Castle Stana Katic Fired Season 9

Castle Shocker: Stana Katic's Dismissal Leaves Series Creator 'Heartbroken'

Castle creator and former longtime showrunner Andrew W. Marlowe speaks for many with his first comment on the cast shake-up which has dropped series co-lead Stana Katic as well as Tamala Jones from any possible Season 9.

“Heartbroken,” Marlowe shared in a short, not-sweet tweet on Monday morning. “There are no words.”

The writer/producer tacked on the hashtag #nmc, presumably shorthand for “No More Caskett” — as in the long-running procedural’s root-for coupling of novelist Richard Castle and NYPD captain Kate Beckett.
Former Castle executive producer/writer Terri Edda Miller responded in kind:

As reported Monday morning, the ABC series is not asking either Katic or Jones to return in the fall, in the event of renewal, as an apparent means to cut costs. “We are grateful for Stana Katic’s talent and dedication to the series and we hope to continue our relationship,” the network said of Katic’s exit. Beckett’s portrayer meanwhile said in a statement, “I’m very grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a much beloved show,” adding a “thank you” to the fans.

There are no details at this early stage on how Castle plans to write out one of its two main characters, though co-showrunner Alexi Hawley told TVLine that the Season 8 finale airing May 16 ends in a “dynamic” way that allows for “the possibility that maybe the show won’t come back in the same form.”

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  1. Rick Katze says:

    Oh, #$%^.

    • bobbie says:

      That was my first response too, but something about this is odd. Yeah, Katic is high paid, but Tamala Jones?

      I call shenanigans!

      Didn’t watch this season, but kept track of reviews to see if I should start watching. Having learned from HIMYM, if it is the series finale, which it should be, I will wait for reactions to see if I should watch.

      • Annie says:

        Agreed. There’s something way, way off about all this. I can’t even deal with the fact that she’s the THIRD female lead to get kicked off a popular show (or quit, or get driven off, whatever, depending on your perspective and who you believe, which at this point, I don’t EVEN know who that might be). I just … gah. GAH. TV, I’m very disappointed in you.

        • bobbie says:

          Hey tvline, we need a like button!

        • Agree completely with you Annie.

        • Karen says:

          I have watched the show from day one. They dropped the ball and lost viewers when they separated Kate and Rick after they married. They get them back together, and now she’s gone from the show? I won’t watch again. Thanks ABC for ruining a good show.

          • Fatima Baeta says:

            I am saddened by the news. I really thought they also made up the show, not just ‘Castle’. I don’t think I will be sticking with the show, especially if Beckett gets killed off. Very, very let down.

          • Diane Meyer says:

            Agreed, I won’t watch either if Beckett isn’t on there. Sucks!

          • shirley says:

            Agreed. ABC just ruined my Mondays at ten pm.
            Hope they are happy saving all that money. Lost their viewers. Won’t have anything to worry about now. Coulod have at least gave them one more season or part together, instead they do this.;

          • shirley says:

            I too have watched from day one.
            Thanks ABC Ruined a good show.
            Way to go. Save that money. Lose yours. But save that money!

          • Mari says:

            I would have thought that all the complaints about the first part of this season would have told them that there is no Castle without Beckett. The emphasis on Alexis and Hayley made the show crap.

            Didn’t they learn from season 2 of Sleepy Hollow when Ichabod and Abbie were separated. I guess not.
            Between Sleepy Hollow and Castle, it seems like networks have forgotten what makes a great show.

          • Janis says:

            I agree. So many weird story lines last year and after they married and just when we thought they were back on track they screwed up big time….Stanic is the show, why we watch to see the relationship between her and Castle….she’s gone…..I’m gone

          • John says:

            Have to say I have been a longtime fan also – this decision is one of the dumbest ideas yet! While I love Fillion as Castle, the show will no longer hold the same interest for me…

          • Sally says:

            Same here. My favorite show – now I won’t watch at all. Stana was a favorite and though I love the others, the show won’t be the same without her. I’m done.

          • Bill says:

            I agree whole heartedly Karen. The show will not be Castle without Becket. I will not watch either.

