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The Originals Recap

Originals EP Previews Klaus and Cami's 'Powerful' Next Step, Lucien's New Fury

How is it that I’m more worried about Cami after Friday’s episode of The Originals than I was when she was literally dead in Klaus’ bed?

This week’s hectic hour found Team Mikaelson attempting to defeat Lucien 2.0 and Aurora 1.5 — she hasn’t made the full transformation yet, but she’s already there mentally — with somewhat mixed results. TVLine spoke with executive producer Michael Narducci about three of this week’s biggest twists, but first, a quick recap:

Hayley and Cami teamed up to saved Klaus from Aurora’s clutches, while Freya and Elijah gathered the Strix for an assault against Lucien; via the magic of security footage, Lucien discovered that Aurora has no romantic feelings for him; Marcel convinced an out-of-control Kol that the best thing he can do for Davina is leave town, which he did; and in the episode’s final moments, an understandably pissed-off Lucien bit Cami in her home.

TVLINE | Let’s start with Cami. Can you give me any hope heading into the next episode?
Well, you saw what I saw. She’s in absolutely life-threatening peril. She has now been bitten by a bite we know is lethal enough to kill even Finn. I can promise you that in the next episode, you’ll see Cami alive and awake. You’ll see how she reacts to that bite; the first thing she has to do is survive being in the immediate clutches of Lucien. Cami will see Klaus again, and whens he gets to him, he’s going to recruit his entire family to find a way to slow — if not stop or cure — the bite she’s now dying from. That’s really the heart of next week’s episode, these two people who are in desperate straits. It’s going to be a powerful story about the connection between them.

TVLINE | And how will Lucien’s discovery about Aurora’s feelings change his game plan?
He went from being a romantic who wanted to defeat the bully and impress the girl to a guy who just hates the bully and has no hope of getting the girl. In some ways, he’s more dangerous, because he has nothing to lose. Sensing that Klaus is responsible for stealing Aurora from him 1,000 years ago led to his decision to do what he does at the end of the episode with Cami.

TVLINE | I loved Hayley’s line about how staying away from Cami won’t change the way she feels about Klaus. Any chance she’ll take her own advice with Elijah?
We’ve been telling this story of these two very different couples finding their way back to each other after a lot of distance and many obstacles, and both of them will see some advancements and some more obstacles. In some aspects, there will be closure, and in others, there will be the prospect of more to come.

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Your hopes for episodes still to come? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Spoilers have been spot on so far, hope they stay that way! Because no offense to LP but good riddance to Cami in 3×19! Love Lucien, hope they find a way to keep him around!

    • Sharon says:

      I feel the same Lynn!

    • cj says:

      Accept Aurora drank the serum and there was no sleeping spell.

      • Elle says:

        Their kind of was. Freya refrenced her spell keeping Aurora asleep. And also mentioned something about using Aurora’s blood to engineer a way to kill Lucien and Aurora. Theoretically she could engineer another dose too.

        • ImaBeJean says:

          Why don’t they (the originals) drain Aurora’s blood to ingest the serum and get on equal footing with Lucien

          • Kings says:

            Lool…. That’s a good and funny one too

          • VanPastorMan says:

            Spoilers from May 7th show. You did a good job of figuring that out because at the end of the episode Marcel is offered the chance to drink the serum from Aurora’s blood so he can drive the Mikelson’s out of New Orleans.

          • Roro2005 says:

            I seen that and was liked I nailed it right on the head and that was just a guess. I also told my husband that maybe the prophecy was not meant for the Mikealson’s but for Tristen Lucien and Aurora.

      • Lynn says:

        Freya said she was going to do a spell to keep her asleep , so I say that counts.

    • emily says:

      cami’s not going anywhere :)

    • Elena says:

      Cami has to go for good this time. Klaus got a bit too sensitive, he has watery eyes every other episode this season. Still like Hayley and Elijah.

      • Klaroline says:

        Agree, I don’t like to bad talk Klaus, but in season three he’s kind of losing it. He went from the one of the baddest, powerful, oldest vampire alive to the almighty powerful original hybrid, then in season three he downgraded. He’s more hesitant about his actions, and he barely kills anyone anymore. I like in the episode that he got Aurora to say how she doesn’t love Lucien, that was very sneaky and very Klaus Mikaelson of him to do. I don’t like Camille that much, she softens him, in a bad way. I was done with Haylijah ship after Hayley told Elijah she couldn’t be with him. Before, I tried to give up the Haylijah ship when she got married to Jackson, but couldn’t. After she told Elijah how she really felt, and let him go, I let go of the ship. However, what she said to Camille and when told Elijah to be careful, I almost got back on aboard of that ship, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Camille has to go, she’s not even that useful.

  2. Morgan says:

    I want Aurora dead. I want Cammie to die again. I want the ancestors to go away. And I want this storyline to end.

  3. Rachel says:

    Cami has been the worst character since the beginning. Please just go away for good!

  4. Sleaze says:

    So is lucien only that powerful because of the ancestors. And marcel is the real beast.

