Castle Cast Shake-Up: Tamala Jones Reacts — Plus, Are More Cuts to Come?

Is Castle Season 9 only in the midst of taking shape?

On Monday morning, ABC confirmed that, due to reported cost-cutting, neither co-lead Stana Katic nor longtime cast member Tamala Jones were being asked back for the fall, in the event of renewal. Katic issued a statement here, while Jones followed with her own reaction below:

I’ve had so much fun playing the wonderful and unfiltered ‘Lanie’ over the past eight seasons. I will greatly miss the cast and crew — it’s been a privilege getting to work with this incredibly hard working group of people. Thank you to ABC for this opportunity and to the fans for their unwavering support. It’s been an incredible journey and I can’t wait for what lies ahead!

Jon Huertas was quick to respond to the shocking news, which he apparently heard via Twitter. “To say I’m sad about @Stana_Katic & @TamalaJones not coming back even if #Castle returns would be a gross understatement,” he shared with the hashtags #blownaway and #morose. “I am gonna miss @Stana_Katic & @TamalaJones who are more than coworkers to me but dear friends.”

That said, with a nod to the hundreds of crew jobs at stake, Huertas invited fans to “see it fit to support this unknown incarnation of the show,” should it return for Season 9. “And if I’m a part of the cast, I’ll work hard to continue to keep the integrity of our show intact.”

The operative word being “if” he is among the cast left standing once this new Castle finishes baking. As Huertas himself acknowledged:

Seamus Dever, who plays Ryan to Huertas’ Espo, also offered his reaction on Twitter, hailing Katic as a “good friend and good partner” and saying of Jones, “We haven’t seen 1/10th of what she can do. Can’t wait to see what role she does next.”

Meanwhile, Susan Sullivan (aka Martha) describes her reaction as a mix of “surprised and saddened”:

As of Monday afternoon, Castle’s other series regulars, Nathan Fillion and Molly Quinn, had yet to comment.

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  1. lariet50 says:

    Okay, getting rid of Beckett and Lanie is bad enough. But if they ditch Espo and Ryan too? Ai yi yi.

    • Annie says:

      Oh, the internet will riot.

      • It’s time to start tweeting right now at ABC. Their decision is beyond stupid. Better to cancel the show now then to have it return next season as something unrecognizable.

        • Patrick says:

          Do a spinoff. Just do a spinoff already. Have Castle and his daughter join a high end private security firm, or a think tank, and do that. Keep Castle and Stana married, and have the boys be at the precinct. All could show up for guest spots occasionally. Stana could be off being a congressperson. Make Molly the star, find a hunky or geeky lead for her to interact with as the “ship.” That might work, if it were well written. This is just a shameless cash grab. They want to continue under the name castle because that ties in to current syndication deals. The proposed new iteration of Castle is a spin-off, but they aren’t changing the name.

          • John NYC says:

            Everything I’ve read already says “spinoff”.

            That’s what “reboot” means imho.

          • T H says:

            I like all your ideas – if only TPTB put even half as much thought into the future of this show as you did!

        • Kerry says:

          Absolutely agree with you!!!

        • I can’t understand why the producers of Castle thought firing Stana Katic to “save money” was a bright idea. It is, though, the “kiss of death” for Castle! And firing “Lanie” was pretty bad judgement, too! I hate this, as Castle was my favorite TV show!!!! I will not continue watching it, though, as it is NO LONGER “Castle” without Becket! You sorry “dip-s__t” producers. You care nothing about the feelings of your viewers….so we will no longer care about yours!

          • Trudy Cosby says:

            castle is the name of the show…. castle you didn’t fight to keep the show so now there is NO Castle at all. They say you and Stana fought well the tender love scenes and the lovemaking sure didn’t show that lol so it makes you wonder what the truth is

    • Dj says:

      THR is claiming that NF won’t resign for season 9 without Espo and Ryan.

