Castle Recap Season 8

Castle Recap: Did We Just Get a Clue About Who's Staying for Season 9?

This Monday’s episode of Castle surely was not the one that longtime fans still reeling from the day’s big news wanted to see. Though, you must admit, Beckett’s look of excitement upon laying eyes on her “surprise” almost made up for it.

Almost. But not really.

Some 12 hours after word broke that the ABC series was letting go of both co-lead Stana Katic and longtime cast member Tamala Jones, their services not needed for the incarnation of the show that might come back for Season 9, we got a highly Hayley-centric hour bookended by the slightest of Rick/Kate interaction.

The Case of the Week that Hayley got ensnared in as a murder suspect wasn’t anything terribly special, though it’s always good to see One Life alum Bree Williamson (even if I somehow forgot to recognize her in that first scene, oops). And the only thing worse than a so-so case is one that tests the limits of logic, such as when the lead suspect in a declared act of terror — someone for whom the FBI has out an arrest warrant — is allowed to leave NYPD custody because she’s a friend of a friend (who by the way is apparently allowed to freely interact with crime scenes).

Even Ryan and Espo were sidelined, doing little more than delivering updates on alibis and such.

In the end, we learn that Hayley’s former MI-6 partner Wes — whom she, though really the agency as a whole, left to die during an op years ago — was behind the power outage in London (and, well, the multiple murders he committed to cover it up). Turns out Wes went loco during years of captivity, and now has delusions of running away with Hayley, to fulfill some jokey “plan” they formulated at one time.

Hayley at one point implores Wes to let her go free, after he gets the drop on her, by sharing that versus the old days, “I have a family” now, and they’re “wonderful.” Then later, while Beckett grabs some beers with the boys, Alexis and Rick assure Hayley that she will “never [be] alone again” — suggesting that Hayley/Toks Olagundoye, for one, will be a part of the show moving forward, if one were to read the scene in such a way.

But then we get the small bit of joy — Rick revealing the thing he’d been keeping from Kate, to the point that her subconscious triggered bad dreams of “betrayal.” Her old motorcycle, retrieved from her dad’s garage, cleaned and restored and screaming to be taken on a cross-country ride. Kate doesn’t want to do it alone, so luckily Rick has been taking lessons and bought a bike of his own.

Better take that trip quick.

What did you think of the episode “Backstabber”?

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  1. george says:

    She’ll be a part of the family for all of 4 episodes when the show’s cancelled.

  2. Ashley Hill says:

    The motorcycle is not her father’s. It’s her motorcycle! #NoStanaNoCastle

  3. Brad says:

    Man they give fans what they wanted for so long with the bike only to later in the finale kill her);

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      If we never get to see her ride it, we riot.

      • Dina says:

        So we stand outside ABC headquarters chanting “cross-country Caskett”?

      • Gaby says:

        lol Count me in!

      • Susan Smith says:

        We’re already there as the news of them turning their backs on SK after 8 Seasons. Castle would never lasted as long as it has without Stana Katic.I’m not even sure I can watch reruns as this betrayal of Stana and the longtime loyal fans has me reeling. It feels like it was personal which makes a lot of us very angry.

        • TNT says:

          “What you destroyed today was worth a hell of a lot more than money.” – Beckett

        • curmudgeoninchief says:

          You need to relax. This was obviously a money thing. ABC probably told the producers that the show couldn’t come back for Season 9 unless they reduced the price the producers charged the network.

          So you can’t fire Rick Castle, because they named the show after him, but you can fire the other salary tent pole and one recurring character to save some dough. There are replacement babes in the wings, including Summer Glau(!!!) so Rick won’t be lonely. And it wouldn’t surprise me to have Beckett just be reduced to a recurring role so Stana Katic can go off and make babies with the new husband.

          • Mary S says:

            But the producers could have fired the showrunners, writers, and Hayley to cut costs…KEEP the stars, hire less expensive behind the scenes people.
            You don’t fire two favorite characters, especially the LEADING LADY, and expect the fans to remain loyal… only a brain-dead idiot totally unfamiliar with creating and maintaining a successful show would pull such a stupid stunt.
            I did read that the man who killed Castle was also in charge of burying The Following… maybe he needs to find a new profession…

          • Birgit Spyros says:

            That sounds about right!

