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Bones Recap

Bones Boss 'Defends' Serial-Liar Hodgins, Dismisses Miraculous Twist: 'We're Not Downton Abbey'

It was one step forward and two steps back for paralyzed Hodgins in Thursday’s midseason premiere of Bones. After enjoying a surge of phantom pain-fueled optimism, Angela’s bitter half was brought back down to Earth when, in the episode’s closing minutes, he learned he would never walk again.

In the following Q&A, co-showrunner Michael Peterson breaks down Hodgins’ fragile mindset, explains why he’s shutting Angela out with lie after lie, and answers the $1 million question: Will he ever walk again?

TVLINE | Granted there was an eight-week time jump, but Hodgins was in a surprisingly good place in the beginning of the episode. I was expecting him to still be full of rage.
We were looking over the different emotions people go through when experiencing a tragedy. And there was an inclination to go towards [anger], but then we argued and went back and forth and ultimately went with his first emotion being denial more than anger. He made this decision that he was going to be upbeat and work his way through it; he’s in perfect denial. And then in future episodes we get into [the darker stuff]. In the end, he may go to an even worse place than anyone would anticipate. In [next week’s] episode, there’s a great scene where we see the world from his perspective — it’s him looking at the lab and seeing how much has changed. Hodgins is also someone that feels blessed that he’s even with Angela. I don’t think he ever quite felt like he deserved her; he has some insecurities about that. And I think this injury hurts his ego quite a bit.

TVLINE | The bad news he receives from his doctor at the end of the episode — does that start the slide into darkness?
Yes. He was believing [that he would walk again]… He was hanging on to the fact that he could feel something. And then he finally gets this news and, at the end of the day, he’s a scientist. This is the doctor saying, “No. Those pains aren’t real. You’re lying to yourself. It’s time to accept it more or less.” He wants to hope.

TVLINE | I thought it was odd that Hodgins didn’t tell Angela that he was going to go straight back to work after he left the hospital. Is that a case of him not even knowing himself until he stepped foot in the lab? Or was he purposely keeping that from her?
He probably kept it from her. He didn’t want [her] saying no. I don’t think it was a callous decision [to keep it from her]. He just wants to be working.

TVLINE | He then outright lies to her at the end of the episode when he tells her the report from the doctor was positive. What does it say about their ability to get through this crisis if he’s already lying to her?
It’s not the first step you want. In both cases, his instinct was to distance himself from her. Everybody handles tragedy differently. He’s someone who goes within himself and he has no interest in sharing that with Angela.

TVLINE | Brennan struggles with the fact that he is in this denial. What stops her from grabbing hold of him and going, “You’re never walking again!”
It’s the difference between Season 1 Brennan and Season 11 Brennan; it’s Booth’s influence on her. She wants to do that, but she won’t because of Booth’s influence.

TVLINE | At this point, would it be considered a medical miracle if Hodgins were to walk again?
You saw on Downton Abbey how Matthew suddenly started walking again — we are not Downton Abbey. The audience is in for a ride. That’s all I can say.

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  1. Lily says:

    There are some pretty tough/heartcrushing moments ahead of us for sure, but I’m looking forward to it because this cast is so good, it’s going to be worth it. So great to have Bones back.

  2. Jemruck says:

    Spoiler much?? This was posted at 5:58 and told us how an 8:00 episode ends? Nice job TVline

    • TV line is 3 hours behind East Coast time. It was 5:58 Pacific time when they posted this. It’s not so much of a spoiler, but a recap. Of course you didn’t have to click on this article if you haven’t seen the episode ;)

    • Gospino says:

      Obviously they expect people to use common sense when visiting this site. Just as obviously, they overestimate how much common sense some viewers have. I hope they continue to aim high here instead of dumbing things down.

    • Ana says:

      Tvline is 3 ours ahead of the West Coast viewers because the writers live on the east coast. They’ve technically just finished watching the episode, so it’s not a spoiler for them and those on the east coast. If you don’t want spoilers don’t go online until you’ve watched the show.

    • mooshki says:

      The first sentence of the story tells you that it’s a recap of the new episode. Your own fault if you kept reading. The show was already over for most of the country when it was posted.