  2. Brad says:

    Of course there not getting contacted don’t they wait till Nathan signs before talking to Jon

  3. Tica says:

    No S9 without Stana😔 Finish the show in a great note. Millions of fans deserve that!

  4. beth oconnor says:

    I fail to understand why I should be concerned about the crew when the STAR creates the situation that puts ALL of their jobs at risk

    • “On Monday morning, ABC confirmed that, due to reported cost-cutting, neither co-lead Stana Katic nor longtime cast member Tamala Jones were being asked back for the fall, in the event of renewal.”

      The star did not create this situation. The network did. That is made clear in the first full paragraph of this article. And this very much makes it sound like you’re saying you don’t think you should care about other people’s jobs simply because of the actions of someone they had no control over. Consider reading more carefully, and consider paying attention the implications of what you say.

      • yes, I said it says:

        If you believe this was a cost-cutting measure, well, I just don’t know what to say. Yes, it will be sad for people to lose their jobs, which is something that should be on the producers’ minds much more than mine. I always hate it when Management’s mistakes cause collateral damage that puts people out of work. Perhaps your reading comprehension needs fine tuning¿

        • Perhaps cost-cutting measure is code for something else, but multiple outlets have confirmed that this was not Stana’s decision. Thus saying it was is false. And here are your words again: “I fail to understand why I should be concerned about the crew when the star creates the situation that puts all of their jobs at risk.”. Once more: “I fail to understand why I should be concerned about the crew…” Your reasoning is the action taken by another person, but you still say, in plain English, that you don’t understand why you should be concerned about them.

          If you had said “I don’t understand why one cast member is relying on us to save the crew when another cast member put them in this position”, your comment about my comprehension. But that’s not what you said. I do understand that that isn’t what you meant to say, which is why I’m simply telling you to check what your words imply. I’m glad you care about people losing their jobs. I’d like to say we’re all that decent, but the behavior of many proves otherwise.

          • Apologizes: *your comment about my comprehension would be more valid.

          • yes, I said it says:

            Oh, I wasn’t speaking of Stana . . .

            And you are correct. In my initial statement, I should have said “I fail to see why I should be [more] concerned…”

            I apologize for not being clearer

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          One (1) user name per IP address, thank you so, so much!

      • rowan77 says:

        I think beth oconnor is basing her statement on the rumours of tensions on the set between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and insinuating that the demands of one of them is the reason Stana was let go. Of course, that would not account for whyTamala wasn’t asked back.

      • J says:

        Perhaps she’s not the star in question. He signed on for this season and the season was renewed before she agreed to come back, with a plan already written to do it without her. He had to wait a year, but he finallly got The Nathan Fillion Show, if he decides to stop holdling out for better contract terms. Which he hasn’t yet. And at that, it remains to be seen if a few years charming the network rather than the audience is going leave enough viewers to pay for it.

        I wish the crew the best, but he’s calling from inside the house.

  5. Sam says:

    NMC = More Castle. This show needs to just end. This is absurd. ABC is going to ruin the memory of this show even more than the showrunners have with this horrible season 8.

  6. Andrea says:

    This is a PR disaster for ABC. It’s even more disgraceful that the cast/crew didn’t know these ladies had been let go!!

    I don’t buy for a second that they cut SK because of budget reasons. It seems to me like the news of her being let go got leaked and ABC had to quickly come up with a response. Maybe I’m naïve in thinking they wouldn’t cut her without even talking to her, but the entire thing seems utterly ridiculous. I never wish for a show to end, partly because of how many behind the scenes people are employed, but I think everyone deserves better in this situation.

    • Adam says:

      Cast and crew not knowing someone’s been let go has happened before, Rachel Nichols found out she was no longer on Criminal Minds from an article online, when she was on vacation.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      It has been reported elsewhere that they wanted to cut her at the end of last season for budgetary reasons, but ABC was already dealing with the Patrick Dempsey fallout and didn’t want to have that much backlash all at once. Don’t know how reliable the reporting from that outlet is, but if they are to be believed it backs up the budgetary reasons for the cut.

