castle” too? So with that being said, no Beckett, no Castle. Cancel the show ABC after S8 – exit with dignity, you can save more money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pedro says:

        Grey’s has, what, 10 lead characters? Meredith was not really commanding centre attention between seasons 5 and 10. That is very different from Castle, all built on two leads with minor characters around them.

    • Let’s all let ABC know through Twitter, Facebook, email, and old fashioned letters that we won’t watch season 9 without Stana. They should bring her back or just cancel the show.

    • Rita Giles says:

      She’ll probably be shot… And by doing this they kill the show… Beckett and Castle together ARE the show… I’m done …. Won’t watch anymore….

      • FormerCastleFan says:

        Castle 🏰 restored Beckett’s Harley. Maybe she will go out like Jax on Sons of Anarchy (motorcycle, Sami and massive police chase, but Jax choice)…

    • Alana says:

      No you’re right the show won’t be the same without her but I almost think that’s a good thing. I’ve read up on the show a lot in the last two seasons and if you have noticed Stana and Fillion have had much less interactions with each other. I don’t know how accurate the sources are but they claim the two just don’t enjoy working together and that’s why they have had so much episodal distance. From Castles trips to Beckett pushing him away for LokSac it has been evident the two no longer have enough chemistry to pull off scenes. Now with that kind of discourse who would you pull? The title Character? Or the character who has been giving the studio problems and grief? I agree the writing has gone dramatically downhill but I hope they are leading into Castle working PI cases with Alexis and Hayley and just calling Beckett done. They will have Kevin Ryan and Javi there to back them up with police info or support. Beckett can gracefully move on from a show she has been rumored to want to leave for two years.

    • Kathryn says:

      love the show but not going to watch it. I’ll go to bed that’s the only show L
      I stayed up for!!!!!!

    • claud says:

      Show of hands…Who’s shocked????? Hahaha what a mess this show is going to be next season. Just cancel it and spin it off please!!

    • Linne Schliefert says:

      I’ve enjoyed watching Castle, but can’t wrap my mind around the show without Becket.

    • Really annoyed at the lack of intelligence. says:

      Don’t you guys get it? Monday was the series finale… All the people complaining no stana no show ruined it for the rest of us who were happy to keep watching WITH OR WITHOUT her! She waited until extremely late to resign for season 8 and she was done with the show… Do you guys realize how little screen time she got Season 8? They were weaning everyone off her character and almost none of you noticed. There were VERY few scenes with her and Castle. The show could have had an amazing season 9 with Ryan and Esposito helping Castle, Hayley, and possibly even his mother solve PI cases! He could have branched out into his favorite paranormal cases and those of us who love HIS character wouldn’t have been robbed an extra season because of those people whining about Stana leaving. Actors and actresses get to do that ya know… It doesn’t mean people have to be so negative and ruin a good thing for the rest of us who wouldn’t have missed her one bit. She was very one dimensional as far as a character goes. She has three acting expressions similar to Kristen Stewart. She was always focused on the “big bad” her mother’s killer, Loksec, there was almost no character development. Castle is the true star of that series and the complainers ruined a possibility of Season 9… If you didn’t like the idea of losing Laney and Kate then… Shocker. Just don’t watch.

      • claud says:

        If that is what they wanted then they should have just made it a spin off show Castle 2.0 or something. They can not just RUIN a show. She deserves some respect for putting up with the BACHELOR PARTY that was Season 8… NOW I am really annoyed at the lack of intelligence and respect!!

      • Rodney says:

        Glad that they canned it. Had no desire to see them fire Stana and than watch Fillion ham it up for the camera on some crappy season 9 PI season. And oh I knew that they were showing less of Kate on the show and why. And I hated it and sent my complaints into ABC… apparently enough also did.

      • wakey says:

        I highly doubt the complainers had anything to do with it. TV Execs don’t care what a vocal minority have to say on the internet as it rarely has any real relevance. Just look at how when the news initially broke they were all ‘I won’t watch another minute’ and ‘the ratings will tank for the rest of the season because the fans will boycott’ and when the dip in ratings didn’t happen (well the first episode after had a dip of a tenth but the whole of TV that night had a one tenth dip) it changed to ‘people are just watching till Beckett goes’ and ‘ratings will tank next year’. The complainers are the minority, it’s the way things always are those who want to complain about something complain more and louder than the people who like it praise it .

        It’s almost certainly a numbers thing which ABC hinted at when they said ABC studios had been working on making the licence fee they charge ABC for both Castle and Nashville lower by cutting the production costs. Clearly even with those reductions it wasn’t enough for the numbers to make sense compared to their new slate as both shows were unlikely to see audience increases at this point (Castle especially as it was well outside the point where shows can see decent audience growth) where as the new shows are likely no more expensive and potentially have a longer life than even a reworked castle would have (even if it worked perfectly it was unlikely to be more than a couple of seasons where as the new shows they will be hoping at this point will reach atleast season 4 or 5 even if ultimately most won’t get past season 1).

