Jewel Staite Castle

Castle Books Firefly Alum Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite is the latest Firefly alum to touch down on ABC’s Castle.

Showrunners Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley confirmed the “reunion” casting as part of TVLine’s May Sweeps/Finale Preview Q&A, saying that Staite will appear in Episode 20, titled “Much Ado About Murder” and airing May 2, as the director of a Shakespearean Broadway staging whose movie-star lead turns up dead.

“There are some great scenes between her, Nathan [Fillion] and the boys,” Winter said. “She came to play, she was really great.” Staite of course is far from the first Firefly alum to guest-star opposite her former Serenity “captain”; most recently, Summer Glau stopped by the ABC series.

Staite’s TV credits also include Stargate AtlantisThe Killing (as D.A. Caroline Swift, Holder’s girlfriend), The L.A. Complex, Wonderfalls and a recent visit to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Castle continues Season 8 on Monday with Episode 18, “Backstabbers.”

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  1. Brad says:

    When the Q@A coming out?

  2. leftword says:

    Enough already with the Friends of Fillion. That poor casting director.

    • Beckstle says:

      LOL! Yeah…there’s no subtlety about that anymore.

    • PacIslRocks says:

      Really? Another one of Fillion’s cast member of the failed, very short lived syfy, Firefly? -Probably another Rick-centric, ADHD-like hyper focused episode with frat boy “humor”(?).Hey,Winter & Hawley, just say “NO!” next time Fillion wants an ex-Firefly cast member taking up too much time on the show. Sheesh….sigh

    • Just one thing says:

      The backdoor pilots for “Castle Legacy & Friends” haven’t been to your liking?

  3. Aleks says:

    So no SK in the episode ? 😒

    • Disappointed says:

      Stana filmed on at least three days, this is the episode that Juliana also appeared to be on set for a couple of days.

      • Aleks says:

        Yeah just not at the same time than the Firefly actress, as usual (except for Gina Torres in S5).
        She would risk to ruin the great and sooo funny scenes between her and the boys.
        Haha, this season really is a joke.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Really? That’s your immediate takeaway…?

      • Grey says:

        My guess is his first takeaway was Firefly again?

      • Aleks says:

        Well there’s been 2 episodes with Firefly guests this season & 2 episodes without without SK. Guess what ? Those were the same episodes. So yeah really, that’s my immediate takeaway.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Mine too. Just ugh.

        • Laura says:

          What part of the article did it sopecifically say SK wasn’t in the episode? The article said Jewel Staite was the featured guest star NOT that Stana wasn’t in the episode. People like you annoy me you assume with absoloutely no proof. Assuming only makes you an ass. And if you and others of your ilk don’t like this as you all seem to say ‘this once great show’ why do you continue to whinge about it? Whinging about the quality means you’re still watching it, this tells me you still like the show!

      • Susan Smith says:

        The fans have been complaining about the Firefly/OLTL reunions for awhile.The Obvious Castle centric storylines with his buddies reunions has made it perfectly clear why Kate has been put in a corner for most of the Season. The bit about SK wanting more time off is false. NF has attempted to become the “sole star of the show” and Millions stopped watching.The Show Runners don’t learn.

  4. Grey says:

    I hope this one can act

    • Karen MT says:

      I take it you haven’t seen any of her previous work? There’s obviously Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, recently an episode of Legends of Tomorrow. She does have more emotional range than Summer Glau, thank goodness.

  5. Grey says:

    Is Stana in this episode at all or was it too crowded?

    • Bob says:

      She’s in the episode there’s bts of her also this is kinda been out there for weeks jewel and Nathan posted pics together

      • Grey says:

        Why should I know? I don’t follow any of them.

      • Disappointed says:

        It wasn’t clear whether she was just visiting as one comment said that Nathan did some babysitting I believe, but the BTS pic of her with Nathan in the Orpheum Theatre now makes sense given her character.

  6. Disappointed says:

    “There are some great scenes between her, Nathan [Fillion] and the boys,”

    No great scenes with Stana then?

    • Anon says:

      Duh. Obviously, the spotlight in the FoF episodes are Fillione and his um friends.

      • PacIslRocks says:

        Fillion and his um friends…B.O.R.I.N.G. The show is about a writer,his muse,their love story while solving crimes. Way too much Fillion this season;therefore, the season has been an unbalanced mess featuring him…sigh

      • Just one thing says:

        Obviously. No more room for anyone else. We must always remember the brand and his first and forever love, Fireeflye.
        After Firefly there are other FoFs I would like them to consider for “Castle Legacy & Friends:”
        JR Bourne
        Tricia Helfer
        Pretty much the rest of BSG
        Tom Hiddleton
        Ryan Reynolds

        Anyone else?

        • Elhar says:

          Well, I’d be pretty satisfied with a show with Tom Hiddleston, Ryan Reynolds, Tricia Helfer and/or with the rest of BSG – but why should it be spoiled with NF?

  7. Bob says:

    Hope we get more on the finale like if loksat ends if it’s the season finale ending ausiello only said its a safe-ish bet that dosent mean a guarantee

  8. N says:

    I’m glad it’s still on

  9. TFD says:

    Finally!! Really cool to see her popping up on the show.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It’s like a little “Firefly” reunion!