    • James P says:

      I agree, I think Lucien’s power is tied to the ancestors because since the beginning where they’re involved, they call the shots. Probably there is gonna be a way to cut off his tie to them.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        I’m wondering if his form is unstable, becuz of the 7 werewolf venoms, but if the ancestors are providing the stability needed for the time being. What would happen if an Original, or specifically Klaus cuz he’s a true hybrid, had some of Luciens blood, would it turn them into something even greater?.. Maybe the beast? Also Lucien or Aurora’s blood could be the cure to their bite…Could be, it’s still unclear exactly what Lucien made himself. But unless he figured out the magic behind making werewolves too ( which predates the Originals spell ) I don’t think he’d be a true hybrid, like Klaus. So what would happen if Klaus was turned by Luciens blood, maybe the beast?

  5. Sleaze says:

    Damn am i the only one that likes cami.

    • Mike says:

      No, I like her too. We’re just in the minority.

    • Julian says:

      I like her too. She is like the Laurel Lance of TO. Poor writing for her and the crazy fandom hates her. Same goes for Davina.

      • Lemonlime623 says:

        It’s because the crazy fandom loves Caroline, and you know what? I may love Cami more, but dang it. I love Caroline too. These amazing women in Klaus’s life, that the writers keep writing just to confuse the bejezus out of us….seriously. They need to stop. Writers, Klaus needs to go back to being a badass. Someone on TVD (I forget who) said that vampires feel emotions more intensely. Love, hate and all of that get magnified, so I get his emotional upheaval right now. But let’s all remember why we love Klaus, aside from the fact that #JosephMorganIs. Klaus is an ORIGINAL HYBRID. let’s get rid of this Aurora/Lucien/Strix storyline, find a way to have Cami go back to being human, become the leader of the human faction like her uncle wanted her to be, and have the 3 powerhouses return again—human/vampire/werewolf. Writers, also please write better storylines for Davina, and can we find a way to bring Daniel Sharman and his Liverpudlian accent back? Not that Nate Buzolic isn’t a fantastic Kol, he is. I missed him, best believe. But you’ve exposed us to such great talents then take them away (FREAKING JACKSON, MAN). And it’s becoming unbearable to watch. I still haven’t seen the episode Jack dies, I found out because of TVLine (how I find out about ALL my shows, like any self-respecting TVLiner [shout out to Kim Roots!! Love your recaps, girl!!]).

        Alrighty, kthnxbye.

    • Ta'Sha says:

      I love her. Most people that hate her usually ship Klaroline so they hate her for no reason. A lot of people do actually because she’s not a bad character, maybe poorly written but not a actual bad character. I’m pissed that they’re going to break Klaus’s heart AGAIN for absolutely nothing.

      • Stacy says:

        I feel bad for LP, but the writer’s ruined her character. She could have been a strong, well developed character but instead they just made her a LI only. In S1 I liked her a lot, but this season ruined her. As you said she is poorly written and right now not adding anything to the SL. I am glad they are cutting off the loose ends. LP deserves better opportunities.

      • Elle says:

        Sorry, but arguing that people only dislike her because of a ship makes no sense. From what I’ve seen most people who do like her ship Klamille. Is it fair to say that they only like her character because of that ship? I don’t like her because they’ve floundered with her after S1. They could have given her independant storylines, developed her relationships with other characters but they didn’t. She seems to exist solely to explain Klaus’ character (and I’m not an idiot, so that’s unneccessary) and watch him longingly while waiting for him to make a move.

      • Anon says:

        No they hate her because she has no purpose outside of Klaus she can’t even go an episode without mentioning him. The advice she gave him was just common sense and basic there was nothing complex or deep. Had they shown Cami going to school, be the leader of the human faction, not drop her job with the police station that maybe would of helped her character. They literally had her show up last season just to bring everyone coffee and she was the babysitter too. There’s been plenty of KCrs who were fine with all his other hookups because the women actually had a personality. Cami is TOs version of Matt….dull and unnecessary. She does nothing for the plot and never did in all 3 seasons. Like someone else said she’s JUST a love interest and a source for man pain. The show continues to be misoygnistic thing on Tv

        • Klaroline says:

          WOW, it’s like you read my mind EXACTLY!!!!! I wished that she was the leader of the human faction, but it’s too late. I was just thinking how useless and dull she is, just like Matt Donovan, I don’t how she survived this long. It’s ridiculous that her whole world revolved around a man: Klaus. She knows she can’t be with him, and she knows she can’t handle all the trouble he runs upon. At least Matt is becoming something more than an annoying waste of air, he somehow kick out all the vampires from mystic falls. Klaroline is still endgame.

          • Ben says:

            +1. Without a clear stand that character add nothing to the show, she’s exactly like Matt, useless.

      • Guest says:

        Most of the people that like only like her because of Klamille not because they like her as an individual

        • Ahlam:) says:

          I love her:)
          She’s actually an amazing person and her character can protray much more than what we’ve been shown in the past seasons just as everyone has said the writer’s just not fair on her side…😞

    • Bwhit says:

      I like her!

    • jerrired says:

      Nope. I LOVE Cami and a lot of people do but a lot of people who comment on here like to just rant about their hatred for her. If she and the other character rumored death/s happen, the show is going to lose a little bit of it’s heart for me. But I am actually really enjoying this season’s overall storyline, especially with the ramping up of the final few eps.