          • Bill says:

            I agree with you Karen. I also am a day one watcher. ABC and the new “show runners” screwed up this show. Only with the last 4-5 episodes did they get back to the format that the loyal fans like. I had tuned out after S8/E3 and came back in when Kate and Castle got back together. Now that Stana will not be back, I will not watch again either.

          • Lydia Jones says:

            I also watched from episode 1 (and recently re-watched the whole series) but, without Stana and Tamala, this show has lost its appeal. Sad to see it crumble like this. I was totally hoping for Caskett to at least end the season with a happy news of pregnancy, or a baby Caskett (just like on the season 8’s poster) but this… this is unacceptable. No Caskett – No show. At least for me.

          • You said it soooooooò perfect,

          • alan R. says:

            I am with you. Rick and kate make the show. I won’t watch without both.

        • Lucy says:

          Completely agree! I just don’t see how the show goes on without her. I hope Stana and Tamala’s exit storylines aren’t deaths. It’s very disheartening that time after time, women, people of color, and lgbt characters are the ones getting the boot, whether by choice (because the actor wants to leave because of BTS drama) lack of character development, or in this latest case “cutting costs”. Hopefully the fan outrage over the last few weeks will be a wake-up call for writers and showrunners to be more creative. Getting rid of women, people of color, and lgbt characters is ordinary and at this point, at least for me, tiring as a viewer. Do better!!

          • Dm says:

            This is because Nathan didnt want to work with Stana anymore. Why else would he have asked for a contract to limit the days he films with her to no more than 2 a week?

        • shirley says:

          Don’t know what going on at ABC but somebody needs to take a look. They don’t know what the long time fans like. And, agreed, something wrong here.

        • David4 says:

          There have been three female main characters on Castle who have been fired now, that’s more than half. Why not just fire the mom and daughter too.

        • Chris Papio says:

          Rumor is that Nathan was being a jerk saying she was stealing his thunder and the show is called Castle not Beckette, He seems to forget all his other series he ever had never made it off the group on his own. Goes to show what a large fan base she has since they are leaving when she does.

          • What rumour is this? do you have links? Nathan loved working with Stana and I can’t see any of what you said as being true tbh

          • Virgo says:

            True – Nathan was threatened by Stana professionally because in the “Castle” show Stana’s performance as Kate Beckett really stood out that even if Nathan has the titular character as “Castle”, Kate Beckett’s character was carrying the show. That’s why without Stana there is no Castle. I hope other Networks could see Stana’s potential and could give her a show with good show runners because she can portray any role at its best.

          • Steve says:

            I dis-agree. I know someone in the business and the truth is that Stana is hard to work with. Cast and crew. This breaks my heart as I truly love Stana. It is said that Nathan hates to work with her. They don’t get along which is why we don’t see them together much and why the tone has lost it’s romantic edge There is more to this than cutting down on cost. Come on, Really! I just wish them all the best.

      • mooshki says:

        Rumor has it Castle is moving to LA to be a private detective, so that might be why they wouldn’t have Tamala Jones’s character move. It’s going to be hard enough to explain Ryan & Espo’s moving.

        • shirley says:

          Whole thing is going to be hard to explain .
          No matter what AbC tries, fan base wants a writer. Fan base wants Castkett. Too bad ABC didn’t see that.

          • scottishwildcat13 says:

            This fan doesn’t want Caskett, and never did. They were much better apart.

          • S. says:

            Given that they went through 140 actresses to find Stana, and cast the part with the necessary chemistry with Fillion because they wanted a Thin Man dynamic, the series creator set it up to be about the coupledom from day 1. Not sure on what planet you think they’re better apart.

      • Frank N Open says:

        No shenanigans.
        Castle is becoming a private detective.
        They are changing the format some. Since the old one was way past stale.

        • Amogh says:


          How can there be a castle without beckett in his life!!

          • Janis says:

            There won’t be a Castle but ABC is too dumb to figure that one out….they are going to save a Lot of Money…haha. Moving to LA etc be a private detective?? I don’t think so…He’s no Rockford aka James Garner. I can’t wait to see what Stana does next and is successful because all of her fans follow her.