      • Castlebuzz says:

        Enough is enough! Microscopic wouldn’t be little enough for me.

      • BenM says:

        You can’t check IP addresses right? Reading through the comments it definitely seems like one person posted with a few aliases. I could be wrong, but the names user-names & and common spelling errors make it seem likely.

    • WB says:

      I really like Jewel, and she has to have some great moments with Nathan, as they have very nice comedic chemistry. If the writers delivered of course.

    • Daniel Armour says:

      Finally, indeed! Besides, she’s playing a guest star on a single episode. It’s not like she’ll be a series regular. People need to calm the hell down.

      • Chris says:

        Thanks for a bit of sanity. It’s only a tv show, Jewel Staite has been good in every role she has had, and Castle seems to always find a way to have a good time with guest stars. I’m looking forward to it.

  10. femmefan1946 says:

    Delighted to see such a talented and charming actor get more Hollywood work. She was terrific in StargateAtlantis, LA Complex and DaVinci’s Inquest.

  11. Leo says:

    They’re wrapping up filming on the last epiosde this week. I guess this refers to post production.

  12. Jane says:

    I quit watching the show but in order to see her again with Nathan I might have to watch this one. I really miss Firefly.

  13. Bella says:

    I love her and loved her in Stargate Atlantis – another show that was gone too soon, in my opinion. I’m looking forward to this episode very much.

  14. sara says:

    My immediate reaction when I see her is to remember Flash forward, which is strange considering how short lived it was

  15. No more says:

    Really miss the show Castle. The show that was supposed to be about a writer and hugs muse who with the help if a couple of detectives solved crimes. Now we have this POS crap that is all about a buffoon , his super genius know it all daughter and two guys who constantly make fun of the one time writer with no sign of the leading lady who helped make the Castle such a big success.

    Season 8 is a disaster and nothing but a constant nightmare . It should have ended a year ago but unfortunately you have a male lead with a massive ego who thinks he can carry thus show alone and inept show runners and a network who apparently are too terrified if him to put him in his place even to save the show and hundreds of jobs. Maybe the new lady boss with see the light and end this mess and save the network from further embarrassment.

    • wakey says:

      Personally I’ve preferred the show with less Beckett and would enjoy it even more if there was no Beckett. Always found SK a bit wooden but atleast there was some on screen chemistry but the minute they became a couple the charachters lost that. The writers occasionally find some of the chemistry for a few lines but as many shows find once you make leads an item it’s almost impossible to keep that spark throughout a full episode. And you simply can’t undo it once it’s been done without writing one of them out of the show

      • Disappointed says:

        Curiously I feel the other way, except the show couldn’t manage without Castle. I didn’t know either of them before I started watching but I find her emotional range far greater than his, she is able to convey things just by a look, remember that scene in FFYG. He is OK when he does the humour, (not the buffonery though) but I’ve found his dramatic scenes hit and miss. I will be following her when the show ends but I won’t miss him.

        • wakey says:

          Sure Fillion isn’t the greatest dramatic actor but the show doesn’t really call for that as it’s a more lighthearted drama. The problem with SK (whose acting has improved since s1 but still isn’t amazing and can be fairly wooden) is she is supposed to be the ‘straight man’ for the others to bounce off and that worked well early on but they have tried to break her out of that and she doesn’t have the acting chops on either the dramatic or comedic side to fully pull it off. The basic dynamic was still there though so it was still working as a show until they went with the romance element, making them a couple completly changed the dynamic to a point where Beckett now doesn’t work as a charachter anymore. They keep trying things to make Beckett relevant but none of it has worked and I see no way they can actually get the dynamics that worked early on back because they went down the couple route (why shows do this I never know, has it ever improved a show that’s done it, I can’t think of one? Just because you have a male and female lead does it really need them to end up a couple when just being friends works fine)

          • Disappointed says:

            But didn’t Marlowe conceive it as a “great” love story of a writer and his muse, allegedly based on him and Terri? S8 has been more about highlighting Castle than S7, and Beckett has been consigned to being the Captain with far less involvement with the COTW, and the dialogue she has been given has been boring and tedious and I think the show has been the weaker for it. Castle on his own cannot carry the show, there seems something missing in many scenes now compared to previous seasons, and it is the interaction between the two leads.

        • wakey says:

          Wouldn’t let me reply to the last comment so I’m doing the reply to that to this one.

          Anyway perhaps that’s how in his mind Marlowe viewed it but you can do the ‘love’ element without making them romantic. History has shown over and over again that when you go down the romance route in these kinds of shows it kills the chemistry because it changes the dynamic. They could have kept the platonic love dynamic without hindering the show. If you get our of the whole Fillion agenda mindset and look at the episodes the quality started to drop off when they become a couple, more and more of the show became about the romance at the expense of other elements of the show (the cases became less clever, there were less scene with others and while they had chemistry in a friends with flirty banter setup they have hardly any chemistry in a romantic setup). Sure it’s missing something without SK in scenes but it was lacking it with her in scenes now as well.