        • Linda Payne says:

          I agree with Susan. Goodbye to Prema dud Fillion. You won’t be missed because for thousands of us we will not be watching Castle anymore.

        • lgg says:

          I will watch reruns only to see stana.

        • shirle says:

          I too feel a personal jolt about this. ABC has duped us.
          I wonder why Nathan did not step up and protest his partner of 8 seasons being let go.
          THis bothers me.

          • Karen says:

            I couldn’t agree more, Shirle. Or at least make it LOOK like he cares that his better half has been treated so abysmally. His PR-statement was as impersonal as it could get, but of course his opening sentences were all about him. As usual. Inexcusably unprofessional and an insult to the best and most beloved person on the show. Even if he is glad she is out, he has to know how wrong this is! So get a grip on your ego and man-up, NF.

      • piebokou says:

        Riot is an understatement at this Point, Kate is as much Castle that Rick is. It would have been a different story if Stana did not want to renew her contract.

  4. Lori says:

    the episode itself wasn’t terrible, but i couldn’t enjoy it at all due to the news that was released earlier today. i really hope they cancel the show because i can only see one way for Beckett to be written out and it would be a super crappy way to wrap up an epic character.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Agreed, we’re not in the best mindset to truly evaluate what was just on ABC for the past hour. One of those cases where you can “see the seams” as you watch.

      • Alichat says:

        Very much so. Also, it doesn’t help that I’ve never cared about learning any backstory on Hayley. I think even if we hadn’t gotten today’s news, I would be a bit bored with the ep.

      • Kimmie says:

        So true….the only time I smiled was the ending scene. But then I immediately stopped realizing just when they finally got it back on track to “true Castle”, it’s gone. How can you not bring back Stana! How? #makesnosense

    • shirle says:

      I too could not get into Mondays episode with the news.
      Thsy could have waited till after Monday night to make the announcement so we could enjoy this episode. But we are talking ABC. Our feelings were not thought about just thier pockets.

  5. Castle will get canceled. It’ll end with Beckett and Castle taking a cross country trip together.

  6. Marguerite Petrizzi says:

    If the show comes back next year w/o Beckett, I am going to pretend she’s on the cross country motorcycle trip.

    • Just one thing says:

      Yes. Sounds good. At some point on her journey, she runs into Josh, who has recently left Doctors Without Borders and is ready to settle down.
      Kate and Josh reunite and ride their sexy selves into the sunset.
      And for those who still somehow give a damn about Castle, don’t worry: there’ll be plenty of opportunities for Castle’s past loves like Alyssa Milano’s character to return in the new and improved “Castle Legacy & Friends.”
      Everybody wins.

      • lkh says:

        Hey JOT! Do I win?! My predictions, hmmm, did we have money on those? :]
        Double or nothing with a demise…

        • Just one thing says:

          Hey, lkh! Yes, those of us who’ve seen the writing on the wall for literally YEARS all win a consolation prize TBD at a later date. 🙍
          I do hope this means people will finally wake up about this show and the political BS that has made it tick.

          • lkh says:

            as long as it’s not viewing ‘privileges’ for the ‘new NF show’–I like prizes–maybe not surprises tho.

  7. Linds says:

    I just really hope this is the final season. Let’s just end it with the main cast and not to try prolong it by re-tooling it for one more year. It’s had a good run.

  8. Tica says:

    Wondering how the ratings for Today’s episode will be??????

    • Castlefan says:

      Hope they plummet: I couldn’t watch and I even sat through the Slaughter episode! #NoStanaNoCastle

    • Taracran says:

      I didn’t watch, first time I have missed an episode and I really don’t care anymore. Why bother to watch when you know what is going to happen. There is no joy in it and I hope they tanked in the ratings.

  9. N says:

    This eppy was NOT fun! Last week’s was

  10. Coop says:

    I realize the cast and especially crew need the work, but I hope Castle ends this season. I think it would be a slap in the face to long time fans to drastically overhaul the series and effectively ruin the major theme and story line hanging over the entire series. Besides, it’s been running on fumes for awhile.

    I feel really bad for the creators and those that were around at the beginning. Must feel like a punch to the gut knowing your show and vision is in the process of getting destroyed.