        I do agree on your comments on SK acting. People act like she has been amazing, she is better than she was in season 1 but she is a limited actress, she is fine as that secondary more bland lead for the main lead to bounce off but like many actors/actresses in that kind of role we are unlikely to see her break out from that. You just have to look at what she has done outside castle to see despite having that platform to get jobs during the break she has struggled to get anything of note and she did nothing before Castle really.

        I also agree on the charachter development, there is absolutely not evidence of any real development and certainly no planned out development. They could have easily had a strong well rounded female co-lead who was just as important but they wrote an almost non descript charachter. The closest they had to giving her some real charachter was her mothers death but that was a minor thing early on and if anything undermined her (a women apparently needs to have a a personal cause to become a cop and actually be good at it). It wasn’t until a later season that was expanded on to try and give her more depth and that wasn’t Marlowes idea, it was one of the writers. Marlowe was happy to have he as little more than a pretty face

        • Paul says:

          Sounds like a lot of self justification for a huge management screw up. The Castle show was worth something, and had a loyal following customer base. Any number of journeymen actors could fulfill the various roles, and the cast did very well, and it all seemed to fit. But the Becket role was special as played by Stana Katic. She had the essential star power to make the show’s fantasy premise believable, and was the main actor that brought people back, week after week. That is why there was such an incredulous reaction from the loyal fan base, when management lost its way, and destroyed all market value for the show. After their mismanagement and even abuse, they could not sell the show to anyone with numbers that would work. Without the unique chemistry and history of the Castle-Becket “duel and collaboration”, there was no show left to watch or sell. The disrespect given to Stana Katic was appalling. Another notch where ABC is losing and CBS is winning.

  2. Lily says:

    Ehm… I would expect her to not “want to” return to the show, but she was not “asked”???

    • Susan Smith says:

      Disrespectful. Disgraceful .They Diidn’t even Ask her to be in S9. Castle would Not have lasted as long as it did without Stana Katic’ popular and important Kate Beckett. will NOT watch Season 9.

      • Daniela says:

        I don’t even want to finish watching Season 8 knowing she is not going to be back.

      • kay says:

        I’m not watching beginning tonight. ABC has made a terrible mistake. What a horrible way to treat Stana who has put her heart and sole into Beckett

      • rowan77 says:

        Agreed. Nathan Fillion is the title character, but their chemistry was a major part of the show. I figured the LA episode without her was a test run to see how it works with her out of the picture. This feels like McMillan and Wife when they fired Susan St. James. The show was horrible the last season when it was just Rock Hudson solving crimes and dating a different woman every episode.

        • soapie0 says:

          I didn’t know anybody on here would remember McMillan and Wife! Yay!!

          • rowan77 says:

            I watched it on Netflix when they used to stream it. I got addicted. :)

          • Joyanne says:

            I do. Loved it at first. But like this business with Castle. No Susan. No show.

          • pvank1 says:

            Me neither, disgusted.

          • cycworker says:

            Thank you @rowan77 for making me feel really, really old. I watched it live when it first aired. Admittedly, I was VERY young. It was my mom’s favourite show.

          • Mary S says:

            Hey you don’t have to be young to enjoy a good mystery with a a little romance thrown in! I loved McMillan and Wife and agree, the last season was not worth watching…just like Castle will not be worth watching without Beckett.
            I hate it when “the powers that be” decide to give someone’s girlfriend a role on a popular show and rewrite it just for her benefit…screws up the show and it fails, every time. You can think back to the terrible second seasons of a dozen shows through the years, and see who was added and how they ruined the show…Granted, this is not a second season, but it WAS one of the most entertaining shows on the air, making it a choice project for an aspiring actress. All she had to do was sleep with the right person…and get them to cut Stana’s role more and more…If I were Stana i would be angry, too, but remember, SHE didn’t leave. The horny showrunner convinced “whomever” not to even offer her a contract.
            The more I think about it, the less I am interested in a ninth season if it is without her. If it were not the ABSENT BRAIN CELL network, I would be surprised at their choices, but, since they have no brains, how could any of us be surprised?

        • shutuprob says:

          This is a great point — I’d like to add to it the situation with Chuck. While the show was called “Chuck,” they pretty much admitted that the show had implicitly become “Chuck and Sarah” when they did the homage to the opening credits of Hart To Hart in the third season episode “Chuck Vs. the Role Models.” After that point, the show would not have been able to go on without both Chuck *and* Sarah. Same thing with Castle and Beckett, but on steroids because it’s already lasted nearly twice as long as Chuck.

        • Lorien says:

          That’s why I love TVline. People who love tv enough to miss Sally.