  7. c-mo says:

    At least the writers at HIMYM waited until the series finale to give the fans the finger; ABC is doing it BEFORE the season/series finale!!!!!! SMH

    • Christina says:

      LOL I will forever be happy when someone brings up HIMYM like this. Still bitter. I will forever be bitter about this too.

  8. Theresa says:

    I liked how Jon being sad is more concerned for the crew. Class act!

  9. Cathy says:

    I stopped watching after Castle went missing; the show was missing something for me, too. I love those four, though, so I won’t be watching should it return for a 9th season. I can’t see the show returning without Ryan and Esposito.

  10. Marilyn says:

    I will no longer watch Castle or anything Nathan Fillion is affiliated with. I recently read that he wanted Stana out because at times she got more lines than he did and the show was called Castle, not Beckett. Well, if there’s no Beckett, there’s no show. I refuse to watch some ego filled donkey’s behind. I didn’t watch the entire time they were split this season, Way to go Mr. Fillion. Mark my words, your numbers will take a dive.

    • Please provide a source for this.

    • Alex says:

      I will never watch anything with Fillion either but not because I think he’s the one to blame here, I just don’t like him. And his acting since S4 has been atrocious.

    • Andrea says:

      Please show where you read this.

      Not only is the poor guy getting hate for something he had no control over (yeah, he’s just a guy..he can’t control ABC.) and the fate of 400+ behind the scene players basically rests solely on him now if he chooses not to deal with a new contract.

      Anyone can post anything on the interest, choosing the believe things without factual evidence is ridiculous.

      • John NYC says:


        Rumor compounded by the us v them of this fandom makes the situation beyond murky.

        If the show pulled in NCIS or TBBT numbers perhaps Fillion could call the shots. But it doesn’t.

        • Sachi M. says:

          Exactly. An actor, Star or not, on a Bubble show, pulling 1.1 ratings, has zero leverage.
          The sad reality, is, the chances of ABC giving pricey new contracts, to 2 series leads, on a show with these ratings, and the awareness, the ratings were more likely to go down, than up, in season 9, was probably around 1.1%

          8 seasons is an impressive run! If the series isn’t renewed, I’d like to see ABC work out a deal, that would bring the cast, all back, for, say, a 2 hr, series finale.
          Probably never happen, maybe not even feasible, but, it would be a very nice nod, to the loyal fans, that kept the show on the air!

      • Terri Newman says:

        I agree. Nathan is being blamed. He has nothing to do with the decisions of TPTB. They call the shots and probably say “don’t let the door hit you if you don’t like it.” I’m sure that if he or any of the cast were to make too many demands, TPTB would fire them too.

    • Dysturbed says:

      I’m not suggesting that the rumors you speak of concerning Nathan Fillion are definitely false and it’s a shame if they’re true, but without knowing at this point if they are actually true, shouldn’t’ the whole “don’t believe everything that we read before making a full judgment?” concept come into play? Seems like the open minded approach to take, but to each their own.

    • FormerCastleFan says:

      I know there has been stories and rumors about what has gone on behind the scenes, so it will be interesting to see if anyone steps up to confirm or refute the rumors. However, the truth can usually be found when you follow the money…and the money leads back to Nathan…Castle’s refurbished office, driving the Ferrari, a new character added as a regular for him to interact with and the stories focused on his character. Meanwhile the co-lead has been pushed to the background, her character trashed and even her wardrobe budget obviously reduced and now she has been fired. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to make an educated guess about what has been going on.