    If they decide to continue, the only question for me is whether or not it would top HIMYM as my least favorite ending in a long time. The worst thing is that it would stretch an entire season, not just the final episodes. I doubt I’d stick around to see any of it.

    My thought is that ABC put this out there today to determine how strong the backlash would be and to determine if a continuation under any circumstances would be feasible. Without both of the leads, I think it’s impossible.

    • SadCastleFan says:

      All of this! Nothing more to add. With the exception that I already KNOW I won’t stick around if there’s a season 9. With the departure of one of the leads the core concept is destroyed and nothing can restore that for me. I really hope ABC will end the show this season and at least give us a proper ending with Caskett intact. That’s all I’m hoping for at this point.

      • shirle says:

        I am almost with you on this idea. I am still beside myself trying to take this all in.
        I have read that others will be cut.
        Not trying to be mean to molly but she did say “the show is called Castle”
        Well let see how that tuens out if she is also cut.

    • shirle says:

      nk you hae a very good point.

  11. Claire says:

    After today’s announcement, I didn’t watch. I’d rather see the show get canceled than watch them pretend they can do it without Stana.

    • Just one thing says:

      I feel like the announcement of SK’s firing was their act of good faith in contract negotiations with NF. Basically… If they’re still negotiating with him, the announcement of SK’s firing can’t have done anything but move negotiations with NF forward.
      In other words, S9 is probably a’coming.

  12. Dj says:

    I couldnt help but bust out laughing when Rick mentioned Kate going on a road trip. It was the perfect unwittingly line after today’s news.

  13. texmike says:

    I hope the series ends this season. No Beckett, no Castle!

  14. John NYC says:

    Road trips are always fine. Why not as the segue to the reset show? End on a happy, hopeful not and let next season take care of itself.

    If the font get renewed I’m betting that’s the last scene: motoring off into the sunset.

  15. Luli says:

    The news about Stana not coming back next season just tainted this episode for me, and maybe the rest of the season.

    They should just air the episode with the series ending scene, not the one with the cliffhanger/now exit of beckett.

  16. Castlesuxnow says:

    This whole thing sucks! Why would anyone watch Castle without it’s co lead??? And let’s be honest if you think for one second he had nothing to do with this you are high! Nothing about the statement earlier even made sense, they want to focus on the crime of the week? When did fatty become a actual cop? The show might be called Castle but sorry Mr. Fillion you don’t make this show, the supporting cast does! You’re a glorified soap star with a number of failed series. Karma’s a bitch!! #cancelcastle

    • digitalred93 says:

      This. For most of this series, I have found myself checking email whenever Katic was on screen. Her acting process is too apparent and her character too strident and not nuanced for me to enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do without her.

      • Disappointed says:

        And yet it was Filliione who I felt was “acting”, his smile made me cringe at times, Stana always seemed more natural. Not impressed by his silence either after her other colleagues, except Molly of course, tweeted messages of goodwill, it might have been the sensible thing to do but it smacked of cowardice that he couldn’t acknowledge that she has been instrumental in making the show as successful as it was, but I guess that was probably at the heart of the BTS issues for the number one on the call sheet.

        • digitalred93 says:

          Different opinions – I had the exact opposite reaction.
          As far as the BTS drama is concerned, we’ll never know the truth although you have to wonder why she wasn’t invited back.

    • Taracran says:

      I didn’t watch Castle to see Beckett nor did I watch to see Castle but you can not have the program without both of them. Them together is what made the show.

  17. Whoa Nellie says:

    ABC wouldn’t be negotiating with Fillion unless they were planning to renew . Yes the negotiations could fall through, though that is pretty unlikely. ABC could very well be feeling the backlash right now, however, that decision to cancel or not has already been made. Just like the decision to not renew Stana’s contract had already been made long before that silly story came out a few days ago that there were three possible endings filmed for the finale because; 1. a star may not re-sign (like they had s choice), or 2. the show will stay as is or 3. the show might be canceled. No wait! There are only two endings. One that works for show as is or with alternate cast and one for cancelation. Ohhhhhhhkay. There’s only one ending, and I won’t be watching it.

  18. Candy says:

    Worst episode ever. I will not watch without Beckett. I didn’t need a backstory on Haley. I don’t think her character is interesting and the actress is not believable. It was really one of my favorite shows but they are just killing it.