    • NQ says:

      I think Cami is awesome so I don’t get all the haters out there. I hope she stays around a long time and I hope she and Klaus are in it to win it, together.

      • Klaroline says:

        Stay a long time? Let’s be realistic or at least try to for you. What did Camille ever contributed to the story line and characters? All she did was make Klaus weak, betrayed him and his family, insulted his family and had a too close relationship with her “patient”(Klaus) which is highly unethical and sad that this is the only way she can get a man. She is vechnically not even with him. I really wonder how people who like Camille could like a dependent, whiny, useless, dull, and waste of money to be on the show person.

      • Ahlam:) says:

        I agree with you☺

        • Ahlam:) says:

          Pleeeeeeaaaaaasseee do find a way to bring Camille back it’s really suck without her.. Well truth be told the whole thing will lose abit of its touch without her… She was a sort of anchor to Klaus and practically almost everyone she did make a huge impact on more than half of the characters including Elijah:) please consider it🙏maybe even Bonnie can come and lend a hand to bring her and Davinna back abit of crossover won’t do no harm☺

    • Luci says:

      I like her

    • Jen says:

      No a lot of people love her.It’s just that most of the people who hate her KH/KC shippers and are very loud in their hate.

      • Jess says:

        Right….its funny how her ‘popularity’ doesn’t show in ways that usually measure how popular a character is- her social media presence is really insignificant in comparisons to other characters not only across TVD/TO but also other CW shows.

        Its not a shipping issue. Cami has topped lists for characters with poor chemistry, for characters that make us want to throw out TV’s out the window, for characters that need TGTFO, this has been going on for the last three years. I know that its easier to not admit that this character has never really been successful, but its just the truth.

    • Elena says:

      Cami is just a part of Klamille but has no story of her own. So with her character it’s not even about liking Cami, it’s about what Klaus-ship you prefer.

    • Pat Douglas says:

      Of course you’re not the only one. I love Cami too. Mostly those who hate her support other ships or prefer Klaus as the villain on TVD. Many Cami fans can’t be bothered getting involved in the slanging matches and childish shipping wars so aren’t all that vocal. What’s the point – just enjoy your preferred ship and let others enjoy theirs.

      • Elena says:

        So Cami’s fans are mature and quiet. But all who want Cami gone are childish and loud? This is indeed either childish or delusional view on things.

      • Klaroline says:

        We do not “hate” Camille because of another ship, we don’t like her because she’s useless to the show and is only there just to be Klaus’ love interest. Without him, she’s nothing, so yeah that’s why I don’t like her, she’s barely an individual. She has to mention or talk to Klaus every time she is shown. You Klamille shippers aren’t even better, you guys don’t even have a good enough reason to insult us other shippers, but you know that’s my opinion and you have yours. By the way, Camille do get involve.

      • CJ says:

        I never watched vampire diaries but I like cami. Just not as much as a vampire. I wish they wouldn’t have turned her but I figured it was to push her and klaus storyline. I still want her to live though. I feel like she’s finding herself in a new way since she’s a vampire now. Plus her and Vincent make a good team.

    • Aj says:

      No i like camie to

    • Kingsley says:

      No, I also like Cami but she’s the reason why the high and mighty Klaus mikaelson has gotten so weak, he’s only allowed to be weak for always and forever. Nothing else should make him that weak Do you forget He is Klaus mikaelson the powerful hybrid orginial vampire.. He doesn’t hesistate to kill. I can’t believe he left aruora alive that’s not badass Klaus anymore. Let Klaus spill some blood startng with the bloody evil witches that want to get rid of the mikaelsons and lucian that hides in the shadow of the ancestors. Even Devina that kid, a minor broke his sireline and still lives. There was a time in history whenever the name Klaus mikaelson was mentioned every vampire would trebble with fear and dare not speak his name because he inflicts pains so deep that even the devil weeps. That is Klaus

      • Lulu says:

        Klaus isn’t the same guy that first appeared in TVD. He’s been taken down a few pegs since then-and the TVD gang had a part in that, as they came close to doing him in, but then found out that they couldn’t do that without doing Damon and Stefan and other vamps in that happened to be descended from Klaus. Klaus spent centuries determined to achieve his hybrid status and then build an army, only to have to face up to the fact that fantasies,-even for a being like Klaus, don’t always work out like you hope they will. He’s been bitter, angry, and vengeful-and he still is, but I think he’s been learning that that only makes him more miserable. Klaus is still formidable, but he’s had to face up to the fact that even he isn’t invincible. He also has his daughter now. Elijah said Klaus was always seeking love-and that hasn’t changed. We are getting to see more than just the cruel side of Klaus, and I think that makes him more interesting. He’s a guy who-s kept all his pain inside for centuries, so I believe he’s due some tears.

  6. Mike says:

    What’s the point of making Cami a vampire for like 10 episodes if you’re just going to kill her off anyway? Do we really need Klaus’s heart ripped out twice? It seems like a waste.

    • Sharon says:

      No more wasteful than giving Klaus his real father for one episode.

      • Mike says:

        While I agree with you, he was a new character that no one had the time to attach to. Whether fans liked her or not, Cami’s been on the show since day 1. If anything they were attached to her. Just seems pointless to do this with a regular.