        • Beckstle says:

          Being that major ratings drops in 7 were due to a wedding not happening in 6×23, Castle focused episodes where the two weren’t together much (Like Child’s Play) and the Castle P.I. episodes, I’d have to say that the old format was working fine for the viewers of the show.

          • annie kelly says:

            I, too have watched Castle from day 1..For me, the day it started going downhill was when Castle could no longer go WITH Beckett etal. and was more or less kicked out of the police station..It was a great premise, I loved it anyway..In the last few episodes they have turned Castle into a stupid baffoon…Now, I KNOW I’m done

      • Ellie says:

        I agree…I thought about the possibility that they are setting something up . But it isn’t working if that is the case. I have already started to pull away from watching …

    • Tweet at ABC and the producers and anyone else affiliated to let them know that we won’t be watching a season 9 without Stana.
      Email them. Write letters.
      #JustCancelCastle or #SaveStana ?

    • Castlefan says:

      As Laura suggested, we should all tweet #nostananocastle tonight instead of watching. Last week’s episode was good (for season 8): I think I’ll bow out with that.

    • Ciss says:

      For whatever reason Kate is leaving, say good-bye to “Castle” as i will be doing. What a foolish thing to do. Without Kate there is no show.

  2. SadCastleFan says:

    I think #nmc stands for “not my Castle” since he is the creator and he always said that the show is about the love story between Castle and Beckett. That’s just my guess, though.

    I’m beyond sad. There really are no words.

  3. Eli Edwards says:

    I wonder if the “NMC” means “Not My Choice” as in ABC is forcing him to not offer her a contract renewal.

  4. Kim R says:

    I kept having this feeling all season that I needed to prepare for a Beckett-less Castle next season. I wondered if they were heading for a shocking death of a lead character but planned to carry on with the Castle investigation of the crimes along side the boys at NYPD. If they continue into a new season, I plan to carry on with Castle as well. :)

  5. Eli Edwards says:

    If this is what it takes to get the show renewed, then I’m ready for the show to end. No Castle without Beckett.

    • Marcie says:

      A thousand times agree.

    • Ciss says:

      I agree. The only reason we all watch “Castle” is because of Kate and Castle and the chemistry that they have always had together. What is the point of this show going on to another season??? It will be a huge failure. I know I will never watch it again. Castle by himself is impossible to pull off, no matter who they try to bring in as his love interest. Adios “Castle”

  6. Sara says:

    I thought nmc stood for not my castle. As in, this show no longer resembled the show he created.

  7. Christina says:

    Happy he’s speaking his mind.

  8. Jason says:

    Dear god. I’m begging you ABC. Please cancel the show. Let it end. This is a friggin’ nightmare scenario. Don’t tarnish the shows legacy by carrying on. No one who loves this show wants this. You will ruin everything we’ve become invested in if you go on without her. And as much as I adore this show, if it comes back, I won’t be there.

    • Just one thing says:

      ABC wants and needs a procedural. ABC believes in the Nathan Fillion “brand.” In their press release, they said they want to maintain their relationship with Stana Katic. Yet Castle still needs a female collaborator who’s his own age.
      So, I think it’s safe to say that ABC is willing to test out a “cheap” new format that might last longer than one shortened season, and Stana Katic/Tamala Jones were collateral to that end.
      Do people really think ABC came up with cutting Katic on their own? It seems far more likely that S8’s storyline was devised to keep Fillion happy, and now Katic’s final ouster has been part of their continued desire to appease him.
      It’s not that they don’t value Katic, I guess. It’s just that they value Fillion more.

    • dana says:

      Second that emotion.

    • Teresa Harry says:

      I totally agree with you, Jason

  9. KateFaulkner27 says:

    See, I also thought #nmc was both for “No More Caskett” and “Not My Choice”. Either would apply.

    I’m not happy either way.

  10. My guess for “NMC” would be something like “not my call”. Which nobody should think what with that whole “former” before the “showrunner”, but still- if I were anyone associated with the show, I would be making it very clear that I had no part in this awful decision and its pathetic excuse. Guess we should have had a seven season show. We seem to be getting on track for season 8, so let’s give it the best ending we can and all move on. Shame on you, ABC.

  11. Jerri says:

    This mess wouldn’t have happened if he was still running things on Castle.