  19. John NYC says:

    That was more screen time than Lanie’s had in a while: how does dropping that minuscule expense make any sort of dent in the entire show budget?

    So imho that entire “budget” thing is right up there with deciding to “spend more time with the family”.

    Just media release nonsense.

    • rowan77 says:

      Okay, reality check: Tamala is a regular on the show. She gets paid by the episode, not by how many minutes of screen time she’s had. She’s also been on the show for eight seasons. She’s making tens of thousands per episode (so every week and a half). While she is not making Stana money, she is making a lot of money. So, while I don’t know if Stana’s departure is purely budgetary-based (and I hope so it is), I am sure dropping Tamala is.

      • Just one thing says:

        I’m going to counter your reality check with my reality check, which is: ABC could’ve saved money in a handful of other strategic ways, but they chose to do so in a way that would most appease Nathan Fillion.
        Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan and Toks O. were all also paid for every episode under contract, including episodes they weren’t in, as usual. And yet they remained unscathee, presumably along with Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas, who are indeed in every episode.
        If ABC’s goal was solely to save money, they could’ve figured it out – especially considering they’re basically selling the show to their own damn selves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Getting rid of Tamala Jones was just a smoke screen. The proverbial sacrificial lamb. This was all about getting rid of Stana Katic.
      The BTS crap is no longer rumors. It just came front and center. This is to appease Nathan Fillion and his ego….so he will re-sign for whatever monstrosity season 9 will become.
      And this….what has happened….it will haunt his career for the rest of its inconsequential run. Never again will an article be written about him/Castle that won’t reference what he has wrought. And he’s not a good enough actor to overcome this stigma. Finally, “great guy” veneer is lifted. He’s a phony from the word go.

      • Castlefan says:

        Can’t bear to look at his smug face. Hopefully in a few years I’ll manage to re-watch the 7 seasons that counted. #NoStanaNoCastle

      • Just one thing says:

        Unless a more respected trade or entertainment magazine covers this story and NF’s alleged involvement in it, I think he’ll be just fine.

      • Linda Payne says:

        Every comment echoes my sentiments. I am so overwhelmed that I cannot even enjoy the reruns. Astana is the best actor of her time. She encompasses her part and made her character believable and more real..Having feelings of being Kate. I cannot enjoy rest of this season. I definitely will no long put in my time, my money ( dvds and digital) and my emotion in a show that takes a second class actor’s selfish and unfounded ego over the show. As for the rest of the cast and crew, you have half hearted comments but you can almost hear a sigh of relief that it wasn’t them. Fillion’s “she will be missed” could not hide the laughter he had at Stana’s expense. I remember a TV Guide interview with him and Stana early in the series. One remark that has stuck with me since then was Fillions’ remark about the playful slaps between him and the two male detectives. He stated he didn’t want to be slapped in the face, pointed to his face and said”money maker”. He smiled and the interview went on. I lost a little respect for him then. Think about “Mister Moneymakers”. Beckett fetcher. I am not going to make any more comments. My miniscule contribution in money for dvds and such will not change what has happened. I will spend my time on other shows. This one for me is Over. Done. Goodbye. Best of luck to Stana and Tamala. They will be around long after Fillions’ name is just a footnote.

  20. KLS says:

    I watched. I don’t remember what I saw.

  21. patricia says:

    Alexis and Hayley? Are they a couple?

  22. L. F. says:

    ABC should cancel Castle already and stop pretending that a season 9 without Stana and Tamala would still be the same show. It will not. Season 8 sucks. Castle PI, Super Alexis, Hayley, Vikram, Locksat, Caskett separated… All this failed. That’s not the show I fell in love with, that one ended with 7×23. There’s no Castle without Beckett. #NoStanaNoCastle

  23. Morisot says:

    Guess a lot of us are thinking along similar lines. My first thought when I saw the motorcycle was “Oh no, that’s how they are going to kill Beckett off.” Then, Rick and Kate riding off into the sunset together?–nah, too “House”. And I agree with people who said they would hate to see it return like “McMillan and Wife” did w/o the wife — that was sad and ugly!

    This episode had an NCIS feel to it — is that what they are aiming for?

  24. KLS says:


  25. Lea says:

    I don’t understand how people who are complaining about SK being forced off the show could have watched the episode.