        • Ta'Sha says:

          Extremely pointless, actually it’s quite ridiculous. Killing Cami will sit well with Klaus and it’ll probably regress his character which is also stupid at this point. The writers are truly idiots for this.

        • Elle says:

          I think it’s part business (they have to be looking at budget cuts next year). And I think it’s simply the fact that Cami’s the most expendable. She doesn’t have much of a fan following and she’s not super essential to the plots.

        • Cam says:

          More people liked Ansel who was there for two episodes than Cami who was there for 3 seasons, it’s a tv show, if the GA still don’t like a character after 3 years and that she has no use in the global plot, it’s just stupid to keep her around.

        • Guest says:

          Heck I attached to that actor as Klaus’ dad immediately! I was super sad when Klaus killed him.
          Cami I was feel indifferent to. Not necessarily dislike her character, it’s just that the show is pretty packed with characters as is and her storyline hasn’t been up to par lately..if first season Cami came back then I would be all on board for keeping her around

          • Elena says:

            I liked him too, Klaus could’ve finally get father’s love he craved so much. When Klaus killed him it was a new low for him, but sort of true to the character.

  7. Ta'Sha says:

    Pissed. Cami gets so much hate for no reason. Not to mention it was such a waste of time turning her into a vampire just to kill her off a few episodes later, that’s if she actually stays dead. The writing is turning to sh*t, people are dying for no reason and the one person that needs to die…won’t. I’m absolutely OVER Aurora. If Lucien must stick around to play the big bad then so be it but Aurora can really get the hell on. On second thought, Lucien can go with her, I’m over the prophecy storyline as well. I’m tired of watching my favorite characters get dragged through the dirt. Look at what they’re doing to Kol, brought him back just to make him play puppet to the ancestors. Speaking of those dead broads, I’m over them too.

    Quite frankly, I’m over this ENTIRE season

  8. Pam says:

    I can’t wait for the next episode. Everyone talks about how people hate Cami, but the writers did her no justice. She could have been a strong character, but they tied her to Klaus with no storyline of her own. I had hopes early on this season with her keeping her distance from all Klaus drama. But at last it seems this was always going to happen.

    • Stacy says:

      Could not agree more! I’m thinking that either LP wanted to leave or they were pressured by the network since MN seems to love her and her character. Hopefully LP will find some better opportunities!

      • Elena says:

        Yes LP’s leave feels a bit rushed. She existed for no reason since S01, why make her a vampire just to kill off for good 10eps later. Maybe she’ll be like guest star, playing a ghost to give her wise advices to Klaus. It’s cheaper and doesn’t affect the show much.

        • Elle says:

          I think vamping her was a last ditch attempt to make people like her more, tbh. She seemed out of place. There was no need for TO to have a human character, really. On TVD Matt’s there because so many of the characters are new to the supernatural and they grew up with him. Cami often felt awkwardly shoe-horned into plots. I mean, they literally gave her a closet of deus ex machinas to give her relevance. But in the end it was too little too late. In the first two seasons she could disappear for episodes at a time and no one noticed. The apathy towards her existence (outside of people who ship her with Klaus) was just too great.

  9. Bwhit says:

    I loved the seeds planted in tonight’s episode. So basically Lucien did all of this for a girl who just doesn’t love him…. And revenge, this will not end well for him I think. Next week looks intense for sure, I have seen the spoilers but I hope they aren’t true! I am a Hayley/Elijah fan and I liked everything that was implied tonight in their subtle interactions. I feel really bad for Kol, I hope they don’t dispose of him again.

    • cj says:

      I’m confident Davina will save Kol and Hayley /Elijah will be together. Klaus is going to be sad. Hopefully Rebekah will return to cheer him up.

    • Klaroline says:

      I really like Kol, it’s enjoyable to see his interactions with his siblings, they better not kill him off! I want Klaus’ heart to get broken, don’t like Camille that much. They better not lead this whole Hayley/ Elijah thing on again, I was devastated when they didn’t end up together previous times.

  10. cj says:

    The ancestors want TO out of NOLA, but Kol can’t leave. Now what?

  11. SAMMI says:

    Read the summary for either the next episode or the one after that and we might have your answer. Of course, it could be there just to throw us off, like they have done with Rebecca coming back.

    I watch this show because of LP and of course the guys but I’ve stuck with because of LP regardless of what writers have done to her. I hope she finds another show or something…maybe not with this channel

  12. Jess says:

    So we have two ships that have failed to resonate with the larger audience, and we are somehow supposed to feel interested in the overblown dialogue and acting choices showing them ‘finding their way back to each other”? No thanks.

    I feel like we have a bunch of writers that are so disconnected from what the audience wants, indulging in their own fanfiction and participating in what is essentially a literary jerk circle. Please don’t drag on this overdone romance, stick a fork in it because its so done.

    • amy says:

      both ships have resonated with the audience. who put you in charge of judging what the audience wants? smh.

      • Jess says:

        How have they resonated with the audience? Not much of a show on twitter, not big tumblr fandoms, media articles seem to talk about a lack of chemistry, and how Cami/Hayley need to leave. So outside of a small vocal shipping fandom, how have these characters been successful?