          It why I think if SK goes it would be better because atleast then they can shake it up without having SK presence preventing that being fully done. There have been shows in the past that have had a charachter who has been written into a dead end but no-one will cut the rope and jettison that person who when the actor chooses to leave it does get a bit of a creative second wind, back in the day Smallville for example had it once they finally got rid of Lana Lang and I’m told by people who watch it that TVD has been much better now Elana isn’t being shoehorned in.

        • SO says:

          I’m with you,as they have ruined the show, Never heard of either before too. Budgetary cuts? Come on! Then why did they hire more people in the first place if money was the issue? Someone’s ego is showing. Goodbye ABC as that’s the only show there that I watched. Best in the beginning, but not anymore. I will follow her whatever she does. She’s always outshone him.

          • SO says:

            Wakey, they wouldn’t let you comment & now , they put my comment after the wrong person. No offense to yours.

        • SO says:

          I sure agree with you!

      • dragons3 says:

        I feel the same way. I’ve always been a Nathan Fillion fan, since OLTL and “Two Guys, etc”. I’ve never thought SK was a that good of an actress and I really don’t see much chemistry between the 2. This season has been a mess, but I’d put that on the show runners and “writers” rather than the actors. The actors can only work with what they are given. I’d like to see more of Susan Sullivan. She and NF have great chemistry and their scenes are usually high points of the show.

  16. John NYC says:

    Like her so looking forward to the ep.

  17. FormerCastleFan says:

    Ugh! I am sooo tired of Fillion and his Fireflye friends. I had no interest in Fireflye then or now. I tune in to watch a writer and his muse, now wife, solve crimes, NOT to see the cast of a failed show reunite. I hope we see Stana for more than a few minutes in this episode, but I have a feeling we won’t.
    I don’t know if Castle has been renewed, I do not want to see more episodes like season 8… I hope Channing D puts her foot down and sees to it that the mess that has been season 8 is fixed. A good place to start is to put an end to the Friends of Fillion casting. Next, I would like to see Fillion and Katic in the same scene (and room) for more than a few minutes per episode.
    The only good thing about F of F casting is….no, I got nothing….thank goodness for fast forward and delete.

  18. KLS says:

    Good News:
    1) Not many Friends of Fillion left to be cast in Castle Season 9
    2) If Castle is cancelled, no more Friends of Fillion!

    • Brad says:

      Hope it gets a s9 without Stana then there would be no more complaining(;

      • Marie says:

        Sadly I agree. Not sure why Friends of Stana haven’t been on the show.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yeah. A S9 without Stana would go off without a hitch and nary a whisper.

        • Brad says:

          You never know shift the show in a way(;

        • Bob says:

          Might still happen to deadline just said there still talking to Nathan for a highly possible finale season(;

          • Castlefan says:

            Okay, but did they mention talking to Stana too? I’d like a final season (with different showrunners, obviously) if they can make it good and take away the bad taste of season 8, but only if both leads are equally involved: otherwise it’s not Castle.

          • TNT says:

            remember last year?
            ABC announced NF had signed up again on April 16,SK May 12,Castle-S8 may 13.
            i’m still trust,stana never give up for this show

      • Maria says:

        There will be no castle, I am sick of listening to firefly cast com I Nguyen to castle, that was a show that was cancelled after the first season never saw it never will, the show is Castle the writer and his muse (wife)he doesn’t even write anymore,I will watch this season and see what happen, for me and a lot of my friends no Stana no Castle if there is s9

      • Susan Smith says:

        Castle centric shows with little or no Stana have been panned by critics and get lower ratings.We have Valid reasons to complain. The show is Not good without Stana as Kate.Hence why 2+ million people quit watching in January

        • wakey says:

          You are taking ratings and making them fit your hypothesis rather than them actually proving it. First of all you need to remember that Castle has a dip in ratings through Jan and into early Feb most years before getting a bump back up once DWTS starts up again. That’s exactly what happened this season.

          In addition that episode that saw the big drop you are talking about isn’t a fair reflection as there is another major factor and that’s the fact it aired twice that week and with the epsiode in question airing on the Sunday rather than its normal slot . That epsiode was a castle centric one but was fairly well reviewed. The castle centric one with Summer Glau had the second highest ratings of the 6 that had aired in 2016 (and the second highest without DWTS) and was fairly well received by critics. The Adam Baldwin episode in November had a big ratings dip but that could be as much to do with Adam Baldwins politics and his involvement in Gamergate which has put a lot of people off of him and swearing off watching anything he is in. That was a weak epsiode too which no doubt saw causal viewers switch off and hurt the ratings even further

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ok. No doubt left as to who is to really to blame for this season 8 crap and the death of the Castle show we once lived. Show runners and Fiillion’s ego have tanked this once great show.

    • Em Cooper says:

      Sorry–I never put much stock in anyone who uses “Anonymous” as a name, and acts like their “word” is the gospel. If everything about the show wounds you so much–try using your remote and watch something else. Otherwise, want some cheese to go with your continual and oh, so, boring whine?