    • Teresa Harry says:

      You are going to lose so many fans, don;t you realise that?! Stan Katic is an integral part of the show. Without her, there is no show!!

  12. thisismenow says:

    Do us all a favor and just cancel the show now, ABC. Season 9 will kill the legacy of the show at this point. (Well what’s left after this atrocious Season 8.)

  13. Honestly, between having a season 9 without Beckett and canceling the show? Just cancel the damn show. Don’t let it go down in flames like that.

    • sarah t says:

      ABC did the same thing years ago with the Practice in order to “cut costs”. They cut Dylan McDermott and a large chunk of the cast. It was ridiculous. Why couldn’t they even do a shortened season next year on Castle in order to keep the regular cast and wrap it up correctly?

      • drhenning says:

        Yeh but we ended up with a terrific show, Boston Legal…. Denny Crane…Alan Shore as a love couple!!

      • Louise says:

        Not good news regarding Castle, but as far as The Practice it ended up that season 8 was my favorite season. I adored the James Spader addition to the show, and how David Kelley dismantled the law firm he created years before. Plus I loved Boston Legal! Not saying I will appreciate this change of course, but it is possible to recreate even if initially all fans are not on board.

  14. Mary says:

    And that is how ABC ruined a show I´ve been in love with since day 1! Why not end the show this season with a good finale?! Because this is just stupid, and that is the kindest word I can think of now!

  15. Shar says:

    At the risk of getting lots of angry feedback, the show really needed to re-set their re-set and fast. We’ll miss Castle in our viewing schedule but now the actors can move on to other things – Nathan can finally do that Rockford Files remake he was born to play.

    • lynn says:

      you really think Fillion can take the place of James Garner!!! In your dreams. I used to like the guy until I heard about his diva moment just before season 7. Couldn’t stand anyone else getting recognition. His fans said, oh it’s only a story not true! well he certainly got his demands for 7&8 so I guess it was true after all! He is a good light comic actor but he is certainly is no James Garner! Backstabber is the title of episode 818 , all surounding him and the Haley character!! Seems like a well chosen title for Mr. F.

      • Janis says:

        Lynn you are so right about Fillion thinking he’s James Garner…he needs to get rid of that stinking thinking. He falls way short!!!! He’s a light weight comic actor who needs a real talent to be by his side…hope no one signs on for that part just to be let go when their talent outshines his

      • Viv says:

        Hi Lynn, if you’ve only seen Nathan Fillion in Castle I can understand why you would think he’s a light comic actor, so try watching Slither or, (dare I say it) Firefly and Serenity, there’s pretty little comedy in either. Believe me he can do drama as well. Having said that, I will miss Stana Kadic if Castle continues, but I’m prepared to give it a chance and see where it goes.

      • gabriela jullier says:

        I strongly agree with you… Fillion is selfish, and he doesn’t stand with Stana’s growing character alongside his, because of his “diva big fat-ass ego” , he made the writers ruin the show, focusing in the PI issue rather than the writer and his muse love story. For me Castle ends when the season 8 finishes, there’ll be no more Castle for me, I’m done !

    • MMD says:

      Please nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Rockford Files was and always will be James Garner!

  16. Ethel says:

    They had to beg her to return for this season so her not coming back next year(if there is one) should not be a surprise. As long as Ryan and Espo come back, I am good.

  17. Jo March says:

    Why don’t fans just wait and see? When Kyra Sedgewick quit The Closer, I thought the spin-off was doomed. However “Major Crimes” is a fantastic show, and I enjoy it just as much. Perhaps this will happen with Castle. I know people will say, but this is a different show with a different name. That’s because the named character, Brenda “the closer” left the show so the name had to change. The rest of the cast is 90% or more the same.

    • mazel tov says:

      Sedgwick and that god-awful fake southern accent were a total turnoff.

    • Susan Smith says:

      They didn’t ask Stana back.She has been an integral part of the show since day 1. It is disrespectful to her and loyal, longtime Castle fans. Looks like the True Diva of the show got everything they wanted

    • BM says:

      Seriously? You’re comparing The Closer with Castle? That’s not even like comparing apples and oranges, it’s like comparing a tree and a car. Pretty much every character is replaceable on strict police procedurals. But Castle was never just that. The police aspect was just a means to tell the story of Castle and Beckett.