        • wakey says:

          As I said on the post about Jewel Staite being cast in a guest spot the problem is the chemistry took a hit when they made them a couple and continued to get worse the more involved they got. There has barely been any chemistry for the last couple of seasons. When they had already killed the chemsitry just trying to shoehorn her into the show based on historical chemistry achieves nothing. Not having that element hanging over the show atleast gives them the chance to try something and maybe go out on a high. It may fail but I can’t think of any show that’s ever lost the chemistry of its leads and turned it around but there have been examples of shows that have cut a lead when events have caused that loss of chemistry and have used the loss of that baggage to get a second wind

          Could have all been prevented mind you by leaving the action of making them a couple something that would only happen in the final ever episodes

          • Susan Smith says:

            Are you calling SK baggage? ?? Dont do that.She is by far the better actor of the two.Though Nathan can be very funny and charming. I believe something happened that negatively affected their professional relationship and the chemistry started to fade but it was still there.The writing and the story lines has been horrible this season.

          • wakey says:

            No I called the character baggage or more specifically what Beckett has become with the forced relationship they introduced back in season 5. It was badly handled and killed the chemistry they had before and the writers were never able to develop a new dynamic that was engaging and didn’t nullify both of them. Before this season we had seasons of bad writing because the romance story was taking away from the clever cases of the weeks and also the interaction with other charachters. And that might have been fine if the writing of that wasn’t at the bad rom-com level. People can try and pretend the writing has only been horrible this season but they are wearing blinkers and actually ignores that we have had a couple of clever cases of the week this season which we have been generally lacking since season 4 and we have also had some other early castle elements return when the romance hasn’t been sufficating the show. Sure season 8 has had its own problems some which are long term issues and others that are new issues due to poor execution of ideas but atleast with Beckett out of the picture they can jump in with both feet and try something fresh rather than try and keep one foot in both camps. Personally I would prefer they try something new and crash and burn than keep trying to do the same thing for another season that hasn’t worked for many seasons now in the way Bones has

            I also think you and others are treating SK as a better actress than she is. It’s almost like some people think she is Streep. She has got better since the start but she is still limited in range and a bit cold and wooden as an actress.I can see her getting work in this secondary lead position like in Castle but I don’t see anyone hanging a show on her as she has nothing that really makes her stand out.Fillion might not be the best dramatic actor but he does atleast have that lighthearted acting style and charm that you can hang the right show on

        • Brandi says:

          I agree. It is called Castle, but part of what made it so great was his and Kate’s chemistry and relationship. Without her the show will be so bland. smh….

          • Virgo says:

            wakey – whatever your name is – when you say SK acting is a bit cold and wooden, you do not get the gist of SK’s expression in relation to the scene and the way her character was created. She is a trained cop (very good cop) strong, no-nonsense type, bright, She is not cold or wooden, you just don’t get the relationship between the scenes and the character that she portray. Why do you think she gets more fans in the Castle show than NF? Why do you think her character stood out than Castle?

        • Gail Mendonca says:

          OMG I loved McMillan and Wife. That was tough when Susan St James. I loved how she used to say Mac. Stana makes the show, not taking away from the other actors. THis is horrible to not even ask her back. ABC has made some asinine decisions in recent years. They will live to regret it. I also am done watching it, if it gets renewed!

      • Chad says:

        completely agree. I expected Stana to leave on her own but to not even be approached about doing a S9 is pathetic. ABC is such a joke. Stana put everything she had in this show and this is how she gets treated? just end it after S8. you think viewers are bad now, wait till S9E1…

      • Castlebuzz says:

        The show not only wouldn’t have lasted as long as it has, it wouldn’t exist without her character. Beckett’s story drove the show for six seasons. She gave meaning and purpose to his life. Together they were the show. And Stana was as integral to developing her character as Marlowe and Miller, its creators.

      • Virgo says:

        It’s probably ABC style, no respect for women – it’s the same way as what they did with Kelly Ripa of Kelly and Michael reality show. Boycott ABC – I am not watching any of their shows. No Stana, No Castle, No ABC

    • Luli says:

      Yes, that just makes this news worse. One thing is not to want to come back, and the other is to not even being asked to come back. The only reason this show has lasted as long as it has is because of the BOTH leads. They should just end the show.

      • Patrick says:

        Unless they knew she would say no. If you know the answer is no, why ask?

        • soapie0 says:

          Because they might say yes. It’s amazing how much stuff I’ve accomplished because I wasn’t afraid to ask. If you get a no, you’re no worse off than you already were.

        • lrdslvrhnd says:

          Because the press reads better that way. “Hey, we asked, she declined” sounds a LOT better than “We figured she’d decline so we didn’t bother”.

    • John NYC says:

      If she had made it crystal clear she wasn’t interested past this year they were simply honoring her choice and making the best of what they were handed?

      Actors make career choices all the time.

      • Susan Smith says:

        She wasn’t asked.You always want to put it on her.Nobody is buying it.They made the decision and told SK she wasn’t coming back.Read the articles with the ABC statements

  3. Ted says:

    Show is a ZERO with out her. She is the damn show you management idiots!