  20. trogdor777 says:

    (Brown-Coats unite’) 😉. Great news!! Jewel is an awesome actress with a wonderful sense of natural comedic timing, and one of the most expressive faces in the biz. Hope they give her some good one-liners!

  21. Would LOVE to see Jewel as a nasty recurring bad-guy ala 3XK. Need more female baddies in #Castle!!

  22. Just one thing says:

    I’ve been a fan of Jewel Staite’s work since I was young – that would be Space Cases and Flash Forward, you fellow 90s kids. I also enjoyed her on Stargate Atlantis.
    It’s too bad she couldn’t share some “great scenes” with Stana, too.
    Womp woooomp. Oh well.

  23. DarkDefender says:


  24. Just one thing says:

    I think that’s a given whenever a FoF is cast.
    I so hope Alan Tudyk gets his opportunity to shine in “Castle Legacy & Friends” next season.
    Then again, Tudyk’s star seems to be rising at a rather meteoric pace, so they may not be able to afford him for much longer.

  25. Dj says:

    i loved firefly so I am happy to see her team with Nathan again.

  26. Castlefan says:

    I’ve got nothing against the actress and hope she does a great job, but the sheer number of FoF in this season is ridiculous. Yes, actors like to bring in their friends sometimes, but never on this scale. Every time we get a decent episode and I think things may be looking up, there’s another ‘positive’ announcement that makes me groan. Most Castle viewers are not Firefly fans – or it wouldn’t have been cancelled so quickly. Couldn’t we at least limit it to one friend per actor per season?
    Beckett is just as important to the show as Castle: always has been and always will be. It appears that this year everything is being centred around one of the leads while the other (arguably a stronger actor) is largely ignored, and that’s a large part of why a lot of the season has been pretty terrible. If Fillion is insisting on this, it’s disgraceful; if he’s not, the people making the decisions are idiots.

    • Laura says:

      The amount of times its happened this season? It’s happened twice and only three times in the entire series! That’s not flooding the series with FoF!

      • Castlefan says:

        I’m afraid you’ve miscounted. This will be the third Firefly cast member this year alone and I believe there were also 2 or 3 old friends from a soap in Witness For the Prosecution. I know of two previous Firefly cast appearances – one each in seasons 4 and 5 – which was quite reasonable. When, however, you’re up to SIX old friends in a single season it’s out of hand. Nothing at all against Firefly – the problem is the way the series seems to be becoming geared towards the whims of a single person in other ways apart from this.

    • wakey says:

      Do you actually watch TV? I ask because blaming Fillion for his Firefly cast mates being cast is ridiculous. Shows cast old cast mates of their regular charachters all the time for a combination of either being fans of the other show (which is often part of the reason the shows regular got cast), because it’s a fun Easter egg or simply because it’s worth some free PR.

      If they cast an actress who had no connection to Fillion unless it was a really big name would it actually get many column inches. Most likely not, certainly not as many as casting one of the Firefly cast. It’s like the way Hawaii Five-O has cast a few of the Lost cast and also why since Masi Oka joined the cast they have cast some of the Heroes cast (including giving him and Greg Grunberg a scene together where they hinted at the last). ONce Upon a time has also gone down the Lost casting a few times and Burn Notice had Sharon Gless old Cagney and Lacey costar. And those are just the shows that instant,y jump to mind

      • Castlefan says:

        I don’t see the need to make personal attacks on other commenters just because they happen not to agree with you. I want what’s best for a (sometime) great show. Gearing it entirely towards one of the two leads is not and I’d be saying the same thing if Stana appeared to be acting like an egomaniac.

        I have nothing against Firefly (I have the DVDs), Jewel Staite or anyone else, but in view of the disastrous season I’d prefer to see the writers’ attention directed to the plots and the main characters rather than to whom is being shoe-horned in.

        Actually I’ve watched quite a bit of TV but not the specific shows you mentioned – maybe they’re too bogged down with unnecessary reunions.

        • wakey says:

          Wow if you think asking if you actually watch TV is a personal attack you really need to get out more. It was a perfectly good question because EVERY SHOW does it but only people with an agenda that they want to push even if there is no actual basis. For example another show that’s done it multiple times this year is Limitless. So far this season they have cast Jake McDorman’s Manhatten Love Story co-star as Brian’s love interest in an episode (who was a love interest in the other show as well), Jennifer Carpeters Dexter co-star who again was her love interests (and was in Dexter) and also one of Blair Browns Fringe costars. Or what about how often Friends actors show up in each other’s shows

          You can basically go through every show on TV and find such castings. You may not always notice it as you may not be aware of everyone’s previous work and it may not get the media coverage that casting people from a cult classic show which one of the cast was in but it happens. And I don’t see you complaining about Seamus Dever having his wife cast in the show.