    If you don’t want a season 9 stop watching now.

  26. L HYAK says:

    End of a era…Been a lot of fun for a long time…….

  27. Bella says:

    Ironic title for the episode, given today’s news.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    I get that people are unhappy of the SK news, but setting that aside…
    This was a really good episode. The only implausible part was not holding Hayley in jail until the gang figured it all out (the govt never lets a terrorism suspect go even if there could be evidence to the contrary).
    Nice Caskett scene at the end.. Also – after LokSat gets solved, I can see Kate leaving Rick again.. (Without dying) to “find herself”.. Because she likes to focus on herself. No real Caskett drama throughout the episode and Kate being mad about a dream seems as silly as leaving Rick at the beginning of the season.
    If this is the caliber of episodes without Beckett, it might catch on.
    And the haters can hate, but I think this was one of the better episodes of season 8.

    • pvank1 says:

      This episode was another badly written, badly produced, just going through the motions exercise typical of the last two seasons. Why does it always look like beckett and castle’s scenes are pieced together slowing the backs of their heads? It’s a joke.

  29. John NYC says:

    Looked like a nice bike. Anyone catch the model?

  30. George H. says:

    Hopefully they end the show, and have Castle and Beckett happily ride off into the sunset to explore America on motorcycles after solving the LokSat storyline. Not even watching the show now until I hear about Beckett’s fate. Don’t want to see her die. Would ruin Castle for me.

  31. Leo says:

    I still say the manner in which SK was terminated was directly connected to the contract negotiations of season 8. She was given major concessions e.g. much shorter work week, extra days off and a hefty pay hike. Somebody in the front office must have hated it and the recompense began with the termination of Paul Lee and ending with SK’s termination before her team could to start negotiations. You have to admit that was a hostile way to the relationship.

    • Leo says:

      Oh yeah, as for tonight’s episode it was okay, once you get passed all the static in the air.

    • TNT says:

      Maybe you’re right,THIS IS SUCK!!
      If stana want out or she made decision to move on,i’m ok,i could live with her decision,but being kicked out ?? come on..
      They/ABC didn’t ask stana,stay or not.if stana want stay,its simple ABC can change contract negotiations for final chapter.stana and tamala didn’t deserve crap like this
      I think they already planning remove stana after S7,but they not sure Castle can “survive” without her.and this season ABC scenario, waste of time.
      I hope they just end it after this season.

      • shirle says:

        I recently read on programs “on the bubble” or being cancelled. I saw Castle went from on the bubble to a “sure bet or sure thing”. What is that all about?

    • shirle says:

      I thinkyou have a very good point.

  32. r says:

    I have zero interest in watching Castle investigate with Hayley and Alexis. This episode again made that painfully clear.

    • shirle says:

      The show was built on writer and cop working together.
      It won’t work as writer turned PI investigating.
      I usually get something out of each ep and make it work.
      I could not do that on Monday ( already sad by the news).
      Whoever at ABC thinks this will work need to step back and remember that the fans made this show. We can also take it out!!

  33. Steve says:

    Some people might say that the show jumped the shark this season. If so, with today’s news, it swam around and threw itself into the shark’s mouth. It’s time to say good bye.

  34. Kz says:

    Sad to the such a great show become this — Terri & Andrew must rue the day that they handed these guys the reins and watch them drive the show into the ground — disappointing.

    As has been said no Stana no Castle.

  35. sharminina says:

    its not late yet..if ABC comes back with a season 9 please please hire back TAMALA AND STANA again..with full dignity..otherwise end the show on season 8..we are not seeing much of stana on screen this season anyway :(

  36. Karen k says:

    Back stabbed. Like every other castle fan

  37. Mary says:

    After the early shock and thinking ABC couldn´t do nothing worse, one tought came to my mind – isn´t one of the blind items someone leaving due to “witness protection”? And if they made Kate go trough that? One of s9 scenario could be another actress playing Kate, after all she would need a new look and name (altough Castle would call her “Kate” or Beckett” in private). My God, how awful would that be?! Well, I will absolutely not watch an eventual s9 no matter what, since the show´s legacy has been totally tarnished for me, but just imagine a scenario like that, UGH!:(

  38. Bob says:

    No because I have removed it from my dvr and no longer watch the show. ABC you screwed up #NoStananoCastle

  39. Go St says:

    I’m jealous of Bones fans where they get a proper last season with both leads to end a great run and get their happy endings. (Despite their legal issues!) The fans deserved no less. Sorry, it’s not happening here.