    • Barbara Agnew says:

      Agreed Ted. They managed to 86 the best women in the show’s police department. Maybe Castle’s Mom and Daughter next? Do they just hate success or what?

    • suzyku says:

      No, she is not the show! Show is Nathan Fillion!

      • Christina says:

        I watched for Stana, not Nathan. He was much better in the early seasons, but the past few seasons, he’s been ridiculous.

        • Brent Guy says:

          The whole show is ridiculous…a writer teaming up with the NYPD and solving cases? Being allowed to question persons of interest…the whole concept is ludicrous and sick of his mother and daughter! Good riddance to the whole show!

          • flutiefan says:

            agreed. the entire thing has been ludicrous.

          • KT says:

            Yeah, I agree! I’ve still been watching, but I cringe a lot and get annoyed. I’ve stuck with the show because of Nathan. It’s always been silly, but in the beginning it was a fun silly. The episode from two weeks with Espo and his ex fiance about sent me over the edge!

          • Well said. The show should have ended after 5 seasons at best. And instead of pressuring the showrunners to write better seasons the classless ABC punks actually admitted to firing Katic. PR masterstroke. Not. LMAO.

          • Dan says:

            Then don’t watch it or comment about it, mush for brains.

            It’s really not rocket science ; )

      • Castlebuzz says:

        That’s total nonsense. The show was the two of them, with Beckett’s story the driving force and heart.

      • Daniela says:

        They are both the show. It wouldn’t be the same without either one of them.

        • Patrick says:

          This. And they’ve both been phoning it in for a couple of years now. Stana is a better actress, but she was giving less effort than Nathan. Just kill this already.

      • Luli says:

        The show was never just about one of them, it was BOTH of them that made the show what it is.

      • Roxie says:

        Suzuki. If Nathan is the show in your opinion just watch how it tanks without Stana.
        Nathan’s character was designed by Marlow to be secondary to Beckett. Castle has turned from a witty interesting character into a silly frat boy since Marlowe left.

        • wakey says:

          Oh come on the shows called Castle not Beckett. Her role may have grown but if she was supposed to be the the lead they would have cast a better and bigger name actress (SK got better as it went along, until she seemed to start phoning it in this season but go back and watch early seasons, the first season especially she is fairly wooden)

          • boom says:

            And let me guess you think Nathan is a big actor cause he’s not this is the only show he’s been on that’s been successful! You know why is successful? Cause of stana not him and let’s be serious that burns his ass

          • wakey says:


            NF may not be a megastar but he has a CV that’s vastly more impressive than SK and Especially was pre Castle. He had enough name recognition to launch a show off of and she didn’t. If she had supposedly been the lead they would have been able to find plenty of actresses with enough name recognition to fill that role and bring viewers in.

            And the show wasn’t successful because of SK, it was because of the chemistry and clever cases. The chemistry went when they became a couple and then clever cases were replaced with badly written romance. One of them needed to go to try something fresh seeing as they had destroyed what made the show work and couldn’t put the genie back in the bottle and the show is called Castle not Beckett so SK is the only choice

          • Taylor says:

            Nope you are 100% completely wrong. The show was a hit because of both NF and SK. Without both the show should be canceled. As much as I love this show and NF it’s never been just about him. It’s been Castle/Beckett since day one!

      • Disappointed says:

        Well if you believe that you’ll believe anything. The show was the two of them, the attempts to sideline Beckett in S8 have resulted in a dismal season as proof, Castle with his super sleuth daughter and the irritating Hayley don’t cut it.

      • mooshki says:

        I agree! And I love his interactions with all the other characters. He’s the one who brings the spark to the show!

      • Me says:

        Nathan has been horrible for 3 seasons. Stana is amazing. So now it’s gonna be the 3 stooges and perlmutter. Oh ya thats not ridiculous. WOW

      • pvank1 says:

        Nathan is an clown by himself.

      • Jillination says:

        Exactly! Castle is the show! I would love to see him following PI cases with his daughter with help from Ryan and Espo! Then he can get back to his hilarious self and maybe they can follow his favorites… The paranormal cases! He used to be so funny but ever since the non-wedding I think Beckett has made the show miserable. She’s been awful. I’m so happy to see her go!

      • Virgo says:

        Nathan Fillion just has the name of of the title of the show, Castle, but he is not the show – its Stana who is the show because her performance stood out.

  4. Mb says:

    What a load of sh… The treatment of female leads continues to be appalling

    • Grace says:

      This. Basically they fire two of the women in the cast? Wow.

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      The second show that I will stop watching because they killed off (figuratively or literally) the female lead. First Slewpyhallow, now Castle 🏰.
      This is just disgraceful! Especially with a newly installed female head of programming.
      I am officially DONE WITH ABC! #BoycottCastle…

  5. Katy says:

    The female lead is replaceable…..apparently that’s what the tv execs are thinking nowadays.

