Voice recap results

The Voice Live Playoffs Results Recap: Did the Right Singers Make the Top 12?

“Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child,” went the refrain sung by Team Pharrell at the top of Wednesday’s The Voice Live Playoffs Results telecast.

But, of course, there’s no way the sextet of artists — and their 18 counterparts from Teams Adam, Blake and Xtina — could heed said advice.

Live Playoffs cuts are perhaps the unkindest and most definitely the bloodiest cuts of all. Using the same equation as the Spice Girls’ classic hit “2 Become 1” — side note: How come nobody ever covers Spice Girls on The Voice? — 24 became 12 by the end of the one hour telecast, with the eliminated dozen’s heads impaled on spikes and displayed in the hallway between the coaches’ dressing rooms.

OK, OK, I made that last part up — though maybe we should check those kids’ Twitter accounts for signs of activity? — but you feel me, right, Voice addicts? Brutal. Unforgiving. Too soon. Too sad. Too… what’s that, Carson Daly? I’m harshing on your relentlessly upbeat vibe? I’m supposed to focus on who got saved by America and who got saved by their coaches and not give a eulogy to the fallen? (Oh, Katie Basden and Joe Maye, I think I’ll miss you most of all!)

But yes, relentlessly upbeat vibe! Let’s reveal who is in a hotel room, packing a suitcase through a cascade of tears advanced to the Top 12 after a very good Monday show and a crushing disappointment on Tuesday.

Saved by America: Hannah Huston, Daniel Passino
Saved by Pharrell: Emily Keener
Eliminated: Lacy Mandigo, Moushumi, Caity Peters

Saved by America: Adam Wakefield, Mary Sarah
Saved by Blake: Paxton Ingram [WHAT IN THE ACTUAL WHAT?!]
Eliminated: Katie Basden (nooo!), Joe Maye (noooooooo!), Justin Whisnant

Saved by America: Alisan Porter, Nick Hagelin
Saved by Xtina: Bryan Bautista
Eliminated: Ryan Quinn, Kata Hay, Tamar Davis (two of these contestants have stronger bodies of work than almost anyone on Teams Pharrell and Blake, no?)

Saved by America: Shalyah Fearing, Laith Al-Saadi
Saved by Adam: Owen Danoff
Eliminated: Caroline Burns, Brian Nhira, Nate Butler

What did you think of the Live Playoffs results? Who got robbed? Who got a gift from America/the coaches? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. brooke says:

    Paxton over Joe? Ummm….whhhhhaaaat??????

    • Jennifer says:

      Agreed. What happened to Blake rewarding good vocal performances?!

    • MynameisNO says:

      I think Paxton was saved as fodder for next week in favor of Mary Sarah continuing for several more weeks.

    • Marilyn Painter says:

      Ye, what, what, what??

    • Justin says:

      Blake knows he is fodder and will go soon. Joe would be more of a threat to his special snowflake Mary Sarah. By the way, Mary Sarah’s last performance was easily the worst of the night. She was out of breath right at the beginning and then alternately flat and sharp throughout the rest. At least some of the other singers, like Tamar, actually hit some of their notes.

      • dj says:

        I agree, it wasn’t good. Blake gets stubborn about his ideas, even if he gets proven wrong week after week.

        • Juniper says:

          I got the impression from Blake when he was coaching her and when she was saved that Blake wasn’t too thrilled. He knows who she is. He had his country throwback girl last season. He doesn’t need another one. She screwed things up. All the other saved contestants were in the top iTunes ranks but her. Who voted for her? Some hometown dialathon mechanism I suspect.

        • JM1 says:

          I listed backed to some of the performances with my eyes closed. Mary Sarah was really, really not good.

      • ELizabeth Scanlon says:

        I agree Tamar was better then mary sarah

      • Puzzled says:

        Mary Sarah also has one of the worst nasal tones compared to any of his previous girl country singers. Clearly her performance and mannerisms Monday show why she hasn’t really made it big yet in country music. She has a pretty large number of twitter followers though, so I guess that is why she wasn’t sent back to the Boot Barn after that horrendous performance.

    • JVee says:

      SO upset about Joe Maye not making it to the top 12. I loved everything he did.
      Noooooooooooo, is right.

    • Ginger says:

      Especially after Blake told Joe he could win the whole thing!

      • Mrs Miller says:

        No kidding!! I couldn’t bring myself to watch the results because I knew there’s be some “What The Actual WHAT?” choices. But I didn’t see this one coming, At All.

    • Juniper says:

      Mary Sarah caused Joe his loss. She’s so weak. Actually what I think caused Joe his loss is, in a rare misstep, the producers botched Joe’s song on iTunes. The accompaniment was too plinky and annoying. Increasingly it is clear that people are judging by the iTunes songs and the well-produced songs win. Thus Joe was robbed.

