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Once Upon a Time Recap: Girlfriend of Dorothy — LGBT Romance Revealed

ABC’s Once Upon a Time, having previously hinted at Mulan’s feelings for Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, this Sunday pulled a li’l bait-and-switch in revealing its first LGBT pairing.

Yes, Mulan (played by Jamie Chung) was on hand for this week’s flashbacks, which centered on Dorothy (Teri Reeves) realizing that the Wicked Witch has been banished back to Oz. Picking up where they left off in Season 5A, Mulan had been helping Ruby (Meghan Ory) track her pack, to no avail. When the ladies meet Dorothy, the wrong kind of sparks fly, born out of Miss Gale’s aversion to werewolves. But when “Kansas” and “Wolfie” set out on a mission together, they realize they have more in common than they originally believed.

When Ruby saves her and Dorothy from flying monkeys by wolfing out, the latter appears to be a bit spooked and goes to be by herself. When she does so, Ruby confides in Mulan that perhaps she was looking for the wrong thing this whole time — her pack, instead of someone like Dorothy, who has stirred feelings she’s never felt before. Knowing all to well about not expressing feelings in time, Mulan urges Ruby to open up to Dorothy — but “Kansas” has disappeared into the night.

This all folds into the Underworld story when recently discovered Ruby explains to Snow White & Co. that she used a locator spell to follow Zelena, hoping to learn what she did to Dorothy. Z reveals that she cast a sleeping spell on Miss Gale, and as we all know, only True Love’s Kiss can break it. The heroes make a beeline for Auntie Em, who in Underbrooke runs a chicken-and-waffles hut, but Hades has the old lady liquified before she can blow TLK into a flask. Hades then warns the other denizens of his realm not to help the visiting heroes, or else.

This coincides with David discovering that Hades has had the “haunting” phone booth ripped out, meaning no more “calls” to baby Neal back home. Snow meanwhile recognizes that her best friend Ruby harbors special feelings for MIA Dorothy, and nudges her to act on them. The heroes agree that David will accompany Ruby back to Oz, to deliver TLK to Dorothy, after which he will travel home to Storybrooke to be with Neal. But at the last moment, David reveals that Snow will actually be making the trip, now that Hook has used his enchanted appendage to replace Snow’s name on the tombstone with David’s.

Snow and Ruby once-upon-time-ruby-dorothy-kissuse the magic slippers to get to Oz, where Ruby awakens Dorothy with True Love’s Kiss — followed by many more, after the ladies profess their true feelings for one another. Back in the Underworld, author Henry reveals his new pages to the gang, showing Dorothy’s awakening as well as the fact that Snow made it home to Neal safely.

Elsewhere in the episode: Belle worried that, as Dark Swan did with Zelena, Hades might fast-track her pregnancy to quickly lay claim to her and Rumple’s child. Zelena gives the bookworm the idea to “preserve” herself with a sleeping curse, thus affording Rumple all the time he needs to outwit Hades and nix the contract, while keeping their baby safe. Rumple rebuffs this notion, seeing as he refuses to be the man she wants him to be, thus disqualifying him for the TLK that will be needed to wake her. But Belle says that her father will be the one to save her, so Rumple better get her back to Dad once this mess is sorted out!

What did you think of the episode “Ruby Slippers”?

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  1. Josh says:

    Aww I like Ruby and Dorothy!! I was wondering how They would explain Belles absence while Emile went on Maternity leave

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Pretty clever how they wrote out both IRL pregnancies in same episode.

      • Claire says:

        Convenient, not clever. Clever would have involved them doing more than having Belle take a nap and sending Snow home.

      • Josh says:

        Agreed and I had forgotten temporarily that Ginny was pregnant again d’oh lol

        • Crystal says:

          I think they both look as big as a house this season back. And they did a terrible job covering up Emelie being pregnant in her back story last week.

      • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

        The possibility that Snow was written out because she had to do Zootopia press was brought up to me.

      • T H says:

        Yes! I realized what they were doing immediately, and I gleefully applauded their sheer creativity in dealing simultaneously with two cases of what is one of the trickiest IRL situations shows have to work around. Bravo!

        • Gospino says:

          Meh, there are plenty of ways to write around pregnancy in a show of this nature with such a large cast. No “gleeful applause” at their “sheer creativity” from me. They did fine, but I’m hardly blown away. This show has a lot more creative things going on than getting around a couple pregnancies.

      • Grace says:

        I was thinking the same thing! I saw the David swap coming because of it, but I really liked it because it’s so them/their relationship. Very smart ways of writing both ladies out for a while.

    • Dan the critic says:

      I thought they would have been clever and made Dorothy’s ” ruby ” slippers name origin having to do with Ruby

      • Lisa B says:

        I understood they weren’t allowed to use the ruby slippers because of ownership issues – the ruby slippers were in the movie only – the original slippers from the Oz books were silver.

  2. Ian says:

    This felt like a bait and switch for the sake of the element of surprise. I wanted to see Mulan find some happiness, not new character Dorothy. And this show would never be brave enough to do a m/m relationship.

    • I am going to say the same thing I commented in another article: I actually think they will make, if they have the time, Mulan bi and they’ll bring Li Shang. My take? they didn’t go with Mulan-Red because of Disney. Ruby? is a grey area because RedRidinghood was a never paired with anyone, same with Dorothy, (I think)

      But Mulan had a male Love interest, I think Disney is still a little bit conservative in this aspect, or at least with old stablished stories (maybe with original characters they are/will be more open minded about it)

      • T H says:

        I was actually under the impression Mulan was already implied to be bi, since she seemed to have a thing for Philip way back when we first met her. She even seemed to resent Aurora because of it and I thought she was only looking out for her for Philip’s sake. Then of course they spent all that time together and Mulan’s affections switched to Aurora. Either that or the writers willfully ignored their earlier Philip set up in favor of showing a progressive (and more buzz-worthy) same-sex love. Which is a great thing to see on any show, and I hate that I’m so cynical about it, but I can’t help but question their intentions when they seem to have dropped and buried a plot point without explanation. Mind you, dropped plot points are not unheard of with this show. I love it, but I’m not blind to its faults, and they just frustrate me more because of how much I love it.

        But tell me, am I crazy? Did I imagine the whole “Mulan likes Philip” hints way back when?

        And yes, I thought we were finally going to get to see Mulan happy, but instead she appears to be fated to be forever a third wheel. Darn it, she deserves so much more!

        • now that you said it, yes I remember I thought she liked Phillp first and she being cold towards Aurora was because jealousy, but then they came up with “Mulan loves Aurora” and forgot all about it wnt to the “Mulan was pushing Aurora away because of her feelings” camp

          But yeah you might be right, maybe Mulan is bi already. Or at least if they make her, bringing Shang, they could argue they already hinted she liked men as well

        • Erica says:

          I totally read it the same as you with Mulan & Philip.

      • ? says:

        They might be saving Mulan to end up with Aurora after all. Phillip might kick the bucket, it happens.

        • lj says:

          That is my feeling as well. I think something is going to happen to Phillip and Mulan and Aurora will wind up together. Shoving her off on someone else feels kinda cheap especially after she gave the “don’t wait like I did speech” She is still hung up on Aurora.

    • Christoffer says:

      Statistically speaking, it was braver of them to do a lesbian relationship (Not that I’d call this a relationship) since out of all LGBT people on TV, roughly 30% of them are women.

      • Stacie says:

        I agree. But they took 2 characters, one (Red) that is barely on and one (Dorothy) that we have only seen a few times and paired them up. The LGBT question has been going on with OUaT for several seasons and they kept putting it off and putting it off, and finally they said they were going to do it and then this is what we get. Although it was something, it wasn’t enough. It came off like a token relationship. I highly doubt we will see them for awhile. It was something, and that’s nice, but it just wasn’t enough to get excited about. It’s good and bad. If this was 15 years ago, maybe 10, then this would have been huge, so in that way it’s good how TV has evolved, but now it comes off as a token relationship, so it comes off not so great.

        • Christoffer says:

          Oh, I quite agree. This was a horrible attempt at “representation” and they gained absolutely nothing from it. The homophobes hated it because it was a same sex kiss, the neutrals hated it because it offered nothing to the general plot and the LGBT viewers hated it because it was a poor attempt at going “Oh, look at us! We included two women who kissed. That should pay you back for ignoring your existence for five years, right?” It was poorly written, poorly executed and just poorly done in general. Zero buildup. “They… uh… they love each other I guess? Throw in a kiss to prove it.” I can honestly say that no representation would have been better than this. (I should note that this is directed at the people behind the camera. The people on screen got a script and did their best with it)

          • Rebecca says:

            What makes all of this worse is that…… I think we all know that we won’t see Ruby Slippers again ever. And IF we do? It will be like once a season. That’s hardly representation. This is the writers ‘shutting up’ the LGBT fans, but in reality. This is only pissing us/them off even more for the poor writing.