    • Castle Fan says:

      When both the title male character and the female lead ask for a million an episode do you really think the show can foot that kind of bill? Stana was holding out to sign for season 8 because of pay issues. Now I don’t completely dislike her, I loved her dynamic with Fillion the first 5 seasons but now it seems stale and the show isn’t going anywhere new or productive. They have the same “big bad” every season who pushes Beckett and castle apart, they lie to each other to keep the other safe… Blah blah blah. I’m so over the current dynamic. I would be very happy to see a Kevin Ryan and Javi spin off type Castle where Castle and Alexis (maybe even with help from his mother) solve creepy paranormal cases with the police back up from Ryan and Esposito. This is a direction that would be new and exciting. Beckett can follow her path to becoming a senator or whatever and leave Castle to get back to his goofy off the wall self. No need for a new love interest that would be insulting to Beckett but Castle is warm and all about love and family… beckett has always been cold and withdrawn, in her own words with the built up wall brick by brick. Her story of her mother’s murder was interesting enough at first but I’m so done with her obsession. The fans deserve more than the same thing over and over :/

      • wakey says:

        What people also keep forgetting is that role Beckett occupies is designed to be fairly replaceable because it’s there to be a more bland character for the more ‘eccentric’ charachter to bounce off. Pretty much every crime procedural that is built around a partnership has such a charachter. And it’s not just TV, go all the way back to Arther Conan Doyle with Sherlock Holmes where Watson fulfils that same role. Their whole purpose is to have a chemistry with the lead and to ground the character somewhat. It’s not a particular complex position to fill though and can be easy to replace, especially as it’s shown over and over again that that role is better when it stays away from being romantic. It’s also not always women who fill that role and the men in the eccentric role either as there are examples of both roles being women or in something like bones having the male in that more replaceable role and the women in the eccentric role so it’s not as the op said and it’s the women being replaceable but the role Beckett fills that’s replaceable. Especially when part of her reason to exist is gone with the chemistry having been on a massive decline since around season 5

  6. Lori Twichell says:

    Stupid move.

  7. Kiley says:

    Wow! Castle is one of my favorite shows, but without Beckett it won’t be the same. I hope ABC will cancel the show if they aren’t bringing the whole cast back. Season 9 will just be a disappointment.

  8. Why would they continue the show without her? Beckett has been vital to the cast from the beginning. How would the show’s premise even work without her? Does anyone REALLY think a good chunk of the fandom would stay without her when a fundamental part of the show has been changed?

    • Katy says:

      If there is a season 9 i’m guessing Beckett will die and Castle will have to find the killer.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        They could do a time jump and make her a senator. She’ll be off in Washington and Castle would be in NY solving crimes. It ain’t perfect, but its better than killing her off.

        • Gern Blanston says:

          And for the record, I would prefer a cancellation over either scenario. Castle as a TV show only really works for me if both Katic and Fillion are involved.

        • Allison says:

          I didn’t think of that one I was thinking they have beckett but with a different actor instead of killing her off I won’t watch it again it would not be the same without stana katic but at leaSt they won’t kI’ll the character name be a different actor that was thinking they would do

    • Susan Smith says:


    • John NYC says:

      They’re in the business and must have run the numbers.

      So sure they think it can work.

      No one goes in to lose money for thier corporation.

      • Marguerite Petrizzi says:

        Whoever ran those numbers needs a new calculator. Yeah, the show is called Castle but it works because of the two of them. The ratings haven’t been good this year, and if they continue as a Beckett-less show, it won’t last long.

        • Castlefan says:

          +1 It seems they’re going for the very aspects of the show that most long-term viewers can’t stand! Absolutely moronic as well as disrespectful to just about everybody.

        • John NYC says:

          Networks are full of Becketless shows.

          This is just going to be another one of them.

          Pretty much a spinoff situation as I see it.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            This gets more and more idiotic every time you say it.

          • John NYC says:

            Just because it confuses you doesn’t lessen its truth. Shows by the bucket succeed (and fail) absent that character or actor.

            No doubt that will continue to be true this coming season and for many more. I’ll sample something Stana Katic is part of in the future, but I’ll sample plenty of other projects she’s nowhere near.


          • Castlebuzz says:

            And yet more idiotic. People are not objecting to other shows that haven’t got Beckett or even to a true spin-off. We’re talking about Castle as it has been and should be and that is with Beckett. Any “Castle” spin-off without Beckett should be renamed.

          • MJ says:

            Agreed. JohnNYC that was a silly defense. Of course networks are full of “Beckettless” shows…she’s a CASTLE character. Are you going to find Chandler Bing on any show other than Friends? Um…no. That being said, I agree with Castlebuzz. If it’s a spin-off, create a frikkin spin-off, but don’t try to sell “Castle season 9” with no Beckett. It’s NOT Castle without her.