    • Cldahlman says:

      I totally agree with this statement – Paxton was weaker than both Joe and Katie and it’s inconceivable to me that Blake would have chosen him unless he felt responsible in some way for his weak performance.

    • Unbelievable says:

      I know… I couldn’t believe he picked Paxton over Joe. I’m thinking it was only because Paxton was on his team from the beginning and Joe was a last minute steal. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

  2. Mike says:

    Have to say I’m surprised Laith was voted through. The closest thing we’ve seen to him in the finals is Nicholas David back in Season 3.

    And Blake…I’m pretty sure he was drunk. Paxton? Fodder perhaps. Someone who won’t pull votes from Adam and/or Mary Sarah. Otherwise I’m lost.

    • Scout says:

      Exactly. Blake is a strategist. He wants to give his top 2 that best chance. Any other country singer might split the vote with his top 2. And Joe’s song didn’t do that well on iTunes so, meh – but he is a more dynamic singer than Paxton so better not take the chance of him pulling a knockout performance, which he is clearly capable of doing. He had to go as well. Paxton is not a threat to his top 2 so he was the perfect choice.

      • Eurydice says:

        It could be that, but it could also be that Blake has really liked Paxton from the very beginning. I prefer Joe but I don’t think he’s more dynamic than Paxton, I just like his voice better.

      • wahid1996 says:

        But Paxton didn’t even chart??? Like at least Joe cracked Top 100…

      • Russ says:

        Blake has shown over the years that he is very loyal to original team members. Katie and Joe were steals from other teams. Justin was his bring back artist. Paxton was team Blake all the way through. I think Blake’s final choice was between Joe and Paxton and Blake went with the guy that had been on his team from the start.

        • CY says:

          I think you understand Blake better than others who curse him. I do believe Blake would always keep his original team members who chose him. Even his team members who are stolen would be stolen back by him. In the end there’s only one winner. All others become insignificant.

        • Rita says:

          That’s exactly how I read the situation.

    • Rich says:

      I think Adam was surprised too and almost said so in his comments. He was expecting Owen Danoff to get voted in. And I’m not sure Laith would have been his choice.

      • Rebecca says:

        Oh, definitely. He had to stop himself before he actually said that. Heck, I was expecting Owen to get voted in, based on the iTunes charts. (I am a huge Owen fan, though, so maybe I’m a bit biased.)

    • SUE RICHARDS says:

      Is it Laif.appearamce that people are judging. He is a great performer! Do we always have to have the cute petite 16 year old girl. Or the.handsome ladies man? Its a.popularity contest at the end not a talent contest!

      • Justin says:

        I think a lot has to do with his appearance. He has performed a lot better than many of the others no one is even mentioning.

      • Don says:

        I don’t think Laif is a great vocalist at all. I would have rated him fourth or fifth on Team Adam. He’s not even half the singer that Nicholas David was. More importantly, he’s not going to show us anything more than we’ve already seen. I was no big fan of Caroline, but at least she was showing a consistent growth arc through the season and had her best performance yet on Tuesday night.

        • Justin says:

          I disagree about the growth arc. Caroline’s performance was absolutely TERRIBLE and if anything she regressed and fell victim to nerves. Go listen to Deanna Johnson from a few seasons back sing the same song to see how it should be done. Caroline was the only knockout battle to get montaged, probably because she was awful and he kept her anyway and didn’t want to embarrass himself by letting America see him screw over someone who was clearly better. Adam didn’t give Laith very enthusiastic comments like he did his other contestants this week; probably because he was hoping Owen would get the public vote over him and then he could shove Caroline through once again. Just because she is “adorable” and looks like an 8 year old doesn’t mean she should be graded on a curve and just handed something she doesn’t deserve and didn’t earn.

          • MC says:

            Deanna was terrific on that song, even Slezak’s fave Xtina said Deanna was “strong” while delivering that vocal. It will be interesting to see if/when Xtina returns to the Voice. She and Adam openly hate each other. She has total contempt for him and obviously that opinion is often parroted by her fans. Xtina has indicated her disgust with the Blake/Gwen relationship. She doesn’t respect Gwen and doesn’t want the Voice to show Blake/Gwen together. There is plenty of tension on the set this season, according to reports that I have read. It is possible that Xtina’s forthcoming win (with Alisan or Bryan) will present the perfect opportunity to bid her adieu permanently.

      • JM1 says:

        Laith is a good performer. But it seems like he’s just really good at covering the rock classics. I just don’t see what he brings to today’s music that is new. I am not being superficial about his looks, I mean that as in, what music would be put out on the radio today?

        • SLH says:

          Have seen Laith live in person in Ann Arbor. AMAZING show. Maybe not top 40 radio but he’s got 3 really good CDs out there with mainly original material. His latest, “Real” is absolutely worth a listen — lots of wonderful original blues songs he recorded on two-track. If not already, I can see him getting some attention from NPR as well as genre specific satellite radio stations.