          • sunshine says:

            I think they were pretty smart, they did it and appeased those who care while at the same time they can go back to being a clean cut family show which is probably 95% of their viewers. If their viewership has only a token percentage of gays then a token gay romance is a great idea. You can’t please everyone but I think they threaded the needle here with some skill.

          • Lucifer says:

            @Sunshine. OUAT might be more tame than other shows on TV, but it’s not really “clean cut.” The first season featured Regina literally controlling a man (Graham) to be her sex slave and then killed him when he broke up with her. It’s more of a fairytale version of a soap opera with less obvious adult themes.

          • kala says:

            Actually, speaking as a lesbian woman, I’m not upset about this at all and I don’t “hate” anything. Mulan is definitely bi, so I also would have assumed she would be the one who would end up in a f/f relationship. But I personally think it’s awesome it wasn’t her. I love Mulan and want her to be happy, don’t get me wrong. I was a little sad in that regard because Mulan is awesome. But it would have been way the hell more of a “token relationship” and “dismissing” LGBT if they made Mulan be the only f/f option, because then she becomes the ACTUAL token LGBT character. With it being Red–Red was on about as much as Mulan was. More, actually, probably. She was a major character for several seasons, or at least had a recurring role. She’s always been one of my favorite characters, in truth. I’ve freaking LOVED her since she first showed up, even when she was just the sassy waitress at the diner. The fact that her story didn’t necessarily hint at the f/f thing makes me happy, because it shows the possibilities in life. And the way everyone reacted like it was totally normal was really meaningful to me. And she did always seem closer to female friends but that’s not unusual in this series. So it’s possible Red is bi as well since she had a boyfriend before. It doesn’t really matter.

            Point being, even though right now I don’t feel like I know Dorothy well enough to have much of an opinion on her, and even though I do agree it might have been more meaningful to have Red be with a more main character, we also don’t know the future. If we look back and find out Dorothy and Ruby completely disappear, that could be one argument about anti-LGBT etc. But keep in mind, plenty of straight couples appeared and disappeared too. I don’t think it’s necessarily dismissive of LGBT if that does happen. I mean, look at Ariel and Eric. I waited aaaaages for Ariel to show up and she’s been around for like 4 episodes.

            So I get why there’s some frustration about how quickly this happened, but guys. I mean really. That is not the first time that’s happened in this series lol There are other (straight) characters who met someone and seemingly fell in love immediately. Hades/Zelena – perfect example. And a whole lot more. That isn’t singling out Dorothy and Ruby. That’s making their story be in line with most of the stories in the series, which is actually very appropriate and very nice, in my mind, because it means they aren’t making it seem like it’s some abnormal thing. It’s just treating their story the way they would anyone else’s. And we’ll have to see going forward what happens but idk, maybe I’m optimistic and in Charmingland here, but I don’t feel like they’re going to 100% drop their story. I should hope that we’ll still see them, and Mulan, the way we’ve continued to randomly see Mulan and Red and even Merida and others pop up. I would love for them to become main characters because I love those ladies, but at the very least I’ll take them being recurring characters.

            Still, even the people who are saying this is tame for TV and etc, keep in mind this is Disney that is heading this. I actually think this is pretty monumental that Disney has a lesbian relationship as canon in their, admittedly, soap-opera-like series. Rather than arguing that Disney/ABC is dismissing LGBT, I don’t think canon LGBT should be so easily dismissed by the fans.

          • Serge says:

            You can’t speak for groups saying ‘neutrals hated it because so and so…’ i’m neutral on gay rights and yes the plot line was super thin on why they even liked each other except maybe they got a bit high standing around the poppy flowers too long (May have been windy blowing around that magic poppy dust) but regardless it was a brave thing to do on a show such as this. Once Upon A Time is amazingly conservative so to even come out with more than one little peck on the cheek should have anyone in favor of progress smiling. Also it had to be a lesbian relationship because women are just beautiful (especially Ruby) so even people with hate in their heart can’t hate as much on something as beautiful as two women kissing as they can on two men. I know gays don’t want to hear this, but straight people can get behind two females finding love easier than two men. It’s just the way it is. So yes they should’ve beefed up the story of Ruby and Dorothy but i was still happy seeing them end up happy. =)

        • Susan says:

          Not everyone who loves the show cares to see this type of relationship for themselves or their family. Their perspective needs to be taken into account also

          • abz says:

            “Their perspective needs to be taken into account also”
            Their perspectives are ALWAYS taken into account. Talk about selfish. That’s why in FIVE seasons, the show hasn’t had a single LGBT relationship on the show and, yes, this was sloppy storytelling, but in the end it was something. Who cares if you don’t care to see this type of relationship. You have 4+ seasons of nice straight relationship and one LGBT relationship that isn’t even that well-written and most likely will receive no follow-up from the writers is so damn terrible for you. Grow up.
            It amazes me. Rarely have I ever seen LGBT individuals makes such negatives about straight couples on TV. You don’t see people telling writers to ban couples because they’re straight. Yet people like you, Susan, are so childish that even when TV characters are predominantly heterosexual you freak out over seeing a kiss between two women on show.

          • Mel says:

            I agree. I did not want to see a Lesbian show. I think it is immoral. I am saddened by this turn of events. I really enjoyed having a nice family friendly show.

          • Catherine says:

            I agree with you 100%.
            We all have an opinion about this episode and I think it is unkind for another person to lash out with cruel angry comments.
            I liked the storylines better when someone’s backstory was a complete surprise & had an interesting twist. I loved the episode when Ruby was shocked to find out SHE was the big bad wolf & how awesome her grandma was with a cross bow. Their twists have always been very clever but this episode was alluding to the twist the entire episode so there was no surprise. Glad I recorded it so my I could skip the kissing. I’m not offended if someone doesn’t share my conservative viewpoint, that’s their right & we should show each other some courtesy and respectfully agree to disagree.
            The show seems to have lost something beginning when they covered the Frozen characters. Perhaps it’s because they didn’t alter the characters like they’ve done with everyone else. I hope the story runners get back on track with the magic they used to have, I’m beginning to miss my favorite show.

          • darkwilluser says:

            Really Catherine? And you don’t think its cruel to act like an entire subset of people are immoral and wrong for simply being WHO they are and acting on their capacity for love? SUSAN is the cruel one and if you believe as she does then you are cruel too.

          • jj says:

            @Mel, a show that includes murder (almost weekly), kidnapping, and rape is family friendly? but a lesbian kiss ruins it? It’s mind boggling how some people think.

          • Claudia says:

            I agree wholeheartedly with you. There are too many children watching and I think that Lesbian kiss was totally inappropriate. After all these years, I’ve decided to discontinue watching. That was not a right direction to go.

          • Willow says:

            @ Claudia, “There are too many children watching”. So what? The young generation is way more openly minded than most of the oldsters and it’s just right for young people to learn that there’s more than just “straight” love in the world. People don’t fall in love with the gender of a person and since we don’t live in the Middle Ages you should know that by now. If you don’t like it that’s ok, but don’t say it’s wrong for children to watch gays and lesbians kissing just because you think it’s gross (or whatever). Children watch straight couples kissing after all as well. What’s wrong with either of them?

          • Not all children or young people has an open mind. You do them harm, confuse them. Some do not understand many things in life. There are several positions, and it bothers me both a heterosexual kiss and homosexual.

          • Without exaggerating but it is as if you were teaching a child the atomic theory by force. I like these stories, but it lacks more argument and see which audience is directed. Sure you will do a campaign to explain to the children about homosexuality. I am not against the lgtb community, but the absurdity of not respecting the beliefs of others, even if they are too traditional.

  3. so if they can change the names on the tombstones, why not change them to people like Zelena and just go home?

    • Lysh says:

      I feel like Hades might have veto power on that matter.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Besides, Zelena is just one name. Who else is alive down there they don’t give a fig about?

        • iHeart says:

          Peter Pan maybe?

        • DarkDefender says:

          I’m guessing there is an underworld loophole. Like allowing Cruella to go back to life, but only to use her as fodder for one of the graves. I can see Zelena taking one (except the creators seem to love her). That would leave the third needing to be filled… Rumps would be too awesome (and they would be stupid to let Carlyle go)… So it rramins to be seen how they exchange three people for the names on the graves.

          • At the end of the day they would certainly find a way to bring them back

          • Catherine says:

            If anyone can find Hades weak spot it will be Zelena, maybe she can toss him into the sea of lost souls. If the hope that suddenly sprang flowers actually came from Hades hoping for Zelena to return his affection, she may be his complete undoing.
            I’d like to see Zelena & Regina truly reconcile, Zelena being abandoned by her mother & banished from her baby makes her a tragic and sympathetic character. Maybe she will be the hero.

        • Has it ever been confirmed whether or not Hades is actually dead?

    • Ashley says:

      They don’t do that because they are heroes, and if I can recall Emma Swan “The Saviour.etc”they fight the villains, they don’t curse them, trapped in the underworld. Besides Regina and Robin said that they would promise to let Zelena see her daughter as long as she keeps he distance. Also, that is just a cruel thing to do.