    • Jemruck says:

      Maybe I should have been more specific to you all to begin with, but I read this article at just after 6 EST (in Charleston, SC) which would be 3 on the west coast so any way you look at it, the show had not aired
      How many people does it take to say the same thing ? Unfortunately the article title gives no indication (nor does the first sentence say recap as someone mentioned)that this isn’t just an interview with an actor or show rep, many articles on here that recap are not available until the next day and often interview the actor that is being highlighted BEFORE the show airs….like greys anatomy early today. Do you all feel better for insulting someone with a legitimate complaint that did check before he spoke?

      • NDFan says:

        I think most were just trying to help you with the confusion. The episode had just finished airing on the east coast when this was posted. The 5:58 time your referring to is Pacific time, which would be 8:58 EST. Same with the 6:11 time (9:11) that you posted your original comment. The recap was most definitely not up at 6 on the east coast. TVLines times on the sites always show Pacific time, even though they post things according to when things air on the East Coast. They always do recaps the same night this way. I do understand your confusion that you didn’t know it was a recap at first though. If you’re not familiar with the site you may not know that “post-mortem” indicates a recap. I think they did try to warn you though in the first sentence when they said in the mid-season premiere. Either way though…sorry you were spoiled. I know that sucks.

      • Jeri says:

        Don’t read the articles if you don’t want to know. Common sense. When it is near air time they will discuss the episode and if you can’t grasp that fact stay off the site on evenings episodes will air. Very simple concept.

      • Tina RC says:

        really? wow. get off the internet. You know there are “spoilers” everywhere. Not only for Bones but every tv show. It just amazes me how people get angry over this stuff when all they have to do is not read anything pertaining to a show you’ve not watched yet. It’s really very simple.

      • Debbie W says:

        Sorry but it wasn’t posted until almost 9PM EST. I got an email automatically when the new article came out plus his tweet is time stamped at the same time. 9PM EST.

  3. kmw says:

    So glad to have Bones back and they hit just about everything right with Hodgins tonight. Just like last season lies between spouses(Booth and Brennan with his gambling) are terrible to a relationship but I do understand why he did it. I am definitely glad Brennan didn’t tell him that and while I know she is a scientist, after being with Booth for awhile she should understand the need for hope. If Booth was in this situation I doubt she would want doctors or anybody else telling him there is no hope. It is going to be a tough road for them but they will get thru it. All in all not a bad episode

  4. Bryant says:

    I love the series Bones. I’ve watched it for years but I was disappointed with the first episode of the final season. I felt like the dynamics of the entire squint team changed with Hodgins injury. This episode was not enjoyable for me to watch. I hope the rest of the season is more enjoyable or at least more entertaining.

  5. Sarah Jones says:

    Great episode! Poor Hodgins. :( But yay Booth and Wendell! And I love B&B!
    Oh, and I’m glad they’re making Hodgins’ condition realistic and he’s not going to magically walk again.

  6. James Van Hise says:

    I watch this show for the mystery, not for soap opera stuff. I find I can mute all the scenes with Hodgins (who was much more interesting before this stuff started) and still follow the story. Worse, the supporting characters got more screen time tonight than Booth and Bones, where ten minutes of story would pass without seeing either of them. It has been about a year since a new episode aired and this new one does not give me a lot of hope for what is to come. Booth and Bones are the main characters but suddenly they are reduced to supporting players. Not good.

    • anon says:

      Yeah, I totally agree, coming off a 4 break give me something more for Booth & Brennan, the actual leads, they had nothing to do…..Hodgins & his wheelchair I just don’t want to see eating up a plot, when B&B have nothing.