      • Roxie says:

        Former castle fan. Thank you for having a brain that thinks logically. Most have not been able to connect the dots and arrive at the same conclusions. Btw those who r asking for written proof of Fillion’s requests they were printed in most tv venues especially his remarks that the name of the show is not Beckett but Castle and took his demands to Marlowe who refused to cave on his creation he chose to quit instead.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        Sorry about repeating myself, but it has been reported elsewhere that ABC wanted her gone at the end of last season for cost cutting reasons, but were in the middle of the whole Dempsey/Grey’s Anatomy thing and didn’t want to deal with more upset people at that time. All of the upgrades for Castle coupled with quotes from the writers and this (if it is to be believed) make it seem like the writers were informed by ABC to come up with a backup plan if they wanted to continue because they wanted her gone. I’m not saying that it was a good plan or idea, but if all of this is true then you can’t put this on Fillion’s shoulders. Its ABC’s fault.

      • Mary says:

        Don’t blame nathan.stana been wanting out.her husband probably is causing the leaving .saying she’s better than that show.well it’s a combined effort.not just one person.they were a united group.

    • Apt says:

      Amen! Nathan Fillon is an over hyped and overpraised blowhard.

      • Max says:

        Oh, know him personally do you? I would say no, just another anonymous trolling voice with nothing to back yourself up but hot air. SMDH

    • Mary says:

      Blaming Nathan is low.stana has a huge ego since she got married.she and Nathan were together once.shows gone big headed since she married that foreign jerk the show can make it just fine without her .the rest of cast are strong characters.she dumped on them.shes a I want ..I want ..I am better than this.well the cast are awesome too . Nathan getting blamed without princess storyline can be better than going over Kates oh was killed over and over.REALLY.

    • Janice Watson says:

      I totally agree with your comment!!

    • Beverly says:

      I’m with you Marilyn. With all I’ve read about Fillion I’m I feel for Stana & hope to see her in something else soon. I WONT watch anything Fillion is in. Arrogance and pride ruined a good clean show. I would have watched a version without Fillion, the entire cast made the show good.

  11. George H. says:

    Just end it. The ratings are only going to get worse without Stana. The interaction between Castle and Beckett was what most fans tuned in for. Can tell by the displeasure by many fans over the season 8 storyline how important Beckett is to show Castle. Let them hop on their motorcycles and happily ride off into the sunset. Would be a great ending to Castle.

  12. Ted M. Bugg says:

    It is with great consternation that I read this news brief. Kate/Stana is an integral part of the show. If you lose her, then there is truly no reason to continue viewing this program. I won’t be watching anymore. Damn ABC and the show runners.

  13. Sherri Zolt says:

    This is a sad day. The show may be called Castle but it is all about Castle and Beckett. ABC is not smart. Who even wants to see the last episodes now when we know dire news is coming. And millions of fans will be disgusted and not watch a new incarnat ion, or reruns for that matter.
    ABC should have moved it to its doomed Tuesday at 10PM spot for a final 9th season, or outright cancelled it.

  14. Ashley says:

    Expecting people to continue to watch a TV show they no longer enjoy or don’t wish to support anymore because the crew will lose their jobs if it’s cancelled is like expecting customers to spend money at restaurants they don’t like or businesses that don’t offer them what they need. It’s the job of the showrunners to put on a show that people want to watch so their crews stay employed, not the job of the viewer/consumer to keep watching an inferior product.

    • wakey says:

      He isn’t saying to keep watching if you don’t enjoy it. He is saying if you would have still watched it if Stana was still in the show then give the reworked show a fair chance rather than making one of these ridiculous boycott not based on what the shows quality ends up being

    • flipper says:

      Amen it is the job of the show runners to give the viewers what they want to watch. Not the job of the show runners to tell the people what they should like to watch. These two show runners never had clue of what they wanted. Maybe if ABC really wanted to save some money they should fire the two show runners and not even think about having a spin off.

    • Audrey says:

      Amen. This is perfect.