    • Kristin says:

      No kidding! Even my 10 year old said that. This second half of the season has really poor writing and no character development. Each show is the same. Who moves on and who doesn’t. It seems like they all can’t wait to move on to other projects. Even Dorothy and Ruby was way to quick. Give us a few episodes to appreciate the budding romance. It took several seasons for Emma and Hook to hook up.

      • Rebecca says:

        “It took several seasons for Emma and Hook to hook up.” Sorry but no….. It took them like half a season and it was fanservice.

        • At least the story would have lasted two episodes. You are one of those fans who like to see few words and more action, it makes no sense to fall in love so easy. Then for another episode network falls in love with a werewolf and leaves Dorothy. You do not see that it is very simple.

  4. Lysh says:

    I was very surprised and I’m actually kind of proud? Like, finally. But I still hope Mulan gets her happy ending. Jamie Chung is a busy lady, but her character really needs some lovin’.

  5. Amy says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Red and it’s nice to see her so happy. I enjoyed the episode it had a lot of good moments and that kiss at the end was perfect, so many couples in this show have fallen in love during their first or on an adventure that I’m glad the shows first LGBT stayed true to that crafting its own fairy tale couple with them , I’d like to see more Ruby and Dorthy. I loved the Ruby/Snow scenes and I hope Mulan gets a chance to find love too

    • Josh says:

      Agreed. I thought they were showing signs early in the episode that Ruby and Dorothy were into each other, so I was happy to hear it confirmed when Ruby told Mulan she was in love with her. I agree in thinking that Disney might have had a hand in it being Ruby and Dorothy as the first LGBT couple on the show because the original stories never delve into their love lifes. I wanna see more of Ruby Slippers and yes I want Mulan to find love too whether with Aurora or maybe Merida if they bring her back

  6. hello says:

    I just have to wonder why they went with Ruby over Mulan. Felt very jarring in my opinion

    • Stacie says:

      It could be the Disney Princess issues like everyone is talking about. Or (and this is my hope) that Merida or some other person is Mulan’s true love. Question is, is OUaT brave enough to have 2 LGBT relationships on the same show? It took 5 seasons for us to get this, what are the chances they have another one? Mulan is always helping others, and sacrificing herself for some cause, I do hope she gets her own good storyline one day.

  7. Rebecca says:

    So in order to write Belle off for a few episodes the writers just thought that they could just throw all the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT from the last episode out the window & think we would be okay with it? Okay…

    • Crystal says:

      I heard she had to go on maternity leave and they found a way to write that in

      • Rebecca says:

        I know but…the way she talked to Rumple at the beginning of the episode is what Rumbellers are unhappy with, along with her going to Zelena. ZELENA! She sounded like she regrets saving her husband’s life from Gaston, who btw wasn’t going to stop hunting Rumple. Gaston was doom to stay in the UW forever.

        • Gail says:

          Yes but where Gaston is now is worse than the Underworld and Belle is responsible for that. She feels guilty. However once Auntie Em was sent to the RIver of Lost Souls I think there will be a way to retrieve them from there. I just don’t think the hereoes would leave her there.

  8. Crystal says:

    I enjoyed the Underworld stuff.

  9. WO says:

    Blah, blah, blah…. Another forced “romance” to placate a group that boycotts or sues anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Congrats!! How does it feel to know all the “support” is only because they want you to like them??

  10. Whimsical says:

    Let me preface this by saying I would watch the HELL out of the “Kansas and Wolfie” show.

    Remember all the speculation that Mulan and Red would be a couple after her last appearance?: This episode pretty much appears to be the writers going “Crap! They figured it out. How can we change it up so we can tell them they were wrong?”

    ” I know! We’ll introduce a new character, give the budding romance almost zero screen time, and use a cliched plot device to get Red to reveal her true feelings. But at least we’ll be able to tell all those people they were wrong and this was the plan all along”

    • TheTruth says:

      I would very much like a TVMA version of the Kansas gets down with Wolfie show. My honest comment right there is exactly why its a lesbian relationship they did and not uh the other gay one. All straight people can get behind two female relationship much easier, straight women could be like ‘at least this is a moment empowering women” and straight guys just find it more believable that two women can fall in love.

  11. iHeart says:

    wow, the responses here are actually more gentle here than on the facebook page, seriously alot of people weren’t happy about the romance, and they are saying they aren’t watching anymore, but to those people, and I quote a disney princess: Let It Go…..

    • DeLaney Lemon says:

      I agree…..LET IT GO! I love this show but, wow, people get really worked up! It’s a show that attempts to make most of the fans happy. Never will all fans be happy at the same time!

  12. Alex Corrida says:

    I don’t care who gets mad at me for saying this, but I just have to say it. BTW, I am a Christian. My 5 year old cousin and I love OUAT, we watch it every Sunday. But because of this episode I had to explain to him what LGBT was. I don’t hate the LGBT community but, I don’t agree with their beliefs.

    • Mick says:

      What beliefs do you not agree with?

    • Nell says:

      Agree with their beliefs huh?

    • Melody says:

      Lol what beliefs? The beliefs that everyone should have equal rights and be able to get married like a normal person and not get driven to suicide? Not seeing the non-hate here… And your son should know that love is love regardless of gender. There’s not much more to explain than that. I hope he grows up knowing that and not that it’s some “abnormality” because it’s 2016 ffs.

      • Melody says:

        And then, there’s been so many straight couples and kisses on the show; this shouldn’t be any different unless you’re homophobic scum. And that’s why I’m atheist.

        • Goldenvibefan says:

          Just cause he doesn’t believe in the same things you do doesn’t make him homophobic. A phobia is a fear of something. He’s not afraid of the LGBT community, he just doesn’t agree with the views that the LGBT community has. It’s quite petty of you to call someone scum too.

          • Mick says:

            Gay people aren’t leprechauns or the Easter bunny, they’re aren’t something to be believed in, we actually have proof they exist!

          • Yourethepettyone says:

            From merriam-webster:
            Definition of homophobia
            : irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

          • Elle says:


        • don says:

          Atheist ? you don’t even believe the bible , you committed couples kissed you meant man and woman that is the way God created so….. just saying Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve

          • allie says:

            adam and steve, what are you, 5 using that example?

          • Trixie says:

            Is it the homophobia that causes bad grammer or is that just coincidence? Are you so incoherent with rage you can’t write a proper sentence?

          • Lulu says:

            And all you have to go on for your “Adam and Eve” is a book written by men. For all you know, Adam could have had a lover named Steve. Maybe Eve was transgender. They just left that part out.

          • Lulu showing her hembrismo. Trixie showing his arrogance. What more can i ask for Oh yeah! Please correct me the spelling trixie.

        • Can you tell me why a gay couple can not have children? Melody

      • There are so many people in the world who do not understand the love of another person regardless of gender, so I have to change their beliefs by campaigning or commenting that I am right ?. Because I have the belief that it is still very early to talk about it with children, there are so many positions that say homosexual relationships of parents generate depression or other problems in children and adolescents. Others say that they are better than heterosexuals because they learn to love without discriminating as young people.
        But from your comment, who does not tell me the cousin of five years will grow well with the advice you gave, melody? What if the opposite happens?

    • Terra says:

      “Ruby loves Dorothy the way Snow loves Charming. When you meet a person that makes you feel warm and kind of like you are coming home. But its a person. Ruby found that with Dorothy. Some people find that with the opposite gender, like mommy and daddy, and some find it with their own, like Uncle George and his spouse Henry. I hope you find your true loves kiss one day. (when you are old enough) There are also some weird passages in the bible about it, but its the same chapter that says Auntie can’t wear polycotton blends and eat shrimp and no one gets between auntie and a shrimp buffet. It also says I can own slaves from a neighboring country but apparently trying to kidnap Canadians is frowned upon. Whatever. God wants me to own Canadians.”

    • Lulu says:

      And the people who rip out hearts and crush them, killing the other person….How do you explain that one to him? Or the babies born out of wedlock? Or the mass amounts of lying? The main character being a thief in her younger years? The dark magic? The pirate with questionable morals? The adultery?
      I can’t imagine explaining all those things to your five year old cousin must be easy. Especially since the show isn’t actually for children anyway. Not to mention, your bible states all those other things are wrong….but no, the two women sharing a true love kiss, that’s the one thing you have a problem with the child watching.
      Sounds legit.

    • Spence says:

      Poor Alex, having to “explain” what LGBT is. I’m sure “explaining” that a woman can love a woman was very traumatic for everyone involved. Get over yourself and your homophobic, ignorant “beliefs”. By the way, there’s no such thing as disagreeing with our “beliefs” (which I would love to hear what you think those are) but not hating us; they are one in the same. Ignorance is ignorance no matter how you want to slice it.