  3. Wesley says:

    You could tell Adam was pissed Laith made it! You know he wanted Caroline in there, but that’s just the name of the game Adam.

    Christina was also pretty crushed seeing Nick go through, as was I. All 4 she had to choose from are so fantastic, it was a crying shame we couldn’t have had a top 16 or something.

    • kevstar says:

      Nick has been the number 2 on ITunes behind Alison. No, she was not pissed that Nick made it through. She brought him back!

      • daynamonet says:

        Yes she was. She brought Nick back thinking he was fodder and it turnseems out he did really well on itunes. There’s no way she preferred him going through over Tamar, Kata and Ryan

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Ding ding ding, we have a winner. :)

        • CY says:

          Just how the hell you know all that? Were you in Christina’s head, expert?

        • Linda darsie says:

          I loved Ryan from the very beginning. He has a beautiful voice and sang his last song by Sam Smith to perfection. What the hell is wrong with this voting business. Christina should have given Ryan her vote in my opinion. He has worked sooo hard and has been sick for at least a year, and sang his heart out in spite of it all. I hope he has many great opportunities ahead of him.

      • annican says:

        Maybe not pissed but her face immediately fell when his name was called and I said at right away oh she’s so disappointed. She bought him back because she had to bring someone back. But she probably preferred any of her other singers better.

        • Don says:

          Yeah, I would say she was more disappointed than pissed. Not surprising since she does value vocal ability and he was easily the weakest vocalist of the six people on her team. But I guess that kid of Nick’s pulls in the votes.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I second that. She was absolutely pissed Nick went through. The look on her face said it all. He sucked badly last night and it meant she knew she had to send two superior singers home because Nick took that slot.

      • Eurydice says:

        If she’s pissed it should be at herself. She should know by now that you can’t always predict the audience votes.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Why would she be pissed at herself for voters pushing through a crappy singer, thereby forcing her to send two superior singers home? I don’t think any rational person with musical ability would have predicted him to be top two with the votes.

          • Russ says:

            Nick only took one spot, so she still would have sent a talented singer home.

          • Eurydice says:

            Because she didn’t have to have a crappy singer on her team. Because when Nick was off the show the odds of him making the top 12 were zero. When he got back on the show, the possibility that the audience would vote for a cute guy with a falsetto and a heartwarming family story went up a good deal more than zero. And if he’s such a crappy singer then why did Xtina choose him in the first place? Presumably she’s a rational person with musical ability. And if she really wanted to keep Ryan, she didn’t have to bring back a guy who would be in direct competition with him. She chose to present this team to the audience and we all know from past seasons on the Voice and American Idol that the TV audience isn’t the same as the music-buying audience – anything can happen.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Eurydice, I think you’re missing what she was doing there. She intentionally brought back a crappy singer so as to save either Tamar or Ryan. She didn’t actually think he was going to get voted through in the top 2, nor should she have expected that based on his body of work or based on his performance from last night.

          • Eurydice says:

            Angie, I get the strategy – I just think it was a stupid move if that’s what she did. If you’re going to bring back cannon fodder, you don’t bring back someone who will take votes away from your favorites. If you have a pretty boy with a high voice, you don’t bring back another pretty boy with a high voice. If you’ve got a bad-ass belting diva, you don’t bring back another one, etc.

          • analythinker says:

            @Eurydice: I think it really has nothing to do with voice. I believe Nick was voted through because of his backstory and perhaps the number of people he’s met on his previous non-singing endeavors. Even though I don’t consider myself as having a great musical ability, I know when someone sings bad. He can’t even hit the falsetto notes, and they’re falsetto, for falsetto’s sakes.

          • Cldahlman says:

            Then perhaps you don’t remember a young man from Season 6 named Jake Worthington?

        • Kat says:

          My thoughts exactly. The coaches were allowed to bring back anyone from any team they wanted. She could’ve brought back someone like Mike or Katherine or Angie. Anyone but Nick.

        • Jellybelly says:

          I am sure the producers engineer the comebacks. Nick has the backstory of the cute disabled son who they cut to every chance they get. I am certain none if them had any choice in who came back to their teams. Yeah she wants a woman to win for her and she has two guys.

          • Kbella says:

            But she also has Alison.

          • Robert Bradbury says:

            100%. They never cut to anyone’s family until after, but cut to the disabled child as often as possible. As a disabled person myself it makes me sick when we are used to generate sympathy. We just want to be treated like normal people.

      • tvlover44 says:

        i thought she was upset also because bryan didn’t go through. she still would’ve had to send someone home who deserved a spot, but either tamar or ryan would’ve been the one she saved (i thought it would be ryan, personally).

        • tvlover44 says:

          to clarify – i thought she might’ve saved ryan (if bryan had gone through) so that tamar wouldn’t be competing with alisan for the belt-y female singer slot. i’m sad we lost them both, though (along with joe on blake’s team).