    • KCC says:

      You are correct. Watch what you enjoy. If a restaurant fires a couple of waitresses do you assume the food’s no longer any good? I know some will say Castle hasn’t been very good for years. Fine, stop watching. Wishing the show to be canceled so those that might enjoy it in it’s new incarnation are denied the opportunity to even form an opinion is spiteful and selfish. Fans have to get over themselves. Spending a hour a week watching a show in no way compares to the amount of time and effort the people that actually produce your beloved show spend on it.

      • Ashley says:

        I didn’t say I wish the show was cancelled – I’m saying it’s now the fans’ job to watch a show they don’t enjoy to save the jobs of the people who work on that show. And fans shouldn’t “get over themselves” – we’re the consumers of the product (the show) they’re making and all the time and effort people put into making the product doesn’t get the necessary payoff if consumers choose to consume the product. It’s the business side of show business. And comparing Stana to a waitress at a restaurant? In that analogy, she’s one of the master chefs.

        • dave2442 says:

          No, the showrunner would be the master chef and the rest of the writers would be the kitchen staff. NF would be the head waiter, and SK the hostess.

  15. Luis says:

    ABC – show those of us who’ve been fans of the show for nearly 8 seasons enough respect to call it a day. Eight years is a great run for any series. Your actions have already tarnished our memory of the show; the only thing you can do at this point is compound your error

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is all Fillion’s doing.

  17. rowan77 says:

    It totally stinks that they’ve gotten rid of Lanie, too. She wasn’t used very much this past season, which is a real shame. She always brings so much to the table. I can’t believe they haven’t asked the guys back, yet. They can’t get rid of everyone but Castle, can they? That would really be a really bad idea.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable. Will not watch the rest of crappy season 8.
    Season 9 is DOA.

  19. Mr. Smith says:

    Sorry, if they can’t afford to keep fan favorites together in the show, then just end it. I realize there are more jobs than these, but re-fits of shows do not last, nor are they appreciated by fans.

  20. Lore says:

    I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to not be allowed to finish what you started, what you helped to create and make big.

    And if their are thinking about a shorten season 9 why bother at all without Stana.

  21. ken says:

    Long time fan. It’s a big mistake to drop Stana. won’t watch without her! Ken

  22. HAP says:

    Stupid move by ABC. Did they do any audience research or focus groups? Whatever money they save will go down the drain because a vast number of fans of the show tune in to watch Caskett. They should have just ended it.

  23. Sherri Zolt says:

    Terrible news. Who wants to watch the rest of the season knowing the dire ending. Just cancel the show. It’s nothing without the chemistry of Beckett and Castle. Or, have a shortened 12 ep. season 9 and move it to ABC’s doomed Tuesday @10PM slot for a complet e season 9. Go to ABC’s website and email your thoughts.

  24. Leo says:

    The manner in which this was done makes me wonder how contentious her season 8 contract negotiations might have been. For ABC to say not doing this again says something went down.

    • Alicia says:

      This was my thought too. I’m sure after she bad them over a barrel at the end of last season they decided not to go through that again. I’m honestly not surprised she’s being written out. To me if feels they’ve been phasing her out little by little all season.

  25. Katherine215 says:

    If ABC wants to give Fillion his own show, why not just start a new one with a new character and a new premise? Don’t ruin characters we’ve loved for years. And chances are, they’re likely to draw higher ratings with something new rather than the charred carcass of what was once a fantastic show.

  26. David Kellison says:

    ABC’s Castle just lost a fan! Probably one of thousands…………………

  27. Ok, stana and Nathan are the heart and soul of the show, take her away her and you take away the show.

  28. Maggie Worker says:

    This new season has been pretty bad; the show-runners seem to have lost their way. I mean, it was never intended to be a straight police procedural like Law and Order, but really, Alexis as a PI… what happened to college. Her academic ambitions were a major part of her character – is she doing this between classes? The whole story line about the fake separation was really lame; did Kate really believe that her enemies thought she wouldn’t be intimidated by the prospect of harm to her spouse, just because they were separated? And there was no reason for the introduction of Toks Olagundoye’s character, unless they were preparing her as a replacement for Stana Katic. Tamala Jones was always under-used. Basically, all the original characters seem like they were replaced by pod people. I’m not sure I would have watched a season 9 even if Ms. Katic and Ms. Jones were staying.