    • Castlefan says:

      We won’t wait and see because of the complete lack of respect shown to Stana, Marlowe and the fans and because the Fillion-only shows are a disaster.

    • Mary says:

      Wait and see? Absolutely not, thanks! I surely won’t even take a look at an eventual s9! I’m still to decide if I’ll watch the rest of this season! And essentially because, imo, ABC was totally disrespectful towards Stana (and Tamala) by not adking her back. And I just read that, apparently, neither Jon or Seamus were asked back too! If neither of those 4 comes back what hell of a show will it be?! Just rename it, ABC, becausr it sure isn’t “Castle”!!

  18. dioxinblues says:

    Between this, Blacklist, and Sleepy Hollow, it seems that the producers of TV shows with female protagonists feel they don’t actually need female protagonists. The man is what’s *most* important. *smdh*

  19. JImN says:

    Yeah, me too.

  20. No wonder ABC is nowhere in the ratings, they don’t have a clue. The show tanked in Season 8 episode 1 and has been drowning since, the separation of the two most beloved characters pissed everybody off, it wasn’t until they came back together that the show had hope. Now is dead again. Just bury it. You should have waited a month though for the announcement, you just lost your Season 8 loyalists.

  21. They might as well cancel the show.

  22. Castle with Beckett means Nothing just cancel it … it won’t be the same anyway #nmc (no more caskett)

  23. Luis says:

    WTF kind of show does ABC imagine it’s putting on next fall? They can’t call it “Castle-” i don’t care if Castle is the title character; the show was based on the relationship and chemistry between Castle and Beckett. Ending the relationship, which is what this is, regardless of how its explained, is changing the show to the extent that is is no longer “Castle.” If this is ABC’s position, then the only honorable thing to do is end the show.

  24. Pit says:

    So one of the first big decisions that new female Chief of ABC Entertainment Channing Dungey seems to be involved in is firing to female stars from a long running show. Classy…

  25. Ron says:

    This only means but one thing. Beckett will be killed off in the last episode.

  26. Teresa Smith says:

    Just cancel the show! It will not be the same! Why are you ruining the best show on TV? Please don’t “kill” them off….this will be so disappointing…..just cancel it!

  27. PatriciaLee says:

    In response to Marlowe’s ‘Heartborken’, the husband said, “Ahhhh….I was a little heartbroken, myself. I think it’s a rotten shame.” IMHO, the show can continue without her, but it shouldn’t have to. Silly call. And Laney, too? They’d better watch out. Someone’s running amok at ABC.

  28. mazel tov says:

    Been watching season season 1, episode 1. No Becket? I’m gone. I have no interest at all in Castle with Beckett. No Castle PI, no Alexsis being even more insufferable. I might have a slight interest in a buddy cop show with Ryan and Espo but that has been done to death.

    What a bunch of geniuses at ABC. They cancel forever and now fire Stana. I cannot think of one program, not one, that I watch o ABC other than Castle.

    Cancel the program and give the long-suffering fans a happy ending.

  29. Jim says:

    It’s time for a campaign to get ABC to cancel Castle.

  30. KC says:

    Frankly, with all of the begging they had to do to get Katic to come back for this season, I’m not surprised. I’m more interested in seeing the show go ahead with Castle P.I. at this point, anyway. Make the focus Alexis, Rick, and Hayley. I’d watch that for as long as they’d run it. No one needs Kate or Katic’s drama anymore, and I’m tired of Kate’s trust issues and lack of interest in being a team with her husband. If you’re not going to have a married couple continue to work great as a team and trust each other, there’s no point in having it. Long live Castle P.I.!

  31. Nick says:

    Dismissing Stana Katic and Tamala Jones means dismissing this viewer too! Sad way to “cut expenses”. Hope to see these fine actors again soon.

  32. Matt says:

    Pretty sure that nothing could have persuaded Stana to return for another season anyway so it just seems ABC decided to get their retaliation in first. Kind of like when you know your significant other has lost interest in you so you dump them first so you can say you didn’t get dumped.