        People want to see the Original family, not the ultimate Mary-Sue snowflake Weredingo or the prison groupie hack psychologist whose whole existence is being whatever Klaus needs. People want strong female characters not these male gaze walking troupes.

        • Beth says:

          Exactly, Jess! And I will add that the ratings also show quite clearly that the audience doesn’t care for the storylines. This show had so much potential but the showrunners completely squandered it.

    • silverpetticoatreview says:

      What the writers want is not fanfiction. What everyone else wants and imagines is.

      • Lalalalal says:

        Thank you! It seems that Arrow has ruined that for other shows since it is basically fan fiction now.

        • Jess says:

          Right….Arrow, a show that has successfully spun off two others, and in its fourth season, easily got renewed and is the second highest rated CW show. TVD/TO both falling to the bottom of the ladder, because the writers are so out of touch with their audience.

      • AppleEye says:

        True words, Silver Petticoat. However, the writers are engaged in this interactive way of television making. It seems they pick up signals from outside the writer’s room (social media, budget cuts) and they keep changing their storylines, destroying characters in the process.

        I will surely miss Cami. She made Klaus see himself and his relations in a different light, starting day one with their first chat at the Vampire Dairies episode about The Originals.

        All those centuries Klaus was only thinking about becoming more powerful. Now, at snail’s pace, he is developing from someone, who wants to protect his family at all costs to an individual, who has “the Hope” to deserve some happiness of his own.

        I don’t know if it’s true of course, but I suspect that people who dislike the character Cami, hate to see this changing in the character of the Big Bad Wolf. I respect that, but I hope those people will also respect my POV.

        • Elena says:

          I respect your POV but how come a 3-yr old relationship with a woman has changed an over 1000-yr-old man so damn much he can’t keep his eyes dry anymore? With Caroline Klaus could have been more evil (almost killed her twice) but at least it agreed with his character. He was a devil with LI, not a devil turned into puppy by his LI.

          • Pam says:

            I don’t think it was a relationship with Cami that made a difference. It was the birth of Hope that made the Klaus start to change. Klaus loves no one more than Hope.

          • Elena says:

            That I agree on. Klaus puts family first, so a daughter could cause dramatic change in him. But somehow usually most of the credit goes to Cami and it’s just absurd that a 30-yr woman can change a 1000-yr hybrid so much and in such short time.

          • AppleEye says:

            You ask me how a 1000- yr- old vampire can’t keep his eyes dry anymore. Well, Klaus showed these tears before, when he loved Aurora long ago. Many cruel men are known to weep, even the devil himself, so I’ve heard. Also it isn’t new that Klaus becomes a puppy, when he seems to be in love. He acted the same way with Caroline, almost got an accident because of it…not seeing a passing car, when he was running so eagerly after her. The difference with Cami is that her influence is not seen, but felt. She is the mirror to his heart, which he still seems to possess. Klaus needs Cami to reflect his own inner thoughts. People sometimes say to me that needing someone in such a way is unhealthy, a forbidden relationship between patient and therapist. I agree with that in the normal world, but that’s just the point: this isn’t a normal world. We are watching a fantasy show about a completely, dysfunctional vampire family with abusive relationships and totally screwed up characters. Klamille fits in just fine.

  13. Cha says:

    They should’ve kept Finn. It would’ve been really cool to see him as a series regular Thanks 4 putting our hopes high like that, I think we should support Finn (Casper zafer) like we did kol, speaking of kol am so sure they are gonna kill him off the show. If I was these writers I would make all seven siblings stay on the show permanently & let mikeal & Finn be the villains

  14. Guestyy says:

    Why would they kill Finn, I really thought he was gonna stay this time thanks for putting our hopes really high am really disappointed with the originals producer

  15. Stacy says:

    I think they might be keeping Kol. Haven’t heard anything yet. But most likely LP and DC are gone. DC is busy making movies. And anyone look at MN’s twitter tonight? New level of salty! He needs to learn a thing or two from JP.

  16. Rubben says:

    what a striking turn of events… lucien on top of de food chain along with Aroura who however does not love him… Be that as it may, am seeing cami defeating Aroura to almost to the death butter yet, klaus stopping her……

  17. Luci says:

    I hope cami don’t die off think her and klaus balance each other out she better fit for him vs Caroline because she knows the side of being good yet the darkness was fun too for her she klaus other half when she was human the way she was with klaus on the outside the listener she was semi patient not so much judgemental it every thing klaus really is on the inside that no one really sees because he has this reputation of being a monster and she brung that out of him subconsciously without him knowing because they were made for each other now when she turned into a vampire he inturn will be that for her because he been that dark mad monster she becoming no matter how she fight him he will get her back that why they are perfect for each other Caroline or Hayley can’t be all that for him …it the same with Hayley and Elijah .but of course who cares they go write what the haterful fans want vs actually forfilling the storyline they start off with that everyone wants to see happen why they rating drops it more fan who actually want see them together vs the dumb ones who don’t I should become a writer they kill cami off I can see me slowly not looking at this show no more like t.v.d it started getting dumb I stop watching bringing Rebekah back would be awesome