      • Lori says:

        OMG. This is hysterical. The comments are making me LMAO. My children watch this show. How do I explain that some children have 2 mommy’s. OMG and they showed 2 women kissing on Sunday night. Well here is hoping that a stray silver bullet doesn’t accidently kill Dorothy. Please take the heat of The 100, because the fans are pissed. Thank you ABC OUOT. I haven’t watched the show since The Frozen Arc love Elizabeth Mitchell. Don’t be surprise if one if one million moms boycott Disneyland.

      • t’s a boy you do not understand And whether he believes it or not.

    • breygi says:

      Why in the world are you watching this show (which is rated TV-PG) with a 5 year old? Also, is it simply these particular “beliefs” you have problems with and not the common innuendos and violence? Just because the show has fairy tale characters doesn’t mean this show is made for children. It seems to me this is an err in your judgement (and what judgement you show!) and no one elses.

    • MM says:

      I understand it was unexpected but I can’t wait till this kind of stuff isn’t a surprise. Like mix-race couples, couples sharing a bed…. More and more main stream tv is reflecting what’s in the world and one day this won’t be an issue.

      Teach your cousin to be kind, respectful and accepting and seeing this shouldn’t be an issue.

      Now if everyone got naked and did the nasty in the middle of the show, that’s something I would consider an issue.

      The more you know! :P

    • beth says:

      Yes. Was watching with my two young daughters also. Not any more! Very disappointing.

      • Charlotte says:

        Don’t be so ridiculous. A) what you doing watching it with young children, B) My beautiful girlfriend and I watch it in bed. So have a think about that.

      • Emily M says:

        So you can let your children watch people kill each other and couples were one of them is a murderer but you can´t take a same sex relationship ? yes very disappointed indeed. mother of the year

      • Rebecca says:

        But you’re okay watching Hook treat Emma so badly and abusing her emotionally? THAT’S disappointing to me.

        • Gloria says:

          Or Rumple abusing Bella. The show pushes ideas of toxic romantic relationships down our throats, saying a girl must tolerate monsters like the Dark One, in the name of love. She has no problem with a child being indoctrinated into normalizing abuse, but has a problem with two women being each other’s true love.

      • Mel says:

        Beth, I am debating about no longer watching the show also. It is a shame because it was one of my favorite shows.

    • Rebecca says:

      I hope you also have to explain to your cousin the ‘beliefs’ of us Hook haters and why he’s an abusive piece of crap? At least with Ruby Slippers, no one emotional abused or manipulates anyone like Hook does with Emma…… I’m just saying. *casually sips tea*

      • Gloria says:

        I hope Belle’s story is resolved so that Gold stops abusing her. She should get the love and the happy ending she deserves. The happy ending shouldn’t be he Beast turning into a prince, because that would only send the message that abusive men can change and one must hold on.

    • Yeah, cause watching a show with a 5 year old about violence, magic, sex, death, murder and other dark themes, the real problem is a same sex couple.

    • Troy says:

      Yikes. Maybe you should have gone with your gut and just kept your mouth shut because you really put your foot in your mouth with that comment. You don’t agree with their “beliefs”? The LGBT community believes that love is love and that everyone should be treated equally regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation. You don’t agree with that? Well then I feel sorry for you and your son.

    • DeLaney Lemon says:

      I don’t remember OUAT mention LGBT in my 60 minute episode.

    • Mel says:

      I agree with you Alex. I don’t hate anyone and I feel like as a Christian I strive to be nice to everyone no matter their beliefs. I do not care if people are gay, but I do not want to have to explain it to my child why two women are kissing. I believe marriage is between a man and a women, only. I was disappointed that a family friendly show had to make a turn in the wrong direction.

      • Lolo says:

        It’s nice that you strive to be nice- but being gay isn’t a “belief” at all. It’s just being.

        It’s nice that you “don’t care if people are gay”, but it could be inferred that you kinda do… You don’t want to explain why to women are kissing (You explain with words, which I assume your kids understand. Just say “they love each other” and they’re gay. It’s okay. You can say it. The gays won’t be offended.) Why wouldn’t want your children to learn what ‘gay’ is if you didn’t care? Your children will learn what “gay” is eventually. And maybe they’ll find their own “beliefs” on the subject, different from yours. I hope you won’t hate them if they have different beliefs than you. (also at this point it doesn’t matter if you believe marriage is between a man and a women, the gays can do it anyways dispite you not wanting them to, :( sorry )

        As for it being “family friendly” I could go on about all the non-“family friendly” things this show has covered- but by implying that this true loves kiss wasn’t brings up a few issues. What’s so unfriendly? There are lots of kind, loving families with same sex parents, no? Are they not friendly families? Do they not exist? Are they not families at all? Do the children of these families not matter? And you could also be implying with this that a relationship between two people of the same sex is inherently sexual, when that’s not true. The relationships are about love.

  13. Jason says:

    I’ve got to say I’m a little surprised they went with Ruby and Dorothy. Not that they aren’t cute together. I’m just a little bummed for Mulan. She is the established gay character and she gets left out in the cold again. It would be nice if she got a little love tossed her way sometime. Of course, this could make for an interesting triangle. You don’t see that very often.

  14. Narti says:

    We’ve been watching since the beginning. It has really been a lousy couple of years. This one was better. But, that’s it for us, don’t believe we should be forced into this. Wow, what a kiss, it’s sad that the straight couples haven’t had that.

  15. Eddie says:

    Perfectly great story ruined with LGBT bullcrap. I hope this false storyline backfires on ABC.

  16. Angel says:

    It should have been mulan :/

  17. Upsetbecauseofthiscrap says:

    Really!!?? This was good show but now they’re going to screw it up with a lesbian couple!!?? Disgusting!! Red was my favorite character too!!! How could they do this?!! How Disgusting!

    • Josh says:

      Relax! Ruby and Dorothy aren’t main characters and it isn’t disgusting. I doubt they will be on much.

    • Gemmm says:

      I could say the same about straight couples. Grow the fuq up. It’s 2016 where there’s no place for homophobic losers like you who have nothing better to do than deny people of having happiness in their life. Get a life.

      • Goldenvibefan says:

        They aren’t homophobic. No one is actually AFRAID of the LGBT community, it’s just some sick term you all come up with for people that don’t agree with you. Learn the correct definition of a phobia before calling other people homophobes.

        • T.M. says:

          Except, yes. They are being homophobic. Going on a tangent about Ruby being a lesbian is disgusting is being homophobic. When someone calls you out on being a homophobic the only thing you should do is go “oops, I’m sorry. I will stop being a jerk and behave like an adult now.”

        • Allie says:

          Actually, the definition of homophobia is “a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people”, which I would say the people who are angry over the inclusion of a LGBT storyline fall in line with. Call a spade a spade; call a homophobe a homophobe. Don’t like the label? Don’t be one.

          • Goldenvibefan says:

            Thats only a definition that the community came up with. As I said before, the people that don’t agree with same sex couples are not AFRAID of those couples. Just because I disagree and I think it’s wrong, doesn’t mean I am afraid of the LGBT community. No one is afraid. A phobia is “a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.” So a Homophobe would be someone that has a persistent, irrational fear of the same, in this case, same sex couples. So calling people that disagree with you homophobes isn’t accurate. Also, how do you even know that your definition of homophobia is right? I literally combined the definitions of homo, and phobia. Does that make me right? Maybe not, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your definition is correct either. Saying that Ruby being a lesbian is disgusting isn’t homophobic, because calling someone disgusting does not equal being afraid of them. It’s funny you get mad at people that may call you disgusting, but then you go back and call them losers, bigots, and homophobes, while telling them there’s no place for them on earth. Aren’t you just doing the same thing they are?



          • Miranda says:

            @Goldenwhatever… Words only have meaning because we give them their connotation. So, yes, calling a couple (that just so happens to be two women) disgusting is homophobic. 100 years ago macaroni used to mean fancy, now it’s a delicious dish of cheesy goodness, words change.

          • Olivia says:

            @Goldenvibefan I’m sure hydrophobic shirts don’t just reject water, they are -literally- TERRIFIED of it.

          • Mel says:

            Allie, I would never call myself a “homophobe” or any of my friends who think that marriage should be between a man and a women only. In my belief system men and women compliment each other. I also believe that God made us, and loves us no matter who we are. Just because I disagree with to men being together or two women being together has never equaled me not liking the person. I try and show love and respect to all people.

        • Mick says:

          people are afraid of things they don’t understand

        • Kip says:

          This is the exact definition of homophobic from the dictionary….

          homophobic: having or showing an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people

          And if you notice none of the other comments use the word phobia they use phobic phobe which are different according to the dictionary as well…

    • Allie says:

      See, here’s the thing I don’t get about people like you complaining about a LGBT storyline. Is it religious based? Doesn’t your Bible tell you that God is the only one capable of judgment? Or maybe you’re just so deep in the closet that you’ve got to overcompensate? Can’t imagine why a TV show showing the realities of all kinds of love would bother anyone otherwise, but hey, that’s just my two cents.