    • davmon says:

      Yeah, he chose Caroline over Mike Schiavo in round 2, setting the song too high for Mike. Then has pushed Laith to sing too high the last two weeks, as if trying to make room for Ms Adorable. But the public vote finessed that plan. Wow, Shalyah and Laith! That is, good voting, America! Owen had to be saved, as he has been the most consistent on Team Adam.

      • daynamonet says:

        That was payback for him putting through Caroline over Mike #never forget #bringmikeback

      • AS says:

        Talent is not so great this season..show has been quite lackluster, but Adam has been his usual self. Mike Schiavo really got a raw deal from Adam, but after seeing the come-back picks for Xtina and Pharell, I’m wondering if there isn’t a bit of producer interference going on here….same with “adorable” little Caroline.

      • taters says:

        Are you sure the producers weren’t the ones behind Caroline? Adam was probably just doing what they told him to do with her.

    • Justin says:

      Christina should know better. Middle America loves to reward white mediocrity. Barrett Baber in the finals is enough proof of that. Joshua Davis over Kimberly Nichole and India Carney?! I Danielle Bradbery over Judith Hill and Sasha Allen?! Jake Worthington over Sisaundra Lewis?! After a few seasons, the white Southerners took over the voting and ruined it like they ruined Idol. If you don’t count Jamaican mixed race Tessanne Chin, it took nine seasons to get a black female even into the finale and that was only because, mathematically, there HAD to be one since 3 were in the Top 6. They stacked that season with powerhouse black females and even then BARELY got what they wanted. Of course Nick would get more votes than Bryan or Tamar. He could go up there and belch and get more votes. Christina is a moron for bringing this non-talent back. His skin tone and special needs kid sob story will probably be an early ticket home for poor Bryan, who is wayyyyyyy more talented. It would serve Christina right if he also outlasted Alisan, though she has been so pimped and shoved down our throats I doubt it will happen.

      • davmon says:

        Gosh, I probably agree with your main premise, but not the nasty tone. When concerned about prejudice, do not provoke an issue when there is not one—as yet! Pick your battles wisely; but stand up when it is the right time….Your tone would have been more appropriate last season when 6 African-Americans made the 48 and were so talented that going into Lives, there were still 5 of the 24 (Regina, Darius, Mark, Nadjah, & Celeste—all good enough to advance) and only Mark got through to the 12. Three were onTeam Pharrell, but America voted for 2 whites; he could only save one, Mark.. And next round was 12 to 11; guess who was gone?…That was a massacre of great talent. Plus, I thought Darius was the overall #1, despite Jordan’s big edge…..Anyway, this time, ten non-whites made the 48—8 African descent, 1 Indian, & 1 Asian. Going into the lives, 6 blacks & 1 Indian. In the 12, we have Shalyah, Bryan, & Paxton. [ I heard Bryan say something about Dominican heritage, so he is probably Afro-Caribbean or Black Hispanic–a variant of African-American, being born in Brooklyn. ] This time, I believe Bryan is the top talent. But will he win? Probably not. Despite being more perfect over 4 rounds than anyone, Xtina had to save him to join roller-coaster Alisan & Lazarus Nick. That tells me he may end up struggling to go deep. And if that happens, yes, some of that might well be prejudice. He and Shalyah deserve to be final 6 or even 4, if they stay consistent… As for the rest, no doubt, many White Southerners resemble your remarks—but all of them resent them! FYI, I too am a white southerner. I can remember segregated bathrooms & schools & cinemas & housing & jobs. Much has improved, but segregation in housing and schools is making a comeback, sadly. You and I know racism has made an upswing during the Obama years. Especially ,it seems, in the South. Given our history, we must be vigilant to its insidious and destructive forces in our communities and nation. And that goes for nativist & anti-Mexican & anti-Muslim & anti-immigrant & anti-BLM & anti-LGBT demagoguery….One last point, the rich tradition of American music owes a lot to the South—the blues, jazz, country, rock n roll, the Memphis Sound, Muscle Shoals…not to mention, Louis Armstrong, Leadbelly, Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson, Elvis, James Brown, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Patsi Cline, Nina Simone, Otis Redding, Tina Turner, the Allmans, R.E.M….Our struggles and pain have at least yielded some world class music.. .

    • JM1 says:

      Pretty sure X-tina was perfectly content with her team BEFORE the bring-back gimmick. So yes, she was definitely disappointed to lose an extra team member in favor of Nick. Here’s hoping she can work with him and turn it into a net gain.

    • Jules says:

      I actually think he would’ve saved Brian instead. He seemed to really like him as a person. Sad he’s gone. He has an amazing voice.

  4. Davey says:

    If Owen hadn’t been saved I would have been shocked. His song sold so well, too. Katie and Ryan’s elimination was not good.