  29. Sara says:

    Meh. Hasn’t Stana Katic been trying/threatening to leave for years anyway? Looks like ABC just got tired of the yearly negotiations. This show should just be cancelled anyway. Seems like most of the “fans” hate watch it now anyway (or not, based on ratings).

  30. Dave says:

    Love the show, but story lines have gone downhill for couple of years. agree they should just end it rather than die slowly and miserably

  31. FormerCastleFan says:

    Jon, I am sorry, but if you were not informed about what was happening, then you will probably not be invited back for season 9 either. And, with all due respect, saving the crews’ job is not my responsibility. It is ABC and ABC studios responsibility to make good choices that will result in long-term employment for the crew. As we have seen today, they are not particularly concerned, but they are who you need to talk to, not the devastated fans.

  32. MorroccoMole says:

    ABC’s announcement provides the network with a reason to end the show. Without a strong female presence to balance the male testosterone, the show’s demographics skew away from women which have been a key to the show’s success. I expect to see the cancellation notice within days.

    It seems to me that almost every successful network show depends on the interplay between the male and female leads. Nathan Fillion is a capable actor but he lacks the strong presence necessary to stand alone as the show’s only star; his best work is as a part of an ensemble. I have sincerely enjoyed the efforts of the entire Castle crew. As with all the shows that I have watched through the years, I’ll file it away as a fond memory.

    • Carla Krae says:

      The 18-35 male demo is a coveted demographic for networks. More than the female one is. So if the demo numbers were what they wanted, they wouldn’t care if female viewers were in the minority.

    • Craig Riley says:

      You think that the two ladies who run Castle’s PI agency (Alexis and Hayley) wouldn’t be promoted to co-lead? Molly Quinn is a shoe-in for a new starring role.

      • John NYC says:

        More Susan Sullivan would be nice.

      • Beth says:

        Alexis is boring. The only remaining female character that has the acting chops to balance out Nathan Fillion is Susan Sullivan. If they want to re-name the show Martha & son or Castle & mom it still would not work with Stana.

  33. Curious says:

    Why would Hawley give an interview to TVLive on Friday/Saturday about different ending options based on what happens (both or only one lead not reuping or ABC cancelling the show) only to have this announcement today… seems quite odd. Hey Matt, any comment on the previous article/announcement timing?!?

    • S. says:

      Did ABC just tell’em ‘this is how it’s gonna go?’ I can’t see them having this 3 ending scenario and talking about it and then doing this right away. Must’ve not been up to them or they got pressured into it right after. This is nauseating. I don’t understand how this isn’t the worst thing they could do. I’m sad to lose Tamala but of all the people to go, Stana has to be the hardest to lift out without making an almost completely different show. I think Nathan’s great, I enjoy his work, but what’s gonna go on without Beckett? Who’s he bouncing off of? Toks, Molly? Castle can’t go having romances and have anybody buy/support it. Do they kill her off or have her go off in search of something and then just not show back up on the actual show. Who knows how this can possible go well? It’s lousy, that’s all I can think. And announcing it right now when there’s a new ep tonight? Bizarre. Gonna make it hard to enjoy the other episodes.

  34. Katie Ganoe says:

    You’ve just killed the show.

  35. Susan says:

    We are ready for the next season of Castle at our house! Best wishes to Stana and Tamala in their future projects.

  36. Sue May says:

    This story with present actors has kept me happy for years and now the bomb…who finances your filming and paying these great people? For once you will be giving up one of the nicest, clean stories with family ties…smart writing, and the perfect acting…can’t you rethink this and find some “creative financing??? Big big tears!!!

  37. JImN says:

    The smart move for all cast members, all, is to look for new projects.

  38. Jackie says:

    Castle is imploding.