    • shelly says:

      Disgusting??you know what disgusting?? homophobic bible beater, that’s disgusting dont u dare speak about god and how he would not approve, god i ALL ABOUT LOVE. HE SAYS LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, NOWHERE DOES HE SAYS LOVE THY NEIGHBOR UNLES SHE IS GAY.

      • Kari says:

        It is a FICTIONAL STORY!!!! People are entitled to their opinions and beliefs! Why is it when someone doesn’t approve of “Liberated” lifestyles, the Liberals have to bash them for voicing their opinions! It was her/his opinion that it was disgusting – The FICTIONAL STORY – but Shelly has to call her names and throw judgement to their opinion! I don’t recall Spanish throwing stones at you! No one wants to see the same sex making out on prime time tv! I watch prime time with my children and won’t be watching this show any longer either.

        • Olivia says:

          “It is a FICTIONAL STORY!!!!” You mean,like the Bible? I agree.

        • Trixie says:

          It’s truly shocking that someone would be upset that you called them or one of their loved ones disgusting! Why is this happening to you just for saying that our relationships are evil and gross??? Why can’t someone just express their opinion about someone’s life being disgusting any more without having anyone challenge you??? It can’t possibly be because gay people have feelings.

      • Goldenvibefan says:

        So no one is allowed to have an opinion that disagrees with you? Pathetic.

        • Emily says:

          When your “opinion” is hate-filled, based on fear and prejudice, and just plain wrong, Yeah. I feel really sorry for you. It must be hard to be so hateful and angry all the time at people who just want to love who God made them to love.The only thing disgusting here are those of you being all “offended” because you are too bigoted to appreciate a good tv show. I hope you find the peace and help you need to understand someday.

          • Goldenvibefan says:

            First of, gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are not born gay. It’s a choice. The first humans were Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. I’m not angry, and I don’t fear the LGBT community one bit. Though I do hate this hypocrisy. You can say whatever hateful things at us, but if I or someone else even lift even one finger, we get called bigot, scum, trash, homophobe, or loser. How is that even fair? Such a double standard. You should get off your high horse, because you’re just as “bad” as people that disagree with you by calling them such hateful names. Anyways.. Oh I’m sure it is a good tv show, it just now contains a relationship that I don’t agree with. Though if the writers want to introduce a LGBT relationship, they should just create new characters that are that way, instead of changing characters that aren’t.

          • T.M. says:

            @goldenvibefan being Christian is a choice. Being gay, lesbian, or bisexual is not. Also the first half of the bible is basically a how to survive the dark ages and ensure your first born is yours. The first humans were actually Adam and Lilith depending how deep into Biblical Lore you want to go. But you probably ignore all the other books that aren’t included in your edited and adapted King James Bible.

          • sue says:

            I can’t seem to reply directly, but the assertion that “gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are not born gay. It’s a choice.” is ridiculous. Why in the world would anyone make the choice to be discriminated against, called slurs on a regular basis, and have to fight for the basic rights heterosexuals get automatically? LGBTQ youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide. I can’t imagine choosing to put myself in the painful position of being ostracized by family, church, and friends. Can you?

            So please… tell me again how it’s a choice.

        • Trixie says:

          You appear to be the one who won’t watch a show because it portrays something you don’t “agree with,” so…

    • Lulu says:

      Because the rape storyline with Zelena and Robin was just so much more your style?
      The lesbians are the tipping point I guess, but all the murder, sex, and violence is okay. But no lesbians. No, never the lesbians. Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children!

    • Rob says:

      Just take a moment to reflect on the fact that you took the time to comment because a pretend (secondary) character on a make believe show realized she was gay. Your life must be fun.



        • Disney ex fan to be says:

          Oh so it’s your lack of sleep that is to blame for your community’s confusion, immorality, and good is evil and evil is great mentality. Please do a favor and SLEEP !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bigotseverywhere says:

      There’s only one thing disgusting here and it’s not two women in love.

    • sayer says:

      Ruby has always been my favorite. TLK. I love it. No this is great.

  18. DarkDefender says:

    Yay for RedGale!
    Now let’s find some love for Mulan.

  19. Kari says:

    I’m not sure why Hollywood has to throw a curve ball to introduce a gay character?! This season is boring! How long is this storyline going to continue in the underworld??! We haven’t seen Red in a very long while, and in one episode she’s back and gay, or bi. That’s just stupid! Plus shocked my 16 year old daughter to not want to view this show any longer. I guess Mulan will be a transgender in the next episode.

    Let’s get back to action, and desire with a good story line. If they keep writing boring stories and throwing out a gay couple here and there – it’s going to be headed to a cancelled series once again!

    • Rob says:

      I hope you explained to your 16 year old daughter that these people are pretend.

      • Kari says:

        She’s an intelligent girl. But laughed and said eww! Why did the writers have to go there. That is not what I wanted my childhood story book characters to be! :) She’s a very smart girl!

        • Lulu says:

          Your childhood storybook characters have done many questionable things on this show already. Why is this any different?

        • Adam says:

          But murder and rape under another person’s identity is ok for your daughter to see? A mutual loving kiss is more offensive? Are you actually that dense?

        • Olivia says:

          Yeah, I heard about this one… “Why did you have to go there?”, say lots of “wholesome” teenage girls from conservative families. It’s called “the loophole”. Oates & Garfunkel made a song about it.

    • Kip says:

      If it is a shocker your 16 year old daughter does not want to watch the show then that goes on your parenting making her believe that that only men and women love is okay in this world and any other kind of love is wrong. That falls on you.

      • Kari says:

        Kip, she knows that there are LGFT and all kinds of people out there. But she does not feel like witnessing it on prime time tv! I truly don’t need your parenting advice. She’s not confused on who she is. And chooses not to be exposed to sexual liberation. Also, our Christian beliefs are how we believe. We don’t make our own rules to live by. Much less outcast people for their point of view.

        • Lulu says:

          But the sexual liberation of the other heterosexual characters on the show? That’s okay? Seriously, you can’t pick and choose which issues to get upset by. You are either not okay with all aspects of it, or you are okay with all of it.

          • T.M. says:

            And the rape? And the mental manipulation? Or the fact the characters are in the underworld with Hades? And the murders? That is acceptable. But God would be REALLY upset by two girls falling in love? Jesus’ fan club really need to check out their priorities.

    • Rebecca says:

      Sorry but IMO this show has been boring since CS was starting to get shoved down our throats. Not because of some LGBT love story/kiss.

  20. Cheryl says:

    Not really into or care for the LGBT storyline please.

  21. Nigel says:

    Ruined a good family show!

    • Lulu says:

      Again, the show full of violence, sex, dark magic, murder, adultery, rape, yada yada…..totally a family show. I can see now why it’s the gayness that ruined it for you.

    • abz says:

      It always baffles me when people call OUAT a “family show”. Are you people blind? Do you not pay attention to what you are watching? This show is far from being appropriate for children. MURDER, slaughter, adultery, darkness, rape, serial lying, kidnapping, torture, etc., the list goes on. And two same-sex character kiss is what ruins it for you (rolls eyes). Pathetic.

    • Mickeyfin says:

      Agreed….will no longer watch…

  22. Dani says:

    You people aren’t nice this is a family show two girls kissing big deal it is apart of the show they like each other

  23. gina says:

    horrible mockery. dorothy and ruby! geez

  24. Kande says:

    I’m surprised

  25. ninergrl6 says:

    Decent backstory for a bunch of characters I don’t care about. The relationship between Ruby & Dorothy seemed very flimsy for TLK to work, but whatever. After a good start 5B seems to have slowed to a snail’s pace. Why aren’t our heroes trying more desperately to get home? Emma’s a shell of herself. I’m over Regina’s weekly heart-to-hearts. Even Rumple, the Uber Dark One who should be kicking ass, is bumbling at best. I’m BORED. It’s like they’re dragging out the Underworld arc for no reason. It had so much potential for the characters to deal with their past wrongs, but instead they’re just moping around and not DOING anything.

  26. Ivan says:

    How did Ruby became lesbian?! What about her love with Peter from the past?

  27. Elena A says:

    My heart wanted Red Warrior……but Ruby Slippers is cute too.

    • Olivia says:

      I might actually watch this one. The headline was intriguing (I mean, before I fell down the rabit hole that is this comment section). And then resume not giving a damn about OUAT post S2.

  28. Kat Kosmic says:

    For all of you so “disgusted” tonight – turn the channel. Simple enough. Or perhaps you can lock yourself away from the world so you never have to see a gay person again. I love how you all think it’s ok to refer to relationships you don’t even know about or are involved in as “disgusting” and then get your knickers in a twist when someone calls you on it. What if YOUR relationship was the one being called disgusting? And why do many you keep referring to LBGT “beliefs” as if they were a list of things all LBGT believe in? Their beliefs are just as and varied as anyone else’s. There is NO list of beliefs that are believed in across the board. BTW – not gay. Love OUAT!