      I heard ep 13 is focused on B&B, about a serial killer who killed whilst they were a way….but I am sure Hodgins wheelchair DOOL & Aubrey complusive eater will suck the life out of airtime too during the ep…or maybe Cam, bachelorett will finally chose her man *sighs*

      • kmw says:

        While most of us want more screen time for Booth and Brennan( and I am sure more is coming) we knew in advance that this episode was going to be about Hodgins. I know that I complained as much as anybody else last season about their lack of air time but at least Peterson and Collier are trying. We are never going to get 40 minutes of just Booth and Brennan again( if we ever did) not the least of which is because Emily Deschanel has two young children and her time may be limited. I am actually much more concerned that this story they have for Booth and Brennan is going make them feel guilty about the crimes that went un solved while they were away. Booth and Brennan would never feel guilty about ANY THING like that ( especially since Aubry is supposed to be the new stud of the FBI) Besides this new serial killer arc it sounds like they have some different stuff lined up for them, so I think it will be alright. But for me hands down this season has been a huge improvement over last season and am looking forward to what Bones has in store

        • anon says:

          I am not asking for 40 mins of Booth & Brennan, I am just asking for B&B to actually to something in a ep, speak to each other more than 5 times. They need direction, a purpose.

          Also on second vieweing, why on earth is Aubrey getting more scenes with Caroline than with Booth?! I feel like Booth can’t have anything without Aubrey all over it, its ridiculous.

          • Ja says:

            Five times? That would be generous of them :[ I looked through the last episode and BB spent under three minutes alone together.
            The worst thing is though that both actors are working plenty of time with the secondary characters, just not each other. I wonder if they’ve had a fight or the network is pushing too hard for a spin-off.I like Aubrey, but he’ll never hold his own in a show post-Bones. It’ll just be another one-season cancellation for Hanson. Magic’s got to be there

      • Lily says:

        In over 220+ these B characters barely had any space, can we give them a few episodes without complaining about it? They can’t possibly give B/B more screen time if the actors don’t work more hours, and with David’s health issues (he still looks so very thin in this episode and judging by the pics in the next one too and he only tweeted about being 100% healthy kind of recently) and Emily’s second baby, I think giving them a little more time off is okay, it’s not like the writers are some bad monsters who don’t care about B&B anymore. They’re adjusting their screentime for their convenience so that the actors are happy at their jobs, which is actually really nice of them. I hate how everyone blames the writers for everything. People need to understand it’s so much more complicated than that. And while earlier seasons might have had more B&B – it was more of screen time not necesserily storylines, most of their scenes were just meaningless cases scenes and then they had like one cute moment at the end and sometimes during the episodes. In Later seasons, they might have less screentime, but their scenes have more meaning, and personally, that’s more important to me.

        • anon says:

          @lily “And while earlier seasons might have had more B&B – it was more of screen time not necesserily storylines most of their scenes were just meaningless cases scenes and then they had like one cute moment at the end and sometimes during the episodes”

          Showing Booth & Brennan do THEIR jobs, solving crimes together is only the whole foundation of Bones. The earlier seasons actually had a better balance of B&B working together & integrating their personal stories….I expect more substance to B&B narrative, they need more to do than bicker over a TV, the tooth fairy etc .. But hey as long as you get you one cute hug scene at the end of the ep, who cares if after the initial opening scenes they never discuss the case or work together until the last ten mins of each episode.

          Also, are you David & Emily’s PA? Do you work for Fox? You have no idea what David & Emily’s work schedule is like….they get paid huge sums money to lead Bones, not to be reduced to background characters . Booth & Brennan should be driving the episodes.

          And you talk like Hodgins & Angela never get any storylines…guess I must of imagined Hodgins vs Pelant. Or him losing money. Or Angela hooking up with Roxy in S4 or Angela hooking up with Wendell in S5 . Or Hodgins & Angela dealing with a potential blind baby plot. Or Hodgins brother. Or Hodgins start up business. Or Angela having a career crisis every season. Or Angela looking for her husband all through S3…need me to go on?

          My point is, Hodgins coming back to work could of been left until ep 12, and just seeing him talk to the doctor in ep 11 was enough with a few Angela scenes, Booth & Brennan should of been driving ep 11 coming back after a four month hiatus.

          There are questionable showrunning choices being made.

          • Lily says:

            a) I said barely any, not any at all. Definitely less than B&B.
            b) I’m not, but Michael Peterson himself said it was one of the biggest challenges when they took over the show, that they had to work around ED’s schedule and DB’s health. That’s why I said this.