  40. A. D. says:

    CAN NOT stand Her!

  41. Tina says:

    Castle is and has always been Beckett and Rick. One without the other is not and will not be the same show. It also will not be a show I would be interested in watching. What we really need is new writers.

    • shirle says:

      What we need is a network that appreciates its fanbase.
      And if Nathan had a hand in this messup- as many fans are saying-well …..he will have a hard time finding a few fans who will stay with him no matter what he does.

  42. Judi says:

    I’m done….this was one of my favorites….but, the powers that be have ruined this show & removed all the elements which made it popular.

    • LindaG413 says:

      We are done.It is not fair to Toks to have hell raining down on her but I can’t help that it was a decision that ABC and Showrunners put in motion.
      Congrats to Castle and Showrunners you have taken the baton from Moonlighting and every time they talk about an epic meltdown of a show everyone will think of you.
      Good luck Stana and Tamala we will look forward to your next projects.

  43. flipper says:

    ABC always talking about the war on women, equal pay for women. So if they cut Stana to save money do they just talk the talk and not walk the walk?

  44. No longer a fan says:

    The episode is called ‘Backstabber’. How fitting, reminds me of a couple of ‘backstabbers’ after the recent news.

    I hope the eventual backlash leads to the series not renewed. If ABC thinks they can get a shortened season with 11-13 episodes then here’s to hoping it has such low ratings that they’re forced to drop it before they even reach halfway.

    It’s either all or none.

  45. R says:

    I saw the episode before the news broke, still found it rather boring. The trio Castle, Hayley and Alexis is lacking the natural spark that captivates the viewers and keeps them coming back, the spark that was so obvious between the original four, Castle, Beckett and the boys from ep 1. Between Castle, Hayley and Alexis it all feels staged. Alexis is the least interesting character in the show and quite honestly Molly as an actress is lacking the charisma that Stana, Susan and Tamala have. Toks has charisma and Hayley could be an interesting character, but they try too much with her, whether it is about forcing her into the fold as ersatz Beckett and Alexis’s BFF or about her inconsistent backstory. She is supposed to be in her late 20’s, but we are let to believe that 6 years ago, in her early 20’s, she was MI6’s top agent who was sent to a super important mission to Iran. I don’t know much about espionage, but I’m pretty sure people barely out of school don’t get jobs like that. And wasn’t she a former Scotland Yard or something in ep 801? Also them letting her bully the suspect at the precinct without consequencies didn’t do good for the episode or the character. Without the cute end scene in the loft the episode would have been completely forgettable.

    Anyway, what ever happens for me Castle ends after 822. I will follow Stana’s career after that, and hope she will soon land in some new interesting show. I may check on Tamala occassionally, too, but for the rest of the cast it’s thank you and goodbye from me.

    • btm says:

      In her 20s? Toks Olagundoye is 40 years old. She can certainly play a character who would have been experienced enough at 34 to fit the MI6 backstory that the showrunners created for her. It may or may not be believable, as the show regularly tries to gloss over plot holes to move plot lines along, but it’s not due to age. She can play a weathered and wearied character.

      • R says:

        Toks may be 40 but during casting they said the character is in her late 20’s. Her age has never been mentioned in the show, though, and if you think of her backstory and looks closer 40 is in deed move believable, but if you look at her interaction with Alexis, late 20’s is more accurate. Just one more inconsistence they created with the character, not a big deal.

  46. Bianca says:


  47. Jerri says:

    Are they trying to piss off the Castle fandom even more? Like seriously, after Marlowe left it’s like the writers are trying to destroy everything he’s created.

  48. Boiler says:

    First off I will give the new show a shot but if more than the 2 already announced are gone I am guessing it will have to be surprisingly good to have any chance. Also, since I don’t want to read thru hundreds of comments, the bigger surprise in yesterday’s announcement to me was that a woman head of programming evidently supported the elimination of one of ABC’s most popular leading women. So unless they are falling on the sword for Stana this is stunning given what is already backlash for treatment of women in Hollywood.