  18. Luci says:

    Aw yea those dam ancestors how hell can you kill them for good thought the otherside disintegrated blew up something ..but thinking if I was a writer I would put a twist to why these ancestors hate this particular family so much more then any vampires truth be told the dam ancestors and witches the worse ever when they brother died Henrik what if he was concentrated because he would been a witch just untapped powers what if it told out somehow after all this time he the original ancestor witch on the other side he hell bent on making them pay after all he did dye before he could live all because of Klaus and the wolves then esther turned them all immortal didn’t make it no better I mean other strange stuff has happen with these shows but that been interesting he hell bent on making them all suffer because he didn’t live life and unknown

  19. lunashaw says:

    I love Lucien for biting Camille xD damn she needs to die

  20. Jen says:

    No point in watching the show if they kill my favorite character a.k.a. Cami.I’d be really upset if they kill her.

  21. Gayle says:

    i dont understand why everyone is hating cami i love her for klaus hope they dont kill her off after this bite from lucien in season 4 i hope they give cami a bigger part to play

  22. Phoenix5634 says:

    I find it..,ironic, how you say “Aurora 1.5” vs 2.0 ;) lol hint hint ?

  23. Vlatka says:

    I love Cami, she is my favorite female character in the show.

  24. james says:

    is klaus going to get stronger or discover he has witch magic and become a trio like his daughter because lucian through him around like a chew toy and he is supposed to be the big bad original that no one messes with ?

  25. QueenB says:

    The first season was epic. The second season was epic but the season finale was anticlimactic. This season has been great so far but I’m not going to judge this season until its over. I really hope Davina doesn’t die! She’s one of my favorite characters. Killing Cami is pointless. Why bother turning her into a vampire just to kill her again. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the season play out. Next week should be amazing. I wish Luicen would’ve been a good guy I think he’s a decent actor and he’s so good-looking and that accent.

  26. Nicci says:

    No offense to LP but it’s time for Cami to go. That character was only there to soothe Klaus’ man pain and be Hopes babysitter whenever he asked. She had nothing else to do but make googoo eyes at Klaus all day.

    • LL says:

      Exactly and it’s ironic that the EP called shippers idiots last night, yet they created this “ship” that is all about one person. It’s hard to be a Cami fan when nothing outside of Klaus exists. (Also, a therapist in love with her patient? Been done a million times and still completely gross.) Therefore, are fans of the show and fans of the relationship they’ve pushed so hard this year idiots? At least three years of Cami chasing Klaus will be over soon.

      • Nicci says:

        Yea calling the fans of your show “idiots” is just wrong. The writers have an issue when we critique their “art” and see it as bullying or whatever. I’m sorry but once you put something out there for the public to see, criticizing the characters, and the sl is fair game. I’m not going to act like I love what the writers put out there because I don’t and Cami is one of them.

      • Elle says:

        I can’t with MN honestly. His continued belittiling of shippers reeks of sexism to me. There’s nothing that makes a romantic story fundamentally more artistically valuable than one about a family. It’s just that women are the main consumers of romantic stories so they’re put down as being silly and worthless. It explains why he can’t write a decent, nuanced, strong female character to save his life though.

        • Stacy says:

          You hit the nail on the head. Cami had a lot of potential to be an awesome character, but they took away all her SLs and just made her a LI, which is sad. They have her whole world revolve around Klaus, and will now be killing her to advance his SL. Awful treatment of female characters! Though I am not sorry to see Cami go, best of luck to LP.

          • Elle says:

            Agreed. I think the next ep is going to be a mess. I see her death being presented as a tragedy because her romance with Klaus will never progress and not because CAMI’S life is ending. What about the things she wanted to do? Goals, accomplishments, etc. They’ve never told us much about her, her hobbies, dreams. And now they never will because having her around to make heart eyes at Klaus and reassure him that he wasn’t truly bad was more important then giving her layers. I hope I’m wrong, but I kind of doubt it.

          • Trish says:

            Cami is my favourite female character now that Rebekah’s gone. I don’t want her to die but I’ m disappointed that they didn’t develop her character more this season. I would have liked to see her make her own place in NOLA, maybe represent the human faction as her ancestors had done. However this show is primarily about Klaus and if you don’t interact with him, you don’t get much action.

  27. Lou says:

    I hope Cami will really die, this character is so usless, in 3 seasons, she had no plot but her being a Klaus groupie, it’s time to focus on the real originals and no on boring characters.

  28. LL says:

    Nope and can’t wait for Cami to leave.

  29. adamfanalways says:

    Klaus has a real connect with Cami! She’s strong, thinks for herself and tells Klaus the truth as it is! Their love for one another happen over time! It’s developed naturally! He respects her and she means something to him, she matter’s to him! I love what has happen between them and I very happy to see it grow even more! I love Klaus and Cami!