            The thing is, I absolutely understand that after four months, you might need your B&B “fix”, look, they are my number one reason to watch the show/favourite thing about it. BUT the writers/showrunners had no idea the show would be on hiatus for four months when they wrote and shot this. So for them, it was the episode where Hodgins was injured, this episode following up on that and parts of the next one where Hodgins has to accept the reality of it. Just because it’s all they talk about now – because it’s the focus of these two first episodes back, doesn’t mean that’s all that’s gonna happen for the rest of the season. We KNOW there’s lots of B&B stuff coming up, but if you want to blame somebody that you had to wait four months to get too much of Hodgins and very little B&B, blame FOX for giving them this terribly long hiatus (and then even barely promoting it’s return, but that’s another story). It would be very wrong for them to not focus on that in the episode following the big reveal of ep 10. They had to do this. But if there was only a few weeks (like there used to be in previous years between the last episode of one year and first episode of new year) I believe it would be more bearable for you. It’s just unfortunate Fox is treating the show so terribly.

          • DLG says:

            I am glad that someone besides me is disgusted with seeing so little of Booth and Brennan together! I hate Aubrey (the scene thief) so much I wish they would have killed him off with that explosion and spared Hodgins. By the way, if Emily and David don’t want the screen time that goes with playing the LEAD roles in a hit TV show, then they should not have accepted the huge amount of money and agreed to do seasons 10- 12! A lot of people have little kids and health issues, but they cannot pick and choose when they work – and they get paid a lot less! The show has sucked since season 10, and I have lost all hope for getting any “satisfaction” in future episodes. That would require Booth and Bones scenes (some romance would be nice)! Currently, every time I flip the channel, all I ever see is the supporting cast – usually Aubrey! We got cheated out of so many milestone B&B moments, and now they still have very little time together. It is not Bones anymore.

          • kmw says:

            I understand what you are saying but earlier in this season and maybe even last season I wrote about this, what kind of story would you give Booth and Brennan? There is one story( for obvious reasons) they will never touch (cheating) and I do agree they have had some questionable story choices ( giving Wendell cancer just to cure him right away) taking that kind of a story from Brennan. The show made the choice from the beginning they were going away from the Temperance Brennan books by not making her an addict and giving that to Booth instead. Do you want her to become an addict now? I doubt it especially since they just finished Booth’s relapse last season. I know that David and Emily are the leads but things have changed just like many other shows that have been on the air for a long time but Emily is the mother of two young sons her time is going to be limited because of that, this past year David was ill ( and really if you look at this episode you can see he wasn’t available for many scenes which is why Caroline was put in episode) And Hodgins and Angela haven’t had a story in a long time all the things you mentioned were secondary stories. Given the stories that have been given to other characters and the ones they wont touch, there isn’t much left they can give Booth and Brennan especially with reduced episodes next season. I know for myself there is a lot of things they aren’t doing that I wish they would do ( more romance between them) but they are a crime show first so that will never be a priority and I know that And like many older shows they have had a huge turnover in writers I would hope people don’t give up after this because they are going to have some fun stuff coming up( a hockey story, the next one which should be fun and the 16th episode which seems to be about their family since Parker is back for that one) I appreciate that David and Emily have kept on coming back to this show after all these past seasons that FOX has treated them badly and I will enjoy what I can get of Booth and Brennan

        • anon says:

          There are plenty of storylines to give both Booth & Brennan…. Booths ex army, why not give him a plot helping out an old at my buddy? Highlight veteran homeless?… Brennan is a foster kid. Why not do case that affects her?

          Booth’s brother is dead and yet its not even mentioned, surely there is a plot to have Booth & his mom talk about this?

          What was the point in making Booth & Brennan parents if you never even see the kids

          Brennan is an author surely they could do a plot about a book launch, where a dead shows up in the middle of it

          These are things of the top of my head, for free. Sorry I don’t buy B&B have no plots

    • Sherry Wheeler says:

      I agree about B & B not getting enough airtime together. The earlier shows were based on B & B investigating crimes and interegating people together. The show was more about them. That’s what I and others loved about the show. I loved Sweets and I like Aubrey on the show but they should have B & B involved more working cases together, not Sweets or Aubrey. I love A & H characters but not enough to be the main story line couple through this Season and next. If there isn’t alot more B & B together time on cases, intimacy I don’t think the fans will get the end of the Series they want I know I won’t.