      • Normandy says:

        Well from what I gather here…

        A script that casts Summer Glau or Jewel Staite in a role is shoehorning her in. But that exact same script with Lauren Holly or Lucy Lawless or Kelly Hu cast in that role, not shoehorning. =P

  27. WB says:

    I don’t understand what these constantly butt hurt people that live in the comments to Castle articles, have against casting Firefly people. You’re not a fan of Firefly, never seen it never will – fine, you don’t need to be, or see it, then for you it’s just another actor in a guest role on Castle. But no, for you it’s not “just another actor”. The mere fact that this actor was on Firefly or knows Nathan Fillion outside of Castle somehow spoils everything for you. Why? I don’t understand it. Firefly fans would see a familiar face and get a kick out of it. Those who’ve never seen Firefly (or Stargate) would not know any difference, just another actor. Seems like there’s this specific brand of Castle fans who make it their goal to seek out anything connected to Firefly in order to sigh and cry about how this newfound knowledge spoils their very existence. Well, if you are so indifferent and not interested in Firefly, then casting Firefly actors shouldn’t bother you at all, in fact I wonder how you recognize them. Most viewers would not know a thing, and it wouldn’t affect their enjoyment or not of the episode.You should take a leaf out of their book.

    • Castlefan says:

      I don’t think most people here have anything against Firefly, and Gina Torres was great when she guest starred. The problem for many of us is just that Castle now seems to be geared very much towards one of its stars while the other is sidelined. The Firefly aspect is not especially relevant – just a symptom of a much bigger problem. I’m happy for the Firefly fans, but it’s not particularly good for the show which is still running.

      Personally I loved Falcon Crest, but I don’t expect Susan Sullivan to bring in lots of fellow cast members each season: I’ve only noticed two over the whole course of the show and it was much lower key (and possibly entirely coincidental).

    • Normandy says:

      It feels like one butt hurt nut posting under a bunch of different aliases. The comments aren’t even rational.

      • wakey says:

        Certainly some of them are the same person as they use pretty much identical statements (such as the ‘the show is supposed to be about a writer and his muse (now wife)’)

        • Normandy says:

          The argument about “shoehorning in a Firefly actor” is just about the dumbest thing I’ve read on this page. It’s like this person believes these episodes and roles exist only for the Firefly actors and the production staff went through extra effort to make it happen. So casting Summer Glau is wrong and shoehorning, but having a non-Firefly actress playing the exact same role with the exact same lines and screen time would somehow be completely different.

          • Castlefan says:

            No, the dumbest thing on this page is people who don’t read what’s actually written because they’re so determined to be offended by, and rude to, people who are perfectly polite. I don’t see anyone attacking Firefly or Jewel Staite, who I’m sure is charming and will probably do a good job. We are criticizing the skewing of the show towards the personal preferences of one actor. If the season had been great no one would care, but when the casting is one part of an overall trend which some of us feel has dragged down the season’s quality (together with other factors), it’s perfectly reasonable to question it.

        • Susan Smith says:

          No that would be me unless someone else is using that.Still Susan…

          • wakey says:

            This account isn’t the only one using it. Perhaps you are unique as you aren’t using really generic usernames but there are some on here that are clearly the same person using multiple accounts

          • Castlefan says:

            I’d like to confirm that I’m not Susan, but she does seem to make a lot of sense! Heaven forbid a few of us should agree on something.

    • Grey says:

      The last Firefly friend of Fillion couldn’t even act, I would have thought that was a requeriment to land a part.

      • Castlefan says:

        That’s all I want. Gina Torres could certainly have got the part on merit but I’m really not sure about some of the other friends, whether from Firefly or elsewhere. There are a lot of great actors who probably never get a chance to be on such a major show and the parts should go to the best people regardless of whether or not they know someone involved. Didn’t one episode have 3 actors from the same daytime soap? (I apologise to its fans – never seen it.) Bit coincidental that they all happened to be the best possible person for the relevant parts in the same episode!

  28. Kimo says:

    Why all the grief about Nathan bringing in some of his old pals from Firefly? It just shows that he is the kind of person who remembers his friends and wants to give them a boost up when he is in good position to do so. Admittedly, some of them are better actors than others, but my husband and I enjoyed seeing them all. We loved seeing them interact with the great Castle cast. We are delighted to see that Jewel Staite will be on soon – she is a favorite of ours – a sweet, gentle woman and a delight to see again.

    • Normandy says:

      One person using a bunch of different screen names is being butt hurt by the concept of actors being able to play different roles on different shows.

      You know, if Katic had ever been the lead of her own show I’m sure she’d have her friends guest starring. Jack Coleman was a Heroes reunion but she was barely in that.

      • Susan Smith says:

        You didn’t read all the comments. It is the Castle Centric/FoF episodes that put Co Star SK in the corner that upset people.That has a lot to do with Show Runners not the guest stars.It also has to do with skewing the show toward one person.We want to see (ready) a writer and his muse (wife) solving murders together Not Castle and friends. Or Castle PI/Castle GDS. Shows with little or no Kate fare worse.The Kate Centric Police Academy show was hailed by critics as seasons best show.Best ratings since beginning of season. Btw theres only one of me.Thats enough Lol

  29. CastleFan says:

    Oh for the LOVE, come on! Is the whole cast from Firefly going to have to make an appearance on Castle? If we get a Season 9, I wish they had just put Alan, Morena, Ron and Sean in the season finale, so we could be done with it!

  30. Jay says:

    Man, she was so good in the LA Complex. Wished they created a spin-off centred around her character.