  33. RSM says:

    I definitely will not be watching if it comes back for a Season 9. No need to catch up on Season 8 either. What a disappointment – I’ve watched this from day 1. RIP Castle!

  34. Karen says:

    I have watched the show from day one. They dropped the ball and lost viewers when they separated Kate and Rick after they married. They get them back together, and now she’s gone from the show? I won’t watch again. Thanks ABC for ruining a good show.

  35. Ange says:

    Being that neither of them have been around much this season as they have been in the past, I think this was maybe expected.

  36. The show castle won’t be the same without Stana or tamala or Nathan abc should keep them both and tamala if they don’t keep the two leads I will not in good conscience watch it anymore it would be too heartbreaking without Stana and Nathan

  37. Kmayne says:

    I think ABC should let the show go. If fan comments are any indication the ratings would plummet even further. Let the show go out with some dignity.

  38. The show jumped the shark with that season ending fiasco of a wedding. Budget cuts should include anyone but the two leads for which the show exists. Congrats showrunners and and ABC. I am done.

  39. majma15 says:

    ABC is absolutely insane. They produce so many other poor quality shows that should be cancelled and yet are firing the actress that made he show a success? If they have half a brain, they better find a way to bring Stana Katic backI

  40. Lorie says:

    This blows! TPTB have officially ruined this once-loved show.

  41. Abc I will not watch castle without the leads you will reiun s beatiful love be story by doing that either have Nathan and Stana in castle or cancelled it it would be too heartbreaking

  42. Craig. says:

    Although she’s done a wonderful job in her role as Beckett, the show can go on without Stana Katic. It’s quite evident that Stana has learned and grown into a fine performer. She will be much sought after. Nathan Fillion IS Castle and has done a magnificent job–no one could have done it better. The onscreen chemistry in the father daughter role with Molly Quinn is hands-down the best I’ve seen. Molly is a terrific actor and hopefully her role will expanded to showcase her great talent. Susan Sullivan is amazingly real in the role of mother. Seamus Dever and Jon Huertes are excellent too. Yes. The show can go on. When I consider some of the other shows on ABC, Castle is still the best.

  43. N says:


  44. Alichat says:

    It’s a damn shame no one else has commented. No other cast member **coughespeciallyFillioncough** has made any kind of statement, yet they are all currently tweeting.

    • Matt says:

      Actually Nathan has not tweeted since last night. The fact that no other cast member has tweeted or made a statement may be a statement in itself given the rumors of how difficult Stana has been to work with.

      • Alichat says:

        Jon Huertas tweeted about a minute after I posted that. Juliana and Seamus Dever have since tweeted. Based upon their comments, it would appear they found out the same way the fans did.

      • Just one thing says:

        The “Stana is difficult to work with” rumor JUST hasn’t gotten the traction people have probably hoped it would.
        But E for effort, guys!

  45. Fatima Baeta says:

    I am saddened by the news. I really thought they also made up the show, not just ‘Castle’. I don’t think I will be sticking with the show, especially if Beckett gets killed off. Very, very let down.

  46. Walkie says:

    “There are no words”. That’s a wee bit dramatic. No one died.

  47. Joan says:

    well done ABC you’ve ruined a great show….

  48. Mary says:

    So you think the best way to cut cost is to remove Stana from the cast which will lead to a drop in ratings? Yeah, good plan.

  49. Wesley says:

    What an insult to Stana Katic. She’s as much a reason for the show’s success as Fillion is. Also, it is weird whats been going on with female leads on network TV lately.

    • JImN says:

      Nathan and the rest of the cast need to have their agents looking for new projects. He can’t carry it alone.

      • Castlefan says:

        He struggles to carry it with help!

        • nostananocastle says:

          1000% agree!!!!

        • Brigid says:

          No he doesn’t struggle at all. He is the show and the reason about 98% of people tuned in to Season 1 episode 1. What’s with the hate? Fillion is an amazing actor as evidenced by his work on Firefly, Buffy and Castle. I’m not saying his co-workers aren’t amazing in their own right but don’t down play his contribution to the success of his show.

          • Gary Smith says:

            I do not downplay Nathan’s contribution, but getting rid of Stana and the character of Kate Becket is a TERRIBLE idea!