  29. kitsunesaru says:

    Did anyone else laugh a lot when they saw Hook’s scribbles on the tombstone? I realize it’s hard to write with a hook I just wasn’t expecting it to look so chicken scratchy so I found it hilarious!

  30. abz says:

    I’m glad it happened. Wolfie and Kansas has a nice ring to it. I did think it was going to be Mulan/Ruby thought, but I figured early on while watching this episode that they’d switch it. Sucks for Mulan thought. They never seem to give her character any happiness. They only seem to use her to prop other character’s storylines/adventures.

    I can only hope this would mean they may finally have a gay male relationship at the some point, but like someone else said on this post, I doubt it will happen. I feels like it’s still taboo for shows to include a steady gay male relationship. Off the top of my head, a few shows have done so like HTGAWM and another lesser known show (Hit The Floor….it’s not that great of a show, but Jude and Zero are the reason to watch. They are great together). I think that it’s probably because from what I’ve noticed the public seems to tolerate lesbian couples on TV a little bit more than male couples. I find that the homophobia I come across especially online are definitely a lot more toward gay couples on TV than lesbians I think. Oh well. Hopefully the writers can consider it for next season especially since who knows if it might be the last one.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      There’s a GREAT male relationship in the works on Shadowhunters between Alec and Magnus. What’s ironic is that after their big kiss episode (which was AWESOME), the comments on here were 99% positive, even gushing with excitement. And yet for OUAT there’s a huge backlash. Maybe it’s because they have different audiences? Maybe it’s because Shadowhunters is based on source material that already included the homosexual relationship? Maybe it’s because Malec had been slow burning & gradually leading to that place for months whereas OUAT covered the entirety of the Ruby Slippers relationship in one episode? (Personally that’s my gripe, the sloppiness of the storytelling, not the relationship itself) Maybe it’s because Alec and Magnus were already established as gay/bi before they became involved with each other whereas Ruby and Dorothy weren’t?

      • abz says:

        I think I saw a fan compilation clip of them on YouTube. It’s the show with Mike from Glee, right? I don’t know, the acting just seemed really bad when I saw it, but I guess I shouldn’t judge it based on that clip.
        I agree that this was very sloppy writing by the OUAT writers, but in the end this is no different from their other short-lived romance stories. Hercules and Megara, Grumpy and Nova, Belle/Will, Ariel and Prince Eric. I’m sure there are more. Ruby and Dorothy getting together was no different than them using Hercules and Megara for one episode and they end up falling in love and go off to Olympus. I think the outrage here is over the fact that it was two women plain and simple. It’s great that the majority of the comments for Shadowhunters was positive, but even some shows I have seen that introduce gay characters from the start or have a slow burn relationship, there is still an overwhelming amount of hate. See for example, Connor from HTGAWM and his relationship with Oliver. I still remember in the first season reading so many hateful comments online whenever they’d kiss or have a sex scene even though in the exact same episode another straight couple would have done the exact same.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          Don’t get me wrong, the acting on Shadowhunters leaves a lot to be desired, but the build up of the Alec/Magnus relationship was well done IMO. Plus Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus aka Mike from Glee, who also happens to be a straight married man IRL) basically steals every scene he’s in. In terms of viewer reactions, they were overwhelmingly positive to Malec’s big kiss. I remember bracing myself for hate posts but seeing very few, if any. On the other hand, there’s so much hate/disgust over Ruby Slippers & I can’t pinpoint why there’s such a disparate reaction besides it being unexpected and not “canon” or the Disney-esque nature of OUAT. Did these outraged viewers become equally outraged when it was established that Mulan had romantic feelings for a female? Is it the act kissing that is seen as not “family friendly”? There’s certainly plenty of heterosexual kissing on OUAT. Maybe Shadowhunters’ viewers are just more open minded than OUAT viewers. I talked with a teenager today who, like me, watches both shows and, like me, had no problem with the homosexuality on either. Her OUAT complaint was the same as mine: lack of plot development.

  31. SImone says:

    After the unrequity-ness of Mulan and Aurora, this is good news. Hopefully, we see lots of Ruby and Dorothy in the future :)

    Sidenote: Dorothy was into women on Supernatural too

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I think that’s part of why I feel the Ruby/Dorothy relationship was too forced. It was already done on Supernatural & SPN did it MUCH better.

  32. Dominique says:

    i will probably get a lot of a hate for this, but truth to be told, i’m a little sick of OUAT stuffing their original thoughts for pairings away, for the sake of creating LGBTQ couples to please critics and the audience.

  33. robin says:

    Good for ruby. Although a bit out of left field.
    Re: the various pregnancies. It isn’t like it is a secret. Characters aren’t hiding pregnancies, actors are. Just trying to keep it from being too jarring. Get over it.

  34. Disney fan I think says:

    Surprised Disney went there but at the surprised at the same time entertainment arena used to twist the family values once more. Wholesome must be a dirty word for television. There is no good verses evil in these stories is just whatever you want as long as you keep the body count as low as possible I guess. Loved the show now just want to cry being reminded how ugly this world is getting,instead of having a fun enjoyable escape from it

    • Kat Kosmic says:

      Disney as a company is gay friendly. As is ABC. Were you aware of that? Also – while OUAT is a great show, there’s been violent deaths, rape, betrayal, babies out of wedlock, and many other various not-so-positive things. Do those give you the same urge to cry? Just curious as to why a couple of kisses have so many people in a tailspin. I guess I don’t understand why love between two non-related consenting adults is thought of as way worse than anything truly and clearly and obviously bad (murder, torture, death, etc). Gay people exist – they deserve to be represented just like everyone else is.

      • Disney ex to be says:

        Gays should be respected and treated fairly yes. But let’s be fair both ways. You just want to slap every one with your ideas and attack them when we say we don’t agree with you and then keep quite?!?!? You grow up. Straights aren’t confusing your children with our relationships you are hurting and confusing our children. But one thing you do correctly and that’s calling us straight because your community is CROOKED in soooo many ways!

        • abz says:

          The only person hurting and/or confusing your children is YOU if you’re too small-minded and ignorant to not be able to be an adult and explain to them that Ruby and Dorothy are two characters who fell in love and yes they happen to also both be girls.
          Your terrible parenting is what will confuse your children not two LGBT characters on a TV show that children clearly shouldn’t even be watching in the first place given the mature plot and themes.

        • Kat Kosmic says:

          Disney Ex – I’m a little confused by your post. First you say “Gays should be respected and treated fairly yes.” Ok, I’m with ya there. But then you go on to say this: “… because your community is CROOKED in soooo many ways!” Did I miss something or was your post a shining example of how NOT to show “respect”?

      • Mandy says:

        I didn’t care about the gay thing one way or another but it just felt force. I have watch show with gay characters that I like (Glee for example) but this felt like pandering. I understand that people can be bisexual but it feel like the writer use that to preach “look at us we are progressive.” When writer just throw in gay storylines like this they make the whole concept of being gay look like a belief/fad instead of something more. IF shows wanted gay characters make them characters first and gay second. I liked Red but this didn’t fit what I had seen of her character where as with Dorothy I didn’t care because I didn’t know her one way or the other. This storyline is even more pointless because we will never see them again. Yes, gays should be represented in TV shows because the are about 15% of the population, but I want to see the gay character treat as people first not as a quick storyline to get rating

        • Concerned Writer says:


        • ninergrl6 says:

          I agree. It felt forced and like the writers were checking something off a list. If we never see Ruby & Dorothy again, it will all be pointless.

          • abz says:

            Yeah it was definitely sloppy writing but in the end they tend to do these one-off stories quite a bit. They sort of did the exact same thing with Hercules and Megara a few episodes.

  35. todd says:

    I sense a bait and switch on tlk with Belle. Of course rumple will be the one thus showing he is redeemed.

  36. Adam says:

    Solid episode this week, but what’s with all the negativity happening now? Can someone explain to me?

    • The Dude who is the most sane (insane) in the room. says:

      People don’t understand LGBT and the fact that two characters needed to leave the show because they are IRL pregnant. Not leave forever, but you can’t have one character who isn’t supposed to be preggers walking around with a seventh month belly. Also, apparently, they (some audience) still think this is a kids show and is ‘family’ oriented. So, seeing two girl’s kiss was ‘too much’ for them. You know, the rape using a dead woman’s identity, torture, black magic, death, other gods (Hades), Witches(That aren’t being burned) are totally cool for ‘Christian nuclear family’ and in now way offensive to their god or their values. No no no, two fictional characters who happen to be women sharing a ‘true love’s kiss’ Is the last straw and they are TIRED OF SEEING THIS LGBT GARBAGE ON MY PRIME TIME TV. But hey, ya. LGBT have to watch 95% of all their TV having relationships they are not connecting with. On a side note, what is this ‘Prime Time TV’ I keep hearing about?

      • Olivia says:

        I read your username, then your comment and think that you are way too sane to be posting here. It’s a compliment, btw.