  30. Saggurl says:

    Wow that was an intense episode aurora telling truth of what she thinks of Lucien was cold but at least he knows the truth honestly I don’t know why he thought after 1000 years her feeling would be any different from klaus did to her. Simply put she never liked him she fell for klaus get over it . Him biting Camille was just retaliation from the video footage of her revealing her true feelings about him. I been to these sites about these so called spoilers alerts about the show and where did it say that Camille is going to be the that dies. From what I read it just says that three people will die and another site state that a lot more people are going to die. Those sites were never specific on the characters. Those characters could be anybody really. Let’s do headcount of who we know it should not be klaus Elijah freya, marcel, Haley, Rebecca and hope. Possible deaths Camille, davina, kol, aurora, Lucien, and josh. Davina Haley and Camille have all died already so it shouldn’t be any of them really but considering that Camille just got bit by Lucien it likely looking like it’s her😔 . I hope it’s not just for the simple fact that you just recently made her vampire and now after a few episodes of her being one your going to kill her that ‘s not only ridiculous it’s not logical especially if her relationship with klaus is supposed to be the endgame so I don’t see it happening. Maybe something unexpected will happen next episode that won’t see coming the writers are good at that. As for kol and davina relationship anything can happen I mean the ancestors has always been a force of nature. I mean his mom Esther is also an ancestor so maybe asking her for help is what not necessarily Vincentshould do cause she don’t know him but davina should be talking to. I mean some level she has to still care what happens to her children.

  31. QueenB says:

    Cami isn’t that bad. The writers aren’t doing the character any favors. She was supposedly or was supposed to be the leader of the human faction in NOLA but we never saw her be a leader and they turn her into a vampire and still put her in danger she’s doomed to be the damsel in distress love interest. From the comments I’ve read she’s going to die this season which is the only thing to do with her at this point!

  32. Katie says:

    Not surprised at the fact that they’ll kill off Cami. Sad but they haven’t really done anything much with her character since S1 and I kind of would’ve liked it if they kept her working with the NOPD. I’m still enjoying everything else about this season. I really hope they get rid of Lucien because as far as I’m concerned Lucien is just a tool being used by the Ancestors. IMO, the Ancestors are the collective “big baddie.” They want to get rid of TO so badly they’ll risk open warfare to achieve that goal. Poor Kol, he just can’t get a break. He’s the wild card in their plan. They neen Kol to lose control and kill people to justify to the human faction why TO need to be destroyed. I’m with Vincent and Davina-the witches need to cut ties to the Ancestors or rebel against them. EIther way, the season finale is going to be bloody.

  33. Cathie says:

    I like Cami and hope she lives. She stands up to Klaus and tells it like it is. She’s done pretty darn well befriending vampires and witches considering her family history. IF the prophecy still stands, Finn died by foe. That leaves one by friend and family. (Rebecca is not dead, just hibernating.) I think Kol will need “killed” by Davina (friend) but he’ll be resurrected in the future….again. That leaves one by family. According to TVD Klaus hasn’t been seen in 3 years. I can not see Elijah, Kol, Freya, or Rebecca killing him, but Marcel….he’s as close as they’ve allowed into the Family. Granted he is not a Mikelson. In a loop hole are Lucien and Aurora “family” due to drinking the potion? Hopefully Aurora dies at the hands of…..anyone. There’s always the possibility of a resurrection of mom, dad, auntie to kill someone. Klaus is a Mikelson by name only, if we want to get technical about bloodlines and the prophecy. I do like Cami and Davina has grown on me. I didn’t like Hayley early on, but I like her now and hope she ends up with Elijah as I hope Cami and Klaus end up together. Time will tell what happens.

  34. Cami CAN’T die, I want her to live.

  35. Shru says:

    It truly sucks that Cami is going to die. She had so much potential of being a kick ass, nuanced character, but no.. They had to make her one-note and just exist as Klaus’s love interest. This show reeks of bad female character treatment. No female character is given the chance to shine on her own without a man guiding her storyline. Not saying that I hate the romance between Klaus and Cami because I actually think it’s really sweet and I am rooting for them but to have her ENTIRE existence on the show just to serve as his love interest for 3 seasons is insulting. And it isn’t just Cami, even Davina, Rebekah, Freya went through the same thing (not mentioning Hayley because frankly any storyline you give her she can’t carry out, the actress isn’t capable and frankly she does well in the background). Everything ties back to a love interest. Why? I mean 3 seasons in, we know nothing about Cami’s life except that she’s a therapist and that she had a twin brother and uncle. Nothing else! I mean no wonder people are bored of her, she’s not given anything to work with, how is she supposed to have a fan following?

    Maybe the writers will actually give their female characters good storylines (TVD included)
    And I sincerely hope that Cami isn’t killed off.

    • Elena says:

      I do hope Cami leaves NO one way or another. If she doesn’t get a proper storyline, might as well save her time to explore more of originals. Freya isn’t doing anything except cooking spells for her family all day every day. And she hasn’t even lived properly after she got free of Dahlia. Poor Rebecca got it even worse, hope she’ll get out of that box soon and for more than just to remind her brothers “Always and Forever!”.

  36. Kay says:

    I hope Camille survives. She’s one of my favorite characters on the show. I do feel like the made her a vampire to kill her off though. I guess we’ll see.

  37. Sleaze says:

    Not liking thes rumors about the last 2 episodes

  38. chantall says:

    Honestly lucien still hung up on that crazy bitch really? That’s pathetic. I thought lucien and freya frucien had potential even if their name sound like a fruit juice.