  9. Elizabeth Cecchin says:

    As much as I love Castle, the show can’t continue without Beckett. It just wouldn’t work. Castle without Beckett is like Clark Kent without Lois Lane or Sherlock without Watson. With this news, I sincerely hope ABC cancels Castle. The show just won’t work without Stana Katic.
    Castle, I love you so so much, but it’s time for us to say goodbye.

  10. Garry Endicott says:

    They might as well cancel the series then. Castle and Kate are the show. Sad situation.

  11. Jim says:


  12. BM says:

    If they want to save money, I’d suggest they cancel the show altogether. This sounds unacceptable and disrespectful!

    • JosiahBartlet4President says:

      Right on!
      ABC and the show runners are showing ZERO respect for loyal viewers. Time to cancel it. I definitely won’t watch without Katic. The whole point of the show is Beckett’s relationship with Castle.

  13. Terre Donaldson says:

    No Stana? I will not watch next season then. No Beckett? They should just cancel the show.

  14. nancy thomas says:

    It won’t be much of a show without stana- are they crazy!!!

  15. Mary says:

    I stopped watching when that wedding fiasco it was just to stupid.

  16. Peter Sharamitaro says:

    I will not watch the new show. It won’t be the same.

  17. Erin says:

    Then let’s just end the show. Give it the ending it – and it’s fans (who are still watching) – deserves.

  18. Marguerite Petrizzi says:

    I’d rather they cancel it now than continue without her. I stuck through the separation this year, but even I won’t watch a Castle without Beckett, even if they send her off in Witness Protection.

    Bad move, ABC. Very bad move.

  19. Andrea says:

    Why would ABC do this? They effectively fired her. I’m seriously confused.

    • John NYC says:

      Odds are some sort of carry over from the contract renewal last year.

      Otherwise there’s plenty of ways to trim budget without immediately going to dropping the co-lead as they’ve reportedly had in the works all this season.

      • John NYC says:

        Or she informed them at the last contract renewal in no uncertain terms she wouldn’t renew again.

        So they honored her decision and worked the problem.

        • Susan Smith says:

          STILL trying. ABC made it CLEAR they did not approach her.Why can’t you admit they screwed up and fired her?

          • John NYC says:

            Why would they approach her had she already notified them of her decision while the last contract was being put together?

            They wouldn’t.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Then they would have worded it that way, JohnNYC. Are you dense?

  20. Roger Buchana says:

    That’s NOT gonna go over well. Cutting two women and one of them being POC. PR nightmare.

  21. Alina Ross says:

    May as well cancel it. As much as I love Castle, I wouldn’t want to watch it without Katic.

    • Martha says:

      I still cannot believe it. Why would they state that ABC did not ask her to come back? What makes them think fans are into the show without both leads?

  22. Bianca says:

    Unbelievable ! They really think that Castle can exist without Beckett ? I´m out.

  23. lariet50 says:

    Let it go gracefully, ABC – just cancel the show.

  24. Jane says:

    Well, I won’t be watching season 9. Without Kate, there is no reason for the show to continue.

    • Jane says:

      Oh yeah, I always wondered why she was never nominated for an emmy. I still remember the show where her apartment burned. She was EXCELLENT in that episode.

  25. Lois says:

    Unless they do a spin-off, and retire the current show, I don’t think I would like a Castle without Stana Katic. Put it to sleep if they are going to eliminate Katic.

  26. Court says:

    I hate ABC. I’m outraged. There is no show without Stana. Good luck ABC
    Man I’m really sad. FU Abc

    • Charles Neale says:

      Court you have that right don’t forget that the new head of ABC didn’t like the cast of Castle when she came in .She is in the same vain as the woman who killed off the male lead in that Medical drama.What a shame that was really the only ABC show I watched . ABC is going in the Toilet too bad for Castle fans though.

  27. Brigid says:

    I love this show and have never been one to complain about it. I just feel that there is no reason to bring it back without her. She is a very integral member of this show and it won’t be the same without her. I say just cancel the show and let it go on in our own minds.

    • James R. says:

      This. I’m a huge Nation Fillion fan, and I started watching this show because of him. However, the show is about the two of them. The story lines that Stana’s character brought to the show is what, in my opinion, made the show as good as it was. With all that said, I’ve still enjoyed this season, but I don’t think another season like this one will work. I hope ABC cancels it and we get a somewhat decent ending.

      • Marguerite Petrizzi says:

        I agree with you James. I watched this year but I will find it hard to watch it without Kate/Stana. I might have been okay with it if it was totally her choice, but at this point, it looks like it was ABC’s.

  28. Katie T says:

    This is definitely when they should let the show bow out gracefully, especially knowing they’ve shot two endings for the finale.
    How on earth does anyone think it would work like this? I’m no Caskett shipper,but I really don’t get how they can think it would work without Beckett

  29. Pegalicious says:

    The Castle/Beckett relationship is such an integral part of the show I can’t imagine how they’ll resolve Stana’s absence in a way that will satisfy their loyal, long-term fans. Stana’s classy comment sounds as thought she would have been willing to continue on the show.