    • Kbella says:

      I wonder if it sold well because it’s a great song that never got any radio play so not a lot of people are familiar with it. At least that I’m aware of.

  5. 2Blessed says:

    Tonight went as expected except for Christina and Blake’s teams. I didn’t think Nick would get voted through, even if he charted 2nd best on iTunes on Xtina’s team. I knew Mary Sarah would get America’s vote (I like her, unlike Slezak) but Paxton getting the coach’s save may be the most shocking live choice since Sisaundra “lost” in the save-me guillotine a few seasons back. Definitely an interesting night.

    • Timmah says:

      Mary Sarah is awesome! So happy she made it. Emily as well. Otherwise it’s a sausage/screamfest, but that’s to be expected on these shows.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m with you on Mary Sarah. I am rooting for her. She’s not going to win, but I’ll enjoy the ride for the week or three that it will last.

  6. Andres says:

    Whhhyyyyy Paxton? Joe clearly had much more to offer and Katie as well. It’s a real shame they got sent home. Out of the top 12, xtina clearly has the best team.

    Ranking for top 12 for me

    • Leah says:

      What the blazes are people seeing in Alisan?? She was a shrieking mess on Monday. Talk about over hyped!

      • Andres says:

        She had a really good blind battle and knock out and has an interesting quality to her voice. Crybaby wasn’t her best but it was solid

      • Gailer says:

        A 38 year old won’t go far as the winner, but maybe we’re all past that on this show, the winner is just the winner, won’t go on to anything like the old idols did

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          Gailer ALISAN is 34 and she has potential. She’s not just a belter, she’s an artist. She’ll do something quitter next week most likely

      • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

        They see raw talent. That’s why she has the most YouTube views, most iTunes choppers, and most likability

        • danin says:

          I think Hannah has most likability and I prefer the textures of Hannah’s voice more. I will give Alison top props for picking Bayou& River. So far the best&freshest song Hannah picked was her blind audition song,Unaware. And here comes Pharrell picking a done to death song,Rising Sun& a beautiful song but out of Hannah’s range w/Ain’t No Way.

    • MynameisNO says:

      (NOT my personal favorites BUT)
      My Predicted Order of Elimination
      Mary Sarah
      FINAL 4: Hannah Shalyah Alisan Adam

      • Jules says:

        No way Bryan doesn’t make the final 4. Shalya will go before he does.

        • John daniel says:

          He didn’t even get more votes than Nick. He’s doesn’t have the looks that America votes for. Bryan will be gone in a couple weeks.

          • Justin says:

            “He’s doesn’t have the looks that America votes for.”

            You mean like white skin?

          • JellyBelly says:

            Is it looks or genre? Voters seem to vote for very middle of the road songs, which is not what Bryan is doing–nor should he. I didn’t vote for him because I didn’t know the song. Was heartbroken over Joe Maye. Even bought his song to boost him, despite the crap production on the song. The producer’s favorites win.

          • Jules says:

            Did you just start watching this show?? Chris Jamison had to be saved and he made the finale. Jeffery Austin had to be Twitter saved and HE made the finale too. Things change from week to week and Bryan has the right trajectory going from him to make the finale as well. He is hands down, one of the most across the board, marketable contestants the show has ever had. I’m just going to ignore your comment about not having “the look” that America votes for because it was ignorant and pointless. What does that even mean??

    • davmon says:

      Andres, a good list. I like the order of your bottom six, but would rearrange your top 6.
      SHOULD BE (1-6): Bryan, Alisan, Hannah, Shalyah, Adam, Owen.
      WILL BE (1-6): Alisan, Adam, Hannah, Shalyah, Bryan, Owen.

  7. Gailer says:

    Doesn’t this happen to Adam every season? He’s shocked by America’s choice? I was not an Owen fan, so not really too surprised.

  8. Evan says:

    America ruined Christina’s team by picking Nick and not Bryan so she could save Ryan. Blake ruined his team by saving Paxton over the superior Katie and Joe. Adam and Pharrell’s teams were as expected. I’m ready for this race to get exciting now that a lot of the fat has been cut off.

    • CY says:

      OH, is that why Blake won 4 times out of 9 because you are obviously smarter than him? Seems like there are way too many self-made experts here who probably didn’t even vote!

  9. Micala says:

    Joe Maye Definitely Got Robbed‼️ And So Did Nate Butler, I agree with bryan not being saved by America he didn’t get my vote but i like NICK and I love Ryan but I voted more for nick that Ryan just wanna see MORE of him.

    • Lrb47 says:

      Thank you! Totally agree with you! And anyone who believes that the “producers” tell the coaches who their comeback artist will be is just being silly. The coaches pick who they believe was sent home too soon and who they would like to work with again. Period. Any one of the coaches could have brought Mike back but THEY DIDNT. Get over it people. He ain’t never comin back and obviously there’s a reason none of the coaches wanted him back for another shot at it.