  39. Lulu says:

    For lack of a better word-and also trying to take into account all the inherent Mikaelson dysfunction-Klaus’ relationship with Cami was the only “mature” relationship we’ve ever seen Klaus have. Cami was still young, but she was an adult who was already living her life in the “real” world. Tatia, Aurora, and even Caroline were still young women who hadn’t even left home yet. Tatia was the first girl Klaus was crazy about, though she was more attracted to Elijah. He thought Aurora was his soul mate since they shared their mutual sorrow because they both felt rejected by their families. As for Caroline, I think Klaus desired her for her beauty and found that, in spite of himself, he did care for her. Mostly, though, I think he really wanted to play Professor Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle and “shape” the inexperienced “girl” into a sophisticated woman.
    Cami is not a useless character. Klaus had had a lot of character development because of Cami. Yes, to be fair, Caroline made efforts to show Klaus the error of his ways, but he just wasn’t “there” yet. Cami was the right person at the right time.
    Killing her now is just another way to make Klaus suffer. Finn dying from the bite served the story-and the character-well, IMO. If they were going to let Cami die, I think it would have been more fitting if she had been written to go ahead and die naturally by her own choice.Now both she and Klaus will suffer a second time if she dies, and it looks like she will, since she is apparently not listed in any further synopsis as “also appearing.”
    Another thing. Since when is a decent human being trying to cope with all the supernatural madness around them dull and boring? Do all characters nowadays have to be psychos to be interesting?

  40. samuel mutaha says:

    #thz is the best series ever….

  41. grnarchr says:

    I find it interesting that the ancestors are using their own witches and Lucien to stop the Mikaelsons, but who is going to stop Lucien? They created something far worse than a Mikaelson. Stronger than a Mikaelson and more lethal. Vincent is the only one who realized it. The Mikaelsons deal with all threats while the witches sit aside. No one likes the Mikaelsons, but to have something more powerful running around the city killing whoever he wants is not good. Everyone stuck to themselves for peace and now things are more messed up with Lucien being a hybrid. What happens if Lucien turns on another witch or the regent? All the power goes to one’s head.

  42. Larkin says:

    I love Camille, she is bloody awesome, my favorite. They MUST SAVE HER, Klaus deserves to be happy with the true love of his life as well. I love THeOrignals cast and crew. Great show becuse of the cast they have. I love you all guys.xoxoxo

  43. Rachelle says:

    I love how people are getting on here and saying how Cami has changed Klaus. Yes. She has helped him but it didn’t start with her. After a 1000 years the first person for him to care for anyone outside his family was Caroline. He chose to save her over his sister Rebekah. For klaroline shippers Julie Plec recently stated on Twitter that at the end of the originals season will we see Caroline in NOLA and why she was there in one of her Q&A. I personally like LP and thinks Cami and Vincent have better chemistry than Cami and Klaus.

    • Klaroline says:

      I completely agree with you. Caroline brought out the softer side of Klaus first. Camille is just a waste of a character and she only served as Caroline’ s replacement.

  44. Ada Alves says:

    Klamille Always and forever.
    Cami Belongs To The Originals


  45. chantall says:

    I liked cami as a human better I thought it would have made sense to make her the leader of the human faction then atleast she would have a storyline without talking about klaus the whole time.they should not have turned her its just making her pathetic

    • Bobby says:

      You know, all this ranting about Cami is extreme right wing/left wing nonsense. Her character, and it effect on the other characters is not that black and white. The truth lirs in the middle. Yes, her role has somewhat diminished after season 1, and she has been reduced to a vehicle for Klaus, but that is due to poor writing, and not the character herself. She could have been much more – several key situations have happened to her (losing her uncle, becoming a vamp, etc.) had the potential to make her a relevant 3 dimensional character, but the writers wasted the opportunity each and every time. JP and her team do this to their characters from time to time. Just look at the mess tVD are right now! In order to make Cami relevant, they either have to give her something meaningful and character driven, or if she’s just a plot device, kill her and move on. Being the token human is a character-killer (see Matt), so they were right at turning her, but now do something with her. Wether you love it hate her, she needs a purpose, and she needs it now.

  46. Kennie says:

    I would love in.someway klauses father to make a comeback to help his family against lucion

    • Stacey says:

      Eh Mikael would probably be helping Lucien to kill Klaus. Unless you mean Ansel, though Klaus killed him to protect Hope, which still makes no sense, since she was out in the open during Hayley and Jackson’s wedding.

  47. Stacey says:

    I just hope that if Cami does die tonight, Cami and Klamille stans won’t blame the Klaroline fandom since we had nothing to do with the fate of her character.

  48. Latoya phiffer says:

    I can’t not believe camie not Devina dying I’m sooooooooooooo mad with find a away to stop that crazy monster

  49. Ahlam:) says:

    Pleeeeeeaaaaaasseee do find a way to bring Camille back it’s really suck without her.. Well truth be told the whole thing will lose abit of its touch without her… She was a sort of anchor to Klaus and practically almost everyone she did make a huge impact on more than half of the characters including Elijah:) please consider it🙏maybe even Bonnie can come and lend a hand to bring her and Davinna back abit of crossover won’t do no harm☺