  37. Concerned Writer says:

    Regarding the hot-button issue of the lesbian relationship of Red and Dorothy:
    Let’s consider it from another angle, shall we? It’s not about homophobia or the lgbt agenda. It’s about crap writing. It added positively nothing to the storyline other than token, cardboard, gay romance and sexuality. Sure, the show has had (quite a few) morally-questionable acts from a great many cultural and religious standpoints. Generally, like everything else in a television show, their goal is to elicit emotions from the audience and advance the plot to do more of the same. While I feel like many of those acts may be somewhat vile to parents, they do not elicit the disgust and rage that are associated with unwanted gay behavior (from the viewer’s standpoint). The disgust is either instinctive, personal, or trained. Does not matter which, as it is just a response. I genuinely wonder and ask if those who are lgbt here, do you ever feel like changing the channel when snow and charming kiss (which is actually quite rare)? How about writing in to the studio in rage when a heart is torn out because it’s “harming our youth”? Probably not. Television plots are all about expectations. Gays have them, straights have them too. As do parents, the most brutal, protective force on this planet. So, as a producer, I must ask myself: Who is my audience and how do I keep them watching? Well, I can make a few people (kinda) happy with some (badly-written) romance that came out of nowhere. I mean, when you get nothing good to absorb anywhere, you’ll take what you can get, right? Any decision in the show can affect the audience. Crossing certain lines will (for right, wrong, or otherwise) satisfy some and alienate masses. There’s are good ways and bad ways of bringing a microcosm into a show off society at large. When a character’s sensibilities violate our own, we can write it off as personality difference. When a world event seems out of place from the world parents are comfortable with their children experiencing, look out! Whether our own perspectives and feelings agree with others’ or not is irrelevant. If I’m disgusted by bananas, are you going to shun me as a nana hater? People feel how they feel. When those feelings seem to have been deliberately violated for seemingly no good reason, we get angry at the deliberate insensitivity or calculated malice. Was the romance between Red and Dorothy an emotional “victory” for gays? Maybe, but honestly I hope not unless you like your stories made out of spoon-fed, inorganic, non-directional, pandering drivel. Don’t worry though, there’s a lot more of that in this show than just this latest flavor of upchuck. Ultimately though, at times it’s about what the audience is willing to stomach and the appetites vary greatly. One person’s sweetest desert is another’s acid reflux. For ABC, I can only hope that this whirlwind will be a learning experience. Perhaps more each person, be he/she gay or straight or otherwise, can do like I do and just point out the next bad plot decision (in his/her opinion), pair it with the next body he/she sees in the show, and proclaim: “Look! I see the problem! It’s another dead writer!” In short, expect more yourself and understand that if someone’s expectations are violated in an overt and seemingly capricious way (to them), that individual has every right to feel and respond accordingly. As for the hot-button issue, I pose a simple question: What is the difference between the uncontrollable impulses behind gay attraction and the uncontrollable impulses behind revulsion to gay behavior? Should both “ignorant” parties be “educated” about their “wrong” feelings? Kinda hard to preach tolerance from a colored pulpit if you’re not a perfectly-programmed, emotionless robot. My fortune-cookie wisdom is this: decide how you feel and do what’s best for you while simultaneously realizing and accepting that others will do the same. Ultimately, television shows may be some of the only real democracies ever to exist in the world. Whoever shouts loudest and with the most voices (and money) gets to decide the outcome, not that anyone will be completely happy, regardless.

  38. Matt says:

    Why is everyone making Dorothy a lesbian? First on Supernatural and now on Once upon a Time. I’m gay and proud of it, and all for seeing more gay people on tv, but I have read every oz book, and it’s my favorite movie of all time and I have never seen any indication that she is gay. I guess I’m just a purist when it comes to Wizard of Oz.

    • Rob says:

      To be fair there was never any talk of any sexuality for Dorothy in any of the books, gay straight or bi, and it’s probably because she’s supposed to be 13 and nobody wanted to sexualize a child.

    • Jasker says:

      Not sure that SPN made Dorothy gay. Charlie was gay and she went with Dorothy on her quest but they never kissed nor did Charlie make any mention of having a relationship with Dorothy. Sounds more like fandom interpreting the situation than you know an actual physical relationship. Just because on of the pair is gay doesn’t mean they both are – it’s not like you can catch it.

    • Johnny says:

      Probably because of Dorothy/Judy Garland being a gay icon.

  39. Jeff Topol says:

    My wife and I watched last night. This is the last time. We are Christian, and during prime time. How dare you.

    • Rob says:

      As Christians are you and your wife ok with the constant rape storylines that they’ve portrayed on OUAT before? If the answer is yes, you’re probably not good Christians. The simple fact I’m trying to point out here is that as “good” Christians or anyone of faith, the predominant trait that all religions preach is acceptance. Jesus was friends with whores, queers, and everyone that was left out of the mainstream. So instead of hating and instead of getting angry, maybe think WWJD?

      • Disney ex fan to be says:

        He would say “GO AND SIN NO MORE “. Read your bible before you reference it. Jesus would NOT tell the sinners he loved and was with to stay in their filth , parade their sins with pride then scream and shout while forceing in on others.

        • Lulu says:

          Because you know exactly what Jesus would do. You guys hang out on a regular basis? The man preached love and forgiveness. You’d know that if you unstuck your head from that dark crevasse you shoved it in.

  40. L says:

    Sometimes I feel like the only Christian/Catholic in the world who thinks that LGBT is 1) not a “belief” or 2) absolutely ok and normal. Gah. I have no idea how “Christians” can be so, so hateful and ignorant.

    I ALSO get a kick out of these self-righteous comments about a homosexual, happy relationship on this show. Well, I mean, I understand it, actually.

    It’s okay that Phillip (and others) assault women by kissing them while they sleep.

    It’s okay that people are, have been, and continue to be, violently murdered on this show. (Well, I mean, it just seems like arrows and hearts-being-ripped-out would be painful.)

    It’s okay that emotional abuse and manipulation of both children and adults is ongoing and even justified (like all the above, actually).

    Blackmail is okay.

    Lying and dishonesty is BEYOND okay.

    Displays of discrimination are okay. (Not even talking about LGBT either, here.)

    Anddddd that’s all I can recall from the first two seasons, because I quit watching and rely on the recaps now.

    And this gay storyline is just APPALLING.

    I hope my future children take away so many of the positive messages listed above. Just not the gay thing. Anything but that.

  41. Dee says:

    Honestly I think It was OKuntil it had to get ruined by LGBT scene. I mean really fairy tales none of them had thatnor did they have Dorothy a bad person regardless that the evil queen locked her up.
    I along with family and many of my friends that have come to love this show over the 5years will now stop because of last nights episode.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Being gay doesn’t make Dorothy a bad person, and Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson and many fairy tale writers were writing in a time when you didn’t write stories with LGBT heroes, that didn’t mean those people didn’t exist.

    • Rob says:

      Also THESE CHARACTERS ARE PRETEND!!! You can’t be serious when you’re talking that no fairy tales had gay characters. Little Red Riding Hood was a little girl, there was no sexuality (gay, straight, or bi) even addressed. It was YOU that made her straight in your head. Give me a break.

  42. wendy says:

    good ep!! however, why not regina and emma?hmmm? oh well i think that ship has totally sailed and the writers won’t for some weird reason go there. I want Zelena to find someone – other than Hades haha Zelena is so totally awesome. She really had a thing for rumple; so prefer her and rumple then rumple and belle!

    • Rob says:

      That ship was never a thing. It was fan made as both of those characters were explicitly created as straight characters.

    • The Showrunners have said that SwanQueen will never happen and besides both women are portrayed as straight and currently in true Lve/soulmate relationships with other people

  43. Sam says:

    For some reason, this season is taking a ridiculously long time to get to any sort of point. It’s like TPTB ran out of storylines for this particular half and are dragging it out with one-off character development that doesn’t seem any way related to the overall plot. There’s only three episodes left in the season and it seems like the storyline is getting set up for a bait and switch resolution.

  44. Jessica Johnson says:

    I think we need a new ship name

  45. sddsdsd says:

    So many butthurt white-knights who are defending this lezbo nonsense. Glad i’ve stopped watching this drivel long time ago now it turned towards shock value besides idiotic shipping. Thought Neal was coming back for good but obviously not. Gotta cater to morons.

  46. Honestly, and respectfully, I didn’t like it. There was nothing relevant to the story except the writers going into PC mode and forcing a gay romance on the viewer just so they could pat themselves on the back and go to LGBT groups and say, “look at what we did, praise us!”

    It wasn’t generic to the story and it came out of nowhere, and more important, Ruby wasn’t gay. Imagine taking Mulan and having her suddenly be heterosexual. Would the show receive protests/complaints?

    It reminds me of when Glee suddenly decided to make Santana and Brittany gay despite both being straight.

    Gay people exist, and no one denies that, but just like you can’t flip a switch and make gay people straight, you can’t flip a switch and make people gay.