  10. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    Well, some of these results were . . . Intresting. All I know is that I’m rooting for Alisan, Bryan, Shaylah, Owen, Hannah, and Laith this season.

  11. analythinker says:

    Well, so my predictions were off. But if I knew who were saved by America’s votes, I would have picked exactly the way the coaches did.

    I’ve said it over and over again, country voters vote via other methods more than iTunes, so for Blake’s team, iTunes chart doesn’t prove anything. But for other teams, it’s been pretty accurate all these years.

    • 2Blessed says:

      Very true. I knew Mary Sarah would be saved by America, she’s perfect for today’s country mainstream music scene. People are still surprised after all this time that Blake teammates get votes through the ither methods. How do they think Jermaine Paul won season 2?

  12. Lou says:

    It should be about the best singers, no matter what team.If there are four or five on one team better than two on another so be it.It’s not about the coaches

    • Russ says:

      Wow you would have hated season 1 where they whittled down each team to one artist. The finals were the top singer from each team.

    • davmon says:

      Yeah, Lou, this time, it is Xtina. Two seasons ago, it was Pharrell who was loaded. Sure, he started with Sawyer, but also Kimberly & Meghan who he lost in the Battles. Then he picked up Koryn later in a Knockoout save. So, that year, four of the top six had been Team Pharrell–#s 1, 2, 4, & 6….So I empathize, because the system does not optimize the artists’ chances. But that is because The Voice is just as much about the coach winning as the artist. That is why they keep the teams even until trimmed to 12.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Boo to everyone that voted for the weak-voiced Nick. He should have not been saved! Ugh. So annoying. He is not vocally competent. #mad

    • Carol says:

      america picked Nick and I took The Voice off my dvr

    • kevstar says:

      He’s cute and he has an adorable kid. Nick charted at #2 on iTunes after Alison. If only people listened to you, the world would be so much better. How arrogant.

      • analythinker says:

        I think he lucked out with the outcome from the studio (where you can tweak things up) so he charted pretty well, but cute face and adorable kid shouldn’t be a factor when voting for The Voice. I don’t think it was arrogant to want other people to vote for what really matters.

    • Mike says:

      This is Christina’s fault anyway. She’s the moron that decided to bring Nick back to begin with when there were far better people available to her.

      • Jasper says:

        I think that her thought process was that she wanted her Top 3 to be Alisan, Bryan, and either Ryan or Tamar, and she didn’t want to risk her plans going off the rails, so she brought in Nick as cannon fodder thinking that his fan base wouldn’t be strong enough to carry him through America’s Choice and she could cut him there. Clearly it backfired, but it wasn’t a bad plan.

  14. Billie says:

    How did Nick get more votes than Bryan? Honestly? What were people listening to?

    • Gailer says:

      Could have been song choice?

      • Billie says:

        I think you’re probably right. Bryan has only done really current songs (The Hills, Sorry & now Pillow Talk) and it’s probably hurting him in the itunes department. Fair to say that people are less likely to buy his version when the original is still doing good sales. Also he’s doing songs by male artists and only changing them up somewhat. I think you would need something like Christina Grimmie’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” to get competitive itunes results with a current song.
        Hopefully Christina gives him a throwback jam next week, and he slays the itunes results. I want Bryan in my final!

        • daynamonet says:

          I completely agree with you. I need “it’s a man’s man’s world” Bryan to come back so he can get to the finals where he belongs, I have done loved his performances, but I do think song choice will make the difference for him.

    • analythinker says:

      Because Zayn’s version is still too fresh in people’s minds, I think.

  15. Dennis says:

    Ryan’s vocals on “Stars” tonight made me even sadder that he’s not moving on. I still can’t believe Nick made it through.

    • Carol says:


    • Polarvortex says:

      I can’t either! Some people are saying that it’s the cute factor that got Nick through but Ryan ain’t exactly chopped liver and he has a much better voice!

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m still shocked. I mean, I was concerned once I looked at the iTunes charts and saw how well Nick was doing, but I thought Ryan, or even Bryan, would have bigger fan bases that would get one of them through, so Christina could save the other. That seemed to be her plan: whichever one of the two (Ryan or Bryan) didn’t get the public vote, she would save. So America saving Nick totally threw her off. You could see it in her eyes.

  16. Deb says:

    Alisan is by far my favorite, this is my first year watching and I’m so amazed by everyone having great voices. It was hard for me to choose. I think Christina had the best group. I was surprised Tamar and Ryan didn’t make it

    • I’m very sad about Ryan and Tamar! :( I wish they didn’t cut so many at once!

      • davmon says:

        Tamar was one of the two best overall first 3 rounds. Then slipped some this time; but everyone but Bryan slipped some this week. Sad….Ryan had a lovely natural resonance. And seemed a genuine nice guy. He’d have made top 3 on any other team. But I did notice him missing notes on two turns during the team singing. The inconsistency may be due to lacking confidence. He sure has the instrument. As does Tamar.