  39. Oh well, thats the end of Castle, Can’t get rid of the lead lady and expect us to keep following it.

  40. bristow3269 says:

    What depressing news A

  41. bristow3269 says:

    What depressing news I would rather ABC opt to cancel then continue. When long running shows go through this kind of reboot or retooling it is always a recipe for cancellation. Look what happened to JAG when they got rid of David James Elliott. Thank goodness CBS nixed the
    idea of a spinoff.

    • Sooze says:

      Amen! Exactly my thought! When rumors floated around about writing off DE when the whole series was based on his character, I was one of the fans who emailed & begged for it to be canceled. Hate the thought that I will have to repeat that action for Castle.

    • John NYC says:

      Nixed the idea of a spinoff? Ever heard of NCIS? Spun right off J. A. G.

      Rumors say it’s been a modest success as well.


      • Sylvia says:

        AMEN! Thank you for posting that John! And NCIS will stand strong until Mark Harmon decides to call it quits.

  42. George H. says:

    If they want a different show, just end Castle on a high note if that’s even possible, then start up a show called Castle P.I. or something because that is the direction they’re obviously going.

  43. Larc says:

    I think the fact they bothered to announce this means Castle will be renewed. But probably for a final season with a reduced number of episodes.

  44. show over says:

    The show has steadily gone downhill the last two years, but the current show runners should be prosecuted for murder. No only of a formerly great show, but also of the character assasination of Kate Becket. I used to like Nathan Fillion, but now I’ve come to dislike him so much, it’s ruining my memories of Firefly and Dr. Horrible. Also greatly dislike Molly Quinn. Why haven’t they commented yet?


  45. MMD says:

    i watched Castle last night in Canada and I’m pretty sure that it listed Stana Katic as a producer and I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen it at least once earlier in the season. I can’t double check because I have already deleted it from my dvr but it seems odd that this would happen to someone who was wearing 2 hats, in at least a couple of episodes. Plus she was missing in numerous episodes and wouldn’t be paid for those.

    The whole story stinks to high heaven in my opinion. To make matters worse, I actually enjoyed last night’s episode which gave Hayley an interesting back story.

  46. Red says:

    Ironically, this is what just caused me to throw up my hands and cancel my hulu subscription. The past few months had been hell, and I’d been planning on catching up on this season of Castle–one of the few reasons I still had the hulu subscription.

    Now, I just don’t care. Castle can end this season or try whatever weird revamp they’re thinking about attempting next season. I’m out.

  47. EM says:

    Sad. Starting watching this show for the banter, fun, mystery and sexy dialogue. From the TWO of them! No one watched the first season but I kept telling everyone I knew that is was a cross between Moonlighting and Greys with a crime element and unique. Stopped watching around season 5 ish(?) when Castle started acting the buffoon with the Elvis crap in Atlantic City but sort of kept up with recaps while not watching. Sorry to say I don’t know who Tamala even is. Stana is clearly a great actress and I wish her the best. It’s all about ratings and money and it’s time to let this show go.

    • James Wilson says:

      I don’t think it will work. TNT was able to reorganize a program successfully, But Castle without Beckett is an appalling thought. Besides, with no Beckett, how could Castle still be a consult to NYPD?p9

  48. C Hoffman says:

    Been watching this show since it began…with this news I will now end my watching at the end of this season!

  49. LH says:

    This is the end for me. The end of the 7th season is the series finale for me. So bummed. Best couple ever ruined.

  50. Em says:

    Castle, back down gracefully. Eight seasons is a really good run, you’ve been heading downhill for a while now, sadly, and you’ll be completely taking away the back-bone of the show without Stana, and the Castle/Beckett love story. Let it end without losing all your fans. Be good to those of us sticking around.

    • Dana says:

      Absolutely right! You’re gonna be cancelled. At least do with dignity by keeping your original cast and go out together like the great team you all seemed to be for 8 years!