    When writers do that, it stinks of political correctness and will naturally bother people. Then of course, that gives others the soap box to call the people that are bothered every name under the sun so they can feel like they are standing up for people that haven’t been attacked.

    More political correctness.

    I don’t mind gay characters when it’s relevant to the plot. Let’s go back to Glee since that show had a lot of gay storylines. On that show, there were two other characters, Kurt and Blaine that were a couple. With THEM, unlike Santana and Brittney, it made perfect sense. Kurt was gay from the start, and his struggles were a major part of the show. And so Blaine. Being gay was generic to their characters, and their orientation, at least to me, was no big deal. It’s one thing when it is relevant and generic to the show/character. It’s another when it is forced on the viewer. Last night’s episode forced something on the viewers so the writers could check something off and pat themselves on the back. It did nothing for the show, and for those reasons, again, I respectfully did not like this episode.

    • Olivia says:

      Oh Klaine shippers, you never disappoint. Still managing to make it about yourselves from the grave (newsflash: Brittana confessed having had sex even before Kurt was even boyfriend material and before Blaine was introduced… so much for being straight. Also Sam suddenly turning out to be straight doesn’t seem to feel inorganic to you, I wonder why that is… or right, because St Blaine came to the rescue)

      • LOL–I’m not a Klaine shipper. I’m just pointing out Glee because that show had a lot of gay themed stories. I use Kurt and Blaine because those are characters that worked, while others did not because they were politically correct and forced.

        I don’t mean to steer this toward Glee, but sometimes people do experiment but realize they are straight (and/or gay). That wasn’t the case with Brittney or Santana. They were straight. So was Sam. Sam had plenty of straight relationships on the show. Yes, Kurt liked him, but it never went anywhere, which happens with straight people. So no, Sam being straight didn’t seem off at all.

        As for Blaine, I think your missing the point. Blaine was a gay person that had a relationship with Kurt. In both their cases, both characters were clearly gay from the get go. It doesn’t matter if they worked out as a couple or not, but they were gay. Clear as day. It WAS organic, it was natural, and it was fine.

        Here, on OUAT, to get back on topic, they took a character, Ruby, who was CLEARLY straight, and made her gay as if you can flip a switch and there is no such thing as orientation. There is. Just like you can’t “cure gayness,” because it’s the way you are born, you can’t “become gay” for the same reason. Ruby wasn’t some person struggling with coming out. It appears that being gay is a nonissue where she was raised so that isn’t even a plot point.

        This was not a special episode. It was just a means for the writers to pat themselves on the back for making a gay character and be politically correct, while giving people who love to get angry the chance to get on their soap box and call people homophobic because they express their objections to such tactics.

        • skyebright8 says:

          It’s called bisexuality, you can be sexually attracted to both genders

          • However, in this case, that’s not what happened. These were straight characters that magically turned gay because the writers wanted to prove some point. It was inorganic and not true to life.

          • abz says:

            Or, you just assumed she was straight. It’s not like her sexuality was ever discussed on the show. And there’s also the fact that she’s a secondary character and that was nowhere to be seen for like two seasONS.

          • I didn’t just ASSUME she was straight. She was straight. Period. She had the relationships and sex life to prove it. The writers just decided to force this on the viewer and now they can pat themselves on the back in a smug manner like writers do, and of course the soap box crowd can call anyone who is NOT buying into the PC stuff ignorant and homophobic.

          • Olivia says:

            Ok Marc, I must say that I’ve been out of the loop regarding what’s happening OUAT because, eh, it became super boring. So I guess that you’ll be able to shed some light on this: when did characters start to document their sex lives on this show? Because I keep reading that it’s a family one. Like, from what I can read just here it sounds like My Little Pony with 5 y/o watching and stuff. Which one is it? Either you or the Bible squad are wrong…

            (Pssst, Sam was cast as Kurt’s love interest at first. And Brittana were straight when having sex together from S1, sure. That’s what straight people do. Don’t stop believing etc).

            Btw, I’m not defending the writers because I’m completely sure from what I’ve learned from OUAT over the years, and now that I’ve watched the ep, that you are right on the patting themselves on the back part. That was a given and I personally was not expecting anything else from them anyway.

    • abz says:

      “I don’t mind gay characters when it’s relevant to the plot.”
      Why is it that if a show wants to include LGBT characters/relationships that they have to be “relevant to the story/plot”? Sure it would be ideal for them to write properly and have a gradual story, but a lot of shows tend not to do that sometimes. Can you honestly tell me that every single heterosexual character brought onto any show is always relevant to the story? Using your example of Glee. Would it have a made a difference to the overall plot if the show gave focus on Mike/Tina’s relationship or not? What did that relationship really add to the plot?
      I agree with a lot of commenters that the writing was a bit sloppy and could have been better regarding Ruby/Dorothy, but in the end I see this as nothing different than the one-off stories the show always does, most recently with Hercules and Megara. In the end, it did accomplish something. Bringing along Ruby, helped find a way to return Snow to her baby in Storybrooke using the Silver Slippers. Zelena clearly wasn’t going to tell them about what she did to Dorothy or that she had the Slippers with her, so the arrival of Ruby to the Underworld served to accomplish that in addition to what I’m assuming is a leave of absence for Ginny Goodwin.

  47. Some plot points.

    If Hades wants to end hope in the Underworld, why not just let the characters go home? They would be out of his hair, and he won’t lose any more souls. Hades is a villain, but he’s smart enough to figure that out.

    Second–now that we know they can change the tombstone, why not have Henry use his author skills to write bad people alive again, and then carve them on the tombstone? They can go home.

  48. GCW says:

    It’s a shame that “ONCE ” walked down this path. Was is really important for a family show to take a beloved character such as “DOROTHY” and add the lesbian spin to her tale.The Mulan hint was bad enough now a fully “True Loves Kiss” awakening to explain. Sorry people this will be my “Last Upon a Time “

    • Lulu says:

      Again with the “family show”. I fail to see how this was really a “family show”. It was never labeled as such. And I don’t see you protesting the murders that happened all the way back in season one! Or the rape in last season. Or all the other bad crap that happens on the show. If you can get upset about this, then you should get upset about all that other stuff too.

      • ericayani says:

        The difference with the murders and other bad stuff is that they are never exalted in the show or shown as something to be approved. But they did represent the lesbians in a positive light, therefore, sending the message that this relationship is to be approved. This is what makes the difference. I don’t mind my family watching a show where they present a murder as something really wrong, but I do mind it if they present a sin (i.e.: anything forbidden by God) as something good, no matter what the sin is.

  49. Crystal says:

    I just want to speak for all the people against this new change in the show. Though there are more people on this site for this change, it doesn’t make it right or wrong. I do believe that homosexuality is wrong because it is in the bible. No one can argue with that or take that away from me and I will be. I just want to explain to everyone else that I love everyone and have respect for everyone- also like it says in the bible to love your neighbor. However, this doesn’t mean I agree with everyone’s beliefs, actions and choices. So please stop telling people they are homophobic or need to grow up. I also want to say it is very wrong to say things like “gays go to hell” and “God hates gays” because that is a LIE. God loves us so much that he sent his son to die for ALL of us. Let’s be respectful and stop judging others.

    -Have a beautiful day everyone

    • Olivia says:

      Are you a Christian? From your last couple sentences I assume you are. Actually, nothing in the New Testament says anything one way or the other regarding gay people. It’s the Leviticus that does, and Leviticus has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Just wanted to point that out.

      Have a beautiful day as well.

      • Laurie Laser says:

        Sorry Olivia but you are wrong. Read the book of Romans in the New Testament. Just wanted to point that out. Have a great day.

      • Crystal says:

        In Romans 1:26-27, and please read the rest of the chapter where Paul, I think, talks of this topic. Honestly, I want to know what you think of this. I don’t think Jesus made everything in the Old Testament void but he gave hope to those who do these things. I am Christian but that doesn’t make me above anyone at all- I make mistakes, get confused and am tempted, and I am forgiven without having to make sacrifices because Jesus saved me. However, it still doesn’t make what I do right

        • T.M. says:

          Anything written by Paul I take with a grain of salt. I love learning about the apostles in a historical context outside of what is written in the bible. Paul was kind of a jerk, but started turning around because of Jesus. But like any writer, even one being dictated by divinity, you have to wonder how much of these were truly the Word and how much was it his understanding of what he was being told or flipping it to what he believed. He may have been an apostle but he was a person first. And dude had issues.

      • Disney ex fan to be says:

        Jesus said he came to fulfill the scrumptious not review them all over again. God who Is Jesus is the same in past present and future. He said it was wrong then then it’s wrong Now. I would say have a beautiful day as well but I have a strong feeling you said it through you teeth and didn’t mean it anyways.

  50. I’m done watching this show… Hope the ratings plummet and teach the writers and creators a lesson… That we don’t want this agenda shoved down our throats just because a few judges thought they knew better than the American voters.