  31. SImone says:

    I do hope Jewel gets more air time than poor Summer got.. and YAY! This is SO exciting :D

  32. Julie Lamb says:

    Oh you people need to get a life! I love Castle and if Nathan has his friends on, that is okay by me. I never watched Firefly so I wouldn’t even know except for reading TV Line. So get a life, be positive and enjoy a fun episode of Castle! Season 9 please! TV is for entertainment and that is what Castle is to me… a great show with a great cast and fun/interesting/tense/twisted content. Thank you for 8 great seasons! One more please!

    • S. says:

      Amen. It’s like people a giant lightsaber up their rear ends when it comes to this show anymore. Everybody used to squeal when Firefly alums were gonna come on, now they b**** and moan. Give people more supporting character stuff, they gripe. Not enough, they gripe. (Jon and Seamus killed it with their storylines lately so you’re missing out if you weren’t paying attention). More Caskett, they find something wrong with what they get. Less, well it’s just the end of all civilization. Rant about Beckett one minute, yell when Stana’s off a week the next. My favorite of course was grumbling that it was the Beckett show but then the showrunners tried to expand Castle’s storylines and character and everybody lost it. I’m not sure what they were supposed to do and when if not that disappearance arc starting pre-wedding. Happily ever after post-wedding is not dramatic. That’s why God created fan fiction. There wasn’t gonna be an ep of wedding, ever, and a full on ceremony doesn’t get shown in 5 minutes. People start fights in their heads over things that never take place and hold it against the show. ‘If they do X, I’m out’ crap. It’s been haunting the show ever since the disappearance speculation started. They never really broke up, but I guess we’re gonna have to deal with scorned Caskett-lovers’ imagined wrongs from now til doomsday.

  33. NBBob says:

    Isn’t it clear to everyone that wakey is Alexi Hawley’s nom de plume for purposes of justifying his disatrous choices, the “fun” that we were to expect in season 8. His lame attempts to explain away this season’s viewer numbers, and to pass blame back to season 7, overlook the obvious. At the end of last season there was no widespread concern that the series was about to be canceled. There was no tidal wave of fan dissatisfaction in the forums. Now, both dominate Castle discussions and reviews. Wakey’s overly lengthy, and I must say almost professionally written, posts to this forum, smack of a PR effort to convince us that in some way the path chosen in season 8 was necessary and good for the Castle franchise. Wakey up Mr. Hawley. The first rule of successfully marketing a product is to give the consumer what he wants. In your arrogance you chose to believe that your vision of Castle was inherently better than that developed over seven years and that you could bend the viewers’ preference to your way of thinking. After three or four season 8 episodes it should have been clear, even to you, that new Castle, like new Coke, had to be sent to the graveyard where failed concepts go to die. But no, given your past failures. you chose to soldier on to prove the Castle fan base wrong and to show the world that you really could run a successful show. And now here we are. You have driven away millions of fans. You have antagonized Stana Katic to the point where I doubt that she would reup if you continue to be the showrunner. Further, I would suspect that sponsors, if approached to support a season 9, would insist on a serious commitment to a change in the show’s format and direction before signing on again. My guess is that during the long winter hiatus ABC gave you an ultimatum to get Caskett back together immediately, even to the extent that it might mean patching episodes already in the can and that is why we have seen the return of somewhat classic style Castle episodes. I know that the last episodes have all been filmed and that we await only ABC’s decision to renew and NF and SK’s willingness to sign new contracts. I only hope that TPTB have the vision to see that like Bones, Castle can be quite successful as the on-going stories of happily married crime fighters that we have all come to love.

    • wakey says:

      Wow you are a complete and utter idiot. Just because some people have the intelligence to write replies that don’t come across as the rantings of a mentally ill person who spends all day wearing a tin foil hat to stop the government reading their thoughts doesn’t make it a PR effort.

      And why exactly are my ‘interpretations’ of the ratings lame. Do you seriously believe that changing a day isn’t a factor, or for that matter not having a show as a lead in that through Castles run has consistently had ratings between 12-16mill isn’t a factor. My view on the ratings atleast have facts to back it up unlike ‘Yours’ (I’m assuming you are another one of ‘Susans’ twenty accounts) which makes claims that are disproven by the actual ratings

      Also the problem with your idea that “The first rule of successfully marketing a product is to give the consumer what he wants” is that often consumers don’t know what they actually want. Arrow has been trying to do this and with that we have the mess that is Olicity which has not only taken what was a good support character in Felicity and made her. Do I wish we had the Castle of the few first few seasons back, sure but its been on a downward trend since season 5. They committed one of the biggest mortal sin in TV and that was changing the dynamic between the leads. Its one if these things along with having High School shows graduating to a college setting that you can count the successful attempts on about 2 fingers. The Chemistry NF and SK had before simply doesn’t carry over to a relationship setting, it might be the leads can’t pull that off or it could be the writers can’t write such a relationship as well. Alot of fans did want that relationship to happen but pandering to the fans has become an issue. Really going the relationship route in these shows should be the left to the last episode. As they have gone down that route though the genie can’t be put back in the bottle which is why I feel we need to completely lose Beckett (Because you cant really have a show called Castle without Castle. And TBH without Castle it largely becomes a bland Cop show along the lines of Blue Bloods which is a fine show as an easy watch but doesn’t really have anything that makes it stand out)

      I also have to laugh at you bringing up Bones. Another show that having the two leads become romantically involved has ruined the show chemistry and made both Booth and Temperance shadows of themselves

      “Castle can be quite successful as the on-going stories of happily married crime fighters that we have all come to love.”