      • Sherry Wheeler says:

        Someone mentioned DB health issues and ED having kids as possible reasons for less airtime. I hope not. DB said he was feeling good for the first half of the season and I have’nt heard about any health issues for the second half. As far as ED having two kids, lots of people have kids and manage to do their jobs. She can afford to have someone to be with her boys while she is at the Studio and so she can be with them during breaks. Most people can’t afford to do that or their jobs won’t allow it.

      • Sherry Wheeler says:

        I hope the writers changes Hodgins story line to where he can walk by the first one or two EPs of S 12. The fans should have happy endings for B & B and H & A for the end of the Series. Hodgens loves going out in the field. Plus the end of every EP should be about B & B no matter what else is going on with anyone else. I love Bones and i have for a long time. It is the only Fox show I watch besides sports. I’m going to miss reading about and commenting on the show also. Bones fans are the best fans of any show. The show is like our families, we love our family members but we still talk about what we perceive as their faults.

  7. dianna calliham says:

    i am extremely unhappy with this story line, i am sorry the show is ending, but i won’t be watching this season at all. this is my favorite show, and i will miss it, but this is going to far, messing with the lives, its supposed to be about solving crimes not tearing their lives apart.

  8. Jon Roberts says:

    This show has never been able to keep consistency. They must change writers a lot. From one season to the next, characters do things they would not have done in previous seasons or even episodes.

    Zach was a killer? C’mon, the worst story twist – ever. Really. Ever.

    • Lily says:

      Zack was never a killer. He was said to help the actual killer, because he was a weak personality and easily manipulated. So what you’re saying makes little sense.

  9. Bob Allen says:

    This show has become total crap. I hate Brennan. She hasn’t matured in all the years it’s been on. Now it is reduced to soap opera idiocy. What’s next? An evil twin?

    • kmw says:

      There is nothing soap opera ish about this story at all. If this story was that Hodgins would be getting his ability to walk back next week. This story is one of the reasons I love Bones so much because they don’t take the easy road out. And as far as Brennan not matured? The old Brennan would have been completely rude and told Hodgins straight to his face that he was never going to walk again. You haven’t been watching Bones in awhile because Brennan has most certainly matured. And for everyone who was disappointed in the lack of Booth and Brennan, here goes they told us back in Dec that this was going to be Hodgins episode( and also this and their fall finale was supposed to be the season opener as well). Also if you were watching you could tell that David Boreanaz wasn’t available, one because they had Caroline with scenes with Aubry and two that Aubry had so many scenes by himself. I do not like Aubry either but would everyone preferred Brennan to have those scenes with him? I think not. Brennan was doing her lab work , she is not a FBI agent and wouldn’t have gone out on her own for those scenes I would love for Bones to be just be about Booth and Brennan but that is not going to happen. Bones only has 23 episodes left and I am going to enjoy what they give us even if it is not completely what we want

      • Anon says:

        I think there’s room for accepting we are in the twilight of the series and wanting the show to retain quality, retain the essence of why fans have stuck around for so long

        S10 & S11 is like watching a spinoff show, ever since Hart left at the end if S9 there has been a shift of focus, it isn’t the show that I fell in love. I don’t watch Bones for Hodgins and his wheels of fury which is upcoming, I don’t watch Bones for Aubrey taking over every aspect that makes “Booth” Booth, it despicable to me that they have marginalised Booth so much that he can be replaced within the case & team for the writers pet Aubrey.

        Booth is so unimportant to the squint dynamic/team that they didn’t even write a scene between him & Hodgins.

        Do better Bones.

  10. Celin says:

    After being happy for the renewal, I have just had enough with the “heartbreak ahead”. ENOUGH! I watch this for fun, not heartbreak. There is enough of that in the real world.