      • I’m shocked that Tamar is out and Shayla is in. I think Tamar is a better singer and Shayla shrieks a bit.

  17. MynameisNO says:

    They really should rethink such a drastic cut during the playoffs. It alienates so many viewers. They would make more money keeping more in the competition and even extending it a week or two.

    • daynamonet says:

      I completely agree. Especially since they’re doing this comeback thing, I think they needed to back it a top 16 instead of a top 12. If there was no comeback, xtina team would a been alisan, Bryan, Ryan or Tamar. Xtina adored Tamar and loves Ryan’s voice

    • analythinker says:

      I agree! Why do a coach comeback at all if they’re going to triple vote contestant off the week after?

    • Linda says:

      You are right. They alienated me. I’m going to read the recap and only go back to my recording to watch performances that are rated highly. I’m done with this stupid show.

  18. davmon says:

    The coaches did good with their choices. Since Bryan, Owen, & Emily deserved to be voted through; there was no doubt who Xtina, Adam, & Pharrell would save…. I thought Katie was in top two on Blake, so I expected her to get the save, when Mary jumped over her. So it was a surpise that Blake chose Paxton, since I also had Joe ahead of him.. Not a bad outcome overall, after the underwhelming Lives.

  19. Kat says:

    Nick got voted through?! He better get eliminated next episode.
    I’m surprised Paxton made it through, too.

  20. Vince says:

    Bwahaha Nick made it? America are you deaf?

    • danin says:

      I must be deaf causecI thought Nick did the best job the other night & believe me I was not a fan prior. I think people heard the same thing. Nick surpassed himself. Ryan(who I was rooting for) hasn’t topped himself since his blinds.

      • Don says:

        I do think Nick improved a little over previous weeks, but he still managed to give us the least impressive cover of Stay in the history of The Voice. Now comes an interesting test as to whether a cute white guy with an adorable kid who can’t sing other than in falsetto can make it all the way on this show.

      • AS says:

        I think it was song selection. I’m no fan of Nick and his falsetto only voice, but I liked him the other night and I especially liked the song. People buy the remakes when they like the song. On that note, come on Pharell…give Hannah a fighting chance.

  21. david says:

    This will come as an INCREDIBLE SHOCK, I know, but, I have the inside information that the LOSERS were NOT actually thrown into the yawning caldera of an active volcano after the show but, WILL LIVE TO SING AGAIN some other day.
    Hey, that’s a SONG title if ever I’ve heard one.

  22. Efe says:

    I know both Bryan and Ryan are better than Nick. But if I had to choose I would have picked Ryan instead of Bryan. Even though Bryan had a better performance this week, Ryan had more of a chance of going to the finale.

    AND KATIE. Oh my god. That was brutal. How can America save Mary Sarah over her? And why did Blake not save her? If he saved Joe, I would still be heartbroken but at least understand where he’s coming from.

  23. wahid1996 says:

    I never ever disagree with Blake but Paxton??? OVER KATIE OR JOE??? This Top 12 is so comparable to Season 8, except now Blake is in Adam’s shoes and Adam is in Blake’s (Mary Sarah and Paxton getting cut very early on, Blake holding on with Adam, and then Owen and Shalyah and Laith making it far but not far enough to really shake things up). Disappointing, Katie was in my Top 5.

  24. Jasper says:

    My personal rankings for the top 12:
    1. Alisan Porter
    2. Bryan Bautista
    3. Adam Wakefield
    4. Hannah Huston
    5. Shalyah Fearing
    6. Owen Danoff
    7. Daniel Passino
    8. Laith Al-Saadi
    9. Emily Keener
    10. Mary Sarah
    11. Paxton Ingram
    12. Nick Hagelin
    Joe, Katie, and Ryan got snubbed HARD. So much wasted promise.

  25. B Fig says:

    Think that each coach should not get a set amount of people in the final 12. Blake and Christina’s night was far superior, although not sure why everyone thought the Cry Baby was so good. Sounded awful to me. Fast forwarded through almost all of Pharell and Adam night. Would be a different competition if the top vote getters were put through to the top 12, despite the coach. Letting the judges choose one does provide them the option for a sacrificial cut, but ends up costing good singers to go home. I never seem to agree with the show’s results, yet somehow keep watching????

  26. TAS924 says:

    I hope NICK takes it all or DANIEL!

  27. If Alison Porter does not win this season, its rigged. She and she alone has the stuff that makes a star.

  28. Trent says:

    Would honestly swap out everyone from Teams Blake, Pharrell and Adam (apart from Adam, Hannah, Shalyah and maybe Owen) and take Katie, Joe, Ryan, and even Brian and Tamar
    Can’t comprehend how Mary Sarah, Paxton, Laith and Nick got through….
    Let’s be honest though, it won’t matter in the end because Alisan or Adam are gonna win

    • Jeff LaPalme says:

      Because you have bad taste and no ear, Mary Sarah is clearly one of the most talented of the group, Laith has more talent than all of Team Pharrell, Paxton and Nick I have no excuses for.