      That wasn’t the show people fell in love with though is it. As I have said I don’t have a problem with the show that we had in the first 4 seasons, where we had two leads with great banter and inventive cases which wasn’t getting caught up in a really poor romance story that saw many of secondary characters whose scenes with one or both of the leads was always part of the charm.

      • NBBob says:

        You wear the tinfoil hat. I have no idea who this Susan is. I am a well experienced California trial attorney with clients in the entertainment industry. Like Hawley you appear to be a misogynist who cannot appreciate the evolution of a mature male-female relationship in an entertainment vehicle (e.g. The Thin Man, Mr. and Mrs. North and MacMillan and Wife). That you make abundantly clear. In your narrow focus rant you completely ignore the central point of my post – that season 8 has tanked because Hawley chose to tear apart the Caskett relationship that Marlowe built up over seven years. The consequences of that choice have been as I indicated above, causing the show to teeter on the brink of cancellation. Nothing that the Hawley apologists offer explains away this reality. At this point we have no idea how a stable Caskett relationship would have played out because Hawley would not let it happen. Your comment about Bones merely underlines my perception of your world view. Bones with end its run after twelve seasons, 246 original episodes, the longest running Fox series ever.

        • wakey says:

          It has nothing to do with being a misogynist. If these kinds of shows could write well formed relationships that are engaging and atleast changed the dynamic in a positive way I would be fine with it. They don’t though they shoehorn in the romance in such a hamfisted way that the writers of the worst written Rom-Com movies would laugh at it. And the romance ends up over shadowing the writing of the actual cases which for a crime procedural is the whole bloody point

          And I’m also really not sure how not believing that a lead women needs validated by being in a relationship with the male lead is misogynist.

          And seriously don’t blame all this on Hawley. Marlowe has 3 seasons of them being a couple and wasn’t able to write them as engaging as a couple as they were when they weren’t a copy. If the show had suddenly dropped off the cliff this season then fine but it hasnt

          And what does how many episodes bones has had really matter. You will also notice that much like Castle Ratings started to dip when the dynamic and focus of the show shifted .

          Oh and this belief that ratings have tanked this season is ridiculous. Its year on year dip is no larger than the dip has been each season since s5. Most shows lose viewers season on season as it is

          • NBBob says:

            Thank you. You make my point for me. The success of shows that have elements, to some degree, of a progressive story taking a couple from attraction to fascination to romantic love to marriage is dependent upon good writing by professionals who understand, and are comfortable with, the dynamics of that evolution and can weave it into the other elements of the show to produce a compelling result. Lacking that ability, Hawley gave us the “fun” dark universe that has marked his career, expecting that Castle fans would sheepishly follow his lead. They did not.

            As you correctly noted the more than normal downturn in viewership started in season 7, but not for the reasons that you believe. The premiere episode had an audience of 10.76 million viewers, who returned expecting that the accident was an attention grabbing cliffhanger and that the wedding was on. Instead, Marlowe gave us the ill-conceived Castle kidnapped story arc. In episodes 2 through 5 more and more viewers jumped ship every week until only 8.75 million were left for 7×05. Marlowe, unlike Hawley, realized that he had made a mistake, made it clear that the wedding would take place in 7×06, and then patched it into that episode and 9.52 million viewers applauded. From 7×06 through 7×10 viewership remained decently high until the equally ill-conceived Castle P.I. story arc brought viewership down to 6.77 million viewers in 7×11. The numbers did not recover until the second part of the 3XK conclusion when Castle was allowed back into the 12th precinct in 7×15 (8.47 million viewers). For the rest of the season the numbers hovered in the 8 million plus range. The season average was 10.69 million viewers and the show was in the top 40 for the season. These numbers are from the U.S. Neilson ratings summary in Wikipedia.

            Until Beckett moved back into the loft the best Hawley could do was 6.84 million viewers in 8×01 which week by week tanked down to 4.19 million viewers in 8×10. 8×15, 8×16 and 8×17 have drawn 6.50, 6.90 and 6.44 million viewers. My takeaway from all of this is the obvious and has nothing to do with validation – Castle works far and away better when Castle and Beckett are working together as a team with no unnecessary showrunner fabricated angst to detract from the experience. The Caskett relationship is what it is. Going back to rewrite that history has failed miserably. I only hope that we get a season 9 and new showrunners who will bring in writers able to create a quality product that we all can appreciate.

          • wakey says:

            You need to stop looking at the viewing figures in isolation and realise in TV there is this important element called ‘the lead in’. Look at the dates when viewing figures dropped and you will notice it’s during weeks when it didn’t have DWTS as a lead in. The drop down to 4mill itself happened on a different day (Sunday) when it’s lead in was repeats.