  30. What the heck?!?! What good is Castle without Beckett? Oh that’s right! We’ve seen how that works first hand with the whole “LOCKSAT” debacle… ahem! I mean storyline…. it’s DOESN’T! >:-(

  31. Connie says:

    I will not be watching without Beckett or Lanie….this has been one of our favorite shows for eight years ** Really to cut costs ** shame on whoever came up with this stupid, ignorant idea ** You have lost a very loyal fanbase **

  32. Disappointed says:


    Well I guess we’ve seen it coming all season, but not even to ask her back, I guess there will be speculation who’s behind that.

    Good riddance to Castle and his annoying daughter and irritating new sidekick.

    • annie says:

      I don’t think its a coincidence that fans have been saying Hayley is essentially a combination of Lanie (Alexis’ original mentor) and Kate (“Badass Beckett). If they think Hayley can carry a show with Rick they are sadly mistaken.

  33. kitsunesaru says:

    I wanted one final season to give it a nice ending. Frankly I just don’t think there’s much left to explore. But now I think I would rather it just end this season. Not only the main female character, but another female character I know I was fond of even with her limited screen time. It’s a tad disappointing.

  34. Isabel says:

    ABC this is the worst decision ever!!!!!!!!

  35. Chad says:

    Only reason I’ve never watched the show is because I think Stana Katic is the worst actress I’ve ever seen who doesn’t work in Adult films. Maybe next season I’ll finally give Castle a try.

    • Susan Smith says:

      Wow.You must be a Really hardcore Fire Fly fan

    • Daniela says:

      Seriously,you are going to be the only one doing that. Have fun watching it on your own.

    • Virgo says:

      Hold on Chad, you said you’ve never watched the show, how can you make a decision that Stana is the worst actress? It does not make any sense. Example, She must be very good actress because she won the People’s Choice Award for best actress

      • Paul Forseth says:

        Stana is main star and there is no show without her. ABC execs can’t stand a strong woman lead where the others become truely support roles on the team. The bosses must want to kill the show for non business reasons. If there is no Becket role, there is no show.

        • wakey says:

          You are deluded if you believe that Stana is the star and that ABC don’t like strong women. Stana is playing an under developed charachter that’s never had any real depth since episode 1 because her role is just to be the bland ‘straight man’ for Castle to bounce off. It’s a common role that’s existed all the way back to atleast the 1800’S when Arther Conan Doyle was writing Sherlock Holmes to have a bland partner for the ‘eccentric’ lead to bounce off. If Beckett was supposed to be the star there were plenty of bigger names who certainly were better actresses back around season 1 who were available and could have carried a show but they cast a relativily unknown who was fairly wooden because she wasn’t the focus, she was simply the foil and all she needed to do was to be fairly basic but have good on screen chemistry

      • wakey says:

        Winning a people’s choice award has nothing to do with how good you are at acting. The categories aren’t ‘best’ but ‘Favourite’ which means it’s not a judgement of people’s skill but their popularity. This is why Kristen Kruek has won the award for Best Sci-Fi actress for her role in Beauty and the Beast

  36. This is irrelevant as the show is going to end.

    However, if they really wanted to try and reboot the show, a father and daughter private eye team would be an interesting concept. Rick and Alexis taking on a new case every single week.

  37. Ari says:

    I don’t watch this show but isn’t she one of two leads? Why not just end the show and move on?

    • Lauren says:

      Exactly. I’m so sick of show execs continuing beloved series past their prime without their beloved leading actors – just end the show with integrity and a happy fan base instead of ruining it!

    • John NYC says:

      They got pitched something they like, obviously. And given the timeline this is no last moment decision.

  38. Lauren says:

    So, are they going to cancel the show and wrap everything up at the end of this season? How on earth could the show continue without Beckett? The ENTIRE SHOW centers around Castle and Beckett. They’re married. The show CANNOT continue with her. This makes NO SENSE.

  39. Hmm says:

    That makes no sense. Castle can’t work without Beckett.

  40. Barbara Agnew says:

    ABC has lost it’s collective damned mind. Their idiocy has just killed Castle. I am so sick of ABC. They killed a great show, Forever, just because they decided, even though it was a great show, oh well, we’ll just chop it. Liked it, they liked the year 2 scripts, but never mind, logic and success, it bit the dust. So now this. So what are they high on during these meetings?

    • wakey says:

      Killing Forever was the logical decision though as the numbers were far from great. You could have the greatest show ever to be made but if no-one watches it it makes no sense bringing it back. I would have personally prefered a second season of Forever over a new season of Castle as Castle lost its way back in Season 5 and has got worse since while Forever felt much closer to the level of early seasons of Castke but more people were watching Castle that was in decline than Forever so it made sense. It’s why Fox have kept bones around so long despite them making the same mistake as ABC did with Castle because despite losing the chemistry that made the show it still brings in better numbers than most other shows they try

      • Lily says:

        Well there’s a difference between sexual tension and chemistry. Characters don’t lose chemistry by getting together, especially if the actors can act and/or like each other. Sexual tension is another thing. That changes once you put them together because there’s no longing, no more “I want you but can’t have you” and all that stuff, no rooting for them to get together. But it’s different from chemistry. The chemistry is still there on Bones because the actors have chemistry and like each other. Sexual tension is not there because they are a couple and can have sex any time they want. People need to learn the difference.