  29. Toba7 says:

    I do not get Alison at all! Screechy, ugh.

  30. JT says:

    Do not like the change in elimination. Doesn’t seem fair. Why do you change procedures every year. Definitely don’t like this year’s procedures.

  31. Jane DeVoldre says:

    I loved Brian Nhira and I wish Abby Celso had been Pharrell’s Come Back artist because I do not think she should have been eliminated!

  32. Wanda Snow says:

    Christina’s team as a whole got robbed. Comebacks suck. Those who made it worked hard to get there and should not have added competition at the last minute so America can make choice on popularity and not talent. In my opinion America gets it wrong most of the time. Some very talented people were sent home tonight not only because of America but because each team has to have 3 People and only three. I guess nothing is fair to everyone.

  33. Nancy Medley says:

    I don’t even want to watch anymore. Kata Hay eliminated??? Christina could have saved her. I’m shocked. I can’t even take this show seriously anymore.

  34. Diane Raetz says:

    I was shocked but happy that Blake saved Paxton. He had terrible sing this week. Normally he’s the most dynamic person on the stage

  35. Ronnie says:

    Christina clearly had all the better artists so cutting them down to 3 was painful anyway you looked at it. But there is no way that Nick was better than Ryan or Kata. It’s those tween girls again voting the cute guy rather than the talented ones. Happens EVERY year on music shows. I call it “the Sanjaya Factor”!!

  36. Judy says:

    Brian & Nate great singers…got robbed
    What’s up it not like you ever hear
    That any winner become super stars..so let’s hear some good music from the best contestants
    While we can…Laith really!

  37. M clarke says:

    Tamar not making it……she’s a power house

  38. Brent Robinson says:

    You forget NICK has the sympathy story of the season HIS SON

    Sympathy WINS VOTES

  39. Johnny Scotch says:

    I think Blake got Joe and Paxton mixed up. That’s the only plausible explanation. Joe killed that Doobie Brothers song just like he did his blind audition. Only other issue I have is that Malik wasn’t a coach comeback. He is better than Owen, Emily and Paxton.

    • daynamonet says:

      I think this is the best explanation I’ve seen regarding Blake’s save. He was like they were both dancing, both black, iny, meenie , miney Paxton,

  40. Celia monroy says:


  41. Justin says:

    Middle aged women obsessing over “nice” white “family guys” ruin these shows. How the hell did Nick get more votes than Bryan or Ryan? Yep, you guessed it, he has a special needs kid sob story and looks halfway decent. Singing comes secondary to these women.

  42. Alex says:

    Even on a bad night there better than Idol

  43. Lillian Eversole says:

    Christina has been really stupid thus far thinking that a contestants has to hit all the high notes in order to win. Nick proved her wrong and she better nurture him. Alison may not win the voice. There have been much better singers in the past who did not win

  44. Michelle says:

    How in the world did Mary Sara get voted through, she is soooo bad. Blake only has one good one this time. I wish all of Christeins group could have went through. Can we trade Blakes two for two on Christeins team 😀 wish wish

  45. dj says:

    I had the same reaction to Paxton’s save. I don’t know how Blake arrived at that decision. I think he got on the crazy bus by mistake. I was pretty ok with the rest of the contestants who made top 12. It’s always so sad to see those people up there trying to smile when they know they’re toast.

  46. SUE RICHARDS says:

    This was defintely the hardest season for eliminations. I have my favorites pick by now but not this.year. The level of talent is amazing there is to many great artists. So many personalities and genres. Good luck America!

  47. Rich says:

    Let’s get real. Unless she comes down with an extreme case of laryngitis, Alisan Porter is going to win this thing. They need to make Blake stay sober during these shows because both Katie Basden and Joe Maye were better than Paxton Ingram. Country mafia votes got Mary Sarah in there. She’s not even a better singer than Katie. The returning artist screwed over Xtina for sure. No way she was going to save Nick but this is a popularity contest at this point. Adam was shocked that Laith was voted through. He thought Owen was going to be voted through so he could choose Caroline. Hannah Huston Is Pharrell’s best singer but she will not win it all.

    Predicted Final Four: Alisan, Adam, Shalyah, Hannah. Winner: Alisan.

  48. EDS says:

    Katy and Joe robbed. Mary Sarah and Nick Hagelin got gifts.

  49. Christina McDonald says:

    Two worst America picks were Mary Sarah (Rose Garden was awful) and Nick (SMH over that one over Ryan or Tamar)
    Worst coach pick was Paxton over Joe–that was dopey Blake
    Glad Daniel was picked over the rest of Pharrel’s crew and I like the new comeback twist where you can pick from any team.