  11. edie greene says:

    I was so happy for Hodgins and Angela finally being together and now his accident, it’s not fair, you kill off Sweets and now this…

  12. LSchwartz says:

    My question about episode 11
    When Dr Hodgins is in his wheel chair in the lab exercising on his new automated exercise bike for his legs. My dad had a stroke 2 years ago and I have been looking for this exact type of machine
    Is this for TV or is it a real piece of equipment on the market
    Any information would be very helpful

  13. Lisamanv says:

    It’s a ride I look forward to.

  14. Andrew Hass says:

    For now i think Angela NS EVERYONE might be letting Hodgkins keep thinking he’ll walk again because eventually he might come to the realization on his own.In the meantime Hodgkins can try to live his life until he finally accepts the reality and then people who care about him can help him.

  15. steve says:

    when and how did he get paralyzed?!?!?!

  16. Connie says:

    Why do they always mess with Hodgins? First they took all his money away and now he can’t walk? Come on now, give the guy a break.

  17. sheena says:

    Booth’s reaction bothered me more. Will to power doesn’t serve someone who is in the FBI.

  18. DLG says:

    What can they do with Booth and Brennan – REALLY?! For starters, they could work TOGETHER again – like they did for the first 6 seasons, instead of in seperate corners! Second, they could give fans the romance they have been waiting for for a decade now! They gave each other heated looks and had sweet moments before they were a couple, and we don’t really get that anymore! I don’t think we even get 10 min total of B&B in a show! Most of the scenes we see, they could be brother and sister; where are the kisses? They could do a storyline that reveals more of Brennan’s time in foster care – we have only learned little tidbits here and there. We never got an episode where Booth has to deal with the loss of his grandfather. I would like to see more emotional scenes between B&B; they are both excellent at those. Booth and Brennan both have issues with parents; they could play with that a bit more. They have done flashback episodes before; show us the BIG MOMENT we all waited almost seven years for when they officially became a couple! We got cheated out of that! Show us how they addressed the issues that prevented them from taking that step sooner. More than anything, most of us just want to see them working together again and sharing some “still newly married moments” along the way. I loved when Brennan just walked right up to Booth and kissed him at the crime scene! Now they just basically walk by each other once every 15 minutes of show without even touching! Are you seriously telling me that after all those years of sexual tension, and after everything they went through to be together – that is the best that they can give the fans?!!

  19. Joolzac says:

    So glad that they are not going to treat this as fluff that fixes itself in 2-3 episodes. They sound like they’re going to dig into some real and gritty emotions and give us some real meaty stuff. YAY!!!

  20. Rachel Burchette says:

    So I wanted Hodgin’s to be brave and emotional but I want to see his inner geek and inventor come out and figure out was to make his disability and the disabilities of others become something he fights for . Like Wounded Warriors because the shows version of Hodgin’s is her is an optimist at heart and he will make things work.

  21. Amanda L Davis says:

    You know, it wouldn’t be so bad if he were to eventually accept this and become like Professor X, which has the same overall condition. He will still be King of the Lab!

  22. Linda Becker says:

    Hurry up with Hodgen’s miracle cure! While I am riveted to this show, I find Hodgen’s negativity hard to endure. It works it’s insidious gloom into every story line, and I hope you don’t drag us into the entire season with this, and make Bones an unpleasant memory.

  23. Cindy says:

    You don’t have to be Downton Abbey, you have Brennan, Hodgins and can bring back the quirky weird brilliance that is Zach. Between those three, they should be able to come up with, if not a “miracle”, at least a better form of mechanical mobility for Hodgins than a basic wheelchair.

  24. Debbie Matthew says:

    I hate that Hodgins is paralyzed and i fast forwarded thru the scenes where he was an ass. He better walk again soon. I totally agree with the “it’s not a soap opera comment”. I watch it for the interesting crimes and the witty banter not the depressing personal nonsense. Knock it off!!!!

  25. Allie says:

    Hodgins in a wheelchair and rightfully distraught takes away from the funny banter between all the characters. This was not a good direction.

  26. Michael Brummett says:

    Stupid un-necessary drama for a great long running show. Makes me not want to even watch the last season. When writers can”t write anymore, they do this crap.