        • wakey says:

          While people in real life may not lose chemistry, Charachters certainly do.

        • wakey says:

          Clicked submit by mistake so here’s the rest of my comment.

          With charachters they aren’t real people, they are an almagantion of the actors and the writers. A change in relationship status means both parties have to be able to adjust for the chemistry to exist. The best actors can’t force chemistry if the writing is devoid of it and the best writers can’t pull out chemistry from actors who can’t portray it in their acting under the new situation. Not every writer who can write good scenes of friendly or flirty banter can write good romance scenes and not every actor who is good at the banter scenes can pull off romance scenes

          As for DB and ED liking each other on Bones that’s somewhat debatable. There are interviews where DB has suggested they don’t get on and that he finds her too opinionated.

          The work load of network tv is such that costars who used to get on OK often end up not liking each other as the seasons go on especially when they are in almost every scene together.

          • kmw says:

            There may be interviews where both DB and ED as well have said things like that but they have also said that the majority of the time they get along. No one on a TV show can get along 100% of the time they are working together just like any work situation. But in the case of Bones from the get go they made the decision to be a united front which is why Bones has lasted as long as it has. And while DB and ED haven’t done as much press for Bones the last couple of seasons they still manage to do some together which is more than you can say about SK and NF. Lily is right about the differences between sexual tension and chemistry. David and Emily still have chemistry even if sexual tension isn’t the same anymore. Bones is also different because Booth and Brennan are parents of young children now as opposed to Castle and Beckett who only just got married. I find it hard to believe if this was the situation at Bones and Emily Deschanel was getting fired that David Boreanaz wouldn’t have reacted A LOT differently. There is a difference between being annoyed with your co star every so often and out right hostility.

          • Rose says:

            They get along but sometimes annoy each other just like everybody else in the world who have worked with each other for years. But they have also said repeatedly for many many years that they wouldn’t continue the show without the other.

  41. How do you make a “buddy comedy” without the “buddy”? Why not just cancel the show?

  42. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m sure the show will leave the door open for Beckett to return someday even if it’s just for the series finale.Plus i’m wondering if Beckett goes missing and Castle spends next season trying to find her.

  43. amanda says:

    I think they can reboot the show and make it amore Murder She Wrote like plot. All the stuff that made the show stale started with the Kates mom and the Senator Bracken story line. I watch the show for Nathan and Castles relationship with his family. Excited to see what happens.

    • suzyku says:

      totally agree with you

    • Disappointed says:

      I wouldn’t get too excited as S9 could turn out even shorter than planned as a sizeable amount of the current audience probably won’t be tuning in.

    • Erin says:

      To be honest I’m quite interested to see what they’ll do with it. I don’t like Castle & Becketts scenes together because all the do in hit on each other. Married couples do more than try to get each other in the bedroom each time they’re together. I’d love the show to focus more on the crime solving again. I’ll be tuning in :)

  44. ndixit says:

    What on earth is ABC thinking? Why would they be so desperate to hold onto Castle that they would ruin the DNA of the show. Just cancel it and be done with it.

  45. NolaNola says:

    Good riddance. I love the connection between the guys anyway. His mother his daughter his friends that’s the show. 👏👏👏👏

  46. Alex says:

    Disgusting. Just disgusting.

  47. suzyku says:

    Never warmed up to the “kate” character, she always seemed cold and aloof so hope this will be a new beginning and concentrate more on the Castle character!

  48. abz says:

    WTF? It’s one thing if she declined to return for another season, but she was not ASKED back? How are they not even trying to get one of the most important characters on the show to stay. Why even continue the show without her?do they expect boring and annoyingcharacters like Ryan and Esposito to become co-leads with Rick. LOL Will anyone watch that?
    I’m behind on most of the season since the show isn’t that great anymore and I thought I’ll just catch up in the summer I I have time, but with this news maybe I shouldn’t even bother.

  49. TNT says:

    “I hear the decision for Katic not to return was made by ABC and ABC Studios”
    She was fired ? really ABC ??????!!!!

    Thx Stana for amazing 8 season,.Good luck for your career.

    • Eva Leisups says:

      No Beckett?? … No Castle !! ….. I won’t be watching it any more if Beckett (Stana) is gone …. Beckett & Castle made the show …. why would anyone think of not having Beckett there any more ??? “Castle” should go to season 10 and then finish …. leave Beckett there and have a happy, satisfying ending to the show …..