            The same drop happens every year when they go from having a 12-16mill lead in to having a lead in that’s a repeat of something and is lucky to get half of that. The reason it has that impact is that TV networks rely on lead ins to bring in casual viewers, the people who time in for their show and when it ends will often just leave it on.

            And you seem to have this thing against Hawley to a point where you ignore the fact that all the issues were there under Marlowe as well and that it was Marlowe who painted the show into a corner in the first place. if Marlowe had been killing it for the last few seasons then fine you might have a point but he had got so bogged down in the show being a bad rom-com that you can’t say the show he was putting out was killing it. Hawley may not be killing it either but atleast this season we have had some clever cases of the week and the Caskett hasn’t been suffocating every other relationship in the show so atleast others have got to shine (for example the Castle/Alexis relationship early on in the show was always really good, perhaps the best written father daughter relationship since Veronica Mars but that got put on the back burner to give more time for to the Caskett romance elemements. It may not be as well written this season as early on but that relationship has been better written than it has been for a long time now)

            They ruined Becketts charachter many seasons back largely by making her take on more and and more of castles traits and then ruined the thing that atleast was working for the show and that was the great banter between them by making them romantic and making the Beckett charachter reliant on the castle one to validate her as a charachter because apparently characters can’t work with a man without falling in love with them and can’t be seen as successful as long as they are single

          • Viv says:

            [I want to reply to both of you, wakey and NBBob but can’t do it at the end of the convo so doing it here]
            I think you both have a point. The problem is that they put couples together when the show is already on its 3rd, 4th or 5th year and the co-stars are fed up by each other at this point. And it shows on screen. Case in point : Moonlighting, Remington Steele, Castle. And certainly more.
            At least now we know why since season 5 we’ve had a weird dynamic, no banter, no chemistry anymore. We now know why they broke Caskett up in season 8 (so NF and SK wouldn’t have to work together) and it all makes sense.
            Poor Hawley and Winter who did what they could with a f%$#ed up situation and who had to deal with all the fan hatred. How could TPTB think that the fans wouldn’t notice a problem when the 2 leads have no interactions with each other apart from those ridiculous book-end scenes that always end with them awkwardly going to bed.
            How could they have thought an 8th season would have worked?

  34. Lynda says:

    Since Stand is fired were done with Castle! !! Bad move.

    • SO says:

      Me too! No more ABC as that’s the only one I watched on their channel. They can give us the excuses for budgetary reasons, so why did they hire more actors earlier in the first place? They can never take Stana’s place.I will follow her in her future endeavors. She doesn’t have an ego like her former co-star & is a far better actor too.

  35. Rana Keishk says:

    No Stana No Castle for me!! Castle rating go down!?!

  36. Tammy says:

    Nathen is castle not kate. When they were doing there own thing castle held his own like he will do with she gone. Give him time to morn then find him a new love interest. Nathan can carry it off.

    • Viv says:

      Well I’m not sure he can….
      I liked his charactor in the first seasons : sexy, charming, smart, even classy…
      But, and it pains me to say this because I used to have a crush on that charactor, he has now become a fat buffoon and it irks me now each time he makes a silly face.

      • Dee Crawford says:

        Viv..I’m with you there. All of the sexy, charming, smart and classy that made the show in the first place is long gone.They should have just ended it on a high note. I used to love the scenes between Castle and Alexis in the early years, but they aren’t even the same anymore. And maybe it is my imagination, but the relationship between Ryan and Esposito seems strained and sometimes even snarky at times.

  37. Deb says:

    Nathan has had a lot of former soap co-stars as guests on Castle. Also, Dana Delaney guested on a two part Castle. Nathn played her dentist husband on Desperate Houswives.

  38. Ramona campbell says:

    I think it’s time to move on I think you guys are making a bad choice.i won’t be watching.

  39. McSatan says:

    About damn time she was on the show. Firefly and Fillion were the reason I started watching Castle in the first place. The more Firefly folks guesting, the better!

  40. Dee Crawford says:

    I have tried to watch this season but the writing has been lacking for a while now. The relationship between Castle and Beckett was the whole reason for the show. Ever since they chose to have Castle disappear before the wedding, the show has suffered. First fans were deprived of the wedding, then this nonsense of him disappearing and trying to make sure he never remembered where he was. What nonsense. Then separating them more and more because of the case surrounding the death of Beckett’s mother. Now the wole precinct will be men only unless they hire some of Castle’s friends to fill in. The whole dynamic of the show has been ruined. We have seen less and less of Beckett and everyone else at the precinct. The show doesn’t need more regular cast members. It needs to utilize the original cast members that made the show enjoyable in the first place. With Stana leaving, there will be no reason for Castle to hang out at the precinct and all we will see is Castle acting ridiculous.

  41. Barbara Pletts Magnusson says:

    I’m a confirmed Castle fan, and now a Browncoat! I love Summer Glau and Jewel Straite as rounding out the family! Nathan always worked with great actors! Go Castle!

  42. Toni Massari says:

    Just bring back firefly and do a follow-up of Serenity, the rest is bunk!